Jul 21, 2014

The Honor...or Dishonor...of being mentioned in the Oxford Dictionary

By RF Schatten

Congratulations to the Tea Party, Christian Conservatives, and all other Right Wing organizations!! You officially made it into the Oxford Dictionary...we all had faith, you would some day!!

The Oxford Organization, is now using these groups as examples of what "Bigotry" really means. For years everyone knew the KKK, the Arian Nation, Neo-Nazis, and Social Conservative Christians...are Bigots and Racists. Many, still would dispute that charge...they never admit publicly, they 'are'...they just physically and verbally 'demonstrate' their true feelings. Now, they can proudly be universally identified as Hate Groups. There's other hate groups around...so, for a complete list, check out the "Southern Poverty Law Center".

What many fail to mention, is today's "Suits" version of hate groups...those who function in a more legitimate and civil manner...under the guise of Citizens United, Americans for Prosperity, and FreedomWorks. And all under the subliminal umbrella of the Cato Institute and the John Birch Society...their benefactors. Is the John Birch Society a hate organization?? Always been!!...why should they be any different now??

While Republicans, Tea Partiers, and FOX, try to argue that all this by The Oxford Organization, is probably another international conspiracy to make Obama look good, and make them look bad...you have those Republican Trolls roaming the Internet, and annoying everyone...while pushing the "double standard" line, of Liberals and Progressives being the ones using Bigotry, Racism, and Hate. Well!! my dear Red Troll friends, call us whatever you want, because it will never stand...but, when we call you a Racist and a Bigot...remember, we're just following the proper guidelines of what the words mean...as written by the Oxford Dictionary!!  

Bigotry Definition From Oxford Now Lists Christians And Tea Party Right Wing Politics As Examples

Jul 20, 2014

Politicizing and Exploiting Religion, for Hate

 By RF Schatten

Barack Obama exploiting the crash to benefit the gay agenda?? More like Christian Talk Hosts, exploiting the immense Ignorance of their flock.
Politicize a tragedy to normalize "Sexual Deviancy"?? If anyone is trying to politicize anything...it's this soulless excuse of a human being. The hatred for a Black man is so great with White Christian America, that it's become the norm, to attack the President for whatever excuse they can muster up...and rally their fanatically faithful, with it.

First, was the Batshit Radio theories that the downing of MH17, was a conspiracy by Obama to help the Dems in November...now, this latest horseshit. Limbaugh, Beck, Hannity, Savage, Imus, Ingraham...and company...live for finding or creating anything, out of anything...as long as they can gather their masses and lead them through their continuous, never-ending journey into nowhere. Let them believe, that they 'are' what God meant for Christianity to be like. No one has politicized "Religion" in America, more than the Social Conservative Christian movement.

What they're doing is, insulting the Intelligence of our Nation, both here and abroad...but again...the Republicans insult on the daily basis, both the intelligence and the character of Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Women, and both...the elderly and the young...among others!! They insult the Poor, the Middle Class, the Sick, and the Vets...who do they really care for?? We know who!! Which is ironic, because they defend the cause of those, who at the end...have no use for any of them...and if elected, their usefulness will be quickly terminated. No one said, these are the smartest cookies to ever come out of the cookie factory!!

Christian Radio Host Says Obama Politicized MH17 to Normalize ‘Sexual Deviancy’ - The Daily Beast

Jul 18, 2014

Illusions: The Cubans' Love Affair with the GOP

 By RF Schatten

 Another shinning example of the lack of understanding of a Multicultural Society, by the GOP. Cuban Society in the the United States is no different now, than it was back in Cuba,
throughout its post independence since the early 1900s... Cubans have always tended to be Fiscally Conservative and Socially Liberal. With the Cuban influx since 1959, it really didn't changed

much...Cuban Culture has remained basically the same.

