Sep 2, 2015

The Iran Deal: A No Brainer...except those with no brains!

By RF Schatten

What is it that with the exception of One Country, every Nation in the World believes that the Nuclear Deal agreed upon by the United States, Great Britain, France, China, Russia, and Germany, is a good deal? What is it that Bibi Netunyahu, Tom Cotton, and that same group of about 300 Clowns in Congress...who are also trying to subvert climate change laws to screw the rest of the world...really know? What does these fools know, that the rest of this planet's 9 Billion other inhabitants don't?

The European Union has given its full blessing of approval to the Iran Nuclear Deal. And with a UN Security Council's formal's a message, a lead, a hint of sorts to a mindless American Congress that it 'is' a good deal! and if it goes down in flames? not only will the United States go at it alone...all alone without any of their Allies in this world, in this obsessive war against Iran!...Europe and Asia will suffer economically and socially far more than the US!
Tom Cotton and 46 others said they're still prepared to stand alongside Bibi and subvert the policies of the United States Government and that of all the other countries to stop or break any deal!...really really fucking Patriotic! 47 asshole politicos who wear their Patriotism as a costume in disguise...hide from the public who and what they really are, and what they really stand for. As much as they try to pretend how much they care for America, their religious intolerance, their hate for Islam, and their natural hawkish anxiety to bomb a religion, a culture, and a way of life right out of this earth...only helps their opposition around the world!

Mindless people, political opportunists, and $$$ hungry political takes only a little observation, an IQ larger than 1, and just plain common sense...and it'll show why the Iran Deal is going to be a big win? Why the overwhelming court of political scholars, military officers, and public opinion...all, from both in the United States and Europe...and also from Asia!...think its a good deal!! 

A win-win situation? Ret. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson who served as Colin Powell's Assistant and Chief of Staff, both at the Pentagon with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and later with the Secretary of State, recently said; "In the military, and working in diplomacy, its inconceivable not to make this deal! With Iran, there's only 4 Options to the Alternative...'Do nothing', 'Make The Deal', 'Bomb', or 'Invade'...if the deal doesn't work out, you still have the alternative options to Bomb or Invade!" 
A National Security Expert, a visiting Professor at William and Mary, and a Lecturer at George Washington...Republicans won't all be agreeing with him too soon, some will even try to discredit him if possible,,,but how trustworthy is he? How about being the 2009 Recipient of the Sam Adams Award for " Integrity in Intelligence"!!

In a Letter to the Editor, Philip Hornik of Portland, OR said: "The United Nations and the European Union have already expressed their intention to end their own sanctions against Iran regardless of what the U.S. decides to do. Rejecting the deal will leave the U.S. with no peaceful leverage against Iran's nuclear ambitions. This will leave the world, including the U.S. and Israel, a more dangerous place. Accepting the deal is a risk, but it is a risk that is well worth taking".

Once again, Republicans...whether in the minority or majority...lose again! The Iran Treaty is going to be reality, and only a criminal act from treasonous people, who've already publicly stated their allegiance to a foreign government, for the sole purpose of subverting American and International Foreign Policies and Interests.

It's an election year, and with turmoil comes the horseshit of political rhetoric...the natural setting for anxious blowhard War Hawks to blow those Winds of War tunes...good sound-bytes to keep their trolling minions happy. But! by the time the 58th Quadrennial US Presidential Election arrives on November 8th and rolls away on the 9th, you won't hear a thing from the GOP...going up against the whole world, and the whole world literally hating Americans' guts because of these treasonous clowns, is not going to win elections...even living in perpetual stupidity, they know their stop Iran Deal is a lost cause!

Obama's Iran Deal Will Survive As 34th Senator Announces Support

Aug 31, 2015

"Hating Immigrants" the Wretched Refuse's Descendants

 By RF Schatten

Political & Social Arrogance masqueraded as Humility is not a Virtue...but if you're an immoral who doesn't give a damn about Virtues, and don't conduct your own life to ethical and moral's open season for those politicos to exploit their minions, and supply them with trolling sound-bytes! Sarcastic contempt, which builds anger...which in turn, morphs into hate...and if ignorant enough? into bigotry and racism! What more can you want??'re doing your job! It's not about 'caring'!...for 17 unscrupulous beings?'s about 'winning at any cost', Lie long enough and people will eventually buy it as the truth...they 'do' march to the tune of that same Lederhosen clad drummer!

With no Official Policy to present the nation with, by anyone in the GOP on any issue whatsoever, nothing to show for since 2008...except "Say No", block, or stall the Government, even if it means running the country into the ground...till the "Black" President is gone! Well? the President didn't go anywhere, and still resides at the White House!'s 2015, and the 2016 Clown Pageant has begun with 17 candidates and no Policy that can be truthfully, realistically compared to the Democrats'...and approved by the Public!
Currently they're facing South in every poll, on every single Presidential Campaign! with the Republicans' only true strength throughout the years, the Economy, firmly in the hands of the opposite side of the aisles...and not really being Socially a group of Morons with no Issues, it's reverting to the old American xenophobic politics of contempt and intolerance towards immigrants. The arrogance from the descendants of the Wretched Refuse...because inside the mind in their own little world , they truly believe they're better!!
It's always been: "Screw the Immigrant"...unless you're a physical asset for them! "OK! we'll take the Niggers and the Chinks!...but! we 'don't' want the Irish"!! Well? as that story goes, America got the Irish!...and then the Germans, and the Swedes, and the Norwegians, and the list just keeps on going!

