Jun 23, 2017

As the Russian Probe builds up, the Incompetents Lawyer-Up

 By RF Schatten

"Lawyers are the first Refuge of the Incompetent" ~~~ Aaron Allston

You don't need to Lawyer-up if you're not Guilty. When the President, Vice President, Attorney General, and the President's top Advisor...his Son-In-Law...all are in urgent need of Lawyers? You know the jurisdictive sh*t has hit the White House's proverbial fan.
How bad is it, when Trump's own Lawyer, needs a Lawyer?!?!...oh! the Smell of Political Incompetence has hit Washington DC like never before. The latest catchword around our Capitol? Lawyering-up!! 

With a President by the name of Donald Trump, the best Attorneys money can buy throughout the Country and in the District of Columbia, are all passing on the opportunity to be highly embarrassed by their client...and because, as one Lawyer said;  "He never pays his bills"!
All of Trump's Attorneys, are his personal Lawyers, guys who handle his business affairs...generally speaking, they're Trump's settlement Lawyers...the only job in their life is to settle all 4,000+ Lawsuits filed against Trump and/or Trump Corp. Settling as many Cases as possible, without having the need to go to court!

And since they 'are' his "Business Attorneys"; turning their attention to the Russia/Trump 2016 Campaign, Russian Collusions & Hackings, and all those ever expanding money trails?...they're totally out of their comfort zone!!
Commenting on the seriousness of the events? How do they comment on Criminal Acts when they're not Criminal Attorneys? How do they comment on Impeachment Acts when they're not Political Congressional Lawyers?...and with no clue whatsoever on Legal Congressional Procedures!
They're like a Fish out of Water!...and with a boss who's life consists of contradicting his subordinates...it's hard to answer questions, which in turn, makes the press ask even more questions until eventually, political humor brings out its funny face.
And like Spicer and Conway...2 people who suppose, to know how to deal with the press...Michael Cohen, Marc Kasowitz, and Jay Sekulow of FoxNews & CBN fame are currently Lost somewhere between Yonkers and Comedy Central!
What the President needs, is what all the others got...a respected Washington or DC familiar Criminal Attorney, who's also familiar with High Treason, Impeachment, Parliamentary, and Congressional Procedures!  

The list of people 'mutually' associated with both Trump, the Trump Family, Russian Bankers/Industrialists, Russian Government Agents, and Russian Mobsters...and now, Pro-Russian big money Ukrainians...continues to grow by the day!
Let's start with Retired 3 Star General and former Head of Trump's National Security, Mike Flynn...he committed Perjury when not disclosing his Russian Ties, as he was simultaneously working for the Trump Campaign and a registered Foreign Lobbyist with direct ties to Vladimir Putin! Heard he's talking to Mueller without Immunity!
Then we have Jefferson Beauregard Session, Attorney General of the United States and Keebler Elf...the top Prosecutor in the Dept. of Justice...like Flynn, just happened to forget to list down his meetings, all with Russians before and after the Elections, including a Dinner Meeting at the Mayflower Hotel with the ever-popular Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and other Russians. He was even Photographed by the FBI, and still can't recall!?!
Prosecutor Sessions also has Trump's anti-truth disease, who becomes scared and a nervous little twit, when Women Prosecutors won't buy his Lies and Horseshit tales of non-existing rules...instead of being honest and just pleading the 5th Amendment. Another Congressional Perjurer from the very beginning.
And how can we forget Mr. Everything, Jared Kushner!...this guy conveniently forgot to list a couple of dozen meetings with almost every Russian known Agent and Banker in Russia!...before getting his Top Security Clearance! More Perjury and very questionable business interests.
Michael Cohen was going to become Trump's chief counsel in the White House's "Russia/Trump War Room"...but he too got a notice that he's being investigated! Ahhyup! Trump's Attorney also hired himself an Attorney to defend him!
Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States...yes! Mr. Christian America...also, got himself a Lawyer. Not cause Flynn lied to him, apparently, he too has Russian Ties!
The list of usual suspects has grown so much, you tend to forget people like Paul Manafort, also still under investigation, and  Carter Page who allegedly, held audio tapes from Trump to be given to Putin, among all the things and meetings he had with other Russian Agents and Bankers in Moscow.

The Mueller Investigation with the full support of the FBI will pretty much reveal what everyone already knows...Russia hacked the Election in at least 39 States, and directly hacked into Voter Precincts in 21 States. And are still hacking today in at least 20 or more States at the highest levels, working down from there to the local community...and into the Local, State, and National Political Parties' Voter Rolls...both the Dems' and the GOP's!
But for every Hack, every disruption has a cost...that cost, always leads to the ever-present Money Trail.
And there's where Robert Mueller is leaning towards the way this investigation is going...he must certainly have very strong cases, for hiring more than a dozen of the best most experienced Criminal Prosecutors in America, a "Dream Team" in their specialties of Criminal Obstruction of Justice, Treason, Perjury, Impeachment, Corruption, Extortion, Bribery, Theft, and Money Laundering!

Now Ivanka and Donald Jr. appear to be under investigation for partnering up with Russian Mobsters...also, related to the Trumpster and Putin. Who's going to defend these two??
The only Trump not yet connected to this Reality Show is Eric!...and he's way over his head with his own troubles...ripping off Terminally Ill Kids and St. Jude Hospital with the phony Eric Trump Foundation, while funneling all the $millions$ into Trump Businesses.
Expect this piece of garbage to end up connected with Russia, too. Is his need keep up with Dad, for the respect his Father never gave him (The only living being Trump has ever truly respected is his shameful himself)...it's the same lack of respect Donald got from his Mom & Dad. His entire life has been a desperate cry for recognition..."Ha! Ha! Look Ma! I'm on top of the World"!!

The need for Defense Attorneys arrive when you finally meet the realization, that you're in deep sh*t trouble!...while, your feeling of guilt has taken over your life and whatever confidence you had, is gone! 
All the Midnight and 3 am Troll Rants on Twitter will never, ever help his cause...the true Trump character of the Liar, Con-Artist, Insanely Vicious Demagogue, Self-Centered, Egocentric, and Narcissistic Clown have been exposed, and those remembrances will never go away! No matter how much he tries to change his life around...those remembrances will remain with him till he takes his Final Breadths.  

Too many 'unusual' suspects and a whole lot of people you know are guilty as sin! The next step for this Reality Show will involve all the Legal Suits...all the Clients represented by Professional Attorneys!  And Team Trump, represented by the Amateur Douchebag Firm of Cohen, Kasowitz, and Sekulow! 

The defense argument for Donald Trump appears to be more and more every day, the "Idiot Card"; "He's new at the job, he's inexperienced, he's a little incompetent, and not too very bright. So give this Idiot a chance"!
If push comes to shove, would Trump agree to play that Card? He will refuse till hell freezes over, but, he will...he always does! without realizing he's doing it!...he truly is a basket case Idiot! My condolences to his Team of Lawyers!

McCabe: FBI has 'great number of folks' working for Trump-Russia special prosecutor - POLITICO

Jun 10, 2017

In Absence of Leadership...the Ugly American Returns

By RF Schatten

In the wake of the U.S. Administration's "Awesome" Policies of Diplomacy...by all standards, Donald J Trump would have to rank as the biggest Political Whore in the United States' 241 years of Existence!...yes, a true whore who sold out his own Country and the World, for the right Price!

The man who says; "Put America First", has just managed to put America dead last!! The United States has become the only Country in this World...aside from Nicaragua and Syria...to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords! where for the 1st time in the History of mankind! every Nation on the face of this Earth 'all' agreed to work together and bond for one Common Cause...the survival of this Earth, and in particularly the survival of Humankind!!!

