Feb 1, 2017

Just the Facts, ma'am...please, no "Alternative Facts"

By RF Schatten

You Insult the intelligence of the American Public! and then you have the Public agree with ya?? Because Trump sure did insult everyone!!...and still, the public sure elected him!!

The Alternative Facts! It's hard for Trump's minions to accept the 'real facts' about someone, when that person lifted the burden for all Closet Racism, liberated the foul mouth open racist out from his cave, and lifted hate and prejudice to the forefront of today's deteriorating America!
Frustrated by the multiculturalism of American Society…these sub-humanoids that call themselves, true Trump Supporters, prefer the Lies and remain the Status Quo, rather than move forward with their lives and progress as a more Perfect Union.
Unlike other Elections, it wasn't so much about the Economy, because the GOP's traditional Strength was taken by Obama…so they resorted to their Batshit politics, wondered into the Extreme Right Wing's White Nationalist Agenda and their politics of Hate, Lies, and Fear…along with their new found love for public Disrespect and Vulgarity…Racism and Bigotry are paramount in their everyday lives! Fascism? Wunderbar!!

Mexicans are Rapists and Criminals? Said by the man who's raping the living hell out of this Country right now…besides his ex, Ivanna, and the scores of women he's molested through the years…raping the core values of our fragile Democracy, from respect and decorum to public insults and vulgarity. Criminals? They'll rape this Nation out of every penny they can pillage out of Ft. Knox before they're run out of office…or go to jail!

Mexicans are Rapist and Criminals just like Hillary Clinton rigged the election!…nice lines by a Demagogue, as he spews his horseshit to the masses…while quietly backstage, he's doing exactly what he accuses others of doing!
It's the old practice of keeping your audience guessing if it's a "Fact or an "Alternative Fact"…and keep them distracted with Lies and Innuendos, while you rob them blind!
It's the typical hypocrisy of degenerates, the lure of an Indecent Act, or Indecency in general, is just too much to resist for these scumbags. 

The total disrespect of the American Public, the Kleptocracy of the Trump Administration: Corruption, Black Mail, Money Laundering, Graft…a Billionaire and his Billionaire Cabinet, greasing their palms and stuffing their pants with all the dirty money they want, and then some! 
Openly applauding the use of Torture? disavowing the Geneva Convention Rules? believing that "To the Victors goes the Spoils"? Trump openly approves the Pillage and Plunder of a Sovereign Nation…in this case, it’s the Oil!...even if it's considered a Criminal Offense to steal or remove anything from another Country; before, during, or after the end of a War. It's still a "War Crime" under International Law.
And the GOP's spineless reaction? Whatever happens? These true cowards just don't give a damn!...as long as they control the White House!
What we're watching is a type of insulting "Deliberate" Ignorance…currently being played out by the GOP…never, seen before in the annals of American Politics.

What language or sign language does it take, to make someone understand that Evolution in all forms, is inevitable?...Good or bad, whether you want to or not…it's inevitable! No matter what happens, the world is going to continue on its merry way…with you or without you!!
It's what we do along our journey, that determines our personal future….but, the rest of this world? It'll still continue to Evolve!
So, to all Anti-Trump Republicans and Democratic Losers in 2016: Suck it up and live with it! Stop whining cause "yesterday" will never come!…want to make a difference? Resist!…the silent revolution of peaceful resistance, has worked in the past! Do something…Resist, become a Social Activist (for whichever side you want!), and make the world aware of 'your' Cause!…or, just continue your whining.
Do something!…anything!...but, make your voice heard! Think about it! In today's political atmosphere, you just might not have another chance?!?!

Politics today is a Tug of War being played out for the Hearts and Minds of the American People! A fight between the forces of Civility, Morals, Respect, and Education versus the forces of Incivility, Immorality, Disrespectfulness, and absolute sheer total Ignorance.

The Fall of Rome was a Cultural Transformation. Like Rome, America is in the midst of its own Multi-Cultural Transformation.
Rome wasn't built in a day, and it took much more than 50-60 years for it to Fall…America has been around for 241 years, already! And as our days pass, with the most blatantly open corrupt Government in US History?…the Fall of American Democracy and the rise of Fascism, appears closer and closer. 

The Open Corruption, the Lies and the Deceits, the Decadency in the $$$ running this Government, their Disrespect, and their Immorality…an Administration that openly promotes the use of decadent Vulgarity, and Lies as the norm in our American Culture?...in the words of Greg Popovich; "We are Rome"!

This Week In Trump's 'Alternative Facts' : NPR

Jan 25, 2017

Hear Them Roar!...Women's March trumps Inauguration

By RF Schatten

"Women, if the Soul of the Nation is to be saved, 'you' must become its Soul" ~~~ Coretta Scott King

Ever since God created Woman, Man has had the notion that the Male of the species…because of their natural physical strength…is a far superior being than the Female. Ever since the days of the Caveman with his handy club…Man, in all of his Machismo…has tried to maintain dominance over women. Throughout the ages, Male Chauvinism has ruled every aspect of Society in this World.

But as we continuously evolve as a Society, while some Men still have their heads stuck up those "Caves", or more likely in the Gutter…it's been the Woman in the forefront of Progress the last 218 years or so. Women, who have championed the righteous fights for Civil Liberties, Social Change, and Social Justice.

The Women's March on Versailles…October 5th, 1789…was the defining moment of the French Revolution, when 7,000+ "Angry Women" packed with Pitchforks and Muskets, marched to the Palace of Versailles and said to Louis & Marie; Guess who's going to eat Cake, now?...Monsieur Guillotine will even "Slice" it for ya!

In 1903, Mary Harris (Mother) Jones made America aware of the plight of Children, working under Draconian conditions…by taking kids out from their factories and having them parade in mass demonstrations. The Demonstrations eventually lead to America's Child Labor Laws!

The late 19th and early 20th Century saw political actions by the Suffragist Movement. Frustrated with the Abolitionists, they began mass demonstrations in 1911, demanding Women's Right to Vote. In 1916 and 1917, Suffragists picketed the White House and 218 women were arrested and brutally beaten by Jailhouse Guards. Results of those actions after the public outrage? The 19th Amendment was created…guaranteeing Women, the Right to Vote! 

In 1914 and 1915, Lucy Parsons led mass Demonstrations in San Francisco and Chicago over the concerns of the Unemployed and the Homeless. In 1917, 15,000 marched in New York City. The issue of the Protests? Racial Discrimination and Lynching.

And in the 1960s, the "Independence" of the American Woman roared into the public's eye. Thanks to women activists like Betty Friedan and Gloria Steinem. And ladies in Washington who made their voices heard, like Bella Abzug, Margaret Chase Smith, and Shirley Chisholm…whether they're  liked or not…these women were largely responsible for the changes in the general perception and attitude about the "Weaker Sex"!
The American Woman is not June Cleaver, anymore! She's now bright, intelligent, and well versed in the use of Education and Communication. A person who is totally qualified in every way, shape, and form possible to run a Corporation. Many are there, now! but the Male Chauvinist Status Quo will continue…like always…to impede the progress women make!! 

Now, we have another Historic March…probably, the most Dramatically Historic March in American History…if not, the most historic in World History!
It was a show to end all shows…even Donald Trump's attempt to upstage the March failed miserably with his "Breaking News" appearance in Langley, Virginia. After his schpiel at the CIA…he was cut off, right back to the broadcast of the March.
His 1st 2 Days as President hasn't gone too well. 2 straight days of mediocre ratings…but, worst of all?…being upstaged by Women!!

Women!...lots and lots of angry "Nasty" women, protesting their Equal Rights, their Human Rights, Reproductive Rights, their Rights to proper Health Care, and their Rights to protection from Pu**y Grabbing Misogynist Bullies, Sexual Predators, and Rapists.
But the day wasn't just about women issues; Immigration Reform, Racial Discrimination, Voter Rights, Civil Rights, Obamacare, Education, the Environment, whatever else…

No one has ever said Women cannot inspire!…the respect for their causes has brought out the Men, the Gay community, Blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, the Young, and the Elderly…and because of their continuously determined fight for Social Justice?…they were joined by the Rest of the World!

