Sep 28, 2014

Politicizing Birth...reaching the highest point of desperation

By RF Schatten

Leave it to the New York Post...News Corps' successful attempt in converting a respected American Journalism institution since 1801, into a cheap tabloid...exploiting sensationalism and Yellow Journalism.

It's been a long long time, since the glory days of the New York Evening Post...the days of Drew Pearson, Max Lerner, Pete Hamill, Earl Wilson, and Eric Sevareid...when Eleanor Roosevelt was a regular guest columnist. Today, The New York Post is owned by Rupert Murdoch. It's part of his ultimate world goal of controlling all you hear, read, and see...though England, may be a little hesitant now days...if you get my drift.

Trashing a day old baby, it's not an intellectually correct thing to do...but who says Conservatives are that smart? look how the Party is self-imploding ...all it shows, is the Conservative hate mongering over a Family, a family's baby at that!. If a Kennedy would be in the Clinton's position, it would be the same. It's just that deep hatred and jealousy, Conservative America has for the Kennedy Family and the Clinton Family...maybe it's because they've been successful in their job? and people happen to like them?

Charlotte Clinton Mezvinsky is becoming a famous baby! Without even being consulted, she has become part of American politics...she's a prime suspect, in Hillary's sinister conspiracy plot to win over the Voters. This poor kid, not a week old yet...has been the brunt of batshit crazy Republican Radio and Fox, and now the Post...all because she might help Hillary in the Polls? She's just a baby!!

Will she be a Liberal? who gives a shit?...she's a baby!! let her grow up!!

Now, speaking of "Liberal" and "growing up", what Republicans never talk about...Ronald Reagan, the Lord and Saviour of Conservative America had 2 little Conservatives with Nancy...Patty and Ron. Both of them, now are highly Liberal and Progressive activists. My suggestion: Leave the baby alone, and concentrate Grandma!...or you're going to have a hell of a lot of Liberal babies being born after 2016!  

NY Post Mocks Chelsea Clinton's Baby. No, Really.