Mar 20, 2018

Making the Most of Treason...Trump Style

By RF Schatten

Since Day Number One, Donald Trump has been running around in circles like a chicken with his head cut's his phobia about being exposed as a Patsy, a stooge used by the Russians in return for Russia handing him the Presidency! 

Every guilty person lives a life of self-denial! If a man is Innocent, he doesn't have to repeat himself publicly 100 times a day to proclaim his innocence...if he's guilty? in Trump's case, his guilt just gushes out as quick as his Lies, do! Trump is so transparent, he's his own worst enemy!
So, if Donald Trump is Innocent; why has He impeded in every way possible, every effort by the American Intelligence Community into stopping the Russian Intelligence's Computer Aggression against the United States, in an effort to destroy American Democracy, our Sovereignty, and our very way of life? Why??
"We assess that Russian Intelligence Services will continue their efforts to disseminate 'False Information' via Russian State-controlled Media & Covert Online Personas, about US Activities to encourage anti-US Political views"…"We have seen Russian Activities & Intentions to Impact the 2018 Election Cycle" ~~~ Office of Director of National Intelligence
The NSA's Director Mike Rogers, who's also the Head of the US Cyber-Command at the Pentagon asked Donald Trump for Orders to allow the US Cyber-Command to stop all known Russian Hacks directed at the 2018 Elections. Trump? Naturally, refused to order attacks at Russians attacking the integrity of American Elections...again!!
Rogers, merely confirmed what's been happening for way too long; "Even as Our Nation is under attack from a Russia, determined to subvert our Democracy, the President has not directed any relevant agencies to 'defend' the Country"!!
CIA Director Mike Pompeo said; "For months, we have seen Russian Activity & intentions to 'Impact' the 2018 Election Cycle…and, with some 'visible' reluctance from the Administration to do something about it"!
FBI Director Christopher Wray publicly called for the White House to halt Devin Nunes' Bogus "Memo" on the Russian Investigation. He cited grave concerns about the phony memo used as a Political tool to further discredit Mueller and obstruct the Investigation. “Making this Memo Public will almost certainly Impede our ability to conduct clandestine activities operating outside any legal or judicial system on an International Scale”!...absolutely nothing from Trump.

Russian Corruption in the United States? Alexander Torshin, a "Russian Politician" with very close ties to Vladimir Putin, has been "cultivating" a relationship with an easily corruptible group, the NRA, for years. Torshin illegally funneled $Millions$ via the NRA to the Trump Campaign.
Trump vehemently refuses to Impose Sanctions on Russia. Sanctions for sabotage and directly hacking US Elections. Sanctions passed overwhelming by a Bipartisan Congress, Veto-proof at 517-5!
That's 419-3 by the US House, and 98-2 by the US Senate! That's as Bipartisan as it ever going to get! But, he still refuses to Impose Sanctions!
The question Inquisitive Americans continue to ask; Why??? Why won't he Impose Russian Sanctions ordered by the United States Congress?? 
And if Congress passes a Veto-Proof Bill, whether he tries to Veto it or doesn't Sign it...could those actions in some way, not obeying the orders passed by Congress...put Trump in Contempt of Congress?
It's the continuing story of Comrade Trump's firm refusal to blame Russia...despite incontrovertible evidence that the Russians attacked our Elections in 2016, and the word from all the Heads of America's Intelligence Community that they'll do it again in 2018. Trump continues to exonerate Putin of any wrongdoings.
Donald Trump is a Russian the extreme! A man who openly admires Russia's Intelligence, while cutting down and Castigating his own American Intelligence Community.
An extremely ignorant and willing fool caught in Vladimir Putin's Web of Foreign Intrigue, Corruption, Murdered/Jailed Opponents & Journalists, Russian Mob, Oligarchs, and full-blown Kleptocracy!
But, could he just be an Ignorant & Clueless Asset, cultivated by a slew of former KGB the Steele Dossier truly suggests...including by a former KGB Lt. Colonel, Vladimir Putin.
King Fool has been compromised by his buddy...Vladimir the Crazy Ivan!
Whether compromised by Pee Pee Tapes, Pedophilia activities, Money dealings, or even a pledge to deliver the United States of America; lock, stock, & barrel to Russia...everything for the right price!
Whatever that price might have been, really doesn't matter...Donald J Trump is going down!!

