Oct 23, 2014

Extermination and Humane Executions: Back to the Future with the Tea Party

By RF Schatten

Well! The true character of the Republican Tea Party has finally come out of the closet! The "filth" that America so much loves! if the Polls are correct.

EXTERMINATE People! Now, it's Ebola...what next? Extermination of those who don't quite fit the mold of Social Conservative America?...they probably wish, they could turn on the ovens. because they're so so religiously 'pure'. Human waste like Todd Kincannon shows the true spirit of the Republican Party and their Tea loving minions. "Humane Executions"?...you know, like the Humane Society!

And why not? To them, identifying Ebola with African Americans is part of their Fear and Hate strategy...identifying the President with Ebola, Aids, and Africa; "The African Culture that made Barack Obama is why the Zulus were still putting bones through their noses while Americans were walking in the moon" ~~ Todd Kincannon

Yes! Todd Kincannon is an ignorant piece of shit, a disrespectful, hateful, racist and bigot.  But he symbolizes everything the Republican Party stands for...keeping the people ignorant and uneducated, and instilling fear and hatred of the Poor, the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Gays, and the Women...and keep a constant campaign of misinformation and deceit.

And if the ratings or polls are still unfavorable to you? Suppress the vote and buy more Judges! They've been doing it openly, and very successful at it...just look at the Polls, folks! But the extermination of people because a disease and the immediate sanitation of the area, afterward? this shmuck has been watching "Outbreak" once too many times!.

Exterminations and Executions sounds too much back to the future, for me. I prefer my oven for Pizzas. I've read my history...and I've learned my lessons. Too many in this country haven't...but, keep making a scum like Todd Kincannon, a hero of his cause...and there's going to be a lot of cramming for history lessons!

Pro-Life Tea Party Christian Todd Kincannon: Execute All Ebola Patients (Screenshots) | Americans Against the Tea Party

Buying Democracy in America

By RF Schatten

"We are not living in a democracy when giant corporations like Chevron can buy local governments. That's called Oligarchy, not Democracy. We have got to fight back." ~~~ Bernie Sanders

Why shouldn't Chevron have the right to buy an election? Koch Industries buys them all the time! Since the Supreme Court said that a Corporation is a private citizen...they've got as much right in buying a Politician, as any individual billionaire has. All these laws benefitting the very rich and famous are brought to you, courtesy of our Volksgerichtshof...oh! it's 2014?...I mean, the US Supreme Court...though the names Scalia, Thomas, Alito, Roberts, and Kennedy, could easily be mistaken for the ghosts of Roland Freisler, Fritz Rehn, Harry Haffner, Franz Schlegelberger, and Otto Georg Thierack. Whatever helps the Party and especially...their benefactors, I guess.

Greasing local elections...not Federal Elections, but Local Municipal Elections!...Mr. Corporate Citizen is going to town! Richmond, California to be exact, shaking everyone's hands, and greasing them at a rate of $33.00 dollars per person over 18, who votes. There's a reason why Gas in the West Coast has gone down recently...getting all those Votes out!

Municipal, State, Federal Elections...they want to leave their footprints, edged in every City Hall and State Capital across the country, if they could. Truly controlling Government starts at the Municipal and State levels, and Chevron isn't the only Corporation getting into our local communities, into our School Boards...leaving their influence and $$$...and at our City Halls, and naturally the Courts; Municipal and Circuit.

The LA Times' Michael Hiltzik wrote; "For a corporation to manipulate a municipal election on this scale should be illegal". Corporations don't really care, they have their biotch in the GOP and in SCOTUS...who will come through and save the day, as they always do. Bernie Sanders is right, an Oligarchy? If the top 1% have their way, a Government ruled by Corporations and Industrialists with Politicos fronting the Government...an Oligarchy is a real possibility. Do people care what's happening in America, today? as Bernie said, we gotta fight back! Apparently the Polls say, America doesn't give a shit! even if they know all the serious ramifications that are going to hurt them directly, immensely!...the open lies, the fear mongering, the blatant hatred towards anyone that's below them. Life in America under David and Charlie Koch, and their minions, the Tea Party.

Fight Back? Democrats never fight back...they prefer that idealistic High Road approach. Republicans, on the other hand...believe in the words of Leo Durocher; "Nice guys finish last". They'll always take the Low Road and today's GOP and their Tea loving cousins will stoop to the lowest depths, including the destruction of this country...to achieve their ultimate sordid goals. Fight back?...

