Feb 12, 2016

No "October Surprise": GOP's failed continuance of Reagan's Legacy

 By RF Schatten

The plausibility of Republicans paying off yet another Iranian Government?...all to keep yet more American hostages imprisoned in order to influence yet another Presidential Election? You bet!!

“In the course of the talks for exchanging prisoners, the Republican rivals of the current US Administration, who claim to be humanitarians and advocates of human rights sent a message telling us not to release these People (American Prisoners) and continue this process (of talks) until the eve of US Presidential Elections" ~~~ Ali Shamkhani (Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council)

Why would it sound like such a treasonous act?...privately negotiating with separate factions of sovereign governments, behind the back of your own Government 'is' treason!...in every way, shape, or form!

The fact: Ronald Reagan 'did' secretly negotiated the "October Surprise" (that, also led to the deaths of thousands of innocent people around the world, and in Central America in particular) behind Jimmie Carter and his Administration's back...and against the policies of Iran's President at that time, Abdolhassan Bani-Sadr...and secretly worked out a deal with the leader of Iran's radical faction, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini!

And what a deal! This great human being's outrageous plans was to keep the hostages in captivity until 'after the 1980 Presidential Election were over', even to the point of not returning them till his Inauguration Day!...totally staged to show the poor suffering Hostages and the the future President on split screen, as Reagan raises his right hand and places his left hand on the Bible, the plane with the hostages takes off...as he takes the official Oath of Office and becomes the President, the message that the Hostages have past Iranian Air Space is flashed through TV Screens all over the world!...all Hollywood! how Ronald Reagan became St. Bonzo to Evangelical America and all his GOP faithful...he becomes the "Leader of the Free World", and wow! at the exact moment!?!? Our American Hostages are free!!...it's a miracle! hallelujah! God bless St Bonzo!

That's how great St. Bonzo was...committed treason to his own government, cheated to win an election, but even worse...played with other people's lives! Political pawns, suffering and held hostage for a god awful amount of days, and then? having to stay longer than necessary just to make good old Ronnie look good!

Looking good was all he ever wanted, the US-Iran Arms-for-Hostages negotiations in 1985 and 1986 was part of the deal...but Bonzo did "not recall" that, naturally.

A traitor? he was already a giant traitor to his Union when as President of SAG, ratted out his own friends and membership to McCarthy's House Un-American Activities Committee, where many people's lives and careers abruptly ended. The hostages' lives and careers?...and the GOP's compassion? 444 long days!...of which at least, 75 of those days were just to make a Grade-B Actor look good! Ahhyup! Dumbos have compassion, alright! 

Now today's GOP wants to win one for the Gipper, and go ahead and strike another deal...even if they think Iran is part of their Axis of Evil shtick. You've got to give them credit...having the gull to make a deal with the very same people they claim to someday exterminate from the face of this earth...and again, it's another chapter from Reagan's Book on American Traitors.

This time, Iran is telling the Republicans to take a hike!...after their failed letter trying to disrupt the International Nuclear Negotiations, Republicans are once again making fools out of themselves in the world stage. The 47 Traitors continue to work behind its own Government's back, negotiated privately with Netanyahu behind Obama's back, and continue to support Bibi's long term goals...which includes the destruction of those very same Iranians, they're trying to negotiate with to Win again the same way!

Since St. Ronald, George I, and George II...Cheating, buying the Courts, and buying Elections has become the Republican Way of Life...and now, with not one single solitary Republican Party Policy favored by any majority of the country?

It appears the Grand Old Party is going for all the marbles by throwing respect and decorum out the Capitol windows by just being openly vulgar and aligning themselves with the only people left who still believe, follow, respect, and currently adores them...Right Wing Extremism! Their current standard bearer, actually celebrated by re-tweeted an openly White Supremacist's compliments on his "Make America Great" election victory in N.H.

Conservatism in America has mercilessly broken down and the Republican Party has turned to disrespect, immorality, and vulgarity, in what's left of their self-hating life with those whom they just refuse or simply cannot understand! Growing up in generations of ignorance, or just in self-denial of the course which the natural evolution of our society is progressively moving!...Forwards, not Backwards!

Oh, well! Republicans and all their corruption will never change, they'll continue to lose nationally and never know why!...till they stop worshiping St. Bonzo!

Iran Claims Republicans Tried To Delay Return Of US Prisoners Until After The Election

Feb 5, 2016

Snyder is Poisoning Flint...and GOP Blames Obama!

By RF Schatten

Wasn't the "Big Government Takeover" of Benton Harbor enough of a clue about Rick Snyder's mind and personal character? The Flint problem didn't start during this Election cycle and doesn't need to be an election issue...if things were handled right from the beginning! What Republicans in their right mind would want to have such a scandal during National Elections? Oops! sorry, we 'are' speaking about today's Grand Old Party!

