Aug 29, 2016

Psychopaths or Sociopaths?...remember History, America!

By RF Schatten

In a period of 1 1/2 months or so, Donald Trump has been called both a Sociopath and a Psychopath, by two different sources...and every other name in the book, by a totally frustrated imploding Republican Party.

First, he was called a Sociopath by Tony Schwartz, the ghostwriter that made Donald Trump a legend with "The Art of the Deal"...the book that Donald Trump personally boasts continuously in front of the world, as he repeatedly tells everyone who believes his horseshit, how genius of a writer & businessman he is!
The "successful businessman" who claims to have 'written' his own gigantically successful Best Seller. As Ruth Bader Ginsberg said; "Trump is a faker"! a fake of a man who absolutely has no knowledge whatsoever on how to be a writer or all the stuff Schwartz wrote about. All the business acumen behind The Art of the Deal came from Schwartz, not The Donald...but, it did make him a
superstar and "Business Guru".

Nothing in that book was Donald Trump, it's nice to pay a ghostwriter to make him a business expert. Too bad he doesn't read his own Books...which he schleps & peddles around, doing his little schtick every chance he gets! Knowing Trump at his very best and knowing Trump at his very worst, after shadowing him 24/7 while writing the book...Tony Schwartz says that Donald Trump is a
Sociopath, naming the Traits of a Sociopath and proving it:
1) Pathological Liar
2) Grandiose Sense of Self
3) Lack of Remorse, Shame, or Guilt
4) Shallow Emotions
5) Callousness and Lack of Empathy
6) Poor Behavioral Controls/Impulsive Nature
7) Irresponsibility/Unreliability
8) Promiscuous Sexual Behavior/Infidelity
9) Behavior Problems
10) Authoritarian
11) Paranoid
12) Doesn't meet his obligations
Ahhyup! those are all part of the Trumpster's character, alright!...fits him to a tee!

David Plouffe, Barack Obama's former Chief White House Advisor, is calling Trump a Psychopath; "Basically, you have a Psychopath running for President"!
Traits of a Psychopath:
1) No remorse for mistakes or misdeeds.
2) Low-stress tolerance. Easy to anger and rage.
3) Self-centered. His needs are paramount.
4) Uses sex to control
5) Extreme narcissism and grandiose
6) Moody...switches from nice guy to anger without much provocation.
7) Highly contradictory.
8) Kind only if he’s getting from you what he wants.
9) Has a good front (persona) to impress and exploit others.
10) Does not listen because he does not care.
11) Exercises despotic control over every aspect of the victim's life

There's a lot more traits for both, Psychopaths and Sociopaths, but why bring any more into this discourse? These are more than enough traits to proof anyone's case!
For years, the field of Psychiatry has talked about the grayish differences between a Sociopath and a Psychopath, they're very much alike, and share many, many prefer to brand them together and call it, an "Anti-Social Personality Disorder".
And speaking of Anti-Social Personality a recent study at Oxford University on the subject of Psychopathy, a metric scale was set up using a point system and 56 questions on a person's psychopathic traits to show the list of the Top Psychopaths in History. The Top 5? Donald Trump came up 2 points higher than Adolf Hitler! and just below Idi Amin. With Henry VIII ahead of Amin...Trump scored 171 to Hitler's 169, with Amin's 176, and Henry's 178, Saddam Hussein got the Gold Medal becoming the #1 all-time Psychopath in History with a whopping 189!...while Mahatma Gandhi the least, with 119 points.

As the Clock counts down, the 2016 General Elections are already a nightmare for the Grand Old Party...and it's looking like it's going to be a very long 69 or so days before this whole Clown Show is finally put to rest.
The question: The possibility that the future "Leader of the Free World" and American International Diplomacy will be in the hands of a person with an Anti-Social Personality Disorder? Let's not forget that behind all the BS Rhetoric about how "intelligent" he really is...comes a man, who, with all the best of the best education available to him throughout his life...nothing, absolutely nothing at all! has ever penetrated this man's Cerebrum!

He may be an "Upper Class", spoiled rich, 70-year-old cry-baby...but he's still just a Stupid Human Being, with absolutely No Class whatsoever of his own...his Stupidity is truly an insult to Stupid People!

No one could've described Trump any better than in PoliticusUSA's Sarah Jones' analogy when she brilliantly described the Trumpster; "Donald Trump’s knuckles might as well graze the floor, he’s that far Regressed". The Cuban inside of me remembered an old Cuban saying: "Si se cae en Cuatro Patas...Come Hierba" (If he falls on all four, he'll eat grass). Yea! Donald Trump is truly regressing in his functions as the Human Animal...even his alter ego, Trumpy the Orange Orangutan, appears much more real...and far and away, much more intelligent!