Almost 500,000 in Washington DC…determined by Crowd Scientists, Marcel Altenburg and Keith Still…as 3x the size of the Inauguration. Of course, with the Word "Science" attached…Trump and Republican Circles will dismiss it as Lies and Fake News…like the proof of the pudding Photographs of the Crowds with Obama and with Trump, side by side, and the Film showing the empty stands during the parade…with more cops lined up on one side of the barriers, than people sitting in the stands. Next horseshit Tale?? They were Photoshopped!…just tell them the "Alternative Truth"!…their minions will believe that, too!

There was at least one March in every of the 50 States. Cities and Towns throughout the Country, of every size…from 30, 50, 100 people to thousands… 400,000+ in New York City, 750,000 in Los Angeles, 250,000 in San Francisco, 100,000 next door in Oakland, and 20,000 in Sacramento,  and 50,000 in San Diego.
In the Heart of Dixie, Birmingham Alabama 10,000! Then you got 250,000 in Chicago, 100,000 in Portland, and so forth…an entire Country voicing their displeasure for a man, who most consider an illegitimate President.  
The Facts: Let's just say that over 2 Million people Marched throughout the United States…while the Trump Inauguration couldn't even give away tickets…for free!! and couldn't even fill an NFL standardized size Stadium. 

Millions!! Amazingly the March continued throughout the World…whether from concerns about a Trump Administration, concerned about the issues, or in support of their sisters and brothers in America…their voices also roared! 100,000 in London, with Marches in Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam, Athens, Tokyo…and in countries as far as Australia and New Zealand, Thailand, Japan, India, South Korea, Switzerland, Sweden, Scotland, and much more!
It must be hard for someone to know, millions and millions of people throughout the world and millions in his own country believe he's a totally unqualified piece of excrement who only cares about #1  Anyone else, would be embarrassed and ashamed of himself for all his actions…President Trumpster, being the indecent human being that he is…could care less what anyone's causes or problems are.

For the next 4 years, the problems within America and our problems outside our shores will be under the guidance of this Country's "Second Banana". While Trump tries to act important…the real importance in his life is to rip off this country for as much as he can get. A man who believes…yes! Believes!…that "To the Victors, goes the Spoils". Donald Trump essentially said; he finds no problem with "Stealing" another Country's Oil! That's an International War Crime! But, for a man with no Morals and even lesser Values? It's all about $$$$ and how much he can make around the world before he gets booted out or ends up in Jail!!

What the general consensus rapidly considers as the Largest & Greatest Protest March in History, it shows what the Power of Women can achieve…combined with Activists with the same Ideals, and people in general who truly and passionately cares. Trump may not care about those women, or their cause…but to mainstream Republicans? It's destroying their ulcers!
Women, Men, Children, the Old, the Young, the Blacks, and the Whites…a truly united Global Gathering…because, our problems are their problems, their plight for Social Justice is our plight for Social Justice! It was a total Global effort beyond any description, whatsoever.

When you have Millions of Women, joined by millions more who supports them and want to vent 'their' own anger! When you see the masses of People…millions in the United States, and millions more throughout the entire World…even in Antarctica!!
When you see a World Protest of this magnitude aimed at Donald Trump, his personal Character flaws, his lack of political understanding, his Policies, and the GOP?
When you see all of that…you'll understand the seriousness of the issue at hand, the political dangers of the situation, and the dire consequences.
A problem that will need immediate attention. But in the world of "Alternative Facts"? Does the Trumpster understand?...or even care?

The Success of the 2017 Women's March on Washington, showed something that President P**sy Grabber will never ever understand!…but, it sure frightens the living hell out of Republicans!

Jan 19, 2017

Inaugural 2017: 19th c. Nihilism & America's Institutional Dysfunction

 By RF Schatten

"A Man without Ethics is a Wild Beast loosed upon this World" ~~~ Albert Camus

Our Peaceful Transfer of Power doesn't appear to be too "Peaceful" this year! But, it's hard to claim otherwise when our Democratic Process comes under attack, and the "Real" Power is being transferred to a Foreign Entity…with its proxy Puppet doing their bidding.
As Camus once said; "Puppets and Chatterboxes pretend to speak in the name of the people". There's no secret that Donald Trump pretends to speak in the name of We, the People…while truly addressing We, the Billionaires and We, the Russian Oligarchs.

The 1st major rip in our Nation's Sovereignty…we got rid of King George! only to gain 240 some years later, an Egocentric, Bare-chested Narcissist, and a very well known Cold Blooded Psychopath, to influence and divide a Nation currently undergoing a severe case of Institutional Amnesia!!

In a Political Party, whose Morals have reached the lowest levels of Political Gutter in US History, why would the GOP want to change now and become Decent and Ethical? Especially when their Standard Bearer is an Indecent, Immoral, and Unethical human being without a moral conscience or any sign of remorse? A man with a total disregard to the Rules of Law…and a spoiled rich little 70 years old kid, whose Mom and Dad failed miserably teaching him the meaning of "Honor"?!?!

A Trump Presidency will be as Legitimate as Trump University. The Politics of Nihilism has dominated the GOP in recent years…and now, in a Presidential Cabinet entirely made up of Moral Nihilists? Ethics and Ethical Standards are dirty words in today's Republican Party.
Republican Ethics? The very 1st order of business for the new Congress? The House GOP cowardly voted 'un-ethically' in secret…in the middle of the night!...and without advance notice or the Democrats' knowledge to cut the funds, gutted down, and close the independent and non-partisan "Office of Congressional Ethics"!
Those very same cowards showed what they're really made out of when they backed down from that political skullduggery the very next morning…right after the rest of the country woke up and echoed from coast to coast; WTF?!?!

This Inauguration Day is not like any other ever seen in this Country…a man who collaborated with a Foreign Government and opposes our Intelligence Community while being a major apologist for the Intelligence Community of another Nation! That's a Treasonous Act! any which way you cut it!! 
On Feb. 20, 2017, America will have a Traitor sworn-in as President of the United States!…starting his first day in office with the highest disapproval ratings for an incoming President in American History.
When the heads of the CIA, FBI, and NSA, go to Trump Towers and hands our Illegitimate President-elect all the proof in writing that Russia, under direct orders from Putin…has been cultivating and compromising the Trumpster for over 5 years. And with the knowledge that the Trump Campaign…with the assistance of Paul Manafort and others…have been in contact, working hand in hand with Russian Intelligence in a series of Hacks, Leaks, and Misinformation in order to subvert our Democratic Process and divide a Nation.  When you receive that information and defend the Russians?? Yes!!! you're a Traitor and a shameful Illegitimate Leader!!!   
The latest in Reality Shows: "The Spectacle of the Trump Inauguration"…"Legitimate or Illegitimate"…either way, it's going to be one big spectacle!!
Let's just say, it's not going to be your normal run-of-the-mill Quadrennial Swearing-in Party. That sort of peaceful day, where feelings of optimism are usually in the air…even if the People's Choice, is not everyone's choice…that sense of civility and decorum is usually reserved for at least the first 100 days! America almost always will show their good side, and give incoming Presidents that one chance to prove themselves worthy…afterward?? Good Luck, Mr. President, you're on your own!!!

An Inaugural Theme?...WTF does a Traditional Government Ceremony has to do with Themes??...it's not a Halftime Show in the Super Bowl!! The Theme? "Soft Sensuality"…yes, folks!! one way or another!…no matter how "Formal and Reserved" the event might be, Donald Trump's sick sexist mind, always reverts back to his world of "Tits & Ass".  

Let's begin with The Donald offering free tickets to the Inauguration Ceremony on Facebook…desperately begging people, literally anybody! When Donald Trump gives anything away, he's got trouble. When he can't even buy someone to sit and clap, and no one would even take his free offer? He's in big trouble. Not good when entering his first hours as Commander-in-Chief with the worst poll ratings in history, and a hostile population who doesn't believe in his Legitimacy?
Now, you have the Trump Supporters; White Supremacists…Republicans who kiss his derriere, American Neo-Nazis, and Klan Members…all coming for the coronation of Heir Fuhrer! You also have Bikers coming and vowing to form a "Wall of Meat" to stop Trump Protestors. Somehow,  a "Wall of Meat" sounds more like a title of an XXX Porno Flick…but, it's the age of Trumpism where Lewdness and Indecency are considered a fashionable asset.