1) "I strongly pressed President Putin twice about Russian Meddling in our Election. He vehemently denied it. I've already given my opinion...I believe him"
2) "He's running his Country and at least he's a leader, unlike what we have in this Country (Obama)" Trump told MSNBC's "Morning Joe" in December 2015.
3) Trump defended Putin 2 times against charges that he's a Killer by saying in effect that "The US is no better or different" & "You think our Country is so different"?
4) Agreed with Putin that the Press is Fake, and we should get rid of them!...not mentioning the hundreds of Journalists killed or Jailed in Russia. Also believes opponents like in Russia, should all be Jailed!
5) When Bill O'Reilly pressed Trump, calling Putin a "Killer", Trump continued his defense. "Well, take a look at what we've done, too", he said of American Leaders. "We've made a lot of mistakes". Still, with all his might...defended Putin!
6) Putin showed an animated video presentation of a new Russian Missle System that can pinpoint the strike accurately. It showed the Missile aimed & hitting the United States...pinpointed at Florida, and directly at Mar-a-Lago!
That was a direct slap in the face by Russia and Trump's Puppet Master, himself, at Trump and the United States!...and our spineless Coward-in-Chief took it like the Coward he is, kept his famous trap, for once shut and didn't utter a word!
7) Trump broke security practice of not permitting Russian Intelligence Agents in the White House's Oval Office. Happily telling his visitors he just fired James Comey, he then ordered all his staff out of the office...including the Chief of Staff, the VP, the Sec of State, White House Counsel, and all the American Press.
Then, while being all alone with the Russian Ambassador, the Foreign Minister, and a Russian Press Photographer, he proceeded to show them America's Intelligence Community's Confidential "Top Secret" Info! Info that went public and cost Israel's top spy inside ISIS to be dangerously exposed!
That alone is considered Treason...and the Rosenbergs were Executed for far less!

Our American Intelligence Community all agree, and has been confirmed that hook or by poised to influence and even steal the 2018 Election Cycle!
How are we going to stop them with a President who clearly doesn't want to interfere with Moscow's intentions in America???
It's how far We, the People are willing to go and demand Trump's way or another!
There's no doubt anymore that Trump is Guilty as Sin! No doubt he's been compromised by the Russkies!...whether through Blackmail or his own brilliantly stupid Finagling.
He's totally 100% owned by Vlad!...and his Mueller Time Meltdowns are more frequent as Mueller closes in!
Money Laundering & Racketeering, Obstruction of Justice, Illegally Paying off Hush Money, Emoluments Deals with Americans and Foreign Powers...both, Friends and Enemies...and working with a Foreign Power against the Interests of the United States...that's Treason!...any which way you cut it!!
Donald Trump is Guilty on all counts! It's really up to us!...We, the People cannot afford to remain silent, any longer! Our Voices are the most powerful in the it or not, America's Voice is looked up as a Beacon of Hope for Freedom and Liberty!
If we don't speak out, not only #TraitorTrump and #Treason are the winners...#Traitors and #Dictators all around the World will reap the rewards!
Patrick Henry said; "If this be Treason, make the most of it"!
A Treasonous Trump is literally making the most of it!...though not necessarily what Patrick Henry meant!
For Trump? It's selling out the Sovereignty of his own Nation and selling out the American People while making America a Great Russian Satellite...and all, in return for expanding his Trump Brand Assets!
Is Donald Trump a Traitor?...You Decide!!

Asked about U.S. election meddling, Putin resorts to an anti-Semitic smear – ThinkProgress

Feb 25, 2018

The NRA's worst Nightmare...A Children's Crusade

By RF Schatten

"There can be no keener revelation of a Society's Soul than the way in which it Treats its Children" ~~~ Nelson Mandela

Beware, America!  Our Youth are Mad as Hell...and they're not going to take it anymore!!
They speak about the Political Establishment, about the NRA, and mentioned in their statement; "They don't care a bit...they want us all to forget and 'move on'. Not this time"!!
The NRA & American Politicos are finally being exposed for what they really are!...and exposed by Children!

When you hear these 14-18 year old's own words, you can't help but notice their Angst, their Anger, but also, how eloquently these Students are able to speak!...stating their anger and frustrations towards the Gun Laws established by Lawmakers, whose blind ambition of going for the $Gold$ supersedes the Health & Safety of the constituents who elected them to keep them Healthy & Safe!