Again, the GOP is on the wrong side of history...can't win the Women Issue, can't win the LGBT Issue, Anti-Black, Anti-Muslim, and now Latinos! Living on the wrong side of the 21st Century is becoming lonelier and lonelier...unless you're a Christian Evangelical...they long for those gentler and quieter days, when Immorality was kept in the closet, a la Dugger Family, and where racism and hate was tolerated by just turning your back and make believe it doesn't exist!
It's not surprising to see that marriage made in hell, between Christian Evangelical America and immoral Republican politicians, who are eager to exploit them...both, openly using each other. They've played the "Black" card and lost, they played the LGBT card and lost, they've lost altogether the Women's card! what's next?'s time for Latino bashing!!

3 Republican Jokers from this cast of Clowns are really trying to out-do each other. A pissing contest to see who can be the most absurd!!
Joker #1 wants to build a wall across the entire Southern Border of the United States to keep out Latinos...because all they do is murder Americans, Rape Women, and work in Donald Trump establishments for horrible wages and benefits. 11 Million mass deportations, but first take away their money, use it to build the wall, and the rest of the cost?...charge it to Mexico! and make them pay for it...because Le Grande Orange says so!!
Joker #2 wants to build a wall across the entire Northern Border of the United States...because all those dastardly Canadian Terrorists sneaking into Wisconsin...Canada probably wouldn't mind paying for it, if only just to keep lowlifes like Scotty from entering the country.
Joker #3 wants to Monitor Immigrant!...track them like FedEx Teutonic of him!...hey! at least it's not a Tattoo in the arm. Well! so much for all that 'right of Human Privacy' and 'Government Intrusion in our lives' horseshit!! The greatness of America? You can walk around without showing "Your Papers" to every authoritative figure on every block you go through! Tracking people electronically and by profile...and they condemn the NSA?

Speaking about the Christian Evangelicals and their Religious practice, Bill Maher said: "Religion is Arrogance masqueraded as Humility"...the hypocrisy of loving "God" while directing their actions directly opposite God's words!
The perfect marriage between Religious folks and the hypocrisy of an immoral politician's Patriotism. All the Red, White, and Blue...and all their 'Care' for America horseshit, while hating everyone on Planet Earth that doesn't think or play by their rules, and trying to destroy the very essence of the "Greatness" of America that they so proudly talk about. That greatness is what the Statue Of Liberty represents..."Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free; The wretched refuse of your teeming shore" This is the USA, where everyone's welcomed!...even today's Wretched Refuse...and some of those, may very well even be related to Trump, Christie, Walker, Cruz, and the rest of the Freakshow! You can certainly identify 'those' their Red Nose and  Big Floppy Shoes!! 

Chris Christie doubles down on immigrant tracking plan: ‘If FedEx can do it, why can’t we?’

Aug 29, 2015

Latinos, the GOP, & the Indecency of One Immoral Hypocrite

 By RF Schatten

"How to win friends and influence people"?...Dale Carnegie never foresaw the evil darkside of influencing people. Like his hero, Adolf Schicklgruber...Donald Trump's influential demagoguery comes from all that rhetoric of hate and fear, and the spewing of phony patriotic nationalism.

The Latinos and the Muslims have taken the Jews' place in his Theater of Influence...example?? about South Boston's Scott and Steve Leader who are being held without bail for savagely beating and urinating on a 58-year old Latino homeless man. Why?...just because he appeared to be "Hispanic"! And this is only the beginning, folks!
"Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported". 'That' was their excuse for beating and pissing over the poor man...absolutely no other motive or reason! Now, Le Grande Orange favors "White Power"!...and how about the condemnation of Scott and Steve Leader?...what condemnation?? Response: "The people that are following me are very passionate. They love this country. They want this country to be great again. But they are very passionate. I will say that". Influencing the populace?. In the words of Ivana Trump and Attorney Michael Kennedy; "time to time her husband reads a book of Hitler's collected speeches, 'My New Order', which he keeps in a cabinet by his bed".

"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it. The victor will never be asked if he told the truth" ~~ Adolf Hitler

For a man who lavishes in the absurd...and uses the 'Birthright Citizenship' horseshit in a concerted effort to exploit his's his indecency of exploiting the overabundance of ignorance on the part of his minions, that has kept his own family hypocrisy in the shadows. How can a group that cherishes "Family and Christian Values", can become fanatical of a man married 3 times?...whose first ex, Ivana immigrated from the Czech Republic, got her Green Card, and whose children were born in 1977, 1981, and 1984, while Ivana did not become an American Citizen till 1988...that makes his kids "Anchor Babies"!! Maybe he'll adopt Bobby Jindal? himself, an honest to goodness certified Anchor Baby!
He then married Marla 2 months right after their daughter was born. Christian Values and Children out of wedlock? it's The Donald!...that's acceptable in all of these closet sinners eyes!
And then came #3 Melania in 2005, another Immigrant, this time from Slovenia...and she became an American Citizen the same year, 2006, right after their son was born! The mom was an immigrant when his son was born?...another Anchor Baby!!  4 of his 5 kids were born in the USA while their mothers were Immigrants with Green Cards...not US Citizens! 
Section #1: "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are Citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside"... the 14th Amendment of the Constitution provides that Children born in the United States become American Citizens "regardless"...yes, regardless!!...of the citizenship of their parents, period! Where does it say anywhere in the 14th Amendment..."Legal" or "Illegal" Immigrants?

With the scare of Lily White America losing its power when the Hispanics become the Population Majority early this Century, the Republican Strategy is to ostracize the Latino Community...what they didn't expect was the Trumpster, opening his big trap and publicly spewing the hate, the racism, and fear they truly feel, but are too cowardly and embarrassed to openly say so! Their problem and fear with Trump? Lindsay Graham said: "Trumps nomination will mark the end of the Republican Party"!  

