Apr 29, 2015

Ignorant Minds want to know...after same-sex marriage, what's next?

By RF Schatten

After you lose all your arguments; Same-Sex Marriage is generally accepted by the general public, polls all favor the rights of same-sex marriage, 37 States recognize the union of that marriage. And courts throughout the country are upholding the Laws...if you have absolutely nothing left as a so-called journalist?...turn towards your FoxNews minions and schlep that horseshit of ignorant thoughts.

They always buy it; hook, line, and sinker! "After Same-Sex Marriage comes Legalized Group Sex"!! They're going to legalize Incest!!...great sound-bytes to rally up racism and bigotry in the name of religious ignorance.

What causes problems likes this?...look at Baltimore, it's ignorance on both sides, the inability of a community to communicate! But what really caused the inability to communicate? and it's going on every day throughout the country!...when there's tension, bad cops feel invincible and good ones feel stuck, caught up in all the turmoil.

What's the Root Cause?? The rise of Racism, Bigotry, and sheer Hate of Others, not of the same Faith...since a Black Man became President!! It's all the Evangelical Christian Right! Nothing is right in this world, and unless it's 'their' way in life! They rather not die as Martyrs, like in some other Faiths...but, they'll annoy you till the day 'you' die! They just never shut up!!

Now, you have Same-Sex Marriage! The Supreme Court is making a couple of decisions regarding Marriage Laws in a couple of months, and after the Arguments were made...Roberts' demeanor and the air about him, didn't appear too favorable for Laura. Of course! next you're going to see Legalized Incest!! It's their eventual downfall, their lunacy!...Ted Cruz threatening the Supreme Court by trying to pass Legislation to prohibit the Federal Judiciary from hearing or ruling on Same-Sex Marriage Cases...Steve King, had the same Bill in the House!

And for their true sign of what they truly stand for...stupid batshit lunacy: A Religious Right group known as the Abiding Truth Ministries...on their own...issued 300,000 Restraining Orders against Justices Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Elena Kagan, supposedly prohibiting them from hearing or ruling on the Gay Marriage case of Obergefell v. Hodges.

How many times does it take someone to be slapped in the back of the head before someone gets tired, and knocks your brains off? "Religion" and "State" are "Separate"!!

Who the hell are you, to tell me how I should live in front or behind closed doors? We all know about it, and the majority of the country understands and approves Same-Sex Marriage!  Do you want to pretend the world is coming to an end, because of Gays? or Immigrants? or because of other Religions? Then go back to your caves and live in your own self-made fears, while the rest of the Nation continues to evolve and advance forward as a modern civilization!

Reality sucks! but as a Civilized Nation, we need to comport ourselves a little more Civil...it was Civility what got us out of those Caves, and into the Light!

I really do enjoy living in a world where all my choices are my own, and no one can tell me how to live me life...in a world where I can enjoy the luxury of modern-day technology, that allows me to criticize those who deny these technologies exists and highly anticipate when they call back and still deny it! What a world! But what I enjoy the most, is watching these Foolish zealots clash with the Pope and the Bible!

Yes! I believe God meant for Francis to be his Messenger on Earth...times like this? Time to listen a little!! And with Pope Frank? the Religious Right has a formidable undefeated heavyweight opponent!

Laura Ingraham: After same-sex marriage comes legalized polyamory, incest - Salon.com

Apr 27, 2015

The Death Penalty?... or a long wait for those 72 Virgins?

By RF Schatten

Death Penalty for a Muslim Terrorist? Dying for Islam means 72 Virgins awaits each of them in Jannah (Paradise).
To these fanatics, a worst punishment would be to spend the rest of their lives, awaiting those 72 Virgins behind bars...while being the Biotch for 72 guys named Big Bubba!

Why does Massachusetts oppose the Death Penalty so vehemently? Is it the Religious Values in that portion of the country? the Societal Values of New England life?...or in the political connotation by the writer; "A sign of the Bay State's 'Liberal' Values"?

To rest one of those arguments, the dictionary meaning of "Liberal/Liberalism": 1) Free from Prejudice or Bigotry; Tolerant.  2) Freedom of the Individual and Governmental guarantees of Individual Rights and Liberties. 3) Favoring or Permitting Freedom of Action, especially with respect to matters of Personal Belief or Expression. 4) Relating to Representational forms of Government rather than Aristocracies and Monarchies.

Being Tolerant is a Christian Value! In the teachings of Jesus Christ, is said; Unconditional Love; "Love your Enemy, and Pray for those who Persecute You" ...the "Forgiveness of Sins". Being free of Prejudice and Bigotry? the love for your fellow human beings on this earth!...hating Blacks, hating Gays, hating Muslims, and hating Immigrants 'is' Bigotry! And "Bigotry" in the teachings of Jesus Christ...is a Sin!

Love, Feed, Heal, and Forgive your Fellow man are Christian acts of kindness, and if that's 'Liberal'?...then God must be a pretty liberal guy!!

New England has always favored Abolishing Executions, ever since the 1800s...it's in their Culture, their Social Values...maybe it's their Mea Culpa for the sins of Salem?  The State abolished Capital Punishment in 1984, yet, not one solitary person has ever been executed since 1947!

Compared to the 19% who wants the Death Penalty...63% of Bostonians wants Tsarnaev to live in his new home along with his new neighbors, the rest of his life.

Whether is Religion, Society or Politics...it really doesn't matter! It's what matters to Boston! with their Eastern Liberal mindset and common sense awareness of life!

What's worse than death? Do Bostonians really want to see this kid rot in prison?...or, is it just to watch Dzhokhar Tsarnaev be Bubba's BoyToy...and never, ever get to see even one of his 72 Virgins?

Massachusetts Residents Overwhelmingly Oppose the Death Penalty for Boston Bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Apr 26, 2015

Why God tells every Christian Prez.wannabee "You're my Choice!"...God, has a sense of Humor!

By RF Schatten

If 'this' cast of characters are the ones who represents "GOD"...they sure make a very strong case for the virtues of Atheism!!

The marriage made in hell...Evangelical Christians and their agenda of an American Christian Theocracy, and the Republican 1%...with their Oligarchy agenda in a Ruling Class Society. The massive exploitation of ignorance, who usually votes against their own personal interests...in the name of "GOD". One group exploits the Religious Ignorance while the other exploits their Social and Political Ignorance!

"The United States is moving towards 'criminalization' of Christianity” a perfectly absurd remark, but when you have nothing else when you run on? Mike Huckabee, the GOP's  Harold Stassen of his Generation, running and running, and losing!...but always raking in the $$$. This good Christian fellow who loves hanging out with the filth of the music industry...and even gets right down into the rhythm with his bass guitar! His singing? the meanings of those songs truly inspire him! His own band is appropriately entitled "Capitol Offense"! And then, he follows that by showing his hypocrite side; 'Preaching' to his congregation all of God's Moral Values! If Mike Huckabee were elected President, he would also declare himself, Supreme Leader...The Ali Khamenei of Evangelical Christianity!

And these sleazeballs have the fricken gall to criticize Muslims for their theocratic form of Governments? But, to them; It's just Muslims "No" and Christians "Yes"...for these wise people, the Bible is the only book ever written! The Law of the Land, the Law for the entire world...Jews, beware! Muslims, beware! Hindus, beware!...Evangelical America has put all Religions on notice ...it's their Crusade! and you know successful "Crusades" are when you add "Christianity"?!?!

Our next contestant, Bobby Jindal, believes Christians face “Discrimination” unless they’re allowed to discriminate!! This, from a man who openly discriminates against Gays, Education, Healthcare, Immigrants, and the Poor! Screwing the public while making them feel happy about it...because, it's all about GOD! The horseshit that flows out of his mouth is a testament to WC Field's "Never give a sucker an even break".

Then, you have an all-pro at this game, Dan Savage's favorite "Santorum". Yes! Rick Santorum, a Batshit Hall of Famer...and although this character doesn't appear to be running this time around...what would it be without  his infinite words of wisdom? "For the first time ever in U.S. History, Religious Liberty is under assault from a new Secular Theocratic System"  A "Secular Theocratic" system? basically a non-religious, Religious System of Government. A perfect Oxymoron from your perfect Moron!!

And finally you have Ted Cruz...but what can you say about the Next Messiah? The self-proclaimed savior of the Masses. The 'man' said to be anointed by GOD, himself...to slay the Anti-Christ and save the World! And we know this because Raphael Sr. knows GOD. I know GOD, GOD is a good friend of mine! And GOD spoke directly to him...Teddy is my Dragonslayer! he's going to save the world, pops!

None of these people have even a semblance of true Christian Values...they're just, money making degenerates.

My question: If Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal...and Rick the Santorum at one time...all said, they spoke to GOD, and GOD told each one of them to run for President? Who's GOD's pick? either they lied on who's the chosen one...or, it was GOD's strange sense of humor, giving the world, a little needed laughter at the expense of these Clowns?