In Nicaragua's case, they're not really against the accord...they just think it doesn't go far enough! Syria? At this moment, their concern isn't what happens environmentally down the road...they just want to be able to get there, alive! Those two have sort of a half-ass excuse not to participate at this particular time.
So! America becomes the only Nation that truly wants to leave the Climate Accords...and the reason for withdrawing is by far, the most criminal act, any Country could ever do to their people!!! Hitler's Germany may have exterminated a portion of its population. Trump's America, will Pollute our entire Nation right into extinction!!

While the rest of the world...including Putin and Kim Jung Un!...signed-on, start to resolve their disputes and work together for one common goal...the United States, is institutionally regressing into a very dangerous Isolationist mentality! It didn't work in the 30s, and certainly with Trump's chaotic Amateur White House... is not going to work at all, especially in today's electronic age of communications.

"The very Essence of Leadership is that you have to have Vision. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet" ~~~ Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, CSC

A President without a vision is doomed to catastrophically fail. The problem is, our President's only Vision in his 70 years of life is how much Money he and his Family can take before they gotta run!!...whether he Resigns, gets Impeached, or gets Arrested. And then, you wonder why the Trump presidency has been such a miserable failure from the get-go?!?!

Alfred E Newman is more a Visionary than Trump could ever be!...and he doesn't even worry!
"American Leadership" once meant something around the world...Honor, Respect, and Trust. The Freedom, where anyone could come and achieve their dreams!...our leadership is what made the American Dream. "America! what a Country!" meant something very positive at one time.  Our Leadership as a Nation was America's greatest strength!
In Trump's Vision of pacifying and endearing our natural enemy, while selling out our Allies the same way he's selling out our Democracy...for Trump, it's always about the almighty Dollar!

Don the Con's "awesome" gift to the United States of America for electing him President?...a tiny middle finger, flipping off an entire Nation and the World while saluting everyone with a big "Bronx Cheer"! 

America still doesn't get it!! It's not about making America Great or putting America First. It's about a big "F*ck You, America"! Selling out a Nation to Russia's influence! All, for a ton of laundered-up dirty Russian Money!  
Now, we've lost the trust of our allies...actually, the trust of an entire world! American Diplomacy under Donald Trump has reverted back to its Imperialistic bully ways, with the reemergence of the world's most despised human being...the Ugly American is back!!  

A host of world leaders...actually, every Ally and all our Enemies around the World, all working together to save this planet...Criticized and Shamed our President for such an enormously ignorant and stupid Decision. Interesting!

Now, you have your educationally deficient morons who believe Trump is the second coming of Christ. And then you have the filth and immorality of rich & educated political slickers who just don't have the slightest care, and really don't give a sh*t what our legacy holds to our future generations!
And finally, you have the vast majority of this Country and certainly, the vast majority of the World who see Donald Trump's departure from Modern Civilization as a huge profit making sellout to the most polluting, heartless and immoral Industrialists in the United States...Koch Industries among others...the very same ones who have paid out close to $Billions$ in Court Settlements, Wrongful Deaths Verdicts, Record Fines by the EPA!
What do you see? The ever increasing Pollution of our skies, the deadly chemical infestation of our waters, from our Rivers and Streams to our Aqueducts! It's the destruction of our Forests, our Wildlife, the end of what "natural" Food supposed to be...and the beginning of America's craze for Gourmet Soylent Green! Sold to you by Monsanto...maker of Herbicides, luscious GMOs, and AstroTurf!

Our Country, if not the world...is under attack by Super Rich Industrialists who don't give a sh*t if the Earth disintegrates or not!...as long they can take it all with them before they die! Yes!! The degenerate sick mind of Trump and his Billionaire Club! And they'll continue doing it more and more, cause We, the People are allowing it to continue!!!
The Family Trump are true examples of human waste...true life degenerates who would even steal all the charitable $$$ going for Kids with Cancer through all their numerous Fake Trump Charities, just like Donald did with the Vets!! Yes! the total indecency and shameless immorality of our 1st Family will never seize...that's what the live for!!  

 "Leadership is an opportunity to Serve. It is not a call to self-importance" ~~~ J. Donald Walters

Making yourself look important, and posing as President, just makes you look even more the asshole everyone already knows you are, Donny Boy! What's your luck? The GOP are all true Spineless Cowards with no Cojones to tell you to take a hike! Their greed and your stupidity will be the Fall of Republicans in 2018, and of your Kingdom...even sooner!!

Planet Earth is currently inhabited by 7.5 Billion People!!...Yes! 7.5 Billion People who would all love to know that their Children and their Children's Children are going to simply be able to live and breathe fresh 21% Oxygen, rather than use a Mask &Tank until that's   not enough and die! Is all about the ability to survive on this Earth!!
And out of all those Billions...you have around 300 people...yes, that's right, 300+ totally immoral human beings in this World who calls themselves Republicans, 300 sick minds who don't care or give a damn what happens to anyone ...as long as they can obtain all the material wealth humanly possible. 
Greedy Low Life Billionaires prefer to stuff their mattresses with every single dollar and every penny they can scrounge...they probably think when they die, they can pay off God to stick around...rather than go directly to Hell.

American Leadership around the world is currently taking a 'forced' sabbatical. The Art of Trump Diplomacy has alienated all our Allies. And for the first time...at least in my lifetime...our Allies are publicly declaring; the United States cannot be trusted!!
In Foreign Affairs, Leaders around the World are learning how to respond to this pompous ass...including Mocking, like the Leaders of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland, mocking Trump's Orb. picture. His use of bully Politics to get things his way, Chastising our Allies and Appeasing our natural Enemy is getting nowhere!....except receiving the mistrust of both sides! And his Batshit spectacles at every stop, is an embarrassment and an insult to the very fabric of American Leadership! 

Our Leaderless American Diplomacy is on a very narrow dangerous road. While our greatness as a nation hits the rock bottom of the political gutter...Trumpism has brought back our Nation's Worst Political Diplomat from the dead...the Ugly American!

Umm? really makes sense!! Donald Trump, more than anyone alive is truly in every way, shape, and form...your quintessential, Ugly American!

Trump’s Climate-Change Sociopathy by Jeffrey D. Sachs - Project Syndicate

May 30, 2017

Little Donald's Madcap Foreign Adventure

By RF Schatten

Donald Trump, illegitimate President, and wannabe Dictator...is a fraud! From his Monetary Status to his personal "Awesome" Intellectual Mind, to his Big Man Bully Persona...this little man just doesn't have it, he lacks what it takes to become the real man he wants to be!
Diplomacy? You must be kidding!! This 'is' The Donald we're speaking about!...Diplomacy in this trip?? Umm, let's follow the Trump Itinerary.

**Greetings! from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia..."Melania won't hold my tiny little hands. Sad"
A President with no Cojones...a tough guy persona at Home against Muslims, their Religion, and their abuses towards their own citizens. But when Away, President Pussy Grabber turns into a real little pussy! sticking his little yellow tail between his legs and never making a case for Human Rights. A case against one of the biggest abusers of Human Rights, and exporters of Terrorism in the World!!

