Feb 1, 2018

Trump/Russia...Foreign Intrigue on the 25th Floor

By RFSchatten

"Tricks and Treachery are the practice of Fools, that don't have Brains enough to be Honest" ~~~ Benjamin Franklin
We're living in an age where Subliminal Speeches, Propaganda, and Platitudes draws uneducated ignorance like it never has before. These are dangerous times for an immature America!  
Robert Reich once said; "Trump uses Fear. Fear begets Anger. Anger generates Hate. Hate causes Violence. Violence produces more Fear. It's a vicious cycle that Despots have used since the beginning of recorded time to entrench their Power".

America is still too immature ...it has never experienced what many around the world already have...Kleptocracy, Open Corruption, Legalization of Criminal Activities, Oppression, the Elimination of the Rules of Laws, the Cancellation of Elections, and shutting the Free Press. We are inching closer to those things that haven't affected us, yet! The question is; How do We, the People make sure it doesn't happen?    
I've always wondered; Where was Donald Trump on the afternoon of the infamous Russian Meeting in Trump Tower? 

Let's look at the Timeline of that afternoon: June 9th, 2016 
1:02 p.m. : Donald Trump leaves the Four Seasons Restaurant, where he attended a "Trump Victory Fund" fundraising lunch. Trump returned to Trump Tower...just two blocks away...where he remained there for "the rest of the afternoon".   
2:00 p.m. : Paul Manafort leaves the Four Seasons Restaurant. 
4:00 p.m. : Donald Trump, Jr., Paul Manafort, &  Jared Kushner…without their own lawyers present…meet with Russian Lawyer and her entourage of Russian Agents & Sympathizers at the Trump Tower's 25th Floor, in Trump Corp.'s  Conference Room…only a floor down from Trump's Personal Office in the 26th Floor! 
4:30 p.m. : Meeting said to End at this time. 
4:40 p.m. : Trump responds to a Hillary Clinton Tweet with a dig at her "Emails" for the very 1st time. 

That evening he addressed a group by saying he had a lot of dirt on Hillary…but won't say what it is till the following Monday…at a rally. 
Monday arrived and left…and no Dirt! Didn't even mentioned it! (especially since he knew, he never had any real evidence). 

What was Donald Trump doing on the "afternoon" of June 9th, 2016 at Trump Tower? Was he working "the rest of the afternoon" in his office on the 26th Floor?…just one floor up from the Conference Room where the Meeting was being held? Just coincidence? 
Or, was he in his Penthouse Apartment…" the rest of the afternoon"…totally ignorant of everything going on around him? Just coincidence, too? 

Donald Trump is a Cowardly Psychopath who demands Total Loyalty and obedience from all his staff, Party supporters, and his followers. He's a Control freak who demands to be "in the loop", to know everything that's happening around him...anything and everything... that will affect his life at all times, whether personal & professional. 
There's no way on Earth!...whatsoever!...that Donald Trump doesn't know what's happening at all times in his own Building, in his own Corporation's Conference Room…only one floor down. No way he doesn't know what happened Inside his own Campaign Team during the Election Season! and most of what's happening inside the White House, now! 

Yea!, he knew about it from the very beginning! being there "all afternoon"?…he may not have been physically present during the meeting, itself…but, he was there afterward.  
Most likely with JR...either talked to the Russians in his office, just a floor up…or way up in his Golden Penthouse where he can play out his King Shit shtick, trying to the impress the unimpressible! 

He knew about the Meeting, and he knew about the consequences…so why is he freaking out 24/7? 
Trump is waging a vile filthy war against every minority on the face of this Earth. He Tweets 24/7 and totally melts down every day. He's got Mueller continually up his ass, He's having a great pissing contest with North Koreans, Women filing sexual misconduct lawsuits against him, a GOP in the middle of fragile marital counseling…trying to remain one Grand Old Party. DACA, the Wall, the Government Shutdowns, Tax Cuts for Billionaires, The Iranian Issues, the Palestinians & Jerusalem, the Chinese, Russia looking more every day as the true residents of the White House, and now "Fire & Fury"...raising the fire and fury of LeGrande Orange! to the point of asking the Publisher to stop the release!  
Now, Book Banning too? Why is he so scared what Sloppy Steve Bannon might say? 

Ahhyup! Sloppy Steve is talking...and with 2 Subpoenas, and a Grand Jury lurking around the Corner?  It's payback time for the man that Trump reportedly said; "cried & begged on his knees not to fire him"!  
Shithole Donald attempted to place Sloppy Steve with a gag order, to prevent him from singing...now, with those 2 Subpoenas waving at him...he's going to sing like a Soprano!  
How is the Investigation going? The Republican Party is now in full complicity with Russia & Donald Trump! Devin Nunes putting out a phony horseshit memo, the same memo attacked by Sessions and Wray as being totally incomprehensible, reckless, & irresponsible to put that classified information out...Trump the Traitor and Fake President, naturally is 100% in favor of releasing the Fake Info. 