Anyone who threatens the Supreme Court with retaliation and violence if they don't vote in favor of his or her cause...a dangerous sack of shit with no respect for laws or mankind!

Anyone who believes their Religion is Superior to others is an ignorant fool, it's all about superiority and control, not the virtues of Jesus Christ!  It's about the one common x-factor between Money and Religion...Exclusivity!!

This Week in God, 4.25.15 | MSNBC

Apr 24, 2015

Oklahoma: Where Earthquakes shake 600x the average...Fracking is "OK"!

By RF Schatten

"Is it, as common sense might suggest, the seemingly obvious connection to Fracking, or is the Lord using our great state as a Shake Weight?"  ~~ Jon Stewart

The Oklahoma State's Energy & Environment Cabinet reported an Oklahoma Geological Survey that states; "It's very likely that Oil and Gas waste, Water Disposal Wells have triggered Earthquakes."

The current rate of Earthquakes in the Sooner State is approximately 600 times! the Historical Averages!!  An Earthquake mass occurring over about 15% of the State. The fact that it's happening, where there's  an increase in Wastewater Disposal Wells? You don't have to be a Rocket Scientist to know, it's not GOD!!

Because being stupid, is not enough...following the announcement, the Oklahoma House, in all their Wisdom on the denial of Science...passed 2 Legislative Bills outlawing any or all Fracking Bans in the State. To limit the ability of the communities to decide if they want to allow fracking and drilling nearby!  Power to the People?...hey! Corporations are "People" and they prefer screwing other "People" But, in Oklahoma, that's "OK"!

Now, we can say...it's either these Sooners, are truly in a class of stupidity all of its own? are religiously fanatic science deniers? a little bit of both? or is it the "Don't Give a Shit" crowd and their smell for money? The point is, it doesn't matter...you have these scums of the earth, screwing humanity for their own self-gains! and you have those with no guts to stand up for the common man. A gutless Legislature...but for the State of Oklahoma...apparently, that's "OK"!

It's inconceivable to find out, you're living in a State where the ground under your feet shakes 600x more than the average; you know for a fact that the root cause is Fracking! you know that Water Contamination is spreading throughout our natural resources, and then you pass Legislation, legally allowing Corporations to drill without the consent of the population??...making it illegal for the community to decide what's best for them!! And since it's Law, they can't file a lawsuit against the drillers!

There's something terribly wrong with all this! Knowingly admit Fracking is not Healthy for Children and other Living Things, and then to continue doing it? only this time with the complete control of the Law, on your side? Shades of Koch, who probably have their own stake, on that 15% of the State!

The dangers of the mass destruction of our land, the absolute possibility of a Health epidemic from polluted water, the feed for the animals, and the cross-contamination from animal and human bacteria...does anybody in give a shit?? Apparently, not in Oklahoma. Allowing the endangerment of the population, allowing the endangerment of their own Families? It's absurd! But in the Sooner State, that's "OK"!

Why is it "OK"?
There's only one reason...'you' voted this garbage in!! And every time Oklahoma has a chance to Vote, 'you' continue to bring in religious fanatics, self-deniers, and every amateur batshit screwball to run the business of Government! Does the rest of the country want to live like this?  'This' is good warning to those who still have doubts about respecting our Planet. As for Oklahoma, they slept with the evil ways and they Voted "YEA"...they got to make their own bed!

Meanwhile, those self-deniers can go back to their Caves!! In Oklahoma, that's OK!!

Jon Stewart on Oklahoma earthquakes: Fracking or God’s ‘Shake Weight?’ - The Washington Post

Apr 23, 2015

Education in Bobby Jindal's Louisiana: "How to File Bankruptcy 101"

BY RF Schatten

Only a Degenerate would speak at College Commencements and accept Honorary Degrees...while, blatantly destroys the Educational System in his State.

An ambitious man who wants to be President and turn our Nation's Education, into the model of his Education experiment in the Cajon State.  Passing Laws privatizing Public Education in Louisiana, School Vouchers, shoving Creationist Nonscience into School Curriculums...legally indoctrinating their own Religious beliefs into the school system! How subjects must be taught! Textbooks brought to you directly from the Pensacola-based A Beka Book Curriculum and Bob Jones University Press, to teach their pupils Bible-based "Facts". The Children of Louisiana are so fortunate, they get to learn so much about so little!

The Foundation of every State is the Education of its Youth ~~ Diogenes

Well, the foundation of the State of Louisiana is going to the crapper! How smart are those coming out into the world from Louisiana? The US Chamber of Commerce's 2014 "Leaders and Laggards" List, ranks Louisiana dead last among the 50 States...but, ahead of the District of Columbia! And no progress in the last 7 years. Grades of F in 5 of 11 Categories, Fs in Academic Achievement and Academic Achievement for Low-Income and Minority Students. Official Findings? “Student performance in Louisiana is very weak; the state ranks among the lowest in the nation”. Well? so much, for 'that' "Vouchers helps poor kids go to better schools" horseshit!! Bobby Jindal just proved that his Education Model...Sucks!

Now, to culminate things...Louisiana State University is among 20 State Campuses forced to plan for eventual Bankruptcy, due to Bobby's budget!!...I guess LSU and others refused Jindal's, Bob Jones' textbooks! They're for kids, anyway...you don't indoctrinate someone who's developed the ability to think. Get them while they're young, it's easier to keep stupid!

An Educational System that received a big fat "F" from the conservative US C. of C. and a poorly administrated state government...and he wants to do all this, for the American Public, if elected President?

Piyush Jindal will do whatever it takes to appease the Far Right Christian Evangelicals, using his own good Ivy League education at Brown, and at Oxford...along with his own knowledge of Christianity and Roman Catholicism to exploit the Tea Aficionados. Yes! Jindal belongs in that same category of Rick Santorum and Ted & Daddy Cruz. A very smart man, who learned early in life: There's Big Money in Religion!

Bobby Jindal will never be elected President of the United States. The Elimination of Public Education, School Vouchers, Anti-Healthcare, Anti-Gay, Anti-Women, Anti-Union, Privatizing all Social Programs and favoring the ideas Oligarchy.  Bobby has all the credentials needed to be anointed by the Supreme Brothers Koch, same policies, same dream! As Intelligent, as he's reported to be, all that Religious fervor that keeps him close to Evangelicals, and his Pro-Corporate stance...an Oxford Scholar, very impressive! But, he'll never have the full support of David and Charles.

When push comes to shove, Bobby Jindal will never fit in David and Charles Koch's world of Aristocratic "exclusivity"...White American Aristocracy will not confuse him with an Anglo-Saxon Protestant,  He's just not the right shade of pigment for their indiscrimination! Bobby Jindal, a victim of his own Party's discriminations on Minorities!

20 cash-starved public colleges drafting bankruptcy plans thanks to Bobby Jindal’s budget

Apr 22, 2015

Benghazi II: Keeping a Stunt alive, just to continue hitting you in the face!

By RF Schatten

When you're a Republican and the Polls show your opponent has a double-digit lead over every candidate in your party, what do you do?? In the words of a political debate, from which lessons they never learned ..."Please! Proceed".

When Hillary Clinton's attorney, David Kendall's official response to the Benghazi II political show, was 'Bring It On'...concerns should have clicked in the minds of the all-wise.

The Official Clinton response: "While Secretary Clinton has testified before committees in both the House and the Senate about the tragic events in Benghazi, she has made clear that she will voluntarily testify publicly again before the Select Committee and, at that time, is 'happy to continue' to answer 'any' questions the Select Committee may have about her email use".

Are there any certain concerns about that Letter? Hillary, is "happy to continue to answer any question"? Hillary is even willing!...Please! Proceed Mr. Gowdy!

Giving Hillary Clinton the World Stage for her campaign against them!...she's going to show more than just what she was called to testify about! She 'is' running for the Presidency and a little target shooting at her opponents' expense, is extremely feasible and in full decorum on the Political Stage during Elections...go after them at their work, where prepared speeches are going get trumped by extemporaneous sound-bytes!

Giving the highest rated candidate in the country, center stage...when all the evidence and all the hearings have concluded, it's a dead issue! And you want to give Hillary the "Mic"?? What is considered a Politically Dumb move? Why would so-called "Professional" Politicos, who are beholden to so much money...act so freaking dumb? If You, Me, or Joe Shmoe does this, we would all be fired on the spot!

If you're going to lie, be good at it! The problem with the GOP is their horseshit is so open...they can't hide. Any Republican who calls Benghazi II "serious legislative work"...is either self-denying his own ignorance or enjoys good Political Theater!!