But, with the Saudis being our Ally...you just turn your back, by-pass any mention of Human Rights, and go straight ahead and sell them $110 Billion in US Arms, naturally at the American Taxpayers' expense, and not even authorized by Congress! Illegally selling arms? and were they from companies that Donny Boy owns stock in? Like the 59 Tomahawks made by Raytheon...where his stocks made a financial killing! Does it matter? Not with the New Russian Republican Party!...SCREW Human Rights! SCREW Feeding Kids, and the Elderly? SCREW them too! It's all about Male Whiteness, Class Status, and their addicting Scent of Money!
Like the $100 million Saudi Bribe, laundered as a "Charity Donation" that Ivanka accepted for her newest Foundation...a Foundation that still, doesn't even legally exist?!?!
Yes! sweet little Ivanka's business acumen is as tainted as the rest of the Family Trump filth...like Trump U...it's all about how much can they steal from people less fortunate, that can't defend themselves! In the Saudi's case, it's about Rich People demanding their promised actions for their "Donations"! Again, more Conflicts of Interests!...but, does anyone in the GOP have the backbone to even really give a damn??

$110 Billion Dollars!...where in the Budget, is "that" money going to come from?...what entitlements are going to get chopped, to fit Trump's latest awesome deal of his? And after his massive Tax Cuts planned for the Rich? America! if you enjoy getting royally screwed by this Snake Oil Charlatan, in one way or another...by all means, proceed!
What's really seriously crazy, is that they will seriously line up to get screwed of everything in their lives, all to follow their beloved Führer! Donald Trump does prove one thing about America, and 'his' own little world;  Ignorance is "Awesomely" Bliss!

**Hi! just arrived in Israel from the Middle East... "she still won't hold my little hands. Very Sad"
The Welcoming Party? a very pissed off Israeli Parliament and assorted Government officials! Not only did Donald blow the whistle on classified info about Israel's covert operations' inside ISIS to the Russians, he put their agent in a dangerously risky situation!...and then goes out, and makes a deal with Israel's natural enemy, Saudi Arabia...for $Billions$ in Arms?!?!

At a joint press conference with Trump and Netanyahu, instead of your standard Diplomatic Briefings, Trump insisted on continuing his attacks on those who said, he told the Russians about Israel's Mossad "Asset"; “Just so you understand!...I never mentioned the word or the name 'Israel' in conversation". Never mentioned it”! Well, Donny! if you never did?...you sure confirmed it now!!! Netanyahu's expression of WTF did this man just say? A 10 on the Anderson Cooper Eye-roll scale!

That need for the ever-present "Spotlight" will become his downfall. Just remember! putting aside Trump's High IQ facade... good old Dad paid for his College Degree...so, you really can't expect much in the form of natural intelligence from this President!

He did get to do what he came for. A foolish romp around Jerusalem, going to the West Wall and standing there...not knowing what for?...but still standing there, anyhow! It was the perfect time for his most important Presidential agenda...the ever present photo-op. Nothing, not even WWIII, is more important to the Trumpster than the Camera & the Spotlight!

**Greetings! to Rome, Italy..."great Italian Food! but where the Romans"?
Pope Francis did not appear too amused in meeting Donald and the Family Trump...rarely a smile, or any of his famous grin.
But! officially, the Creepiest Looking Photo-op of the entire Trip took place in the Vatican: Melania and Ivanka, dressed like 2 Widows standing somber side by side, appeared more to look like the Twin Girls down the hall in "The Shining". Donald Trump? Standing next to his wife, looking like Nicholson with 'that' same creepy smile. And on the other side of the Trumpster? Pope Francis...with an even more somberly look. The expression on his face tells it all...Oh! God, why me??

It must have been frustrating to talk to a man with a mind span of 140 characters....and worse, talk to a man in an intelligent conversation about every single subject, he publicly opposes. Trump's remark about the meeting? "Fantastic" dialogue between the two!
A Vatican Statement said; Talks included Healthcare, Education, and Assistance for Immigrants, as well as the "Promotion of Peace in the World through Political Negotiation and Interreligious Dialogue".
In Trump's AM Tweet, he states; "I leave the Vatican more determined than ever to Pursue Peace in the World". 
How sincere is Trump?...yea, sure!...you don't acquire "Sincerity" all of a sudden, after 70 years being a scumbag, not with a lifetime of Lies and Falsehoods! Anything is possible...but, don't sit and wait...remember, it's the Donald.

**Welcome! from Brussels, Belgium... "all that great awesome Chocolate! what's another pound or two more?"
The 2017 annual meeting of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, was not destined to be your usual NATO Diplomatic Affair. This year King Donald, joined by Presidents and Foreign Ministers, took the center stage Spotlight and went straight into his campaign mode tirade, the same rhetoric about who pays what, and some countries not paying their equal share! Generally insulting our Allies, Diplomacy in the Trump Administration pretty much has hit rock bottom! The sewer stench of Gutter Politics by an Immoral President is spreading like wildfire. 100+ days in office, he has embarrassed America in front of the world over 100+ times.

You'd think he would learn? but he's just a spoiled rich brat who never understood why he wasn't always the center of attention.
At the ripe old age of 70, at these meetings...he's shown off all his famed Rudeness and Disrespectful bully ways like no one else can. His disrespectful shoving of Dusko Markovic, the Prime Minister of Montenegro?...running up and pushing people aside like a spoiled little kid, to get in front of everyone and get his picture taken!...by any other words, it was a disgraceful and disrespectful behavior, especially from a grown man who is supposed to be civilized and represents 350 million people!
But Karma stung him right back in the arse, with French President Emmanuel Macron's masterful handshake swerve off...away from the Trumpster, to kiss Angela Merkel, shake her hand, and a couple of others before Trump.  

**Benvenuto! from Taormina, Sicily ..."Hey! did you know the Sicilians have a Mob? Wow! I thought all Mobsters were Russians and live next door at my Awesome Trump Towers"!
What can go wrong at the G7 Summit Meetings?...it may sound stupid...but what can go wrong? They all agreed to continue with their Climate Initiative...whether or not Trump, stays in or leaves.
Most of the Foreign Leaders at this summit arrived from the NATO Meetings, earlier. What Trump has done is unite precisely those Countries, Putin wants to destabilize...especially France & Germany, and the rise of Right-Wing Nationalism in those countries. Angela Merkel has risen as the New Leader of the Free World...with Macron and Trudeau up there, highly recognized. While America...thank you,  Donny!...has given up 'that' Leadership Role! Merkel sadly said; the United States cannot be Trusted, anymore!  
And with Trump still on the Guest List...by now...all the Leaders were probably wondering what absurdity he's going to do or say in this Country!

Absurdities in Sicily? by Donald Trump?...really! didn't you expect any? He made every Leader wait for him, more than a few minutes, so they can get the Official G7 2017 Group Photo ...the need to make "The Entrance" in front of all the spotlights, is what he lives for!
Then, the really lazy scumbag inside Donald Trump came bursting out! When the Group took to a walk in the Streets of Taormina, they all walked together, sort of unified (Good PR)...all except, Donald Trump! Why? cause he's Donald Trump! Yes! it's true...while everyone walked, the Donald took his big lazy ass and rode a Golf Cart!! Too tired? Too bad, tough sh*t, and walk with everyone else!...that's what you get for being President!...and having High Blood Pressure!!

Yes! a blabbering idiot that calls himself President. Donald Trump needs to be taken seriously, cause, with all the joking aside...the man is a serious psychopath, a threat to this Nation, and a threat to the rest of the World! A Business and Political Whore who for the right prize, will do any outrageous thing...imaginable or unimaginable! NO!! Donald J Trump doesn't deserve anyone's respect, whatsoever!
 "The Resistance" is stronger than he ever expected! If he wants to remain, President, he's going to have to 'earn' that respect from We, the People!...but really, will that ever happen?..."Respect" has never, ever been part of his Family's vocabulary!