Former Senior Obama Adviser Calls Trump A Psychopath Running For President

Aug 22, 2016

The Evolution of the GOP...from Honest Abe to Dishonest Don

 By RF Schatten

The Evolution of the Grand Old Party...from Honest Abe to Dishonest Don. "Honesty is the 1st Chapter in the Book of Wisdom" ~~~ Thomas Jefferson

I'm the greatest Businessman on this Planet! what's a little $650 Million Dollar debt going to do to me? For someone like Donald Trump, who never pays off any of his debts...absolutely nothing! With a History of 4,000+ Lawsuits, sitting on both the Plaintiff's and Defendant's side of the tables...does Donald Trump really care? Just keep everyone entangled in the Courts, forever.

But what happens if he becomes President? A little Conflict of Interest out there, folks!...or is Germany going to freeze all American Assets until "our" President pays off his "personal" debt to Deutsche Bank? How about the $950 Million Dollar debt...or better yet...scam, on the Bank of China?

Like in all his business deals, they're all complicated arrangements where everyone involved ends up big losers, while the Donald's responsibility in every deal, turns towards the "Take the Money & Run" option!...does he care? He's done it so many times that he's been blackballed by every American Bank in the, his tête-à-tête arrangements are made in liaison with Foreign Banks and other Countries...their regret? they didn't learn their lesson after watching the Donald screw everyone in the United States with all his Bankruptcies, including the debts that brought an entire city...Atlantic City, New Jersey...down!

Now, we have a Republican Party that has self-imploded...the chaos of Trump-a-mania has divided an already divided Party to a point of no return! 50, 70, 125...everyday more and more groups of Security experts, Diplomats, and Military Generals, from both Donkeys and Dumbos, are asking the GOP and stop funding Trump, who's making a profit from this whole Election scam of his, while Republicans running for local or state offices are exhausting their funds while getting clobbered in the Polls.

The very real possibility of a Landslide appears more realistic as the days pass and Nov. 8th gets closer and closer! The chance of losing the US Senate has been in their minds for a while...but now, the chance of losing the US House, which appeared relatively safe not too long ago?? The Republican Party with or without Trump are in dire straights...they are literally in a Lose-Lose situation...and absolutely no one in sight, not even Mighty Mouse is come and save the day!

Donald Trump's campaign is now run by the Breitbart News Corp, the American White Supremacists' bible for News...sorry Fox! but you're just too damn liberal next to Breitbart! The partnership between Breitbart and the RNC is going to take its toll...the defections of Reagan, Nixon, and Bush Republicans are not just a few, the list keeps growing by the day! And with GOP politicos trying to keep their seats...more and more of them are breaking with the party and endorsing Clinton! While at the same time, hoping against hope that a Clinton Landslide's coattails don't sweep them out of office.

Unless the Republican Party disavow Donald Trump and decides to cut their losses and concentrate on their Congressional Races, they are going to lose and lose really big!...across the entire board!

What this election cycle has done is bring out the real character of today's don't need to drink the 'Tea' anymore to see the scum, the Republican Party has within their own ranks. And with the Party's 'titular' leader spewing Fear, Hate, Bigotry, and Racism...not counting his super misogynistic ideals!...without refuting Trump, the Republican Party is validating all his actions, and you can say they've officially taken the position as the Party of Sociophobes and Sociopaths, hateful towards entire Religions, the Blacks, the Hispanics, all ethnic Groups, Anti-gay, Anti-women, Anti-veterans, and anyone else who's not an Evangelical, White, and Anglo-Saxon!

But, they do favor more guns in the streets, folks! All so the public can go out, and prepare for a shooting anywhere or anytime. All, cause there's nothing more exciting than a Shootout at an OK Corral, or your closest Convenience Store for this group of unintellectual humanoids.
The Republican Party now their new official home...the Ku Klux Klan and American Neo-Nazis, along with their very own GOP candidate for US Congress. From Louisiana!...stage Right!'s the former Grand Wizard of the Klan, David Duke! who's very very confident about the future of the GOP. On his Radio Show, he Interviewed Don Advo, from the White Supremacist Neo-Nazi "Daily Stormer", who told Duke; “We appear to have taken over the Republican Party”!!!

A Republican Party that has lowered the bar standards, down into the depths of Hell..."Honesty" is not part of the Republican vocabulary. With Donald Trump giving a speech and Fact Checked for one lie, once every 4 Seconds?, there's nothing Honest about the Trumpster or those in the GOP that adamantly supports him, like Christie, Rubio, and Carson. Beware of the next massive load of garbage and vulgarity the GOP is going to throw around till Nov. 8th. The philosophy of the Trumpster's newest Campaign Management..."Team Breitbart"? "Turn on the Hate, and Burn that Bitch Down"!

Wisdom? that was the Party of Lincoln, long, long time ago! Where there's no Honesty or Honor, there's no Virtue...there are only empty Chapters in the Republican Book of Wisdom...that's an ancient word in today's Grand Old Party, lost in translation with the advent of Republican Batshit Politics and the loss of Respectful Political Decorum!

The GOP, from the grandeur and greatness of Abraham Lincoln to the orange spray tanned version of Donald's fictional dad, Trumpy the Orangutan!...responsible quality Republican leadership is at an old time low, and no signs of a savior anywhere soon on the horizon!

