Dec 20, 2014

America's Love of Guns, Violence, and...Torture!

By RF Schatten

Is anyone truly surprised that America overwhelmingly approves the use of Torture by the CIA? Well! in the words of Gomer Pyle; surprise! surprise! surprise!

We 'are' the most violent nation in the world, look at our love for guns!...and the biggest prison population in the planet! Look at the poor kids getting shot right and left in the schools...and, in the streets. Yea! people care, and many are outraged...but does anything ever get accomplished? Nope! not yet, it all comes down for lawmakers to pass laws protecting its citizens...and politicos today, are beholden to their personal bank account more than those who voted them there. Apparently, people don't give a damn who they vote in...they'll just give them bad ratings, afterward...the dysfunction of the American Voter.

Violence is part of our wonderful history and culture...the early witch hunts and the burnings. When the wretched refuse civilized as a nation and organized the spirit of opening up new frontiers for a new country...the annihilation of the Native American began. Later the use of slavery thrived in the South...and when it ended, came the hate and racism of the KKK with their cross burnings and hangings. In the wild west, you had the lawlessness, the lynch mobs, and the hangings...Americans must have had a fascination with Hangings. It's the fascination with sadistic violence...the most hideous the better...and "Torture" ranks right way up that alley!

Almost every war throughout history began because of religious fundamentalist fervor...whether is Christianity or Islam, or any other faith. You ask most Americans, about what the word "Crusades" means to a Muslim? and most wouldn't have a clue...yet, we'll criticize their culture for acting in many ways, the same as Fundamentalist Christians and Catholics...and you know how Catholics and Inquisitions go hand in hand! All Religious Fundamentalism, whether it's Christianity, Islam, or Judaism...all believe in 'an eye for an eye' theory in their, it's easy to put up with torture by our country since every other country, probably does it too.

Carl Jong once said; "generally, it is the tortured who turn into torturers". Generally...but the United States is not a country that ever went through any torturous or suppressive government regimes...only one internal civil war, and the only time we've been invaded by a foreign power was on December 7th, and never has the US mainland 'ever' experience a military invasion. 9/11? A totally different situation, and should be understood. as that. Terrorist attacks? sign of the times...all 9/11 did was to make the US the latest the join the club of major cities around the world, hit by terrorists.  Every country around the one way or another...uses torture, even though under the Geneva Convention, torture 'is' a war crime.

Whether it's the horseshit about Religious moral teachings or the psychobabble about 2nd Amendment and Gun Rights by right wing nuts...Torture is still a crime, and as much as they believe that anything is OK as long it's in the best interest of our nation...doesn't change the fact it still wrong and immoral. We can't criticize others, when we're just as bad or worse...someone has to take that high moral ground...America is not the babyface hero this time around. Only We, the People, can change things...but, to what length are people willing go?

This Week in God, 12.20.14 | MSNBC

Dec 19, 2014

The Superior Logic of a Fool

By RF Schatten

The Superior Logic of the "GOP Legend". When a right-wing news website names you a legend of the Grand Old Party....and the legend boast how superior her logic might think this whole story came out from The Onion. But, the story is real!...the fool now claims how superior she is. How logical is it to run for president and be more uninformed than Sarah "I see Russia from my backyard" Palin?

How can she destroy the Liberal (and Progressive) argument that she is a moron? In New Hampshire, she described Concord as the cradle of the American Revolution. When corrected by the audience (in typical upper New England accent); "that's Concord, Massss!'re in Concord, New Hampsha!"...her response was a smile and continued about all the exploits in the Revolution by the state of New Hampshire. Her logic was to look like an she did again, in the Hawkeye State. In a Waterloo, Iowa campaign rally, she described how great it felt to be in the birthplace of a truly great American hero...John Wayne! Beautiful speech, just marvelous! she didn't miss a line!...except a little known fact, only to the good people of Waterloo, Iowa...this truly, not so great American Hero from Waterloo was also named John Wayne...John Wayne Gacy! How one clown, can bring back the bad memories of another clown to a small town. She didn't get too many "straws" from Waterloo in the "Straw Poll" ...sounds logical enough!