These hearings, at a heavy cost to the Taxpayers, have nothing to do with investigations...it's Campaign Season!! What else do you need to know? John Boehner calling out Obama for covering up?...the conspiracy by Barack and Hillary!! And naturally, he says he'll bring it out throughout the 2016 campaign! Boehner...just another lousy liar, exploiting stupidity! It's all about the Republican Party's futile attempt to knock off Hillary. And if they do? be prepared for a female firestorm called...Hurricane Elizabeth! Either way, in 2016 Republican Misogyny is going down in defeat! A Democratic Woman will be elected President!...it's History's time!

"A two-year investigation into Benghazi by the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee, found that the CIA and the Military acted appropriately and that there was also no wrongdoing by Obama Administration Appointees" That's an Official Report!

We, the Suckers...formally known as People, paid over $14 Million. 'Our' Tax Dollars that Republicans believe should be spent, wisely...are wisely going to pay their cost! And with Benghazi II, the estimate so far is about $1.5 Million...but, it's early folks!...give it time to grow!

6 Investigations, 50 Congressional Hearings, same strategies, more money wasted...and at the end, the exact same results. The only obvious strategy; Stop Hillary Clinton from running for President of the United States, because, internally the GOP knows they have absolutely no one, who can stand up toe to toe with Hillary in Debate Skills, Knowledge, Professional Decorum, or her Clinton Charm!

When your only strength is Fear, and your major weakness is Open Public Lies...the population is going to stop listening to the same horseshit, and vote for the other candidate. It's like smashing someone over the head, to make him understand what you mean...you're not going to make that person understand...you're just going to piss him more!! The Grand Old Party loves pissing the public off!

Hillary Clinton Obliterates The Latest Republican Benghazi Stunt With A Single Letter

Apr 21, 2015

Scott Walker: The Integrity of a Liar...and why the Brothers Koch Love Him!

By RF Schatten

"I've had a high level of Integrity all the way back to my early days as a kid when I earned the rank of Eagle Scout" ~~ Scott Walker
The one person Scott Walker could not ever be confused with...a man of Integrity.

It's precisely his lack of "Integrity" that Scott Walker is a fully paid biotch for Charles and David Koch. Your quintessential "Political Whore"...a degenerate human being, with absolutely no Morals, no Integrity, no Decency, and no Honor!

When you hear the old saying; "The best politician money can buy"...that's Scott Walker! "Corruption" is his Middle Name.

What separates Walker from the rest of the Clown Show, is his open arrogance. An openly corrupt politician and liar...universally recognized by both Republicans and Democrats, as a grande scale "compulsive" Liar! A man who lies when it's politically expedient to Lie, but, this crazy also Lies even when the truth on the subject or issue at hand, firmly it's been established or rebuked...what can we say? the guy likes to lie!...and this goes back as a kid. This boy lies about his own previous lies!...his life has been a mystery, perpetrated by series of lies always culminating with "This never happened".

A man of Integrity? Who cares why he was kicked out from Marquette? A political cheat even back in School Politics...a Dirty Tricks campaigner, his generation's Donald Segretti! Who cares about his Integrity, after dumping his pregnant girlfriend in college? and then lying about his own baby until Paternity Tests made him confirm the truth? Not the most respected man on campus.

The Fact, Marquette University does not welcome him back, and the fact his horseshit story makes absolutely no sense...just adds up to more dishonesty! With all due respect, you don't put in Four grueling years to pick up your degree and leave One Semester short of Graduation because you need a job!...go work at McDonald's!

The easiest mark for those with more a sinister ambition is the easily corruptible politician...enter, Scott Walker!  Hi, Scotty! I'm Charlie, and this is my brother, Dave!

Corruption? not even going there...just too many indictments and investigations with his Administration since he took office! And does he care? he's proud of his indecencies while in office...and always lets you know with a simple half-Peace sign and a loud Bronx Cheer!! A dangerous person is one who doesn't give a shit!

Wisconsin, the great experiment in the John Birch Society's Government Model...Union busting, the elimination of Labor Relations, the elimination of Public Education, the elimination of public health and welfare, and the construction of more Prisons...a big moneymaker for the 'Right' Businessman!...and, the gradual conversion to a Ruling Class Society!

A Man with such a Dishonorable character, and the Brothers Koch...a marriage made in Hell! But, for $900 Million? Scott Walker would do anything, no matter how embarrassing, because to Scott Walker? Frankly, my dear! he doesn't give a damn!

Koch brothers reportedly throw their support behind Gov. Scott Walker in 2016 GOP field

Apr 20, 2015

When the End of the World arrives...always look on the bright side of life!

By RF Schatten

America's fascination with its own demise...the Zombie Apocalypse! A great marketing scheme, at an age of such extreme gullibility. End of the World Parties! Zombie Bars! Movies...both dramatic disasters or comedies! Zombie costumes, edible make-up and cherry flavored blood. Consumers just can't have enough!...and the public preoccupation with the thoughts; "How 'is' the end of the world going to occur? and how is it going to look like, afterward?"

Oh, well! The End is coming...it begins when you're born and it ends when you die. So, how are you going to see the final concluding chapter of that great reality show, called "Our Earth"...if you're dead?

We need to take life a little less serious at times...just, too many don't...especially those on the Right.

But, we also have to look at the reality...the End of the World 'is' coming, as John Oliver said; either by the Destruction of our Climate or Nuclear Armageddon!

It's all about how to keep the planet from a complete climate implosion!...with no giant intergalactic ship to hitch a ride, out! While, at the same time...deal with Fanatics around the World and Fanatics at Home, bent on having that one last battle for all the marbles, between the Sharks and the Jets...with ultimate control of what is left, which is nothing!

Dealing with all this shit, can be quite stressful and annoying, but laughter tends to sooth the soul! Always look on the bright side of life!

John Oliver: This is probably the video you’ll want to watch if the world is ending

Apr 19, 2015

The Magical Illusion of a Christian America

By RF Schatten

What makes America a Christian Nation? Absolutely Nothing!!...if you're not a Christian.

Absolutely nothing! if you practice Judaism, absolutely nothing! if you're a Hindu...if you practice Sikhism, Buddhism, or Taoism?...it doesn't make America any more or any less Christian! How about Islamics? no sense of even going there with any type of semi-intelligent reasoning...Evangelicals don't even consider them humans!! And finally, there's one sector who will rightfully argue that America is definitely not, a Christian Nation...Atheists!!

Where in God's name does it say in the United States Constitution, that the United States of America is a Christian Nation? For those not too well informed or haven't thought about it since High School...Nowhere! absolutely nowhere! in the Constitution does it mention Christianity or even Jesus Christ! Only twice is Religion mentioned in the US Constitution. In the 1st Amendment: "Respecting an Establishment of Religion or Prohibiting the Free Exercise thereof" and in Article VI, which "Prohibits Religious Testing for Public Office".

The US Constitution is a "Secular Document"!! It was not written by God...it was written by the Wretched Refuse that landed on our shores. Our Founding Fathers were not the most saintly bunch of Christians...certainly not Thomas Jefferson, who was a philanderer!! They were all characters of their own time, human beings with faults...but they had something no longer in style...they had Principles, they wanted to built something right. James Madison's Government Model was very good, and it lasted over 200 years. But, as this nation evolved...the skullduggery of money, greed, and the maneuvering of Religions for control over the populace, has not changed!

We, The People, are not all Christians...and our Founding Fathers understood that! That's why they precisely, made a point of Separation of Church and State!!

But Religion sells! especially "Good Old Time Religion"! those emotions that literally takes you right out of your body! Tent Evangelists spewing  their charlatan words to generations of ignorance...very easy mind control, Oral Roberts made a mint! Opened up a University, then established a Medical School that in January, 1987; God told him 'personally', his life on this Earth would end and "God will call me home", if he didn't raise $8 Million by March! After coming out short, $4.5 Million...his frenzied flock, worried for his life, opened their hearts up even more...to a total tune of $9.1 Million!! His personal net worth was over $55 Million! Easy Mind Control games!...just ask Marjoe Gortner!

"One Nation Under God" was a political creation, not a divine sign! "All Men are Created Equal" is why we declared our Independence! The Equal Right to be just like anyone else, the right to be a Jew, a Hindu, a Muslim, whatever Religion pleases your soul!!...it's your human right!

Pushing Christianity under the guise of "Christian" Morals, Evangelicals don't represent the Christian World! They don't represent the Roman Catholic Church, or any other Christian Church...their origins are White Anglo-Saxon Protestant, who broke off from the Catholic Church. Their form of Christianity is of their own making, but the American Evangelical movement today, remains an insult to the rest of the Christian World.

Theocratic control over the populace was much easier when America wasn't as diverse...today, only by force...violent or non-violent...but, only by force!

Besides Bubba Ray, Bobbi Jo, and Ricky Bobby, here in America, 'We, the People' includes Fritz, Hans, Jose, Roberto, Francois, Mario, Ivan, Arjun, Sendhil, Ali, Takeshi, Raza, Marco...and Barack!