On the opposite side of the coin, you have a load of Elected Officials, VIPs, and Entertainers who are publicly Boycotting the Inaugural. There's going to be more than the usual amount of Protestors…from every Ethnic, Religious, or Social Group, naturally…and lots and lots of Women!!!
Though they're in DC for the Million Women March on the following day, you just know they're going to be a good amount of them, loudly voicing their impassioned opposition to President P***y Grabber!!

As dignified as Feb. 20th is every four years…we're in the Trump era…dignified events are a challenge for the vulgar and the inelegant!!
Even the actual Swearing-in act, is going to be a poignant moment…which is another chapter within itself in the continuing story of Donald Trump's public image as an Asshole Extraordinaire!
Donald J Trump will be sworn President by the man he insulted years earlier for Voting "Yes" on the ACA's ruling. The man who's Intelligence was questioned by the Trumpster. "Dummy"!! Followed by "Disloyal", "Stupid", and "Irrational"….more than a couple of dozen times on Twitter! (naturally!).

Chief Justice John Roberts, the "Dummy", will swear-in the "Real Dummy", Donald J Trump as President of the United States…as the Puppet Master smiles, pulls the strings, and Donald waves to the Crowd!!


Jan 7, 2017

Trust & Respect? Crazy Ivan & the Great Pretender

By RF Schatten

"Self-control is one mark of a Mature Person; it applies to Control of Language, Physical Treatment of Others, and the Appetites of the Body" ~~~ Joseph B. Wirthlin

The Self-control of a Mature Person? Nope!...not, the man America elected!! Control of Language? Let's just say that Respectful Statesmanship and Decorum is a non-existent Policy in today's GOP, which is lead by indecent degenerates who believe Insulting its own Population or another Country is politically correct.
Physical Treatment of others? Trump to his Supporters at a Campaign Rally; "Knock the crap out of the Protesters and I'll pay the Legal Fees"! Appetites of the Body? Yes! Donald Trump is definitely your man!…hands down!

For those who opposed a man for 8 years, basically cause he wasn't White enough…using every transparent phony excuse in the world for the hatred of a man and his race, and the ignorance of self-denial by dismissing all the many accomplishments made, even while being blocked by a not too Loyal Opposition for 8 years straight. In denial? Their natural roots of regression, that deeply flawed character inside their souls, has been laying dormant for years…till a Black Man took the White House. That old 'cracker' inside every discriminating racist just had to come out of their discriminating closet!!

Those who are either too childish or ignorant enough to truly believe Obama is a secret Muslim terrorist subverting our Democracy, used their infamous "astute" mind and elected a 70 year old child as the White House's new tenant!...a man who's already committing acts of treason by openly subverting and sabotaging his own US Government! with the direct assistance of a Foreign Entity!...and now, the Trumpster wants to cut down the size and reduce the duties of the CIA?? Reeeaaalllyyy??
Why, of course!! Less to track the Russkies, with!...you're very welcome, Vladimir!

What is Crazy Ivan's ultimate subversion plot of a Legally Constituted Government?...ever since the Soviet/American Cold War days? Undermine our political process, destabilize our Nation's Sovereignty, while slowly dismantling…one piece at a time…our 241 years of American Democracy.
When all is said and done, America! you're going to miss the guy so many of you hated!…you're gonna hear the echoes of Barack Obama…in the words of Sophie Tucker; "Some of these Days, you're gonna miss me, honey"!!

Very interesting! A Narcissistic, Vain, and Thin-skinned Psychopath Con-artist…who seriously hates any Criticism whatsoever made about him, makes up "Enemies Lists", and fully retaliates with a very nasty vengeance, anyone that criticizes him. A man who wants to be President but never to be criticized?
Unless there's a shutdown of the Free Press, a crackdown on all Political Dissent, and Suppression of Writers, Artists and Poets…you cannot shut down the voice of the people. The 1st Amendment was created precisely for situations like this!…to protect us from unqualified scumbag "dickheads" who become President.

We, the People have the Constitutional Right to express our feelings…both, our anger and our joy. We have the right to criticize the Government as much as we want!…by getting elected President, Trump becomes the Government…and we will continue to resist by exercising our Rights, till the Will of the People takes precedent over the Will of a dozen Billionaires and Trump, himself.
Those Rights can't ever be taken away, especially by a Charlatan and Demagogue "Pretending" to be Commander In Chief, and leader of the free world!

Now, Republicans are urging the Democrats to please!! stop fighting, and come together with Trump!…for a "united" America! While Kellyanne Conway is running like a chicken with its head cut off…begging! Yes, begging! for the press, entertainers, and everyone in the Internet to stop making Trump Jokes, or making fun of him!...it's disrespectful and not funny anymore!
Well! sorry Kellyanne..but Trump still is very funny, it's sad but true…remember, Comedy is truth! That's why a vain Trump can't ever laugh or joke about himself.

Oh! Poor baby!! His feelings get hurt whenever someone says something he doesn't like? Well Mr. President-Elect…it doesn't matter what nasty things you say about other people…but, it bothers you when other people say nasty things about you?

We have a man who in a period of a year and a half, has insulted and/or condemned Hispanics, Muslims, Jews, Blacks, Veterans, and War Heroes. He has mocked and insulted the Handicapped, he's insulted Gold Medal Families, and has continued to be his Misogynistic self, sexually bullying Women as second hand objects!
He loves the under-educated and poorly educated…you know why, and he makes no bone about it. Taxes?…he never pays taxes, cause as he says; "I'm smart"!
He has absolutely No Credit at all with any Bank in the United States…he owes a personal debt of over $1.5 Billion to Germany and China. And Russia?…they won't tell you how much he's indebted to them for, probably too compromised!…and all that, it's not Conflict of Interest?
His oratory of division has nourished a resurgence of White Nationalism , and his inclusion of Fascism inside the White House and into our American dialogue, has done nothing but incite a Nation even more.
Finally, working with Putin into subverting our Election process and Democracy, itself…the notion of allowing a Foreign Power to literally become directly involved in the American Political Process…is simply deplorable. But what's worse, is the true act of a Traitor, an unpatriotic coward…being an apologist for Vlad Putin and Russia over his own Country, and a mouth-piece for Moscow!

After all the embarrassment this Country has had to endure in front of the rest of the world…during the Elections, and afterwards. Russian hacking scandals, Argentina, Buenos Aires Hotel Building Permits, the DC Hotel…the pressure on Foreign Diplomats into staying in his Hotels…Trump Foundation scandal, pay for play scandals that include the two Jr. Trumpsters…and The Donald hasn't even been sworn-in yet?!?!

Now, after all the hate and insults, Trump wants the Respect a President deserves! For 8 years, Barack Obama was ostracized by the Republican Party, for 8 years Obama was disrespected by an immoral and degenerate GOP in every way, shape, and form…Birther horseshit, memes with Monkeys, memes of African Natives with Bones through their noses…all depicting the Obamas in the most despicable and disgusting ways possible. The total lack of public respect by the conservative segments of our population…all continuously baited by GOP Politicos.
But now, they want all those people they previously degraded to Love and Respect Trump? WTF?!?!

They say it's to show the world the National Unity among our Citizens…but when did the GOP ever try to Unite with Obama? Now, see how it feels not to have this Country united behind its President. A little payback time? Don't like it?...put up with it!...there's no cryin' in Politics.
If Donald Trump wants the support and respect of a Nation that overwhelmingly voted for his opponent, he's going to have to "Earn" that Support and Respect!…the same Respect, Obama earned by the 'real' majority of this Nation who elected him "twice".
Now, the question is; Will Trump work to earn America's Respect?…or will he work to earn his Billionaire Associates' Respect, instead?

Intelligence Report On Election Hacking Says Russia Plans To Do More

Dec 28, 2016

America: Becoming Russia's Banana Republic

By RF Schatten

"Corruption is worse than Prostitution. The latter might endanger the Morals of an Individual, the former invariably endangers the Morals of the Entire Country" ~~~ Karl Kraus

I don't need to define "Corruption"…if you don't see it, you have some serious problems my friend!…or maybe, just in denial of a man named Trump?