In the case of one, Richard Dale Snyder...a paid in full, Koch sponsored stooge and crook portraying the role of Governor William J Lepetomane, along with his very own Hedley Lamar, portrayed by Joseph Harris, aka "The Czar of Benton Harbor" tried to takeover the town, get rid of the heavily low income population, build Golf Courses, and a giant shoreline development for the wealthy....and still come out with a nice handsome commission for all his efforts in the deal.
Frankly, Rick Snyder doesn't give a damn! so why would he be scared of poisoning that City's population...his benefactors have been poisoning the waters of communities throughout the country for years! and all those facts and much more, are just a click away!...for those 2 scoundrels, it's routine for the Bros to settle out of court and pay the judges' fines...they have Billions to blow!

"The Michigan Republican party would like you to know that Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has been busy trying to heal the city of Flint while the malevolent Obama administration has only stood in the way". The statement by the local Michigan GOP...and the condemnation by the RNC? Where is that long line of concerned and upset Republican citizens? Oops! sorry, not in this version of the Grand Old Party!

The water switch was motivated by saving money for Flint? which, was under the control of a State Emergency Manager aka Hedley Lamar, naturally! Lies, more Lies, and yet another Scandal...the fact he knew what all experts were telling him, and still allowed it to happen?...just to save a buck? Knowing you're poisoning people is not healthy for children and other living things...now, you don't need a war for our youth to die...just poison them or have the cops shoot them!

This is the immorality that America is facing...you don't make "America Great Again" by knowingly poisoning people, as if they were casualties of War...and in this case, a dirty and filthy political war by dirty and filthy maniacal politicos with no purpose in life other than continue the fear and hate of a Society they refuse to understand.

With the Koch Brothers' fingerprints up and down and all over the place...the state government continues as corrupt in Michigan as in its Koch sister-state Wisconsin with Snyder's Twin-mirror, Scotty "Too Hottie" Walker! Playing with people's lives is Criminal!...no matter how you slice it!...and Criminal Charges should be filed. Will the federal government respond to the cries of social injustice and political chicanery in Michigan?
In an election year? You bet!...Rick Snyder screwed up royally! it's his bad...but Republicans are still going to hurt. Already being the Party known as the protectors of the 1%, their total lack of remorse and lack of understanding of social issues...such as the human right to obtain free clean water...is going to bite them in their arse this November!   

This degenerate of a politician who swore in his oath to uphold the highest standards of his office for which the voters entrusted him, will continue in his merry ways...until someone decides to put a stop and brings him up on criminal charges. And in an election year? It's just going to be another wild circus act for the Dumbos in 2016!

Bernie Sanders Calls For Federal Criminal Investigation Into Rick Snyder For Poisoning Flint | Politicus USA

Jan 31, 2016

Trump on Healthcare: The "Old Trump Bullshit" carries on!

 By RF Schatten

“Give them the old Trump bullshit...tell them it is going to be a 1,000,000 Square Feet, 68 Stories.”...as Donald Trump told the architect Der Scutt before a presentation of the Trump Tower design at a Press Conference in 1980. What a great guy!...even in 1980 "The Bullshit" was part of his sales shtick...the "Old Trump Bullshit"!!!

Nobody knows Healthcare better than Donald Trump? Hmm, interesting! I really, really, really, truly, truly believe Dr. Ben Carson knows just a tad more about Healthcare than the Trumpster does. Now, the self-proclaimed smartest man on earth, is also now the self-proclaimed most knowledgeable man on earth in Health and Medicine!!...and if anyone truly believes this man's horseshit, they deserve to be lead straight right into extinction....cause 'that' is what the Donald does best!!

In buying out Equitable Life Assurance Company’s share of then commercial space in the Trump Tower, a top prominent real-estate developer in NY told Vanity Fair; “He paid Equitable $60 Million...the equity for the entire commercial space was $120 million. Suddenly, Donald was saying that it was worth $500 million!” Oh! that Old Trump

The self-proclaimed best business man on earth, whose going to "Make America Great Again". Let's see how great that "Old Trump Bullshit" has worked for this schmuck:
1) Trump Airlines...between 1988 and 1992...Profits? None, 0, Zilch! Fate? Bankrupt and Broken apart to pay its creditors.
2) Trump Magazine...1 1/2 Years...Profits? Ceased Publication.
3) Trump Vodka...2006-2011...Profits? Lackluster Sales, company dissolved.
4) Trump Mortgage...After 1 1/2 Years...Profit? Failed and Ceased operations.
5) Trump Steaks...Closed 2012...Profits? Closed for Multi Health Violations.
6) Trump University...accused of defrauding students by the New York Attorney General...a Non-Accredited "For Profit" School, incurred $40 Million in damages.
7) Trump Casinos...3 Trump Casinos in Atlantic City, NJ...all, went through Bankruptcy in 2014...for the 4th fricken time!!

Real Estate? 4 Properties failed for over-leveraging, which worked well in a Bull Market, but when it turned into a Bear Market? Let's just say this 'smart' Billionaire was a lot richer before his leverage tactics.

