Jun 26, 2016

Donald's Concerns?...Trump's America's Concerns!

 By RF Schatten

"I respect the decision made by the people of the United Kingdom,"...that's the official political sound-byte from Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the rest of the Democratic Party. The GOP? A sort of mix reviews by Trump and anti-Trump aficionados, but the official Statement from the Republican Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan?..."I respect the decision made by the people of the United Kingdom"! I wonder if everyone just read the same pass around script?

While real professionals from Politicos to Business to Academia are watching closely and cautiously the events transpiring between Great Britain and the European Union...and the uncertainty of the future of their economy, and that of rest of the world's...no one else on this God's earth but Donald Trump can say at a time like this; "If the pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry, frankly!!"
By the way!...Turnberry is the new Trump Golf Resort that he's currently inaugurating and doing his own PR schtick while congratulating himself for the "wonderful" facility in Scotland!

Very Presidential...isn't he? His concern for America appears non-existent while he gloats away on his newest facility  He's going to be the first President in US History to spend his entire career in office doing Ribbon Cutting Photo-ops for all his Trump enterprises!...now, that's Presidential!?!?

His heartfelt concern for the American People? It's not even on his horizon...it's more like his heartfelt concern on making a financial killing, scamming more creditors and ripping them off during another of his Bankruptcy maneuvers. "I've taken advantage of the laws of this country, like other people"....the fact: today's Average Joe will declare bankruptcy cause he's truly in financial despair is morally right to file a petition. It's an advantage the Gov't gives you to be able to start your life over again!

But a Billionaire who uses legal technical maneuvers to find ways of getting what he really wants...getting out of obligations scot free, not paying off his creditors like in Atlantic City, and writing off all his problems as a big Tax Losses. "I take advantage of the laws of this country"? Yes, he does...but loving all those uneducated people sure helps his cause and his career!

While Congress, from both sides of the aisles...and in a bi-partisan stance...believe in the concerns of the American Constituent, the presumptive Nominee of the Republican Party, Donald Trump, is enjoying his opening day festivities in Grand Style and promoting yet another "wonderful" "beautiful" and "enormous" Trump Golf Resort. Why would he worry? "If the Pound goes down, more people are coming to Turnberry"...and naturally, play Golf and spend a pretty penny at his "Fabulous" Resort!

"Just arrived in Scotland. The Place is going wild over the vote. They took their country back, just like we will take America back"!!...ahhyup! reminds me of the saying; It's better to remain silent and be thought of as a fool...then to speak up and remove all doubts.  Le Grande Orange doesn't have to remain silent, his big fat mouth exposed this fool, long time ago!

A person, who even while exercising his right to run for a very serious and civil office as President of the United States, takes off and galavant's his way to Scotland for another ribbon cutting opening of a resort...and while there, hears the news about the Brexit Vote. Without any concern for those who he calls his constituents...or the far majority of the Country that are not...the first words out of his derrière was; the Scots took back their Country!
With all due respect to whoever taught Don the Con how to think!...Scotland voted overwhelmingly to "Remain" in the EU!...and no! they didn't "take back their Country" they're still part of Great Britain!  And this goofball says he's the smartest mind on earth with the greatest memory in the planet...and doesn't need Policies to run this Country?!?!

When you're President of the United States and you respect much more your personal self-interests ahead of the interests of a Country, just shows the "realDonaldTrump"...his huge total lack of respect for others, his indifference to anybody else except himself, his disdain for the common man...whether a Democrat or Republican or Independent, he's not your friend or your ally...unless he can use you!  A greedy little shit who doesn't want or need anybody cause he can do it all by himself...and also, keep those campaign funds all for himself, too! His paid National Campaign Staff is less than 100 people!...naturally, that's more money for The Donald!

Can Trump win the hearts and mind of the American Voters? In normal conditions, No! But this is not your normal every day National Election!...Trump can conceivably win. A split in the Republican Party usually will hurt them, but with a split brewing in the Democratic side too? Anything can happen, and with neither Party totally enamored with their presumptive candidate, both sides are talking about voting their idealistic "conscience"!

The "Conscientious Voter" got Nixon elected...thank you, Gene McCarthy! and got George W elected...thanks, Ralph Nader! A little pragmatic thinking...just a little common sense...would've been enough to stop both, Dubya and Dick Nixon...a little logic and common sense can stop the Trumpster, too! The question is; How much common sense, logic, and critical thinking does the American Electorate still have??

U.S. politicians react to Brexit vote - CBS News

Jun 21, 2016

Trump: "Making Money from Campaign Funds"

 By RF Schatten

“It’s very possible that I could be the first Presidential Candidate to run and make money on it” ~~~ Donald Trump  in 2000 Forbes Interview

No, Donald Trump wasn't kidding!...he knew 16 years ago how to pull off his greatest con, ever!...and with the GOP Convention less than a month away...the Trumpster has a knack for adding more fuel to a fire that's going to engulf Quicken Loans Arena and destroy the last vestiges of what once was a proud Grand Old Party.
The signs of a full mutiny by a dissatisfied Republican Party is in the works, 48% of the GOP wants to Dump Trump, and every day new issues arrive that makes their case for a Delegate coup d'é·tat...a much more plausible moral obligation.