Booting out the "Walter Cronkite of the Latin World" with literally a worldwide viewership larger than all of Fox's Anchors combined, was a professionally stupid, stupid move...and it reveals another character Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump will attack anyone who tries to question him on subjects he doesn't have a clue about and doesn't want to answer...sooner or later he's going to have to say the truth, if he even knows what that truth is! He can't keep on Bullshitting the Masses. He's alienated the Black Community, the Muslims, and every other non-Evangelical Religion, the Women, the Latinos, the Gay Community, and the immoral degenerate who hides under the pretext that there's no marital rape, is aggressively raping the Republican Party of any respect they still have! And his little theatrics with the Latino Community, is going to be the tipping point for the GOP's eventual demise as a political entity.

Here's the Media's Editorial in the Spanish language Newspaper "La Opinion":
"La arrogancia de Donald Trump y la carencia del respeto se exceden diario. Parece imposible, pero en el teatro del absurdo construido por el candidato presidencial Republicano...que parece desafiar las reglas de protocolo político y mejor partido la escritura de TV de realidad más vulgar - cada movimiento hace el anterior pálido por la comparación"

Translation for the American side of my life:
"Donald Trump's arrogance and lack of respect exceeds itself everyday. It seems impossible, but in the theater of the absurd constructed by the republican presidential candidate...which seems to defy the rules of political protocol and better match a most vulgar reality TV script...each move makes the previous one pale by comparison. 

It's not a News Flash, but the Grand Old Party is about to self-implode! They have lost the basic support of the Latinos, all Ethnic and non-Evangelical Christian Communities in the Nation, all the Women, all the Blacks, the Vets, and the LGBT Community...when Old White Men are your entire Voter Demographics? Ahhyup! Lindsay Graham is right...Le Grande Orange has destroyed what is left of the Republican Party...and it's beyond repairs, thanks to their other bumbling move of shacking up with Tea lovers.
The Democrats' reaction to the "Trump vs 16 Apprentices" reality theatrics? Please! please! please!...Proceed!!

Spanish-Language Media Condemn Trump's Ejection Of Jorge Ramos From Press Conference | Research | Media Matters for America

Aug 27, 2015

It's Undignified to tell the Truth...arrogant talk by an Undignified Koch

 By RF Schatten

An arrogant statement by an undignified human being calling out the President, for being undignified and telling the Truth?? Being on the upper crust of the Upper Class Society doesn't necessarily mean you have any sort of class! The definition of "Dignity"; ~The state or quality of being worthy of honor or respect~. In the case of Charlie Koch, an indecent, immoral, and dishonorable human being...with a record to back it up...the truth, really does suck!

“You start seeing massive lobbying efforts backed by Fossil Fuel Interests, or Conservative Think Tanks, or the Koch Brothers pushing for new laws to roll back Renewable Energy Standards or prevent new Clean Energy Businesses from succeeding...that’s a problem.” ~~~ Barack Obama

Why is it "Undignified" for telling the truth?...we're in a world where the "Big Lie" has become the norm, where lying is the standard policy of a Political Party with no Policies except appeasing the Upper 1% of this Country, and hopping into bed with the Brothers Koch! The arrogance of exploiting those less fortunate for the almighty dollar...yet! Charlie feels offended for being criticized?? Another rich bastard like Donald Trump, attack anyone who criticizes you!... “It’s beneath the President, the Dignity of the President, to be doing that.” But it's not beneath the dignity of The Republican Party and the Koch Brothers to use every indecent, disrespectful and derogatory remark when speaking about the President of the United States! They say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist...these hypocrites are a testament on how to sell your soul!

Koch Industries rank 13th in the nation for Toxic Air Pollution, dumping more pollutants into the nation's waterways than General Electric and International Paper combined...and is currently outpacing Chevron, Shell, and Valero. Among the Top 30 Air, Water, and Climate polluters in the United States, only 3 companies listed pollute all 3...the Air, the Water, and the Climate...Exxon, American Electric, and Koch Industries. 24 Million Metric Tons of Greenhouse Gases a year polluted by Koch businesses!! Ahhyup! lot of Dignity there!

Dignity? Honor? Koch Industries has paid out a record number of Civil and Criminal Environmental Penalties. Toxicity is the Koch's agenda: The EPA's record holder in Pollution Fines, and record holder in Civil and Criminal Lawsuits... "Individual", "Class Action", and "Wrongful Deaths". The largest "Wrongful Death" lawsuit judgment of its type at that time in U.S. History...the cause? the explosion of a defective pipeline in about the "Dignity" of the 2 teenagers who were incinerated?...and the remorse? The remorse for losing so much money, Honorable!
For people who sleep with their money inside the mattress, and up their their sordid minds, and their power in the business's blasphemy to pay up any fines! Again, the arrogance of the rich and famous. It's easier and cheaper to their wallets to take over and own the country!...a $1 Billion appears to be the right amount to buy America, Trump plans to blow a Billion Dollars...what's $$$ for people willing to blow that much into an election?

How honorable are the Koch's vision for America? As RMuse says so well in his article: "The brothers’ state-level legislative arm the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and Americans for Prosperity embarked on a massive campaign and crusade to do exactly what President Obama accused them of; pushing legislation to roll back clean energy standards to kill jobs and keep air and water quality on par with third world developing countries".

The Koch Political Agenda: Elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency (naturally!! why pay more fines?), Anti-Climate Change so they can legally pollute the climate, Pro-GMOs because...what you don't know is better for you...and naturally, better for their wallets! Anti-Minimum Wage them, people can make more $$$ if there wasn't a minimum wage! What Koch doesn't say, is who's the one making more of that $$$? Anti-Obamacare...having all the Private Hospital Corporations and Insurance Companies run your Medical life. Like Rick Scott's Columbia/HCA? This fraud of a Governor is a certified US Court Fraud, after losing the largest class action Medicare Billing Fraud case in American Jurisprudence. And let's not forget the Trans Canada Pipeline!! Who owns all those Oil Fields in Alberta? Trust a Corporation because they are now, people too?? Sure!!!!!! Personally, I'll trust an illegal alien on not raping someone, than Charles and David Koch from raping the entire country!