Chevron Greases Local Election with Gusher of Cash | Michael Winship

Oct 21, 2014

Poll Tax is Legal? Yep! in Texas...thank you, SCOTUS!

By RF Schatten

How to hijack and steal an election, the Republican way...go visit an uncle at the US Supreme Court.

A Court, that at the whim of a Political Party...or a very special "VIP"...will go out of their way, even coming up with horseshit rulings, that even 'they' said it was a "One Time Only" ruling...remember Bush v Gore? Corporations are People, striking Section 5 of the Civil Rights Act, now this!...little by little the continued dismantling of the Civil Rights Act. The Court handed Greg Abbott what he wanted, he just ripped off Wendy Davis of at least 500,000 votes...and what a coincidence!! All those votes were from African Americans and Hispanics. Coincidence?

The last time Judges systematically ruled over cases..."for the party's cause"...was Germany. Last time they appeared in court, was in Nuremberg. If this was 1947, and you reverse the countries...Scalia, Thomas, Roberts, and Alito, would be sentenced to hang! For what they have done...they don't deserve anything better. Using the power bestowed by people, and selling it out for the $$$ of Koch Industry, Monsanto, Dow, and every other industrialist...over the common man. The US Supreme Court believes that an American has the right to Vote...if you can afford to pay for it! They apparently believe that the Poll Tax is legal...even if it violates the 24th Amendment and Civil Rights Act. What do they realistically think? It's illegal...but it'll give the GOP an advantage during the elections!

How come it's not surprising that if any Draconian laws are approved in this country, it's going to be in Texas? If anyone wants to know how the Republican Party would administer this nation if they took power, just look at the Lone Star State. They love to incarcerate people, with prisons and county jails at almost full capacity...and they're very proud of Rick Perry's Guinness record Executions. Women are second-class citizens, according to all the actions of Greg Abbott, and how he feels about women, and the control he wants over them and their bodies.

Texas ranks at the bottom or next to the bottom in Children Medical Care, in Pre-Natal Healthcare, and in total Health Coverage. Texas ranks down under in Education, too...but, give the kids some credit, it's hard to think in school when Thinking is frowned upon, and school boards are trying to outlaw the use of Critical Thinking. And with their Revision of History books to reflect their personal thinking and believes...it's pretty, much indoctrination to stupidity...keep the youth as ignorant as possible and lie about history, then make up your own rules as you go along, or have your personal Judge keep them legal for you.

Should people take this bullshit perpetrated by the GOP and their Judges sitting down? Some will! In fact, a lot will!...that's why Americans are the way they are...living in a state of perpetual apathy of our Government, no matter who is in control. Some day they'll care...but then, it might be too late! If you care? go out and demonstrate! if you don't? Live with the results, but don't say you care. Want to make some noise? Go out on Election Day in force...all 600,000...and show the world the injustice that the greatest country in the world has. 600K strong, out making their noise...if you can't voice your feeling at the ballot box, show your voice and your anger in the streets and at the Polling Precincts! Show the world, that Americans are not going to put up with shit!

Supreme Court Allows Texas To Enforce The Most Draconian Voter ID Law in The U.S.A.

Oct 20, 2014

Openly lying in public: Why certain people buy it...even if they know it's a Lie

By RF Schatten

Open public Lies and Fearmongering...what a lovely way to win an election!...or in the case of Texas, denying 600,000 people the right to Vote! And all this, from the same people who've brought you the constant and hypocritical criticism of other countries, for denying voters' rights...and who continually call for their Governments to stop lying to their populace. The same people who keep calling for Democracy abroad...really don't care much about Democracy at home.

In Politics, today, it doesn't necessarily matter whether you 'Royally Suck' as a politician...your moral character is incidental...it's what you can do under any circumstances to win. The Republican Party has royally sucked in forming policies for the U.S. population since 2008...they've never had an agenda of their own, except to make Obama a "one term" President...now, their only agenda is to annoy the crap out of him, and the rest of the nation till 2016, while pretending to be hard at work, as they've been doing all along. We know how hard they work, that's why they need so many many 'vacations'!