How to personally profit from a political campaign you know it doesn't have much of a chance?...put on the worst possible campaign that's not gonna have a chinaman's chance of ever winning, collect big bundles of cash from your donors...then, take the money and run out of Dodge City with all the loot! Don the Con must be a big fan of "The Producers"...though the trouble was, it became a hit!

In Trump's case, his management style of the Money appropriated to him by the RNC...and by donors...is to invest those funds right back into his own personal businesses. First, his Charity Fundraiser for Veterans was a complete total faux exercise...then an embarrassing acknowledgement of his horseshit lies...about raising those $6 Million Dollars for the Vets made the Trumspter reluctantly in public, write a Check reimbursing the GIs for the money, the $6 Million that either never existed, or he spent it on one of his businesses.

Now, the poor little rich boy is running out of Campaign Funds, and needs an advance from the GOP...$1.3 Million is all he has left! Compared to Clinton who raised $27 Million in May with a War Chest of at least $42 Million before the DNC Convention even takes place! But his businesses are doing much better, thank you very much!!

$350,000 for Tag Air, Trump's Jet Planes and Helicopters. $423,372 for the use of Mar-A-Lago...his Palm Beach State that's converted into as a Private Club. Trump Restaurant $125,080 for Rent and Utilities...he has the GOP literally paying for all his own Restaurant's expenses!
More expenses for Republicans from "Crooked" Donald...Trump Towers charged $72,000 for rent and utilities for the use of Trump's Campaign Headquarters, and $35,845 Catering Republicans at Trump's Golf Course and $29,715 for rentals and catering at another Trump Golf Course. A little conflict of interest between Trump's shenanigans, his own businesses and the monetary rip-off of the Republican Party?!?!

What kind of a degenerate is willing to make money out of the very same people who are donating to help him and his cause, to move on? And this piece of work says he doesn't need the GOP to help him out and get elected?...and that he can do it all by his genius self? Not if the Republican mainstream can help it! The Ides of March are conspiring...who will deliver Brutus' slap in the back? with the message...you're fired!!

Trump has publicly stated that it's very possible to make good money from his supporters, as he runs for the Presidency...and "Makes America Great Again". Yes! there 'is' a nice big reason why Donald Trump loves poorly educated and uneducated People!

Donald Trump's Campaign Paid Trump Companies More Than $1 Million In May

Jun 17, 2016

Trump's insignificance for the 1st Amendment

 By RF Schatten

"Congress shall make no Law respecting an establishment of Religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the Freedom of Speech, or of the Press; or the right of the people peaceably to
assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances" ~~ 1st Amendment, United States Constitution

Not even during the entanglements of Watergate and Washington Post's Woodward & Bernstein...not even then! did Richard Nixon ever ban the Post from reporting the News! Or any other newspaper for that matter.

Justice Louis Brandeis once wrote; "Freedom to think as you will and to speak as you think are means indispensable to the discovery and spread of Political Truth."...but Donald John Trump takes an exception to what the Supreme Court can do and how they decide cases...as "ultimate absolute
leader", which is his personal perception of the Presidency, The President of the United States will 'not allow' a Newspaper, whether a Brick & Mortar or through the Global Village's infinite resources...from reporting the News. A little Fascist Totalitarian wet dream for his ego?
Why? The Press Lies!...and you can believe me, cause you know I know everything anyone needs to know in this world!...just trust me!

Interpretation: The Trumpster goes batshit crazy when anyone criticizes anything he does or says, and especially his business acumen!...if they do, he just sends a barrage of Lawsuits at them! 3,500+ Lawsuits 'directly' involving Le Grande Orange in his adult life!...when the hell does he have the time to cheat on all his wives?!?!

This nation has had its share of Presidential "characters"...but never had this country seen such a thin-skinned egotistical transparent slime of a Demagogue, and Professional Fraud...as a major Political Leader! The "Marketplace of Ideas" metaphor, certainly does not exist in Don's enclosed little World.

I keep saying; without Freedom of the Press, there's just no Freedom of Speech!...the Press is who speaks for the public, and has the right to say and write whatever they feel is newsworthy, if it's true, and if it's not?...they've been sued in the past folks...and lost big! Newspapers have been repeatedly sued by people who didn't like what someone wrote about them, so what's the big deal? sometimes they win and sometimes they lose...so, Trump's fallacy that the Press is untouchable until he becomes President, takes over, and sets a series of Lawsuits at them all, is more horseshit out of the Horseshit King's mouth. The problem with Don The Con is he doesn't have a case to stand on in any of his Private or Public scandals.

