Dec 30, 2014

Obama on the use of the Veto Pen: Make my day!!

By RF Schatten

While the GOP really believes they got one over on President Obama, because they've got control of Congress...they keep forgetting they've lost just about every single confrontation in Capital Hill with Obama!!.    

Ever since Mitch and the Grand Old Party made it clear, they had no intentions whatsoever of ever working or cooperating with Barack Obama...oh! just about 3 minutes after Karl Rove went bunkers live on FOX, I would say!...a brazen disrespect has been systematically carried out, the questioning of his personal and moral character, the questioning of every judgement as Chief Executive, even the questioning his own constitutional authority!! A professional propaganda machine, set in place to distort the facts with lies and innuendos...even Roger Ailes, admitted 'that'! Their job is to promote the Republican Party, period!! But, most important...the availability of benefactors and all 'their' $$$, to buy the best Politicians $$$ can buy...and change all the laws to benefit them.

The advantage the Republicans have had with Obama, weights heavily on the fact that Barack Obama is a good and decent man...a nice guy who really believes in the Advice and Consent...and prefers to work with a bi-partisan Congress. That said, you have a Republican Party that believes in the wisdom and virtues of Leo the Lip! "Nice guys finish last!" They really don't give a shit what the American Public cares about! Yea! they won!...because the American Public, really didn't give a shit who the hell won!l

But don't ever underestimate the nice guy. He's smart and has accomplished way more in Legislations than anyone thought...given the relentless obstructionism by the Tea loving Republicans. He's a lame duck President with no one to answer to...and if it means his legacy? He'll do whatever it takes...if it's the Veto Pen, so be it!! Abusive power of the Pen?? Barack Obama has less Vetoes than any President since James Garfield...and since he technically shouldn't count, because his presidency was cut would have to go back even further to the mid-19th Century. So, what's the big deal with a few Vetoes? He's overdue for more than just a few!

"Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances" ~~.Thomas Jefferson

The one constant that Barack Hussein Obama has had throughout his Presidency, and throughout his life...the one constant that has frustrated the hell out of all Obama haters...he remains always cool and unruffled under all circumstances!!

Obama Warns GOP He Plans To Use Veto Pen In 2015

A Crying Towel for the GOP: Barack & Hillary are "Most admired Man & Woman in the World"

By RF Schatten

Ain't life a motherf*cker?!?! Just as everyone finished burying Barack Obama, after Nov. 3rd...his ratings started to climb, people are looking at the economy in a different light, the troops are coming home...and a new vacation spot is coming soon, 90 miles away! Forbes Magazine named Barack Obama, "Greatest Economic President of Modern Times" And now? "The most admired man in the world" !...for the 7th year in a row!!

The GOP can take over Congress, Gerrymander their asses off, suppress voters, cut off health and/or welfare assistance to the poor...and then, blame every ill in the world on the "Black Guy". It's part their continuous Party standards of lifelong personal smear campaigns...a la Kennedy and Clinton Families....they'll call him whatever they want, depict him in the most derogatory manners, disrespect him publicly and privately. And organized the most massive Political Propaganda campaign of lies, hate, and distortions in American history! Low Poll Ratings? Hey, they get orgasms! watching this shit!. They're currently in a political 7th Heaven...but just can't understand why no one really likes them?

The one thing they'll never understand...just like they've never understood the popularity of a Kennedy or a Clinton...why does Barack Obama remain so damn frickin' popular?!?!

For 70 years, the Gallup organization has been putting out this Poll. 2014 was a 123 sweep for Liberals and Progressives...Pope Francis placed 2nd, and Bill Clinton showed up at 3rd. On the Women's side, Hillary Clinton took top honors for the 17th time in the last 18 years, she was followed by Oprah, and rounded out by Malala. For those looking forward to another round of circus elections...Hillary has been admired by more people and for more years than any other female in history...19 times!... 6 more than Eleanor Roosevelt!

Republicans, naturally will find every excuse in the world, why the Gallup Poll came out with those results...and you'll hear and see all these right-wing nutjobs looking for scandals or conspiracies under every rock.  They'll continue their insults till he retires, and then some. Hate and ignorance go hand in hand...and they'll never understand why people like a Kennedy, a Clinton, and an Obama will always remain close to the hearts of so many Americans...while there's not a single Republican president ever revered by the general populace..."Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton...the most admired Man and Woman in the World"?  Republicans hate that!  Life, sure 'is' a motherf*cker!!

President Obama Named The Most Admired Man In The World For The 7th Straight Year

Dec 28, 2014

New Republican Manual: "How to attract someone you really despise".

By RF Schatten

The the crossroad of their existence...are trying to cross uncharted waters. How to attract Hispanics and other minorities into their Old White Men's Club.

Have no fear! the Dumbo's have a plan! They have their secret weapon!...minority members who naturally, know all about their communities and are set to infiltrate and recruit more minorities into the Grand Old Party. And who better to know about the Cubans than Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio??

Yeah! these two characters know their community...their communities know them too well, only much better! As a Cuban, I can say; "Rafael Eduardo Cruz y Marco Antonio Rubio son dos pendejitos comemierditas que se pasan por ser importante". They are nothing!! just an embarrassment to Cubans... a good majority of Cubans will agree!

Oh! the GOP won't stop just with the Ted and Marco Show!...also, recruiting Women! You know how much the GOP cares for Women and all their 'Rights'? So, in comes the name of Carly Fiorina...that great business woman! (ask Compaq how great it turned out for them).The businesswoman responsible for outsourcing and offshoring thousands of HP jobs to India and every other country that she could benefit from cheap labor. She later ran for the US Senate in California on a platform of creating jobs for Californians...presumably for those thousands of HP employees that she laid off!
Gov. Bobby Jindal is their voice for the American Hindu Indian Louisiana. You know how many Cajan Hindu voters he can bring to the Republican Party? And their point men to attract the Blacks to the GOP? Fine, respectful, outstanding members of their community..Blacks like Allan West, Ben Carson, and Herman "Pizza Man" Cain.

The Republicans are in the predicament of their to attract minorities to their party as a matter of survival, while keeping their conservative principals and trying to sustain their Status Quo,..or take lessons on how to survive working with Tea loving morons. But regardless, the chance of a Minority impact on the GOP remains around zero, nada!...and will remain at that level for some cannot attract Minorities, when you oppose every single issue from every single minority in the world!

And those ambitious minority members that are going to revolutionize the Dumbo Party? Let's be honest folks! Cain, Carson, West, and people like Clarence Thomas...are not the most popular and most revered names of their community...maybe a Colin Powell, but the Party has pretty much driven him off the political stage. Fiorina, a cutthroat businesswoman? How is her life connected with those women who do not have equal rights, and who are denied certain health services. For the GOP is not about Women's's about how much Fiorina can make for them, financially.

Marco and Ted? their ambition is them...their flock is ultra right wing politics and social conservative religion. Won't find too many in Little Havana cheering them on...most are too busy making plans to visit an Island, 90 miles south...Gracias Obama!

GOP Puts up a Bigger Tent for Minority Challenge - ABC News

Dec 27, 2014

The Hypocrisy of Political Corruption: Who's Corrupt?

By RF Schatten

A Political Party accusing another Political Party of Corruption? is like 2 Street Walkers accusing each other of moral and unprofessional ethics!

When a Republican-appointed majority in the highest court of the land, decided that a Republican who accumulated a less substantial amount of votes than his opponent, should be President of the United States...where was all the outcry by the GOP? Of course, not!! would you, if it was reversed?

Apparently to conservatives...only Democrats are corrupt and appoint corrupt Judges...anyone appointed by the GOP are held to that same higher pure conservative judicial standards of Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and others. Corrupt Judges? Whether you're a Liberal or Conservative, a Nazi or Commie, Religious or Atheist, Donkey or Dumbo, even a Tea drinking Moron!...everyone, absolutely every organized political  corrupt!! But, to attack a judge because she was appointed by Obama? just more Right Wing Propaganda. Throwing out lawsuits intended against a President, happens on both sides of the aisles, all the time...suing a President is not that easy. He has the executive power of "Pardon" and "Amnesty". Just because he knows how to use it when Congress ignores Congressional matters...doesn't make it only makes them look like foolish idiots who got out-smarted by their arch nemesis...again!

But 'this' is the Obama era! The hate for this man is beyond's their sordid love of carrying their hate way beyond the political theater, and into mainstream society.

Oh! Republicans love a good cry and sympathy when lawsuits are thrown out of court against them...they're getting very experienced at it...whether it's Obamacare, Gay Rights, Immigration, whatever! They're on the wrong side of every single social issue in this country! But, do you give a damn? Not really...why should they? The American public keeps electing them to do horseshit like this, and pay them even more money to do absolutely nothing in Congress for them!
The loser of the lawsuit? Raising Arizona Sheriff Joe "Toughest Sheriff in the Nation" Arpaio. Disappointed, Joe?...tough shit!

Corruption: Obama Appointee Throws Out Lawsuit Against...Obama

Dec 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

By RF Schatten

To all my friends: Have a beautiful, joyous, and blessed day...having you all as my friends, is the greatest gift anyone could have. Thank you so much! :-)
To my Catholic side of the family; Merry Christmas!!
To my Jewish side; Happy Hanukkah!!
To my Atheist Friends; Happy Holidays!!
A todos mis hermanos Cubanos, y a mis amigos Latinos; Hemos terminado el año en una buena nota. Les deseo a todos unas Felices Navidades y un Próspero Año Nuevo!!

Dec 20, 2014

America's Love of Guns, Violence, and...Torture!

By RF Schatten

Is anyone truly surprised that America overwhelmingly approves the use of Torture by the CIA? Well! in the words of Gomer Pyle; surprise! surprise! surprise!

We 'are' the most violent nation in the world, look at our love for guns!...and the biggest prison population in the planet! Look at the poor kids getting shot right and left in the schools...and, in the streets. Yea! people care, and many are outraged...but does anything ever get accomplished? Nope! not yet, it all comes down for lawmakers to pass laws protecting its citizens...and politicos today, are beholden to their personal bank account more than those who voted them there. Apparently, people don't give a damn who they vote in...they'll just give them bad ratings, afterward...the dysfunction of the American Voter.

