Oct 31, 2015

For Republican Fear & Hate...it's Halloween every day of the year!

RF Schatten

Happy Halloween to the 'White Elephants' of the Republican Party! It's the Grand Old Party's #1 Holiday...you see, "Halloween" is a natural state of life every day of the year, for the Batshit insane! So, Light up your official Donald Trump Jack-O'-Lanterns! put on your Blood Sucking Vampire Suits! and continue scaring the shit out of an ill advised, dumb & ignorant electorate, while sucking dry the life of the American Public!

For Republican Fear and Hate...it's Halloween everyday of the year!

Nothing is as scary as this cast of Clowns trying to make their presence on the Day of the Dead!
There's nothing creepier than portraying evil ghoulish characters without even really needing to put on a costume!  They 'are' evil in so many ways...and how the folklore and myths of Halloween coincides with the reality of its true real life counterparts! You got an overcrowded Clown Car, and everyone one of these Dumbos portrays his or her perfect Hallowing Nightmare!

Some are no-brainers, led by the Republicans' Great Pumpkin...Le Grande Orange himself, The Donald!
Ted Cruz loves to suck your mind and soul everyday of the year...evil? Ted Cruz looks more an evil Vampire without make-up, than Bela Lugosi and every Dracula with make-up!
And naturally what's Halloween without a Witch?!?! Well, the GOP is covered, thank you!...Carly Fiorina already holds the coveted title of Witch! Just ask Hewlett Packard employees throughout the world, when the internal email memo on her firing read; "The Witch Is Dead"!! Trick or Treat? 

As the dark and dreary night passes, one can only wonder whom this cast plans to knock on while Trick or Treating? Looking for their Treats from the Brothers Koch? After their remarks on the State of the GOP...acknowledging there is no sense of Civility, Substance, or Issues driving the Republican Candidates or the GOP’s Primary Process...don't expect too many goodies in your plastic Walmart bag, and don't expect too many goodies with any of your other benefactors till sanity returns! Big money is pulling out of several races, and it's just the beginning. Trick or Treat? No $$$ in the Bag of Goodies this year?...hey! maybe you'll luck out and get some cheap Jolly Ranchers and a Milky Way!

Halloween is for Kids...to have fun, get a little frightened together with friends, and eat enough candy to rot half of your mouth...but the nightmarish undertones typifies the more serious evil that's presented in today's society. The Republican Party's obsession with control of the masses, and their paranoia that in Halloween everyone wants to hurt kids by giving them drug laced candy, razor blades stuck inside the candy, drugs in the form of candy, and on and on...yes, there are crazies trying to hurt people, that's never changed...but we've all lived with it and moved on! Finding norms in society to hate and fear! They're also "Anti-Christmas" It's just the sick mind of batshit insanity.
In a serious tone: Something is totally sick...both, morally and hypocritically...when you have a rally for "Liberty" yet you preach oppressing someone else's liberty's! Whether they're Women, Gays, Latinos, or Blacks!...where's their "Liberty"? Killing Gays? How Christian of them! The Sociophobia of Republicans...Liberty and Justice for All? Not!
The Nightmare of Halloween is the nightmare we're all living with since the taste of Bad Tea became fashionable, the nightmare that the Gays, Latinos, Blacks, and Women live with every day of their lives and putting up with because we consider ourselves "Civilized". All this Batshit Insanity exist because we allow it to happen! Politicususa's Hrafnkell Haraldsson couldn't have said better! "The GOP is Our Self-Made Punishment for Tolerating the Intolerable"

Tolerating the Intolerable? Beware of these Political Ghouls when they come knocking on your chamber door. Trick or Treat?

Republicans to rally for ‘liberty’ with pastor who defends death penalty for gays

Oct 29, 2015

Having the Maturity & Wisdom to lead a $17 Trillion Economy? Not Marco!

 By RF Schatten

In what appears to be an incredibly stupid debate tactic while committing an act of Political Hara-kiri...Jeb Bush got his head handed on a silver platter to the pollsters...another setback for the GOP mainstream's primary and only viable Candidate. Jeb may be running the worst ever campaign of his career, and whether you like him or not, he's still the least "offensive" and generally carrying the most decorum of that class of clowns.

 Oh, well!! at least Mamma should be happy he's hitting the political skid row...she didn't want another Bush in the White House, anyhow!!

The problem with this scenario? The so called winner in the debate, and the GOP's back-up plan if the JEB! polls turns into JEB?...Sen. Marco Rubio...currently is carrying way too much political baggage. And exposed during his attempt into committing his Political Suicide. Stonewalling a very critical question during a Presidential Debate and criticized by the Conservative media, 'is' Political Suicide! 
When Republican blowhard and Newt Gingrich's #1 "Boy" during his tenure...former US Rep. and Morning Joe host, Joe Scarborough...says; “Marco just flat-out lied to the American people, there”? That 'is' Political Suicide!

The question on hand that rattled Mr. Aquafina involved his personal finance problems...and his inability to balance his own checkbook. In a statement addressed to Mr. Rubio, after the accusations that he can't obviously run his own finances, the question was put up: "In terms of all of that, it raises the question whether you have the Maturity and Wisdom to lead this $17 Trillion Economy. What do you say, Mr. Senator?"

Rubio's answer? Well?...nothing!
"Well, you just...you just listed a litany of discredited attacks from Democrats and my political opponents, and I’m not gonna waste 60 seconds detailing them all"
A little Stonewalling? Well, it's a futile effort in today's world of CyberSpace and the Mass Media...it's not too hard to find a politician's character and true self, now days. Yea! that 'was' Political Suicide!

And if that were his only woes? He's got The Sun Sentinel in Florida up his derriere, asking for his resignation as US Senator for basically not doing the job he was paid to do, and not representing his constituency, the Taxpayers of Florida, in the US Senate! Also demanding he reimburses the Taxpayers, as well!