Superior Logic? more like superior shrewdness...there's nothing scholastically superior about the All American Welfare Queen, except her shrewd ways to make a buck, including Federal Farm Subsidies and multi-Foster Kids...and let us not forget her and Marcus' Anti-Gay Exorcism Clinic. Shrewd? yes! great GOP Legend? you must be kidding! Superior Logic and Intellect? say that, if she would've been re-elected, but she decided to retire...on the advice that she would've lost in a landslide. The worst record for accuracy by far of any 2012 Presidential Candidate, according to Politifact.
Michele Bachmann is an ultimate media clown...the Midwest version of the Alaska version. Superior Logic? let's say New Hampshire was just some Brain Fog, unless she flunked US History in grade school and high school...she should've known. Iowa? can't really blame her...her staff should've told her. But 'that's' the telltale of who she really is. Logic comes from within...nobody can tell you what you want to say, or what to do, or how to do it. Don't just follow, only what your staff tells some research yourself, it's just logical. If she would've won...then boast her "Superior Logic" after winning.
They say; it's wiser to remain silent and be thought, as a fool...than to speak up and remove all doubts. Apparently her superior logic hasn't grasped that yet!!

Nov 5, 2014

Legalizing Weed in's been a long time coming!

RF Schatten

CONGRATULATIONS OREGON!! 1st State to Decriminalize in 1973, 2nd State to go Medicinal in 1998 was a struggle the last couple of years, but the 'greenest' state in the going to get a lot $Greener$!! as it becomes the 3rd State to Legalize the Recreational use of Weed. Happy 420!!

Earlier, Washington DC voted to Legalize the smoking of Marijuana in our Nation's Capital...though the sales are still not legal. And Alaska!!...your next!! It's no doubt they're looking good coming into tonight's vote. The sign, many in California have been waiting for...if Oregon goes legal...the Golden State will follow.

In Northern California and Southern Oregon, the finest Weed grown in North America...and among the best qualities in the world...resides. Business is business...but tonight, is Party took a lot of hard work, a lot of walkngs, a lot of talking, a lot of knocking on doors! But it was the interactions between the communities...that really put everything in the proper light, and how we can work together.

Congratulations to's been a long time coming!

Legal marijuana in Oregon: Live updates from Measure 91 election party (live video) |

Nov 4, 2014

Modern American Election: Rationalizing Cheating

By RF Schatten

"Nobody will ever deprive the American People the Right to Vote, except the American People themselves...and the only way they can do this, is by not Voting"  ~~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Nice words to inspire...but, 70 years or so ago, people would listen and carefully rationalize others' words and thoughts. Today, we live in cynical times. JFK said in his inauguration, not to ask what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country. Today it's, screw what the country can do for's what you can get away with, and how much...from screwing your country!

We have an election, in which the central underlying issues, revolves around misinformation, voter suppression, and cheating. The public issues at stake? The Economy, Gays, Women, Black, Latinos, and the youth. What does the GOP platform stands for? Anti-Gays, Anti-Women, Anti-Black, Anti-Latino...along with being Anti-Environment, Anti-Immigration, Anti-Education, and Anti-Health. They won't talk about Obamacare because it's a success, and they won't talk about the Economy because it's the greatest economy since Clinton's greatest economy. They 'will' say, it's a failed Economy, and a failed Health everything else that's successful. Criticize the shit out of it, and demonize those who created it...then take credit for all the successes if the balance of power, shifts.

With all those positions against the vast majority of Americans...all it can be said, is; "America! what a country!" The majority, as of now!...enjoys all the shit, hate, and fear, Republicans have been pushing. around the country! They have absolutely no talking points, except convincing people about hating they neighbor. But the people love it!! they never can get enough!...that's why they're leading!! Nixon and the "Hard Hats", the same thing...the Rich pissing on the Poor, while the rest of the Zombie nation of non-voters, looks on!! It's not me, so 'Me, worry'?? The bourgeoisie mindset in all societies...even if America's middle class is quickly disappearing.