Violence is part of our wonderful history and culture...the early witch hunts and the burnings. When the wretched refuse civilized as a nation and organized the spirit of opening up new frontiers for a new country...the annihilation of the Native American began. Later the use of slavery thrived in the South...and when it ended, came the hate and racism of the KKK with their cross burnings and hangings. In the wild west, you had the lawlessness, the lynch mobs, and the hangings...Americans must have had a fascination with Hangings. It's the fascination with sadistic violence...the most hideous the better...and "Torture" ranks right way up that alley!

Almost every war throughout history began because of religious fundamentalist fervor...whether is Christianity or Islam, or any other faith. You ask most Americans, about what the word "Crusades" means to a Muslim? and most wouldn't have a clue...yet, we'll criticize their culture for acting in many ways, the same as Fundamentalist Christians and Catholics...and you know how Catholics and Inquisitions go hand in hand! All Religious Fundamentalism, whether it's Christianity, Islam, or Judaism...all believe in 'an eye for an eye' theory in their, it's easy to put up with torture by our country since every other country, probably does it too.

Carl Jong once said; "generally, it is the tortured who turn into torturers". Generally...but the United States is not a country that ever went through any torturous or suppressive government regimes...only one internal civil war, and the only time we've been invaded by a foreign power was on December 7th, and never has the US mainland 'ever' experience a military invasion. 9/11? A totally different situation, and should be understood. as that. Terrorist attacks? sign of the times...all 9/11 did was to make the US the latest the join the club of major cities around the world, hit by terrorists.  Every country around the one way or another...uses torture, even though under the Geneva Convention, torture 'is' a war crime.

Whether it's the horseshit about Religious moral teachings or the psychobabble about 2nd Amendment and Gun Rights by right wing nuts...Torture is still a crime, and as much as they believe that anything is OK as long it's in the best interest of our nation...doesn't change the fact it still wrong and immoral. We can't criticize others, when we're just as bad or worse...someone has to take that high moral ground...America is not the babyface hero this time around. Only We, the People, can change things...but, to what length are people willing go?

This Week in God, 12.20.14 | MSNBC

Dec 19, 2014

The Superior Logic of a Fool

By RF Schatten

The Superior Logic of the "GOP Legend". When a right-wing news website names you a legend of the Grand Old Party....and the legend boast how superior her logic might think this whole story came out from The Onion. But, the story is real!...the fool now claims how superior she is. How logical is it to run for president and be more uninformed than Sarah "I see Russia from my backyard" Palin?

How can she destroy the Liberal (and Progressive) argument that she is a moron? In New Hampshire, she described Concord as the cradle of the American Revolution. When corrected by the audience (in typical upper New England accent); "that's Concord, Massss!'re in Concord, New Hampsha!"...her response was a smile and continued about all the exploits in the Revolution by the state of New Hampshire. Her logic was to look like an she did again, in the Hawkeye State. In a Waterloo, Iowa campaign rally, she described how great it felt to be in the birthplace of a truly great American hero...John Wayne! Beautiful speech, just marvelous! she didn't miss a line!...except a little known fact, only to the good people of Waterloo, Iowa...this truly, not so great American Hero from Waterloo was also named John Wayne...John Wayne Gacy! How one clown, can bring back the bad memories of another clown to a small town. She didn't get too many "straws" from Waterloo in the "Straw Poll" ...sounds logical enough!

Superior Logic? more like superior shrewdness...there's nothing scholastically superior about the All American Welfare Queen, except her shrewd ways to make a buck, including Federal Farm Subsidies and multi-Foster Kids...and let us not forget her and Marcus' Anti-Gay Exorcism Clinic. Shrewd? yes! great GOP Legend? you must be kidding! Superior Logic and Intellect? say that, if she would've been re-elected, but she decided to retire...on the advice that she would've lost in a landslide. The worst record for accuracy by far of any 2012 Presidential Candidate, according to Politifact.
Michele Bachmann is an ultimate media clown...the Midwest version of the Alaska version. Superior Logic? let's say New Hampshire was just some Brain Fog, unless she flunked US History in grade school and high school...she should've known. Iowa? can't really blame her...her staff should've told her. But 'that's' the telltale of who she really is. Logic comes from within...nobody can tell you what you want to say, or what to do, or how to do it. Don't just follow, only what your staff tells some research yourself, it's just logical. If she would've won...then boast her "Superior Logic" after winning.
They say; it's wiser to remain silent and be thought, as a fool...than to speak up and remove all doubts. Apparently her superior logic hasn't grasped that yet!!

Nov 5, 2014

Legalizing Weed in's been a long time coming!

RF Schatten

CONGRATULATIONS OREGON!! 1st State to Decriminalize in 1973, 2nd State to go Medicinal in 1998 was a struggle the last couple of years, but the 'greenest' state in the going to get a lot $Greener$!! as it becomes the 3rd State to Legalize the Recreational use of Weed. Happy 420!!

Earlier, Washington DC voted to Legalize the smoking of Marijuana in our Nation's Capital...though the sales are still not legal. And Alaska!!...your next!! It's no doubt they're looking good coming into tonight's vote. The sign, many in California have been waiting for...if Oregon goes legal...the Golden State will follow.

In Northern California and Southern Oregon, the finest Weed grown in North America...and among the best qualities in the world...resides. Business is business...but tonight, is Party took a lot of hard work, a lot of walkngs, a lot of talking, a lot of knocking on doors! But it was the interactions between the communities...that really put everything in the proper light, and how we can work together.

Congratulations to's been a long time coming!

Legal marijuana in Oregon: Live updates from Measure 91 election party (live video) |

Nov 4, 2014

Modern American Election: Rationalizing Cheating

By RF Schatten

"Nobody will ever deprive the American People the Right to Vote, except the American People themselves...and the only way they can do this, is by not Voting"  ~~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Nice words to inspire...but, 70 years or so ago, people would listen and carefully rationalize others' words and thoughts. Today, we live in cynical times. JFK said in his inauguration, not to ask what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Today it's, screw what the country can do for's what you can get away with, and how much...from screwing your country!

We have an election, in which the central underlying issues, revolves around misinformation, voter suppression, and cheating. The public issues at stake? The Economy, Gays, Women, Black, Latinos, and the youth. What does the GOP platform stands for? Anti-Gays, Anti-Women, Anti-Black, Anti-Latino...along with being Anti-Environment, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Education, and Anti-Health. They won't talk about Obamacare because it's a success, and they won't talk about the Economy because it's the greatest economy since Clinton's greatest economy. They 'will' say, it's a failed Economy, and a failed Health everything else that's successful. Criticize the shit out of it, and demonize those who created it...then take credit for all the successes if the balance of power, shifts.

With all those positions against the vast majority of Americans...all it can be said, is; "America! what a country!" The majority, as of now!...enjoys all the shit, hate, and fear, Republicans have been pushing. around the country! They have absolutely no talking points, except convincing people about hating they neighbor. But the people love it!! they never can get enough!...that's why they're leading!! Nixon and the "Hard Hats", the same thing...the Rich pissing on the Poor, while the rest of the Zombie nation of non-voters, looks on!! It's not me, so 'Me, worry'?? The bourgeoisie mindset in all societies...even if America's middle class is quickly disappearing.

"The more people rationalize cheating, the more it becomes a culture of dishonesty. And that can become a vicious, downward cycle. Because suddenly, if everyone else is cheating, you feel a need to cheat too" ~~ Stephen Covey

No matter who wins or who loses...nothing is going to change the following day...the anger and hate between both sides will continue. One with a little more bragging rights in Congress, and one that will not stop till they complete their agenda....except for more cheating, than ever!

Elections 2014: The Vote You Save May Be Your Own

How well off is Mitch McConnell's Kentucky?

By RF Schatten

Is this what Mitch McCoonnell has done for Kentucky? Nothing!...pretty much the same he's done for this country.
Below: The example of why Mitch McConnell is still a US Senator. The mind of the incredibly stupid Kentucky GOP minions! They do deserve to be treated like shit!!

Nov 3, 2014

Crooked Foreign Elections? never in the US!...well, only if the $$$ is good!

By RF Schatten

Why would outside secret groups spend tens of millions of dollars in Attack Ads, and Negative Automated Telephone calls...aimed at the Poor, the Women, the Gays, the Blacks, the Latinos, and the youth?? Are they scared? No!! It's their way of pointing all the ills in this country to the fascists would point all the ills in Germany to the Jews, the Gypsies, and anyone else who's not  pure 'Arian.' Here, in the good ole''s called "Lilly White."

These 'secret' SuperPACs didn't even exists before Labor Day!...and never reported any contributions with the Federal Elections Commissions!!...then started spending 7-figure Advertising? All very secretive, why? This country is up for sale by the GOP...the Republican Party has sold themselves out to an Extreme Right Wing ideology...and their benefactors? the John Birch Society!! aka Koch Industries...$$$ talks!!

How to win an election without a political platform: don't tell the truth, lie your big fat ass off, and blame all your faults, failures, and mediocrity, at your opponents. Most important: Make your opponents' accomplishments appear as failures...and when those accomplishments are heralded...take the credit for them!! Hey! that's the Republican textbook on how to screw their own country. NEVER LET THE POPULATION KNOW THE TRUTH. Example: The Republican Party has a standard sound-byte when talk centers on the Economy...The President's "Economic Failures"!!!

ECONOMIC FAILURE?? How these people find ways to destroy great accomplishments!! In the case of Barack Obama...since you can't attack his success, attack his personal being...that great Nationalist Socialists Party technique of personal social attacks. Hate and Fear attracts the incredibly ignorant and hides the accomplishments made by others. Hide the fact that the Economy is great!!
Why would not, even one single Republican, rebuke Forbes Magazine's statement on Barack Obama? If the official Republican stance is 'A Failed Economic Policy'...why don't they defend their argument?