When you have to make up parts of an intelligence report to favor your side and discredit honorable people to save the Presidency...you're in as much direct collusion & obstruction of justice as anyone else! But, that's life in today's Degenerate Grand Old Party...Power rules over Principles, Party over the People, and White Male Supremacy rules over our Nation's Laws! 

Trump and the Republican Party are completely transparent about  their disdain for the Rule of Law...and could care less how they break the Laws and destroy what remains of our fragile Democracy...yes, whatever remains after Trump, his Cabinet, the GOP, and their Russian Partners completely rip Ft Knox from all its Gold and are never seen again!...just like two-bit Dictators! 

It's not just Collusion or Obstruction of Justice, but World Wide Money Laundering, Racketeering, & Working with a Foreign Power against the Interest of the United States…that's "Treason"!  
Openly being an apologist for Putin and his Spy Hackers, while attacking America's own Intelligence Services, and refusing to invoke bipartisan veto-proof Congressional Sanctions against Russia...that's Treason!  

"Treason". For that, there's a very special place of honor...a Throne reserved for the Mad King Donald to sit in...it's called the "Rosenberg" Chair!

Mueller Zeros In on Story Put Together About Trump Tower Meeting - The New York Times: Robert S. Mueller III, the special counsel, has pressed witnesses about a statement hastily written last summer aboard Air Force One and wants to know more from President Trump.

Nov 12, 2017

As the S.S. Trump sinks...the Rats are deserting the ship

By RF Schatten

In the end…all great Political Puzzles are uncovered with the same expected conclusion; the presumed guilty, are always inevitably guilty…and to the very surprise of no one! 

We have reached the point of the Trump/Russia Investigation, whereas one might say; The Plot Thickens!
Enter, for the first time into the public limelight, George Papadopoulos. George who??
According to the White House; "a Campaign Volunteer with an extremely limited role". Well, I guess he's the type of "volunteer with extremely limited role" who gets rewarded by sitting as an Advisor on the National Security Affairs Council!...and all as a Junior Staffer?!?!

Trying to dismiss his importance in the campaign, the White House and Michael Caputo, Trump's communications advisor during the campaign, dismissed Papadopoulos as a  "junior, very junior, staffer" who "never really landed on the campaign."

You can't dismiss a man as a "very junior staffer" when this man actually traveled incognito to Greece, on behalf of the Trump Campaign…and had a private meeting with Vladimir Putin! This so-called "Coffee Boy", had a chair as part of Trump's National Security Affairs Council, and participated in talks about Russian assistance, with Sessions & Trump present at meetings.
He was an eager beaver "volunteer". A Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor, who would do whatever would help Trump, and eager for "Brownie Points" & accolades by his boss. A perfect mark used to the max by Russian Intel…the perfect gung-ho, "low level" staffer to keep it all under the radar.

But George Papadopoulos isn't the only character in Chapter 2 of the plot…he was indicted, pleaded guilty, agreed to be wired, and is singing like a Canary!
Two more indictments went to Paul Manafort and his business partner, Rick Gates, for Money Laundering. They pleaded "Not Guilty"…but Money Laundering won't be the last thing with Manafort!

Meanwhile, the pieces of the puzzle are falling into place…enter Sam Clovis; Radio Talk Show Host, and the man who admitted he has absolutely no Science credentials whatsoever, yet Trump nominated him as the USDA's top "Scientist". Clovis was a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor during the Campaign…and the person who recommended Papadopoulos to the Campaign. Apparently, his involvement as a top campaign advisor and his knowledge of the Russian's approach to helping the Trump Campaign, puts him in hot water with the Mueller Team, and consequently dropped out of the USDA job!

The next piece of the puzzle, also recommended by Clovis…and also another campaign "Foreign Policy Advisor"…you have the weird and brash Carter Page. This character has pleaded the 5th Amendment more times than you can count, with Mueller…and he knows that indictments are coming his way. He's cooperating, as is Clovis!

But the player considered the major catch in this investigation, so far, will be former National Security Director Mike Flynn, who along with his son, has been caught red-handed with their hands in the cookie jar. They may be indicted for "Conspiracy against the United States"…that's Treason! Will Flynn sing? or accept Treason and its default penalty…death?
It's said that he made a plea, in order to save his son…and is talking! But no plea for himself has been granted, yet!

And it's not only the Family Flynn!...expect indictments on Donny Jr, Sessions, Jared Kushner, and probably Felix Sater. At list 9 officials associated with the Trumpster has ties to Russia (and that's not counting at least 3/4 of the Cabinet)…coincidence? 