A man who made his bucks first as a slumlord...with a very tiny pittance of a $1 Million loan from his daddy...then via US Bankruptcy Court, profiting by tax ride-offs and screwing the creditors. A true failure in Business throughout his lifetime, though a big time winner when it comes in screwing your fellow man. He represents the true evil
of the dark side of Capitalism, a man who puts God, Country, and Family, way way far behind himself.

One of this man's best friends, Russell Simmons, publicly told him to stop the "Old Trump Bullshit"! but he continues to glorify himself and lie! lie! lie! There is a reason why Donald Trump is not a business model, used in Business Schools around the country...except, in the non-credited "for" profit school he ripped the public off!

A degenerate, self-idolizing, liar and professional con man, with absolutely no loyalties to anyone....to God, to Family, especially to his Party, or to anyone else in this nation...a
philanderer married 3 times, an ignorant who thinks Evangelical Christians are the best but never read the Bible, and thinks Muslims are the worst people on earth but never read the Koran. The man who has made indecency and vulgarity part of his self-righteous fight against a Multi-Ethnic Society and Multiculturalism.

To get your vote, this man has done everything but Pledge Allegiance to Fascism, it's all
right to hate thy neighbor...not only keep him out of your neighborhood, keep him out of the country!! Then built a wall around this Nation to keep out anyone who's not a "Pure Bred"...preferably White as a Lily. And he's going to put a Beautiful Majestic Entrance...Foreigners! with valet parking till you return and go home...because he really doesn't want you here! For Donald Trump, it's all about money and power. If you got Cash or Plastic?...welcome to America! have a good time and buy whatever you want, then get the hell out and go back to where you came from!
If you're not 'privileged'? Sorry Charley!...but you still have to pay for building "The Wall"! Oops! there's that Old Trump Bullshit, again!

And then you have your typical Trumpster Groupie, who's going to believe all this...and really wants to make the other side pay for a wall to keep themselves out? Ahhyup! they're addicted to the Old Trump Bullshit!

To a more serious matter, the recent sound-bytes coming out of this spoiled rich brat's mouth...on backing comments about "Pure Breed" only for the Presidency, and his love for
Fascism. When a candidate brings in his own security, threatens and abuse the Free Press, and have people who don't agree with Le Grande Orange, physically escorted out while Trump fanatics beat them on the way out...then outside, they're beaten again! That's sounds like 1931 Germany. "Pure Breed"!...like in the "Master Race"?

Pure Breeding and Fascism...old words that suck off each other...specially with a master Demagogue playing to the sheer ignorance, who really believe he's strong. Strength is not, how much you can brag about yourself and all those lies, and still sell a country invisible plans, just by saying "I Know Everything"...trust me".
His biggest weakness?...besides being a mediocre businessman who's constantly in trouble and practically lives in Court...is being a Fool who's already being used at a whim by Vladimir Putin and Bibi Netanyahu, and if elected, by a good amount of other world leaders!

Donald Trump's life has always been within his own little circle of existence, in all his own grandeur splendor!...outside his safe zone?...he has no clue of life in the city streets (except for the tenants he's booted out) or life in Main Street America USA. His fanatic groupies? They're around, cause they can't get enough of that Old Trump Bullshit!

Donald Trump Promises He'll 'Work Something Out' On Health Care

Jan 28, 2016

A Dysfunctional GOP, Living in a Free Thinking Society

 By RF Schatten

A Dysfunctional Party, unable to cope with the natural evolution of a Nation...and the rapidly Progressive and Free Thinking Society that we have evolved into.

It's not surprising whenever the winds of Social Change appear in the horizon, for the conservative mind to battle any or all changes in our society just to keep that Status Quo, alive! Since the Stone Age...when fear of the night kept their ancestors inside those caves...conservatives have feared progress and prefer to conserve the Status Quo, than to ever look forward into the future.

With Americans frustrated and upset with the 8 year gridlock of Washington Politics, people need to vent out heir frustrations...enter, stage right the GOP's version 2016 without any issues left to propose or defend, ready to exploit that anger and frustration by favoring a Reactionary View; featuring the echos of Racism and Hate, appeal to Fear and Prejudice, Lies and Deception, Stereotyping...and Flag waving! Complete with open endorsements by the American Neo-Nazis and the cone-heads in the KKK...um, the echos in Germany circa 1933?
And now! the exclusive endorsement from the man the U.S. Department of Justice concluded, oversaw the worst pattern of racial profiling in U.S. History, and who has cost the Taxpayers of Maricopa County over $130 Million here, there, and everywhere on outside attorneys and lawsuit settlements filed against him...Sheriff Joe Arpaio!!!

Ahhyup! the Grand Old Party and its apparent standard bearer "The Donald"...sure are getting those great and so prestigious endorsements, these days!...even Sarah Palin! Which brings me to an interesting question; Who 'would' make a better VP running mate with the Trumpster? Wyatt Earp...or the Dummy?