For a man with so much Dignity and Respect...what about his Honesty? Start by being honest of who He and Brother Dave are? who they represent?...they 'are' The John Birch Society! Their influence in Conservative Think Tanks?...they totally control the Cato Institute, and fund the Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity, and the Manhattan Institute. They own the best Politicos money can buy...starting with their very own #1 Biotch; Scotty Too Hotty Walker...a totally paid in full political whore. They 'are' Citizen's United, they 'are' Americans for Prosperity, they run and control ALEC...and they 'are' the Tea Party's favorite Sugar Daddy!

The Brothers Koch never made a secret of their dream to continue Fred Koch's legacy and that of the John Birch Society. It's their desire to "Buy" this Country by changing the laws to favor all their policies, buying the Senate, buying the House, buying the Candidates. And their lifelong desire to convert this Nation into their own Ayn Rand form of a Plutocratic Government, with Theocratic intolerance, all in a Ruling Class Society. How about that man's Dignity?? The Koch dream of absolute power? King Louis XVI and Czar Nicholas were considered to be from Dignified Aristocracy, too!!

Charles Koch Says its Undignified for the President to Tell the Truth About The Kochs

Aug 24, 2015

Sociopolitical Quid Pro Quo...GOP's inability to co-exist in Society

By RF Schatten

Re-creating the US Constitution into their own image...'We, the People' are being bamboozled by 'Me, the Corporation' and its GOP Brothel of political aspirants...all seeking the title of #1 Biotch!

"The "Constitution" only gives people the right to pursue have to catch it yourself" ~~~ Benjamin Franklin

The right to Pursue Happiness, doesn't necessarily means just 'your' happiness! You may not like the asshole neighbor that lives next door to you, but in a civil society you put up with it...he may think you're an asshole, too!!...but, he also has to put up with your ignorance and stupidity! Call it Sociopolitical Quid Pro Quo!...and just live with it!
Antonin Scalia, certainly no bleeding heart liberal, once said; "There is nothing new in the realization that the Constitution sometimes insulates the criminality of a few in order to protect the privacy of us all". There are written and unwritten Rules and Laws set in place in civilized societies to protect everyone's Constitutional and Moral Rights...but in an indecent and immoral political entity such as the Grand Old Party of Lincoln, a "Constitution" is as strong as the paper it's written on!
Re-writing the US Constitution by the GOP and the Ghost of Jerry Falwell under the guidance of the Bothers Koch...on "Georgia-Pacific"!!...would be the the ultimate "Fuck You" slap of disrespect at the American Voter, and the General Public...but, they'll try!! Oh, hell yes! they'll try!...if only to annoy the living hell out of you! and to become an asterisk under "Political Aberrations in American History"!!

How is it that every US Constitutional Issue that involves the repeal of an Act, the arguments for repeal always comes from the Right?...specifically, the Christian Evangelical Right!?!?
If the Christian Right could have their way...their own horseshit version of the Bible and what they believe God says, and Theocracy would rule! Gays and Lesbians would be burned at the stake a la Salem for being "possessed" by the devil!! Blacks will have a choice of being Hung, Lynched, or shot by the Cops...just for being Black! Latinos? hunted down throughout the country, and once captured...booted out ASAP. Cause? soon into this Century, the Latino becomes the Majority and White America becomes..."Numero Dos"!! Oh! the humanity!...their "White Power" will become powerless! It all would be funny...if it wasn't so true!

They really do need to change the Laws muy pronto, because most likely, they're not going to get another chance for a long time...especially with Progressivism and Liberalism becoming the accepted norm and conventional wisdom in our Society and in our Culture...and "Social Democracy", looming just around the corner!

It's not surprising that Amendments and Sections of the United States Constitution are historically used by the GOP to stir the political stew. With an Agenda of opposing every single Political Issue in the 2016 Presidential Campaign, and every other issue not in the campaign...and on the southern end of the polls on every one of those's their necessity to exploit another Issue and pick up a Sound-byte or two to come out from their direction, while on a Trump Media Blitz storm!

Meanwhile, the Clown Car keeps rolling on with a majority of the Bozos, naturally supporting repeal of the 14th...professional politicos, without a mind of their own, following the least professional and least knowledgeable buffoon in this year's Emmett Kelley contest. With no policies of their own, they'll look like fools...but, they're so used to that!
3 Clowns that favor Repeal have been affected one way or another by Birthright Citizenship.
Clown #1 who'll definitely never ever win awards of any kind, had to reverse his position when his Immigrant Mom and Dad called him and said; "WTF!! you were Born in the USA because of us, you idiot! could've been born in Punjab, India!
Clown #2 who's Parents immigrated from Cuba, and who supposedly grew up within the Cuban Community and lives in Miami...and should understand the plight and struggles of the Cuban Immigrant, the Dominican Immigrant, and the Haitian Immigrant...the struggles of the wretched refuse? Screw them!!...the money is better on the other side! So much for being a son of an Immigrant.
Clown #3 whom himself was born in and immigrated from Canada, whose Father immigrated from Cuba, and who's only connection to being any sort of an American, is an American Mother living in Alberta. He too, is on the repeal the 14th Amendment Bandwagon, and he too could care less about other immigrants!'s the power to make anybody miserable, including his own Party!
And let us not forget the Clown Car's #1 Joker and Court Jester; who's own mother was an immigrant from the Isle of Lewis, Scotland, and whose Paternal ancestors immigrated from his own mind, Immigrants? Only if you're intelligent and from proper stock, What kind of stock was his ancestors when they fled Europe??  