When horrific tragedies like this mass murder at Stoneman-Douglas High School occur, every single damn time, Right Wing Demagoguery goes rampant...and no longer with just a little help from their friends; the National Rifle Association...a GOP Congress, 100% complicit with the NRA, believes in tearing down all ours Future Generations for the filthy Love of their Blood Money!

For way too long, people complained about the issues of Hand Guns, Rifles, and Assault Weapons, how to keep our kids safe in schools and how to stop all these mass murders?...but a Congress bought & paid in full; lock, stock, and barrel by the benevolence of the NRA...they have shamelessly ignored the parents & families of the victims, the survivors, and of the mental & emotional trauma that occurs within the local community!

You would think someone would do something already to stop all the gun violence spreading around the country...but, you have a Congressional Majority of Republicans made up of raving Spineless Cowards, too weak minded, and with no cojones to face their NRA Benefactors & say; Never Again!...No more money!
When that Money is slapped into their "greased palms"..."No more" usually turns into; "Oh! That much more?!?!"

We're a Violent Nation covered in Historical Violence!...and the Shootings, just keep on coming!
146 Mass Shootings in the United States between 1967 and 2017! Are you proud of that, America??
With Less than 5% of the World's Population, 31% of all the World's Mass Shootings occurs in the United States. USA, #1!
When it comes to Mass Murders,  Single Murders, other Criminal Acts, White Collar, and Blue Collar Crimes...USA, #1!
When it comes to the Most Jails and most people Incarcerated, worldwide? USA #1!
The United States owns 48% of the approx. 650 million civilian-owned Guns in the estimated 310 million guns (89 out of every 100 people) are owned in America!... USA! We're #1 We're #1!

Between the years 2006 and 2017, America lost 1,358 of its people! all due to 271 Mass Shootings! These incidents do not reflect the hundreds of Dead by Police Violence across this Nation! or all other violent crimes committed every day across this Country.
Gun Homicide rates are 25% Higher in the United States than any other high-income "civilized" Nation.
And since the 1994 Federal Assault Weapons Ban expired and never renewed in 2004 by NRA owned Politicos, the rate of Mass Shootings around the Country has sharply risen to a staggering 200% !!

And what about the traumatized victims' families and survivors of these Mass Murders?...people who'll have to live with those memories imprinted in their minds for the rest of their lives! 
Cicero once said; "The Life of the Dead is placed in the Memory of the Living." You can very well say, the kids at Stoneman-Douglas will never ever forget the experience of witnessing the violent deaths of their fellow students, teachers, friends, and buddies!

So, what's different about this Mass Murder? What makes it so different than all the other Mass Murders that have occurred up till now?
Well, besides the customary "Thoughts & Prayers" and the total spineless & gutless inactions by Congress that normally ensue all these Tragedies...this particularly young group of people decided that enough is enough!!

Witnessing live, this life-altering event after reading and seeing previous Mass Murders on TV and the News, this group of truly fine young men and young women...all, teenagers!...took matters into their own hands, and took direct action, going straight-on head to head, against the Mighty NRA and the Cowardly GOP!

20 Teenagers formed #NeverAgain, and in a very short time, its become a dominant, if not 'the' dominant force and voice for #GunControl in America. Their cry is resonating throughout the Country, affecting schools, teachers, students, and communities throughout America! It's really all about making life safer for themselves and for America!

Our children are doing what we have not! We've seen all these tragedies, too, and nothing has been's not their responsibility, let teens be teens!'s our responsibility! to take action! take it to the streets! and take it to the front lines!
Oh! How they bring back memories of those younger days!! Another volatile time in America, when another generation of young people stood by their principles against a wrong war...and won!

Trump shamelessly calls the NRA; "America's Heroes". Heroes?
You mean the "Heroes" that treats the Massacre of Children as a political opportunity to belittle their Deaths? And to verbally attack Gun Control advocates as "Dry Humping Whores"...who "Love Grieving & Crying White Women"!!
"Heroes" who don't give a shit whether you're crazy or not, how old you are, or who dies, as long as they can sell you the damn Gun! Whether you kill someone or kill yourself! They don't give a shit!! They just want to sell you a Gun!...and get their $Money$ up-front, naturally!
The National Rifle Association are not Heroes! They are no one's Heroes!...they're America's face of Treason! Donald Trump's "Heroes" like Trump himself, are America's Traitors!!