You have a Political Party deliberately running a Politically Incorrect campaign, with the support of a single solitary sector of a Society that has changed drastically while they all
sat around and did absolutely nothing for 8 years!...which, is the reason for the public's anger and frustration in the first place! Hey! Blaming Obama doesn't cut it anymore...but it still works great with the ignorance they preach their garbage to. And with today's version, "Decorum" has been dumped in favor of Vulgarity & Obscenity...Republicans have stooped down to appeal to the very lowest level of indecency, a civil Society produces...and they 'will' pay for their sins!

Conservatives!...live with it! Living in a far more freethinking Society...a Country where people of every race, color, and creed interact daily, fall in love, and get married...regardless of the standard mores! Mr. Conservative!...you just can't fight human
evolution and win!

In today's world...if you're a racist and your son or daughter comes home and says; guess who's coming for dinner?...you better put your racist face on the back-burner, smile, and
put up with it! If the situation is Gender?...the same thing! It's a whole new world out there...you can either move in with the Croods, and remain scared of this whole New Age we live in...or conform to the 21st Century cross-cultural Society in this multi-racial and multi-ethnic melting pot of the world...known, as the Unites States of America!

Now, Execution of Abortion Doctors?? A truly dysfunctional and indecent political party who caters Donald Trump and Ted Cruz as the very best they have to offer?... just shows what they believe in and stand for...nothing!

Ted Cruz teams up with right-wing extremist who called for the execution of abortion doctors

Jan 20, 2016

Birds of a Feather? Palin & Trump...what a Combo!

By RF Schatten

Yes! there is a God! and it appears he's a Democrat...and, with a great sense of humor!

What a combo!...the quintessential 1st couple of Batshit Politics!...together, my teenage grandson has more understanding of Domestic and Foreign Policy than the Hockey Mom and the Trumpster, collectively! Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving, and teamed up with Trump? Two walking talking Public Jokes living in their own very surreal world...but, how surreal? The Donald believes that such a brilliant scholar as Palin is, would make an excellent Vice President that's only a heartbeat away from the Red Button...and you know she doesn't "pussyfoot" around!
A failed reality star and a 'fired' reality star, combining their absurdity and lunatic talents in the greatest reality show in recent memory...the GOP Clown Show has now become better than ever. Two caricatures of idiots roaming the country telling tales and making promises...full of sound and fury...and signifying absolutely nothing!

Political Correctness involves changing or avoiding language that might offend anyone, especially with respect to gender, race, or ethnic background. But in the world of Trump and Palin?...Political Correctness is a filthy word, as Palin pretty much acknowledged in her speech to their gullible corn eating audience...but with the vulgar Language and behavior throughout this campaign season, with the disrespect she, Trump, and most of the GOP has for other people's Race and Ethnic backgrounds, and the disrespect the GOP has for certain people's Gender and/or Religion? Political Correctness and Decorum by the Republican Party has been trashed away long, long ago!

The 1st Lady of Batshit is no lady...she's Sarah Palin. A woman who always puts her ambitions ahead of her family's problems. This time, making her so called "Breaking News" announcement with Le Grande Orange on the same day as her son got arrested for "Domestic Violence" while pandering to an already over-exploited group of tea drinkers in Iowa...it was as good as Trump pandering and explaining the Bible to college students at Liberty University! After that show and those 2 Corinthians Sound Bytes...how else can Donald Trump embarrass himself any more as a great reader of the Bible?!?!

If Reince Priebus hasn't had enough of the Trumpster and the Tea Party...now the woman that the Party just can't get rid of, like a really bad fungus...how is the RNC going to deal with her and her antics? Even if you don't like Priebus, you got to feel sorry for the poor schmuck! With Sarah hanging around for every photo-op available with or without Trump, and campaigning for him this season even with her low credibility within the GOP...the stronger The Donald is going to get towards his nomination, and the quicker the disintegration of Grand Old Party will take place. Good job, Reince!

Donald Trump, Sarah Palin, and Batshit America...two people and a movement that hypocritically cover themselves up in a 'Populist' disguise of Christian Family Values, Patriotism, and American Exceptionalism.
This dynamic duo...like Barry Goldwater...represents the lowest common level of Intelligence Quotient in this country, while presently talking to audiences at all events at a 3rd Graders' level. And that's Trump!...as for the Hockey Mom? Goo goo and gaa gaa will do just fine!

What the Donald & the Dummy represents to America:
An egotistical, self-adulated 3 times married man, a philanderer that's been caught more than once, accused of Rape by his ex and defended successfully on the Horseshit ground for defense that "Marital Rape" cannot occur. An xenophobic who marries Immigrants, A man who's an Anchor Baby, a couple of kids who are also Anchor Babies, an Immigrant Mom, an Immigrant ex-wife, and an Immigrant present wife...and this piece of shit is against Immigration! A man who made his fortunes at the cost of others...right, Atlantic City?!?! How to make money by going Bankrupt every 7 years and writing it off as a tax loss. Righteous S.O.B., isn't he??
In Palin, you have an egotistical, totally insane, camera hungry, crazy human being and a loser who talks big, but left the Alaska Governor's job when things started getting hot and downhill, and a not too rosy forecast with her own Legislature. A woman who talks 24/7 about the strength of the Family Unit and gloriously talks about her daughter with now, 'two' kids out of wedlock...the second while working and being a motivational speaker for "Teenage Abstinence"! A second daughter who's infamous on Twitter for her filthy mouth, and a son who just got arrested for Domestic Violence...and that's not to mention all the Police reports and calls for domestic family problems and disturbances throughout the years.
Apparently, Republicans loves both of these goofballs...why? they're different!...and so are the Kardashians, who proves you don't need talent to make it big, just be wild, crazy, and loud...and stupidity will follow you anywhere.