But, denying the Press of their Right of Free Speech 'is' unconstitutional!...not even Heir Führer Drumpf has the legal right to change them! Our Forefathers did it specifically for what's happening today, as protection against another King George III reappearing from somewhere around the corner. Who would've guessed it was the Trumpster??...yea! but could George III spell "Biggly"?

When a person running for President says if he wins he'll use his Power to harass the Washington Post's Owner because the Post said nasty things about him...and plans to revoke CNN's License
cause apparently, they think he sucks? a real power hungry high-class rich schmuck...with absolutely no class of his own.
He banned reporters from the Huffington Post, Foreign Policy, Mother Jones, The Daily Beast, BuzzFeed, and Univision among others, besides the Washington Post, the Des Moines Register, and of all the Newspapers to pick? that historically heavy Republican-leaning newspaper and the rock
of New England Republicanism...New Hampshire's Manchester Union Leader!

For those who still don't understand how the News operates; Publishers since Poor Richard's Almanack till today, have always leaned heavier towards one side or the other, whether it's Knight, Cox, Hearst, Gannet, or today's Comcast, Time-Warner, Cablevision, or whoever the Publisher was or might be today....money has almost always played a role. And yes, live with it...it's a slap of reality on how our "Free World" works. Columnists Editorialize their prose either towards the Right or the
Left. But don't confuse News Reporting from Editorial Opinions. MSNBC is more about opinionated talk...NBCNews is primarily straight Reporting. So, knowing that...yes! as John Kasich said; "Trump ain't funny anymore". If he wins, will those above-mentioned Publications still be able to function with the same freedoms, Trump wants to take away?

Every Journalist, at one point or another, has heard the phrase; "Don't mess with the Press"...well, it's time for the Press to mess around and ban Donald Trump! Since he doesn't want anything to do with the press, anyway?...then, the Press should have nothing to do with him, either! If he's that big mouth superstar salesman that he always claims and brags to be? and can go at it alone as he says? and even, without the GOP's help?...then let's see how he can Make America Great Again with a total media blackout of his campaign!...without any press or media coverage, whatsoever!

The right response to Donald Trump? A media blackout. - The Washington Post

Jun 12, 2016

Dumbo's Mundo Bizarro...Chaos inside the GOP

  By RF Schatten

Welcome to Dumbo's Mundo Bizarro...yes! the Republicans are indeed in a very bizarre situation, as CNN's Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin says.

To endorse, or not to endorse...that 'is' the question the GOP's Upper Echelon are asking themselves nowadays...in between taking a couple of shots of Maalox, now and then...it's the worst of times for old school Republicans. It's pretty much the 'End' of another era for the "Party of Lincoln", as all the heights and highlights of the Grand Old Party as we know it, are becoming a distant memory.

Let's start with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus and his regrettably lame endorsement of Donald Trump...Republicans got to unite behind our nominee! Lame enough?? It's hard to unify under Trump, but it's harder to separate themselves from the GOP. Elections are always about beating their archenemy, the Democrats, at any cost and for no matter the reason...as is for Democrats when they go after Republicans.
But, it's also hard to support a candidate that keeps attacking his own Party, the GOP in general...plus everyone in Congress...so, how long will these resentful supporters keep supporting him?

Supporters: The line-up for this cast of usual suspects began with another bully right from across the Hudson, Chris Christie! That, followed by a Medical "Professor" and Pioneer Brain Surgeon who makes real good money in Medicine, but claims not to believe in Medical Science? Mr. Excitement, Ben Carson! And the Witch of Silicon Valley, Ex-Hewlett Packard CEO, and another Political loser x2, Carly Fiorina!...and what Clown Show can go without the Republican's very own crowned Queen of batshit stupidity?...Sarah Palin!

But his real support ends pretty much there...Trump got another lame endorsement, this time from Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, though that appears headed in another direction...in another of the long list of un-endorsements, after the latest barrage of Trump Horseshit thrown at someone who previously endorsed him. This time, when Ryan disagreed with Trump about his "Textbook Definition of a Racist".
While the show continues; every day more talks of un-endorsements, non-endorsements, of platform fights and more...can the GOP endorse someone's run for the Presidency, and endorse a sociopath, and his platform of shutting down the Free Press, complete Absolute Power, encouragement of Mob Violence, Hate, Fear, Bigotry, and Racism? You can't say anything negative about Heir Donald, either...or he'll drive you to drink with his wrath of insults on Twitter!...and from his following, too!
And it's becoming quite clear by the day that Trump forces including his select group of White Supremacists plan to fight for their platform at any cost...and as Toobin said;  "It's going to be a lot better story than any Political Convention I have ever attended"!