These Kids in Florida? they 'are' America's True Heroes, my friends!...they have the Guts, the Courage, the Valor, and the Fortitude, that it takes to get into a hostile professional political arena...and the smarts! They've got the natural courage our President lacks to face real evil straight on. To say to the NRA, Trump, and his GOP; Fuck You!

These remarkably bright teenagers, certainly the product of some very fine Educators, will not stop till every man, woman, and child in America can feel safe again, wherever they are!

Never Again! will anyone die just because the NRA's little coward whores in Congress are tainted with their Blood Money. They're all totally emasculated, they'll never speak out against their favorite Cash Cow...but! that won't stop the Stoneman-Douglas Students;  #VoteThemOut!! Is their credo...and their movement will long continue!

Right now, on March 24, 2018, their #NeverAgain March on Washington DC, their protest to Capitol Hill and certainly to the White House...will be a reminder, directly to Trump, the GOP, and Wayne Lapierre's NRA...that America and its Children are not going to take it anymore, they're determined to get all Guns, especially Semi-Automatic Assault killing machines like AR15s off the streets, and will be actively busy finding pro-NRA Republicans to  #VoteThemOut ...remember, November is politically...just around the corner!

Look out, NRA! there's a new Children's' Crusade in town! A movement you never expected, not even in your wildest dreams!...they are knocking down your House! and that won't even be your Worst Nightmare!

Kids vs. guns: NRA is coming for the Parkland students, and America faces a choice - Award-winning news and culture, features breaking news, in-depth reporting and criticism on politics, business, entertainment and technology.

Feb 1, 2018

Trump/Russia...Foreign Intrigue on the 25th Floor

By RFSchatten

"Tricks and Treachery are the practice of Fools, that don't have Brains enough to be Honest" ~~~ Benjamin Franklin
We're living in an age where Subliminal Speeches, Propaganda, and Platitudes draws uneducated ignorance like it never has before. These are dangerous times for an immature America!  
Robert Reich once said; "Trump uses Fear. Fear begets Anger. Anger generates Hate. Hate causes Violence. Violence produces more Fear. It's a vicious cycle that Despots have used since the beginning of recorded time to entrench their Power".

America is still too immature has never experienced what many around the world already have...Kleptocracy, Open Corruption, Legalization of Criminal Activities, Oppression, the Elimination of the Rules of Laws, the Cancellation of Elections, and shutting the Free Press. We are inching closer to those things that haven't affected us, yet! The question is; How do We, the People make sure it doesn't happen?    
I've always wondered; Where was Donald Trump on the afternoon of the infamous Russian Meeting in Trump Tower? 

Let's look at the Timeline of that afternoon: June 9th, 2016 
1:02 p.m. : Donald Trump leaves the Four Seasons Restaurant, where he attended a "Trump Victory Fund" fundraising lunch. Trump returned to Trump Tower...just two blocks away...where he remained there for "the rest of the afternoon".   
2:00 p.m. : Paul Manafort leaves the Four Seasons Restaurant. 
4:00 p.m. : Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, &  Jared Kushner…without their own lawyers present…meet with Russian Lawyer and her entourage of Russian Agents & Sympathizers at the Trump Tower's 25th Floor, in Trump Corp.'s  Conference Room…only a floor down from Trump's Personal Office in the 26th Floor! 
4:30 p.m. : Meeting said to End at this time. 
4:40 p.m. : Trump responds to a Hillary Clinton Tweet with a dig at her "Emails" for the very 1st time. 

That evening he addressed a group by saying he had a lot of dirt on Hillary…but won't say what it is till the following Monday…at a rally. 
Monday arrived and left…and no Dirt! Didn't even mentioned it! (especially since he knew, he never had any real evidence). 

What was Donald Trump doing on the "afternoon" of June 9th, 2016 at Trump Tower? Was he working "the rest of the afternoon" in his office on the 26th Floor?…just one floor up from the Conference Room where the Meeting was being held? Just coincidence? 
Or, was he in his Penthouse Apartment…" the rest of the afternoon"…totally ignorant of everything going on around him? Just coincidence, too? 

Donald Trump is a Cowardly Psychopath who demands Total Loyalty and obedience from all his staff, Party supporters, and his followers. He's a Control freak who demands to be "in the loop", to know everything that's happening around him...anything and everything... that will affect his life at all times, whether personal & professional. 
There's no way on Earth!...whatsoever!...that Donald Trump doesn't know what's happening at all times in his own Building, in his own Corporation's Conference Room…only one floor down. No way he doesn't know what happened Inside his own Campaign Team during the Election Season! and most of what's happening inside the White House, now! 