Terminating there Editorial by embarrassingly saying; "The people of Florida deserve to get what they are paying for, and if that’s not Marco Rubio, he needs to resign today, and let someone else represent the people of his state in the Senate".

Ahhyup! The GOP's Great Hispanic Hope, and the only Politico left within the GOP's group of Moderates, is showing again who he really is...a baby looking Amateur playing with the Big Boys. Knocking out he's mentor and former boss, isn't that hard! All "Jeb!" has to do lately, is take off his shoe, open his mouth, and stick his foot in it!

For Marco Rubio, "Political Suicide" may not come right away...let's just say he's politically on Life Support in critical condition...but, by showing his true character and true self, again the exact replica of the man whose ineptness keeps publicly popping up, a mistake plagued nervous thirsty amateur, habitual liar, and definitely a Not Ready for Prime Time Politico...we can all pretty much agree that Marco's condition is terminal, and he won't 'survive' the 2016 Great American Clown Show! 

Marco Rubio's blatant lie about his personal finances should worry you

Oct 27, 2015

Master Donald Trump: Profiles In Egotism & Self-Esteem

 By RF Schatten

The quintessential statement of wealthy Arrogance: "My Father gave me a "Small Loan" of just a Million Dollars"!...no surprise it came from an excessively spoiled little SOB brat who never ever had to physically sweat for his money at work to make a living...and never even had his fingernails dirty!

Ahhyup! Anyone can make it in America and become as successful as Trump!...well? at least that's his standard horseshit tale! You too can start from scratch, just a small measly loan of a Million Bucks!

There's only one problem to the all successful Donald Trump...the only one who ever finds any type of success out of all his ventures is one man...Mr. Donald Trump! He wants to "Make America Strong Again", just like what he did for Atlantic City!...a city whose economy in the dumps, while The Donald declared bankruptcy on all his Casinos: Trump’s Taj Mahal (1991), Trump Plaza Hotel (1992), Trump Hotels and Casino Resorts (2004), and Trump Entertainment Resorts (2009)...as he said, "I've used the laws of this country to pare debt..we'll have the company. We'll throw it into a 'chapter'. We'll negotiate with the banks. We'll make a fantastic deal!" But of course, screw the people in Atlantic City!

He calls himself the greatest businessman in the planet...but failed miserably by over-leveraging all his businesses. This rich little bully doesn't give a damn of anyone's life but his! Make America Strong Again? It's more about making all his Bank Accounts stronger than they already are! Donald Trump's only true friend is in life is his money.

All his open racist remarks? In 1973, the Justice Department filed suit against the Trump Management Corporation for alleged 'racial discrimination'. Is not new, as is in all his standards of practices...In January 2002, the Securities and Exchange Commission brought a financial-reporting case against Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts Inc, alleging that it had committed several "misleading statements in the company's third-quarter 1999 earnings
release" He probably holds the Guinness Book of Record for In-court and Out of Court lawsuit settlements.

Chris Lowe once said; "Stupidity combined with Arrogance and a Huge Ego will get you a long way....a perfect description and analysis on why Le Grande Orange has been able to screw with the minds of the American Public and make it this far...and a lot of money, of course! Willing to spend over $1 Billion, cause to the Trumpster...its just more money to write off in his Tax Returns before April 15th!

"Oh, many times, I’ve been told no by him (his dad). My whole life, really has been a no, it has not been easy for me!...It has not been easy for me. I started off in
Incredible! In a sentence or two, he arrogantly made a lame appeal to people's emotions on how hard it was for this poor baby growing up a destitute, always fighting for Daddy's money that kept saying 'no' to him during all his deprived life...while at the same time, disrespecting the people in Brooklyn, "It has not been easy for me. I started off in Brooklyn"?...all because he couldn't start his career in "Manhattan". What's wrong with Brooklyn? It's not 5th Ave or Madison Ave or Wall Street!...not good enough for the son of a Real Estate Mogul.

"None but a Coward dares to boast that he has never known Fear" ~~ Bertrand Russell

The man who wants to be President of the United States...fearless in character, a guy who talks tough on Foreign Affairs and knows more about Military strategy than all the generals and the US Army War College combined...because he learned it all in Military School as a teenager!
Wow! amazing the mind of that teenager to grasp all that knowledge just by being a Cadet in a Boarding Military Prep School!...and it's totally amazing the horseshit that overflows out of The Donald's mouth!

President Trump? A male chauvinist who believes that you cannot be guilty of 'Raping' your spouse...to him there's no such thing as Spousal Rape. Hey! he's Prince Pretty! every women wants to shack up with him!...so rape the shit out of them all you want!...cause he'll make another fantastic deal with the courts! At least Ivana walked out of that marriage pretty well off, financially...but he still raped her!

What kind of man would fight Birther issues and anchor babies when his own mother was an Immigrant from Scotland, and didn't even become an American Citizen till after the Golden Boy was born?!?! 'That', makes The Donald...an Anchor Baby!!

And he married an 'Immigrant' from Czechoslovakia who had all his kids before becoming an American Citizen, too! Well! Donald Jr, Ivanka, and Eric...congratulations! you too are
all Anchor Babies...like your old man!

And this piece of trash wants to build a wall to keep out Immigrants and deny Citizenship to Anchor Babies?...garbage smells the same whether you're rich or poor...it all becomes slimy, like the Trumpster at the Dumpster!

An Entrepreneurial Con Artist, a Disrespectful human being, a Conceded Braggart, an Ego-maniacal Narcissist, a 'No Fear' war hawk, a Filthy Foul Mouth, a Racist, and a Bigot..with a Super Extreme case of Misogyny!
The arrogance and the ego of a man who really believes that his business skills...as bad as his records show...is enough to make him the Most Powerful Man in the World, and a Global Statesman.