The list of non-supporters? Start with Former President George W Bush, Jeb "Can Fix It" Bush and Former President George HW Bush, who's worked with Bill Clinton in Clinton's emergency relief projects.
Let's continue with the Party's last nominee, Mitt Romney...who publicly calls Trump, a Phony, a Con Artist, and a Fraud! US Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) said there's absolutely no way he will support the Trumpster. Senator Ben Sasse (NE), Weekly Standard's Bill Kristol, Former Gov. Tom Ridge, Former Florida Gov. Mel Martinez...and the most intriguing one of them all...Former NJ Governor and EPA Administrator under George W Bush, Christine Todd Whitman...she's Voting for Hillary!

The question is; will the GOP man up and battle the Trump Train? Or will they accept the Trumpster and let all the anger just be water under the bridge?
If Trump loses...besides going apeshit berserk and stark raving looney...will he start a Walkout a la Strom Thurmond & his supporters' famed Walkabout, straight out of the 1947 Democratic Convention?
A Trump Walkout? how about a GOP Walkout on Trump!?!? that would make it much more symbolic of how they feel about this "Apprentice"!...it would embarrass the hell out of Le Grande Orange and piss him off, just when he needs to be most Professional! That alone would definitely make quite a story:  A Political Party of Conservative Values, taken over by ignorantly stupid Extreme Right Wing White Nationalists trash...with their ultimate hero, Donald Trump leading them and Making 'White America', Great Again!

What's going to happen at Mundo Bizarro 2016 AKA Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland July 18th - 21st? In Toobin's words; "Beats the Hell out of Me"! It's going to be very interesting to see how the GOP and the RNC handles a super egotistical, power-hungry, and confident Trump?...and how they handle his ever-loving legion of fanatic Fascist followers? And I will continue to keep saying; the City of Cleveland deserves something way much better!

All I can say is, it could not have happened to a better and finer group of (un)concerned degenerate Politicos, and it could not have come at any better and opportune time...Ringling Brothers are retiring all their Dumbos!...isn't it about time this old White Elephant retires, too?

Jeffrey Toobin on Donald Trump and GOP - Business Insider

Jun 5, 2016

Trump's Business Model: The Sleaze of Used Car Salesmen

By RF Schatten

"I'm a fantastic businessman!...look at all my successful companies!" How about; Oops! hey! I didn't do nothing!...I'm just a Legitimate Businessman!

Successful companies? To Trump's loyal legion of morons who will excuse him from the same standards they apply to others...it's no problem to them that he's a fraud, a liar, and an obnoxious degenerate bully...they just want to hear all those wonderful words of Fear and Hate that spew out of this Demagogue's filthy mouth and mind.

He didn't just bullshit the Nation about raising all this money for his 'now' beloved Veterans...he blatantly lied, got caught, and had to write a check out for the $6 Million Dollars he never raised. His disrespect for Vets has sure changed now that he needs those Votes...this thin-skinned coward of a man, who passes himself off as a tough Macho Man sort of guy, a 'fabulous' lady's man whose women are flocking all over him, cause they're just too irresistibly attracted to his spray-tanned orange idiot looks! 
This great man like another great piece of work, Dick Cheney, has something very much in common besides being the sack of manure they both are....Trump, like Chaney, got multiple deferments from serving in Vietnam...in the Trumpster's case? Four, count them, 4 big deferments!
Ahh yup! after all that intensively tough and exhausted training in "Military School", that sets him up as an expert on all Military Affairs and Military Strategy...the Donald went to College, and like Cheney...got deferments after deferments. Finally on his last deferment, he got a 4-F for Medical Reasons...could be he's "Temperamentally Unfit" to associate with society?!?!

Warren is right! Donald Trump certainly is a Sleazy Used Car Salesman running a sleazy con game with people's lives. Trump promotes the targeting of poor people and the poorly educated and sell their shpiel of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying for the highest price possible. The con of taking your money while promising them the world of success...until they realize they've been the victims of a slick con job.

It's all one big Lie! as those who worked there said. A staff of "Professors" who turned out to be a staff of unqualified instructors, also known as phone sales professionals who used high-pressure tactics, used deceptive claims and exploited the vulnerability of the elderly and young students out of thousands of dollars. A phony corporation raking in as much as they could...and now facing counts of 1) Unfair Business Practice, 2) False Advertising in a school with no school accreditation. 3) Fraudulent Business Practice 4) Violating the Financial Elder Abuse statute...which is a crime in the Sunshine State as well as in the Golden State. And customers didn't even get a School Banner!

Of course, Trump wants a different Judge!...using the excuse of conflict of interest cause he's anti-latino, and delay his trial...hopefully, till after the Elections.

All of Trump's successes: How about the success of Trump Stakes? Nah! couldn't even get the USDA stamp of Approval...with all the lousy cuts of meats you see at the grocery store that are USDA Certified...how bad can the quality of his stakes be that USDA refused to Certify it?? Does this sound as sleazy and shady as good ol' Trump U?