Those who always complain about Corruption in Government, have never known how good we've had it all along! Now America will take a good dark long look at what the rest of the world already knows….what "Real Political Corruption", really is all about!!!
You'll never get rid of corruption in government, never!!…power corrupts! In our delicate "Democracy", it started when George Washington said; "I never told a Lie"! Every single political movement and philosophy since the start of human civilization corrupts itself when they obtain power…but, corruption to the degree expected? Not in this country!...travel outside the States, and see for yourself!

American Society has been in a virtual state of Perpetual Ignorance, seeing through Rose-coloured Glasses for way too long! While increasing, refining, and tweaking our Multi-Cultural, Multi-Ethnical, and Multi-Racial Society…America has remained too complacent, subconsciously thinking everything always going to turn out alright.
Meanwhile, the Far Right Fringes of our Society has been for years cultivating suppressed hate, continuously "preparing themselves" for that "Fate" to arrive, that one entity which will reawaken the fire in the belly of a stagnant sector…hibernating for years, with their cries of Racism and Bigotry…Barack Hussein Obama, a black man, became White Nationalist America's "Fate".

The rise of White Supremacy as a popular movement among the "New" Republican Party is not that unusual, not since the GOP sold their shameless souls to Donald Trump, Vlad Putin, and Steve Bannen.
With a power hungry Anti-Semitic, Pro-Fascist, White Supremacist running Trump's mind at one end, and Vladimir Putin getting anything he wants out of his Puppet at the other end, nothing good will ever come out of this.
Add Reince Priebus and his Koch Industry Proxy to this political Ménage á Trois…and you got a full blown orgy of public Immorality, Indecency, Psychopaths, Pedophiles, Sexual Abusers, Misogynists, Deviates, Black Mailers, Degenerates, Scam Artists, Habitual Liars, and good old fashioned Crooks!!

We've had conflicts of interests right and left, blind trusts that are not blind trusts, Trump's call with the President of Argentina…a friend, whose father was an old Trump joint venture partner…and asked a favor to restore the construction permits for his Hotel in Buenos Aires. Permits, which were removed for not paying the construction workers, not paying his creditors…and really cheap shoddy work. Oh, he got them, alright! Was he being Presidential? Or using his newly found presidential power of intimidation to get what he wants?
That's the problem!…America elected a greedy, insecure, & horny lecherous old bastard as President who could care less about Conflicts of Interests or the Rules of Law! And as President he'll find a way to abuse all the laws, cause…he is, who he is!!

Conflicts of Interests are everywhere he turns…but refuses to ever do anything about it. He also continues a $900+ Million Dollar Conflict of Interest "Debt" with Germany and Deutsche Bank, still has a Debt of $650 Million with China, and how much does he owe Russia?...a good reason for blackmail, after Russia cultivated him for over 5 years. He still refuses to reveal his Taxes and has never seriously addressed the Nation as President-elect, on the issue of the Trump/Russia Scandal…in fact, he continues to be an apologist for Russia and Putin over our own CIA, NSA, FBI, all 17 US Security Agencies' Intelligence!!! while Priebus…his Chief of Staff…'refused to deny' that Trump Coordinated or Communicated with Russia during the campaign. What a sorry group! And what an unbelievably insensitive and unpatriotic SOB has America chosen to lead the United States and the Free World!!

Corruption in the Trump Administration already started!...and they haven't even taken power yet! It starts with a Degenerate and Dysfunctional family that goes far beyond how Degenerates comport themselves. Want to buy access to the Trump Clan? For the right price, you too can have Coffee with Ivanka Trump…"I’d love to treat you to Coffee here at Campaign Headquarters at Trump Tower"! auctioning herself off for "Charity"…naturally, through the Trump Foundation, raising money for a worthy Charity...themselves!! The same Foundation all the Trumps use to pay off all their personal Debts and Court Settlements, with.
The Trump Boys? $1 million dollars, buys you a chance to be a great poacher and hunt with "The Boys". Yea! you know?...go hunting for all the Endangered Species of Wild Animals in the World…be part of their infamous illegal hunts, and capture those "Trophies" too! Pictures? That's an extra charge…for their "Charity", of course! For a measly $25K you can shoot a Wild Turkey, instead! And for $1 Million Dollars per…Drum Roll, please!...they seriously arranged (without the Trumpster's knowledge) a "Private" meeting and reception with Good Old Dad!!!!!

American Neo-Nazis believe Trump is the "Heralded Savior of the White Race"…1,094 Hate Crimes towards African-Americans, Muslims, and the LGBT community, perpetrated in a month ever since Trump won…1/3 of all those, Trump's name was highly mentioned.
Now, Laura Ingraham and her enthusiastic Hitler "Sieg Heil" salute, appears as the front-runner for the Press Secretary job…or better known in a Fascist Trump Administration, as Minister of Disinformation!
With a certifiable Trump 'Lie' Policy, set in place in the White House…who cares what the new Press Secretary has to say? It's all part of the White House's ploy, anyhow…a policy of Disinformation and Misinformation!

A Cabinet of Billionaires carefully picked…whether experienced for the post or not… for the Cabinet "Position" that would greatly benefit their financial concerns, the most. Do they ever care about the rest of the country?...why should they start now??
Ahhyup! No one has ever seen Cronyism in this country, the way it really is in a true Kleptocracy!!
America has never experienced, that type of experience!...never! never! never! You gotta go with a scumbag deceitful shyster as a President, at least once in a lifetime…and experience how to live and feel a 3rd World's feelings' of hopelessness and despair, and experience a 3rd World Autocrat's relationship to 'their' people!...nope, never before!
As Michelle Obama said; "Many Americans now know how it feels not to have Hope"…just ask those around you who've lived, migrated, or escaped from Countries like that!

The destruction of a Society starts with the corruption and exploitation of an ignorant and cynical population, where Demagogues, Charlatans, and modern day Con Artists flourish like fungus in a chaotic world…and where control of total power becomes paramount in the formation of an Authoritarian State. If nothing is seriously done about it, America 'will' become Russia's Banana Republic!…just another 3rd World Country run by 'open' public corruption, fear, hypocrisy, suppression, extortion, and graft…and dictated by coward Political Puppets, as they give all the aid & comfort to their Foreign Government benefactors, while a Nation's Sovereignty goes down the toilet!

Is America becoming our own Banana Republic? With a Fascist Administration taking control? You can call it "Karma" if you wish, but yes! on Jan. 20th, the "American Fruit Company" and all its non-ethical standards, will be rebranding itself as the "Russian Fruit Company". Hey! There's no crying in politics! We, the People elected this orange bozo buffoon…so We, the People gotta put up with the total insanity that's headed just around the corner, for 4 long years…and live with it!

And the reaction in the rest of the "Free World" on the leader who'll keep them Safe and Free? All that I can say is; lots and lots of pissed-off and angry middle fingers, all sticking way up in the air and all aimed at the U.S.!! A hint of things to come???

How badly can the Trump Administration corrupt the United States?

Dec 12, 2016

Russia & the Illegitimacy of a Con-Artist

By RF Schatten

The Con Artist tells his "Mark"; Keep an eye on my opponents and the media…they are rigging the election! Like a good Crook & Con Artist, you keep the public focused on your opponent, and keep them guessing at the illusion of distrust, while very quietly…performing all those dastardly dirty deeds you accuse your opponents of doing!

Why would anyone be so surprised that the Election Trump warned us about being Rigged? was Rigged!…rigged by Trump, himself!...with, a little help from his friends.

Those friends? Right Wing factions inside the Federal Bureau of Investigation with the wittingly or unwittingly aid of Director James Comey…and Vladimir Putin. As a former Western Intelligence "officer" who spend 20+ years working in Russian Counterintelligence operations, whose identity remained unknown, told Mother Jones' David Corn and corroborated by a second source: “The Russian regime has been Cultivating, Supporting, and Assisting Trump for at least Five Years. The aim, endorsed by Putin, has been to encourage 'splits' and 'divisions' in the Western Alliance.” He continued; "Trump and his Inner Circle have accepted a great flow of Intelligence from the Kremlin, including on his Democratic and other Political Rivals".
With Russian Intelligence, also compromising Donald Trump every time he visited Moscow…does it appear, "Blackmail" might be playing a role in this Great East/West Bromance?
Russia, today? In the words of David Remnick; "There is no single Field of Activity, not a single Institution, free of the most brutal sort of Corruption. Russia has bred a World-Class Mafia"

In Vladimir Putin, you have this intriguingly savvy former KGB Lieutenant Colonel and veteran Politico, playing with the very small mind of a politically unqualified fool with dreams of Authoritarian Grandeur, a schmuck who's being pushed to the limits by Anti-Muslim and Anti-Semite factions in his own White House, and who literally and visibly has no clue how Government functions…The Donald has become the perfect Stooge for Putin's Puppet Mastery!