From one end, you have Rush Limbaugh lying to people and instilling the fear about Ebola...and what's worse...he admitted that he's doing it! all to help the GOP in November...and with a big grin on his big fat puss. Why does he think he can get away with it?...because he knows his ignorant minions will blindly follow him, no matter what he spews...as long as he can get that turnout. In the case of one, Karl Christian Rove... his reputation follows him. Ever since his loss to Anonymous' "Orca" on Election Night 2012...his stock has lost its worth. Now he comes up with a huge stupid open lie about Obamacare in the Blue Grass State...the use of fear worked well in Germany, and Rove is a master at the practice of "Propaganda".  Instill fear, apathy, and keep your opponent's Voters away from the Polls.

To the people of Kentucky: Are you sitting down? Kynect and Obamacare is the same damn thing!...do I have to repeat that? If Obamacare is threatening the families in Kentucky, then your beloved "Kynect" is too!...why?...because, they're both one in the same! How hard is it, to convince supposedly normal, at least semi-intelligent adults...that Kynect is just the name of the ACA program in Kentucky? A campaign of deceit and fear by the firm of Rove & McConnell...now how honest, did you expect this race to be? It's not the ACA they're against, it's the name "Obama" on it!...and the birth of the name came from the GOP! If McConnel wins and the GOP takes the Senate, he'll try his best to repeal the entire Act...including Kentucky's Kynect, no matter how successful it is in the State...which it is!

If Kentucky loses to McConnel, Rove, and the Koch Machine...it's their own damn fault and deserve to lose everything! You can't teach imbecility. Lies and Fear to the ignorance of their constituency, and if that doesn't work?...keep them away from the Polls, by hook or by crook...Poll Tax, anyone?

Karl Rove's ObamaScare Tactics Could Backfire And Help Alison Grimes Win In Kentucky

Oct 19, 2014

White Privilege in a Multi-cultural and Multi-racial World

By RF Schatten

"Whiteness is, variously, a metaphor for power, a proxy for racially distributed material benefits, a synonym for "white supremacy", an epistemological stance defined by power, a position of invisibility or ignorance, and a set of beliefs about racial "Others" and oneself that can be rejected through 'treason' to a racial category" ~~~ Historian Eric Arnesen

We have reached the stage in our national discourse, which should have been addressed long ago...our American Society and the lightning fast changes in our Cultures. Too many things happening all at once in our way of life, with our population evenly exploited by all political sides...some, more than others...though, most by one side's degenerate and indecent political campaign tactics and agenda.
It's about time we discuss something that's really, extremely vital, and at the heart of the core of these elections...the disparity gap in  our societal classes...financially and socially. And the constant evolution of our culture...not understood by everyone, or in self-denial about the realities of life...stop living in the fab 50s! time marches on! Sony don't sell cheap transistor radios anymore, High Definition Color is the new Black & White, and June Cleaver is dead.

"White Privilege"...whether you agree with O'Reilly or with Stewart...nothing would benefit this country more, than a good, healthy, civil discourse on what really divides our Nation. And when you speak about white privilege, much of the debate will eventually, turn to the topic of American Exceptionalism".

American Exceptionalism has been the theory exploited to the masses as Patriotic...based on Liberty, Egalitarianism, Individualism, Populism, Republicanism, and Laissez-faire. We're not that exceptional anymore! Exceptionalism is the arrogance used by Wealth used by Wealth and the Aristocracy over all others, for centuries. Today, we have those who believe in their own exceptionalism and exclusivities...and who want to turn our current economic system, more into a Laissez-faire Economy. A Ruling Class Society in the 21st Century?...we're not a 3rd World Country...Only in America!

[VIDEO] Bill O’reilly vs. Jon Stewart on White Privilege | LNC – Live News Cloud Stream

Oct 18, 2014

Life in Prison, plus 90 years more after you die...go figure it out

By RF Schatten

I can't ever understand why "Life Terms" include +certain amount of years? To 'appease' the family of the victims? to 'justify' how hideous a crime?...or does it really matter? When your dead...you're dead! After you pass away, are they going to keep your carcass...rotting in the cell...for another 90 years? Bernie Madoff got life +150 years!...and he didn't commit murder...I'm not excusing his crimes or Dunn's. They can rot in prison till they die. It's understandable...for the records...each crime and each sentence must be recorded. But adding more years to a sentence, beyond a man's death...proves nothing!...except our exceptional and excessive appetite, for those illusions in our believes of how Law, Order, and Justice, suppose to work...to show the world, who tough America is on crime.