Now, it's all over and the Family Trump is back home, but not to a quiet rest...back to the reality show called Trumpgate, and now starring Jared Kushner, too! Yes! back to the ever continuing thoughts and of the very real possibilities of Him, more than half of his Cabinet, Pence, Sessions, His entire White House Staff, and a number of others...are all going down and ending up in Federal Prison! His chances for Freedom are closing up by the day!
Lock the Trumpster with Bernie Madoff? It's an insult to Bernie! He screwed Thousands out of Millions of Dollars...Trump is screwing Millions out of Thousands of their hard earned Dollar!  And Jared?...you're next!...hope you like the color, Orange!!

‘What a thug — he’s mauling him like an idiot’: Morning Joe rips Trump’s ’embarrassing’ Europe trip

May 17, 2017

Resign, Impeached, Jail, or what's behind Door 4

By RF Schatten

The Trump Administration has been officially in a state of chaos since, Jan. 20th, 2017!...and the hits just keep on coming!
When the final 3 alternatives for Donald Trump are option 1) Resign 2) Get Impeached 3) Go Directly to Jail...The Trumpster will go for what's behind Door 4! A coup of our Democracy!
In the case of Impeachment? Scene 1 Act 1: Declare Marshall Law, and suspend all elections (cause they are all rigged!) Then shut the "American Free Press", cause they're just Fake News and the enemy of Donald Trump...thus, the enemy of the State...and the enemy of the American People!

A Coup? Yes! more and more serious academics and politicos...including Yale University History Professor Timothy Snyder...are coming up with the same conclusion! If push comes to shove...in lieu of being Exposed or Impeached, a thin-skinned Donald Trump, in all his Trump fashion will attempt a "Putsch"! Most likely with the assistance of his 'Beer Hall' buddy Steve Bannon, coordinating things. But, like his Presidency...they 'all' expect he'll fail miserably!

Trump's assault on the 1st Amendment. Trump and Bannon's intention of removing piece by piece the 1st Amendment from American History: Freedom of the Press, and the Freedom of Speech & Expression...and he's already doing it!...by alienating our Free Press both literally, and alienating it from the Public. A systematic policy of False Information and blaming the "Fake News"...making it that more and more people everyday question's the Press! 
Trumpism's deep hostility on the Press is not something new. As a child, he would not tolerate being criticized or mocked. As an Adult, Money Lawyers and lots of Money silenced his critics and his accusers. And now as King Pussy Grabber with absolute Power? Wanting to tear apart US Libel Laws to intimidate the press, cutting the press off, thoughts of eliminating Press Briefings,  and forbidding coverage of Presidential Meetings inside the White House with Russian Ministers and Ambassadors...who are usually not supposed to be there, cause they're also infamously, Foreign Intelligence Officers!   

Lesson One in "Politics 101 for Dummies"; It's not nice or politically wise to ever alienate your own Press, not when they can come back to haunt you some day with a swift kick of criminal exposure on your Prussian-Scottish arse! Oh, Donny!...Karma sure is a  Bitch!
So! A White House meeting between Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, every Trump Administrators' best friend, the widely popular Russian Ambassador Sergei Kyslyak, and King Donald excluded the American Press...but the Orange Puppet, invited the Russian Press to join in the talks! Only hours after firing Jim Comey for investigating Him and Putin!
WTF?? What an insulting slap in the Face to all Americans by Donald Trump!! A President who favors America's longtime natural enemy, its Leader, and its 'State' Press, over his own Country?...anyway you cut it...Trump's a F**cking Traitor!!
And what did Trump and McMaster show the Russians? Deeply word coded, "Classified" intelligence information to the Russians at the Oval Office. Official WH horseshit tale? First Trump & McMaster denied it, then a couple of days later, they both admitted it. Interesting! Then, you wonder why the American Press was kept out?!?!
McMaster says it was perfectly correct to show the Russians the info. NO!!!! you don't show your longtime adversary or anyone else, the United States' most deeply held Secret Intelligence Information...it's called TREASON!...Julius & Ethel Rosenberg were guilty cause they sold Secrets. Trump & McMasters...they sold an entire Nation out! And despicable sold out the "Source of the Info", and the town where his cover is deeply infiltrated!! No lethal injection for the Trumpster...a "Gold" Electric Chair, with the ghosts of Julius and Ethel witnessing the end of a True Traitor!  

Of course, next step for the Glory of Fascism is canceling Free Elections...it's hard to have Free Elections when everyone hates your guts! And now he's trying to convince his Kool-Aid Minions that Elections cause wide-spread fraud and crime...so it would be better just to eliminate them, altogether! And if that doesn't work? Burn the Americans' "Reichstag"...'that' psychology worked for Germany!
How ironic that comedians all joked about 2016 being "Our Last Election" and the end of Democracy!
Trumpism's continuous public attacks on Judges who don't agree with his views? Yes! they too are very seriously real! And his ideas of reforming the Judicial System to conform to and execute the Trumpster's Policies and Orders...or else? Echoes of those days, 1945-1949 Nuremberg, and its hangings!...especially the Judiciary ones. 

The Trumpster's lack of humor and his disdain for Comics...cause they hurt the poor baby's little feelings is more than obvious. Prosecute Comedians? For exercising their constitutional right of Free Speech & Expression to critically make lewd jokes?...while hypocritically making his own embarrassing, and now historically lewd comments all his life, along with all his despicable actions to probably everyone in this Country, and don't forget his disrespectful manners towards Vets...and really...towards everyone else! And never ever! forget his repulsive acts of mocking disabled people!
The problem? This thin-skinned narcissist is a 70yrs. old spoiled cry baby, who has temper tantrums if anyone, ever dares to make fun of him or criticize him!      
Donny! Donny! Donny! Hey, listen bubeleh! Grow up, learn a little, put up with it, shut up, and just live Life before your Blood Pressure kills ya!...you sure do like sh*t! Listen, Don! Don't tell anyone...being criticized by the entire world, goes with the job!...it's that part of politics where a man's real character shows who's a real leader, and who's just a real wannabee! So, you wanted to be President??...surprise!!!

And the Republican Party? An absolutely successful Castration procedure by Trump and his Goons...almost unanimously partisan, they all march to beat of Trumpism with the complete lack of "Cojones" to stand, pull up their pants, zip them, and tell Trump their bromance is over...and it's time recover their Party and the dignity of their Souls!
Every single one of these spineless cowards, refuse to attend their respective community's continually angrier and rowdier Town Hall Meetings, cause they're screwing America for the Big Money, behind Door number 4!...and not a single one, is Macho enough to tell it to their faces!! Like their Grand Supreme Coward...sink America 1st and grab what you can, before you're out too!
Big Shame! on the American Public to permit all of this! These "Civil Servants" are all degenerates that know exactly what would happen if that Air of Authoritarian Living settles down over this Nation...yet, they don't give a f**k!

Trump, Russia, Flynn, & Cover-ups
"You can’t put in the fix by removing somebody"! John Dean knows a little bit about Scandals, Cover-ups, and Prison...18 months' worth! Take his word, America...he knows better about Presidential Politics and the Law than most other people around;
“The firing raised so many questions. How can you conclude anything but that Trump knows he’s got problems? … Every move they make keeps signaling ‘coverup’...if they think they can influence the Russian investigation by removing Comey, they are naïve. I learned from my own experience that you can’t put in the fix by removing somebody.”

A Trump/Russia Investigation that every time someone opens his or her mouth, another Trump associate is connected to this whole mess. It's amazing how popular the Russian Ambassador is!...and how many people connected with The Family Trump, the Trump Corp, the Trump Campaign, the Trump Administration and all its Cabinet, Trump Business Associates, and even personal friends, knows this guy! Coincidence?
Coincidences? when it's not just the Ambassador, but Russian Mobsters, Russian Bankers, Russian Business Developers, other assorted Ministers and other Russian Government Officials...including their ever present Russian "Attaches" (AKA) - Intel Agents. Every one of these Russians has had more than a casual personal contact or connections with about almost everyone ever connected to Donald Trump!...in one way or another! That's one giant "Awesome" load of trash to convict for Treason!