The record percentage of GOP Votes in the Johnson blitzkrieg of 1964 was 29% Nationally...expect that record to fall into 19-20%. The 10 or 11 point difference?...Barry was a different type of character and a Gentleman.

Democrats? Do not take Trump too lightly!!...for years over-confidence has always been that monkey riding on the Democrats' back...don't dismiss Batshit Politics as just a political aberration...there 'are' and always has been, a lot of ignorantly stupid and insane people that follows conservative populist movements in America! Just look at today's version of the Grand Old Party! 

Sarah Palin Backs Donald Trump, Murders Irony - The Daily Beast

Jan 17, 2016

The Right Wing's Demagoguery of American Values

By RF Schatten

The hilarious attempts by an old and not so grand Political Party, destined and determined to go down in flames at any cost!...and now! questioning the Moral Values and Principles of an entire City or State, by an immoral human being with absolutely no values of his own, whatsoever?!?!

For a man like Ted Cruz...like him! hate him! or detest him!...that's generally considered by many pundits, colleagues, and rivals alike as a pretty smart and shrewd Politico...his remark on "New York Values" truly earned him the Big Apple's Fickle Finger of Fate Award!

Embodying New York Values? Attack your opponent by purposely attacking an entire population?...good job Teddy! I guess you're not interested in making friends or influencing anyone anytime soon in the Empire State, which is by the way, the 4th Largest Primary of the season in GOP Delegate Count!
At least Ted and the Donald have kept the Clown Show funny and exciting!...cause the rest of this year's cast of characters lead by "Jeb Can Fix It" (especially Presidential Elections in Florida), they're all pretty damn boring! And unless something dramatically happens...it's going to be the "Teddy & the Trumpster Road Show" till all the Dumbos arrive in Cleveland on July 18th!

"I think most people know exactly what New York values are: socially liberal, pro-gay marriage, pro-abortion, focused on money and the media"...'that' was for Iowa's caucus ears, where the Eastern Liberal Establishment is not exactly their cup of 'Tea'. A Right Wing Ultra Conservative painting his opponent who glorifies Fascism and is publicly endorsed by America's Neo-Nazis as a Progressive Liberal? It's a Civil War between Teddy & and the Trumpster...and may the worse man win! Decorum, anyone?

A war waged between 2 raging rival Demagogues...raving lunatics, both! One arrogant, egocentric, conceded braggart who...in his own words...is the most intelligent man on earth, and you know he's right because he said so!  The other, the second coming of Jesus Christ...and you know he's right because his Daddy said so! Remember? Raphael Cruz had an intimate personal conversation with God, and he assured that Teddy is the next Messiah...the man who's going to fight and uphold Christianity against all the Heathens that are turning this world into a Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Cultural Society!  Cubans call that; "Ser Un Tremendo Descarado"!!

Trump, a degenerate that's oh! so big! on the Birther Issue yet he was an Anchor Baby, himself!...since his Scottish immigrant mother didn't become an American Citizen till after he was born! And Ivana!...who didn't become an American Citizen till after her daughter was born! In a family of Anchor Babies...only a raving hypocrite with no values whatsoever would side against Immigrants!

Cruz's dilemma is a little different...a Canadian who had dual Citizenship till around 18 months ago, born of Cuban and American parentage who immigrated to the United States. Birther issues? Could be a complicated Constitutional issue! or maybe quite simple like checking under what Immigration Code "Section"  his name was placed under?
I was born in Cuba of an American Father and Cuban-born Mother who were visiting Havana for a few days vacation...when suddenly I couldn't wait another month to make my entrance, stage left!  My US Citizenship was documented as from the date I was born under the US Immigration's "Section #343 of the US Immigration & Nationality Act". ...I'm officially considered an American Born in a Foreign Country...and like John McCain, I would have those same rights. As for el gran hermano Cubano que no es Cubano? Time will tell what comes out of this issue...or could he even survive Trump?

How Moral Values and Principles are trashed in the Political dumpster! 
Cruz's Lame Apology to New Yorkers' Values:  "I apologize to the millions of New Yorkers who have been let down by the Liberal Politicians in that State." Yea! he sure meant it from his heart...right!
Trump's statement using the 9/11 tragedy for an Apology: "We rebuilt downtown Manhattan and everybody in the world watched and everybody in the world loved New York and loved New Yorkers, ...and I have to tell you, that was a very insulting statement that Ted made." Even 'that', just another lie from the world's smartest man...he's never supported the Bill to help New York's 9/11 First Response Firefighters. Trump caring for NYC? only when he makes $$$ on the deal!