United States leads the World in citizen incarcerations...another little problem that needs reforming in this country, especially with the advent of Private 'for profit' Prisons. Murders by the bad guys, murders by the good guy cops. Kids going to school and mass murdering other kids. Horseshit Laws protecting the perpetrator..."Stand Your Ground" laws...and we're back in Florida, again!

In the case of Michael Dunn, it was about standing your ground, but even more about not standing someone's music. After the shooting, Dunn and his girlfriend went back to their hotel and ordered a pizza....and he never called the cops to make a report. He knew better and deserves whatever he got. Will he care about the other 90 years after he dies?

Life without Parole +90...plenty of time to ponder...he can write Bernie and both of them can convey each other's wisdom. They got all the time in the world!

Michael Dunn Sentenced to Life Without Parole for Loud Music Killing - NBC News.com

Oct 13, 2014

Associating Gays to the Nazis...and the GOP are not Bigots, either?

By Rf Schatten

It's pretty pathetic when you have to resort to the propaganda technique of "Association"...associating Gays to the Nazis. The Hatred for Gays, surely exists within the Republican ranks, though they'll deny it till they die...just like their continuous cynical denial of Racism. The fact that Gays were persecuted by the Nazis...you don't mention 'that'!

Use intentional vagueness and confusion, to keep exploiting your ignorant masses...another propaganda technique; "Obfuscation".  Why would the GOP resort to so much propaganda to influence the country? why, if they truly believe they 'are' correct...and, that they're adored by everyone...would they need to resort to this?  When you have absolutely no plans in your agenda on how to fix this country of all the troubles and all of the ills, and with all the other horseshit you spew about daily...you got to give your loyal fans something...this is it. Lying and Deception and Disinformation...more techniques!. They're just shameless acts in a civilized society, perpetrated by shameless indecent men and their own personal greed. Of the 53 or so Techniques of Propaganda, how many have been used by the GOP in the last 6 years? Hint: More than half.

30 States now recognize same-sex marriage. In 5 more States....AR, KS, MT, SC, and WY...Federal appellate rulings have set a binding precedent in favor of same-sex marriage. In 8 more States, judges have issued rulings in favor of same-sex marriage, and appeals to many of these rulings, are now stayed...and being struck down every day. 43 States and DC have either made it totally legal or they're on their way. 55% of the U.S. population lives in a State where same-sex marriage is legal...and Over 64% of the U.S. population will soon live in a State that same-sex marriage, again, is legal.

Republicans need to stop whining, With all due respect to the late Edmund Muskie; there's no crying in Politics! You lost the Gay Vote because you despise who they are, and personally, they don't like you either, for who 'you' are! Give it up and swallow your pride...Gay Rights and Gay Marriage are here to stay, and no Court is going to stop them now...so suck it up and live with it!

Republicans Say Rainbow Flags Remind them of Nazi Flags - But Actual Nazi Flags Don't

Oct 11, 2014

GOP in self-denial...the Cubans' love affair with the Republican Party is over!

By RF Schatten

When will the GOP realize that Cubans just don't like Republicans anymore? The Charley Crist vs Rick Scott battle for the hearts and minds of the Sunshine State's Latino voters is over. 53% to 29%? Scott better concentrate on his base of Tea Crackers in North Central and the Peninsula. Healthcare is killing him!...ironically, in Scott's previous fling in Medicine, he financially destroyed his Healthcare company (Columbia/HCA)...for being a court certified fraudulent crook. More importantly, could this be a sign of things to come by the Hispanic Community throughout the country?

Cubans in general don't care much for Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz...in Cuban parlance, they're 'worms'...in the case of Rubio, a little worm! They 'are' an embarrassment to the Cuban Community in SW 8th St. and throughout the rest of this country. Cubans are very proud people, and all these 2 characters do, is give the Cubans a bad name. Son dos mentirosos y descarados, sin corazon y sin alma,

Crist has the Latino Vote...big time...as well as the Minimum Wage issue; 64-15! The Cubans most important issue? The Economy...point for the Dems. Followed by Immigration; point for the Dems again. And that, followed by Healthcare; again the Democrats!