"The more people rationalize cheating, the more it becomes a culture of dishonesty. And that can become a vicious, downward cycle. Because suddenly, if everyone else is cheating, you feel a need to cheat too" ~~ Stephen Covey

No matter who wins or who loses...nothing is going to change the following day...the anger and hate between both sides will continue. One with a little more bragging rights in Congress, and one that will not stop till they complete their agenda....except for more cheating, than ever!

Elections 2014: The Vote You Save May Be Your Own

How well off is Mitch McConnell's Kentucky?

By RF Schatten

Is this what Mitch McCoonnell has done for Kentucky? Nothing!...pretty much the same he's done for this country.
Below: The example of why Mitch McConnell is still a US Senator. The mind of the incredibly stupid Kentucky GOP minions! They do deserve to be treated like shit!!

Nov 3, 2014

Crooked Foreign Elections? never in the US!...well, only if the $$$ is good!

By RF Schatten

Why would outside secret groups spend tens of millions of dollars in Attack Ads, and Negative Automated Telephone calls...aimed at the Poor, the Women, the Gays, the Blacks, the Latinos, and the youth?? Are they scared? No!! It's their way of pointing all the ills in this country to the fascists would point all the ills in Germany to the Jews, the Gypsies, and anyone else who's not  pure 'Arian.' Here, in the good ole''s called "Lilly White."

These 'secret' SuperPACs didn't even exists before Labor Day!...and never reported any contributions with the Federal Elections Commissions!!...then started spending 7-figure Advertising? All very secretive, why? This country is up for sale by the GOP...the Republican Party has sold themselves out to an Extreme Right Wing ideology...and their benefactors? the John Birch Society!! aka Koch Industries...$$$ talks!!

How to win an election without a political platform: don't tell the truth, lie your big fat ass off, and blame all your faults, failures, and mediocrity, at your opponents. Most important: Make your opponents' accomplishments appear as failures...and when those accomplishments are heralded...take the credit for them!! Hey! that's the Republican textbook on how to screw their own country. NEVER LET THE POPULATION KNOW THE TRUTH. Example: The Republican Party has a standard sound-byte when talk centers on the Economy...The President's "Economic Failures"!!!

ECONOMIC FAILURE?? How these people find ways to destroy great accomplishments!! In the case of Barack Obama...since you can't attack his success, attack his personal being...that great Nationalist Socialists Party technique of personal social attacks. Hate and Fear attracts the incredibly ignorant and hides the accomplishments made by others. Hide the fact that the Economy is great!!
Why would not, even one single Republican, rebuke Forbes Magazine's statement on Barack Obama? If the official Republican stance is 'A Failed Economic Policy'...why don't they defend their argument?

Where do Republicans stand on the Forbes article? Is there anyone who's willing to say, Forbes is full of shit? and if they are... are they ready to prove to everyone their argument? not a troll spin, but a real reason why they know more about Economics than Forbes?

My only question to whoever wants to answer it: Why did Forbes Magazine call Barack Obama, the "Best Economic President in Modern Times"?  Where are all those big brave Republicans, who keep putting down the President and the Economy?? Economic Failure?...rebuke Forbes!! or admit that Obama  has done more for the economy than the Gipper ever did!...if they have the cojones to admit anything!

A Flood of Late Spending on Midterm Elections, From Murky Sources -

Nov 2, 2014

Truth vs. Lies...a reflection of 1933? What are the real underlying issues in 2014?

By RF Schatten

"If only Obama didn't run for President, we could've just continued to pretend that Racism was over" ~~~ Ezra Klein

Every day, we're seeing about a dozen Election Polls showing one result and another dozen Polls showing the opposite...a few days later those same polls, reverse each others! Everybody says the Republicans are going to win...but, at the same time, everyone says it's so close...anything can happen!

Now, the NBC/Wall Street Journal National bipartisan can it be? Conservative WSJ and Liberal NBC...says the Democrats and the GOP are "Deadlocked" with 48 hours to go!! No matter who you're rooting's turned into a pretty competitive year for the Upper Chamber!!