Except! he's just an Amateur with no idea of professional decorum, or the knowledge of how a Government really works...Ahhyup! Stupidity combined with Arrogance and a Huge Ego 'will' definitely get you a long way! But will the stupidity of his voters beat out civilized common sense? As they say; You get what you vote for, and live with it!...but can America live...and survive with a President Trump?

Donald Trump explains his rough life: My father gave me ‘a small loan’ of a million dollars

Oct 24, 2015

The GOP's Cloud of Stupidity: When Hearings fail...try another and fail again!

By RF Schatten

It's inconceivable for grown-ups, professional politicos of which the majority are college educated Attorneys and Businessmen...to truly be so damn dumb!! But again, we're looking at today's version of the Grand Old Party...the Tea Party's Cool Aid will constipate your natural stupidity!...and apparently, the GOP Establishment has been sipping way too much Tea laced Cool Aid these days!

A secret in their own imagination, but certainly no secret to the rest of the world...those Benghazi Investigations, first with Dandy Dan Issa and now with Trey Gowdy...were a scam, a hoax, a Political smear scam not related to any investigation, but to assure Hillary Clinton gets as much smear, as much distrust as possible from the American public, and give her as much bad press as they could possibly hope for. Playing partisan politics at a cost of $5.4 Million of the Taxpayers Money?... for people who call themselves fiscally conservative and favor small government, they sure know how to continually royally screw the American population...again, and again, and again!!

What was incredible, was how the Committee crumbled in front of the world...even before Mrs. Clinton appeared. First you had the great "late" successor to John Boehner...the man who was smart enough to move up and become Majority Leader of the US House of Representative...you don't achieve those positions by being dumb. But Kevin McCarthy just drank too much of that Brew, cause he stupidly shined, admitting to a Party Secret that opened Pandora's Box. That followed by Trey "I'm not Curt" Gowdy pretty much admitting....ahhyup! we did it! we did it!
But, will they pay back the American Taxpayers $5.400,000 they stole to play their sordid games?...it didn't come out of their pockets! But, we shall see...it's another very bad mark for this Class of politicos.

And why are they so incredibly stupid? When 72% of America thinks it's just a scam for political gains!...and which McCarthy and Gowdy actually admitted!...Republicans among their own ranks, Republican politicians from around the country, Republican pundits, and Conservative writers...all screaming at these Morons and saying "Let Go"! and cut your loses!  When your Political Party is caught red handed, by admitting they were not being those morally virtues people who care so much about this country...but just ordinary scumbags who want to take power at any civilized cost. Don't they care about embarrassing themselves? how History will look at them? Lie, cheat or steal...they done it all, including a Presidency throughout all the years. Now they are totally open about it!...it's going to be a nice open dirty and filthy 2016 General Elections!...no matter who the candidates will be, on either side.

So what do these geniuses do? Ignore their colleagues, and every respected political expert...and continue the Benghazi Circus Show! Take out the Popcorn! and enjoy the show! As everyone expected...Mrs. Clinton went to Washington and destroyed the credibility of the Republicans' precious horseshit tales on Benghazi and Hillary's 'damn' Emails! Now, they're quietly trying to exit, Stage Right? It's not going to be that quiet in a Dirty Election...both sides will play the same game...and it's payback time.

In the Republican World of Stupid Is as Stupid Does...living by a code of Idiots...you try to safe face from an incident, and move right into another Horseshit tale of Committee Investigations! This time Planned Parenthood, cause one embarrassment was not enough! And these morons want that same embarrassment and being shot down, like their Benghazi colleagues...but, what do you expect from the Land of the Stupids?

And then, one wonders why Hillary or Bernie will defeat any of the Cast of Clowns running for President!?!? Too bad Republicans can't understand why no one really likes them, specially in Presidential Elections, lately!...it must be the Tea Party's Brew? 

After Crushing Defeat Republicans Quietly Move To Drop Clinton Email Investigation

Oct 21, 2015

Like Father, Like Son: Living in a Life of Lies & Deceit

 By RF Schatten

Like Father, like Son...from one horse's ass to another...the handbook of "How to be a Misanthrope, a vile Son of a Bitch, a Liar, and a Manipulator of Ignorance". And worst of all, using the sanctity of Religion as their base and opportunistic tool to carry on their sordid agenda!

The only difference between Junior and Senior, is their middle name. Exploiting their masses...whether as a Politico or a Pastor?...you're still exploiting the inner hate and fears of others!
Good horseshit stories to Texans in the 1950s who had no clue of the Cuban Revolution except seeing Papa Hemingway on a theater newsreel up in the Mountains with Fidel and company...or an occasional News reporter. Lie your tush off all you want, cause no one in 1950s Texas understands zilch!

Not till the 26th of July Movement rolled through the Streets of Havana, did the world really know anything that was going on in Cuba between Fidel Castro, Fulgencio Batista, and the "American Fruit Company" AKA The Central Intelligence Agency. Ahhyup!! on January 1st, 1959 the US State Dept, the Ambassador, and the CIA spooks in Havana told Batista; It was nice working with ya! But it's time to let go!...Adios amigo!

Did Batista stay and fight?...he fled with all the Gold from the Cuban Treasury in one military plane, and his beloved wife and family in the presidential plane...just in case it's shot down! A Cuban hero? He left as my family would say "Como un Guzano"!

The word "Guzano" which means worm in Spanish, was used as a political ploy by Fidel as a reference to the Cuban exiles in Miami. It's now considered derogatory to many Cubans, and to some even hateful. The actual meaning that Castro used for a "Guzano" was; A person who talks tough against the Government, but instead of staying and fighting for your cause...you leave like a little worm! To be totally honest, with all due respect to my Cuban Brothers and Sisters...many did leave that way, instead of staying and starting their own counter-revolution...but not everyone! To the majority of refugees, it was just another case of war, turmoil, and finding relocation.