Where do Republicans stand on the Forbes article? Is there anyone who's willing to say, Forbes is full of shit? and if they are... are they ready to prove to everyone their argument? not a troll spin, but a real reason why they know more about Economics than Forbes?

My only question to whoever wants to answer it: Why did Forbes Magazine call Barack Obama, the "Best Economic President in Modern Times"?  Where are all those big brave Republicans, who keep putting down the President and the Economy?? Economic Failure?...rebuke Forbes!! or admit that Obama  has done more for the economy than the Gipper ever did!...if they have the cojones to admit anything!

A Flood of Late Spending on Midterm Elections, From Murky Sources -

Nov 2, 2014

Truth vs. Lies...a reflection of 1933? What are the real underlying issues in 2014?

By RF Schatten

"If only Obama didn't run for President, we could've just continued to pretend that Racism was over" ~~~ Ezra Klein

Every day, we're seeing about a dozen Election Polls showing one result and another dozen Polls showing the opposite...a few days later those same polls, reverse each others! Everybody says the Republicans are going to win...but, at the same time, everyone says it's so close...anything can happen!

Now, the NBC/Wall Street Journal National bipartisan can it be? Conservative WSJ and Liberal NBC...says the Democrats and the GOP are "Deadlocked" with 48 hours to go!! No matter who you're rooting's turned into a pretty competitive year for the Upper Chamber!!

Why has it become that close with 48 hours left? Everyone's entitled to their opinion...mine? The majority in this country is insulted and offended with the mindset of the Far Right...not necessarily all Republicans...but their Tea Loving aficionados. If the aroma of tea were absent of this election, I have no doubt the GOP would win, That's why it's this close!!

This election has turned out to be a contest about Truth vs.Lies. Who believes who...46% - 45% is within every margin of error. When you have an election this close and every issue is supported by one side and opposed by the other...with absolutely no compromise in's no longer about policies! It's personal! Ezra Klein couldn't have said it better...Racism and Bigotry has been at the forefront of this entire election cycle, like it's been in the forefront since a few hours into the night of November 4th, 2008....when Mitch McConnell promised to do absolutely nothing except make Obama a one term President, now, absolutely nothing till his 2nd term is over. He 'did' promise, nothing will be done by the Republican Party!

It's going to come down, like I said, on who believes who...and who's willing to do their civic duty...go out and Vote!! Ignorance doesn't always win...but, it doesn't always lose, either ...look at 1933!

NBC/WSJ National Poll: GOP, Dems Deadlocked Heading Into Election Day

Nov 1, 2014

America's Political Dysfunction...where do we go from here?

By RF Schatten

When insane, batshit stupidity, and openly public deceptions & lies, trumps reason and intelligent discourse...who really wins? The American public?

America!...what a country! The most politically dysfunctional modern society on the face of this earth. And Americans can't understand why the world just continues to laugh at us! We have become the greatest 'Reality Show' seen around the world, and when FoxNews talks...people listen...and laugh their heads off!!

How dysfunctional? 29% of Louisiana Republicans blame Obama for the shitty FEMA response, during Katrina!!...remember, this shit happened in 2005!...3 years before Barack Obama even got elected! Keep your electorate as ignorant as possible!! How stupid is stupid?? 44% of all Cajun Republicans don't know who to blame!! Ignorance 'is' the object and goal of every propaganda machine.

How dysfunctional? You have 4 idiots who claim not to believe in Science, but use every single bit of technology and means available...created by tell their gullible minions that "Science" doesn't exist! Ted Cruz, Jim Inhofe, Mike Enzi, and Ron Johnson are total idiots with no scientific knowledge, whatsoever!!. A Lawyer, an Insurance Salesman, and 2 Accountants...what the hell, do they know about keeping the population of this nation, safe from things beyond our control? and about keeping our commitment to the Conservation of our Forests and Public Lands? The GOP and their Tea lovers' response to one of their own, Teddy Roosevelt: Fuck you, Teddy!!

If they take the Senate, they'll control the following Committees: the EPA, the National Science Foundation, Homeland Security, and the Budget!! Expect these 'brothers in arms' to double-cross and stab each other in the back...for control! Especially, our Lawyer!...if he could, he would appoint himself Chairman of all committees in Congress. Remember, he was anointed by God, himself!!

How dysfunctional? When nothing works for the Republicans...they'll always go straight to that 'Grey' area in politics, where things are drawn into a fine line of what's legal and what's not. First Gerrymandering...which is legal...then if that doesn't work, find or make laws that will suppress the vote. 650,000 people have lost their human right to vote...all of them Black, Hispanic, and the Poor. And in Texas and Georgia, they're very happy all those people lost their right!! That's sick!! a compassionless mentality. And those who lost their rights? They'll bitch and whine, and some will protest, or try using the courts again (but, unfortunately, after the elections). Will we see 650,000 protesters, angrily shouting and protesting their Right to Vote? No!! We don't do that...though some will...because they do have the guts to stand up against injustice! But, the majority will just say; Oh, well! we got screwed again! American voters are too's hard to light a fire up their tush.

What does this say about our Society? A society complacent with apathy...people on both sides of the issues, from both Parties, are telling their friends to sit out the Elections. The GOP desperately wants to take over both Chambers, but are shooting themselves in the foot with all their quarreling. The Democrats fears the GOP, like the GOP fears the Tea Party...and refuse to work united, with their leaders. Does serious Political Discourse mean anything, anymore?? Apparently, a lot of people in this Country, don't give a shit about all the serious issues confronting our nation...and rather vote without a thought to the future, for Fear and Hate!! That's our national Dysfunction!!

Thinking About the Future From the Edge of Darkness | Paul Stoller

Oct 30, 2014

Mediocrity...finding a candidate among the Republican masses

By RF Schatten

It's unbelievable how much the Republicans hate other people's success. And with Barack Obama, it pains them to see the country making progress...real spite of 5 1/2 years of Republican obstructionism. The economy doing surprisingly well, lowest unemployment since 2008...on its way to record numbers, below 6% by 2015, Lowest spending in 60 years, Wall Street setting records, and Forbes calling Obama the "Best Economic President of Modern Times"!!  It Kills the Republican Party to know that!!

They hate the fact that it wasn't them, who build 'that'! They hate the fact that Obama...of all people...was praised by Forbes for doing a better job, than Ronald and his magic "Trickle Down Economics". It's all this bigoted, racist Jealousy. The same that they have for every other successful President. Accomplishments, whether they're social or financial...look at the Kennedys and the Clintons...Obama has joined the GOP Mutually Hated Club, though not the first Black!...don't forget MLK.

 "Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius." ~~~ Fulton J. Sheen

There 'is' a lot of mediocrity out there in the GOP...that's why they can't find a candidate that can beat a single solitary little old woman, or man for that matter...Clinton"? Warren? They have absolutely nobody that can stay up with either of those two ladies. Maybe Lindsay Graham will he said; "I can win the White House, and then White Men will make a lot of $$$"...more mediocrity!! This Good Old Georgia Boy? He's rich, so what! he's another Puppet Stooge for the John Birch Society, ah! I mean, the Koch Brothers, so what!...David Perdue, like the rest of the GOP, is still an insult to mediocrity!!

Republican Georgia Senate Candidate Wants To Prosecute Obama For His Success

Weed in America...Live with it or Crawl under a rock

By RF Schatten

The Conservative Right must think they're hallucinating!...Cops are supporting the Legalization of Marijuana? Not just supporting it...but publicly endorsing "Yes On 91". A Law Enforcement Coalition of 30 former Sheriffs, Deputies, Police Officials, Police Officers, Judges, and Prosecutors from Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and California have endorsed "91" because, in their professional opinion; "Treating Marijuana as a 'Crime' has failed."

The great Winds of Social Change. "Vote Yes on 91" has been endorsed by the Democratic Party of Oregon. also by the  American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 88, AFSCME Local 328, who represents the employees of Oregon Health and Science University, the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 555...the state's largest Private Sector Union, and the Northwest Oregon Labor Council. More important, the Cascade Policy Institute gave its approval for '91' 2012, it went against the Measure, and legalization was short by 3%. These are not Pot Famers or NORML...they're pretty straight Organizations!

The Measure? It'll be licenced and tightly regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. The Measure calls for the Tax Revenue funds to be shared as follows: 40% for K-12 Education, 20%  Mental Health and Alcohol & Drug Treatment, 20% to Local Law Enforcement, 15% to State Police, and 5% to the Oregon Health Authority. By the way, Oregon has had a good long time, to do things right...they were the first to "Decriminalize" Pot in 1973, and authorized Medical Marijuana in 1998.

And the support comes from the top, too. Gov. John Kitzhaber and Sen. Jeff Merkley have endorsed it...Merkley, being the first US Senator to endorse Legalization. Both are expected to win, so it hasn't hurt them...if anything, maybe it's helping them?

Time passes, Alaska will probably also go 'Green', and Washington DC will definitely approve it for recreational use...though, not the Sale. Marijuana, like Same Sex Marriage, has become  acceptable by the Establishment, and thus part of conventional wisdom. Progress cannot be stopped unless it's by force. You can't go back in time, or you can't freeze it either....though some prefer to go back to the caves, and hide under a rock...until the world is born-again. There's a lot of rocks and roomy caves out west, to hide...and cheap!

Oregon Marijuana Legalization Gets Boost From Cops

Oct 29, 2014

Spineless Democrats and Indecent Republicans...what a revolting development, this is!

By RF Schatten

"If Republicans stop telling lies about Democrats, we will stop telling the truth about them" ~~~ Adlai Stevenson

Even back in the 50s, Adlai was already going at it, tooth and nail with Republicans. Why run on your record of success, when you really never have 'any' worth mentioning?, you lie till you're blue in the face!, you don't have to turn blue, too much prevalent ignorance roaming around. A little lie, a little propaganda, a party propaganda machine...FauxNews...lots of disinformation, hate, fear; and Voilá!!!