Is it surprising that Mitch McConnell has defended Russia and Putin? while Trump has publicly exonerated Russia in favor over our own American Intelligence? For the notoriously "spineless" Senator from the Blue Grass State?…what's another "Treasonous Act"? Collaborating with Bibi's Israeli Government, secretly, behind the back of the President and the Government of the United States, to break up a treaty between Iran, the US, and our Western Allies…is as Treasonous as collaborating with Putin's Russian Government to influence the American General Elections, even to the point of getting involved 'electronically' and changing the make-up of the Election to favor a patsy stooge like Trump.
Yes! yes! yes! That old spy inside Vladimir…just got himself a perfect "Asset"!!…and, a chance to tear down another brick of our suddenly fragile-looking Democracy.

"Democracy must be built through Open Societies that share information. When there is Information, there is Enlightenment. When there is Debate, there are Solutions. When there is No Sharing of Power, No Rule of Law, No Accountability...there is Abuse, Corruption, Subjugation, and Indignation" ~~~ Atifete Jahjaga

Atifete Jahjaga is the former President…and 1st 'Woman' President…of the Republic of Kosovo. Jahjaga knows a bit or two about living under Authoritarian Governments and Rule. Something 'We, the People' have been way too ignorant to understand for 240 years.

What we do understand is, how American Exceptionalism has corrupted the American way of life. We've had our share of Corrupt Authoritarian Regimes with two-bit Dictators, all, which were formed with the blessings and support of the "American Fruit Company"…you remember them?!?!
It's the same old hypocritical American shame of accepting corruption within our own borders while condemning other countries for the very exact same thing.

Now we have a President-elect who is medically, a dangerously overweight and ultra thin-skinned Psychopath. A Vice-President-elect representing Lilly White Christian America and all their holy immorality. A Cabinet of Corrupt & Greedy White Billionaires with their 'token' Ben Carson and Fanatically Insane Generals running our National Defense and Security…and all under the watchful eyes of a self-proclaimed "Fascist", White Supremacist, and Anti-Semite.

Greed and Corruption…where do we start? Never in US History, has there ever been a future Government in Transition with so many lewd signs of greed and corruption, and all before Jan. 20th! Trump's continuous cycle of Conflicts of Interests, phony Blind Trusts, doing personal Trump Corporate business on his own with World Leaders, and now the promise to remain, Producer of his TV Show, while simultaneously being Leader of the Free World?!?! All this just shows the incompetence of this low-life schmuck.
The utmost greed of this degenerate human being?…planning Inaugural Parties and hosting Foreign Dignitaries at his DC Hotel, while still charging them, or the US Government (the American Taxpayers) for the use of the Hotel facilities and its Rooms, all, as he sits back and rakes in the profits. Donald Trump did say; he 'will' be the 1st President ever, who will profit from his position of power…and the American Taxpayers!

Now, with the CIA confirming the data on Russia's intentional tampering of the American General Elections, and the FBI's claim of non-proof of evidence to those facts…we have the most serious situation ever in our Nation's Security History!! internally divided by extreme political philosophy. Right Wing rogue agents from the FBI helping Trump win, and now protecting Trump's exoneration of Russia and Putin, while the CIA's Russian Counterintelligence reaffirmed what they said all along…that the Trump/Russia connection is no accident!…planned, approved, cultivated, and executed 5 years ago.

What, me worry? Yes, America!...don't confuse Alfred E. Newman's words of wisdom for today's Trumpisms…do worry!! And worry a lot!! On FoxNews, our future President, the man this Country elected to lead us to "Peace and Prosperity" was interviewed and said he doesn't care, cause he's "too smart" of a man to take in daily Security briefings! As PoliticusUSA's Jason Easley summarized so well; He's going to violate his Oath of Office by refusing to Protect and Defend the Security of the United States!

Ahhyup! With the wholesale corruption and greed that has already started taken place, even before being sworn in?!?!…Kleptocracy in our next administration will become highly rampant after they officially take power!!

America! Wake the F**k Up!! Should an investigation take place before the "Electoral College" officially votes?? An investigation into Russia's involvement in our American Election Process, which now includes the criminal acts of Breaching the White House's computer system, the State Department's, both major Political Party's, and the offices of the Pentagon's Chief of Staff!…Facts and Reports, plus a look at "our" FBI that appears more like a manifestation of the evil ahead, rather than the Government Agency created to protect us!
This whole fiasco apparently is greater and more dangerous than anyone first imagined.

Right now! Bipartisan efforts led by Sen. Lindsey Graham and Sen. John McCain for the GOP, with Sen. Chuck Schumer and Sen. Jack Reed for the Democrats, are being initiated in Congress…in a signed Statement, they have formally requested an immediate, full and complete, investigation!!
Not surprisingly, even Mitch McConnell…the spineless one, himself…had to give in and formally asked for an immediate investigation.

And if anyone seriously still questions any of those reasons for an Immediate Investigation?? Then, Donald and The Vlad…his Brother from another Mother…will have achieved their primary goal!...keep America Ignorant for another 240 years!!

C.I.A. Judgment on Russia Built on Swell of Evidence - The New York Times

Dec 4, 2016

The Rise of Kleptocracy & The Convenient Lie

By RF Schatten

Will America allow "President" Donald Trump to lie, at will? There are many things about a Pathological Liar, like the incoming President, who lies 75%-80%+ of the time…and most of the time, you can just let it fly over your head, cause you know the truth and how much horseshit this transparent liar can administer.

But as President of the United States, when giving serious Foreign Policy Speeches…hopefully with a "teleprompter"…if not properly addressed, how do Americans interpret them? How would we know when Trump is lying or when he's not?
We may have to put up with a lot of his garbage and nonsense for the next 4 years because "We, the People" elected…with all our infinite wisdom…a seriously flawed and incompetent human being, a habitual Liar, a renowned Billionaire con-artist/grifter, and Snake Oil Salesman extraordinaire to lead the entire Free World, all on his promise…"believe me"!
But, how is the rest of the World going interpret his messages? Messages sent out by a very Fascist, very Anti-Semitic, and very White Nationalist Executive Branch, with their systematic agenda of Xenophobia, Fear, and Hate to achieve their goals of a Global White Christian World!

Trump's agenda? What agenda?? Or did you really believe his Campaign Persona was just an election joke??? This little boy had to be led by his tiny little hands by Barack Obama, and learn what the duties of being the "#1 Guy", really are!! Right now? The Donald is just Putin's Puppet Overseas, Steve Bannon's Puppet on Domestic Affairs, and Reince Priebus' Puppet for Koch Industry …Trump, of course, is Trump…he's his own Puppet & Ventriloquist rolled into one, a professional grifter who sold whatever remained in that empty Soul of his, to these 3 true-life Puppet Masters.

"Bullshit" is just the Convenient Lie!...it doesn't matter whether is true or false, it just achieves its purpose…it gets your attention!!

That's the danger in America…and for the rest of the world in the foreseeable future. With Respect, Decorum, and Diplomacy being flushed down the Political Toilet…Charlatans and Demagogues have risen up into a stature of social acceptability. In one clean swoop, Donald Trump's White House will be in the control of the American Neo-Nazi Party & the Ku Klux Klan, along with the John Birch Society!...'that', with Vladimir Putin's apparently successful tête-â-tête with the Trumpster, and his positive efforts to co-mingle with Comey and the American FBI? America! we're in for one long 4 years in our Nation's 240 years of continuing History!

Today, a small or large Bullshit can be as dangerous as a Blatant Lie…the Lie itself, is much a part of the Art of Propaganda; "Repeat a lie over and over, sooner or later, it will be taken and accepted as the Truth". Lies are truths needed to be covered up, a Bullshit is just made up babble using facts and fiction to add to the suspense and confusion of "Is it a Lie or is it not?". Liars are always hiding something…but Bullshit Artists are more dangerous, cause they don't give a damn whether they're telling the Truth or Not, and have no remorse of what they say and to whom they say it to.
With an elected President, who's both, medically a Pathological Liar, and a very openly renowned professional Bullshit Artist?…"Kleptocracy" has leased the White House for the next 4 years! Serious trouble is looming in our not too distant future…as Christiane Amanpour said; "It's a very dangerous world".