The Story of El Descarado de Matanzas:
In Wikipedia, Senior's account says He fought for Fidel Castro in the Cuban Revolution when he was a teenager, but "didn't know Castro was a Communist." Actually Castro didn't come out as a Marxist till 1961, and wasn't even officially recognized, supported, or financed by the Cuban Communist Party...who didn't trust him since his college days...till a month or two before he even took power.

Fought as a teenager in the Revolution? Well...he might have worked for the movement in Matanzas during the early days, since, it started in 1953. He "fled" Cuba in 1957? No! he "left" in a regularly scheduled hourly flight from Jose Marti Airport, with an airline ticket! and whatever money he had sewn up his ass, and ended up in the Lone Star State.

Fought as a teenager in the Revolution? He was jailed sometime between the age of 14-18 if he started in the Revolution in 1953, cause he left in 1957! Seriously doubt that in the brutal Batista era, a teenager would be jailed for political subversion. There was no room for kids in his jails...If it was political and taken seriously, they would just kill the kid and leave him on the side of the road the next morning...a warning sign to anyone else!

Fought as a teenager in the Revolution? The visions that this saintly man spews over his flocks is that he was in "Combat", fighting alongside Fidel as comrades in arms. Interesting that Castro and his band of Revolutionaries landed in the yacht "Granma" on December 2nd, 1956...and big tough Rafael left early in 1957! ...fought alongside Fidel? my ass!!

After moving to Canada to work in the Alberta Oil Fields...and run his own Seismic Data Processing Firm for Drillers, Rafael became a Canadian Citizen, and the anointed Messiah was born!!. Just coincidence that Koch owns those fields? Maybe!

After moving back to the United States, he remained a Canadian Citizen till the Messiah became involved in Texas Politics...a situation perfectly meant for an opportunistic slime-ball...so he quickly became a US Citizen in 2005.
Now a Pastor in Carrollton, TX...Rafael Bienvenido Cruz has found his calling...becoming a religious bigot and hatemonger, with the perfect audience; stupid enough to follow his lies and believe the crock that he spoke personally to God, and was told that Little Teddy was the anointed one, who was going to save the world from the Anti-Christ!

So, people ask; Why is it so important to know about Pastor Cruz?

If you like Ted, you'll love Senior!...When you see Ted, you're watching his father! All his absurd BS, his hate for an entire society and all his crazy ideas and policies...all straight out of the saintly Pastor Cruz with his Minister's Diploma right out of a Cracker Jack Box. He's the most influential person in Ted Cruz's sordid life. When a screwball says that he spoke to God and his Son will be the chosen one to save the Earth from the Anti-Christ?...and his the flock fanatically agrees? ...you are listening to a dangerous Religious zealot!

A Dominionist, all geared up to shape his vision of a Theocratic America through his Messiah Son. Ted Cruz 'is' his father's son...and that's not good for a open and free America!

BUSTED: The credentials of Ted Cruz’s theocratic birther dad are wildly exaggerated — at best

Oct 18, 2015

The Dishonor of Corporate America: Wage Theft...Stealing from Employees

 By RF Schatten

There 'is' a reason why McDonald's infamous "Stupid Test" is regularly administered...and it doesn't really matter whether you pass or fail, most are hired either way!...it doesn't relate to anyone’s specific job skills, it's a psychological study that tells their financial analysts and bean counters, general employee behavioral traits, social patterns, and primarily intelligence...within their corporations.

In other words; How they can screw an employee in whatever way they can...if corporate profits are just not enough?...spread the wealth even more within the Corporate family and its Franchises.

And it's not just Mickey D's! Sears has these tests, and asks 72 Questions!...compared to only 11 for the Golden Arches. RGIS has 49 Questions, while Borders has 99! But! the current reigning champion?...Starbucks! with 103 idiot questions!! Running psychological tests to people on minimum wage, shitty benefits when they can get them, and with a majority of the positions being part-time jobs?...what's the need for the expense of running psych tests?...it's all about how to find loopholes in the laws regarding people's labor rights, and how much they can steal from their own employees!

Wage Theft by the very same people who argue against racing the minimum wage, at a time when Income Disparity among the Classes in the United States is at an all-time high for an industrialized America. In today's 21st Century capitalist America...Money trumps the common man and his family's life...let the schmucks it cake, need that cash for more Dom Pérignon!

Wage Theft in the United States? Department of Labor statistics show that in 2012, $280 million in illegally withheld back wages were recovered from companies in the United States. A 2009 study of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, found that in just one week an estimated more than $56.4 million was illegally withheld from workers in those cities. In 54 weeks? Over $3 Billion in those Cities and $40 to $60 Billion Nationally, according to estimates by Ross Eisenbrey of the Economic Policy Institute.

Ruth Milkman, Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York Graduate Center...and a co-author of the "Broken Laws" study...said "Minimum-wage violations are a common way for Employers to steal from their Employees" In Los Angeles alone, $26 million a week is stolen from low income people through Wage Theft...$26 Million per week!! Minimum-wage violations are less likely to be experienced by middle-class workers, but overtime violations are broader...McDonald's makes over $5 Billion in profits, but where does the money not listed in those profits and stolen from employees, go?

$500,000 to 250 Employees in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, for admitted to violating minimum wage and overtime laws. All brought to you by the Company who cried 'foul' on obeying the Affordable Care Act and buying Group Health Insurance. Papa Johns has a history of really not giving, much of a shit about their employees...so, it's no surprise to anyone about this latest fiasco.

Forcing Workers to work unpaid overtime and to work off the clock...because they don't know any better? This is just part of the travesty perpetrated against those less educated who are not going to make waves, just to be able to hold a lousy menial job! Taking advantage and exploiting those less fortunate is the way of life for Big Business and the 1% Upper Class...and Wage Theft, is just another way which helps stretch that income disparity .