Yea!, he knew about it from the very beginning! being there "all afternoon"?…he may not have been physically present during the meeting, itself…but, he was there afterward.  
Most likely with JR...either talked to the Russians in his office, just a floor up…or way up in his Golden Penthouse where he can play out his King Shit shtick, trying to the impress the unimpressible! 

He knew about the Meeting, and he knew about the consequences…so why is he freaking out 24/7? 
Trump is waging a vile filthy war against every minority on the face of this Earth. He Tweets 24/7 and totally melts down every day. He's got Mueller continually up his ass, He's having a great pissing contest with North Koreans, Women filing sexual misconduct lawsuits against him, a GOP in the middle of fragile marital counseling…trying to remain one Grand Old Party. DACA, the Wall, the Government Shutdowns, Tax Cuts for Billionaires, The Iranian Issues, the Palestinians & Jerusalem, the Chinese, Russia looking more every day as the true residents of the White House, and now "Fire & Fury"...raising the fire and fury of LeGrande Orange! to the point of asking the Publisher to stop the release!  
Now, Book Banning too? Why is he so scared what Sloppy Steve Bannon might say? 

Ahhyup! Sloppy Steve is talking...and with 2 Subpoenas, and a Grand Jury lurking around the Corner?  It's payback time for the man that Trump reportedly said; "cried & begged on his knees not to fire him"!  
Shithole Donald attempted to place Sloppy Steve with a gag order, to prevent him from, with those 2 Subpoenas waving at him...he's going to sing like a Soprano!  
How is the Investigation going? The Republican Party is now in full complicity with Russia & Donald Trump! Devin Nunes putting out a phony horseshit memo, the same memo attacked by Sessions and Wray as being totally incomprehensible, reckless, & irresponsible to put that classified information out...Trump the Traitor and Fake President, naturally is 100% in favor of releasing the Fake Info. 

When you have to make up parts of an intelligence report to favor your side and discredit honorable people to save the're in as much direct collusion & obstruction of justice as anyone else! But, that's life in today's Degenerate Grand Old Party...Power rules over Principles, Party over the People, and White Male Supremacy rules over our Nation's Laws! 

Trump and the Republican Party are completely transparent about  their disdain for the Rule of Law...and could care less how they break the Laws and destroy what remains of our fragile Democracy...yes, whatever remains after Trump, his Cabinet, the GOP, and their Russian Partners completely rip Ft Knox from all its Gold and are never seen again!...just like two-bit Dictators! 

It's not just Collusion or Obstruction of Justice, but World Wide Money Laundering, Racketeering, & Working with a Foreign Power against the Interest of the United States…that's "Treason"!  
Openly being an apologist for Putin and his Spy Hackers, while attacking America's own Intelligence Services, and refusing to invoke bipartisan veto-proof Congressional Sanctions against Russia...that's Treason!  

"Treason". For that, there's a very special place of honor...a Throne reserved for the Mad King Donald to sit's called the "Rosenberg" Chair!

Mueller Zeros In on Story Put Together About Trump Tower Meeting - The New York Times: Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, has pressed witnesses about a statement hastily written last summer aboard Air Force One and wants to know more from President Trump.

Nov 12, 2017

As the S.S. Trump sinks...the Rats are deserting the ship

By RF Schatten

In the end…all great Political Puzzles are uncovered with the same expected conclusion; the presumed guilty, are always inevitably guilty…and to the very surprise of no one! 

We have reached the point of the Trump/Russia Investigation, whereas one might say; The Plot Thickens!
Enter, for the first time into the public limelight, George Papadopoulos. George who??
According to the White House; "a Campaign Volunteer with an extremely limited role". Well, I guess he's the type of "volunteer with extremely limited role" who gets rewarded by sitting as an Advisor on the National Security Affairs Council!...and all as a Junior Staffer?!?!

Trying to dismiss his importance in the campaign, the White House and Michael Caputo, Trump's communications advisor during the campaign, dismissed Papadopoulos as a  "junior, very junior, staffer" who "never really landed on the campaign."