The US Constitution is a guideline for whom we are, what we believe, and what we stand for as a Nation...not to change it, but change those in power that abuse those rights...including those who try to re-write them for their own greed and self gratifications! It's a powder keg that's going to end up exploding in the Republicans' faces. There's a reason why an Elephant is sometimes called "Dumbo"...could they have inherited chronic stupidity from the GOP??

Constitution Change the GOP Believes In - The Daily Beast

Aug 23, 2015

From Toilets to Tanks: A Pentagon's Eternal Budget Nightmare

By RF Schatten

When it's accountability time, the last words the Pentagon's bookkeepers and bean counters want to hear are?...Show Me The Money"!!!

"We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Military-Industrial Complex" ~~~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

When it comes to keeping the books straight, the Pentagon's Accounting Office would be the farthest from anyone's mind. What's the surprise about a bunch of Generals who cannot account for $8.5 Trillion Dollars? Someone had fun!!...and there's been no Defense Contractor filing for Bankruptcy, lately?!?! So, where's the $$$?
From $1,500 Gold Toilet Seats to the controversy of the Bradley Assault Vehicle, keeping the accountability of our defense program while the Military Industrial Complex keeps their grubby and greedy hands inside the political Cookie Jar, has been a thorn in the side of every administration since that Republican President warned us all about them!!

Accounting for $8.5 Trillion? How about starting with the 234 Golf Courses built around the world for the poor hard working Generals? "Travel Golf" says that the very best Military Golf Course in the U.S. is the Air Force Academy’s Eisenhower Blue Course in Colorado Springs, CO. How about the Arizona Golf Riyadh, Saudi Arabia...complete with Bowling Alley, Gym, Roller Hockey Rink, Horse Stables, an Amphitheater, a Cappuccino Bar, and a Restaurant...and if that's not enough from passing the time away from doing absolutely nothing? a Megapool with a Water Slide!!
It's not all Golf Courses, naturally, how about Ski Resorts in the Alps?!?! and enough $$$ for Personal Chefs, Automobiles, and other fringe benefits...really don't know how hard these guys work?...but! they're sure having fun!!

In today's political blame game, blaming the other side is just a plain hypocritical cop-out...the Military Complex Lobby has been in the business of purchasing the best politicians money can buy, since Harry Truman went after corrupt Military Contractors and the Generals' spending habits after WWII.

This is truly a Bi-partisan's beyond any Republican or Democratic Administrations. The Dept of Defense has always had its way with Politicos...whether it's a Conservative or Liberal Administration, it doesn't matter...funding the Pentagon always has the same controversial debate, always the same cry for National Defense and Security from every evil that exists on this planet. Ahhyup! they always end up getting what they want, anyhow! Reform the Pentagon?...the Pentagon is beyond Reforming...what they need is a complete overhaul of their internal bureaucracy!

Too many years of political corruption between the Military, Politicians, and Civilian Military Contractors...they'll start wars for a contract!...just ask Dick Chaney's Halliburton on how it's done?? The Pentagon has evolved into its own creature, beyond its jurisdiction. War and Guns is a big business...add greedy and corruptibly weak Politicians, and corruptible Military Officers...and nothing is ever going to get resolved!

Show me the money?? $8.5 Trillion, funneled by every Contractor, Politician, Lobbyist, Military Officer, and whoever else gets a piece of the Pie!! Changes? not till it becomes part of our national discourse!...the Daily Kos calls it; "The Biggest Scandal in US history, that nobody is talking about" But, it's Election season...and one side will try to bury it, while the opposite side of the aisles will continue to expose the matter....overhauling the System? Can it seriously be Fixed or Overhauled?...and if it can? can it be successfully accomplished? Too much to ponder over...that's why these Generals need to get out and have a good Round of Golf!...might as well, they've built enough courses out there!!  

GOP's Favorite Socialist Program Lost $8.5 Trillion And Will Bankrupt America

Aug 20, 2015

Birthright Citizenship: A Moral Argument redefined by Immorals

By RF Schatten

Once upon a time Mary Anne MacLeod, a Scottish immigrant born on the Isle of Lewis, arrived in the United States. That arrival was responsible for Donald Trump's total existence in this world, today! Ahhyup!...under Le Grande Orange's Policy of who should stay and who should leave?...the Trumpster should start packing his own bags and get a one-way ticket to Scotland...a mother who's an immigrant that popped him out in this country, would not make it a sufficient reason for him being legally a US Citizen!!
Bobby Jindal?!?! Both of your parents are immigrants from Punjab, India, my friend!...Donald not only voted you out of this competition!...he voted you out of this country! In your one is really going to miss you, anyhow!

~~ 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution ~~
SECTION 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.

Where does it say anywhere that someone born in the US is not an American Citizen, if their parents came as immigrants?...legally or illegally?!?! The 14th Amendment of the Constitution provides that children born in the United States become American Citizens "regardless"...yes, regardless!!...of the citizenship of their parents. "All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside"....after the Birth of the Child, where and what does it say about the Legality or Illegality of the Immigrant? Nowhere!'s all absolutely nothing!