How well will they do? Donald Trump says he will manage this country like he manages his own life...a Bankrupt America, I presume?!?! Just to think that the total of the debts incurred by Donald the United States, and all over the enough to make a decent size dent on paying off our National Debt!

Trump’s Empire: A Maze of Debts and Opaque Ties - The New York Times

Aug 13, 2016

Donald Trump & the Republicans' End of Times

 By RF Schatten

"Criticism, Ridicule, and Sarcasm, merely stating an alternative point of view to the orthodoxy, can be interpreted as Insult." ~~~ Rowan Atkinson

Insults are part of life for Donald J. Trump, so why should running for President of the United States make any difference for someone who's totally indifferent towards the rest of society?
Why is Trump doing so badly with Republicans? There's just so much someone is willing to put up, whether you agree with Trump or not...when a person's character, morals, and decency is attacked as an insult to their time to face the truth, and reject their Party's nominee.

It was the GOP leadership, with those great minds in the RNC, that allowed this early form of Primate to run as a Republican...they could've booted him out for the insults, the total lack of respect and the foul language he's used on all his fellow Republicans...they could've thrown him out! but to keep the Trumpster around and have all Dumbos unite behind their new titular leader?!?!

You just can't ridicule someone one day, accuse Him or Her of something, and follow up and say it was just Sarcasm!...then, the following day ridicule and attack the person again! and say the "Sarcasm" he stated the day before was just more of his horseshit? He really did mean those remarks on his opponents, and even more disgraceful...remarks about the President of the United States!...Morality, Grace, and Humility are definitely not in the Trump Family Book of Values!

The fulcrum of the 2016 Elections has tilted towards the Democrats...and with 80something days remaining?...Republicans have no other option than to ride it out, and try to reassemble what's left of the Party post-Election.
Will GOP become a party that accepts all minorities and all ethnic groups? A Political Party that has gone out of their way to accept White Supremacy and Fascism within their own ranks, and with a Republican Leader that panders his demagoguery, specifically to this crowd's DNA?
The GOP blew it! and the Party of Lincoln is now the Party of Trump, a sociopath...with David Duke, Sheriff Joe, and every Racist and Bigot that fits their Lilly White Evangelical batshit mold within 'their' own visions of a perfect master race!

Never in our lifetime have anyone seen our Democratic process, regress in the form the Republican Party has undertaken...respect and decorum?...political correctness within the Dumbos has given way to name calling and ridicule. So many hypocritical degenerates, all showing their true colors!...many for the 1st time!...yet, all exploited by a con-artist extraordinaire, a true evil of a Sociopath in all his glory.
And after 8 years of batshit politics by the Right Side of the Aisles, they still just don't get it!, the reality of a broken down, once proud Political Party is beginning to sink in...the demise as the Grand Old Party, is dangerously near!

Every single day you have another group of Republicans requesting the GOP to throw Trump out of the Party. 50 GOP Women Activists working with Democratic Women Activists, for the sole purpose of negating Trump the Presidency. A group of 70 former National Security Advisors...both Dems and Dumbos... CIA Directors, Military Generals, and Professional Foreign Relation experts asking the GOP to remove Trump for his total incompetence and his complete lack of understanding on governing Domestic and Foreign Affairs!
The Danger of the Trumpster? There's a reason why every day more Republican Allies and Dignitaries, Former Presidents, US Senators, Economists, and especially GOP House members, are all throwing their support and endorsements to their Democratic Challenger!

Voting your conscience? Those Dumbos rejecting Trump know how dangerous this man is...and will vote with the Donkeys in 2016. Voting your conscience doesn't win elections, ever! And the danger is greater than any other opponent might be.

"A sarcastic person has a superiority complex that can be cured only by the honesty of humility" ~~~ Lawrence G. Lovasik
The demise of the Republican Party of Lincoln rests on the continuation of the Lies and "Sarcasm", the Trumpster likes to spew it truly just sarcasm? or is his insulting rhetoric real? With all the traits of a certifiable sociopath?...yea! Trump's insulting rhetoric is very much real! A shallow and thin skinned narcissist...his superiority complex will never be cured by Humility...honesty and morality do not run through Donald Trump's veins or soul.

As of this moment, Trump plans to continue his Presidential run till he's defeated in November, then blame Clinton for rigging an entire national landslide election against him...a case that's becoming quite clear, as Pollsters begin to agree more and more with each other, and a Landslide in the making that appears to sweep the GOP's House and Senate majorities. In Mitch McConnell's very own words; "A Republican Senate appears very dicey this November"!

Why will the GOP lose? today's Republicans have no viable imagination on running a National Election! and Trump's simple-minded bombastic insinuations, along with his continued Hate-filled Rhetoric, Disrespect, and Mockery of others, makes the Trump candidacy an aberration in political theatrics...but at least he's 'consistent' with all his now-famous horseshit tales, especially when addressing his sub-par IQ flock of 'uneducated' followers!! Ahhyup! in the words of Oscar Wilde; "Consistency is the last Refuge of the Unimaginative."

Trump is Ready to Face the Prospect That He Might Lose | RealClearPolitics