This "Cool Democrat" expresses the feeling of many good Democrats. Don't run like cowards! when all the the Economy, Healthcare, etc...favor the Democrats! Fight the Lies and all the Deceits!
Unemployment hitting unchartered waters...lowest levels by any President, projected by mid-2015. Jobless claims were just over 300,000; lowest since 2007. Obama is outperforming Ronald Reagan in Jobs, Growth, and Investments. The budget deficit has fallen to $486 billion dollars...better than expected!...all after the inheritance of  a Trillion dollar+ deficit, after the 2008 financial crisis left by Bush.

Forbes Magazine...not your standard Liberal publication...came to the conclusion, that "clearly shows President Obama is the best Economic President in modern times.  Based on all of typical the economic indicators, including jobs, investments, growth and expansion, even the rate of inflation. In all of these areas President Obama’s record outperforms that of every other Modern President, including conservative idol, Ronald Reagan."

And the Polls show that 62% American public thinks that the Economy is "Poor" or "Very Poor"?? ....exactly what the Republicans want...the dumbing down of the American Voters! Thank you, FOX!

How spineless are the Democrats? as Spineless as they were when they controlled both Chambers, and never gave their Leader, their full support...that's why they lost the House! Who's putting out all the fear and the hate? And who are the cowards that won't fight back? Fight back! and don't back down...take the credit for what has been achieved, and broadcast it out loud!
But nothing will be achieved, and everything that 'has' been achieved...will be lost...if the voters stay home!  Don't complain or whine if don't vote, you get what you deserve...don't give up your vote!!

Spineless Democrats - by Cool Democrat - Newsvine

Oct 28, 2014

How to get rid of your opposition..."Delete"

By RF Schatten

How convenient to refuse to intervene...especially if the 40,000 Missing Voters from the Public Database represents primarily Blacks, Hispanics, and Youth Votes...translation: Democrats! Oh! the wonders of the computer age...the "Delete" button!

When you have a Republican Secretary of State...the person who Certifies the Election...determined to obstruct the Rights of 40,000 citizens, by simply not making even an effort, into making a Database Recovery. And you have a Republican appointed Judge Christopher Basher, a Judge rated by the Bar Association at the bottom of the barrel, among the worst rated in the Country. So! when you get 2 good old Georgia Crackers together, what do you expect? Bingo!

Christopher Basher is a Judge who's had multiple complaints made against him to the Georgia Bar, including; "Conspiracy and utilizing the legal administration of the court to aid and abet major insurance corporations in defrauding disaster victims of insurance compensation". Those are serious Criminal charges in the Peach State, or anywhere else...but it's never been investigated by the Georgia Bar.

40,000 missing votes, though closer to 56,000 according to the latest tally from different groups and associations...sounds like a Sunshine State experience! In Florida, they found them inside the Waste Management dumpsters in the back of a shopping center. Republicans are just attracted to one form or another.

40,000 Georgians are disenfranchised of their basic human right. 600,000 more in Texas. Who's next? If you can't win on your own merits...on your platform, or even on your sparkling personality!...and you have absolutely no written plans, that you can present to your public...go for emotions of hate and fear. When nothing works...suppress the Vote! A suppression of 640,000+ voters? It's working!

BREAKING: Court Refuses To Intervene In Case of 40,000 Missing Voters In Georgia | ThinkProgress

Oct 27, 2014

Giving up your Citizenship, and Renouncing your Country...for a Tax break

By RF Schatten

The U.S. Expatriation Act of 1868: "The Right of Expatriation is a natural and inherent right of all people, indispensable to the enjoyment of the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness."

Expatriation is a very common occurrence, In the 1920s a Lost Generation after WWI, wandered throughout Europe...with Paris, being where they called home...Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Dos Passos, Gertrude Stein, Eric Maria Remarque, TS Eliot, and the list goes on and on. Expatriates looking to find themselves and grasp life in Europe while enjoying the Paris life...especially at night! As far as anyone can remember, Americans have moved to other countries becoming Expatriates, and some renouncing their Citizenship...whether because of  political philosophies, religious theologies, lifestyles, work, or just personal reasons. They have 'that' right.

Renouncing your Citizenship and leaving your Country, all just because of your excruciating need to hoard money? Not much character, except that of a truly greedy human being. New Tax Regulations have made it increasingly hard to hide that 'money' from the IRS while living in Europe, now days. Tax dodgers who stash their $$$ in Offshore, Swiss, and German Banks can't do that long as they're renouncing your Citizenship, you don't have to pay Uncle Sam jack shit!!

People who move to another country, so they can hide their money from the rest of the world, are certainly not among the 99%. If they want to move? fine...but any revenue made in the United States should be taxed in the United States!! Expatriates who renounce their US Citizenship for any reasons other than financial, should be respected...but those, whose only reason to renounce their country is financial?...they're just worthless scum, who could care less about America. Good Riddance!!

Let them all leave...the more the better! What happens with this Nation if those with power and influence leave? The 99% can pretty well fill all those holes and gaps, left by all those Job Creators if they move out....we've reconstructed before...and we can reconstruct again, if necessary! That is why, they'll never totally leave!!

More Americans renounce citizenship over tough tax rules

Oct 26, 2014

GMOs: Should People be entitled to know, what they're eating?

By RF Schatten

Why would Monsanto put $4 million dollars and Dupont $4.6 million, in a ballot measure? A total of 16.3 million by Anti-Label interests, alone... It's all about Labeling...and the efforts of the Chemical and Big Agriculture Industries in refusing to Label what's inside the can of food...and why they don't want the public to know...what's inside.

It's about people, and having the right to know what they are ingesting into their bodies. Why won't they want to tell you? What's so terrible? If they have nothing to hide, and all this garbage is good for you, why don't they tell you how good it is, and label every other labeled food? No one is outlawing GMOs...the State of Oregon, just wants to label GMOs because they believe every man, woman, and child in the state has the right to know.

Yea! yea! yea! it'll cost an additional .30 cents or so, per label...that's a big deal for them, apparently! What other excuse do they have? The union between Chemical companies and Agricultural companies is a marriage made in hell. A company that produces fresh harvest vegetables interchanging ideas and research...then producing food products, with a company that produces Astroturf.

So why does this Election has become the costliest in state history? A victory for pro-labeling may inspire other States into doing something correct. As of this date: "Yes on 92" leads 49% to 44% with 7% undecided...2% more for a win, is close!

Just think, next time you open a can of Spinach...think of what's inside, if there's no GMO Label...maybe recycled Green Astroturf?...hell! better than Soylent Green!

GMO measure costliest in Oregon history

Oct 23, 2014

Extermination and Humane Executions: Back to the Future with the Tea Party

By RF Schatten

Well! The true character of the Republican Tea Party has finally come out of the closet! The "filth" that America so much loves! if the Polls are correct.

EXTERMINATE People! Now, it's Ebola...what next? Extermination of those who don't quite fit the mold of Social Conservative America?...they probably wish, they could turn on the ovens. because they're so so religiously 'pure'. Human waste like Todd Kincannon shows the true spirit of the Republican Party and their Tea loving minions. "Humane Executions"? know, like the Humane Society!

And why not? To them, identifying Ebola with African Americans is part of their Fear and Hate strategy...identifying the President with Ebola, Aids, and Africa; "The African Culture that made Barack Obama is why the Zulus were still putting bones through their noses while Americans were walking in the moon" ~~ Todd Kincannon

Yes! Todd Kincannon is an ignorant piece of shit, a disrespectful, hateful, racist and bigot.  But he symbolizes everything the Republican Party stands for...keeping the people ignorant and uneducated, and instilling fear and hatred of the Poor, the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Gays, and the Women...and keep a constant campaign of misinformation and deceit.

And if the ratings or polls are still unfavorable to you? Suppress the vote and buy more Judges! They've been doing it openly, and very successful at it...just look at the Polls, folks! But the extermination of people because a disease and the immediate sanitation of the area, afterward? this shmuck has been watching "Outbreak" once too many times!.

Exterminations and Executions sounds too much back to the future, for me. I prefer my oven for Pizzas. I've read my history...and I've learned my lessons. Too many in this country haven't...but, keep making a scum like Todd Kincannon, a hero of his cause...and there's going to be a lot of cramming for history lessons!

Pro-Life Tea Party Christian Todd Kincannon: Execute All Ebola Patients (Screenshots) | Americans Against the Tea Party

Buying Democracy in America

By RF Schatten

"We are not living in a democracy when giant corporations like Chevron can buy local governments. That's called Oligarchy, not Democracy. We have got to fight back." ~~~ Bernie Sanders

Why shouldn't Chevron have the right to buy an election? Koch Industries buys them all the time! Since the Supreme Court said that a Corporation is a private citizen...they've got as much right in buying a Politician, as any individual billionaire has. All these laws benefitting the very rich and famous are brought to you, courtesy of our Volksgerichtshof...oh! it's 2014?...I mean, the US Supreme Court...though the names Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts, and Kennedy, could easily be mistaken for the ghosts of Roland Freisler, Fritz Rehn, Harry Haffner, Franz Schlegelberger, and Otto Georg Thierack. Whatever helps the Party and especially...their benefactors, I guess.

Greasing local elections...not Federal Elections, but Local Municipal Elections!...Mr. Corporate Citizen is going to town! Richmond, California to be exact, shaking everyone's hands, and greasing them at a rate of $33.00 dollars per person over 18, who votes. There's a reason why Gas in the West Coast has gone down recently...getting all those Votes out!

Municipal, State, Federal Elections...they want to leave their footprints, edged in every City Hall and State Capital across the country, if they could. Truly controlling Government starts at the Municipal and State levels, and Chevron isn't the only Corporation getting into our local communities, into our School Boards...leaving their influence and $$$...and at our City Halls, and naturally the Courts; Municipal and Circuit.

The LA Times' Michael Hiltzik wrote; "For a corporation to manipulate a municipal election on this scale should be illegal". Corporations don't really care, they have their biotch in the GOP and in SCOTUS...who will come through and save the day, as they always do. Bernie Sanders is right, an Oligarchy? If the top 1% have their way, a Government ruled by Corporations and Industrialists with Politicos fronting the Oligarchy is a real possibility. Do people care what's happening in America, today? as Bernie said, we gotta fight back! Apparently the Polls say, America doesn't give a shit! even if they know all the serious ramifications that are going to hurt them directly, immensely!...the open lies, the fear mongering, the blatant hatred towards anyone that's below them. Life in America under David and Charlie Koch, and their minions, the Tea Party.