How about the success all the Trump Hotels and Casinos? Ahh nope! 4 Casinos went bankrupt 4 times each...how many Casinos in the world ever lost money and go bankrupt? A reason why the State of Nevada refused to give a Gambling License to the Trump Hotel, Las Vegas...they learned their lesson from Trump's adventure in Atlantic City! And his Hotel Empire? all the Trump Hotels together, have lost $1.7 Billion Dollars in the last 15years!...going bankrupt twice on each separately in 2004 and 2009. And moreover, he personally owes between $100-$295 Million Dollars in personal loan debts to Deutch Bank in Germany!!

Success, Success...let's see one of his successes! How about Trump Wine? or Trump Restaurants? or Trump Jets? or Trump Books? or Trump Drinks?...not one of his ventures has ever succeeded. In the FEC's disclosure form, Donald Trump is listed as President and/or CEO of 515 listed entities, 268 of them...52%...contain his last name and don’t clearly reference someone else, like another Trump. And rumors still persist that he doesn't pay taxes, and just makes enough to live on all his Horseshit and Inheritance!!

Yup! when he screwed up and thanked his supporters in Nevada...he did clearly say how much he loves the Poor and "Uneducated People"!...just as much as a sleazy used car salesman out to screw the daylights of their prey. And he wants to Make America Great Again?...just like he did with all his successful businesses!!

Warren: Trump University 'was like a used car dealership' | TheHill

May 30, 2016

Memorial Day & Trump's Distaste for Disabled Veterans

 By RF Schatten

On this Memorial Day, as America honors and celebrates our fallen heroes...is hard not to sway away from its true meaning, when every 4 years, the Political Theatrics of Presidential Elections takes front and center over the remembrance of what this day is all about.

And this year more than ever! the issue on Veterans is playing Center Stage with...aahyup! you guess it!...the Trumpster and his continuing life of a habitual lying con artist. He promised to Donate $1,000,000 dollars to Vet Charities...after more of his horseshit tales over 4 months ago that he raised over $6,000,000 for Veterans. The $6 Million Dollars? Vets say only $2.4 Million has been received and accounted for.
According to Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski, Trump "has taken a Million Dollars out of his personal account and has given it to Charities that he felt was worthy and any remaining money would be distributed before Memorial Day." The question remains; Whatever happened with the remaining $3.6 Million he said he raised?...besides his own $1 million dollar donation, because of his sudden new found love of Veterans!?!?

Is anyone really surprised about this sad whiny character, whose only true love of his life was, is, and will always be forever...himself?
In Trump's World, Veterans, like all his Hispanic Employees...have no worthy use, except for being part of his labor force. Lawsuits filed by Trump employees for discrimination and Unfair Labor Practice Laws are not unusual, like the 1300+ cases since 2000 (before that? it'll take days just finding and dusting them off) of multiple Lawsuits filed against his failed resorts and Casinos...72 Federal Lawsuits filed against the Trumpster, with buddy Sheldon Adelson being named in 11 of those suits, and buddy Steve Wynn in 20 of them...this schmuck must be an expert on the best Hot Dog Carts in front of every Courthouse in America!

And he still has another one pending...his not so scholarly University's Court Date...starts on the 1st day of the Republican Convention!

Donald Trump is a phony from the time he gets up till the time he goes to bed. But he fits the Republican mold...playing to the people's hate and fear...a man with no character who can care less about Hispanics and just as less of Veterans. Since 1991 he's been critical on not helping disabled vets in his business. He's insulted the Disabled Vets...and Veterans in general...while this degenerate hypocrite refused to go and lounged by his pool during the Vietnam War. Easy deferments courtesy of his Family's wealth and influence...wonder if he knew another chicken hawk who loves war, as long it's not him going?
Dick Cheney has a lot in common with the Donald and praises him dearly. The Donald and Dick...what a Fascist Combo of human garbage this is!

What else can you say about this whiny little bitch of a coward...who wants to control that Red Button? A Commander-in-Chief who insults his own Military! That's your Republican Standard Bearer...congratulations, GOP!!

A Bombshell Letter Exposes Donald Trump's Hated For And War On Disabled Veterans

May 26, 2016

Elections, Idealism & the stark Reality of Life, revisited

 By RF Schatten

Idealism and Altruism are certainly good righteous virtues, but sometimes...sooner or later, if only for self-survival...you become pragmatic and understand that you can't always get what you want. Don Henley once said; "Let Hope inspire you, but let not Idealism blind you".

Every generation has their own idealistic fervor...some louder, more emotionally tense than others...and all have their heroes. My hero? Was, and will always be forever Robert Kennedy...but, my Hopes were swept away on that fateful kitchen floor of the Ambassador Hotel that night, just hours after winning the California Primary.