So many Treasonous Acts by so many Trumpsters...using a new Scandal to Cover-up an older one, is just not going to work...it'll just be another addendum to the heap of insane actions. So, it all goes back to the Trump/Russian Investigation!...and you got to start with the star attraction...Michael Flynn, and his refusal to talk or deliver his documents unless he gets a plea bargain. No problem, Mike! A Congressional subpoena for the Documents has been issued, and another one for you to testify! This tale of unraveling events is becoming quite interesting...add James Comey into this mix and expect fireworks!  He's testifying again, and this time in "Closed Hearing"...certainly, classified info is going to be passed around! Sooner or later, the scandal is going to erupt like a Volcano and burn a lot of Republicans...even more, than it already has...in Capital Hill! Comey? he's demanding one final Testimony...in Public, in front of the Senate Committee.

In today's world, people don't need to read much to see what is happening, nothing is truer than natural human emotions...and body language doesn't lie! TV screens don’t lie!! The Truth is right in front of you, and you just can't hide from it, anymore!!
All of Trump's own Conflicts of Interests are a mere speck, compared to this Criminal Act of Conflict of Interest: A President under criminal investigation, firing the Man who is Investigating him and the Russians? Then a Criminal Act of Treason...inviting the Russian Officials to the WH, kicking the American Press out, and showing the Russkies ultra-sensitive Classified Info???
No imbecilic horseshit tale of how Comey hurt his poor friend, Crooked Hillary, with that fake email scandal...days before the Election, and no tales of how Legal is the treasonous act of showing Highly Sensitive US Intelligence to a Foreign Government that's not even one of our Allies!...but, our Adversaries!!!

You can't hide the cover-up of Russian assistance and interference in his narrow win, anymore! Confirmed evidence suggests the Russian Government 'was' actively involved in helping Trump by a massive systematic plan of discrediting Clinton, and other types of hackings directly affecting the Election...also, the amount of Rouble Invested on their Puppet, circulated via Slush Funds and the final Money Laundering involving Trump, Russian Bankers, Putin, and Deutsche Bank in Germany!
And, are still actively Involved in destabilizing our American Democracy, throughout the Country!

Changing his own story from Sessions' Recommendation...which would be considered a criminal act for violating his recusal...to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's Advice to fire Comey. Now, that Rosenstein threatened to resign if accused of that Lie, Trump recanted that tale and changed his story all together...again!
Now? he was going to eventually fire Comey, regardless of anyone's recommendation!...really?
Strong Warnings from Barack Obama, when Obama and Trump met at the White House following the Elections. And from Sally Yates, when she brought him all her evidence to the White House...18 days before Trump fired Flynn.

Donald Trump has in his own ingenious way, managed to trap himself in a web where there's really no way out! What you see is a man desperately trying to hide his actions, his connections, and his timeline, from being exposed for being the person America and the rest of the World already know he really is; A little man-child who's Vladimir Putin's Puppet! 
"You can’t put in the fix by removing somebody"! The Trumpster's fatal flaw?...firing people right and left like the Apprentice, all to cover up his lifelong unbelievable knack for corruption! Stupid is as Stupid Does...and the more he screws up, the louder the call for a treasonous Cover-up!
But in the end, it all comes down to the Prosecution and Impeachment processes. If the GOP and the DOJ get their way, and cowardly let it all just fade away? Then, my friends...it's time to learn the virtues of Fascism and White Nationalism...and seriously become informed of its consequences! 

Dear America! Avoid that "Fabulously Awesome" Kool-Aid, our President and his "Beer Hall Putsch" pals are feverishly trying to push the public to swallow!...keep away from the Trump horseshit and its addiction to that Taste of Ignorance! But most important of all...really! more important than anything else!...please! stay away from their revolting and sick Prussian Nazi world of"Schadenfreude"!!
Schadenfreude; "The Pleasure or Self-satisfaction derived from the misfortunes or failures of others", and "Delighting in other people's Misfortunes", is costing this Nation irreparable damage of disrespect from the World, that will not be repaired till way after we're all gone from this Earth...yet, not too many in this Country ever think about it and/or its implications!

Americans! We're precisely at the Pinnacle of the darkest moment in the 241 years of our extremely fragile Democracy! Resist and Never Surrender to Trumpism's wave of ignorance!...or accept living an Authoritarian Lifestyle!

Just remember! We, the People are stronger than any major Autocrat or two-bit Dictator could ever be! if this Nation turns towards Fascism, it's because 'we' allowed it to happen! The fate of this shallow little worm, but, way much more important...the fate of our Nation...is in our hands!!

Comey, Russia and a 'smoking gun': a roundup of Trump's current woes | US news | The Guardian

May 6, 2017

The Indiscreet Essence of Indifference & Immorality

By RF Schatten

Oh! the Glory Days of American Oligarchy!...how long will this Cocktail Party continue to last? It can end with the next "Scandal", or it can last Forever!...again, it all comes down to one incredibly simple thing; how much do We, the People are willing to put up with before we say...You're Fired?!?!

Passing their phony "Repeal and Replace" Healthcare Bill, wasn't much of a surprise...it saves face for Trump and the Morons behind it, gives Ryan a much needed passing grade from his continuously antsy aficionados, and now shuffle it off to the Senate for the Bill to once again; Die in committee!! As several Senate Republicans already are publicly admitting, it's Dead on Arrival! 

Trump and the GOP control all 3 Branches of Government: Executive, Legislative, and now, Judicial. If bills can't get passed successfully, not just through the House, but also through the Upper House?...Trump can't blame the Dems or his GOP...it's his failures as Leader of his Party! It's his job to use his leadership to get those votes in-line behind the cause!...Republicans still hold Majority, don't they? So, how hard can it be??

It's amazing to see the openly rampant corruption, extortion, and graft at the highest level of Government...at least, never in my lifetime...not in this Country! Looks like a lot of People are not sure what to think either...but, Travel around and you'll find the foreign versions of Trumpism! It's Kleptocracy at its zenith!...and it's always! always! accompanied by Decadence! down to its filthiest lowest level, possible! Yes! it's no surprise our President is; "President Pussy Grabber".

A man of such high degenerate moral value, selling our Nation away...at wholesale! Giving away our Healthcare? who needs it? He's fully Insured, his family, and so are his cronies, and especially Congress...at taxpayers' expense! That's all they really care for...screw the public, cause all the Gold at Ft. Knox, is never going to be enough!
Our Environment? The deregulation of the polluted infestations of our Cities, in our "toxic Water", and the imminent destruction of our land as it now exists...as well as our whole Planet! Trump & Associates can see it all rot and burn, from high atop Trump's Golden Tower, while drinking clean "Nestle" Water!
Our Education? For those "fortunate enough"!...the rest of America's kids? you're on your own! The least Education the better! cause Heir Führer loves those Uneducated & Undereducated People!...ignorance is outrageously bliss in Trumpworld!
Do I need to go on? It's no secret around the world, except probably here in America!...the American people are getting screwed over by a whole pile of ignorance, played out by an incompetent illegitimate President!