Teddy & the Trumpster! Two people fighting over Birther Issues that neither of them should have a right to ever talk about! Just another day on the road with the GOP Clown Car!

The Daily News Just Made One Helluva Statement About "New York Values" | Mother Jones

Jan 10, 2016

Bad News for the GOP!...51% of Republicans Favor Gun Control!

 By RF Schatten

Turn out the Lights!...the Party is over! When 51% of all Republican Voters agree with President Obama's Executive Action on Gun Control...what can the RNC do to save face, when all their Top Candidates are ardent supporters of the Anti-Gun Control crowd?

Already a Political Party that has publicly declared to be against the Issues of Immigration, Healthcare, Veterans, the Elderly, Same Sex Marriage, Voting Rights, every Foreign Policy since Nov. 4th, 2008, Women Rights, Abortion Rights, Climate Change, and Education!...a Political Party that is viewed on the losing end by a good margin in every Political Poll, on every solitary Issue! And now, their last bastion of strength...Gun Control!
With an Economy that is not as rotten as their pretended horseshit tales wanted people to believe, with unemployment being at its lowest level since Dubya's reign, and with a population that favors Forbes's Greatest "Economic" President in Modern Times...the Grand Old Party has lost its touch!...running against every single Politically Correct Issue in today's National Discourse is just not good odds! no matter how you slice it!!

So, with no Issues on your side to defend and unwilling to compromise on anything? the GOP's only choice left is turning towards the violent side of our society...the Demagoguery of Lies, Fear, Hate, and Racism! And this year, with the open public endorsement of Donald Trump by America's Neo-Nazi establishment, and the silent approval of the KKK!...Republicans are moving towards Fascism as their only resource against a very fast moving Progressive Society.

In a CNN/ORC Poll, 67% of all Americans approve of Obama's measures on Gun Control. 63% of Gun Owning Households (both Dems and Republicans) are also in favor. And the most disillusion in the RNC? 51% of all Republicans agree with Obama!

Is it that surprising that the vast majority of Americans supports Universal Gun Control? For years, over 90% of the rank and file membership in the NRA have supported strict Gun Control and responsible gun ownership...almost all its membership!...with the exception of its Leadership and their lobby in Congress, naturally!
All these mass shootings and unarmed shootings by law enforcement...especially the children...has made Americans shed more tears than the Far Right expected! It's not just Barack Obama.

The Cynicism of Politics
Was George W Bush's tears fake or real? when he took part in a Medal of Honor Ceremony for Marine Cpl. Jason Dunham at the White House.
Was Gerald Ford's tears fake or real? when he cried at a ceremony honoring his wife, Betty Ford.
Was Richard Nixon's tears fake or real? when coming out of a meeting with Ike, after resolving a controversy that allowed him to remain in the ticket in 1952.
Was George HW, Ike, or even Bill Clinton all crying at public events fake or real?

Yes! they all cried for real! To the dismay of the ignorantly stupid...Presidents, whether Dumbos or Donkeys, whether their political tactics are considered dirty or clean, or whether you like them or not...are basically human beings with normal feelings and emotions!

But in today's Republican Party, with emotionless Politicos from top to bottom and lead by the 2 current front runners in their 2016 Circus Show?...what do you expect? A heartless and indifferent Political Party with no soul...a Political Party running on Right Wing Populism, making people believe they are the voice of the land...while in reality, they're just a far fringe in American Society.

With Trump and Cruz spewing their horseshit right and left these days, their love affair with the Extreme Far Right and Fascism will continue till Hillary or Bernie captures the Gold!...but by then, it may just be too late anyhow! Turn out the Lights!...the Party is over for this version of the Republican Dumbos!

Obama said gun owners would support his new restrictions. He was right. - The Washington Post

Jan 3, 2016

Donald Trump: The King of Terrorist Recruitments

By RF Schatten

Congratulations to The Donald and the Republican Party! In just a matter of weeks, he has managed to get an open public Endorsement from the American Neo-Nazis, the Endorsement of that great horse riding narcissist and man of World Peace, Vladimir Putin. And now for the latest endorsement...drum roll please...ISIS!!

Hillary Clinton is a Liar?...and this, from a man who FactCheck calls "The King of Whoppers" and distinguished himself by holding the Guinness Book of Records on Politifact's "Pants On Fire" Truth-O-Meter! With 76 of 77 Pants On Fire Lies in just one of his Statements alone, pretty much earned him the 'Pants On Fire' Lies of the Year Award!

But who cares? Certainly the GOP cares, who just don't have a single viable and respected Candidate that can take on Clinton or Sanders!...and naturally the Democrats...who the Trumpster himself, is the Donkeys' leading "Recruitment Source"!