Many of Bobby's followers aligned themselves with Eugene McCarthy, who would end up carrying the Hopes for so many of that generation...and again, just to see that Hope fade away when McCarthy, at the request of many inside the hall, to please go outside and speak to his followers and calm things down...did not and would not! The rest of that night is history, and he didn't campaign for Humphrey, either. Humphrey lost by only 512,000 votes nationwide, that's 0.7% of the total national vote...with just a little support from the already angry Liberal Left, we might not have had to go through the Nixon Experience.
Another Candidate who contributed to a groundswell of young liberal idealists lining up behind his Independent run was Ralph Nader...his vote count in the 2000 Florida "JebCanFixIt" Election was a little over 99,000 votes...Al Gore lost by only 537 votes. It's not hard to figure the math...because of the Sunshine State Fix...for 8 years, America became permanently acquainted with the less than brilliant George W. Bush and all his exploits.

The 2016 Democrats are quickly heading in that same direction...the rabid enthusiasm of Bernie Sanders' "Brigade", just as the ones for McCarthy and Nader...are determined to Write-In Bernie's name as a moral conscience vote, or protest by staying home. But voting your moral conscience rarely if ever wins an election...and this year is not your 'normal' everyday Presidential Election...this year, coming out of the Red corner, the Dumbo's Candidate appears to be an egomaniacal degenerate rich hypocrite, who holds absolutely no values for anyone except Me, Myself, and I.

If a movement with revolutionary ideas is ever going to succeed, it will certainly not be overnight...you have to nourish it slowly as you promote the value of your ideas. This is when you realize that your Anti-Establishment ideals have become the Establishment's norm. 'You' have become the establishment.
Senator Bernie Sanders has moved into a position of power to move his platform throughout Congress...by registering as a Democrat, he'll be in some powerful positions in the Senate to move his agenda forward.

As for staying in the game till it's over? by all means! Bernie should stay till the very end, and pick up as many delegates as possible!...the more delegates you get, the more power you'll obtain within the DNC to pass your platform! Though his odds on attaining the nomination continues to grow, there's always that faint sign of hope! But, if he doesn't get the big prize? there's no doubt that Bernie Sanders will endorse, support, and actively campaign for Hillary Clinton if she's the nominee. He's smarter and wiser than Gene McCarthy and has more common sense than Ralph Nader. Besides, Clinton and Sanders have more in common than they disagree with...just different ways of obtaining the same results.

As the author of this Article, Darby Saxbe said: "Hillary Clinton may not be a Revolutionary, but she’ll defend Roe v. Wade, preserve Obamacare, push for reasonable Gun Laws, protect LGBTQ rights, support Parental Leave, and heed Climate Science. Trump will do None of the Above". In fact, Trump seriously believes in the "censoring" of the Free Press and shutting it down!...remember, without a Free Press...there's no Freedom of Speech!

After 50 years a Democrat, I really feel comfortable with either Hillary or Bernie...I admire and respect the political experience and strength of Hillary Clinton, and those wonderful words of wisdom from Bernie Sanders. I voted for Bernie for my personal reasons, and will vote and wholeheartedly support Hillary in November if she's the nominee!
My question is: Will the Democrats unite into that powerful synergy of forces they are so capable of being this November, and elect whatever Democrat is the Nominee? or will Trump's lack of moral conscience make him the next Dubya...with far less class?

A letter to a Bernie-or-bust voter.

May 20, 2016

Vetting Donald Trump...Deceit, Lies & Hypocrisy

 By RF Schatten

"The only thing worse than a Liar is a Liar that's also a Hypocrite" ~~ Tennessee Williams

A man who loves to know someone's deepest secrets but refuses to reveal any of his is called a first class hypocrite...in the case of Donald Trump...a very creepy hypocrite with no class at all.

The "Vetting" of Candidates whether for President or VP, is essentially a background check procedure to check out how clean a Candidate's Closet might be before he or she is picked to lead a nation...it's to appraise, verify, or check for accuracy, for authenticity, and for the validity
of a candidate. In other words, to see if the candidate is qualified to
push that Red Button...or not!
 Yes, to find any "Bombshells" before they explode on the candidates face in front of the world. A not toon distant past example: the late Tom Eagleton's Mental Health and his Electroshock Treatments. And in today's global information superhighway? those bombshells are just a Google search away!

Master Donald doesn't want to get vetted...and he certainly doesn't want to show off his Taxes. It's not about how filthy rich this spoiled schmuck is, but about how much a horseshit artist, this horseshit artist really is. "Nobody is interested in my Tax Returns" No?...now reeeaally!?!?

How much worse can The Trumpster's personal life be, that he won't even allow his own Campaign Manager to vet him? How much worse than all the public scandals he's had involving his private life? A critic of Bill Clinton's infidelity, when his own libido has cost him 2 marriages and numerous spats? To the Trumpster, infidelity is a normal recurring activity...like going bankrupt every certain amount of years, and then start off fresh with a new wife!