Living in the 21st Century, knowing and understanding this wired up, ever expanding Global Village and its Virtual Society…in which we all live in. Where anyone can find all the information available in our world, he or she would ever want. But like every good that comes into this world…the bad is not too far behind. Social Media is the first truly useful source for Citizen Journalism…it has changed how the world perceives the news…and how Politicos perceive the Internet.

There is nothing wrong with Social Networks, but, if you haven't done it, yet?…you have to grow up and understand the Internet is not an after work amusement or hobby, anymore…your cyberspace family consists of the ultimate compilation of every Lifestyle, every Race, every Color, every Religion, everyone in the world! Atheists, Fascists, Socialists, Conservatives, Liberals, Mugs, Pugs, Thugs, Nitwits, Half-wits, Dim-wits, Pro-This, Anti-That…yes! if you come up with the greatest most original idea in the history of the universe, you will find someone in the world with the exact same idea, who understands perfectly and agrees with you! That's the Power of the Internet.
And in Politics, writing stories that favor your candidate or writing one against your opponent, mixing Fact and Fiction may not be new, but it's the newest genre in political campaign practices…effectively tested out by FoxNews, Breitbart, and Drudge!
It's really not that hard to have just enough intelligence to know and understand the differences, or find out the truth!...and with this cast of characters right out of Leni Riefenstahl's 1934 epic classic "Triumph of the Will"?...plain common sense should suffice.

In a world, where using Lies and Bullshit has become the latest technique for politically scamming and exploiting supporters and other voters, the use of Lies, Bullshit, Misinformation, Half-Truths, and Insinuations…are all intertwined with Fact and Fiction. Make political statements confusing enough to make a person not give a damn whether it's true or false…as long, as Trump said "believe me"...it's OK!
It's the undertones of the story and the sound-bytes of Hate and Fear…and its public Reception…what Republicans are really looking for.

Yes, Hillary!! Many never doubted you, and neither did I! You're right, you were right from the very beginning!…you've been right since 1998!...'that' "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy in America" you warned us about, is upon us. They're living in a White House controlled by Fascists, Anti-Semites, White Nationalists, Sexual Predators, and with corrupt & greedy Industrialists throwing their money around. The names and addresses of Trump, Bannon, Sessions, Koch, Mad Dog, and Company, have Mailboxes and Personal Servers all reserved for them, along with instructions…"How to Delete Emails…really Fast, for Dummies".

Why do I feel this event will not be as Traditional? As hard as the Government tries to keep up with tradition, knowing well our future President, and the scores of women who don't like to be grabbed anywhere without their permission?…you know, they will be heard! In Trump's words, "An Awesome Event".
The Event? The Inauguration of our 45th President on Jan. 20th…while being Sworn President in 'front' of the Capital, where, there's no doubt protesters will make their presence seen in front of the world…at the same time , One Million Women will show their Constitutional Rights of Disapproval, Descent, & Free Speech in a little demonstration in the 'back' of the Capitol! at the Lincoln Memorial.

Which leads me back to the original question; Will America allow President Donald Trump to lie at will throughout his Presidency? And now, with the swift rise of Kleptocracy in the White House?
Allow Trump to lie at will? Yes? No?...umm! it's going to be extremely interesting to see what happens when his "political honeymoon" with whoever voted for him in America, comes to a realistic crashing end…when the Trump Family Reality Show becomes a ratings' bust! And when the audience starts to demand a cancellation of his Presidency, in 2 words…You're Fired!!

Why bullshit is no laughing matter — according to science

Nov 22, 2016

The Alt-Right's Whitening of the White House

By RF Schatten

"Forget the Basket. The truly deplorable ones end up in the Cabinet" ~~~ John Dingell

With White Supremacists running around the halls of the White House and parts of the Cabinet, the List of seriously dangerous characters occupying those sensitive positions shows Trump's famous "Awesome" lack of judgement...and Vladimir Putin's sly smile of jubilation for his foolish little Puppet!

Looking at this Basket of Deplorables...what the Dictionary defines as: "causing or being a subject for censure, reproach, or disapproval; wretched; awful; very bad"...there's absolutely nothing wrong at all by casting Donald Trump, his Political Inner Circle, and his flock of fanatics, into this ever growing "Basket".

Now, you can add 'Perversion' in the growing List of Presidential Appointment freaks...someone the President-Elect can associate quite well, with...Mike Huckabee, that good Christian Ex-Gov, Pastor, and best buddy of Ted "Cat Scratch Fever" Nugent, an admitted super fan of Pedophilia. Pastor Mike publicly admits; "I wish I pretended to be transgender to shower with girls in High School and feel my feminist side".
This dirty little High School kid has become a pretty dirty old man! What is it about all these "good" Christian Pastors, Millionaires, and 13-17-year-old girls?...is their attraction the fact they are jail-bait? The power of money, affluence, and intimidation weighs heavily on their side.

With an immoral and indecent White House Staff and Executive Cabinet...the "White House Domestic Staff" is going to have a field day with tons of stuff to write, all the tidbits of gossip about 'this' First Family, all in the White House Diary. 'They', are the true unspoken heroes who quietly go about their work and have to put up with all the personal garbage of whatever Family moves into the White House!!...oh! and with this prissy Trump Clan? are they gonna miss the days of Barack!...and even the sometimes sweet memories of George Dubya!

The Trump Circle of Usual Suspects and other Living Things that makes up the Trump Executive Cabinet:
You have a certified true loving Nazi Fascist and a well noted Anti-Semitic, in charge of setting up and maintaining the Trump Presidency's complete political strategy for the next 4 years. Steve Bannon is crazy glued to the Trumpster 24/7 to devilishly whisper his words of wisdom and advice. Yes! advice to a dangerously unprepared foolish man, who is beginning to come out of his trashy campaign trance...and is starting to see the grim reality of an elected Politico, with no idea what to do next!
Former Army Lt. General Mike Flynn, a controversial and rabid Anti-Muslim, Xenophobic, and high maintenance War Hawk, is the President-Elect's National Security Advisor, just to keep us all safe from terrorists sneaking into the country, breaking into our homes and hiding under our beds.
Remember this name; "Richard Spencer"...he's the head of the National Policy Institute, a "White Nationalist" Think Tank"...and founder of the Alternate Right Movement. Check out his intimate association with Breitbart's organization and Bannon, personally.

You have another controversial pick as Attorney General. A man, whom Reagan Senate Republicans blocked from gaining a Federal Judgeship because he was just too Racist for their own taste, and with a bad history when it came to Blacks and Latinos. Alabama Sen. Sam Sessions is going to keep America Safe...and very White. Making sure no blacks...with or without hoodies...walk in a 'presumed' white Neighborhood...and make sure Latinos are not hiding from "La Migra" inside anyone's home. He's the "Man with the Plan"...who originally wanted to build Trump's Wall, way back before Trump ever came up with his idiotic plans.
Like the good old 1950s...the "Commie under every bed" scare tactics all over again!...in this scenario, the evil bad guys are switched to Terrorist Muslims, just to keep up with the hate of the times, but still the same BS.
If these people are going to keep us safe? my question is; who's going to keep us safe from these people??

Others considered or accepted for a Trump Cabinet post, includes EPA: Myron Ebell, a Director of the "industry-funded" Competitive Enterprise Institute. His work has been funded by America’s biggest Industrial Polluters, including Koch Industries. His job is to break up and completely dissolve the Environmental Protection Agency...of which a large substantial Trump promise to deregulate 70%-80% of all American Industrial, Business, and Financial Regulations nationwide will begin.
You have Anti-Science & Climate Change Deniers, all Corporate Polluters, all looking for Sugar Daddy Donald, and be part of the Cabinet.
Dept. of Interior? Whoever, the final pick is...it's going to be about Corporate Oil and Drilling, Digging, Fracking and selling off America's public lands to Foreign Interests and/or US Corporations.