Who doesn't care? His followers...the more ignorant a human being is, the more they believe that Donald can tackle International Foreign Policy. Why? To them, Trump
is smarter than Putin...and Vlad will crumble along with the rest of those Russkies, by using all his smarts. A Fool playing with the Big Boys and being laughed by the entire World Community!

That little lie that Hillary is a Liar?...it cost the Republicans dearly, in both Democratic
Recruitment and Dem Poll Ratings...making Hillary look like a truth telling prophet! Yes! Hillary was right...and Trump once again looks like an asshole, playing the tough guy with Muslims!

“Muslims of the West, take heed and learn from the lessons of history. There are
ominous clouds gathering in your horizon. Yesterday, America was a land of slavery, segregation, lynching and Ku Klux Klan. And tomorrow, it will be a land of religious discrimination and concentration camps. The West will eventually turn against its Muslim Citizens...American Muslims have two choices: “You either Leave or You Fight.” ~~~ al-Shabaab Recruitment Video

With the KKK pretty much endorsing Trump without officially declaring themselves, like the Nazis and Skinheads have done...how does the Republican Party feel? A neophyte Politico wannabee, a Demagogue treating the whole political process as a Reality
Show at its very best, while spewing filth and the ideals of Fascism?...it's a Republican Party with absolutely no morals, no scruples, or backbone that allows Le Grande Orange to continually embarrass the Party and the rest of the Nation, and do it in front of the cameras and the world stage.

Clinton Campaign notified the Media that "Hillary Clinton will not be apologizing to Donald Trump for correctly pointing out how his hateful rhetoric only helps ISIS recruit more Terrorists"

Why should Clinton apologize for telling the truth? By every action Donald Trump takes, every other word he says creates the atmosphere for more violence. And this bozo wants to be the most powerful Man on Earth and have control of that Red Button? We do
live in the Land of the Stupids!

Donald Trump Featured in al-Shabaab Terrorist Recruitment Video

Dec 31, 2015

The GOP's "Growth & Opportunity Project": Inclusion? or Exclusion?

By RF Schatten

Dear Republicans, do you know anything about the “Growth and Opportunity Project”? It's your 'Project', my friends!...since winning Presidential Elections are becoming increasingly harder after the GOP accepted the taste of Lipton in their after-hours Conservative cocktail parties...a 'Project' to diversify yourself and gain more voters! Diversify? Aahhh...how about because your voter base is just not big enough to win anytime soon, stupid?

“If our Party is not Welcoming and Inclusive, Young People and increasingly other Voters will continue to tune us out” ~~~ Ari Fleischer

The “Growth and Opportunity Project” is the postmortem report by Ari Fleischer on why the GOP lost 2012, and on how to regain the edge by connecting with the minorities...especially the Hispanics, the Asians, and the Youth.
With a Party make-up of Conservative Lily White Old Men and ignorantly Batshit Insane Younger Men and Women...they just don't give a shit! For this crowd, it's Hate!...it's become fairly common knowledge why the Grand Old Party is so often called these days; "The Party of Hate".  

The last "Silent Majority" went with Nixon...and you remember all those wonderful hot lazy hazy days of summer riots, protests, sit-ins, war, social issues, and Watergate scandals! At least Nixon knew enough about politics and Foreign Affairs to keep this Nation intact during all his personal problems...this new Silent Majority is as clueless of how Societies and Governments function, and about Foreign Affairs...as their 'Le Grande Orange' Führer!

The bean-counter's numbers are clear...how are you going to win by alienating the Youth Vote, the Latino Vote, all Asian and Muslim Voters, and all minorities in general?...the Black Vote already goes 80%+ Democratic, and probably higher this year...so, how about the Women and LGBT Voters? Don't expect an overwhelming majority of Women or Gays to vote for an arrogant Chauvinist, egotistical Gynephobe and Homophobe who's just a business con artist...with absolutely no experience in domestic and world affairs...and an openly flagrant liar!

With the Iowa Caucus spectacle on Feb. 1st, Trump is looking to restore his lead in the Hawkeye State which is now going for Ted Cruz, with the strong financial support of the Lipton Christians...Economic Populism he calls it...ask Atlantic City, NJ about Donald Trump, the guy who knows everything because he says so, and his Economic plans?!?!

Ted Cruz? He's the intelligent political version of the Trumpster...same ideas and Teutonic mentality...but, a much more dangerous and evil Demagogue.
"Political Correctness is killing people"...in Cruz' own words. He doesn't think we should be "Politically Correct" when it comes to War...or Law Enforcement...when trying to catch the bad guys. In other words, if President, he would not observe the Rules of Law, whether in Foreign Countries or in the United States, itself. Why not? he 'is' a big favorite of Law Enforcement bullies around the country...especially in Texas...the KKK, second only to Trump by the American Neo-Nazis, and of course...the NRA!

February 1st, 2016; the fun begins! Can Trump overtake Cruz in Iowa? Will Cruz become the front runner, even if Trump leads nationwide? Then, the cold winter of New Hampshire...will Trump take the Live Free or Die State? or will it be a Cruz push after Iowa? How about Marco? How about Jeb! who can now only say Jeb...I guess he can't use the exclamation anymore...ahhyup! Jeb couldn't "fix" that!