Pissed at what these money hungry low-life's, as how they keep stealing in every way from the American Public?...have you seen anyone from the Republican Right criticizing Big Business for Wage Theft? Haven't seen anyone from the Right Side of the Aisles defend to Workers neither!
Don't like being treated like shit by Corporate America? Vote and do something about it!!...whose side are the Republicans fighting for? Certainly in not the side of "We, the People"!!

Papa John's Franchisees Pay Out Half A Million In Wage Theft Settlement

Oct 14, 2015

Democrats Debate...The Big Winner? The American Public!

By RF Schatten

And the winner is??...the consensus says Hillary!, yet many...say Bernie! So, who's the real winner from the Hillary & Bernie Show?...give a big hand of applause to the American Public!!

It only takes a little decorum, a few intellectually and politically savvy politicos, and a serious intellectual civil discourse to remind a population...shell-shocked from the Republican Circus Debates!...what an honest political "Party" Primary Debate is all about, not necessarily a forum to destroy each other to bits and bloody their Party along with it! You take that up with the opposing Party!

After continuous internal Political Catfighting by the Republicans in front of all the lights, cameras, and actions...and for the rest of the world to see, first during the 2012 Clown Show, and now...for the second consecutive set of Primaries...an expanded version of the Clown Show, complete with a real Bozo! Donald "Le Grande Orange" Trump. A cast of characters that resembles more the cast of World Wrestling Entertainment and all their illusions, complete with kayfabe story-lines and all the trimmings. Funny, but is it just irony that Trump is inducted in the WWE's Hall of Fame?

Post-Debate Spins, who won? who lost?...all I can say is; "It was a good night...a really good night!...for the Democratic Party"!!
Hillary looked great, probably signalling Joe Biden to make up his mind very soon...cause she's looking better than his camp ever thought she would. She appeared Presidential and a thoroughly experienced crafty professional debater, with all diplomatic and political skills of a true winner.
Bernie lit up the stage with his usual populist oratory and looking like the real deal, while pushing Hillary more to the left...though it didn't look as if she felt so uncomfortable holding some of his positions, and he didn't look too uncomfortable holding to some of hers. His email comment seems to boost both of them, and generally did very well...a great introduction to who Bernie Sanders is!

The Losers?
Martin Malloy had a moment or two of recognition...but he's really wasting his backers' money, it's not his time, While Lincoln Chafee will end up back into obscurity after his Email question...people will always remember Hillary's answer as well as Bernie's...but who'll remember the man who set them up? And as for Jim Webb? a former pretty good fiery orator who appears as if he's totally Lost in Yonkers! His time for this opportunity has come and gone...goodbye Jim! There were no winners among these 3 losers.

The Winners?
Among the big winning issues...and Bernie's weakest talking points...Gun Control. And a big tip of the hat by Gun Control Activists!
Overall? When you can have a good discourse on Socialism or Democratic Socialism, and Casino Capitalism in a non-political intellectual way...and have a record audience watching in approval a Debate that contrast's from the Great Republican Clown Show...The Democratic Party is a big winner! Bernie breaking out into a serious national contender, winning voters over, and picking up a fortune of donations after the debate? he's a big winner! And Hillary showing her debate skills and winning the consensus of the political pundits? she's a big winner!

Now, the biggest overall losers... the Republican Party! The reason for the positive approvals in the Democratic Debates was because they actually debated issues. Bernie said Americans are damn sick of Clinton's Emails?...well, Americans are damn sick of watching a Clown Show with 3 incompetent non-politicos talking horseshit, without any knowledge whatsoever in the Political Theater, and beating a group of seasoned pros, all of whom deserve what they get! People are damn sick of hearing the filth between all these Clowns, and worse...people are damn sick of the Republican Show called Donald Trump!

It's their own absurd insane mentality that's giving Hillary and Bernie a big boost. People are damn sick of the Clown Show, and all its incompetence...though they'll miss the Trump Show once it gets cancelled!
Ahhyup!...the biggest winner of the night is the American Public! 

Who Will Win the Post-Debate Spin? - The Daily Beast

Oct 12, 2015

Political Exploitation: Bringing into reason, Man's worst Fears & Natural Bigotry

By RF Schatten

The greatest value of political exploitation is playing on the sheer ignorance of your masses...no matter whether it's FoxNews, Ben Carson, Trump, Fiorina, or any of the real Politicos currently in media-induced comatose states...it's the potential for bringing into reason, a man's worst fears and their natural bigotry!!

Whether it's Women, Gays, Ethnicity, Immigration, or Religion...trying to bring into reason why we one person 'must' hate another?...is not how to bring a country together, folks!
Politically, it's a lousy tactic for someone claiming to be a good Christian with values!...unless it's all meant to instigate serious confrontations. And in that case, yes! they're succeeding very well!

Enter into this picture Ben "Macho Man" Carson, hypocrite extraordinaire whose only reason for appearing is as this year's Republican Token Pizza Man version 2.0. Also, the fact that he's a famously brilliant Medical groundbreaking Neurosurgeon, Researcher, a Medical School professor at Johns Hopkins...and primarily a Black Republican...who made millions in Medical Science, and now talks to his minions about the non-existence of Science! Ahhyup! whatever it takes to get those votes! right Doc?
Ben Carson is a very big believer on how to be a tough guy, with a "don't take shit from anybody" attitude in life. "A mob of people rushing a gunned man will stop the problem!...yea, some may die, but not everyone!"...not everyone?!?! certainly, for sure not Dr. Ben!
Very sure! after how he described being held up by a gunman at Popeye's, and how 'Mr. Macho' bravely defended himself; "Hey! you don't want me, pal...you want the guy behind the counter at the cash register"!! WOW!...WOW! WOW! What a man!! What bravery!!

Forget all the Uncle Tom or Uncle Ben remarks about him, and all his hypocrisy about Science & Religion...look at the natural character of this phony hero of a man, who'll tell his flock to follow him into battle, then tell the enemy; You don't want me, I'm just a schmuck...you want all those right behind me! Yup! the bravery of a true human coward...throw the rock, and run the other way sort guy!