It's lonely being on top...and with an increasingly hostile party breathing up your become the hero of that last bastion of this Grand Old Party, the extreme Right Wing. The topic of discourse? Birthright Citizenship is just a ruse, it's part of the assault on the Hispanic Community by the Far Right...the same old hate and bigotry that's becoming a very old stale show. The lunatic fringe, with crazies like Ann Coulter and her obsession for Joseph Mengele's theories and philosophy of Exclusivity of the Master Race through the use of Eugenics and Demographic Engineering.  Only now, they have a messenger. With a lawyer who's been working overtime, finding ways to dismantle all Citizenship Rights while in route of bringing in a Ruling Class who's a better poster child for the 1%, than the bratty little "Master" Donald??

The echos of decent?...with 16 other fools flip-flopping on all the issues, trying to get one-up on Trump as soon as possible before their campaign coffers dry up...these clowns, are going bananas!
Both Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada (an immigrant, himself) and his Cuban Father who immigrated to Canada and then to the United States, and Marco Rubio...a son of Cuban immigrants...have retreated a little on their anti-immigration stance. Rubio's Little Havana constituency, pretty much signaled their discontent with Trump. Cruz? He's trying to salvage whatever little Latino support he still has.

A look at the candidates...who's a Native American born in the USA that's running for President? Besides Bobby "The Flash" Jindal and his naturalization issue, everyone's ancestors immigrated, that's why we have accepted the wretched refuse from Day 1. Ben Carson's family goes back 80% Black and 20% European...would removing Birthright Citizenship make him a free man or a slave, which Blacks under these arguments would reverted back to? How about Christie ancestors? or Walker? or Fiorina's?'s a truly losing cause by fools, as their opposition just looks on and salivates. 

Section 1 of the 14th Amendment is not going to be overturned..."The Privileges or Immunities Clause" protects it! But it's a cause the Extreme Right of this country has been hammering for years in their attempt to return to a more conservative and simple life in the image of a "Black and White" Pleasantville.
But, what this "Loser" who generally ends his comments of others by calling everyone else a "Loser",  doesn't and will never understand...and why he will lose this race..."Pleasantville" eventually evolved, progressed, moved forward, and turned into living Technicolor. And if that's not enough, Mr. Trump?'s a Fairy Tale!!  

Behind Trump’s assault on birthright citizenship: The far right’s dream of rolling back the Constitution, and reshaping America -

Aug 18, 2015

A GOP Nightmare: Like Chronic Fungus...Trump never goes away!

 By RF Schatten

The damn story that never a Chronic Fungus Infection..."The Donald" just lingers around and doesn't ever go away. Mainstream and Social Media loves it!!...the GOP? They'd be willing to turn around their lives and believe in Science, if they could find a permanent cure for Fungus!
Now, how can you stop writing about this character? It's understandable why Stephen Colbert has to keep "Dry Trumping" till his show begins! 

Our American Political Theater has evolved into a Cheap Reality Show...political theatrics by a self-centered, egotistical reality show host. It's "Donald Trump vs 16 Apprentices". The fired "Apprentice" host doesn't take firings easy when he's the one on the other side of the he's taking his show to a higher stage, probably cynically  announcing "You're Fired", as each candidate is chopped and pulls out of the Clown Show!

Political decorum? not in the Trumpster's world of personal disrespect, insults, and contempt for everyone and everything! "If you don't like me, I'll run as an Independent!! because I have a Billion bucks to blow fuck you all, I'm Donald Trump"!! I would've loved to see how he got his way at the playground as a kid? "It's my rules because it's my bat and ball...and if no one wants it like that? I'll take my bat and ball and go home, and nobody can play!" A mean and arrogant kid, born with a silver spoon up his ass and $1 Billion dollars to blow because he never needed to know the value of a dollar! Give him a Camera and give him a Microphone...his narcissism, his ego, and his "Le Grande Orange" rug, all light up like a giant Reflector...and in his mind; Lights! Camera! Action!'s showtime!!

How to make friends and influence people? In Trump's world it's more like "How to lose friends and all your influences": The words of the Trumpster's Wisdom
Ronald Reagan: “So 'smooth' that he won over the American people. Only now, are people beginning to question whether there’s anything beneath that smile.”
Mitt Romney: "A Frozen Jellyfish".
John McCain: "A 'Dummy' who graduated last at Annapolis".
Carly Fiorina: "You’ll develop a massive headache by listening to her speak".
Jeb and big brother Dubya: "Idiots"!
Jon Hunstman: "A total lightweight, Jon Huntsman continues to give the worst responses on China".
Cruz? Rubio? Walker? and Christie? can go on forever!! Trump is an equal insult opportunity employer...he's a disrespectful indecent degenerate, and will insult anybody; that's what he lives for!
Carl Rove: "A total loser. Money given to him might as well be thrown down the drain".
George Will: "George Will may be the dumbest (and most overrated) political commentator of all time. If the Republicans listen to him, they will lose".
Charles Krauthammer: "One of the worst and most boring political pundits on television is Krauthammer. A totally overrated clown who speaks without knowing facts"...overrated Clown? Not knowing the facts?...hmm.
Michele Malkin: "She would be nothing without being on the Sean Hannity Show. I don’t see what Sean sees in her...loser!" 
Frank Luntz: "Works really hard but is a guy who just doesn't have it...a total loser!"
Jonah Goldberg: The National Review is truly dumb as a rock. Why does Bret Baier put this 'dummy' on his show?

Now he's at it with Frank Luntz, because he doesn't like to be criticized by anyone! A "clown" and a "low class slob"?... well! one rich powerful Clown and Low Class degenerate calling another clown out? Megyn Kelly was ordered by Roger the Dodger to grill Trump hard in the debate, and when the shit hit the fan, she was never backed up by Ailes! Now Luntz is getting the wrath from Donald for speaking the truth...and Fox doesn't give a shit! Which, is why Trump does whatever he wants and whatever he matter how obscene it is! And this Fool, really expects good reviews from Conservative Journalism?!?!