You can't dismiss a man as a "very junior staffer" when this man actually traveled incognito to Greece, on behalf of the Trump Campaign…and had a private meeting with Vladimir Putin! This so-called "Coffee Boy", had a chair as part of Trump's National Security Affairs Council, and participated in talks about Russian assistance, with Sessions & Trump present at meetings.
He was an eager beaver "volunteer". A Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor, who would do whatever would help Trump, and eager for "Brownie Points" & accolades by his boss. A perfect mark used to the max by Russian Intel…the perfect gung-ho, "low level" staffer to keep it all under the radar.

But George Papadopoulos isn't the only character in Chapter 2 of the plot…he was indicted, pleaded guilty, agreed to be wired, and is singing like a Canary!
Two more indictments went to Paul Manafort and his business partner, Rick Gates, for Money Laundering. They pleaded "Not Guilty"…but Money Laundering won't be the last thing with Manafort!

Meanwhile, the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place…enter Sam Clovis; Radio Talk Show Host, and the man who admitted he has absolutely no Science credentials whatsoever, yet Trump nominated him as the USDA's top "Scientist". Clovis was a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor during the Campaign…and the person who recommended Papadopoulos to the Campaign. Apparently, his involvement as a top campaign advisor and his knowledge of the Russian's approach to helping the Trump Campaign, puts him in hot water with the Mueller Team, and consequently dropped out of the USDA job!

The next piece of the puzzle, also recommended by Clovis…and also another campaign "Foreign Policy Advisor"…you have the weird and brash Carter Page. This character has pleaded the 5th Amendment more times than you can count, with Mueller…and he knows that indictments are coming his way. He's cooperating, as is Clovis!

But the player considered the major catch in this investigation, so far, will be former National Security Director Mike Flynn, who along with his son, has been caught red-handed with their hands in the cookie jar. They may be indicted for "Conspiracy against the United States"…that's Treason! Will Flynn sing? or accept Treason and its default penalty…death?
It's said that he made a plea, in order to save his son…and is talking! But no plea for himself has been granted, yet!

And it's not only the Family Flynn!...expect indictments on Donny Jr, Sessions, Jared Kushner, and probably Felix Sater. At list 9 officials associated with the Trumpster has ties to Russia (and that's not counting at least 3/4 of the Cabinet)…coincidence? 

Another Campaign Policy Advisor & National Security Affairs Council member, JD Gordon, really don't want to serve time or have any allegiance to Trump…and publicly admitted that Trump very well 'knew' George P. was plotting with the Russians!

The latest News? Mueller has at least seven more new Sealed Indictments with dozens of multiple charges, filed in the US District Court for DC! The Flynns also have Sealed Indictments in the US District Court for Eastern Virginia.

Now, Trump is going bonkers trying to convince America and the World that Putin is really a nice decent fellow, who just happens to be misunderstood! An honorable man who will never lie?!?!
Here you have a man who worships Vladimir Putin, an Enemy of the United States and a cold-blooded Assassin…and takes his word over his own country's Intelligence Community, even mocking them as Political Hacks…Trump's disrespectful words about his own Country, especially in front of the World, is totally disgraceful! They're words that are generally spoken out of the mouths of Traitors!!

"People will die if the Trump/Russia Investigation continue? A true sense of desperation is haunting Donny these days! What did he mean by "People will Die"? That's the problem!...who really fully understands or believes what this fat "old" man, ever says? 

When you hire scumbags and grifters…their "loyalty" will remain as far as the outside of the front gates of Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary!  Mueller's Noose is really beginning to tighten around the White House and around the Trumpster, himself…the S.S. Trump has started to take on water! And not soon enough for all the Rats to start deserting this sinking ship! 

As the Trump/Russia Investigation continues, we can now safely say that Mueller is measuring the Trumpster for a new Jumpsuit! You know, Orange Jumpsuits are the latest fashion craze of life inside the Pen…at least, we can all say; Donald Trump will be color coordinated from head to toe!

Unhinged Donald Trump insists "people will die" if the Trump-Russia investigation continues - Palmer Report

Sep 29, 2017

Puerto Rico & the US Administration's Sham

By RF Schatten

"If you're in trouble, or hurt or need…go to the poor people. They're the only ones that'll help…The only ones"  ~~~ John Steinbeck

When an American Commonwealth, an Island of 3.5 Million American Citizens incurs a massive catastrophic disaster, the most logical, most humanitarian, and most responsible thing for the Federal Government to do, is to start sending massive amounts of Aid, Fast! Really Fast!!! Specifically Food, Water, and Medical Supplies!'s the US Government's Moral and Legal Obligation!!