How did they become Republicans?? When Jack Kennedy pulled out of his assistance at the Bay
of Pigs!! The Miami Cuban Community didn't appreciate that, so to spite JFK, they registered Republican. Through the years the old guard would vote GOP blindly...not because of the Party's ideology, but because the Party's continually infused Castro sound bytes; Fighting Communism in
Cuba, and Remember what JFK did to them. Well!! the last of the old guard is in their 90s, still saying that Fidel will be overthrown in about 2 weeks to a month...they've been saying it, since 1961.

Today, we have a whole new generation of Cuban Americans, who have no clue...unless beaten in by their parents...who "Camilo Cienfuegos" is, but know "Ché Guevara", because he's the guy with the Black Beret, whose face is on Posters everywhere. It's a new generation far from the days of Cuban Revolutions...to them, that was a hundred years ago in someone else's history books. They still tend to be fiscally conservative, like their parents, and socially liberal...but, most of all...well educated.
Historically, among the most educated Hispanic Societies.

With a Republican Party where lunacy reigns supreme, with their continuous circus of batshit performing clowns and absurd political suicidal agenda...a 7% drop in GOP registered voters since 2008, and a drop of Cuban Republicans from 64% to 47%...Cubans are looking at all this madness, and saying; "Con toda esta locura?? para el carajo con el GOP!!" Don't understand what it means?? neither does the GOP...that's the problem.

Why Cubans Are Defecting From the Republican Party | John A. Tures

Jul 16, 2014

Scott Brown plays Hide and Seek...in the Little Boys Room

BY RF Schatten

A stupid mistake for a politician to avoid: If you lose an election, don't carpetbag yourself across state line, and then, re-market yourself as one of them!! Stupid Mistake #2?? Don't ever pull that stunt in New Hampshire!! After losing the Women by 18 points in Massachusetts...this self-proclaimed astute, former Colonel with the Judge Advocate General's Corps, Real Estate Lawyer, Model, and Cosmopolitan Centerfold...decided his name was mud in Mass, so why not move across the border, to the Granite State??

But something happened on his way to Concord...New Hampshire, that is. Scott Brown may know...though, it appears he doesn't...Massachusetts Politics. He certainly doesn't know the "Live Free or Die" mindset on Political Candidates. New Hampshire treats politics and politicians a little different, than the rest of the country...they take their Politics seriously...political ads are a non-factor in New Hampshire. If you want to meet a candidate, have him or her come over to your house...and talk around the kitchen table, along with a house full of neighbors. Local diners and coffee shops are
also meeting places, to meet the candidates...and the big difference, is nthat it doesn't matter whether you're Republican or Democrat, Conservative or Liberal...it doesn't matter what Party has more
registered voters, New Hampshire doesn't vote straight party line, if they don't get to talk to you, or listen to you in person?? you may very well lose their vote.

So, Scott Brown decided to play New Hampshire's "Meet the Candidate" exercise. That means sitting at a restaurant, and listening to as many people who come to see you, and ask you as many screwball questions as they want...no 'can' responses either...New Hampshireites don't enjoy bullshit artists...and worse, they don't enjoy "Flatlanders". If there's one thing that makes their blood boil, is a dumb Flatlander from Massachusetts.You must live in the Granite State, to understand their culture. The spectacle of Scott Brown hiding in the little boys room, in order to stonewall an answer...then running out to his car and quickly driving away...is an embarrassment and an insult to those people who came out to see him. He may win his primary, in September...but, expect him to pack his carpet
and his bags...and shuffle out to greener pastures.

 Brown 'took shelter in the bathroom' to avoid contraception questions | MSNBC

Jul 15, 2014

Legalizing Religious Bigotry?? With SCOTUS, you have a friend!!

By RF Schatten

Before people go berserk on this issue, remember that the Court Ruling affects only "privately" held
Corporations...it's not about "Public" Corporations where stockholders come in every color, race, and creed. It'll never succeed with Publicly held Corporations, even if they try the same Court route, for that ruling.

Still, it's an issue in which SCOTUS was morally wrong. The Employer just pays for his Group
Insurance...the Employee is the one who pays the premiums...and no one should have the right to tell his or her employee, what they may do, or how they should administer their own personal, Medical Plan. And the bullshit that Employers' Group Rates will increase with Obamacare??...is simply bullshit!! They are getting a better discount on Group Rates, than ever before. The entire Medical Insurance Industry is currently riding on a high, while treading in unfamiliar waters...never
experienced before. The complaints?? all Republican!!...they hate to see things going right, when they can't take the credit!!