We 'are' the Wretched Refuse, the Mutts of the World.  We're a Nation of variety, not exclusivity...a nation of tolerance, not intolerance,  and a nation where, at the Final Curtain, "Common Sense"...that use of a little thinking once in a while, wins out over such enormous ignorance.  The strength in our Country is not Power by Force...it's all in one powerful synergy by We, the People!

Christian America is an invention: Big business, right-wing politics and the religious lie that still divides us - Salon.com

Apr 18, 2015

Republicans and Obamacare: Admitting they're wrong? Not!

By RF Schatten

The silent surrender of a failed political illusion...when a fool refuses to admit defeat, he'll continue his foolish ways till someone who cares, bitch slap's him silly and tells him; "We lost! Cut your damn losses, and Live with it!"

Oh! you'll still going to have your crazy batshit sector of the Republican Party, who'll continue forever their hate mongering ways...taking turns on their 'Front Lines' while their fellow Tea Bag Hat Society members run to their doctor's appointment with their Obamacare Insurance on hand!

It's very embarrassing to roll-up the White Flag when you voted over 50 times to repeal the Act, constantly spewing all the ills perceived every time that TV Camera's light is on. And spend millions on Legal Court Challenges. All the $$$, the systematic dumbing down of their loyal minions, all the verbal hatred, scare tactics...and downright fear with all the "Death Panels" horseshit!!...courtesy of Alaska's version of the Louisiana Robertsons; when it comes to 'manure' Sarah Palin is an authority!

Now, you have that "Cleveland 2016 or Bust" Clown Car...all of them, on Double-talk mode. Their Mission: Avoid like the plague any questions on the subject of Health! If confronted? a short promo for their faithful flock; "Yea!!...Let's repeal Obamacare"!!

For the more sophisticated at Fundraisers? "I will repeal Obamacare so soon when I become President!...in fact, I will repeal Obamacare as I'm being sworn in"!! "Thank you!, thank you!...now, it's $50,000/guest and our Campaign 'does' take Credit and Debit!!...and American Express 'is' accepted!

Any other time...with the exception of Cruz Almighty...you're not going to catch a single one of them, even mentioning the Affordable Care Act! How are they going to respond when the Millions of Insured Recipients just keeps growing? How are they going to respond when the Uninsured Rate in America for Adults, is at 12%?...the lowest in recorded history! How are they going to respond that 22 Million Americans and growing are directly benefitting from the Affordable Care Act? And with the total costs much lower than projected? It's hard for cowards to admit defeat!!

Keith Brekhus writes; "Republican leaders have silently incorporated many of Obamacare’s main protections into their own counter-proposals" Those proposals, are known as the Hatch-Burr-Upton Plan. The GOP's proposal for America. Brekhus continued; "it can best be described as 'Obamacare light'. The Hatch-Burr-Upton plan includes guaranteeing coverage for pre-existing conditions, allowing young adults to stay on their parent’s plans and providing government subsidies to help low-income consumers purchase insurance, all key components of Obamacare"

Pretty much, they're going with Obamacare! ...but now! Obamacare is their idea!! Take the credit away from Obama, and proclaim themselves the Intellectual Saviour of the Masses...and how much they care for the common man! The Republicans latest strategy in the face of political reality; Their concern about income inequality, love thy neighbor mentality...yet, still intertwined with their long range goals of hate fear and control.

The Problem with the Republican Party is that the upper crust Conservative society of the GOP believes the horseshit their paid biotchs says; they're "America's Job Creators"...placed on a pedestal for a few bucks. The Second Problem: a Tea Party too ignorant to understand anything, except they hate a black man named Obama, and anything that has his name. They like the plan!...in the land of the stupids, the State formally known as Kentucky...they love "Kynect" because it's not Obamacare! Ah! yup!! Who said stupid is as stupid does? In Kentucky?...shhh! it's the Water.

Then the Third Problem: the old school Moderate Conservative base...who are on the outside looking in, and have been quite dissatisfied and embarrassed with the Party. Many of those have either left the GOP or have been sitting out the last 6 years! With a GOP Party split on Social Issues...and their inability for a consensus on the Health Care issue, it's a Party in disarray.

The ultimate surrender? Going home and confronting your Senior Citizen Parents and your In-Laws!...tell them you're going to take their Healthcare Insurance away! Deal with them! they're not your political audience, they know you much better!!

Republicans Admit Defeat and Silently Surrender In Their War On Obamacare

Apr 16, 2015

The GOP: When the substance of the argument is lost...Fear is an old stand-by!

By RF Schatten

A truly indecent and hateful man will instill fear at his supporters, not just to rile up emotions...but, because the Son of a Bitch likes it!

We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light ~~ Plato

The Republican War on America, the GOP's systematic campaign of ostracizing the Social Classes with use of Hate, Fear, Ad Nauseam, Ad Hominem, Black/White Fallacy, Cognitive Dissonance, Obfuscation, Name Calling...to cause enough tension and confusion to turn the US into a Ruling Class Society. Their war against the Black Community and voter rights...just, because they're Black! Against Women, for having the basic human right to control of their own body! Their gynephobia and their fear of emasculation, for allowing women dominance!  Against the Gay Community, because they just straight up, hate Gays! Oh! those sinful ways!...and using the "Religious" card, to keep their own sins hidden in the closet!

And against Hispanics and other Immigrant Groups; because of all those Immigration Issues? That's the GOP's Lilly White Ruse!...in not too long a distant future, Hispanics will make up the majority of America, and in a not too long distant future, after that...Blacks will become the largest Minority!

Fear?? No one represents the inner fears and the ignorance that comes free with it than the GOP...and their agenda of opposing every single political issue, in which the majority of the voters agree in the Polls! Put that fear, first and foremost in the hearts of every American...enough of the stupids will follow you to Armageddon!

Guns don't kill people...people kill people! That's true, people kill people...those "people" profiting from selling arms in the guise of God, Freedom, Liberty, Constitutional Rights, and defending ourselves against Terror. The same "People", who then turn around and sell their merchandise to the Terrorist...at a higher fee, naturally! The Morals and compassion for their fellow man?  Money will always trump Morals!

A campaign of misinformation, open contempt for authority by example, the open disrespect of their own President in front of the world! Building an atmosphere of hate and violence, and permitting that violence to rage across the country, by never condoning their actions!

“Life, Liberty, And the pursuit of any maggot who threatens them”  ~~ NRA Welcoming Sign!!

Guns for everybody!...need it right away? no problem, who needs to wait? Background checks? Government intrusion! You're Crazy?? hey! you're the perfect sale!! lots of guns and ammo!! We live in a violent society, even before Obama became Prez!...though somehow, they'll find a way to blame Obama for making southern crackers, racists!

The NRA's Annual Conference! held at the Music Center in Nashville, Tennessee!! Country Music, Southern Nostalgia, Guns, and Grits! Where else better to discuss all the different shades of color and what 'Color', will be the "New" in Cleveland in 2016? All the Clowns got out of their Clown Car and preached more and more fear...to see who can upstage, the other!

Ironic!! The NRA and the Party of John Wayne, talking tough! The Right to Bear Arms, the Right to Open Carry, The Right for Teachers to carry Guns in School...the ultimate authorities on Responsible Gun Owners, and how to use guns, responsibly. These wonderful men of wisdom outlawed the possession of Handguns inside the Conference! If there's nothing to worry about? why can members open carry...or even if they keep it concealed? Responsible Gun Ownership...or is that just more Right Wing horseshit? or maybe inside all that tough GOP hawkish machismo...they're scared shitless of some crazy wanting a little payback for something??

GOP Candidates to NRA: Be Very Afraid - The Daily Beast

Apr 15, 2015

America's Largest Welfare Recipients: $153.8 Billion/Yr for our 1% Creators!

By RF Schatten

In light of today's Income Disparity, it's only right that another Federal Holiday should be established. April 15th! The greatest day of the year...if you're wealthy! A National Holiday for Corporations and anyone above the 99% of the wealth in America!! They are the greatest shining example of Reaganomics, that Money does Trickle Down...from one wealthy family to another! but always keep it in the 1%, naturally!  They 'do' trickle down to the public, though...just before they zipper-up their pants!

If legally being considered a "Citizen"...a legal person...isn't enough for Big Money to find ways of controlling governments? Why not find more legal ways of royally screwing the population, right up the ass? We, the People, elected all this scum that patronize Oligarchy. Why would people be complaining now, when all we had to do was not elect that slime in the first place? Probably some ignorance is involved in the equation, but more like a sort of mental political apathy. Sometimes, people just give up! watching what's happening in America, the dysfunctionally abnormal Social tensions...and the power of the almighty dollar in an age of a transparent Internet. Corporations literally waging war against a populace...and doing it, completely out in the open!