On the Roseburg, Oregon shootings his remarks on stopping shooters by having a gang of people rush them...even if a few die in the effort...was an extremely stupid arrogant remark. But using the same analogy while describing the Holocaust...that if the Jews would have all attacked the Nazis, their SS and the Gestapo, of whom most of them at the time before the Ovens came into play, couldn't care less who they killed, the Holocaust wouldn't have happened? Realllly?!?! 
Now, the Right Wing horseshit that the Holocaust wouldn’t have happened if the Jews had an armed resistance?...it was gonna happen because the hate and the indifference by the "Gentile" population in the Deutschland at that time...who very well knew what was happening, but because of either fear or just plain apathy, didn't do shit to help their fellow man...even if they were Jews! "Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out...because I was not a Jew". An Armed Resistance in Nazi Germany at that time in History? Life is not always all Black or White, Benny!

Well! apparently the good Doctor missed History the day it was taught in school...his German studies and understanding about Jewish and Eastern European culture are as ignorantly flawed, as his own personal understanding of the Black Man. And FoxNews couldn't be any happier!...the propaganda of Demonizing and Dehumanizing of your enemy...whether they're Blacks, Gays, Women, Latinos, the Poor, and all Religions other than White Evangelical Christians. Now, this fine man of so much Moral Values, also believes the morality of Mob Rule and Gun Violence...as long as it's not him in the front!...he's just the official stone thrower.  
On his comments of America being a "Christian" Nation under God: “the pledge of allegiance to our flag says we are ‘one nation, under God'; many courtrooms in the land on the wall it says ‘In God We Trust’; every coin in our pocket, every bill in our wallet says ‘In God We Trust.’ but we’re not supposed to talk about it...what in the world is that? In medicine it’s called schizophrenia...and I, for one, am simply not willing to kick "God" to the curb.”

To the man who missed history the day it was taught in school: “In God We Trust” was adopted in 1956 as part of an Anti-Communist political campaign to differentiate the United States from the secular ideology of the Soviet Union. Like the Confederate Flag that went up in the 50s as a symbol of protest against the Civil Rights Movement..."God" has nothing to do with how "Christian" this Nation is. Besides, in "One Nation under God"...whose "God" were they talking about? 

1) "The Government of the United States is not in any sense founded by Christian Religion" ~~ John Adams
2) "Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law" ~~ Thomas Jefferson 

For those who love using all the Patriotic Rhetoric of our Forefathers: Sit on those 2 thoughts, reflect, and contemplate your stupidity as you continue to listen today's Conservative & Christian horseshit from all these "Godly" pieces of trash, that call themselves elected Civil Servants. Yes! exploiting ignorance by arousing fear and hate works well...look at how popular it is now days to be a Hypocrite, a Liar, a Coward, and a Clown? Ben Carson is now at #2...just behind Donald Trump! Who says the GOP doesn't have 'Character' anymore?...just look at these 2 Characters!!

Fox News’ sick grotesquerie: The insane right-wing Holocaust meme is so much worse than Ben Carson - Salon.com

Oct 9, 2015

Bipartisan Coalitions...when the GOP loses its taste for Tea

 By RF Schatten

A Bipartisan Coalition?? To a beaten up, worn out Republican Party, it's the last act of a desperate man!...but to Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA)? He doesn't care if it's the first act of Henry V!...it's time to wake up and smell the coffee! Who the hell would've known John Boehner would be so dearly missed?

"We may need a bipartisan coalition to elect the next speaker...that's a very real possibility right now, and I think anybody who is honest about this, knows it."
And Dent is just one of many who understands the serious ramifications that will cost the GOP, big time! And not just the political power controlled by the Speaker, but the fight for the total control of Republican Party, the control of the Party's Plank, and its Party's Philosophy.

Meanwhile...back in his office...John Boehner is probably crying again, this time pondering on his latest and greatest not too wise maneuver. Better get a couple more months' supply of Kleenex, John! Apparently, you can't get away that quick, my friend! All the political maneuvering and manipulations he needed, just to keep a Speaker's Seat that will go down in infamy in the annals of the US Congress, not to mention the embarrassment in America History books...and now, with all the chaos as a result from him retiring?..John Andrew Boehner simply can't win for losing!

Now, if one Circus Tent holding the 1,000 Clowns Primary Invitational isn't enough? Wow! get the Popcorn and Cotton Candy, sit down, and watch the Greatest Political Show on Earth, as the Dumbo Party erects a 2nd Circus Tent for 'this' insanely crazy cast of Clowns!
In vying for the House Speaker's Throne, the GOP has created a cast that more than anything, resembles "Who's on First". With approximately 247 Republican Members occupying 56.8% of the seats in the US House, isn't there anyone in the Grand Old Party professionally qualified to become Speaker of the House?

Enter Kevin McCarthy as the odds on favorite to become next John Boehner...and exit Kevin McCarthy just as quick as he entered. It seems openly telling the world the GOP's 'real' strategy for these Investigative Committees...to smear Hillary!...was a bad idea! Especially the Millions and Millions of $$$ forked over by the taxpayers to run these phony committees.
Jason Chaffetz of Utah was the 1st of these Clowns to throw his hat in this 3 Ring Circus, Daniel Webster of Florida got the endorsement of the House Freedom Caucus as the officially designated darling and favorite of the Tea aficionados...and now, if the mindset for the absurd, is just not absurd enough for this GOP?
Darrel Issa, the same Darrel Issa most responsible for instigating the rip-off of millions of $$$ from the taxpayers in his bogus Benghazi hearings...is also considering a run for President!! Why not Issa?? In an election cycle where a screwball Billionaire, a millionaire Physician, and a millionaire former Corporate CEO are the leading candidates in the Republican Presidential Horse Race...all without the basic political experience or decorum...why not the wealthiest man in Congress taking his 15 minute run??
Finally, Paul Ryan keeps insisting he's not interested in the Speakership!!...but never be surprised if Pauly changes his mind... "for the good of the Party", naturally! How much $$ will it take to entice him into running?...for the good of the Party, of course!