The Supreme Court's decision was another prime example of how 5 Conservative non-theologian Justices, continue to 'politically interpret' Religious Freedom...from arguments made by Christians who interpret their 'own version' of their Religion. The most disgusting aspect of all this?? 4 of the 5 Conservatives are heavily indebted financially, to all requests from their benevolent benefactors...and to that end...they have managed to legalize Religious Bigotry.

Must-see morning clip: Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart destroy the Hobby Lobby decision - Salon.com

Jul 14, 2014

Marco Rubio's Adventures in Science

 By RF Schatten

"I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate, the way these scientists are portraying it".
Sounds very articulate!!...specially for a man who once was asked about the age of the Earth, for which this self-proclaimed savior...who's "the only person that can beat Hillary"...said: "I'm not a Scientist, man!!"

He's publicly claimed, he's not a Scientist...and the whole world agrees...but, he believes that our Climate problems are not as bad as 99.9% of professional scientists, all over the world...says it is. With Miami scheduled to go under, as Sea Levels rise, it appears that concern in South Florida has risen sharply among the population...with the exception of those elected, to solve these problems.
For Rubio and Gov. Rick Scott?? what problem?? to people like Rubio and Scott, it's the problem of our future generations...the 'screw them' "Reagan Republican mentality", because 100 years from now we won't be around, anyhow.

Is Marco Rubio, truly an Idiot?? as Mayor Philip Stoddard believes...or is he just simply a fool, behaving like the good bitch for his political benefactors??. Either way, he's an insult to his
constituency, who are demanding some type action. The biggest insult, is that he lives there...and knows what is morally right and morally wrong. His excuse?? "It's bad for the economy". 

Well!! he won't have to worry much about the local economy...once everyone is dead or holding their breath forever..when Sea Levels rise and South Beach is 10-15 ft below.

South Miami Mayor: Marco Rubio Is An 'Idiot'

Jul 13, 2014

Darrell Issa: The living embodiment of today's Republican Party Morals

By RF Schatten

He represents everything that the GOP, privately stands for...and publicly displays. He's got superficial charm, pretentious self-worth, is a habitual liar, with a lack of empathy, remorse , and guilt. Darrell Issa 'is' today's Republican Party. It's no surprise that 'Politicians" share identical pathological traits with "Serial Killers".

What kind of character is Darrell Issa?? A man who admits to spending the taxpayers' $$$ for Political Theater...and who has issued more subpoenas (almost 100) than the last 3 previous chairmen, combined...and in half the time!! What has all his investigations led to?? nothing at
all!! just Political Grandstanding...which he now admits to do, as part of his everyday life. A sleaze with a criminal past, and how $$$ and influence can get records expunged...and a businessman infamously associated with the Fire Insurance claims industry.

Issa is the embodiment of what the GOP preaches. He's today's Republican cocktail of Dumbo droppings with a jigger of Tea. If you want controversy, Issa is your man!! he's the GOP's personal Sound Byte. I guess he didn't take too well, for the demotion from his beloved Benghazi...John Boehner, in the meantime...has a new bitch in town, spending more $$$ for another Benghazi hearing, while ignoring the funds for our Veterans. Another Benghazi hearing??...why not, it's the Republican way!! Spend $$$, while covering up the fact, they have accomplished absolutely zero since 2008...and have never had a single viable Political Policy or Plan, in their party's agenda.

Darrell Issa Destroys His Obama Investigation With Admission That It's Political Theater

Jul 8, 2014

If things aren't crazy enough in Ole Miss...the Clown Squad is coming to the Rescue

 By RF Schatten

Chris McDaniel ran a filthy, disgusting, and extremely disrespectful race...yet, he has the gull to suggest that his opponent cheated!! Only a Batshit Tea mentality, appreciates all this political theater. I guess cheating, is something Republicans know too well!!