We, the Taxpayers [known as, from this moment on], "We, the Sucka" subsidize Corporate Profits at a tune of $153.8 Billion annually!! And we're doing it, due to the Low Wages they created for us! ...while Republicans oppose raising the Minimum Wage, some even want Minimum Wage abolished! Back to sweat shops and child labor abuse...just like in China, where Mitt's factory is, and where the kids and moms live and eat while they work.  Low wages that 'keeps' you in Welfare and Family Assistance.

I worked welfare for a couple of years in Ocala and Belleview, Fl. There's a saying among Social Workers; "Welfare is like the Hotel California...you can always check out, but you can never leave"! Is the system!...its basic object; to make your client self-sufficient so welfare assistance wouldn't be needed. But budgets and burocracy never allows that opportunity for everyone...sometimes you just have to be lucky to escape the system!

The influence of the Corporate World on State Welfare, and Public Assistance throughout the country, the influence in Judicial Cronyism, and the influence in Washington Lobby circles...it's all about Corporate and Upper Class Welfare!

"The Corporate Tax Dodging Prevention Act Of 2015"...to prevent corporations from sheltering profits in off-shore tax havens, like Bermuda and the Cayman Islands. And to stop rewarding companies that ship jobs and factories overseas with tax breaks. Will it pass?? A big HELL NO!! will be the answer from the Owners of the Republican Party...the David and Charlie Show !!

Outrageous!!  The cynically arrogant hypocrisy of Corporations and the Filthy Rich. The Federal Government spends $127.8 billion per year, and the states collectively spend $26 Billion per year on Assistance Programs for Working Families. $153.8 Billion dollars! The self-proclaimed "Creators" are the biggest single Welfare Recipient group in the United States!! Paid in full by the Moochers!!

New Report: Taxpayers Subsidize $153.8 Billion In Corporate Profits Due To Low Wages

Apr 14, 2015

Marco Rubio: A Little Boy, trying to Play a Man's Game

By RF Schatten

In Politics today, it doesn't take much to know a man's true character. So! here's a short muse on one, Marco Antonio Rubio.

A son of Immigrants who Voted against his own Immigration Bill, and now opposes Immigration for others! This 'little' man who opposes others from living in the United States, wants to be President and declared his Candidacy, symbolically in front of Miami's "Freedom Tower"...that symbol of Freedom for the millions of refugees fleeing oppression. The Welcome Center...the Ellis Island of the 'Pan American' world!

Opposes Immigration! and has the fricken cojones! to stand in front of the 'Symbol' of freedom for millions of Immigrants!! That shows how much respect, integrity, and compassion he has towards Immigrants and especially the disrespect to his own Cuban Community, of which the overwhelming majority...does favor Immigration!!

This little man will change directions of agendas, at a blink of an eye...whatever has to be done to move ahead in his political world. Hopping from one issue in one bed to another issue, in another bed...with whoever's willing to finance his life? He's, your personal Biatch!

They say his strength is his marvelous poetic speechmaking!...and his appearance as a mild-mannered politico in contrast to the rest of the clowns, may inch him up in the short run...but his lack of maturity at the national stage in a Nationwide Political Campaign? Marco is still a little boy who panics! A real pro wouldn't sweat the way he does on TV! And no! it's not the heat in an air conditioned studio environment...and a pro wouldn't look so panicky! Cotton-mouth from a "good" speaker? That, and a nervous sweat? Ted Cruz will chew him up and spit himout in a debate! he's just an Amateur playing in the SuperBowl of American Politics.

Marco Rubio's qualification for President? The US Senate's #1 Absentee Lawmaker!! missing and not Voting on 99 occasions. Now, there's real civic responsibility!! Why vote? his Party hasn't done a damn thing in 6 years, anyhow!

The horseshit: He's a Family Man who prefers not to have his kids in Washington, so he flies home as much as possible to be with his lovely wife and children!

That's lovely and sweet! But, Mr. Rubio! Want to be in Politics? want to be President? Then act like a man and do your work! You got elected to Vote for Bills, not to spend time with your kids! Family? it's Great!! Then get out of politics and spend more time at home!! miss your kids? Political business requires a politico's time more than a normal 9-5 job!! You've always known that! Want to be with your kids more? Move them up to DC with you...or get out of politics!

 A family man who loves his kids! Family values, the Lord...naturally! All the Christian Values of today's Republican Party. But, Marco is Politician first, and family values man second! Yea! and why not? the morality of a man who votes against his own Authored Bill...a flaming coward who stuck his tail between his legs when pressured by others in the GOP. The man who explained how his family was forced to leave, and escape the tyranny of Communism in 1959, a few years before communism took hold...just to find out that his parents left Cuba the year Castro returned to the Island in the "Gramma"  to start the war!

More horseshit? I didn't know! my parents never told me when they arrived in America! Reeeeeeeaallly! Pretty stupid for a man who spent his entire life with his Mom and Dad, and never knew anything about them before the time he was born??  a supposedly intelligent man with a Law Degree and an impressive political resume!!...or was he just playing the "Communist" card for his minions? I bet his lips were dry when confronted with the story? and the explanation for the BS? What explanation? all as if it never happened! No!! Marco Rubio still just a little man. The purchase of Aquafina in the Rubio household is certainly going up during this fun ride!!

He's in: Marco Rubio's presidential challenge - CNN.com

Apr 12, 2015

Defining My Cuban Heritage...so many good years, wasted!

By RF Schatten

"The Cold War has been over for a long time...and I'm not interested in having battles frankly that started before I was Born" ~~ Barack Obama

For Official Records: I am an American! and very proud to be one. Pero, también soy Cubano! ... y muy orgulloso!

It's really so hard for me personally, talking about Cuban/American relations!...emotionally, so much sadness has come to me since 1961!

1961! the last time I visited Cuba, where I was born..the Vedado section of Havana. Remembering El Malecón, where my uncle would take me and go fishing every time I flew into Havana. La Habana Vieja! (Old Havana) Guanabacoa, El Marianao, El Miramar...remember going to the Club de Profesionales with my aunts to go swimming!

But, strangely enough! what I remember the most that last year in Cuba...oddly enough!!...was watching along with 50,000 other people at the Gran Stadium de La Habana; Fidel Castro and Camilo Cienfuegos play baseball in-between the AAA double hitter, between the Columbus Jets and the Havana Sugar Kings! Their team name was "Los Barbudos" (the bearded ones)...but I don't remember who the hell they played? 54 years!...can't remember everything, folks! Raul was there, by the way, but didn't participate on the field. He looked a little more Adventurous and Radical in those days...a small VanDyke goatee and a Ponytail!!

All my life, I was that 'kid' who was called an "Americanito", an American Kid, by Cubans...and Americans didn't have a clue what I was, except I didn't speak with an accent, so I probably was an American. Now days, since I don't have an accent in either English or Spanish...Cubans and Americans seem surprised that I'm both, one of them! What can I say...it's my destiny! A Cuban-born Mom who flew from Miami one night to visit her family...and suddenly! my World Debut arrived the next day!!...30 days early!

My Birther Papers? I was registered at the American Embassy before I was born, by my American Dad who knew the strangeness of 'shit happens' that runs in the family...and generations later, still does!! Yes!!! I'm an American, Born in a Foreign Country...and I can run for President, like Papa Romney, the Maverick, and that 'Canadian' guy!

Throughout my childhood, seeing and visiting Cuba while living in the United States, the different style of living, the different cultures...and yet so many things alike! It made me see things more objective Politically! Saw the good things of Cuba, saw the bad things...people, shot dead in the side of the road, left there by Batista's Death Squads the night before. The horrible conditions of an Insane Asylum called "Mazorra" on the road to Rancho Boyeros. And I saw a documentary years later of the changes at that Asylum...it just made me cry!  All those poor people who suffered years earlier, just spirits now days!...they shouldn't have had to suffer like that!

How can you take sides when half of your family favors Castro, and the others Batista? Watching Fidel play baseball was fun! I was a kid! and to me and my Generation...not all was necessarily Political, we were just frickin' young kids watching a Game of Baseball and a bearded guy who wouldn't have been there pitching, if the Washington Senators didn't cut him!

54 years of listening to the same family fight over the same damn things! year after year...in Miami! In the Cuban Culture, not everyone that fled Castro was necessarily anti or pro...many fled just to keep La Familia together and continue that stupid crazy tradition of constant political arguments and bickering...it's in the Cuban blood!! El Ambiente Cubano! How many famous Cuban Politicos are buried in Woodlawn Cemetary, in Miami?? You have Statues erected for people whom half of Miami fled from...primarily because of their Death Squads. Rolando Masferrer comes to mind! And mortal enemies in Cuba, before and after Castro...you have hated rivals buried across from each other...and their families? waving at each other at the Cemetary...then going out together and grabbing un Cafecito!