Another Campaign Policy Advisor & National Security Affairs Council member, JD Gordon, really don't want to serve time or have any allegiance to Trump…and publicly admitted that Trump very well 'knew' George P. was plotting with the Russians!

The latest News? Mueller has at least seven more new Sealed Indictments with dozens of multiple charges, filed in the US District Court for DC! The Flynns also have Sealed Indictments in the US District Court for Eastern Virginia.

Now, Trump is going bonkers trying to convince America and the World that Putin is really a nice decent fellow, who just happens to be misunderstood! An honorable man who will never lie?!?!
Here you have a man who worships Vladimir Putin, an Enemy of the United States and a cold-blooded Assassin…and takes his word over his own country's Intelligence Community, even mocking them as Political Hacks…Trump's disrespectful words about his own Country, especially in front of the World, is totally disgraceful! They're words that are generally spoken out of the mouths of Traitors!!

"People will die if the Trump/Russia Investigation continue? A true sense of desperation is haunting Donny these days! What did he mean by "People will Die"? That's the problem!...who really fully understands or believes what this fat "old" man, ever says? 

When you hire scumbags and grifters…their "loyalty" will remain as far as the outside of the front gates of Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary!  Mueller's Noose is really beginning to tighten around the White House and around the Trumpster, himself…the S.S. Trump has started to take on water! And not soon enough for all the Rats to start deserting this sinking ship! 

As the Trump/Russia Investigation continues, we can now safely say that Mueller is measuring the Trumpster for a new Jumpsuit! You know, Orange Jumpsuits are the latest fashion craze of life inside the Pen…at least, we can all say; Donald Trump will be color coordinated from head to toe!

Unhinged Donald Trump insists "people will die" if the Trump-Russia investigation continues - Palmer Report

Sep 29, 2017

Puerto Rico & the US Administration's Sham

By RF Schatten

"If you're in trouble, or hurt or need…go to the poor people. They're the only ones that'll help…The only ones"  ~~~ John Steinbeck

When an American Commonwealth, an Island of 3.5 Million American Citizens incurs a massive catastrophic disaster, the most logical, most humanitarian, and most responsible thing for the Federal Government to do, is to start sending massive amounts of Aid, Fast! Really Fast!!! Specifically Food, Water, and Medical Supplies!...it's the US Government's Moral and Legal Obligation!!

Tragedy struck the Island of Puerto Rico with a vengeance! Hurricane Maria's Eye of 155mph Winds ripped its' way through the Island, causing the biggest disaster in Puerto Rico's history.
In Humanitarian efforts and in Total Cost, It may very well be the biggest and costliest disaster ever, In US History!...and the US Virgin Islands, is suffering a similar fate!!

Trump's initial response to his concern for their lives? Puerto Rico's in "Deep Trouble" with a "Broken Infrastructure" that sucks and they're massively in "debt"?!?! Again for Trump, is all about Money!!

NO ASSHOLE!! Puerto Rico's infrastructure may be "broken" cause, absolutely No One in Washington gives a Sh*t what happens in Puerto Rico!...never has and never will! Allocating the proper funding and a proper budget for the repairs of an antiquated infrastructure, or for whatever else they need, must come from the House of Representatives and the US Senate!!

Yes! It's been a major problem for years…among other things…while no one in DC ever gave a damn! Being a US "Commonwealth"…it's America's responsibility and obligation to work and help Puerto Rico, the same as in Houston and the State of Texas, the same as in the Keys, and all of Florida! 

There's absolutely no difference between Puerto Ricans and any other Americans. They speak Spanish?…so what? Just like every other Hispanic American!!
In 1941, under Section 302 of the Immigration & Naturalization Act, People born in Puerto Rico were given the natural Birthright of American Citizens, the same as people born in the 50 States and DC.  It also grandfathered American Citizenship to those Puerto Ricans born on April 11th, 1899 - Jan. 13th, 1941

The big problem? These American Citizens are without a Representative Vote in Congress!...that's why Puerto Rico always ends up getting diddly squat! A Puerto Rican "non-voting" Representative at Large is all they have!

Every single year at the start of a new Congress, a Puerto Rican Delegation made up of 2 US Senators and 5 Representatives…the allocation for the size of the Commonwealth….are voted by the people of Puerto Rico and sent to Washington to present their credentials, and be accepted as Voting Members.
Every single year, the US Congress turns them down!  Wow! Incredible!! American Citizens without the "Rights" of American Citizens!