But, It's only Florida...and Scott is just not that well liked, since day one. But could this Hispanic trend continue throughout the country? and make that difference between winning and losing. Texas, is another example...and now that the courts ruled against Abbott's ID Laws...Latinos are going to remember! It's a crazy election year!

New Poll Reveals Florida Hispanic Voters Favor Crist

$7.25/hr: From politicos who make 10X more...because the GOP cares, so much!

By RF Schatten

So!...$7,25/hr is a Living Wage? That's a pretty insulting remark! Whether he addressed it, to his masses of human ignorance...or the American public, in general...it's an ignorant insult to the intelligence of the American Adult. See what would happen if he has to work for $7.25/hr!  He doesn't care because that's the mentality of the people he works for...We, the People?...yea, that's funny!

Scott Walker is not a fool...he got to where he is now because he's a political whore, who's bought out...lock, stock, and barrel  by the Koch Brothers...he, along with neighbor Paul Ryan are their official GOP mouthpieces. $7.25/hr sounds about right. Anti-Union, Anti-EPA, Anti-Women, Anti-Education...make the 99% the 99.5%. A Ruling Class Society would be fine for these good old boys. $7.25/hr sounds just fine for the GOP, too. They continually refuse to raise the minimum wage...it's no coincidence who owns the GOP, today. Even Old Mitch agrees that they would be broke, and couldn't win without Dave and Charley pulling the strings.

You get out of college with a 100k or 200k loan to pay back, even before you start your career...and $7.25/hr is a good living wage? The fact he equated Minimum Wage to the fast food business...shows his arrogance. The same arrogance the GOP holds over anyone who's not like them, sort of a narcissistic arrogance.

If this is what the people in Wisconsin want...then they deserve $7.25/hr! But you must look at the bigger picture. Scott Walker just represents those 'interests' that have no interest in the American People, he's the Koch Brothers' living experiment of what they want for America to look like. They 'can' be stopped...if the electorate wants to stop all this conservative madness...but, how badly enough does the majority of the country, really want to do something about raising the Living Wage?...how important is it? If you don't Vote don't complain later!

Gov. Scott Walker Says $7.25 Per Hour is a Living Wage

Oct 8, 2014

With a much larger Rank & File, all the Democrats need, is to vote...if you can motivate them

By RF Schatten

With Mid-Term Elections just around the corner, it appears that the Democrats' message is finally breaking through...despite the Media's failing attempts to show some positives created by the Administration...like a growing economy. Obama outperforming Reagan on every economic factor...best private sector jobs creation performance in American history. A 6.1% unemployment, forecasted to fall around 5.4% by Summer, 2015...more records...and Wall Street, acting Bullish with their record Highs. With an Affordable Care Act that is working...signing-up more and more every day...and Social Tolerance, being generally accepted by the overwhelming majority of this country, Only apathy can hold the Democrats, hostage...they got the numbers on their side...if the rank and file decide to get up and go vote, they can't lose. The question remains; "Will they get their couch potato asses up, and go vote?

It's hard to hear anything good from the Donkeys these days, when right wing Batshit "shock" sound-bytes sells more ads on News TV!...it's not what's right or what's wrong in politics, anymore...it's what's best for business; show them the $$, and they'll show you what's best. Real and important Information is secondary to news events showing, for example, Palin making a fool out of herself...again, or more about Benghazi...again.

But never underestimate the electorate, which the GOP, apparently never understands. After all the talk, and everything is said and done...it comes down to Sanity, Understanding, and Common Sense, or Lunacy and Radicalism. All the Polls are showing a steady trend upwards for the Blue crew...and with the exception of a race here or there...most races have the Democrats in the lead or in a virtual dead heat, in both the Senate and Governors races. Obama's latest approval ratings by Rasmussen...not your raging liberal pollster... are up to 46%. And yes! yes! yes! to all those before they 'troll' back...George W Bush was at 37% at this point of his Presidency, just before the Mid-Terms. Who's gaining momentum? Latest Poll for the US House...yes! the GOP's 'untouchable' House of Representatives: National US House Race ~ Democrats 43% Republicans 42% (Ipsos/Reuters) 10/3 -10/7. It's going to be a fun and wild ride these next 30 or so days!

HUFFPOLLSTER: Democratic Campaigns Are Reaching More Voters, Survey Finds