With the internal political Civil War between the stupids running rampant in the US House...the Moderates have come to the conclusion that the great experiment of the Tea Party's inclusion in the GOP, has turned the GOP into an ultra-right wing organization, and they must be stopped at any cost...even if it means forming a coalition with the Democrats.

Should the Democrats help the GOP Moderates?...or should they pass on it? Rule #1 in Politics 101: If your opponents decide to destroy each other?...just sit back and watch, and enjoy their political carnage!

In the case of today's Republican Party? This Conservative Freakshow, can only favor the Democrats in the long run...and could very well be their own demise as a viable Political entity!

Democrats May Gain Power In House As Republican Congressman Suggests Bipartisan Speaker

Oct 7, 2015

The Deliberate Politics of Ideological Polarization

 By RF Schatten

The Deliberate Politics of Ideological Polarization...or the "How to Hate thy Neighbor for Dummies" Political Handbook.

There are Sinister entities within our American Society, doing whatever it takes...exploiting the historical ignorance and immorality in our American Culture...with serious efforts and $$$ behind the Extreme Right Wing's reemergence as a quasi Populist Movement, and with all the public support from the KKK, the White Arian Nation, every neo-nazi skin head freak, and every asshole psychopath loser who wants to break out for his 15 minutes and shout; "Look Ma! I'm on top of the world"!!

And naturally, with the love, appreciation, and support from the NRA, the Gun Industry, and all their little Biotch Politicos running through the halls of Congress and the halls of the Supreme Court.

Want to make good $$$? Guns, guns, and more guns! Inundate the market and permit the chaos to develop! Want to separate the races? The backlash of Integration...in the eyes of Christian White America...putting up with the Blacks since the 60s was enough, but now a Black President?!?!

It was no surprise that McConnell & Company said how they truly felt about a Black man, when it was decided that sinking this nation economically would be better than living under a Black President. It's all about Racism, folks!...no one would have put up with this ahh! "stuff", if it were a White President!
In this case, it's not just about "Politics"...it's about setting a tone...an ugly and evil subliminal statement for good old fashioned Racism and Hate to publicly resurface out of the closet, rise up, and hit the streets with hateful rhetoric and hate filled slogans!

An Evangelically infused Republican Party supporting the causes for hate and fear...the Black Community, the Gay community, the Latino Community...their obsession with controlling the Right of a Woman's Body over the woman's own wishes, itself. Their hatred and disdain for Immigrants of all kinds, for the poor, for the sick, and their obsession with making the United States a theocratic Christian Nation!
The Politics of instigating hate, taking the position of the Perpetrator over the Victim!...unless the victim happens to be White-Anglo, then they'll fight for his or her rights till Hell freezes over! It's all the immorality and moral hypocrisy in today's Conservatism of "Me"...in honor of Ronnie "Bonzo" Reagan, and 'trickled' down to the public by the greed and unholy ways of the Republican Party!

Screw the victims in New Jersey with Hurricane Sandy! right, Lindsay Graham?...but when it happens in South Carolina? Wow!! now you want $$$ for your State?...but first my friend, say you're sorry, you're going to have to hug it out with Obama!...and actually touch him, like Chris Christie! With all his phony charm and baby blue eyes, being honest in a Public Demonstration of kissing the Boss's ass, can only make him look human in the eyes of today's public!

Is it coincidence the the polarization between Conservative and Liberal ideologies in America today, is as wide as the Income Disparity between the Classes? Probably not a coincidence!...but that's for another story.
All the mass shootings in Schools, in Churches, all the Police Shootings of unarmed people, the future of our country dying senselessly...and the only concern from the Republicans is..."Stuff Happens"?? Let's arm everybody!!

Yea! Lives 'do' matter! all lives matter!...whether Blacks, Hispanics, Gays, Women, Christian, Muslim, or Jewish!...all lives matter. How many children have to die for a moral person to say enough is enough? How many innocent unarmed people have to die by Police Gunfire for an apathetic nation to wake up and smell the coffee? Arming a Nation to protect itself from each other? Maybe if one or two of those unarmed victims of Police execution shootings had a gun, he would still be alive? But, then they'll get arrested for shooting a cop! It's all a one-sided game, all legal under the law...so? who gets the guns?

The culture of a hypocritical gun loving Christian Conservative America...Pro-life Anti-abortion godly holy rollers, save the Baby!! but when he or she grows up? Shoot the Son of a Bitch!!

The Cult Of The Second Amendment

Oct 5, 2015

Being Speaker & Winning at all cost...at the expense of a Country!

 By RF Schatten

What does the GOP and the Circus have so much in common?? They both are associated with Elephants...and they're both full of Clowns!!
It's not surprising as how the symbols of both Parties came to be...whether it's the Elephant or the Donkey...it's the sarcastic perceptions by famed political cartoonist Thomas Nast, on the very worst traits of both political parties. At least you have to hand it to the Republican Party!...keeping in the traditions of their symbol, this 2015 Republican Party are all Clowns...like a ship of fools, all riding a White Elephant into extinction!

Enter stage right...way, way right! Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz from the great state of Utah, riding the great White Horse into the Lower Chamber of Congress, with a challenge in what appears to be very dirty horse race for the Speakership Title. If there wasn't enough chaos among all the sad faced Emmett Kelly's in the Party's Primary Clown Car, and in the everlasting state of denial of the failures in policies and leadership of the RNC!?!?...Chaffetz publicly promises to be a total asshole in his mission to screw America, if he doesn't get his way.