Yes! a White House with a cast of characters, directly out of a cheap early 1930s bawdy German porn flick! The old GOP Clown Show has ascended into The GOP Freakshow, ready to challenge "Our Democracy"...Fascists, White Supremacists, Anti-Semitics, Pathological Liars, Perverts, Child Predators, Sexual Deviates, Chauvinists, Sexual Degenerates, Homophobes, Gynephobes, Xenophobes, and Indecent Degenerate Hypocrites...Hate, Prejudice, and Fear is their battle cry! Will our 3 Branches of Government ever be the same again? or better yet...will our Democracy survive?

Pastor Mike's next gig? Either Head of Homeland Security or US Ambassador to Israel! And speaking of Israel...with a Trump White House full of Neo-Fascist Nazis, Anti-Semitics, and White Supremacist...keeping normal relations with Bebe will take a good Donald Trump Con Job.
Trump's 2 best friends in the whole wide world of politics...2 people, who are as opposite as oil and vinegar. A Sinister Alliance of Putin, Netanyahu, and Trump?...who will deceive who? and who will back-stab who, first?
Hopping into bed in a political Ménage à Trois with these 2 shrewd evil characters...both, much wiser and much more intelligent than The Donald...can only lead to more trouble for America. But, at 70 years old...Trump has to learn to make his own bed and clean up after himself, as President...just like when he cheats on all his wives!

This Country in all its wisdom, democratically Voted...with deep shame & embarrassment in the World Stage...for a 70-year-old child!!! The future President of the United States of America happens to be totally consumed and guided by his tiny little hands, by his very own Rasputin...a man who publicly compares himself to Satan!
Now, America hangs all the hopes of its 320+ Million inhabitants for the next 4 years on a Psychopath and well noted Pathological Liar...and his very top Guru, who believes he's Satan, re-born! And most of those who know this man personally, pretty much agree!

Steve Bannon must be passionately obsessed with the folklore; "The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world he didn't exist". And deep inside his own rotten, fat evil soul, he would love to come out of his dark closet and openly tell the Nation; "Please allow me to introduce myself, I'm a man of wealth and taste"!

Some alt-right leaders say Trump victory has given them big boost - CBS News

Nov 15, 2016

America's Entrance into the Age of Idiocracy

By RF Schatten

Has anyone ever had an awful nightmare, and suddenly wake up in a cold sweat and realize you weren't dreaming after all?...how many felt like that, waking up the morning after? Yes, it's no dream!!...America appears to have entered into the Age of Idiocracy.

We, the People...the good USofA!...have unwillingly become part of a true live Reality TV Election Show, set in a world slowly morphing itself into a ménage of virtual online Internets with its Truths, its Fallacies, the never ending Gossips and Rumors...and all its false innuendos...with a growing influential Twitter CyberWorld, all mixed into an American Society with the most diverse Multi-Cultural, Multi-Ethnic, Multi-Racial, and Multi-Faith demographics all-time in US History.
Those factors, with its wide connectivity of Social Media...the Internet, TV, and Mobile...along with the rest of the world's, we truly have become a "Global Village"! As the Country evolves, the American mind has progressed beyond its Status Quo rooted views and values, and more towards the different Global views of life...plus all the alternative ways on how to live your own life. All the Knowledge and Alternative Lifestyles in today's open world are available to you!...so take advantage before it's all taken away!

Wait! our Rights are taken away? Remember, you are dealing with Donald Trump, his Anti-Semitic and Neo-Fascist following, and the Extreme Far Right's White Nationalism in the Oval Office. Steve Bannon's pick as Trump's Chief Strategist and Advisor was made for a reason! The Far Right's systematic agenda of capturing Authoritarian Rule by using the draconian Politics of Hate, Fear, Bigotry, and Racism to accomplish their means. Trump's horseshit "Wall" tales? Ask any Berliner! just remember; Walls are built, not to keep People out!...but to keep people in!!

America has become a true living Reality Show...like The Kardashians and The Apprentice, with all the sleaze, the tackiness, and the false reality of so-called "Reality"shows. Political Service has become a 'rating spectacle', where Political Correctness, Respect, and Decorum has been replaced with indecent remarks, public disrespect of opponents and constituencies , and an extreme overabundance of insults and mockery...especially, mocking the Disabled. Trump has offended millions of every ethnic culture, every race, every lifestyle...and his total lack of compassion and respect for our Men and Women in the military, serving in harm’s way...and our retired Veterans, as well...has been well documented.

It doesn't matter how many pathological lies the American Populace has to listen and endure the next 4 years, how much shoving the blame or passing the buck on others...it really doesn't matter! And all the vulgarity? all the insults? the public disrespect?...the indignities cast upon American Citizens, personally orchestrated by The Donald, himself?...it doesn't matter! It really doesn't matter how much of an arrogant, self-serving narcissistic thin-skinned braggart, the President-Elect happens to be! Get over it! He's still going to be the 45th President of the United States, regardless how much you feel about it!!

But, be patient, America!...we are dealing with a childish 70 yr. old man whose Twitter Toy was taken away from him...this well noted temperamental adult cry-baby, will be for better or for worse, the future Leader of the Free World! And will have (God help us!) control of his newest play toys...the Red Button and its Launch Codes...at the tip of his tiny little fingers.

A funny thing happened on the way to 270! Donald Trump's facial expressions didn't seem to appreciate that happy feeling of the moment, when a man or woman finds out they just got elected President...more like an unexpected surprise in his look...like; "Oops, I won?...oh, oh, what the hell did I get into now? and what in the world am I going to do?!?!
The long and winding Road to 270 had its share of detours, and at the finish line, the big questions that arose about Election Night were: "Why did He win? and why did She lose? ‘That’ can be debated till hell freezes over. At the end, in a tight race...Clinton won the Popular Vote and lost the Electoral Vote on shitty campaign errors and a lousy ground game, pushing Trump over the finish line to a small "non-mandated" Victory. The Rural Vote and especially Western Pennsylvania will never be forgotten by the Donkeys next time around!...and also, much more attention has to be made to White Non-College Educated Blue Collar families.
Bernie Sanders would have beaten Trump? He could have beaten any other Republican...but, when Trump went into full Hatemonger mode, the fear, the hatred, and a very Fascist Race/Ethnic baiting...you knew Bernie was going to make Trump's List.

In today's American Idiocracy, not too many people really understand the difference of Socialism from Communism or any other "isms" for that matter. The "Socialists" & "Communists" tags have become part of Red, White, and Blue Americana! Political Attacks calling your opponent a "Commie" or a "Socialist" becomes a very very loud sound-byte in a Country that's already divided and angered, along with the bigoted reawakening of Anti-Semitic White Fascist Nationalism. On the average, throughout History, America has always tended to lean much more to the Right than to the Left...and that fact, along with Trump's victory...unfortunately, is not going to change in the near future.
We were about 4 years away...but with the setback, it'll probably be 8-10 more years before America accepts Socialism, Democratic Socialism, or in whatever other forms...but, definitely not now, not with the resurgence of very loud White Nationalists.

In my previous post, written 2 days before Election Day; "America's Prohibitive Costs of a Trump Presidency", win or lose, I said to Democrats; "Don't sit around whining, crying, and disillusioned about failed systems and that your candidates lost!!! You're not any different than any other generation!..politics is no different now than it has ever been...if you want to get involved, you play by the rules till you gain enough strength within the Party and then change the rules"!!
You have to win to gain the power to make those major changes you desperately want...casting a Protest Vote is like kissing your own sister, absolutely nothing happens! Ok, now what?!?!
It's a fine and highly honorable act, but pragmatically, what's the stark reality? You'll never accomplish much of anything you want by casting symbolic votes...cause, unless your Party is the Party in Power, and hopefully holds a Majority...you'll never be able to achieve the legislative agenda for any of your goals!

I also said: "With all due respect, the exact truth of the matter is that neither the 3rd or 4th Party Candidates...or Evan McMullin...are gonna get the Electoral Votes needed to win, and if your conscience and morals still dictate a protest vote?...what Prohibitive Costs will America have to incur with the likes of Trump and White Fascist Nationalism inside a very 'White' House?"