Tragedy struck the Island of Puerto Rico with a vengeance! Hurricane Maria's Eye of 155mph Winds ripped its' way through the Island, causing the biggest disaster in Puerto Rico's history.
In Humanitarian efforts and in Total Cost, It may very well be the biggest and costliest disaster ever, In US History!...and the US Virgin Islands, is suffering a similar fate!!

Trump's initial response to his concern for their lives? Puerto Rico's in "Deep Trouble" with a "Broken Infrastructure" that sucks and they're massively in "debt"?!?! Again for Trump, is all about Money!!

NO ASSHOLE!! Puerto Rico's infrastructure may be "broken" cause, absolutely No One in Washington gives a Sh*t what happens in Puerto Rico!...never has and never will! Allocating the proper funding and a proper budget for the repairs of an antiquated infrastructure, or for whatever else they need, must come from the House of Representatives and the US Senate!!

Yes! It's been a major problem for years…among other things…while no one in DC ever gave a damn! Being a US "Commonwealth"…it's America's responsibility and obligation to work and help Puerto Rico, the same as in Houston and the State of Texas, the same as in the Keys, and all of Florida! 

There's absolutely no difference between Puerto Ricans and any other Americans. They speak Spanish?…so what? Just like every other Hispanic American!!
In 1941, under Section 302 of the Immigration & Naturalization Act, People born in Puerto Rico were given the natural Birthright of American Citizens, the same as people born in the 50 States and DC.  It also grandfathered American Citizenship to those Puerto Ricans born on April 11th, 1899 - Jan. 13th, 1941

The big problem? These American Citizens are without a Representative Vote in Congress!...that's why Puerto Rico always ends up getting diddly squat! A Puerto Rican "non-voting" Representative at Large is all they have!

Every single year at the start of a new Congress, a Puerto Rican Delegation made up of 2 US Senators and 5 Representatives…the allocation for the size of the Commonwealth….are voted by the people of Puerto Rico and sent to Washington to present their credentials, and be accepted as Voting Members.
Every single year, the US Congress turns them down!  Wow! Incredible!! American Citizens without the "Rights" of American Citizens!

And the United States considers themselves the Greatest Country in the World? Not in the Eyes of 3.5 Million people! 
The tragedy of this Puerto Rican disaster marks another period of Shame in US History, like the ignorance of the Salem Witch Burnings, and the "Genocide" of Native Americans by Trump's Hero, Andrew Jackson. And how can anyone not remember the Shame of our Government during New Orleans' Katrina tragedy?
The US Administration's "Sham" of this Catastrophic Hurricane has become Internationally, another big fat shameful episode in US History 101

One whole week after Maria:
No Food! no Drinking Water! No Medicine! including a badly urgent need for Insulin and Medical Supplies, and no Chemo for Cancer victims! 
Electricity? None for the next 4-6 months!! Only 11 of 69 Hospitals are still operating with Power Generators…and the lack of Gasoline will take down most of those hospitals within another week! 

The Population? No Generators left and very little Gasoline left in the Island!
Living in a sweltering heat, with toxically infested flooded Lakes, Rivers, and Streams…and a major Dam ready to burst! The same waters so many have to walk across holding onto a Line from one end to another, just to survive!...if Deadly Infections doesn't get them first!
All of that, plus the thousands and thousands who've lost entire homes, and all their lives' belongings…those totally Homeless, and with very few Shelters left to go into! The scene in Puerto Rico, literally, looks extremely Dangerous, Somber, and Macabre.  

The smell of Death is in the Air! What will happen next? It's the beginning of the slow painful death of Puerto Ricans; the Sick, the Elderly, the Handicapped. As Supplies run out and Hospitals stop functioning, the morbid sound of "Death Rattles" will be everywhere, and nothing is going to stop it!

Puerto Rico needs help now! Not next week! They need help, right Now!!!
And what's the American Government's response?  For a whole week following the Storm, Donald Trump hasn't done jack-sh*t to even speak out or respond!…it took a week, and great Journalism Reporting to make the US Govt. finally respond…and then, a pretty piss poor 1st Response at that.