Why has it become that close with 48 hours left? Everyone's entitled to their opinion...mine? The majority in this country is insulted and offended with the mindset of the Far Right...not necessarily all Republicans...but their Tea Loving aficionados. If the aroma of tea were absent of this election, I have no doubt the GOP would win, That's why it's this close!!

This election has turned out to be a contest about Truth vs.Lies. Who believes who...46% - 45% is within every margin of error. When you have an election this close and every issue is supported by one side and opposed by the other...with absolutely no compromise in's no longer about policies! It's personal! Ezra Klein couldn't have said it better...Racism and Bigotry has been at the forefront of this entire election cycle, like it's been in the forefront since a few hours into the night of November 4th, 2008....when Mitch McConnell promised to do absolutely nothing except make Obama a one term President, now, absolutely nothing till his 2nd term is over. He 'did' promise, nothing will be done by the Republican Party!

It's going to come down, like I said, on who believes who...and who's willing to do their civic duty...go out and Vote!! Ignorance doesn't always win...but, it doesn't always lose, either ...look at 1933!

NBC/WSJ National Poll: GOP, Dems Deadlocked Heading Into Election Day

Nov 1, 2014

America's Political Dysfunction...where do we go from here?

By RF Schatten

When insane, batshit stupidity, and openly public deceptions & lies, trumps reason and intelligent discourse...who really wins? The American public?

America!...what a country! The most politically dysfunctional modern society on the face of this earth. And Americans can't understand why the world just continues to laugh at us! We have become the greatest 'Reality Show' seen around the world, and when FoxNews talks...people listen...and laugh their heads off!!

How dysfunctional? 29% of Louisiana Republicans blame Obama for the shitty FEMA response, during Katrina!!...remember, this shit happened in 2005!...3 years before Barack Obama even got elected! Keep your electorate as ignorant as possible!! How stupid is stupid?? 44% of all Cajun Republicans don't know who to blame!! Ignorance 'is' the object and goal of every propaganda machine.

How dysfunctional? You have 4 idiots who claim not to believe in Science, but use every single bit of technology and means available...created by tell their gullible minions that "Science" doesn't exist! Ted Cruz, Jim Inhofe, Mike Enzi, and Ron Johnson are total idiots with no scientific knowledge, whatsoever!!. A Lawyer, an Insurance Salesman, and 2 Accountants...what the hell, do they know about keeping the population of this nation, safe from things beyond our control? and about keeping our commitment to the Conservation of our Forests and Public Lands? The GOP and their Tea lovers' response to one of their own, Teddy Roosevelt: Fuck you, Teddy!!

If they take the Senate, they'll control the following Committees: the EPA, the National Science Foundation, Homeland Security, and the Budget!! Expect these 'brothers in arms' to double-cross and stab each other in the back...for control! Especially, our Lawyer!...if he could, he would appoint himself Chairman of all committees in Congress. Remember, he was anointed by God, himself!!

How dysfunctional? When nothing works for the Republicans...they'll always go straight to that 'Grey' area in politics, where things are drawn into a fine line of what's legal and what's not. First Gerrymandering...which is legal...then if that doesn't work, find or make laws that will suppress the vote. 650,000 people have lost their human right to vote...all of them Black, Hispanic, and the Poor. And in Texas and Georgia, they're very happy all those people lost their right!! That's sick!! a compassionless mentality. And those who lost their rights? They'll bitch and whine, and some will protest, or try using the courts again (but, unfortunately, after the elections). Will we see 650,000 protesters, angrily shouting and protesting their Right to Vote? No!! We don't do that...though some will...because they do have the guts to stand up against injustice! But, the majority will just say; Oh, well! we got screwed again! American voters are too's hard to light a fire up their tush.

What does this say about our Society? A society complacent with apathy...people on both sides of the issues, from both Parties, are telling their friends to sit out the Elections. The GOP desperately wants to take over both Chambers, but are shooting themselves in the foot with all their quarreling. The Democrats fears the GOP, like the GOP fears the Tea Party...and refuse to work united, with their leaders. Does serious Political Discourse mean anything, anymore?? Apparently, a lot of people in this Country, don't give a shit about all the serious issues confronting our nation...and rather vote without a thought to the future, for Fear and Hate!! That's our national Dysfunction!!