And the United States considers themselves the Greatest Country in the World? Not in the Eyes of 3.5 Million people! 
The tragedy of this Puerto Rican disaster marks another period of Shame in US History, like the ignorance of the Salem Witch Burnings, and the "Genocide" of Native Americans by Trump's Hero, Andrew Jackson. And how can anyone not remember the Shame of our Government during New Orleans' Katrina tragedy?
The US Administration's "Sham" of this Catastrophic Hurricane has become Internationally, another big fat shameful episode in US History 101

One whole week after Maria:
No Food! no Drinking Water! No Medicine! including a badly urgent need for Insulin and Medical Supplies, and no Chemo for Cancer victims! 
Electricity? None for the next 4-6 months!! Only 11 of 69 Hospitals are still operating with Power Generators…and the lack of Gasoline will take down most of those hospitals within another week! 

The Population? No Generators left and very little Gasoline left in the Island!
Living in a sweltering heat, with toxically infested flooded Lakes, Rivers, and Streams…and a major Dam ready to burst! The same waters so many have to walk across holding onto a Line from one end to another, just to survive!...if Deadly Infections doesn't get them first!
All of that, plus the thousands and thousands who've lost entire homes, and all their lives' belongings…those totally Homeless, and with very few Shelters left to go into! The scene in Puerto Rico, literally, looks extremely Dangerous, Somber, and Macabre.  

The smell of Death is in the Air! What will happen next? It's the beginning of the slow painful death of Puerto Ricans; the Sick, the Elderly, the Handicapped. As Supplies run out and Hospitals stop functioning, the morbid sound of "Death Rattles" will be everywhere, and nothing is going to stop it!

Puerto Rico needs help now! Not next week! They need help, right Now!!!
And what's the American Government's response?  For a whole week following the Storm, Donald Trump hasn't done jack-sh*t to even speak out or respond!…it took a week, and great Journalism Reporting to make the US Govt. finally respond…and then, a pretty piss poor 1st Response at that.

An entire week of Life and Death!! while our Illegitimate Bastard President kept his Racist bating agenda wide open by first picking on Black ESPN Host Jemele Hill, cause she had the gall to criticize Him! Then, at Colin Kaepernick, cause he exercised his 1st Amendment Rights of Expression, and Steph Curry, for refusing to meet and kiss his fat ass at the White House. All three happened to be Black…the perfect subjects to arouse people in "The Heart of Dixie", Alabama!
How much does Donald Trump care about Hispanics? This "Son of a Bitch" lifted the 1920 Jones Act…also known as the Merchant Marines Act…that allows all shipping, American or otherwise to bring in supplies to Texas and to Florida, but still, using all his horsesh*t lies, refused to lift the Act for Puerto Rico!!!

After lying his derriere off again, saying the shipping industry didn't want to go Puerto Rico…The reality of life and massive criticism, made the Trumpster take a 2nd look at his "Ratings" and lifted the Jones Act. Naturally, he took all the credit!   

It's the Filth of an Indecent and shameful human being….a total Coward who walks and talks tough,  and pretends to be a Man, while at the end of the day…he's still the same fat ass spineless Coward!
But, the one thing this Orange Mop has done very well while Dividing America, is Uniting every sector of the "Majority" of Americans in this Country, the Majority that never Voted for him…and then some!

The American Resistance have come to the forefront of Racial Injustice and Equality. What all these Storms have done is Unite Communities beyond Racial Bigotries for the 1st time in our lifetime! The Citizen Heroes and all their boats, saving everyone possible in Houston, and the Citizen Heroes in Florida! All, working together despite their Political and Social leanings. It's the Heart of Americans helping Americans, and helping all fellow Human Beings…this is what once made America Great, and what Donald Trump wants to destroy by dividing! 

Now, with Puerto Rico in dire straits, Americans have banded together once again. Money Donations running in the $Millions$ from around the Country, Fundraisers for the Victims in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico…yes! One Country "INDIVISIBLE"!
No one, not even the Trump Fascist Government, can Divide Americans against one another when it comes to Helping each other in times of True Crisis!! 

In Puerto Rico, Americans helping Americans have gone a long way: Cuban American Rapper "Pitbull" sent his own private Jet to Evacuate all the Cancer Patients off the Island, and take them to Hospitals in the States so they can continue their Chemotherapy!  In Texas, Mark Cuban lend his private plane to one of his Maverick Players J.J. Barea so he could fly life-saving supplies down to the Island.
The biggest help came from Hillary Clinton! suggesting the Hospital Ship "USNS Comfort" be sent to the Rescue…something the unprofessional Trump Administration and State Dept. didn't even have a clue about. The ship is now on its way, while Trump? Again, took the Credit!

And now, this degenerate SOB is "Price Gauging" the victims of this disaster…making people who are Stranded,  Homeless, and in many cases, with only the clothes on their backs…pay "Full Price" for Airfare, if they want to Evacuate.
And then, this real piece of human excrement has the f*cking gall of making these Citizens pay back the cost for being Rescued!!!…Is Texas Paying Back?? Is Florida Paying Back?? Puerto Ricans are being Extorted by having their US Passports seized until they pay the Government back!!
And then, you wonder why oppression usually leads to violent Revolutions?  