Fight Back? Democrats never fight back...they prefer that idealistic High Road approach. Republicans, on the other hand...believe in the words of Leo Durocher; "Nice guys finish last". They'll always take the Low Road and today's GOP and their Tea loving cousins will stoop to the lowest depths, including the destruction of this achieve their ultimate sordid goals. Fight back?...

Chevron Greases Local Election with Gusher of Cash | Michael Winship

Oct 21, 2014

Poll Tax is Legal? Yep! in Texas...thank you, SCOTUS!

By RF Schatten

How to hijack and steal an election, the Republican way...go visit an uncle at the US Supreme Court.

A Court, that at the whim of a Political Party...or a very special "VIP"...will go out of their way, even coming up with horseshit rulings, that even 'they' said it was a "One Time Only" ruling...remember Bush v Gore? Corporations are People, striking Section 5 of the Civil Rights Act, now this!...little by little the continued dismantling of the Civil Rights Act. The Court handed Greg Abbott what he wanted, he just ripped off Wendy Davis of at least 500,000 votes...and what a coincidence!! All those votes were from African Americans and Hispanics. Coincidence?

The last time Judges systematically ruled over cases..."for the party's cause"...was Germany. Last time they appeared in court, was in Nuremberg. If this was 1947, and you reverse the countries...Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito, would be sentenced to hang! For what they have done...they don't deserve anything better. Using the power bestowed by people, and selling it out for the $$$ of Koch Industry, Monsanto, Dow, and every other industrialist...over the common man. The US Supreme Court believes that an American has the right to Vote...if you can afford to pay for it! They apparently believe that the Poll Tax is legal...even if it violates the 24th Amendment and Civil Rights Act. What do they realistically think? It's illegal...but it'll give the GOP an advantage during the elections!

How come it's not surprising that if any Draconian laws are approved in this country, it's going to be in Texas? If anyone wants to know how the Republican Party would administer this nation if they took power, just look at the Lone Star State. They love to incarcerate people, with prisons and county jails at almost full capacity...and they're very proud of Rick Perry's Guinness record Executions. Women are second-class citizens, according to all the actions of Greg Abbott, and how he feels about women, and the control he wants over them and their bodies.

Texas ranks at the bottom or next to the bottom in Children Medical Care, in Pre-Natal Healthcare, and in total Health Coverage. Texas ranks down under in Education, too...but, give the kids some credit, it's hard to think in school when Thinking is frowned upon, and school boards are trying to outlaw the use of Critical Thinking. And with their Revision of History books to reflect their personal thinking and's pretty, much indoctrination to stupidity...keep the youth as ignorant as possible and lie about history, then make up your own rules as you go along, or have your personal Judge keep them legal for you.

Should people take this bullshit perpetrated by the GOP and their Judges sitting down? Some will! In fact, a lot will!...that's why Americans are the way they in a state of perpetual apathy of our Government, no matter who is in control. Some day they'll care...but then, it might be too late! If you care? go out and demonstrate! if you don't? Live with the results, but don't say you care. Want to make some noise? Go out on Election Day in force...all 600,000...and show the world the injustice that the greatest country in the world has. 600K strong, out making their noise...if you can't voice your feeling at the ballot box, show your voice and your anger in the streets and at the Polling Precincts! Show the world, that Americans are not going to put up with shit!

Supreme Court Allows Texas To Enforce The Most Draconian Voter ID Law in The U.S.A.

Oct 20, 2014

Openly lying in public: Why certain people buy it...even if they know it's a Lie

By RF Schatten

Open public Lies and Fearmongering...what a lovely way to win an election!...or in the case of Texas, denying 600,000 people the right to Vote! And all this, from the same people who've brought you the constant and hypocritical criticism of other countries, for denying voters' rights...and who continually call for their Governments to stop lying to their populace. The same people who keep calling for Democracy abroad...really don't care much about Democracy at home.

In Politics, today, it doesn't necessarily matter whether you 'Royally Suck' as a politician...your moral character is's what you can do under any circumstances to win. The Republican Party has royally sucked in forming policies for the U.S. population since 2008...they've never had an agenda of their own, except to make Obama a "one term", their only agenda is to annoy the crap out of him, and the rest of the nation till 2016, while pretending to be hard at work, as they've been doing all along. We know how hard they work, that's why they need so many many 'vacations'!

From one end, you have Rush Limbaugh lying to people and instilling the fear about Ebola...and what's worse...he admitted that he's doing it! all to help the GOP in November...and with a big grin on his big fat puss. Why does he think he can get away with it?...because he knows his ignorant minions will blindly follow him, no matter what he long as he can get that turnout. In the case of one, Karl Christian Rove... his reputation follows him. Ever since his loss to Anonymous' "Orca" on Election Night 2012...his stock has lost its worth. Now he comes up with a huge stupid open lie about Obamacare in the Blue Grass State...the use of fear worked well in Germany, and Rove is a master at the practice of "Propaganda".  Instill fear, apathy, and keep your opponent's Voters away from the Polls.

To the people of Kentucky: Are you sitting down? Kynect and Obamacare is the same damn thing! I have to repeat that? If Obamacare is threatening the families in Kentucky, then your beloved "Kynect" is too!...why?...because, they're both one in the same! How hard is it, to convince supposedly normal, at least semi-intelligent adults...that Kynect is just the name of the ACA program in Kentucky? A campaign of deceit and fear by the firm of Rove & how honest, did you expect this race to be? It's not the ACA they're against, it's the name "Obama" on it!...and the birth of the name came from the GOP! If McConnel wins and the GOP takes the Senate, he'll try his best to repeal the entire Act...including Kentucky's Kynect, no matter how successful it is in the State...which it is!

If Kentucky loses to McConnel, Rove, and the Koch's their own damn fault and deserve to lose everything! You can't teach imbecility. Lies and Fear to the ignorance of their constituency, and if that doesn't work?...keep them away from the Polls, by hook or by crook...Poll Tax, anyone?

Karl Rove's ObamaScare Tactics Could Backfire And Help Alison Grimes Win In Kentucky

Oct 19, 2014

White Privilege in a Multi-cultural and Multi-racial World

By RF Schatten

"Whiteness is, variously, a metaphor for power, a proxy for racially distributed material benefits, a synonym for "white supremacy", an epistemological stance defined by power, a position of invisibility or ignorance, and a set of beliefs about racial "Others" and oneself that can be rejected through 'treason' to a racial category" ~~~ Historian Eric Arnesen

We have reached the stage in our national discourse, which should have been addressed long ago...our American Society and the lightning fast changes in our Cultures. Too many things happening all at once in our way of life, with our population evenly exploited by all political sides...some, more than others...though, most by one side's degenerate and indecent political campaign tactics and agenda.
It's about time we discuss something that's really, extremely vital, and at the heart of the core of these elections...the disparity gap in  our societal classes...financially and socially. And the constant evolution of our culture...not understood by everyone, or in self-denial about the realities of life...stop living in the fab 50s! time marches on! Sony don't sell cheap transistor radios anymore, High Definition Color is the new Black & White, and June Cleaver is dead.

"White Privilege"...whether you agree with O'Reilly or with Stewart...nothing would benefit this country more, than a good, healthy, civil discourse on what really divides our Nation. And when you speak about white privilege, much of the debate will eventually, turn to the topic of American Exceptionalism".

American Exceptionalism has been the theory exploited to the masses as Patriotic...based on Liberty, Egalitarianism, Individualism, Populism, Republicanism, and Laissez-faire. We're not that exceptional anymore! Exceptionalism is the arrogance used by Wealth used by Wealth and the Aristocracy over all others, for centuries. Today, we have those who believe in their own exceptionalism and exclusivities...and who want to turn our current economic system, more into a Laissez-faire Economy. A Ruling Class Society in the 21st Century?...we're not a 3rd World Country...Only in America!

[VIDEO] Bill O’reilly vs. Jon Stewart on White Privilege | LNC – Live News Cloud Stream

Oct 18, 2014

Life in Prison, plus 90 years more after you die...go figure it out

By RF Schatten

I can't ever understand why "Life Terms" include +certain amount of years? To 'appease' the family of the victims? to 'justify' how hideous a crime?...or does it really matter? When your're dead! After you pass away, are they going to keep your carcass...rotting in the cell...for another 90 years? Bernie Madoff got life +150 years!...and he didn't commit murder...I'm not excusing his crimes or Dunn's. They can rot in prison till they die. It's understandable...for the records...each crime and each sentence must be recorded. But adding more years to a sentence, beyond a man's death...proves nothing!...except our exceptional and excessive appetite, for those illusions in our believes of how Law, Order, and Justice, suppose to show the world, who tough America is on crime.

United States leads the World in citizen incarcerations...another little problem that needs reforming in this country, especially with the advent of Private 'for profit' Prisons. Murders by the bad guys, murders by the good guy cops. Kids going to school and mass murdering other kids. Horseshit Laws protecting the perpetrator..."Stand Your Ground" laws...and we're back in Florida, again!

In the case of Michael Dunn, it was about standing your ground, but even more about not standing someone's music. After the shooting, Dunn and his girlfriend went back to their hotel and ordered a pizza....and he never called the cops to make a report. He knew better and deserves whatever he got. Will he care about the other 90 years after he dies?

Life without Parole +90...plenty of time to ponder...he can write Bernie and both of them can convey each other's wisdom. They got all the time in the world!

Michael Dunn Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Loud Music Killing - NBC

Oct 13, 2014

Associating Gays to the Nazis...and the GOP are not Bigots, either?

By Rf Schatten

It's pretty pathetic when you have to resort to the propaganda technique of "Association"...associating Gays to the Nazis. The Hatred for Gays, surely exists within the Republican ranks, though they'll deny it till they die...just like their continuous cynical denial of Racism. The fact that Gays were persecuted by the don't mention 'that'!