Thinking About the Future From the Edge of Darkness | Paul Stoller

Oct 30, 2014

Mediocrity...finding a candidate among the Republican masses

By RF Schatten

It's unbelievable how much the Republicans hate other people's success. And with Barack Obama, it pains them to see the country making progress...real spite of 5 1/2 years of Republican obstructionism. The economy doing surprisingly well, lowest unemployment since 2008...on its way to record numbers, below 6% by 2015, Lowest spending in 60 years, Wall Street setting records, and Forbes calling Obama the "Best Economic President of Modern Times"!!  It Kills the Republican Party to know that!!

They hate the fact that it wasn't them, who build 'that'! They hate the fact that Obama...of all people...was praised by Forbes for doing a better job, than Ronald and his magic "Trickle Down Economics". It's all this bigoted, racist Jealousy. The same that they have for every other successful President. Accomplishments, whether they're social or financial...look at the Kennedys and the Clintons...Obama has joined the GOP Mutually Hated Club, though not the first Black!...don't forget MLK.

 "Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius." ~~~ Fulton J. Sheen

There 'is' a lot of mediocrity out there in the GOP...that's why they can't find a candidate that can beat a single solitary little old woman, or man for that matter...Clinton"? Warren? They have absolutely nobody that can stay up with either of those two ladies. Maybe Lindsay Graham will he said; "I can win the White House, and then White Men will make a lot of $$$"...more mediocrity!! This Good Old Georgia Boy? He's rich, so what! he's another Puppet Stooge for the John Birch Society, ah! I mean, the Koch Brothers, so what!...David Perdue, like the rest of the GOP, is still an insult to mediocrity!!

Republican Georgia Senate Candidate Wants To Prosecute Obama For His Success

Weed in America...Live with it or Crawl under a rock

By RF Schatten

The Conservative Right must think they're hallucinating!...Cops are supporting the Legalization of Marijuana? Not just supporting it...but publicly endorsing "Yes On 91". A Law Enforcement Coalition of 30 former Sheriffs, Deputies, Police Officials, Police Officers, Judges, and Prosecutors from Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and California have endorsed "91" because, in their professional opinion; "Treating Marijuana as a 'Crime' has failed."

The great Winds of Social Change. "Vote Yes on 91" has been endorsed by the Democratic Party of Oregon. also by the  American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) Local 88, AFSCME Local 328, who represents the employees of Oregon Health and Science University, the United Food & Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 555...the state's largest Private Sector Union, and the Northwest Oregon Labor Council. More important, the Cascade Policy Institute gave its approval for '91' 2012, it went against the Measure, and legalization was short by 3%. These are not Pot Famers or NORML...they're pretty straight Organizations!

The Measure? It'll be licenced and tightly regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission. The Measure calls for the Tax Revenue funds to be shared as follows: 40% for K-12 Education, 20%  Mental Health and Alcohol & Drug Treatment, 20% to Local Law Enforcement, 15% to State Police, and 5% to the Oregon Health Authority. By the way, Oregon has had a good long time, to do things right...they were the first to "Decriminalize" Pot in 1973, and authorized Medical Marijuana in 1998.

And the support comes from the top, too. Gov. John Kitzhaber and Sen. Jeff Merkley have endorsed it...Merkley, being the first US Senator to endorse Legalization. Both are expected to win, so it hasn't hurt them...if anything, maybe it's helping them?

Time passes, Alaska will probably also go 'Green', and Washington DC will definitely approve it for recreational use...though, not the Sale. Marijuana, like Same Sex Marriage, has become  acceptable by the Establishment, and thus part of conventional wisdom. Progress cannot be stopped unless it's by force. You can't go back in time, or you can't freeze it either....though some prefer to go back to the caves, and hide under a rock...until the world is born-again. There's a lot of rocks and roomy caves out west, to hide...and cheap!

Oregon Marijuana Legalization Gets Boost From Cops