Donald Trump is systematically exposing the Republican Party for whom they really are and what they really stand for...with all the hate, the conniving, the lust for money, and the empty policies that have not publicly materialized for the last 8 years...while simultaneously exposing all the other Clowns and destroying their candidacy. Leading in a poll of 17 totally incompetent politicos doesn't make him anything but the most popular incompetent clown in the Freak Show...and for his own downfall? This "Loser's" Classless Character!...a mean spirited, spiteful, disrespectful, and hateful human being, a horrendous misogynist, philanderer, and lousy excuse for a husband x3...with stupidly insane ideas and absolutely no understanding of a world outside his own existence; a true portrait of himself.

Who's enjoying Trump's poll lead? ahhh!...about everyone who wants to see the GOP lose!! Trump drowning out all the other 16 drowning voices...winning the daily and nightly sound byte wars is driving the RNC bonkers!! But again, with their same political agenda and non-existence political policies...listening to 16 voices drowning because they keep saying the same old boring and stale rhetorical sound-bytes, is becoming old news...they've been saying the same thing since November, 2008, when Carl Rove picked up his cell phone live on FoxNews and said; Confirmed, we lost?? "WTF"!?!?!...we fixed the election! what the hell happened to Romney's "Orca", platform?!?!

On Real Time with Bill Maher, Jennifer Grandholm compared The Donald to a schmuck villain on "Survivor" keep him on to see what else he can do to screw everyone else, but at the end...he's voted out!. Much like why Howard Stern flourished early in New York City...the majority of the listeners didn't like him, but the majority listened just to see what the hell he's going to say next! With Trump, screw substance...go for profanity and the indecent. The majority of Republicans dislikes and despises this man...but that great majority of 24-31% of the GOP voters, want to keep him #1...just to listen to more of his absurdities!!

Oh! Donald Trump will eventually fade off the picture...but, what happens to the GOP after the destruction? And who's going to be left to pick up the pieces and take on either one of the Democrat's two top heavyweight sluggers?? 

After Tiff With Megyn Kelly, Trump Engages In War With Fox's Frank Luntz

Aug 15, 2015

Contenders & Pretenders: Republicans' Problem with Women

 By RF Schatten

"If you want something said, ask a Man; if you want something done, ask a Woman!" ~~~ Margaret Thatcher

Why are Old White Men and Young Macho Wannabees in the GOP so Gynophobic? Could it be the fear of being emasculated by someone smarter than them? or the fact when a Woman takes over, their cynical misogynous ways, will be rejected by even larger numbers than it already is? It's the Grand Old Party's quagmire...their own Revolution on everyone not White, Christian,  or Male...and may he be a 'Masculine' looking Male! (even if you're not a Godfather). Women? Submissive Evangelical Christian Women only, need apply. It's all in their innate inability to search and find their true Masculinity.

The Republican Fear? 56.8 Million Unmarried Women of which 60.5% registered to vote in they feel an increase in that category rushing in 2015-16? 161 Million Women in the US as of December, 2013...and growing!! 63% Voted in 2012, and who got the majority of the women? Duh!...they 'do' have a reason to fear their Better Half!
How about the fear for the fastest growing segment of the nation's largest voting bloc since 2000?...the Black Woman! The Rising American Electorate consists of Unmarried Women, African Americans, Latinos, other People of Color and Millennials...they accounted for 82% of the growth from 2000-2014, with a gigantic 88% growth, alone between 2012 and 2014!

And how do these Republican Great Pretenders aka "Contenders" feel about women?
Jeb Bush believes in Government controlling 'your' physical Jeb?... Families? they don't have a right in making decisions about the life support of their own child, sibling, or mate. Terri Schiavo...the political sacrifice to Bush's religious lambs...never asked Baby Bush to decide her fate; but Jeb is a Bush and a Bush is above God! A convenient or inconvenient Death?...postpone death for Political gains, or in his family's case...a little mutually assured death and destruction here and there, done quickly for Political Gains is OK. Either way...playing with people's lives is a rush for a Bush.

Michael Schiavo, Terri's husband called Jeb Bush an "Untrustworthy Coward"! Cowardliness is a closeted trait of misogynous tough macho Chauvinists. Yea! he was speaking of Jeb...but that cowardliness is overflowing and drowning the Republican Party!!
And if Jeb has a daughter, and she has an affair and gets pregnant....will the “Scarlet Letter” Law apply to her?...of course not! He's a hypocritical the Duggers! The Scarlet Letter Law? as Jennifer Granholm so perfectly stated: “He thinks that Public Shaming of Single Mothers or Promiscuous Teenagers is a good thing to prevent them from misbehaving”. How about the promiscuity and misbehaving in the Bush Family throughout its History??...they still keep Neil locked up tight in the closet. Remember Neil? of course not!...he's been locked up and out of site for a long, long time!!

More pretenders! Mike Huckabee would "never insult Kelly like Donald Trump did"...then insults Beyoncé and her husband, Jay-Z of “arguably crossing the line from husband to pimp”. Ahhyup! Mike, the fine Christian Preacher who believes in daydreaming and being a transgender to enter the girls locker room, see how they look naked, and experiment with his "feminine side"...the same fine Christian who also has a fondness for pedophiles!
And more pretenders? 15 more people who hate women, including HP's own "Wicked Witch". They're glad she got canned...the internal HP eMail that trended over 20k PCs the day she was fired? "The Witch is Dead"! 15 others, all hating and/or fearing the opposite sex...the fear of losing that position of power to a woman, of being emasculated...but why would it matter? They're cowards with no cojones, now!