An entire week of Life and Death!! while our Illegitimate Bastard President kept his Racist bating agenda wide open by first picking on Black ESPN Host Jemele Hill, cause she had the gall to criticize Him! Then, at Colin Kaepernick, cause he exercised his 1st Amendment Rights of Expression, and Steph Curry, for refusing to meet and kiss his fat ass at the White House. All three happened to be Black…the perfect subjects to arouse people in "The Heart of Dixie", Alabama!
How much does Donald Trump care about Hispanics? This "Son of a Bitch" lifted the 1920 Jones Act…also known as the Merchant Marines Act…that allows all shipping, American or otherwise to bring in supplies to Texas and to Florida, but still, using all his horsesh*t lies, refused to lift the Act for Puerto Rico!!!

After lying his derriere off again, saying the shipping industry didn't want to go Puerto Rico…The reality of life and massive criticism, made the Trumpster take a 2nd look at his "Ratings" and lifted the Jones Act. Naturally, he took all the credit!   

It's the Filth of an Indecent and shameful human being….a total Coward who walks and talks tough,  and pretends to be a Man, while at the end of the day…he's still the same fat ass spineless Coward!
But, the one thing this Orange Mop has done very well while Dividing America, is Uniting every sector of the "Majority" of Americans in this Country, the Majority that never Voted for him…and then some!

The American Resistance have come to the forefront of Racial Injustice and Equality. What all these Storms have done is Unite Communities beyond Racial Bigotries for the 1st time in our lifetime! The Citizen Heroes and all their boats, saving everyone possible in Houston, and the Citizen Heroes in Florida! All, working together despite their Political and Social leanings. It's the Heart of Americans helping Americans, and helping all fellow Human Beings…this is what once made America Great, and what Donald Trump wants to destroy by dividing! 

Now, with Puerto Rico in dire straits, Americans have banded together once again. Money Donations running in the $Millions$ from around the Country, Fundraisers for the Victims in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico…yes! One Country "INDIVISIBLE"!
No one, not even the Trump Fascist Government, can Divide Americans against one another when it comes to Helping each other in times of True Crisis!! 

In Puerto Rico, Americans helping Americans have gone a long way: Cuban American Rapper "Pitbull" sent his own private Jet to Evacuate all the Cancer Patients off the Island, and take them to Hospitals in the States so they can continue their Chemotherapy!  In Texas, Mark Cuban lend his private plane to one of his Maverick Players J.J. Barea so he could fly life-saving supplies down to the Island.
The biggest help came from Hillary Clinton! suggesting the Hospital Ship "USNS Comfort" be sent to the Rescue…something the unprofessional Trump Administration and State Dept. didn't even have a clue about. The ship is now on its way, while Trump? Again, took the Credit!

And now, this degenerate SOB is "Price Gauging" the victims of this disaster…making people who are Stranded,  Homeless, and in many cases, with only the clothes on their backs…pay "Full Price" for Airfare, if they want to Evacuate.
And then, this real piece of human excrement has the f*cking gall of making these Citizens pay back the cost for being Rescued!!!…Is Texas Paying Back?? Is Florida Paying Back?? Puerto Ricans are being Extorted by having their US Passports seized until they pay the Government back!!
And then, you wonder why oppression usually leads to violent Revolutions?  

The true character of America comes out loud and clear in a time of Crisis & Tragedy! All, to the bitter jealousy of an Indecent Human Being who's a flaming Bigot and a Racist! A true National Hypocrite who praises "The Flag" & "Patriotism" while Dodging the Draft X5!!…a true spineless Coward and a certified Phony!

Trump's sound-byte on Puerto Rico? "A Good News Story"!
Puerto Rico's sound-bytes? San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz; I am begging! Save us from Dying! "Damn it! This is not a 'Good News Story'… we're all Dying"! When you're drinking water from a Toxic Creek, that's not a Good News Story! When you have to pull people down from buildings, I'm sorry, that really upsets me and frustrates me! We are treated not as Second Class Citizens, we're treated as Animals"!! The World is watching as this "Story" becomes a Genocide"!!

To all my dear "Boricua" Friends! Godspeed, You are all in our Prayers!…Hispanic America has your back, even if Our own President doesn't!

Que Dios los Bendiga a Todos en Puerto Rico! Somos Cubanos, Mexicanos, Dominicanos, Sur Americanos, Pan Americanos, y la Communidad Hispana Mundial…todos, estamos unido en esta causa justa! Adelante!!

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