Use intentional vagueness and confusion, to keep exploiting your ignorant masses...another propaganda technique; "Obfuscation".  Why would the GOP resort to so much propaganda to influence the country? why, if they truly believe they 'are' correct...and, that they're adored by everyone...would they need to resort to this?  When you have absolutely no plans in your agenda on how to fix this country of all the troubles and all of the ills, and with all the other horseshit you spew about got to give your loyal fans something...this is it. Lying and Deception and Disinformation...more techniques!. They're just shameless acts in a civilized society, perpetrated by shameless indecent men and their own personal greed. Of the 53 or so Techniques of Propaganda, how many have been used by the GOP in the last 6 years? Hint: More than half.

30 States now recognize same-sex marriage. In 5 more States....AR, KS, MT, SC, and WY...Federal appellate rulings have set a binding precedent in favor of same-sex marriage. In 8 more States, judges have issued rulings in favor of same-sex marriage, and appeals to many of these rulings, are now stayed...and being struck down every day. 43 States and DC have either made it totally legal or they're on their way. 55% of the U.S. population lives in a State where same-sex marriage is legal...and Over 64% of the U.S. population will soon live in a State that same-sex marriage, again, is legal.

Republicans need to stop whining, With all due respect to the late Edmund Muskie; there's no crying in Politics! You lost the Gay Vote because you despise who they are, and personally, they don't like you either, for who 'you' are! Give it up and swallow your pride...Gay Rights and Gay Marriage are here to stay, and no Court is going to stop them suck it up and live with it!

Republicans Say Rainbow Flags Remind them of Nazi Flags - But Actual Nazi Flags Don't

Oct 11, 2014

GOP in self-denial...the Cubans' love affair with the Republican Party is over!

By RF Schatten

When will the GOP realize that Cubans just don't like Republicans anymore? The Charley Crist vs Rick Scott battle for the hearts and minds of the Sunshine State's Latino voters is over. 53% to 29%? Scott better concentrate on his base of Tea Crackers in North Central and the Peninsula. Healthcare is killing him!...ironically, in Scott's previous fling in Medicine, he financially destroyed his Healthcare company (Columbia/HCA)...for being a court certified fraudulent crook. More importantly, could this be a sign of things to come by the Hispanic Community throughout the country?

Cubans in general don't care much for Marco Rubio or Ted Cuban parlance, they're 'worms' the case of Rubio, a little worm! They 'are' an embarrassment to the Cuban Community in SW 8th St. and throughout the rest of this country. Cubans are very proud people, and all these 2 characters do, is give the Cubans a bad name. Son dos mentirosos y descarados, sin corazon y sin alma,

Crist has the Latino Vote...big well as the Minimum Wage issue; 64-15! The Cubans most important issue? The Economy...point for the Dems. Followed by Immigration; point for the Dems again. And that, followed by Healthcare; again the Democrats!

But, It's only Florida...and Scott is just not that well liked, since day one. But could this Hispanic trend continue throughout the country? and make that difference between winning and losing. Texas, is another example...and now that the courts ruled against Abbott's ID Laws...Latinos are going to remember! It's a crazy election year!

New Poll Reveals Florida Hispanic Voters Favor Crist

$7.25/hr: From politicos who make 10X more...because the GOP cares, so much!

By RF Schatten

So!...$7,25/hr is a Living Wage? That's a pretty insulting remark! Whether he addressed it, to his masses of human ignorance...or the American public, in's an ignorant insult to the intelligence of the American Adult. See what would happen if he has to work for $7.25/hr!  He doesn't care because that's the mentality of the people he works for...We, the People?...yea, that's funny!

Scott Walker is not a fool...he got to where he is now because he's a political whore, who's bought out...lock, stock, and barrel  by the Koch Brothers...he, along with neighbor Paul Ryan are their official GOP mouthpieces. $7.25/hr sounds about right. Anti-Union, Anti-EPA, Anti-Women, Anti-Education...make the 99% the 99.5%. A Ruling Class Society would be fine for these good old boys. $7.25/hr sounds just fine for the GOP, too. They continually refuse to raise the minimum's no coincidence who owns the GOP, today. Even Old Mitch agrees that they would be broke, and couldn't win without Dave and Charley pulling the strings.

You get out of college with a 100k or 200k loan to pay back, even before you start your career...and $7.25/hr is a good living wage? The fact he equated Minimum Wage to the fast food business...shows his arrogance. The same arrogance the GOP holds over anyone who's not like them, sort of a narcissistic arrogance.

If this is what the people in Wisconsin want...then they deserve $7.25/hr! But you must look at the bigger picture. Scott Walker just represents those 'interests' that have no interest in the American People, he's the Koch Brothers' living experiment of what they want for America to look like. They 'can' be stopped...if the electorate wants to stop all this conservative madness...but, how badly enough does the majority of the country, really want to do something about raising the Living Wage? important is it? If you don't Vote don't complain later!

Gov. Scott Walker Says $7.25 Per Hour is a Living Wage

Oct 8, 2014

With a much larger Rank & File, all the Democrats need, is to vote...if you can motivate them

By RF Schatten

With Mid-Term Elections just around the corner, it appears that the Democrats' message is finally breaking through...despite the Media's failing attempts to show some positives created by the a growing economy. Obama outperforming Reagan on every economic private sector jobs creation performance in American history. A 6.1% unemployment, forecasted to fall around 5.4% by Summer, 2015...more records...and Wall Street, acting Bullish with their record Highs. With an Affordable Care Act that is working...signing-up more and more every day...and Social Tolerance, being generally accepted by the overwhelming majority of this country, Only apathy can hold the Democrats, hostage...they got the numbers on their side...if the rank and file decide to get up and go vote, they can't lose. The question remains; "Will they get their couch potato asses up, and go vote?

It's hard to hear anything good from the Donkeys these days, when right wing Batshit "shock" sound-bytes sells more ads on News TV!'s not what's right or what's wrong in politics,'s what's best for business; show them the $$, and they'll show you what's best. Real and important Information is secondary to news events showing, for example, Palin making a fool out of herself...again, or more about Benghazi...again.

But never underestimate the electorate, which the GOP, apparently never understands. After all the talk, and everything is said and comes down to Sanity, Understanding, and Common Sense, or Lunacy and Radicalism. All the Polls are showing a steady trend upwards for the Blue crew...and with the exception of a race here or there...most races have the Democrats in the lead or in a virtual dead heat, in both the Senate and Governors races. Obama's latest approval ratings by Rasmussen...not your raging liberal pollster... are up to 46%. And yes! yes! yes! to all those before they 'troll' back...George W Bush was at 37% at this point of his Presidency, just before the Mid-Terms. Who's gaining momentum? Latest Poll for the US House...yes! the GOP's 'untouchable' House of Representatives: National US House Race ~ Democrats 43% Republicans 42% (Ipsos/Reuters) 10/3 -10/7. It's going to be a fun and wild ride these next 30 or so days!

HUFFPOLLSTER: Democratic Campaigns Are Reaching More Voters, Survey Finds

Oct 6, 2014

In its continued tradition for the outrageously stupid...enters another clown!

By RF Schatten

"Liberal Bias"...interesting use of words. Liberal, by definition...can't be means "Free from Prejudice and Bigotry"; also "Tolerant" and "open-minded". "Conservative", on the other hand, is; "Intolerant"..."disposed to Preserve Existing Conditions and Institutions, or to Restore Traditional Ones, and to Limit Change".

Only what changes they want, of course! Paint a pretty picture of American History...if you can't erase it in the image you want, to cover it up.

A businesswoman sits on Colorado’s Board of Education. A business person, that besides going to College and getting a Degree...has no clue about the field of Education. I wonder what her grades in History were? Slavery ended voluntarily?...really? Tell that to the 750,000+ that died on both sides. Or why it took the Emancipation "Executive Order", by the free the slaves in the 11 remaining rebellious states of the Confederacy. History by Tea Leaves...whatever you want to hear, you will hear.

Another candidate for the Batshit Hall of Fame, to join Michelle's "Concord NH, not Concord Mass, was the cradle of the Revolution" and Sarah's "Paul Revere's Ride to warn the British, because we were going to take away their arms when they landed"

It's all these Loonies that just keep on giving!...and its reality...that adds a sense of sanity and hope to an already insane political theater.

Colorado Republican's Claim that America Ended Slavery Voluntarily Steals Our History

Oct 5, 2014

Political Polls in 2014: Who's Right, Who's Wrong...and Who's on First?

By RF Schatten

If you're a political got to love it! All the polls in this season's political election theater...appears as if it's "Who's on First?"

One day the GOP has the lead, and are going to conquer the Senate and overturn every single piece of legislation passed by Obama...the next, the Dems have the lead. How correct are the polls? If Nate Silver says something, in either direction...both sides freak out, in one way or another. Then you have Nate's not too bosom of a buddy...his adversary...Sam Wang. Want to listen to other Polls? from Gallop, Harris, Rasmussen, Real Clear Politics, Quinnipiac, the list goes on. You got your Newspaper polls, and now you got a whole lot of good respected Polls on the Internet, too.  There're so many polls now days...private polls, public polls, partisan polls, there're polls coming out of their asses! So who's right?...and who's wrong?

The one thing you do see...slowly all polls are coming together about their predictions. Either, the Dems lead or they're neck and neck in every race. You hear about the let down in the Democratic Party and the Administration...but they're holding their own...especially the women, who are doing great, both in the Senate and Governors' derby.  It appears the Republicans have stumbled into roadblocks on their way to November, around the country...ironically roadblocks they've built all by themselves. But, hey! this time of the year, common sense...usually wins out over ignorance and stupidity. Not that the stupids can't win...this 'is' the only country on the face of the earth, that they 'could' win! All other countries would just laugh them off the political stage.