The true character of America comes out loud and clear in a time of Crisis & Tragedy! All, to the bitter jealousy of an Indecent Human Being who's a flaming Bigot and a Racist! A true National Hypocrite who praises "The Flag" & "Patriotism" while Dodging the Draft X5!!…a true spineless Coward and a certified Phony!

Trump's sound-byte on Puerto Rico? "A Good News Story"!
Puerto Rico's sound-bytes? San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz; I am begging! Save us from Dying! "Damn it! This is not a 'Good News Story'… we're all Dying"! When you're drinking water from a Toxic Creek, that's not a Good News Story! When you have to pull people down from buildings, I'm sorry, that really upsets me and frustrates me! We are treated not as Second Class Citizens, we're treated as Animals"!! The World is watching as this "Story" becomes a Genocide"!!

To all my dear "Boricua" Friends! Godspeed, You are all in our Prayers!…Hispanic America has your back, even if Our own President doesn't!

Que Dios los Bendiga a Todos en Puerto Rico! Somos Cubanos, Mexicanos, Dominicanos, Sur Americanos, Pan Americanos, y la Communidad Hispana Mundial…todos, estamos unido en esta causa justa! Adelante!!

News from The Associated Press

Sep 20, 2017

The Folly of Amateurish American Diplomacy

By RF Schatten

"You learn, just as you learn good manners, how to approach things with a certain amount of Diplomacy"  ~~~  Robert MacNeil

When you have Kim Jong-un & Donald Trump; 2 impulsive Psychopaths, dreadfully Callow, Egocentrics, and raving stark Narcissists…what can ever possibly go wrong??

Admiration for someone's "Leadership" in the World, should be based on his or her positive accomplishments, not on a person's constant failures in Foreign Affairs throughout the World.
An Administration without a solitary sense of Wisdom or Moral Leadership cannot Lead a Nation…and consequently, because of their actions…cannot ever lead a Free World!
Diplomacy? In the Era of Trump? Where Immorality, Obscenity, crass Disrespect, Bad Manners, and Systematic Hatred reigns supreme?…Diplomacy, like Decorum…is a nasty dirty word in TrumpWorld! 

Now, you got two Man-Babies holding pissing contests over waging Nuclear Annihilation. And all just for that ever-present "Limelight"!…they're both passionately in love with themselves, and in love with those Lights & Cameras. And the Notoriety that comes along…no matter whether it's the Fame or the Infamy! 
There have been many models studied on ways Thermal Nuclear Warfare might be started...but, in today's world, where nothing is Traditional or Rational? Who would've ever thought both sides would be disputing, who wants to end the World, 1st??

Yes! Both sides are led by Childish, Egocentric, Spoiled Temperamental Brats! Two Big Fat grown-up Bullies, both ironically, with really tiny little hands. And just to think; These whiney little Man-Childs might be responsible for the end of this world!
Both, extremely Immoral, obscene human beings, whom neither of them understands a single meaning of Critical Thinking, nor Logic or Rationality. These two ding dongs? Basically, neither of them knows how to Reason whatsoever! Not good! when these 2 little fat clowns have matching Red Buttons at their disposal! 

What civilized people understand and imbecile Trumpers can't ever get it right; If the sh*t ever hits the fan for North Korea, and the United States uses a Preemptive 1st Strike with Nuclear Warheads, the fanatic North will not ever surrender! If death is imminent, they'll simply Nuke neighboring Seoul, South Korea…and maybe Japan…before they're all vaporized together and cease to exist. "We may be Dead, but we still Win...argh"!!
Yea! it's from a little movie that proves; all the Nuclear Power… without an Intelligent Leadership, doesn't really mean diddly squat! 

Does anyone know the cost of waging war with North Korea? The Physical and Financial Loss? The tragic death toll in the Multimillions…at least 25 Million in North Korea? and 51.44 in South Korea?
Don't forget, South Korea is among the world giants in the Auto Industry, the Tech Industry, in Commerce, and Banks! Their GDP (PPP) for 2017 is $2,030 Billion!!
It'll be the Crash heard around the World! The Human Loss! and the Collapse of the World's Markets! A financial devastation unequal to anything ever seen before.
The US? what's left of us?...it'll take 100 years or more, rebuilding our Society to make America Great Again!

Our problem?...and the World's?...is that we have 2 Dysfunctional Human Beings!!!
One rules a Country cause he's the 3rd "God" of North Korea, following his Father, Kim Jung-iI (God II), a famed collector of Porno Flicks...and his equally crazy Grandfather, Kim il-Sung, the originator of the horsesh*t tale on how he became Korea's chosen God! This rotund little guy is sure following in the footsteps of a lot of horsesh*t!
The Other? A Bullsh*t Artist, Con-Artist, Liar extraordinaire, incredibly incompetent, and a seriously inept and unqualified Humanoid to lead a Nation!...he's not even qualified to by a Father!