Unless something happens drastically between now and the Primaries, it will be a show with either Trump, Cruz, Rubio, or Bush...everyone else could very well be declared, in Trump's language; "Fired!". The writing is on the wall for 3/4 of them, anyhow!
As for Rubio and Cruz attracting the Latin Vote? Lets put it this way...you have 2 wannabee Cubans whose "Cubanismo" comes out shining only during election time...with the exception of the 80-90 Generation of Cuban Voters, the Latin Vote is going Leftward!.

Son dos descarados que quieren ser mas Cubanos que los Cubanos, quando en realidada, no valen nada! Translation:They are a disgrace and embarrassment to the Cuban Community...and if you're a Republican? Don't expect the Hispanic Vote, even if a Latino...but especially if it's one of these 2 clowns...is on the Ballot!

Yup! Happy Days appear to be here again for the Donkeys...if they don't find another way to screw themselves up first once again!

Republicans come up short in search for diverse voters in 2016 election | Reuters

Dec 21, 2015

The Republican Party's Entrancement for Fascism & Totalitarian Societies

 By R$F Schatten

The Republican Party's entrancement for Fascism and a Totalitarian Society, is going along well! Trump's entrancement for Vladimir Putin's Bad Ass Persona is an aberration in US Political History!

Here's a man who, as leading contender...represents the Republican Party! If this is the man that the majority of Republican Voters believe can become, what America commonly calls the Presidency of the United States; "The Most Powerful Man on Earth"...you have a raving rich lunatic, that truly believes that metaphor!...and truly believes he's "The Man"!
A spoiled rich, arrogant, and egotistical 'Prince Pretty', with a lot of $$$ and without a single clue in the understandings of the inner works of the US Government...and absolutely one bad foolish amateur on Foreign Policy!?!?...apparently, 'this' is what Republicans want and can't live without!
If this is what the majority of Republican rank and file Voters want? Then the Republican Party must officially and openly embrace the Trumpter's Philosophy of Hate, Fear, and Fascism...and endorse him! They already have the official endorsement of the American Neo-Nazis!...they 'love' the Trumpster!

“Leave the Faith alone, go after the Radicals that kill us all.” ~~~ George W Bush, as he defended Islam after 9/11.

Some in the GOP, like ex-contender Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)...who had the cojones to break off from all those GOP cowards who call themselves Contenders...said; “Donald Trump has done the one single thing you cannot do...Declare War on Islam itself,”
But Trump's fanatic following loves the verbal vulgarity and disrespect this dishonorable imitation of a man dishes out to others...whether Democrats or Republicans, Liberal or Conservative, whether Man or Woman, Young or Old, from any Country in the World...and whatever Race or Religion on earth...except Lilly White Fundamental Christianity, naturally!

Now, we have a man who would Follow Donald Trump to "the end of the world"...Sieg Heil! Mein Führer!...cause killing Muslims for Trump is his calling!
Just like the 2 Brothers in Boston...brutally beating up and then 'urinating' on a Hispanic homeless man because; "Donald Trump is Right...need to get them aliens out of this country"!! 2 more ignorant human beings inspired by all the lies of Donald Trump! And still no condemnation by the Donald?...again! how can you condemn something you believe in?
Le Grande Orange is one true crazy maniacal Gynophobe, Xenophobe, and a narcissistic braggart who's only reason for running for the Presidency is that 1%'s delirium for Power...cause he can own anything he wants! he's Donald Trump!

When the GOP refuses to officially condemn Donald Trump as a whole, for his actions and incitements for others to commit brutality and murder in his name...then, they must be seen as Endorsing Hate, Fear, and Totalitarian Fascism, and thus, endorsing Trump's plank at Convention time. How are they going to admit that the GOP does not believe in Fascism when their eminent Standard Bearer is a Nazi sympathizer? as is Cruz and Rubio...two others who haven't criticized Trump on the issue of Fascism, either?

Fascism in a rapidly growing Progressive & Socially Liberal Society and Culture? Now, you got a foolishly ignorant Republican spewing the greatness of Fascism, while extolling the greatness and admiration for Vladimir Putin...an ex/Communist-Socialist...both of these characters each with Totalitarian dreams of their own . You have one savvy Russian who knows every political trick in the books, Politicos around the world, and a sad amateur excuse in Trump, the guy who knows everything within his own little world...with an American Policy of 'Exclusivity' within its own Border, and another failed attempt in International Diplomacy, with a true seriously Ugly American Policy abroad!

You add the rest of the world's leaders...all playing with the Mind of a Total Amateur, for their own personal and political gains? It's going to be an Interesting 2016 Dumbo Primary Season!! Will common sense come back to life in Republican America?...or will it be the Sieg Heil?!?!

Trump supporter charged in plot to bomb Muslims: ‘I’ll follow this MAN to the end of the world’