You have generations who will never change, they will die hating the Castros. Then, you got  generations that are open-minded to a dialog!! Enough is Enough!! Time to kiss and make up! What happened 56 or 60 years ago, people should just let go! You can't relive the past or change anything, And don't forget; you have Generations who, to them...Cuba is just their ethnic background, a place in the World Atlas, and Castro is just part of a History Book.

For so many years, my Cuban side of the Family were able to travel back and forth...Cuban Americans who are US Citizens have been allowed to visit the Homeland for quite a few years with restrictions, depending what Administration is in power! Yours truly, on the other hand...couldn't travel because I was an American Citizen born in a foreign country, and under a different section than a Cuban-born, Cuban-American who arrived after 1959!

For 54 years, I've been screwed for what? What has the United States gained with their Embargo? What have we lost since Jan. 1st, 1959? 56 Years of Life between two nations only 90 miles away...a 50 minute propeller plane ride! So fricken close, yet so damn far away for me!! I just want to see the Country where I was born!...just one more time! And if I could take my kids? even better.

Thank you, Mr. President. Whenever I think of this day, all the diplomacy and the hard work put into achieving this moment, my heart is with you, my friend!! I can only speak for myself, but there're a lot of Cubans in Miami, and throughout the Country who also say, Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Time to break up that hatred and learn to live with each other!! That old animosity! For God's sake! we have to let go! 100 years from now, we're all going to be dead!...and those alive won't even know who we were. It's all about the future, what defines us as a people and as a Nation and how we can advance peace and harmony among our fellow man!

Funny thing about 1961, and I'm not making this up, my Cuban wife will tell ya!!...my last full day in Cuba, I was babysitting my 2 small cousins at my uncle's house in the community of El Fontanar, when a dear friend (who happens to still be alive and well in Miami) and I, took the kids to the Community Clubhouse to play. They were having some festivities and this cute little blonde girl, involved in whatever the hell they were doing,  grabbed both of our attention! We both agreed that kid someday is going to have a stack of Boys lined up, calling her up!

It may have been Coincidence or Fate, call it Kismet or Karma!...14 years later I met that not so little girl anymore in Miami!  And we've been married ever since!

Obama Meets Raúl Castro, Making History - NYTimes.com

Apr 11, 2015

Modern Republican Orthodoxy: What would Abe and Ike do?

By RF Schatten

Republicans hate it when they are called Racist!...but, when they're called Racists by one of their own?

The Party of Lincoln and Eisenhower has become the Party of Nixon's "Southern Strategy" ...all the Racist Democratic Party remnants of the "Dixiecrats" are now the Southern Chapter of the Grand Old Party. The Party that Strom Thurmond bolted to, because the Democrats were just not Racist enough to his likes.

In a serious political world, when good old time Religion takes precedent over the Government's Affairs of State...when treason becomes fashionable in the name of God!

The Degenerate Hypocrisy of 47 treasonous US Senators and the Speaker of the US House....publicly undermining the Commander-In-Chief, by negotiating with a Foreign Government behind the back of the President of the United States, the State Dept, and its Ambassadors. Illegally negotiating against the best interest of their own country...while forming an alliance with a Foreign Government to undermine the rest of the World and declare war on Iran! The Republican-sponsored Kirk-Menendez Bill would obligate the United States into going to War...if Israel, requests that the US invade Iran! By-passing the President and the rest of the Country...a Foreign Leader declaring War in behalf of the United States...instead of our own leaders? doesn't sound too "Kosher"?? It's a pretty sorry state of affairs on the human intelligence of Republicans, that to them...the only solution for Diplomacy is War!

The Degeneracy of a Political Party publicly warning the entire World that 300 Republicans will undermine the United Nations' efforts on Climate Change and that of their own Country's...and the 7 Billion people in the planet who wants to survive!

The Degeneracy of Dick Cheney deliberately exposing an American Undercover Field Agent, the CIA's top Spy on Nuclear Arms...as personal payback to her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson, for acknowledging that the allegations of "Weapons of Mass Destruction' in Iraq...was completely False Information.

The Degenerate stench of arrogant accusations at the Public for advancing Racism against Evangelicals. Hating inhuman scum is not racist!...they come in every Race, Color, or Creed! When Ted Cruz says that Gays are having a "Jihad" against Evangelicals, he's just advancing more of that hatred among his ignorant flock. "Jihad" in its pure Arabic meaning, refers to an effort to practice religion in the face oppression and persecution. Who's being persecuted? who's actually calling for the death of all California gays? or is it trying to pass Legislation like that, just only for symbolic purpose? What's symbolic with Indiana? with Arkansas? No! these batshit sub-humanoids are deadly serious! and for them "Jihad" has become more synonymous with "Holy War". To them, the Bible comes ahead of Country, the Constitution, and all the Laws of the Land!!

Who are racists? let a Republican tell you!! Working directly with the GOP, Lawrence Wilkerson knows a little bit about the insides of the Republican Party!

"There are sane and sober people in the Republican Party!...but the Party has 'scores' of Racists"!  Religious Fundamentalism and Right Wing Militarism, bent on the latest war to end all wars...no negotiations, no diplomacy, only War!...and Israel watching on. Fighting a War for someone else! that 'is' the blatant ignorance and disrespect the GOP has towards the American Public!

How much is the Republican Party's integrity towards the values of having a War? In Wilkerson's words;

"The U.S. Government paid Contractors $138 Billion. KBR, a subsidiary of Cheney’s former company Halliburton, received about $40 Billion in Government Contracts. We wasted a ton of money. It went into people’s pockets, like Halliburton and Lockheed Martin and Bechtel... and a lot of Iraqis like Ahmed Chalabi"

"Dick Cheney and Bush are both Oil men and wanted to ensure 300 Billion Barrels didn’t stay in Saddam’s hands" Good old greed and corruption!!...or did you really ever believe? honestly believe? that we're helping Irag become a Democratic society? As Democratic as the GOP is right here? suppressing the right to vote! and ostracizing the Poor, the Women, the Elderly, the Gays, the Blacks, and the Hispanic Communities??

They want Iraq to be just like America!...with all its divine corruption...that's the American way!!  Who needs Integrity? A Democracy with built-in Racism!...they 'do' hate the Great Satan, and Evangelicals sure hate Islam! Today's Republican Orthodoxy...the far side of bizarre!

"If we attacked Iran, they would go Nuclear. If we attacked Iran it would take 500,000 Troops, 10 years and Trillions of Dollars. Alexander the Great almost died in Iran. You don’t want to invade Iran! Iran has 75 million people, and it’s the most stable Country in the Region" ~~ Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, Chief of Staff for Colin Powell

Now we have a group of Fools ready to start a War to Armageddon because they like to read a book of "literature", called The Bible!! John McCain, that Military expert on Jet Crashes...who would've never been known today, if he didn't crash just one last time and gotten captured..believes we should bomb the shit out of Iran and every other country in the Mid-East, Lindsay Graham? Oh! whatever Johnny wants is fine with him, of course! Tom Cotton wants to bomb Iran, too; "3 days, and we're all done!"...no problem, he says!! ..And with Teddy the Messiah, and Daddy, his Rasputin...what could possibly go wrong??

“The GOP has scores of racists”: A former Bush official condemns modern Republican orthodoxy - Salon.com

Apr 9, 2015

Replacing the Constitution with the Bible: Evangelical America, Ted Cruz, and their Fight for God!

By RF Schatten

How a little crybaby boy gets pissed and throws a hissy fit...because he can't get what he wants!

Evangelicals, refuse to believe that the Constitution was not written expressly for them? If you can't get what you want? Strip the power! Strip the power from Obama to negotiate, because the GOP's leader, Bibi Netanyahu doesn't approve. Strip the Power of the Presidency by publicly undermining negotiations against their own Government's foreign policy. Strip the power from anything that would make Obama look better than the Republicans. Strip the power of the Supreme Court on Gay Issues! Next? strip the power of the Supreme Court on Black Issues? Hispanic Issues? Women Issues?

"Religious Freedom", from Women, Blacks, Hispanics...and Gays! To ostracize society and 'legally' get away with murder!! They own Five of the Nine Judges...why shouldn't they get what they paid for? 'That' is Teddy's hissy fit!!

Ted Cruz wants the U.S. Congress to eliminate the power of the Federal Judiciary, including the Supreme Court, by passing a Law banning them from hearing or ruling on Marriage Equality Cases. Back, to that good old time Religion!! Get the Tents up...and let the Revival begin! Though it's Politically Incorrect to allow Elephants inside a Circus tents, now day!!

And after the Gays...what? To Cruz; Theocracy should take precedence over the Constitution. Separation of Church and State?? Not when you have fanatical ignorance marching down Main Street, wrapped in the flag and carrying their favorite version of the Bible!!