Don the Con is a cheat, who cheated in Politics like he cheats in life…all his life...and had Russia hand him an election, without getting a Majority!
America's Leader is selected by the Majority of the American Voters….technically, he may be a leader in "Name Only" or the Leader of the entire Universe within his own imagination!…but he's not the true Leader of this Nation! The majority of the United States has already voiced 'that' opinion by who they voted for! And if the Russians did assist this Orange Clown, the legitimacy of the Election is thrown out the window…null and void! Is Trump an Illegitimate President??

When all this drama ends, if he gets his Nuke War? I 'will' guarantee you; a man disguised as a Mexican with a big mustache and a big Mexican hat will start inquiring on a Travel Visa & a one-way ticket to South America...under the name; "D. Drumpf".
All those good so-called "moral" Christians may get their Armageddon opportunity, after all, thanks to their love for an Idiot, who's always full of sound & fury but never actually signifying, absolutely nothing!

America's biggest problem…and complication…in negotiating Foreign Policy, is Donald Trump.
A man who doesn't listen to anyone doesn't take advice from anyone! and who truly believes he's the World's Greatest Salesman!
Well? At least, He's proving one thing; He's the World's Greatest Sucker…a schmuck, who's become the easiest "Mark", World Leaders & Politicos everywhere have to exploit and manipulate to their heart's desire!

And as complications continue to set-in on the negotiation efforts by the most amateurish, unqualified State Department in American History, more complications continue to pile up for the United States…and now, just to pour a 'little' gasoline over the fire?…Vladimir Putin stated Russia will "support" North Korea Militarily if ever attacked in a Pre-emptive 1st Strike. And recently, told the United Nations he would not abide by their sanctions and continue to export Oil to Pyongyang. China also offered the same conditions for Military support and also refused to recognize the sanctions. They too will continue to export 'their' Oil to North Korea.

This whole Korean conundrum is what happens when a totally Incompetent President and a totally Incompetent State Dept. takes hold of Foreign Policy. Our Leader and his Crony Sec. of State have absolutely no experience or understanding of International Foreign Affairs, on Diplomatic Engagements and Skills, or how it all works in World Politics!! Using Military Options cause they exhausted all talks?? BULLSH*T!!

How in the hell can any talks even be held between the Countries involved, if the State Dept...with all the tension of Nuclear War and Armageddon…still has no Ambassador in place in South Korea? Or in China? Or in Japan? And no Undersecretary of State for Asian Affairs?
More than 30 countries still lack US Ambassadors, Embassies under budget, and all running dangerously understaffed!!...and then, you hear the constant hypocrisy of the GOP, always bitching about Benghazi?!?!    
The next Benghazi? Any of a couple of Dozen Embassies with no Ambassadors, a very small Budget & a very small Staff!!!...in all seriousness, God help them!!

As tension grows, the military escalation by Korea and the US continues to grow...and while the tension of Nuclear War spreads around the World...the White House's (actually Rex Tillerson's) official schpiel on their beloved leader was; "Don't listen to what Donald Trump ever says".
Don't listen? don't Listen?? Improvising, or flat out Lies!...Donald Trump simply does not understand or just lacks the knowledge that as President of the United States...anything he says represents America's position, and is taken as his official "word". He definitely lacks the academic knowledge…or did you really expect Donald Trump to turn into a respected Gentleman, Statesman, and Scholar??
Don't believe what Trump said in the United Nations?...His speech declaring himself "Ronan the Accuser" and threatening a Wrath of Hell on North Korea? I know what Rex said after another of Trump's Rants, and Mattis made sure to say it after this speech…don't listen or believe Trump.
But, you really got to feel sorry for Kelly. This man can't ever raise his head in public from the shame and embarrassment his boss brings to him! His expressions and body language say it all! 

Sorry, Donny! You flunked again in the World of Diplomatic Decorum, Barack Obama you'll never be! nor will you ever reach up to his level. Which is why You, Sir! are so deeply deeply jealous of 44! Live with it, you can't change reality!

The Man-Baby War of Imbecility that can exterminate mankind.
As rhetoric continues to escalate between these 2 totally incompetent fools, our readiness level is reaching "DEFCON 1"!!...the "Cocked Pistol" is loaded and ready to unload a Nuclear War!

Like Slim Pickens' Wild Ride down the B52's bomb bay doors...I believe that if Trump ever drops his damn Bomb...it's only appropriate, Trump to be 'Forced' to Ride It Down like a Bucking Bronco, and waving a Big Cowboy Hat! Yippy Kai Yay! Motherf*cker!...and Adios, Amigo!!