NBC poll: Good news for Senate Dems

Oct 2, 2014

It always comes down to the Economy

By RF Schatten

All the Wars, all the Social Injustice, all Foreign and Domestic Policies, don't mean a rat's ass when it comes down to the ultimate election's decider..."The Economy"

You would believe that in an Election cycle, the GOP would be going after the President on the one issue...besides Healthcare...they've been hammering in the minds of the American people, every day, year after year...till now. You would figure that with all those high Unemployment rates, how people are losing their jobs, how awful the economy's all Obama's fault!! The poor "Job Creators" can't create new jobs! the country is turning socialist! They appear on the southside of the polls, on every single issue...specially why not go for the Conservative Republican strength; $$$ and the Economy?

In a closer look at the Economy, the GOP should be saying 'Oops'!...but they're lying up their ass and succeeding at it! 4 in 10 approve of President Barack Obama's handling of the economy. 62% of likely voters describe the economy as "poor," Isn't that a success for the GOP? But, they won't talk about it because the country may become much aware of reality.

The GOP's biggest shame...having a Black man outperform King Ronald on Jobs, Growth, and Investing. The ADP reported the private sector added new 204k jobs in August. The BLS reported 142k more jobs in Sept, after 6 straight months of 200k or more jobs. All major industries covered by the ADP report added jobs last month. Professional and business services adding the most at 51,000. Trade/transportation/utilities added 28,000 jobs and manufacturing added 23,000. Construction and financial activities industries were somewhat behind other industries adding 15,000 and 5,000 jobs respectively. With 164,000 jobs added service-providing businesses significantly out-hired goods-producing businesses which added 41,000 jobs. Unemployment rates at the lowest since Bush, Wall Street hitting record Highs. What else you need to prove for more than 4 out of 10 to think Obama is doing a good job with the economy...54 straight months of private sector administration record!

Soon, an election is coming up, in which the top issue 'is' the Economy. The GOP won't talk about it, and the media hasn't exploited it. The GOP/Fox propaganda; Keep the electorate ignorant. Blame it on the GOP or blame it on the Media...but if the electorate wakes up...the GOP better not count on those close races, too much.

AP-GfK Poll: Economy Still the Top Election Issue

Sep 30, 2014

A Shameless Tale: Re-writing History for the Ignorant, by the Ignorant

By RF Schatten

You cannot re-write History to fit your believes...whatever horseshit you re-write only makes you look like a can't change actual events or the times back then. You just cannot change the reality of the past!...the rest of the world knows the truth. It's like living in Ignorance all your life because your parents decided to make the teaching of History, political. And then these are the same people who talk about how bad Education is in America!

If education is bad, there's your reason! People hellbent to teach their children...and yours!...what 'they' want them to learn; in their own way, and in their own terms. It doesn't matter how ignorant your parents've got to be just like them! Live a life without ever learning about the world outside of you or your family group. The ignorance is understood...but to hurt your own family? The ploy of Social Conservative America: Cut education, and privatize it...only for the privileged or those who can afford private education... and keep the rest of our future generations ignorant. Texas batshit sub-humanoids feel the same way, with their intentions of re-writing American History...and forbidding Critical Thinking!

America! what a Country! Where "Thinking" is not allowed, and where books not approved by 'Christian America' are banned...where, only their re-written Bibles, History, and other books are allowed. They 'do' want to build a Theocracy on their way to a Ruling Class Society. It's 'Book Burning' time!!

Art Linkletter was right; "Kids say the darndest things". If more adults care the way kids care...maybe something can be done to make this country a little better? How many times do politicos sit down and listen to their own kids? Don't underestimate our youth!...there's where politicians always go wrong. They're the future...screw them now, and when they reach voting age...they're going to screw you! There are a lot of very smart bright kids out there!...allow them to grow! to expand their minds!...the power of knowledge can accomplish so much, and add so much to the richness of this nation! I do read banned books, it's my human right...and it's 'your' right and everyone else's. Dissent and Protest? it's about time!!

Students Protesting AP U.S. History Censorship Are Heroes

Sep 29, 2014

The GOP running on empty...back to that Good Old Time Religion

By RF Schatten

The Sociophobia of the Republican Party. When a group of Homophobes, Xenophobes, and Gynophobic males takes control of the Party...what do you expect is going to happen?
They lost the Women, Latino, Gay, and Youth vote...they never had the Black vote. Every demographic sector...unless going Blue. They oppose every single election issue across the what do they want for the American people? what do they stand for?...besides $$$?

An Economy that's grown at a rate not seen since 2006, Unemployment levels lowest since 2008 when Bush was President, Wall Street hitting record numbers. On the Social side, Obamacare is becoming a success, the majority of the country favors: Gay Rights, Women Rights, and Voter Rights, Gun Control...and Marijuana has become a non-issue. And also, all Environmental issues...including Global Warming. There's not one issue in which the GOP agrees with the President, or the rest of the nation.
So! when you're shit out of luck...and have absolutely no platform to offer 'we, the people''s time for giving out some of that Good Old Time Religion!! Glory!! Hallelujah!!

Social Conservatives are rounding up the Flocks. Dog Whistle politics is what they live for...their way of spewing out their hatred...and still believe to consider themselves moral children of God. This is what the Supreme Court 5, with Scalia leading the way, is trying to do...create a can only succeed if the country allows them...this 'is' the world's most unpredictable electorate.

With Nothing To Run On Republicans Blow Religious Dog Whistles

Sep 28, 2014

Politicizing Birth...reaching the highest point of desperation

By RF Schatten

Leave it to the New York Post...News Corps' successful attempt in converting a respected American Journalism institution since 1801, into a cheap tabloid...exploiting sensationalism and Yellow Journalism.

It's been a long long time, since the glory days of the New York Evening Post...the days of Drew Pearson, Max Lerner, Pete Hamill, Earl Wilson, and Eric Sevareid...when Eleanor Roosevelt was a regular guest columnist. Today, The New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch. It's part of his ultimate world goal of controlling all you hear, read, and see...though England, may be a little hesitant now days...if you get my drift.

Trashing a day old baby, it's not an intellectually correct thing to do...but who says Conservatives are that smart? look how the Party is self-imploding ...all it shows, is the Conservative hate mongering over a Family, a family's baby at that!. If a Kennedy would be in the Clinton's position, it would be the same. It's just that deep hatred and jealousy, Conservative America has for the Kennedy Family and the Clinton Family...maybe it's because they've been successful in their job? and people happen to like them?

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky is becoming a famous baby! Without even being consulted, she has become part of American politics...she's a prime suspect, in Hillary's sinister conspiracy plot to win over the Voters. This poor kid, not a week old yet...has been the brunt of batshit crazy Republican Radio and Fox, and now the Post...all because she might help Hillary in the Polls? She's just a baby!!

Will she be a Liberal? who gives a shit?...she's a baby!! let her grow up!!

Now, speaking of "Liberal" and "growing up", what Republicans never talk about...Ronald Reagan, the Lord and Saviour of Conservative America had 2 little Conservatives with Nancy...Patty and Ron. Both of them, now are highly Liberal and Progressive activists. My suggestion: Leave the baby alone, and concentrate Grandma!...or you're going to have a hell of a lot of Liberal babies being born after 2016!  

NY Post Mocks Chelsea Clinton's Baby. No, Really.

Sep 26, 2014

Fighting Obamacare is Unhealthy for Republicans and other Living Things

By RF Schatten

It's Maalox time for the GOP...again! Every time, more horrible news about the success of Obamacare, hits the news media...the sales of antacid around DC House and Senate staffers, make a mad dash to the pharmacies. They just can't understand why Obamacare is getting so popular?...sad, but true...they prefer to live in a state of illusion, forever.

Funny how the Republicans decided to call the Affordable Care Act; "Obamacare"...associating the ACA to the President...a way to disrespectfully demean the program. To the chagrin of the Grand Old Party and their Tea drinking cousins...Obama turned it around by saying; "Yes, Obama cares!"...and people have been listening, by the millions. They hate the success of the program, and the facts even more.

The uninsured rates for the Hispanic community have taken a plunge, from 35% uninsured to 17%...thanks to "Obamacare"! The states who refuse to expand Medicaid remain virtually the same at 33%...and that's obscene!  All these people vote...some, because they're pissed not having the same equal right on healthcare, that others have...and the rest, because they're glad someone did something for them. Either way, Republicans better stop playing in Fantasyland because the Latino Vote, 'is' going leftward big time, this year.

The success stories: In Oregon, 95% of all Oregonians now have Health Coverage! Hospitals are running more efficiently, benefitting from lower costs due to the slowdown in Medicare spending! Medicare spending for each of the nation’s 50 million elderly or disabled Medicare recipients would cost $1,000 less than was expected just four years ago! 11,000 Baby Boomers signing up for Medicare every day! Latinos, Women,  Students, and Recent College Graduates...starting their careers! Everyone is getting on the bandwagon while the GOP is just sitting alone, without anyone in their dance card. The ACA is not a good talking point for the GOP, now days. When speaking to a Republican, hand them a Tums and talk about the ACA...just tell them; "Remember November"!!

Number of Latinos with health insurance surges with Obamacare

Sep 24, 2014

Paul Ryan cuts new promo for the Middle schtick, same old message

By RF Schatten

Political Rules 101: If you can't sell the horseshit you spew...repackage yourself...appeal to the Middle Class; "Tax cuts for everybody!". Appeal to the poor by making token PR appearances at Food Banks and Shelters...hopefully, he's learned to work the Soup Kitchens at those shelters by now. He'll try to look more populist, care more for the problems of the common man...and will fail miserably because he's not the common man. At the end of the day, it's the same old sell schtick...and the same old horseshit.

Does this costume change make Paul Ryan any different? Does anybody believe this man, suddenly is going to change all his radical ideas and plans? This is Paul Ryan...Ayn Rand disciple and Star Puppet for the Koch Brothers' Puppet Masters Show. Pauly is a very ambitious young man, he'll do whatever money can buy...David Koch and his brother Charley have the $$$...and Paul has the Koch's Carte Blanche!

Paul Ryans agenda is dedicated solely to the 1%...and 'that' is never going to change! All the Soup Kitchen volunteering doesn't change his arrogance, and all his pumping iron pics, doesn't make him cool...just dopey!