This race was meant to be a breeze for McDaniel...his opponent was too old, and McDaniel was riding a high on PAC $$$...and then, came the shameless antics, involving Thad Cochran's poor sick wife. Was this race fixed?? Apparently it was Certified with all its blessings, by the Mississippi Republican Party...then sent to the Governor...and on, to become Officially Certified by the Secretary of State. Did the whole Ole Miss GOP conspire against the Tea Party?? If they did...does anyone
feel sorry for the Tea Party?? Maybe the old GOP establishment, is finally growing some cojones??...something that wouldn't hurt a lot of Democrats, either!! My bet, is that McDaniel is so repulsive, that even many Conservatives within the inner party circles, were embarrassed as hell. At the end, politics is politics...and the Tea, lost this round!! Live with it, folks!!

This whole Election, became a Political Circus when McDaniel entered the Race, backed by SuperPAC $$$. Until now, this "Political Circus" has been minus their Superstars...but, don't worry fans!! here they come to save the day!! Enter, stage right!! Send in the Clowns!! Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin...all prepared with enough sound-bytes to drive your average God fearing Mississippi Tea Bagger, totally giddy!! Teddy's 1st sound-byte: "Voting irregularities are 'appalling'". Appalling, from a man who knows very well, what Appalling is...right, Mr. Cruz??

Ted Cruz Joins Calls For Investigation Into Alleged Illegal Voting In Mississippi

Jul 7, 2014

White House to Boehner: Hey!! read this!!

 By RF Schatten

A Business Consultant, who happens to be Speaker of the House, wants to challenge a Constitutional Lawyer/Professor, who happens to be President of the United States...on the constitutionality of the Constitution. And do it, on behalf of the US House of Representatives!!...with all expenses paid, courtesy of the taxpayers of the United States!!

With a track record for least accomplishments by any Congress in history. His reputation as a master in the art of political fornication, is all he has going for him...all, just to keep his precious Speakership Throne. He has become the fool of the old establishment...entertaining the "New" Republicans with old fashioned Political Grandstanding, that's not going to go anywhere, and if it does?...it will end in another political embarrassment.

John Boehner has absolutely nothing left to offer his grand old party, no one has him in their dance card...just more embarrassments for Republicans, and their failure in Congress to pass any laws. Though he acts like a stupid buffoon, most of the time, John Boehner is not a stupid man. With his failure as Speaker...why would he want so much more humiliation?? History won't change...the fact that under his leadership, Congress has been the least productive, in the history of the United States...the fact that his personal character, has been trashed throughout the political world. Resign and walk away...that's what a respectful gentleman would do. Pass the torch to a better man...not stay on, just to satisfy egos, self-gratifications, and financial gains. But this is John Boehner, he won't walk away!!...because he's not a gentleman, he's not respectful, and most of all...he doesn't have any of the moral values, he preaches so much, about. 

The White House Had A Peculiar Response To John Boehner's Strategy For Suing Obama

Jul 5, 2014

How to run an Ethics Committee, without Ethics...ask a Republican

 By RF Schatten

The House Ethics Committee, eliminates the "Ethics Rule"...and does it, in secret!! Really Ethical!! Well, we all know how Ethical the GOP is, today.

The GOP unwritten code: Do not ever pass a single bill, from the black guy...and do not ever pass up a single trip, from your favorite Lobbyist. Their sheer arrogance!!...they knew it was completely unethical...and they also knew, the outrage when the public became aware. So, they did it in a Secret meeting!!...there's something unethical about holding a public meeting, in private. And they would've gotten away with it, if they didn't get busted!! 'This', is just more proof of who their true friends, really are...and 99% of us, are not one of them.

You wonder why seemingly educated people, would try such a political stunt??...that publicly exposes their insatiable greed, for the good old American Dollar!! With elections right around the corner...are they really that stupid?? or is it the tainted Tea, that's quickly becoming the Republican's Kool-Aid??  

After Getting Busted Congress Caves and Will Require Members To Disclose Trips From Lobbyists