Trump's Maniacal U.N. Address Has Set America on a Course with Cataclysm | Alternet

Sep 6, 2017

The Courage of a Community, while a President Showboats!

By RF Schatten

"God grant me the Serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the Courage to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the Difference"  ~~~ Reinhold Niebuhr

A Community of Heroes!...amazing how Mother Nature turns our American Communities of Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, all ethnics groups, both Repubs & Dems, Rich Man or Poor Man...all coming together, rejecting hate and rejecting prejudices, with only one goal in mind...saving the lives of their fellow man!!

But even during times of natural disasters, amid all the 'Positive' attention on how American Communities bond with Courage and Moral Responsibilities, in times of Crisis & Tragedy...even then, you have the 'Negativity' of Human Nature.
You have those who don't give a damn whatsoever about saving anyone except for themselves, it's those people who during times of Crisis, cowardly run away from their moral responsibility...even if they are safe on higher ground!

Hate, Bigotry, and Racism don't disappear inside a Flood! The immorality of Politicos and the immorality of those "Good Christian Pastors" who 'suppose' to teach and practice Jesus' Corporal Works of Mercy; Feed the Hungry, Shelter the Homeless, Clothe the Naked, Visit the Sick, and so forth! That immorality between Politics and Religion goes hand in hand!

Like the Immoralities of Pastor Joel Osteen, who conveniently closed his massive facility to take in victims, citing his Church was flooded. A very ignorant excuse for a supposed smart man, knowing it wouldn't be too long before being Exposed by the Press...for the Sh*t of a human being, he really is!
The Following day, after a 'Hurricane' of Criticism by Social Media and by the Press, nationwide...the Good Pastor opened his MegaChurch to victims. Was it his Guilty Conscience? or sudden empathy towards his fellow man?? Or was it his Heart, his natural love for helping People in distress??
Well? How about a noticeable financial loss in his Congregation, and even worse in his dirty greedy mind...a really bad hit on his "Ratings"! 

The excuse, this sorry excuse of a Christian gave for Closing the Church? The City didn't ask me to open it up!
WTF?? This man must have missed "Christianity" the day they taught it in Christian School!

WHY WAIT TILL SOMEONE ASKS?? Listen, Joel! You say you're a Man of God? Act like one!! And if you're supposedly sincere in your belief in God?...it's your absolute moral responsibility to go out, open your doors, Feed the Hungry, and Shelter the Homeless!!
The problem? This Fake Christian has no Empathy and way too much Bigotry! This grifter is a Theological equal of Trump, in every way!! Now though, he can Pray, Confess, do all the Acts of Contrition he wants, and be "Re-Born Again" over and over!!...cause this little Boy, when it's time to meet his maker? He's getting a one-way ticket, straight down to Luciferville!!

Much was lost in the tragedy of Katrina, and it became a national embarrassment for the US Administration. Harvey is much more massive than Katrina ever was! and if you believe Trump's Magic Snake Oil remedies?...how Trump & Co. is going to fix up Texas, greater than ever?
People, especially in Houston, should be reminded that their spineless President slashed the Federal National Flood Insurance program down his golden toilet!...not too long before the Flood!!

And to show America even more of his "Humility" and Compassion, this Bullshit Artist who promised Texas, the Greatest most Awesome re-building relief job in History...besides gutting Flood Insurance away from about 50-100,000 residents, he made FEMA Funding cuts, and cut $190 Million in funding the updates of Maps for Flood Prone Areas! $Millions$ which were also "reportedly" diverted from Texas' Flood Insurance to fund his damn wall!!!
And to add to the nightmare…a toxic chemical gas plant explosion with toxic water merging into the flood. EPA? Nowhere in sight & very silent!

How more disgraceful and how much more dishonorable could a man who's the Leader of our Nation be with the American People?? Lying to the victims of this horrific devastation about the greatness of his cooperation into re-building Houston...while silently screwing the Flood Victims all along, of everything they have!! 
After Trump's delightful romp of self-adulations, Trump Hat Sales, and Mini-Rally visit in Corpus Christi...in the wake of a Catastrophe...damage control quickly set in place. 

A Good Sucking Show soon followed, again in Corpus Christi. All, exclusively for the eyes and ears of Texans and Republicans. Gov. Greg Abbott and Mike Pence were given the assignment of covering up Trump's standard messy and embarrassing visit.
Apparently, in a formal prepared speech, Abbott praised Trump & Pence for their valuable leadership work and efforts in this Disaster, then Pence praised Abbott & Trump with the same schpiel...it was one big sucking show! And Trump? He only praises himself, what else!

