Sep 30, 2014

A Shameless Tale: Re-writing History for the Ignorant, by the Ignorant

By RF Schatten

You cannot re-write History to fit your believes...whatever horseshit you re-write only makes you look like a can't change actual events or the times back then. You just cannot change the reality of the past!...the rest of the world knows the truth. It's like living in Ignorance all your life because your parents decided to make the teaching of History, political. And then these are the same people who talk about how bad Education is in America!

If education is bad, there's your reason! People hellbent to teach their children...and yours!...what 'they' want them to learn; in their own way, and in their own terms. It doesn't matter how ignorant your parents've got to be just like them! Live a life without ever learning about the world outside of you or your family group. The ignorance is understood...but to hurt your own family? The ploy of Social Conservative America: Cut education, and privatize it...only for the privileged or those who can afford private education... and keep the rest of our future generations ignorant. Texas batshit sub-humanoids feel the same way, with their intentions of re-writing American History...and forbidding Critical Thinking!

America! what a Country! Where "Thinking" is not allowed, and where books not approved by 'Christian America' are banned...where, only their re-written Bibles, History, and other books are allowed. They 'do' want to build a Theocracy on their way to a Ruling Class Society. It's 'Book Burning' time!!

Art Linkletter was right; "Kids say the darndest things". If more adults care the way kids care...maybe something can be done to make this country a little better? How many times do politicos sit down and listen to their own kids? Don't underestimate our youth!...there's where politicians always go wrong. They're the future...screw them now, and when they reach voting age...they're going to screw you! There are a lot of very smart bright kids out there!...allow them to grow! to expand their minds!...the power of knowledge can accomplish so much, and add so much to the richness of this nation! I do read banned books, it's my human right...and it's 'your' right and everyone else's. Dissent and Protest? it's about time!!

Students Protesting AP U.S. History Censorship Are Heroes