But, above all when you speak of Misogynous Gynophobes, you're speaking about the man of the hour...The Trumpster. No one exemplifies the Republican Party of everything that is wrong with them than "The Donald". He's a shining example of what the GOP stands for, every single issue! A man who's lawyer states that there's no such thing a Marital Rape, but ask Ivana about sexual abuse!'s about power, both physical and financial...and how to get away with it in a Conservative judicial system.

Trump represents everything that is wrong with people who try to muscle their influence or buy their own little world, at any cost! He's your 1% that represents the arrogance of the Brothers Koch, he's your Evangelical Christian hating bigot and racist, even when he tells you he doesn't give a shit about religion. A 3x married philanderer who's your savior of family values and pro-life...Planned Parenthood didn't exist in his family planning!  And he's your John Wayne and Clint Eastwood tough hawk who'll take on every country in the world who he can intimidate, or who tries to mess his Orange Rug. He's everything for everybody but particularly, the standard bearer for the GOP's degenerate arrogance and misogyny.

Megyn Kelly is not a saint, herself...another piece of shit...but, she asked the right questions! The fact was, Trump did like answering the truth, he's the least knowledgeable person in the room! So screw the substance of the questions and scratch her eyes out!

What Donald Trump did was simply, politically raping her...pissed off at her questions, she's just another woman in his eyes...and sticks it to her with his misogynous comments. In Trump's eyes? "Look baby, you're just a woman and I'm the Donald, I'm superior to you, and I'm going to make your life miserable because I enjoy it"!! And at the end...she got screwed on worldwide TV...and Trump picked up in the polls!! It's all Power over others...and there's sure a lot of women on the GOP, who enjoys being sexually abused...or not! We'll see what happens after 2016!    

Bill Maher mocks Repubs' problem with women: 'They live in our houses -- not Mitt Romney's binder'

Aug 13, 2015

The GOP Way: Blaming 'Lack of Regulation', while Deregulating it!

 By RF Schatten

What makes the Republican Party, degenerate to a level of Indecency and Immorality never seen before in the annals of American Political History? Absolutely no morals or character!...unabashedly Crooked & Dishonest, Liars, Racists, Misogynists, Xenophobic, and Homophobic. They're in a state of a massive severe Social Anxiety Disorder!!...all of them, just hypocrites, Intolerant of everything on this earth, and everyone not made in their own image, their liking, and specifications on how a human being should look and think: "White and Conservative"...the rest of the world? va fangul! They don't have a need for ya, friend!

The two things they 'do' super excel at, is Arrogance and Greed! to suck up and go to bed with Big $$$$$$$$$. It's no secret that they could care less for 99% of this can't suck the 1% dry, they have an endless cash you play the Political Whore card and become their Biotch!  Whether their name is spelled; K-o-c-h, A-d-e-l-s-o-n, D-e-V-o-s-s, W-y-n-n, or whoever else...these scumbags will sell their own mothers down a polluted radioactive river for filthy $$$ why would they give a shit selling away the country and taking it down the crapper? I guess Marx was right...Capitalism does Corrupt!

And with this group of corrupt degenerates allied with a Conservative Aristocracy that are not so publicly quiet about their desire for a Plutocratic Ruling Class Society, and are willing to spend literally Billions, not Millions! but $$Billions$$ to take control of the United States of America...their current power? Remember We, The People?'s now We, The Citizens' United! Yes, folks!...$$$ Talks!!

Now we have John Boehner...speaking of degenerate hypocrites!...accusing the EPA for a toxic leak because of a "Lack of Regulation"? Could it be the same lack of Regulations that the Republican Congress has been continuously deregulating at the urge of their Sugar Daddy benefactors? The coal mines in West Virginia for example...who wants Regulations? The EPA!...and who really doesn't want Regulations? Does the name Koch, ring a bell?

It's all the same old Republican hypocrisy. The same Republican House who now wants the Environmental Protection Agency to place regulations into affect and protect Joe Citizen, have been steadily gutting the funds of the EPA...the 2015 Budget funding, cuts the EPA by $718 million, or 9%, and caps staffing levels at the agency to 15,000...the lowest level since 1989. The last round of EPA cuts were at 7%...ahhyup! they want more and more cuts, yet keep demanding the EPA do more? Oh! how Republicans love to pass the buck when the shit hits the fan! and it's their fault! It would be funny...if it wasn't such a sad and serious situation...the immorality and the indecency of how the GOP plays with people's lives, and the phoniness of their love for this country. A Party with no cojones! to admit and take the blame when they are wrong or when they screw up and people get hurt.
So why do they act so concerned about a toxic spill?...besides being an election year, no reason at all!...they could care less! It's their standard ruse for the exploitation of the ignorance of their minions.

Yes! this is your Grand Old Party at its lowest form of Civility and Decorum...a Republican Party that has sold themselves out, lock, stock, and barrel for that almighty dollar. There 'is' a reason why the Koch Brothers are publicly in favor of the dismantling of the EPA...Koch Industries are the largest polluters of our environment in the Nation. The record number of Class Action Lawsuits, and Wrongful Deaths Lawsuits throughout the years are just a second thought for the most heavily fined corporation for polluting in American History. Too many millions of $$$ they can't sleep with anymore!'s easier to buy out the country and take control themselves, nobody could tell them what to do, then.

Pair them up with Low-life degenerate politicos who "Love this Country" so much! that they believe in selling our natural resources, Public Land and Parks to Foreign Corporations...including Apache Indian Land and their Holy sites...that's none of their business! It's Indian Land! Selling off our Forests and National Parks to Foreign investments?? Patriotism my ass! Republicans today, don't give a damn about America!...their Immorality and Indecency just gushes out with pride! They're degenerates, what do you really expect? Abe Lincoln??

John Boehner Blames EPA for Toxic Spill Caused by Lack of Regulation