For Donald Trump, is all about the $$$...the more the better, and absolutely nothing else...Grant each Cabinet Billionaire's dream Wish to tear down their respective Depts ...for the Right Price, naturally! Chiching!!
Donald Trump is "palm-greasing" so much dirty money, sooner rather than later, it's going to have to be laundered, fast! And now, that yet 'another' scandal is brewing?...this time involving; Trump, Russia, Deutsche Bank, and lots of Money-Laundering! Unbelievable! Why can't this man just ever keep his 'Little Hands' clean and away from scandals?

Besides Donald Trump's indifference and open disregard for Human Rights...why is the GOP so indifferent about the poor, about the sick, about the old, and about the handicapped? Can someone tell me? And what's the excuse for the indifference, the disrespect, and the poor treatment towards Veterans?
Why do they want to stop funding "Meals-on-Wheels"?  Don't they care about Senior Citizens or the Handicapped going hungry? And why do they want to stop School Breakfast & Lunch Programs that feed over 30 Million poor disadvantaged kids, daily? All the Filth and Immorality of cutting off Nutritional Programs for Kids!! Disgusting, just Disgusting!! 

The most repulsive, obscene, deeply immoral, and WTF moment type of answer?? Why are those cuts needed? according to WH Budget Director Mick Mulvaney; "They're not turning a profit"! What? What?? Yes, folks! it's that moment...WTF?!?!
WOW! American Oligarchy's Bromance with Life under Trumpism!...We, the People are now just a Commodity to our Government! How marvelously Fascist! 

24 Million off the rolls immediately, and all the multi-millions with pre-existing conditions?...next in line, take a number! As a GOP congressman said; "If you can't afford it here...move to another State that'll help you"! In any other words?...go f**k yourself! Die, or move somewhere else!
So the Trump Administration looks to its Citizenry as Monetary Commodities, while exhibiting a notable lack of empathy, compassion, and respect, on the least fortunate in our society...there's nothing Noble, Decent or Honorable about this disrespectful 70 yrs. old spoiled rich baby!

Seriously, from someone whose been on both sides of the Healthcare issue...as Practitioner, and as Patient...it's alarming to see the disgraceful attitude and disrespect from Republican lawmakers towards Healthcare and its Hippocratic Oath. The excuse for cutting medical costs, fair pharmaceutical costs, cutting nursing staffs...all the same GOP horseshit excuses again and again!...always, to divert funds away from those who need them, to those who have too much, but it's never enough.

Republicans and their messiah, Orange Julius, need to spend a few days in a hospital...see and experience the non-fiction world they Legislate...but, stay away blind from its reality.  See the tragedies, the heartaches, cry and talk with the families whose Son, Daughter, Mom, or Dad is in critical condition, but with the lack of finances is doomed to die! Face that Family, Mr. Senator! or Mr. Congressmen! Face that Family, look at them straight in the eyes and tell them they don't need Health Coverage! cause it's not cost-effective and it's not turning a profit!  And it's better for them, just to let their loved ones die!
Just remember Mr. Trump, even 'you' will someday be a GOMER!...with your love for Healthcare? that'll probably be your Karma! Hospitals love Gomers!...they'll love you!
The problem? Donald Trump and the GOP are spineless cowards who habitually lie to cover their overwhelming deficiencies as Honorable and Respectable Businessmen and Politicos.
Congratulating themselves with an after-vote Beer fest?!?! Congratulating themselves for kicking 24 Million people off their Healthcare coverage? 24 Million People left to die!! And the Millions more with Pre-existing conditions? F**k you and Die, too!!

America!! Wake up! and smell the coffee! our enemy is not half-way around the world!...our enemies are sitting in Washington DC, and 'you' put them there! Indecent and Immoral Degenerates that call themselves Republicans! Compassionless American traitors who will stoop to the lowest gutter and sell their Country away to Russian Oligarchs, as long they can screw their fellow Americans of every dollar and every penny they have, first!

Why don't they give a damn? It's not them or their children that are affected...they got the best available Medicine at their disposal, without ever paying a dime!...We, the people are just too stupid! and remain stupid by paying for their Healthcare!
Irony or Stupidity? We pay, out of our own hard earned money in taxes, for our politicians' "Top of the Line" Healthcare Insurance Packages, while we can't even afford to have our own???...sorry! but there's something wrong with 'that' picture!

And when all is said and done; 24 Million, plus the Millions more with Pre-existing conditions are going to be screwed over through political Graft by a compassionless degenerate, who calls himself a President...which, in return for Politically Prostituting himself, for the Right Price...turned those Millions off the rolls into a massive $600+ Billion Dollar Tax Cut, exclusively for the Richest 1% in America!!!

The Pathetic lows the GOP has traveled in recent years...the exploitation of those educationally vulnerable, and the coming of their
"Superstar", their perfect Snake Oil Salesman. A marriage made where all the participants will someday meet again...in Hell!

Karma Sucks! Especially for Trump's hardcore of fanatic fools!...they fought and yelled at the GOP to repeal a Black Man's Legacy!
Ahhyup! In typical moronic Trump fashion; They cheered the GOP for ending Healthcare...and thus, also taking away their own Coverage!! Yes! these morons, actually Celebrated their own Loss of Coverage! 
Well, I guess in Trumpworld...until America becomes Great Again?...our Country's Motto will remain; "Stupid Is As Stupid Does"!! 

History Will Remember These 217 House Republicans for Their Inhumanity | The Nation

Apr 23, 2017

Trump & Nepotism...keeping it all in the Family

By RF Schatten

"Society is composed of Two Great Classes…those who have more Dinners than Appetite, and those who have more Appetite than Dinners" ~~~ Nicolas Chamfort

We're Living in a Society where Class disparity has widened considerably, slowly ridding the Middle Class' existence, and opening the wide Gap between the elite 1% of our population and the rest 99% of this Nation. The biggest gap ever! And now, a Political Party with an Administration that's literally in every way, shape, or form…is seriously robbing the Poor, completely blind...and giving it all to the Rich!!

Look at his "Awesome" Trumpcare!...cuts 24 million people from their Healthcare Benefits and divvy - up the $$$ into massive Tax Cuts for Billionaires, afterward.      
To no one's surprise, this repulsive group of greedy old bastards' most orgasmic thrill? Better than sex! The dream of "Laissez-Faire" style Economics in the Trump Administration…as "Regulation" free, and as "Tax" free...as possible!

And while people, like Trump's Billionaire Cabinet Club, rips off all the constituents of their respective Departments, of everything they can possibly take…the Family Trump in its entirety continues on its merry way…overindulging themselves in all the riches and advantages the position of President can bring…and all, 100% at Taxpayers' expense!!

Third World Dictatorships, Major Authoritarian Regimes...and now, a Democratic Government...are run as Kleptocracies with an abundant use of Nepotism and Cronyism. It's plain old fashioned open corruption!
Most of the Country keeps saying; "How can all this go on, and nobody's doing anything about it"?...are we all caught, trapped in the Batshit mind of Trumpism?...trying to determine what's Fake and what's Real? what're the Facts and what's the Alternative Facts? For those with even a minimal of Education...It only takes common sense!

Living the "Life of Riley" for their entire lives…and now, able to do it without spending a single dime? Legally?!?!
Do they really care on the example their pompous lifestyle promotes?...why would they? They really don't know any better!…just look at them, it's in their DNA. Looking down from their "Golden" Penthouse, high atop Trump Tower, people look small and faceless…which allows for the natural Trump Indifference and Ignorance to nourish and shine!

How the Trumps are Sucking out our Taxes:
Living in the White House would the logical thing to do…in the case of Melania Trump, the "official" First Lady…you can't blame her to prefer to live in all her splendour with all her Diamonds & Pearls, way up in her Manhattan Tower with her 'own' son, than to come down and move into the White House with her pussy grabbing, "marital rape is not a crime" type of husband!