Evangelicals don't want separation between Church and State...to them, the Church rules the State. Tom Delay recently said; “Fight this battle to the bitter end because when you let the government dictate what you believe and what your values are, this country is finished.” Evangelical America and their war with everyone who doesn't agree with their values! A battle that will continue until common sense wins out, and they all go back to their Caves or Closets.

Whether a Judge is paid off or not!...threatening the Supreme Court of actions they will take if the ruling doesn't favor them? It just gives the Judges, a bigger reason to vote in favor of Marriage Equality! You can just hear Antonin Scalia, after listening to Cruz and his little constitutional thoughts; "You don't fucking tell me how to vote in my court, little boy!!"

Ted Cruz Wants To Strip the Supreme Court's Authority On Marriage Equality

Apr 8, 2015

A World of 7 Billion Fights to Save the Planet...and 300 Republicans bent on destroying those Hopes!

By RF Schatten

“I see people in Beijing and New Delhi, where they can’t breathe, they just wear masks...If you can’t breathe the fucking air, wouldn’t you want to make a fundamental change?” ~~~ Bill Maher
The immorality of exploiting ignorance for greedy financial gains, while allowing the planet...and themselves, to die. When will America rise and make it known that something has to be done with our environment? before Rick Scott lets Florida finally sink altogether while the Atlantic Ocean flows westward towards New Orleans' new "oceanfront"? When will America realize that fresh water is a gift from nature? and if you fool around enough, mother nature will just say "fuck you", turn around and make your existence on this planet, a living hell...and not necessarily just hot!! No, water shortage? tell 'that' to the people in California!
While the World in a truly bi-partisan way, have put Political, Cultural, and Social issues aside in favor of a global cooperation between fellow humans to save the planet!...one group, "301" Republicans in Washington, DC believe they know more than the remaining 7 Billion people in this Planet. At least, that's their message to their loyal minions, who will follow them off a cliff. 
The morality of the other 7 billion is not going to allow the immorality of the Republican Party selling their souls to Koch Industry. Their blatant opposition to the EPA so Koch doesn't have to keep paying record numbers in fines for Polluting and contaminating the Streams, and the Air in America. The selling of Federal Public Land to developers and the oil industry. Oil Industry? here comes the Kochs, again! the Pipeline? TransCanada and the millions of acres of Alberta Oil Fields, 'is' Koch Industry! The destruction of our shores, of our sea life, of our land, and our food and plant life...our animal planet!!
And how about the rest of the world? They spew the concern of liberating every country on Earth from Political suppression! American style Democracy for all Nations! But where is the 'Respect'? where is that Concern? the compassion for China, for India, for Indonesia, for Brazil, Russia, Japan? Billions of people on this Earth and one tiny group of Degenerates, saying fuck you!!
Morality will win over...it always has. Throughout the History of Mankind, we've had the lowest common denominator of immorality, trying to control all others...in the end? sane, moral people know what to do best!
If you are a Climate Denier? fine! If you believe in the Right of Free Speech? fine! If you believe in Constitutional Rights? fine! And if you believe in the Bible? whatever happens, God meant it? Please, proceed!!
You don't have to believe in shit! But, if you believe so much pushing for Democracy? then step aside and go back to your caves!! The rest of the world wants to survive a little more comfortably!
If you think all Scientists on Earth are wrong? then come up with the solution to save the planet!...if you can't? then shut up! and allow common sense to rule. You don't need rocket science, to know that if you're not an expert in a certain field?...listen to those who are!! If 99 of 100 Climate Scientists say there's a big problem, is just common sense...listen to them!!

They say that Global Temperature has risen 1.4 F. degrees since 1880. Is it a lot? don't really know!...but if they say it's bad? I'm going to naturally, listen....they know more than I do!! There's good hope for Human Intelligence to win out!...but, in every story of good deeds, you gotta have the "Heel". The Villain!...the proverbial fight between Right and Wrong! Justice and Injustice! Once again! the Republicans are playing the role of the Heel...once again, interfering in World Negotiations while undermining their own government! And promising to break all treaties signed by Obama when the GOP takes power.
The UN Intergovernmental Panel's released analysis from 800 Scientists on Climate Change: "The Earth will face 'severe', pervasive and 'irreversible' damage if we don’t switch to zero- and low-carbon sources of electricity” "human beings and the planet’s ecosystems will suffer unprecedented losses from even more severe and frequent weather events”. And in conclusion? “We have the means to limit climate change. All we need is the will to change, which we trust will be motivated by knowledge and an understanding of the science of climate change.”
Publicly Warning the World the that The Republicans are going to undermine the entire World's efforts in the survival of our planet, and the human race?? Wow!! that Christian Republican Compassion, you just can't never have enough of it!!

Apr 6, 2015

2016 GOP Clown Debates: New Faces, Old Faces, Same Stupidity!

BY RF Schatten

"Make 'em laugh! Make 'em laugh! Don't you know, everyone wants to laugh?" There's nothing more invigorating to the soul of Progressive America than watching the Republicans' quadrennial attempt at staging an intellectually serious Political Primary Debate...now, that's Entertainment!!

And, Yes!..Christmas did come early for the Blue Team. If Ted Cruz's announcement on his 2016 Presidential run, is a sign of things to come...it's going to be one wild and crazy batshit primaries, everything needed for a Must-See TV experience of a lifetime. Another super season of the Great American Clown Show.

The cast of characters itching to expose themselves for who they really are: Ted Cruz and his alter-ego, Raphael Sr. ready to take on all comers. Who will dare challenge the Alberta, Canada native? Rick Perry?...Oops! he 'really' does believe, his new makeup makes him look different  than the fool, America has learned to love watching screw up in debates. Michele Bachmann will be sorely missed, but the "Wicked Witch" of HP might very well take her place...there's a 90% chance according to Carly Fiorina, that she might jump in to continue the tradition of the GOP's token female. Her platform? To do for America what she did for Hewlett Packard...'that' could become the oops moment for sweet Carly?

Newt Gingrich is retiring from the Freakshow ...which now, makes him eligible for the Batshit Hall of Fame. Mitt Romney? his Etch-a-sketch has finally broken down and doesn't want to go out and play anymore!

The list continues: Dr. Ben Carson, the man who made a reputation and a very good living out of Medical Science and modern technology...and who taught Medical Students the finer points of Medical Science...'is' a Science Denier. He too wants that Spotlight shining right at him, just as bad as his predecessor, Herman Cain. Someone, has to be the GOP token black? Rand Paul will be there...trying his best impersonation of Ron and Libertarians, but failing miserably. If Mike Huckabee shows up, his cat scratch fever buddy won't be far behind. There's Rick Snyder, the GOP's own Gov. William J. Lepetomane who's trying to use "Eminent Domain" to take over the Town of Rock Ridge...ah? oh! I mean Benton Harbor, MI!  There's talk of him, also running for Prez!

Now, for the Republican Party's "Heavyweights", led by the America's only true political Heavyweight...Chris Christie! Scott Walker, Charles and David's personal paid in full BoyToy, is making strides towards for a shot at moving into 1600 Penn. And Jeb Bush, appears to be ready to "hunker down" in the GOP Clowns' Road Show.

2 potential candidates that have spent their entire political careers moving from one controversy and scandal to another...and have become infamous for those incidents, rather than for their accomplishments in political office! Christie, an obsessively Rude, Disrespectful, and Tactless politico, who, as the voting public takes an extended look...the more turned off they become. Scott Walker's political and personal life has been one big mystery....from school till now!...but slowly, his closet is being pried open. It's what sucks of being a Politician!...sooner or later, everyone finds out! Honesty from a person universally known, by both end of the political spectrum...as a public liar!?!?

And finally!!...another Bush! His baggage is his downfall. Yes! Jeb Bush, the Hispanic-American! You can just here Barbara and George in their New England Wasp tone; I thought "Little Darkie" was our Grandson? what happen to Jeb? What did happen? 48 or so hours of "no comment" by Jeb and his Staff, before joking it away as a stupid mistake. It takes real stupidity to mark under "Hispanic" instead of under White or Caucasian...alphabetical order or not..."H" doesn't resemble "W" or "C"!! Which brings me back to my thought; Why wait so long to finally comment? I look at it simply as a natural act of stupidity, by a human being...others might make something out of it, more than it really is. But you can't continue on 'that' road, Jeb!...if you want to continue on the road to the White House!

It's going to be a great show Who's going to come out of the debates looking like a Clown? who's going to come out looking like a Winner? who's going to come out the Winner and still look Stupid? That person?...will be the Republican Nominee!

Why The GOP Primary Debates Are Must-See TV

Apr 5, 2015

Job Growth Stats: Another Big Thumbs Up for Obama...another Thumbs Down for the GOP!