Our next President's agenda includes the tearing down of everything the Democrats built and worked for in the last 50 or 60 years, and now the GOP will have the control a partisan-packed Supreme Court for the next 20-30 years, where all Republican Agendas will get an automatic nod to pass or not pass, depending what our new Führer's wishes are. Vestiges of the German Courts during the 30s and 40s?
Women Rights? Civil Rights? Human Rights?...definitely! 'not' in a Fascist Koch Ruling Class Plutocracy! Do Republicans vote their Conscience? Not necessarily! In all my life, in every single Election I've ever seen...if the GOP has a chance to gain control of an Administration, Republicans never have a problem with 'their' moral conscience. Democrat's famous lack of cojones, again cost them another Election...the Conscientious moral vote? What was the gain? Both 3rd and 4th Party Candidates will likely never be heard of, again...nothing changes, except your fading chance of getting your Bill passed...just like kissing your sister, right.?!?!

We, the People, made our choice...and now we got to live with it! Doesn't matter who voted for him or not...Trump, very much sooner than later, will experience the shocking 'reality' of life as a Politico...when his own voters' backlash kicks his big royal ego in his golden derriere.

Maybe the 1st President-elect ever, that has 2 major Court appearances due, after getting elected...one for Multiple Fraud charges involving Trump University, and another one on a Statutory Rape Charge of a 13 year old Girl...and, 75 other cases involving his usual Non-payment lawsuits, all before the end of the year...before he even officially becomes President of the United States on Jan. 20th, 2017. What happens if he's found Guilty? Oh, well! it's going to be 4 wild years of Trumpism and Reality TV America!

It's not as if America is going to put up with 4 years of comedy sketches and jokes about "The Trumpster...Celebrity Apprentice President". It's more like, can America survive 4 years of extremely Prohibitive Costs, all at the American taxpayers' expense, compliments of the antics of President Drumpf?

Chomsky: Trump's Win Puts Govt in the Hands of the 'Most Dangerous Organization in World History' | Alternet

Nov 6, 2016

America's Prohibitive Costs of a Trump Presidency

By RF Schatten

"Idealism is fine, but as it approaches Reality, the costs become prohibitive" ~~~ William F. Buckley, Jr.

The sweet inspiration of youth's Romantic Idealism...voting your Conscience is an extremely honorable Idealistic act...but not always necessarily, the right act. More often than none, that passion for youthful Idealism will turn around and slap you right in the kisser...and bite you where the sun doesn't shine! Welcome to Reality!!

The 2016 Election...like no other in the history of the United States...are upon us, and it'll be etched in stone. Nothing like this Clown Show has ever been seen in the annals of US Presidential Elections! Actually, at this point in our lives...and of the general elections...we're way beyond a sane description.

I've been an Idealist all my life. But you learn very quickly through the years, through your own experiences...whether they're good or bad experiences...you learn what a famous ballad of my generation wisely says; "You can't always get what you want"! So life becomes a careful balancing act between keeping your Ideals and your Sanity, and sensibly living in the Reality of this world. You learn to become much more pragmatic, use common sense, and learn the art of the compromise. If you seriously want to make those changes you want so badly, you have work in the system with your adversary and your allies jointly, and convince them along with their respective communities, of your views.
We've been a Nation for 240 years because we've been able to be civilized and compromise with each other...without Bi-Partisanship, we probably wouldn't be here today...our Democracy has remained strong, because We, The People have made sure it remains strong. And always ready to fight anyone who might challenge it!

Movements usually die via lack of enthusiasm. Everyone is always all gung-ho at the moment, but after the elections fade away, most populace movements become disorganized and disintegrate through time. If you want your movement to work, whether you're a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent...get involved! You got to stay involved, not just during Election season, but throughout the year. Speaking to my fellow Democrats...If you want to change the Democratic Party?...do it!
Don't sit around whining, crying, and disillusioned about failed systems and that your candidates lost!!! You're not any different than any other generation!..politics is no different now than it has ever been...if you want to get involved, you play by the rules till you gain enough strength within the Party and then change the rules!!
Like Bernie Sanders said; to preserve the movement you gotta mobilize, become civic minded, run for office and work your way through School Boards, City, and State Offices, then Washington...while all along, keeping the flames of the movement alive.

So why is Bernie working now to get Hillary Clinton Elected? Probably cause it's called "Democracy". It's his moral responsibility as a gentleman (and, as a soon to be Registered Democrat) to traditionally campaign for his former opponent and help him or her defeat the Republican Party! That's the way the GOP works, too...but! not this year...not with El Trumpo around!
How many people that support Bernie Sanders and his movement will vote for Clinton? If they follow Bernie, and if they truly believe in Bernie, the most conscientious and respectful thing to do is respectfully follow his wishes and endorsements! At least you have Bernie!...he's not going to lead you wrong!  
When Bobby was murdered, Idealists made the mistake of voting their conscience, after their newfound "hero" who would carry-on RFK's mantle, lost in Chicago. Eugene McCarthy? vanished from the history pages after 1968!...in return, we were rewarded with Dick Nixon and a full blown Vietnam. Again in 2000, voting our conscience rewarded America with George Dubya, his hunt for Bin Laden in Afghanistan and his hunt for Weapons of Mass Destruction...and Oil contracts...in Iraq. Also, he rewarded us with his Economic Plan of cutting Taxes across the board, while initiating 2 Wars and causing a major Recession!...no! it's not worth commenting about it anymore! 
With all due respect, the exact truth of the matter is that neither the 3rd or 4th Party Candidates...or Evan McMullin...are gonna get the Electoral Votes needed to win, and if your conscience and morals still dictate a protest vote?...what prohibitive costs will America have to incur with the likes of Trump and White Fascist Nationalism inside a very 'White' House?

Oprah said it best; "Do you like Democracy or do you want a Demagogue"? That pretty much wraps it all up about this Election!...the vile demagoguery of a closet racist and xenophobe who openly admires Fascism and Authoritarian rule, and is an ardent reader of Mein Kampf. He also believes in breaking off with NATO and joining Putin against our allies!
This indecent degenerate of a human being is a person who truly is, 'challenging' our Democracy! A true serious situation, folks! How is he a danger to our Democracy and American Society? Let me count the ways. Let's start with our Supreme Court: His promise for sleeping with Fundamentalists? abolishing Roe v. Wade. 'His' appointment picks of at least 3 Justices in the next 4 years will be giving his base an All Conservative Court that will agree with Heir Drumpf on every case....anyone read "Judgement at Nuremberg" lately?
Of course. how can we forget his obsession in repealing the 19th Amendment?...hey! what can I say, he's just not very User-Friendly with the opposite sex!...and how about his thoughts for shutting down our Freedom of the Press? Or about the total destruction of our economy...and the rest of the world's...by using his natural business acumen? And of course, his shallow skin temperament in command of our Military? Finally, let's just end this with "everything he always wanted to know about, but never cared a damn to ask"; Foreign Affairs!
Meanwhile, you have an Adult who actually acts like an adult, a respectful professional with both, the public, and well noted by her loyal opposition...and carries one serious Political Resume. Opposing her is someone who's not just a closet racist and xenophobe, but you can add a Misogynist and a Psychopath, who has an ongoing "Awesome" bromance with Vladimir Putin over the US. He's also willing to use the Red Button as his newest play toy!...oh! and who carries absolutely no experience whatsoever in Domestic Affairs or in the Foreign Affairs Political Theater. I wonder what War and prohibitive costs will Trump incur America with his reward?...and this child-lunatic really does like to push Buttons! What will your conscience say then?...oops?

Rigged or not rigged, the Reality of the matter? No! no! no! you can't rig a Nationwide Election! Only 31 cases of "possible"...just possible...election fraud were found, out of 4 Billion Votes cast between 2000-2014! Besides, most if not all the States still in play are Red States...so why would they rig the election against themselves??
You truly have just two viable choices to pick from; a dangerous lying demagogue, an amateur politico who wants to destroy women rights, minorities, and immigrants, is anti-veterans, and has a childish penchant for using "The Bomb". His direct actions are consistent with favoring a restoration of a White Supremacist America within a Ruling Class Society...the American version of Italian Fascism. And that's no BS!

Or, you have someone with the highest credentials ever presented to the Nation, who will protect our Democracy in every way, shape, and form...whether you like her or not...she 'will' protect the threat to our Democracy and to our Constitution from Trump's very much stated agenda, his radical Pro-Fascist fringe, and all those Non-Educated or Poorly Educated people who the Trumpster dearly loves!