Buying "all of this stuff" on his Visa, as he says, but not paying for it because he’s sick and tired of Republicans “Caving” to the President and the Democrats??...that crock of manure is just plain political horseshit...probably from that White Horse! Loading your card to the max, and not paying your "Visa" is not an act of demonstration...it's a criminal act of outright fraud!
Promising to let the nation drown in the political toilet, and destroy the economy of this country unless Planned Parenthood is defunded? Another Republican Government Shutdown! for the annals of Congressional History...and then, they truly expect to take the White House?
And all that's just to kick-off his Speaker's reign...his next target? Mitch McConnell!...with this oddball character, Old Mitch is just not "Conservative" enough.

The State of the GOP?
You have everyone in Congress fighting with each other, insulting each other publicly, and everyone lying about everybody else. A battle for the Speaker of the House, with Kevin McCarthy's power and influence battling Chaffetz and his batshit mentality...and a Tea Party connection that's holding the establishment Republicans hostage, inside within their own Party. Meanwhile you have the Clown Car, appearing at the next available Mic and Photo Op nearest you!...all without a clue at what the pulse of the nation wants! A full fledged war for the control of the hearts and minds of the Grand Old Party...and doing it during an election cycle!

Crazy? Who ever thought John Boehner was the sanest of these clowns? As Sophie Tucker said; "One of these days...you're gonna miss me, honey"!!

Republican Rep. Chaffetz Vows To Destroy U.S. Economy In Order to Win Speakership

Oct 3, 2015

The GOP: Perpetrating Gun Violence, and pretending it didn't happen!

By RF Schatten

In the world of Political Illusions, the Illusionist should never believe in his own magic...after all, it's just faking your audience into believing your horseshit!

"Hypocrisy is not a way of getting back to the moral high ground. Pretending you're moral, saying your moral is not the same as acting morally" ~~ Alan Dershowitz

Commenting on the Roseberg, OR shootings, Jeb Bush's arrogant statement of; hey! "Shit Happens"! exemplifies the total embodiment in the immorality of the self-righteous Right...and their less than honorable virtues of life. Hell!! the more shootings the better!! With more people buying guns, their beloved NRA can now sleep better...hurrah! hurrah!..their gun industry will continue to thrive!!
With the Democratic side favoring gun control and the Republicans condemning everyone and their mother for all of today's violence...except for the use of guns, naturally!!...who's going to step up, and say enough is enough?!?!

What is the solution? At least 'one' side is willing to open up a rational national discourse...the Republicans? "Open Carry" is the way to go...the imbecile mentality that the more guns available to the public for them to openly carry, the less violence will occur? Since the days of the simple farmer, the common clay of the new west...you know who 'they' are...pillaged the only people in the history of America that never needed the use of a Green Card, and then went on to pillage themselves with cattle rustlers, train robbers, bank robbers, outlaws of all kinds. And Vigilantism running rampant...taking the laws into their own hand...just like today!

Who needs gun laws? stand your ground and shoot the SOB!! It worked for Zimmerman!...now, in his new career, he's a White Racist advocate and activist...and no one gives a damn on the Right Side of the aisles, instead he's treated as a hero. Justice? sorry, Trayvon!...at least, rest peacefully my friend, they're all going straight to hell!...no purgatory stop-over for this group of human slime!

Ever since the Moron ancestors of today's crop of Morons kept using their...and only "their"...interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, as the standard bearing excuse for their right to use firearms...guns and violence have been a thorn, a real sore spot in our society. It's beyond Shotguns and Pistols...you don't defend yourself with a semi-automatic weapon designed to assault others with, and you don't hunt wild game with UZIs. It's all America's obsession with Guns and Violence that will never go away, until a civil society decides to reject and move away from the Right Wing values of Rational Selfishness, Indifference, and Inhumanity towards their fellow man.

How many children have to die before someone does something to stop this insanity? Besides giving out more guns for more killings and more profits, where is the cry for this injustice from the Republican Right? Ahh! "Stuff Happens", I guess!...yea, the mighty concerns of a Bush!
Does anyone really need to see the statistics of what's happening across the country? Another school shooting, more deaths...and the other side's response as always? We need to arm more people with more Guns!

You would believe that in their professional political wisdom, the Republican Party...currently in route on their suicidal path of a complete self-implosion...would prefer to gain a vote or two by siding with conventional wisdom, but they've been so adamant in their believes, and bought out so badly by big business $$$, they tend to forget it's just a political illusion they used to deceive their ignorant minions.
A political party Lost in Yonkers...associated with the policies of hate, racism, intolerance, and gun violence...pretending nothing bad ever happens, unless they can find someone to blame. Barack Obama believes this issue should be Politicized...the GOP says Obama is wrong for Politicizing it. The hypocrisy is that both sides politicize the tragedy for their own means. In this case...yes! Obama should Politicize all these shootings in America, because too many people in this country are just plain fed up of all the violence perpetrated by all the vicious hate from the Right.

Why would the GOP criticize someone for speaking up against Gun Violence? When you prostitute yourself to the NRA...immorality and indecency go hand in hand. To this degeneracy in the human race...Guns are Good and People are Bad! And then, they can't really figure out why no one loves them?...blame Obama! blame the media! blame somebody?

Figuring all this out? In the words of Stephen Colbert:
“I can’t pretend that it didn’t happen. I also can’t pretend to know what to do to prevent what happened yesterday, all of the times it has happened before. But I think pretending is part of the problem. These things happen over and over again and we are naturally horrified and shocked when we hear about them...but then we change nothing and we pretend that it won’t happen again. Some say the answer is stricter gun laws, others say the answer is mental health care, that we need better treatment or just keep the guns out of hands of the insane. Maybe it’s both. I honestly don’t know...but I do know that one of the definitions of insanity is changing nothing and then pretending that something will change.”

If things are going to change in this country, we are going to have to act...act fast...and strictly condemn this behavior! If good men stay silent, then we all deserve what we get!!

Colbert On Ore. Shooting: We Change Nothing And Pretend It Won't Happen Again (VIDEO)