By RF Schatten

"One of the 1st Rules of playing the Power Game is that all bad news must be accepted calmly as if one already knew and didn't care." ~~~ Michael Korda

Survey Polls are becoming a dirty hateful thing among Republican circles...they can't cope with the bad news while remaining in their own self-denial!  No matter how good things are...they will never admit it. They rather destroy their country for the almighty dollar and the hate of a Black Man, than ever admit they were wrong!...Bigotry is a powerful weapon. Accepting defeat from sore losers? never, it's not in their moral character.

The Good News: Barack Obama has set a new Job Growth Record. 61 Continuous Months of Private Sector Job Growth...extending the longest streak (his) on record! The old record was 51 straight months, by Bill Clinton.

Funny how the GOP spends all that money, in advertising. How their mouthpieces go on attack, and how FoxNews just keeps trying to lie about the State of the Economy, especially the 'need' to move jobs from the "Public" to the "Private" sector...we need to have more jobs for the Private sector!! The Truth behind their Lie? Wall Street is at record Highs, Unemployment is at record lows, and the Private sector is making money! 12.1 million jobs over 61 months.  3.1 million jobs in the past 12 months...almost the highest year to year growth during Recovery. The total nonfarm payroll employment rose by 126,000 in March, due to the 129,000 increase in Private sector jobs. And Obama did it all by himself!...with all the obstructionism, and without the help of the Republican Party!

Meanwhile, more bad news for the Grand Old Likud Tea Party! Gallup came out with the Most Admired Man in the World, and In America. The Envelope? For the 7th straight year, Barack Obama is the Most Admired Man in the World...for the 7th straight year, Barack Obama is also the Most Admired Man in America!! Yes! the 'real' America...not batshit America! And the worst news of all? Barack Obama and Pope Francis were tied for the most admired men...by Republicans!!!!

Every accolade he gets is a buckshot in the ass of the Republican Party. In 2014, Forbes Magazine voted Barack Obama, Best Economic President in Modern Times...but, he's a Black Man...and to the GOP, nothing in the world or in this country, will ever go right until he retires! It's not about a Man's Intelligence!...it's all about and will always be about, a Man's Race!

Not too many good old happy days for GOP, recently...being severely mocked throughout the world for their traitorous ways. Then Obama, along with the European Union, Russia, China, Germany, France, and Great Britain, agreed to a historic Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. A good deal applauded and praised by all World Powers, and the entire planet!...except Israel, Bibi, Boehner, and the GOP! They believe in their own delusion, they know more than the rest of the World and the rest of America!

Leslie H. Gelb wrote in the Daily Beast; "The Real Winners in this round of talks are the Realists and Pragmatists in both Washington and Tehran, and the Losers are the Ideologues and Hawks. Totally unrealistically, the latter seek outright Iranian capitulation, even at much greater risks of war. The former...and this is critical...think the emerging pact is good, but far from Nirvana". It really appears to be a good deal, and it does need to be given a chance!

The Republicans are their own worst enemy..every time they find a cause to fight Obama, they lose! You'd think, they learned these lessons by now?...they'll never admit to that batshit wackiness. Ever since they became the majority and took the Senate, the GOP's ratings have hit rock bottom, way down into uncharted waters while Barack Obama's has steadily gone north, way up!!  Maybe that's the secret for his success?

More Bad News For Republicans As President Obama Sets A New Job Growth Record

Apr 2, 2015

Despite Israeli and GOP efforts, Obama succeeded again! Karma is a Bitch, Bibi!

By RF Schatten

A little Diplomacy goes a long way. How tough a deal? Tough enough for  Russia, China, France, Great Britain, and Germany to all agree it's the best way to preserve peace! Apparently the International Community believes the 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council, plus Germany, cut a good deal!

How good? Good enough! Every good deal ever made is by using the power of the brain rather than the power of the brawn. It's taken 9 years for this to happen. The last 7, with continued obstruction by a hostile congress, and the continued obstruction from a supposed ally! More recently #47traitors and the 48th, John Boehner, publicly undermining events outside the United States with a Foreign Government, against its own government's efforts to secure an agreement!! Every obstacle known to man has been thrown at Obama...and he still succeeded! Karma is a bitch, Bibi!

What America has to remember and understand, and they mostly don't; These negotiations are not about Obama...they're about the security and welfare of Great Britain, China, Russia, France, and Germany besides the United States! What Diplomacy does, is give an opportunity for sensible and understanding men of knowledge to get together, have a give and take compromise...and come out with the best deal possible. A good deal where everyone leaves the table with a handshake, a smile, and with their heads held up high.

How good of a deal? only time will tell...but, you'll never know if you don't try..you got to give Peace a chance!!

The Republican/Likud Party naturally believes it's a sham! No deal will ever be good enough unless it's a total surrender of Iran to Israel. Jeb Bush: "Flawed Agreement", Marco Rubio: "Very Troubling"...and how can we not have a Foreign Policy argument without that Foreign Policy Scholar, Rick "Oops" Perry, who just needed to put his 2 cent's worth: “Americans and our Allies are right to be wary of a Nuclear Deal with Iran that is riddled with concessions by the Obama Administration.”

Dear Mr. Perry, It 'was' our Allies with the exception of Israel, and even more because of the actions of Israel, who negotiated for this deal!! United States is just only one out of 7!

Concessions by Obama? Flawed Agreement? Very, very, very, very Troubling? Except a War against every Muslim on the face of this earth...that's not troubling! Hallelujah! it's time to die for Jesus!... and take every Muslim and every Heathen on this Earth with us! If Christianity can't rule this Earth, it's time for an Armageddon to take place and for the Military Industrial Complex to make a few bucks! A good expensive war is the Republicans' ultimate climax...they 'do' trend towards Gynephobia!

So now! the Republican Party actually knows more about what the World wants than the actual World? Of course, they do!...it's the amazing Power of the Batshit!! They know more what the French want than the French, they now more than the Chinese, the Russians, the British, and even the Germans!! They know because Marco and Ted, and Jeb and Mr. Oops! say so! What better reason??

Iran nuclear deal framework announced - CNN.com

Apr 1, 2015

Conservatives' shameful Religious hypocrisy and their attempt to justify Discrimination!

By RF Schatten

Hiding under the facade of "Religious Freedom"...the totally sinful immorality of their actions! Spewing the Bible and Jesus Christ, while putting themselves above God! Ignorance is bliss in the Evangelical worlds interpreting the Bible whichever way fits their own bigotry and hate...then justifying it by glorifying their actions!

Decades of lies, baby feeding generations after generations...re-writing a book of 'Literature', written by many different people, all with their own personal interpretation. How correct can they be about the Bible if they prefer to re-write it? Do they know more than the people who wrote it?...over 2000 years ago?

It is widely known, that in the very 1st true Christian religion, Catholicism, that God's 'representative' on Earth, 'is' the Pope! His words are 'Dogma' to all Roman Catholics and the Catholic Church. Whether you follow his words or not, is up to you!...the fact remains, the Pope speaks for God. And whether you agree with him or not...it doesn't change it! The Pope is God's agent on this Good Earth, and when he speaks...people listen! Lately, with the advent of Pope Francis...it appears a whole lot more people are suddenly really listening, and coming back into the fold!

My question to all these "Holier Than Thou" good Christians, who invoke "God", "Jesus", "The Lord"...and/or "Hallelujah"!...at least once in every phrase, throughout their lives: When has God, ever said to discriminate over another fellow human being? not what someone else wrote! but what has 'he' said? When has the Pope said 'Discrimination' is right?...even Religious discrimination? It'll be interesting to hear what he says to 'this' crazy Congress!!

Meanwhile, the batshit is hanging from the rafters...just waiting to fall and anoint another mouthpiece for Jesus and Religious Freedom! And they just can't rush fast enough to have it fall straight on their face...the taste for batshit can be habit forming on the road to the Presidency. Jeb Bush appealing to the Ultra Right? FOX's resident Sexist-Homophobe with a severe case of Gynephobia, Tucker Carlson...it's nothing wrong to discriminate! Morning Joe defending Mike Pence with his usual lines of stupidity, and the list goes on...the nastier and filthier you can be within a society where you've become a social outcast, the better! You can become a "Star" in the GOP!

On the question of LGBT, Pope Francis said; "Who am I to Judge?" If you're a true Christian, you 'know' you will meet your maker...and how he's going to judge you for all your actions on this earth!! If you're a true Christian, you would not judge anyone and love your fellow man...that's what Jesus taught!

Justifying any semblance whatsoever of "Religious Freedom" for any type of discrimination, is just an excuse to legally allow a person's shameful Racist and Bigoted mind to act negatively upon their fellow human. Equal Rights is not Exclusive!

I would love to be a fly on the wall at St. Peter's Gate, when all this Batshit is judged!!...Lucifer is going to need a little more patience to put up with this crowd!!...and open more real estate, to fit them all!

GOP presidential candidates get behind Indiana's license-to-discriminate law