Oct 18, 2015

The Dishonor of Corporate America: Wage Theft...Stealing from Employees

 By RF Schatten

There 'is' a reason why McDonald's infamous "Stupid Test" is regularly administered...and it doesn't really matter whether you pass or fail, most are hired either way!...it doesn't relate to anyone’s specific job skills, it's a psychological study that tells their financial analysts and bean counters, general employee behavioral traits, social patterns, and primarily intelligence...within their corporations.

In other words; How they can screw an employee in whatever way they can...if corporate profits are just not enough?...spread the wealth even more within the Corporate family and its Franchises.

And it's not just Mickey D's! Sears has these tests, and asks 72 Questions!...compared to only 11 for the Golden Arches. RGIS has 49 Questions, while Borders has 99! But! the current reigning champion?...Starbucks! with 103 idiot questions!! Running psychological tests to people on minimum wage, shitty benefits when they can get them, and with a majority of the positions being part-time jobs?...what's the need for the expense of running psych tests?...it's all about how to find loopholes in the laws regarding people's labor rights, and how much they can steal from their own employees!

Wage Theft by the very same people who argue against racing the minimum wage, at a time when Income Disparity among the Classes in the United States is at an all-time high for an industrialized America. In today's 21st Century capitalist America...Money trumps the common man and his family's life...let the schmucks it cake, need that cash for more Dom Pérignon!

Wage Theft in the United States? Department of Labor statistics show that in 2012, $280 million in illegally withheld back wages were recovered from companies in the United States. A 2009 study of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, found that in just one week an estimated more than $56.4 million was illegally withheld from workers in those cities. In 54 weeks? Over $3 Billion in those Cities and $40 to $60 Billion Nationally, according to estimates by Ross Eisenbrey of the Economic Policy Institute.

Ruth Milkman, Professor of Sociology at the City University of New York Graduate Center...and a co-author of the "Broken Laws" study...said "Minimum-wage violations are a common way for Employers to steal from their Employees" In Los Angeles alone, $26 million a week is stolen from low income people through Wage Theft...$26 Million per week!! Minimum-wage violations are less likely to be experienced by middle-class workers, but overtime violations are broader...McDonald's makes over $5 Billion in profits, but where does the money not listed in those profits and stolen from employees, go?

$500,000 to 250 Employees in Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx, for admitted to violating minimum wage and overtime laws. All brought to you by the Company who cried 'foul' on obeying the Affordable Care Act and buying Group Health Insurance. Papa Johns has a history of really not giving, much of a shit about their employees...so, it's no surprise to anyone about this latest fiasco.

Forcing Workers to work unpaid overtime and to work off the clock...because they don't know any better? This is just part of the travesty perpetrated against those less educated who are not going to make waves, just to be able to hold a lousy menial job! Taking advantage and exploiting those less fortunate is the way of life for Big Business and the 1% Upper Class...and Wage Theft, is just another way which helps stretch that income disparity .

Pissed at what these money hungry low-life's, as how they keep stealing in every way from the American Public?...have you seen anyone from the Republican Right criticizing Big Business for Wage Theft? Haven't seen anyone from the Right Side of the Aisles defend to Workers neither!
Don't like being treated like shit by Corporate America? Vote and do something about it!!...whose side are the Republicans fighting for? Certainly in not the side of "We, the People"!!

Papa John's Franchisees Pay Out Half A Million In Wage Theft Settlement