His story? He marries a green card immigrant, just like his own mother was, and has a baby...Ivanka...an anchor baby just like him! and like those he wants to boot out of this country! Then he cheats on wife #1 Ivana, with wife #2 Marla...but not before Ivana takes him to court on Rape charges, where money, influence, and shyster lawyers can get you an acquittal on the argument that there's is no such thing Marital Rape! Ahhyup! the Trumpster is now legally allowed to rape the hell out of his wives as often as he wants! and they cannot complain cause raping your
wife...apparently...is legal as far as Trump is concerned!
And finally, enters his latest conquest...another immigrant!...wife #3 Melania. And his immoral circus lifestyle just continues on its merry way! HL Mencken once said that Immorality is the Morality of those who are having a better time. Trump is a shining example of Mencken's own thoughts.

Background Checks for a man who publicly brags about his Misogyny and Gynephobia, and very proud of his immoral mistreatment of women? A Xenophobe who's hatred of foreigners hypocritically excuses those he does business with. And a Racist and Bigot, whose lousy treatment of employees have been recorded more than numerous times!...the Donald is your quintessential habitually lying Demagogue whose rants and love of Fascism have inspired old White Supremecists and a whole new generation of Right Wing Nut Jobs, to come out of the closet and publicly endorse, support, and even work for Le Grande Orange by making robocalls and door to door schpeils on his behalf!!

How bad can anything else be, from what the world already knows about this character? He's been a bad boy all his life, so what's new? Military Schools has been a great gathering ground for rotten rich
spoiled kids forever!...especially for parents whose kids are beyond rotten. But apparently Fred Trump's attempt in correcting his kid...as much as he tried... was a total failure. He was and he still remains beyond the beyond what a rotten human being can be. He has no ethical values or standards, no morals, and no conscience...so why doesn't he reveal his Taxes?

Taxes! a very dirty word for Donald Trump! Could it be he's not worth what he brags? Could it be dirty business dealings that can get uncovered? or Could it be he doesn't pay taxes? as per the latest chit chat rumors inside the Beltway's grapevine.
In today's world, you can run for office, but you can't hide from your personal life of Lies and Deceit....he has a court date on a Class Action Lawsuit on the first day of the Convention, for defrauding Students in his failed Trump University!...another in the ever growing
list of failed Trump businesses.

Ahhyup! sooner or later you 'will' be vetted, fool! Whether by Republican pressure itself or the
Ballot Box!...either way...you're gonna lose!

Trump's Political Advisers Wanted to Vet Him. He Said No. | Mother Jones

May 12, 2016

DéJá Vu: Trump, Romney, and Tax Returns

 By RF Schatten

Hey! I don't play by your political Etiquette and Decorum cause I'm the Donald!...and I don't play by the Rules!!

Donald Trump's Tax Plans may change from day to day and depends on who he's talking to...but when it comes to his own Tax Returns and whether he should reveal them or not? Trump doesn't play by the rules...Le Grande Orange is stealing a little of Mitt Romney's horseshit about revealing the Romney-Ryan Economic Plan...'after' they get Elected.
In the Trumpster's case? He doesn't want to 'burden the country' with ordinary things, like his Tax Returns. “There’s nothing to learn from them”!...and everyone should be satisfied with that answer cause he's Donald Trump? Hey! The Donald knows everything! believe him!?!?  He said there's way more than enough time for the public to see his Tax Returns...after he's elected President!

Bernie Sanders released his Tax Returns, so did Bill and Hillary. They released all their Returns since 1977...and they also posted the last 8 years of Returns on the Internet!...and Bernie's in there too!
So why is Trump be so adamant about releasing his own Tax Returns? Unlike Romney who had money stashed away in the Cayman Islands or the Bahamas...in Trump's case, it's how much he really doesn't have...and being openly caught in public as the certified Fraud everyone already knows he is!

He's your quintessential Used Car Salesman who will sell you a Lemon and you think you're getting the best deal on Earth. A professional con artist that talks a big game but delivers nothing!...a businessman who makes his money by screwing others...just ask Atlantic City, NJ how much they love Trump, these days! His successes? Bankruptcy!
How about starting with 4 failed Casinos which have gone Bankrupt x4 each of them. There is a reason why Las Vegas, NV will not give Trump a Gambling License for his empty Trump Hotel! And how about Trump Steaks that were condemned by the Dept of Agriculture? or his so called fabulous Trump University?...a class-action Lawsuit hearing against Trump University for defrauding people up to $35,000 starts on the 1st Day of the GOP Convention. Donald Trump doesn't own a business that he hasn't already destroyed, and the list is just too long to write it all down at this time.

I bet that Donald's next Economic Policy Plan and Speech will probably resemble a tad bit like Ryan's!...with absolutely no understand of running a Government, why wouldn't Trump use parts of his new buddy, Paul Ryan's, Economic Plan and his advice on Taxes? At least, he will look and sound a little more intelligent on what he's talking about...even if he doesn't understand a damn thing.