Paul Ryan Declares War Against Math -- NYMag

Sep 22, 2014

The Republican Party: The transformation from respectability, to the Tea Party

By RF Schatten

Agree or disagree...the GOP, at one point of their existence...were dignified and respected men and women in our society, who might be in disagreement with the opposition...but like civil adults, they believed in "political decorum"; an observance or requirement of polite society. 'Decorum' is not a word in the GOP/Tea Party's dictionary of batshit words and terms.

What would America do without this 'clown show' on their screens, popping up every night? They 'are' the comedy relief we all need from going insane. The GOP welcomed these groups of characters with open it's their's hard finding a cure for the stupid.
The Alumnus of this Freakshow includes such intellectual luminaries as Sharron Angle and Christine O'Donnell. You got the Akins, the Mourdocks, the Bucks, and the list goes on and on...and don't forget Palin, Bachmann, and Cruz...all 3 eligible on the 1st Ballot into the Tea Party's Batshit Hall of Fame.

They 'are' a joke...a comedic relief inside our Political History Books...who spew vile and dangerous rhetoric in their demagoguery, but are so off the wall, the consensus sees them just as a bunch of loonies. Like the Emperor's New Clothes, they just laughed at him and thought of him as a fool...these batshit crazies truly believe everyone's behind their causes...while the rest of this country are laughing at these fools, and all their insanity and stupidity. How long can all this insanity last? Republicans are quietly admitting that the GOP has become a danger to itself...too bad!...but they deserve it, and much more.

How Long Can the Republicans Hide the Crazy? - The Daily Beast

Sep 20, 2014

The GOP turning to Socialized Medicine?'s Election Season!

By RF Schatten

The #1 rallying cry of the GOP: "Obamacare is Socialized Medicine!! Our Country will turn Socialist if we allow Obamacare to exist!!". The stark reality of an Election...when all myths are busted, when you can't change the numbers around anymore, and your argument has lost all its value...without a blink of an eye, embrace the program as if it was your idea all along. Hypocrisy? hey, it's politics! expect anything different?

Well, well!...the way the GOP is suddenly embracing Obamacare, so much...all they're lacking is a Red Party Card. It's the GOP's way of kissing down to the petite bourgeois for votes, I suppose. The proletariat? they've heard the horseshit, many times before. And why do they need to embrace it...besides a few Red Governors being in deep serious re-election trouble?

Estimated ACA QHPs as of 9/18/14: 8.14M PAID (9.37M Total)

CURRENTLY Enrolled/Paying: 7.30M (as of 8/15/14 - Confirmed)

Estimated Total, all sources: (24.0 Million - 28.6 Million) ~~ A) Exchange + Off-Exchange QHPs: 16.1M and B)Medicaid/CHIP (6.2M - 9.3M)

The country is embracing the ACA wholeheartedly. And expect those totals to double or triple after this year's signing period. In Oregon, uninsured Oregonians has dropped 63 percent, from 550,000 to 202,000 people, since national health care reforms took effect, and it was just announced, an estimated 95 percent of all Oregonians now have health coverage, up from 86 percent last year. It's time for the GOP to just give up on that fight...they got clobbered, and it's here to stay! Find another wrong cause to exploit, till they're totally embarrassed and humiliated again.

Obamacare sea change: GOP governor boasts about ACA benefits | MSNBC

Sep 18, 2014

Conventional Wisdom on Same-Sex Marriage: Live with it!

By RF Schatten

We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto...the world is rapidly got those who believe in the evolution of man, in progressing as human beings, seeking answers and finding ways to make this, a better world. The better it is, the more people accept it and decide to find ways to cohabitate with each other...and it doesn't matter what God you believe in...they all say the same thing; Peace on earth and goodwill to others. As Khalil Gibran said: "We are all sons of one religion, and it is the Spirit".

Then you got those who would rather remain their entire lifetime, their minds, their entire progression of a status quo. It's 2014!...but for them it's the 1950s, for some even longer. The one reality in life is: you can't turn the clock back! No matter how many laws are passed to stop the progress, our society has will not stop the American people from achieving their goals! We've gone way beyond how to stop social mores...and more, on how to improve our quality of life. A little happiness within a society goes a long way.

But you will always find those who refuse to accept the fact, that the majority of this country do not agree or accept their ideology...those in self-denial, who use religion as a way out for bigotry. They have the right to believe whatever they want, but...they can live in their own little world...they just do not have the right to impede the progress of the rest of our Nation! They will continue to argue forever! as the world passes them by...and all you can do is look...what a waste of resources, talent, and humanity!

The Stunning Velocity Of The Marriage Equality Movement

Sep 16, 2014

The GOP Women: Like a battered in an illusion, or enjoying their degradation by the Grand Old Party

By RF Schatten

A Political Party in desperate need of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The GOP insists that they don't have a "War on Women", yet they oppose every single Woman's issue around! Why not protect women rights?

Why doesn't the GOP believe in equal rights for women...not just Equal Pay...but total equal rights? And then they come out with all the classic horseshit, on why they believe that it's in everyone's self-interest to control one's body. They are a shameless bunch of degenerate shriveled up old them, women will never be equal. Naturally, that Legislation appears to be written by the Koch Industry's part of their personal philosophy...Mitch McConnell has openly admitted that the GOP is beholden to David and Charley. So why would it surprise anyone that the current GOP's platform, is a quick reminder of shades of the John Birch Society?

Why would the GOP decide to openly oppose the women's Paycheck Fairness Act"...less than 90 days before the Elections? Seems like one very stupid move, especially since the overwhelming majority of Americans...and the majority of GOP the right of Women to make their own self-determination. Having control of a Woman's body is an immoral human act...those who favor such despicable behavior are the same hypocrites that talk about the evils of Government, being on everyone's back and their intrusion upon the American Public.

Sep 11, 2014

Gynophobia, and the Republicans' Fear of an all Female Sweep

By RF Schatten

It appears the GOP's bubble has burst on "Women"...a subject that gives Mitch McConnell nightmares...and just won't go away. A 73-25 Vote to break the initial Filibuster, looks pretty piss poor for bunch who pride themselves for being, Gynophobic...would've expected a larger fight from these old white male 'chauvinist pigs'. That sounds like the 60s and 70s...Margaret Chase Smith, Shirley Chisholm, Geraldine Ferraro, and in particularly, Bella Abzug and Betty Friedan, are all looking down with a big smile from heaven, and saying; "It's about time!"

Could it be that 2014 might very well be, the 'Year of the Woman' in Politics?...and with the lack of women in the GOP that could cause louder sound-bytes, than Sarah and Michele...they will cowardly exit on 'that' subject almost right away, specially with such a short time for people to forget, what they really stand for. The names of Lundergan Grimes, Nunn, Davis, and Burke, are the current thorns in the GOP's behind. And in West Virginia, whoever wins that seat...will be a woman, too! Women from both Parties are quickly moving up in State and Federal Politics...and men, can't hold them back anymore...just sit and watch.

They're losing their own war on women, besides all other why are Republicans being so Gynophobic? Maybe it's their own self-denial that women can perform as good, or better than a man?...or maybe these big macho Republicans, feel emasculated by Women? Either way, they can't seem to get it...they're not in their 'perfection' of the 1950s anymore, there's no Pleasantville...and June Cleaver was just a Black and White fictional mom, who only wore ruffled aprons on camera!

Senate Democrats Break Initial Filibuster On Equal Pay For Women Bill

Sep 10, 2014

The GOP's selling of's all about the $$$

By RF Schatten

"We have fallen heirs to the most glorious heritage a people ever received, and each one must do his part if we wish to show that the nation is worthy of its good fortune" ~~ Theodore Roosevelt

Teddy Roosevelt believed in the Preservation of our natural lands and resources, habitats...the preservation of what God put on this earth, for us to cohabitate with. He also knew the dangers that man could acquire and ultimately use against their own nations; "The things that will destroy America are prosperity-at-any-price, peace-at-any-price, safety-first instead of duty-first, the love of soft living, and the get-rich-quick theory of life" He was a good prognosticator!...he also left the Republican Party, and was never proven wrong for it.

Today, the Grand Old Party...under the facade of Tea Bags...are pushing their own agenda. The auctioning of Public Land, and the screwing of the Conservation Legacy of Teddy Roosevelt. They could care less about our waters...the lakes and the streams...let them get polluted as much as they want. They 'are' the legacy of Ronald Reagan's life...his dedication on the destruction of the Great Society...first, his ambitious dismantling  of the American Labor movement, his approval for the deregulation of the Air Traffic Controllers. Approving the atmosphere of Corporate Greed, with his "screw everybody" mentality...just look at Michael Malkin...the true life Gordon Gekko. Ronnie also made it fashionable to lie to Congress, by never "recalling" anything he $$$ laundering the Contra Rebels...and allowing the flow of drugs into this country, even, while his wife and her program was saying; "Say no to Drugs", he was a true political degenerate and hypocrite.

Koch Industries' public court records are there for your inspection. All the polluting fines by the EPA, and the wrongful death lawsuits that have run into the multi-millions of dollars...the GOP wants to eliminate the EPA!!  Surprised? Who benefits from the Keystone Pipeline? could it possibly be Koch Pipeline Company LP? Who benefits from selling America's Beauty?...They talk about returning the land to the States...and Auction it off to the highest bidder, to generate $$$ to pay off our debts. Doesn't sound like the State will get much shit out of that whole deal!! It's all about the Corporations buying this country up. Why not? they outsource the jobs to other countries with cheaper labor, use loopholes to avoid paying taxes, stick all their private wealth in offshore banks, and now they're are moving their "Corporate Filings" out of the country to evade even more Burger King. Talk about greed!!

It's no surprise that every single issue in the GOP's agenda, has come out of David Koch's political playbook, when he ran as the Libertarian Party's VP candidate. It's well documented how they feel about selling off Public Land for private profit. It also is no coincidence that all 13 Members of Congress that want that legislation to pass, are fully paid and owned by the Koch Brothers.

Pat Fuller on Twitter: "From Climate Progress on Facebook. I do not think this is right. Do you? Please share. #UniteBlue #PDMFNB"