The taxpayers' cost to keep her safe at Trump Towers? $1,000,000.00 million dollars per day!...naturally, it's expected we all forego such trivial things such as Food for the Sick and the Elderly, and School Lunches for Kids less fortunate…we can forego little things like that, so Our First Lady can eat Gourmet and do anything and go anywhere that tickles her fancy.
Weekend Trips to Florida at his Mar-A-Lago Estate runs at $3 million a pop…the trip to Aspen for the entire clan? $3 million more. Plus $12,208.25 on rental ski equipment and clothing at the Aspen Valley Ski and Snowboard Club…for the Secret Service!!

And don't forget all those Golf Trips? Poor baby boy! He has to relieve all that stress of doing absolutely nothing, but sign Executive Orders! Yes, Mel Brooks had it right! Trump's so much more the épitomé of a horny Governor William J LePetomane...you know?!?! "Just sign it! Take the pen and think of your Girlfriend!...Work! Work! Work!...Hello, Boys! had a good night's rest? I missed you!!"
Ahhyup! that's the Trumpster, all right!

Estimated costs counting future trips…Domestic and Foreign…and both Public and Private? Over $1 Billion Dollars…give or take a few Million…for 1 year!!! Hopefully, for the Taxpayers' pocketbooks, his Presidency won't last too many years.
And how about the White House? Trump's lawyer?…$2-3.4 Million/year! Kellyanne Conway? $800,000!! And We, the Suckers...and our Taxes...are paying for this total idiot's Salary?!?! Please, where can I go and get a Civil Service Job for $800K??
We are paying for 100 Secret Service Agents…more than any President in History! And with a daughter and Son-in-Law that now has Top Security Clearances?
That's more Agents and a larger cost…all to keep a 35-year-old socialite princess from becoming the 2nd Trump to get compromised by Russia, just like they did with her notoriously stupid father.

And then, there's the cost and expenses to fly the Trump Boys around the world, all so they can continue making their own financial deals for the Trump Organization. And Jared Kushner? Dealing in "personal" financial interests, while officially representing the United States Government?
A little "Conflict of Interest" here and there? They don't care!...they'll continue doing it, because the American People in a whole, appears not to really care what the hell they do!
Not, until America gets fed-up, and realizes We, the Taxpayers are helping these schmucks screw us while making $Millions$...meanwhile We, the People starve, get sick, go homeless, and lose our jobs, all, because of Trump's Draconian Policies!! 

So why? why?? does Donald and Melania Trump remind so many people of the pompous era of Ruling Class France? And the excess of overflowing riches…along with all the Champagne and Caviar abled to be consumed by Louis and Marie…while an entire Country lay starving!
There's only so much any population will ever put up with, including this Nation…Louis and Marie would have been better off if they would've eaten some of that great "Cake" she recommended so much, and maybe try to understand the plight of a Nation.
They didn't…and knowing Donald and Melania, they won't either. Hopefully, they won't meet the same fate!  

Nepotism in the Trump White House? As Eric Trump boasted; "Nepotism is kind of a factor in the Trump Family Life, and I've never let my Dad down"! Having his politically inexperienced, slimy Kids with more than enough Legal Court experience, a la Dad, put their 2 cents worth on WH matters? The Donald did not choose too wisely!…but, Trump is infamous for Family First, Family Second, Family Third… and the rest of America? and all his creditors? Dead Last!!

Eric, Don Jr, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared are all a younger versions of Le Grande Orange…the fact: Donald Trump is a disgusting and deplorable degenerate of a human being with no shame or moral values whatsoever, and who could care less about his own Country, and care more about his own greed and ambitions of Wealth and Power! The kids? From the same greedy and slimy Trump mold...especially Eric. Jared? That's a whole other story.

It's not hard to see why it's not so secret anymore! With the Kids openly talking about the White House, that the "Real" 1st priority as President, is Trump's personal business (Trump Corp), "Maximizing the 'Profitability' of the Trump Brand"…and not the Country whom he insists; "Elected me by a Landslide".
For the Family Trump, the more the better!…and the Kids are all following in the footsteps of the Trump Immorality! A Haut Monde family living out their phony lives, like Dad, in their own little world…overlooking Gotham from their own little towers.

Conservative Christian America likes to use the parables of Jesus on the Mount…the "Shining City upon a Hill"…to them, it represents a manifestation of what they want America to be and look like. To them, that "Shining City" is true "American Exceptionalism"…in its ugliest form.

Well, it's reality time!…that "City upon a Hill" has become a vast Metropolis, a hodge-podge of a Multi-Cultural, Multi-Ethnic, and a Multi-Religious Society. And it's not too "Shiny", anymore!…if anyone, especially on the Right Side of the Aisle wants to regress to the security of yesteryear? Sorry! but yesteryear is dead and buried…Bye! Bye! So long! and a good riddance Farewell!...cause yesterday will never return!
You 'will' progress and evolve, whether you want to or not…along with everyone else! So, just live with it!

For the Trump clan? The Nepotism, the open corruption, the graft, and extortion he and his family undertakes worldwide, with an occasional joint venture by his Cabinet Club, like the "Exxon/Russia" Megadeal which Tillerson applied for a waiver from the Sanctions. Waivers, that now appears is not going to come. In the end, it'll always come down to a Trump's only interest;  "Maximizing the 'Profitability' of the Trump Brand".

Being continually exposed in front of the world as a Politician, it's more than a little embarrassing to America!!...exposing the true character of the man? He's a downright insult to America, and an insult to all the good things We, the People have accomplished through the years while becoming the envy of the World.

You don't have to be rich to have "Class"...and for the Trump Clan? About the only "Class" they do have is their Financial Classification Status. Their personal Moral Character? They're all just Rich Trash!! 

American royals: The dangerous rise of the Trump monarchy - Salon.com

Apr 10, 2017

The "Con" gets conned: Sucked into a Syrian Quagmire

By RF Schatten

"To Believe or Not to Believe in the Age of Trumpism", has become a major topic of Chit Chat everywhere you turn. And now, an attack by 59 Tomahawk Missiles on an empty Warehouse?

Let's put this current Middle East Crisis in some sort of perspective.
1) We have been militarily funding the Syrian Rebels in its Revolution against Bashar Al-Assad's Government.
2) Russia supports Al-Assad with a Military fully armed to the teeth, with the latest equipment and technology, plus Russian Air Power for support.
3} The US is fighting ISIS, and Russia is "technically" fighting ISIS, too…but, not really!…they'll protect Assad, 1st and foremost.

So, the Scenario: We have Syrian Rebels getting bombed by Russia Airstrikes, that are killing Rebel Soldiers and Civilians…including the Women and Children banned from entering the Unites States!
Meanwhile, Assad decides to Gas some towns that are Rebel strongholds, including more Women and Children that might have been alive today, if allowed to enter as Syrian Refugees.

Why would the US Navy fire 59 sophisticated Tomahawk Missiles on 1 target?...and an empty target, at that?!?! There's enough accurate intelligence reports to hit the right Target…and still, they hit an empty building? Only if ordered.

The New York Con Artist Extraordinaire has become the "Mark" by a much better cold-blooded Con named Vlad…and in perfect view for the rest of the world to see. While at the same time, he's purposely adding tension between the US and Russia. Testing the Trumpster?

How do Secret Foreign Affairs become very Public? Just have the Trumpster involved!

The Trump/Putin phone call, warning about the eminent Missile Attack and its target, was the proper protocol, considering Russia has personnel on the ground. The fact Russia is Syria's key ally doesn't help matters, and whether it was Intended or not… it gave the Syrians more than enough time to move whatever they wanted out. There were even eyewitness reports to the moving of equipment and crates out of the building!
The chemicals for Gas Warfare? Not there! Some, question whether it was Assad or Putin, who actually Gassed the population?...they'll both lie and cover for each other, anyway!