In his 1st Visit, Trump couldn't be happier…Wow! What a Crowd, What an Audience!!...2nd visit, he got his hands dirty helping a little and physically touching someone with less $$$ than him in 50 years. It was your Standard "Concerned Look after a Disaster" Presidential Photo-op…and Melania? still with her damn Spike Stilettoes! Trip 2 Sound byte embarrassments? "Harvey has been a wonderful thing for Texas"…and "have a good time in the shelters, everybody"! This, to people who have just lost everything in their lives…their homes and their livelihood.

Many fine words of condolence, praise to Volunteers, thanks for all donations, and solidarity among Americans. Pretty sound-byte moments of Unity...but, at the end of the day? Where's the Beef!?!?
Where's that Relief Money? Where's that $$$ going to come from? Over a Hundred Thousand have either lost or severely damaged their homes, along with all their Life Belongings & Memories...and on some occasions...the loss of their families, and even their own Lives!!!
How do you repair and rebuild, when the Government stops funding the Federal Flood Insurance Plan, to rebuild your home?? How do you re-built a City without proper funding?
Dumping a seriously needed Program just because Obama initiated it, to spite him?? That's just Cruel & Evil! Financially, eliminating Federal Flood Insurance will cause a serious economic disaster in Houston...an economic disaster that will fall flat and roll into a domino effect throughout the Country.
Trump's Inhuman Philosophy: You got to destroy America first if you want to make it Great Again!

The Spirit of Man is more important than mere Physical Strength, and the Spiritual Fiber of a Nation than its Wealth ~~~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

What makes America Great?...certainly it will never, ever be Donald Trump!!
In times of Crisis and in times of Tragedy, you can always count on the Majority of Americans to morally unite under one single cause! Like Ike said; the Spiritual Fiber & Moral Fiber of Americans are stronger than any Government Administration!
Whether physically rescuing other people, opening their doors to victims, being Volunteer Doctors, Nurses, Paramedics,  or Firefighters; you can't always count on the Government…Katrina proved that!...but you can always count on your fellow Americans!
Or if people can't physically help or live elsewhere? Monetary Donations in the Millions will arrive throughout the Country. They'll send Medical Supplies, Food Supplies, Blankets, and Clothing. All arriving from across the United States, Canada....and yes! Mexico!!!!
And in times of Grief and Despair, all Faiths truly perform their Services together, in the same Shelters...all praying side by side…Christians, Jews, Muslims, whatever your denomination is! And whatever Hate between the different Faiths? !s remarkably absent in times of Catastrophes! 

Houston!! So much respect for your actions on Immigrants and ICE! The actions on the part of the Mayor and the Sheriff in Houston, shows the exemplary behavior all Law Enforcement Agencies are supposed to have!
And to the Citizens of Houston and the Hundreds of boats!. Your collective moral responsibilities ...your Empathy, honorably opening your doors wide for Louisiana Survivors during Katrina, and now battling with your own Crisis. Stronger Together…your Serenity & Courage is a shining example of what makes America Great! 
The reminder of Catastrophes is in the stories of those who perish. Like the tragic drowning of a Houston Deputy Sheriff, a Hero, who drowned while saving people's lives...and Ironically, a Hero who was of Mexican Heritage. And a Dreamer also drowned rescuing survivors.
Did anyone being saved ever give a damn who saved him or her? What ethnicity they were? what color?  Who refused a hand getting out of the water? What Racist or Bigot preferred to drown than be picked up by a Black, a Latino, an Asian, or a Muslim? None!!

Ironic, how many people and Trump Supporters were rescued by the very same people who Trump calls Criminals, Rapists, and Drug Pushers! One Paramedic who rescued dozens of Victims happens to be a Dreamer…the exact type of person who Trump wants to deport and keep away, separated by a Wall!
Yes! Racists and Bigot always like to talk tough, but when the Devil is tugging down hard on your legs, sucking you down through some broken storm drain...the most Racist and Hateful person is going to say; Please, Help Me!!

How is the GOP going to pass an already Losing Argument of a Budget? Fund the massive amount of Relief truly needed for Texas? and give Baby Donny some type of pittance for his f*cking Wall, so he can shut up, go away, and play somewhere else?? While at the same time, go nuts with a Tax Reform Package…and a President on the rampage with his own Party? That's the GOP's and Trump's problem!

An insincere, malicious human being as President with a total lack of Empathy, a penchant for wild raging Kleptocracy and Nepotism, and who obscenely over exploits his Base of the Poorly or Non-Educated, is not what America needs!…not now! not ever again!
It's amazing how Mother Nature brings People together...and how systematic institutional Ignorance, Hate, and Racism keeps pulling People apart!

Oh God! grant me Serenity, Courage, and the Wisdom to know the damn difference! And in today's TrumpWorld, much more than ever!!

What Comes After All the Water?