Now, the time during Election season when the nomination is virtually assured...Trump's allegiance to his 1% and Ryan followers is taking center stage...and all Republicans are to unite behind this schmuck?
He's Rich and Famous and his dysfunctional flock of supporters will back him till hell freezes over...even if they know, they won't receive a single benefit from voting for him. Stupid is as Stupid does with this group of fanatical foul mouth racists and bigots that call themselves Trump Supporters.  

You can call him funny, a fresh view of politics, you can associate with his Demagoguery, and say he's the right man for America...but Donald Trump doesn't respect anyone but Donald Trump.

He represents the suppression of the Upward Mobility of this nation, by overly greedy Oligarchs...while exploiting the natural ignorance of their devoted followers for their own personal gains and self-gratification. An indecent degenerate man who demands to see Proof of people's Birth, but refuses to show proof that he's as rich as he boisterously brags about!

And people believe Donald Trump is going to "Make America Great Again"?? Well, how about just trying to make Atlantic City great again!!

Donald Trump Says He Won't Release Tax Returns

May 5, 2016

Rude, Crude, and Lewd...the GOP's Identity Crisis

 By RF Schatten

Rude, Crude, and Lewd...and they say the GOP  is fighting an Identity Crisis!?!?

The Republican Dumbo has truly become that White Elephant...with its extinction estimated on or about July 18th - 26th. in Cleveland, Ohio.
The new 'regime' of Heir Donald the Conceited will begin to take control of the GOP and rapidly change the philosophy and soul of a Moderate to Conservative Political Party, to all extreme forms of the Far Right Wing's philosophy, with just the right amount of Fascism thrown in!

Here you have the presumptive standard bearer...the man voted by the Republican's rank and file to lead them to victory in November and become the most powerful man in the world...living, in his own little Misogynous and the Xenophobic world, and sprinkled with a lot of Hate, Fear, and Racism!

Eric Erickson, Conservative host and founder of RedState said; “Twenty years ago Republicans supported impeaching the President of the United States for lying under oath in office and having an affair in the Oval Office,”... “Now that same party is on the verge of nominating a Serial Philanderer and Pathological Liar. At the very least the GOP owes Bill Clinton an apology.” He continued; “Bigger problem begins with Republicans now losing any sense of shame and surrendering to their lesser angels in the name of unity around a man unfit for Presidency".

The Republican Party has become a sore talking point for Vulgarity, Shamelessness, Immorality, Indecency, Hypocritical Liars, and most of all Degenerates...with absolutely no substance or credibility on any or all political issues! The GOP's Clown Show has become a standout comedy routine...both the 2012 and 2016 editions continue to be the best reality show seen around the world!
And this year's embarrassment of the ages...the least qualified human to ever run for President of the United States of America...the world is watching and laughing, watching the incredible ignorance and sheer stupidity of an electorate in a modern society, destined to board that Ship of Fools.

Chaos, a word associated more with the Democratic Party, than the excessively proper conservative GOP...has moved across to the Right side of the aisles! Reince Priebus and the RNC...in their own hypocrite ways had been publically trying to set up ways to impede Trump's nomination...now, with reality settling into the Grand Old Party that Trump is going to be their eventual standard bearer, the sermon according to Reince is; Unity! uniting behind Trump!

Yea, sure! the nominee Trump has called the Dumbos every name in the book, even threatening them (like he does with everyone else), if he doesn't get the nomination...then you have the  fighting and disorder caused by his followers (with his baiting and blessings) to those who don't agree with Heir Fuhrer...is all but a common thing in today's Republican Trumpism!

A score of GOP House members running for re-election are trying to stay a good long distance away from Trump, and treating him like the Plague. In the Senate? much the same...and their fear of losing the Senate, is much more important to them than the self-egotistical Trumpster and his new found friends, the American Neo-Nazis and the KuKluxKlan, both giving Trump their grand Endorsement and full support. It's that "Full Support" that makes you wonder!

And you really expect total unity? which is the only way they stand any chance? A good portion of them say they would rather put up with 4 more years of Obama, who they hate with a passion than be associated directly or indirectly in any way, shape, or form...or even seen...with Trump! Then, there's those Republicans who have stated they will vote for Hillary if Le Grande Orange becomes the GOP Nominee.

The Republican Party has brought all this up, themselves! The old Republican Cocktail Party crowd gave the Tea Party crowd, an invitation to consolidate with them...since then, old line Dumbos have fallen along the way in favor of the new Tea drinkers...and finally coming out of that marriage? their own demise.
The $64k Question: Who will lower their standards low enough...especially after the GOP's Primary follies, and the all the dirt that was thrown across the room...and agree to be the Trumpster's VP?

Donald Trump was right...he loves all those poor and  "Uneducated People", cause those precise uneducated people are his primary supporters! 

Trump’s improbable coup leaves Republican Party in an identity crisis - The Washington Post