The response for the Attack was correct: a Statement, condemning the use of Gas or Germ Warfare…and, it should stop right there!! Except, were speaking about Donald Trump, his love for the Ultimate Limelight, and the Money! Money! Money! from the Military Industrial Complex.
Cashed in big time on his Raytheon Stock with those Tomahawk Missiles. Estimated cost? at $1.4 Million per big pop?…no wonder he fired so many of them!

How does everything this President does, turn into a nightmarish series of scandals or inept strategies and actions??
The Gas attack and Nikki Haley showing Pictures of the dead children at the United Nations was Trump's Bush9/11moment…the Missile Attack? Like George's 9/11 defiant pose on top of the Rubble, all for the mere interest of the Polls, and maybe a Photo-op. And like Dubya, they'll drop again!

Was it a "Wag the Dog" stunt? The Syrians were expecting it!…when the Missiles were fired, the Syrians' sophisticated Air Defense with its Russian Anti-Aircraft Systems, plus the S-300 and the "State of the Art" S-400 Anti-Missile Systems did not respond! Allowing those Tomahawks to enter Syrian Airspace, and tracking them till they hit its target...an empty building!!

And not bombing the runways? It's the standard 'universal protocol' in Air Warfare…bomb the Airfields 1st to minimize your enemy's response! The Pentagon knew that…but did Trump care to use Military Intelligence or professional advice? Too much Information for his tiny mind!
Not bombing the runways because they can be easily repaired?? More Trump horseshit!...like always. Those runways are not to be touched, cause the Russians use it for their planes.

The Attack? It was a Political stunt to give himself a boost and a jump up in the Polls! But a very dangerous Part #2 of this Tale, now follows, and what emerges may easily cause what the world kept warning the US about. Yes! Get the hell out of the Middle East!…now, the inexperienced and totally inept Donald Trump is being pushed directly by Putin on one side, by Bibi Netanyahu on another, Turkey's Erdogan sticking his 2 cents in and urging Trump to bring in ground troops!…and the GOP? Well, for them it's fantastic! Let all those Military Lobby "Commissions" roll in!!
The Missile Strike "wasn’t intended to 'damage' Assad", Tillerson said, "because the Trump Administration is actually 'working with Assad' to defeat ISIS"!...WTF?!?!

It was all a Charade? Using innocent victims such as these poor little kids, as pawns to advance his own agenda? Yes! "Deplorable" is too kind of a word for this "little" man.
Working with Al-Assad?? Trump is definitely Putin's "Mark"! As Americans watch him get sucked into the Syrian conflict, even deeper…our Nation is being insulted by our own Leader, and embarrassed in front of the whole world!
Oh! BTW, remember the Trump/Russia Scandal? How can you forget so soon? How a convenient and relatively harmless Airstrike, keeps the Putin/Trump Collusion Show off the scandal sheets for at least few days! Ironic? Don't think so!

In Syria, The First Step Down A Dangerous Road

Mar 23, 2017

The Embarrassments of Amateur Statesmanship

 RF Schatten

"For Diplomacy to be effective, words must be credible…and no one can doubt the word of America" ~~~ George W. Bush

You're right, George! No one would've doubted the Word of America!...but, in the age of Trumpism? Our International Credibility is at an all-time Low…like, as in…Zero?!?!

Donald Trump has been a pathological Liar all his life…. It's not new! The entire world knows the true character of this scumbag, Snake Oil Salesman…from Banks around the World, where he cumulatively owes them, literally, in the $Billions$…to the host of creditors (3,500+ and counting) suing the Trumpster for lack of payment, among other things.
The incredible horseshit that flows out of this man's mouth is not even credible with the majority of his own aficionados!...only his hardcore of rabid fanatics, afflicted by a very serious case of terminal stupidity…eats up all his shit!

At a time of crisis, when the words of the President of the United States…in front of the entire world…means more than just a Twitter Rant. When our President has to address our Country or even the World on serious and grave matters…he must be believed!! 
But, how can someone believe a man, who's known to continuously lie between every other breath he ever takes? A man whose White House Policies actively promotes the use of Rumors, Misinformation, Fabricated Stories, "Alternative Facts", Assumptions, and plain blatant Lies…malicious Lies!

And considering his association with the likes of Roger Stone, Kelly Anne Conway, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and Master Vlad?...who can believe what Donald Trump ever says??
Not truly able to believe our own President during a World Crisis makes for an extremely dangerous time for this Nation...It makes our Country as vulnerable as it has ever been!

"Emotion is always the enemy of wise Statesmanship" ~~~ Stephen Kinzer

A President with a terrible neurotic behavior, as unprofessional, as psychologically volatile and educationally unfit, as the Orange Führer, is…an Amateur, playing in his own little world of Alternative Reality, but, with a dangerous terrifying agenda!…now is dealing in the real world of Statesmanship and Diplomacy, dealing with Real Players, the Real Pros on the World's Political Stage! 
Now, knowing the shallow transparent character of our President?… how much could you really trust Donald Trump? A sad commentary, but true.

You can forget about the well-being of good Public Relations in this Trump Administration. Their Foreign Policy is not about winning the Hearts and Minds of anyone!…the incredible disrespect for another Sovereign Nation, continues. Now, another ally, Germany! The Rudeness and Disrespectful manners by Trump towards Chancellor Angela Merkel, just shows how Amateurish this US Presidency is under Trump! Hey! what do you really expect? He's a man with absolutely no character whatsoever, and definitely no class!

He's an insult to America, and everything it stands for! And such an embarrassment in front of the World, whenever this Clown opens his mouth and pretends to speak!

Diplomacy and Statesmanship are quickly vanishing in the era of Trumpism!…besides, with the cutbacks on State Dept. Personnel, which will place the Embassies at half-staff?…our diplomatic efforts and communication within the Embassies around the world, will be so incapacitated that it can easily become the makings for another extremely dangerous International situation!...yes! They're the same gang of terminally stupid humanoids that complained about Benghazi and its "Lack of Security"! 

There's a good reason why British Parliament wants to "Ban" Trump from entering the country. It’s pretty bad when the President of the United States is banned from entering England…"Official Business" or Not...and Scotland is not too fond of Trump, either. Whether a Legitimate or Illegitimate President, we're all stuck with this douchebag, together!…together till We, the People decides when enough is enough and get rid of the Orange Glow that's making people dumb and dumber, as the days go by!

If the first 60 days, is an example of the next 4 years?!?! Donald J Trump has not shown any sort of Leadership skills, whatsoever in Foreign Policy! His Rudeness and Disrespect towards Leaders of other Nations…and the indifference by which he treats them all. All the traits of your quintessential Psychopath?...yes! There's no such thing as Statesmanship from this lowly Amateur!

Will he Apologize to Barack Obama? To the British Government? To Germany? To Sweden? How about Australia? And you know, he could care less about Mexico! 
The "Macho Bully" inside this creature never, ever Apologizes to anyone in his life! Yet the "Spineless Coward" inside whatever soul remains, is an Apologist extraordinaire for Russia, Russian Intelligence, and Vladimir Putin!...while attacking the integrity of our own American Intelligence Community! Umm!...there's certainly something wrong with that picture.

It really all comes down to; If there's an impending World Crisis…first, how can you believe whatever this Puppet says? Second, and much more important…how much can you really Trust Donald Trump with your life?

Trump Is Waging War on Diplomacy Itself | Alternet