Feb 26, 2015

"Too many Regulations if Net Neutrality passes"...from those interested in Regulating it!

By RF Schatten

"The Internet is the ultimate vehicle for free expression. The Internet is simply too important to allow Broadband Providers to be the ones making the Rules." ~~ FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Net Neutrality!...when all the Voices are synergized into one common cause...it cannot be stopped!! The FCC's Final Ruling is a victory for  everyone who believes in Free Speech and Freedom from Corporations telling you, what you can watch, what you can hear, and what you can read!...and all for a price!

The Republican Tactical Philosophy; Suppress the Right of Speech and Freedom of Information...while allowing their Big Money benefactors to exploit the Internet for their own agendas. Well! it didn't work!...but does anyone really believe that this whole issue is over? Not if you're a Republican!!...those batshit war drums are rolling!...the GOP House is ready to pass Legislation that would partially reverse the Rules. Yes, folks! that's the Republican way!...if you can't win, change the Rules!...and if that doesn't work, pick up your dance card from 'your' favorite Supreme Court Justice, and cash it in!  Corporate citizens must be pissssed?!!...all those Crocodile tears in Alligator shoes!...they simply can't control "the people"!!

The last 24 hours was a 1-2 knockout punch by the Progressive movement!...first, the Veto of the Keystone XL Pipeline...and now the FCC's ruling on Net Neutrality. A total victory for every freedom loving Nerd in America...and everyone who believes in the free exchange of thoughts and ideas with the rest of the world, without fear of retribution!!

And why do they hate the Net so much?...aside from their Business objectives being shot down?...it comes down to 'surviving' in the greatest vehicle for Freedom of Speech and Expression, in the history of the world. Where every sentence, every word, and every action, can be scrutinized by the entire world...within seconds after opening your mouth. 'That', is no good for the GOP!

We're living in a new and very open world! Too 'open' for Conservatism...whose very nature is a Status Quo...to preserve, resist and limit any changes in society! According to the dictionary, a 'Liberal' is pertaining to, based on, or advocating Liberalism, "especially the Freedom of the Individual and Governmental Guarantees of Individual Rights and Liberties".

Essentially, you cannot Bullshit in the Net too long before someone discovers your phoniness...your actions, your words, your eyes, your body language...beware of YouTube! There is a reason why the GOP just can't "Sell" a Candidate in a National Election since the Internet became a political power source and base! And there is a reason why the powerful Progressives/Liberals controls the Social Media and have dominated the Net!...helping Barack Obama get elected...twice!!

Republicans can't handle the truth!...that's why they hate the Net! A phony, a liar, a cheat, a con man...someone with absolutely no policy, agenda, or scruples...how long do they last? before their own character shoots them down! In the Republican's Quadrennial Great Clown Debates...it eliminates all the garbage on the surface, so true shit can float up to the top and take the nomination!...I sure miss Mittens!!

FCC chair: Corporations shouldn't control access to the internet - Vox

"Cancer is a Fungus"?...Ignorance is the true Fungus

By RF Schatten

It's inconceivable the outright ignorance in this country when it comes to Medicine!! Are we really becoming a country of stupids? Total idiots, talking stupidity about things they have absolutely no understanding of.

Now, you got the Anti-Vaxxers...the new word in the sound-byte world...parents who refuse to have their kids vaccinated in the community. Schools? other kids go to school, too? Don't give a damn who my kids spread any bacterial viruses to, that's not my problem..."It's My Constitutional Right", "the Government cannot force my kids to be vaccinated!". The audacity of it all, it's that they're putting their Constitutional Rights ahead of the Health and Welfare of their own Children! And the hypocrisy! that 99.99% of them...if born or grown up in the United States...are alive and well today, because 'they' got vaccinated as kids!

They had good parents who believed in common sense...who knew they probably weren't doctors or scientists...and just trusted someone who knew what they were doing! Today, in all their exploited ignorance...you don't trust no one! don't trust Government! don't trust Scientists!...they just don't trust anyone who disagrees with them in anything! 
And now!...drumroll, please!..."Cancer is a Fungus"! wash it with salt, huh? OK!! sometimes I wonder if it's really ignorance?...or their sordid ways of continuously trying to mindfuck humanity?

To Anti-Vaxxers: You have 'that' Constitutional Right...if you don't want your child to get vaccinated? fine!...but, you have to keep them home!...the rest of the Community doesn't want your son or daughter spreading any serious diseases and contaminating others in the schools, or for that matter...throughout the Community. It's called responsibility as a Parent...and as a Citizen of the Community!

Just wash your Cancer, away! Wow!! scrub that slimy Fungus off...and rinse it away! Why don't they visit every Cancer patient in the Country, and prove to 'them'...that they can cure their Cancer! Hey! they'll pay any cost...if they can be cured of Cancer!
Or how about visiting a Hospital and see what Cancer really is! talk to the survivors...and the terminal. Then tell them your horseshit!...and see what their response to you, is? Or are you too embarrassed around Cancer to look at them, straight into their eyes?

Incredible! the basic education in this country!...how people don't 'think', how little informed they are about Medicine and Science, and how they are socially regressing in the state of our Society. When they reject science and actively support charlatans selling you miracle elixirs to cure your "Fungus"!...and believe that Rand Paul knows more about Medicine than the entire Medical World, who say there's absolutely no proof...and, not a single case ever reported...that vaccinations cause Autism!

People like this, with all due respect...will never really change...it's sad, and I feel the most for the Children. They'll grow up uneducated, and health wise? I sincerely wish them all the good health...no one should have to remain sick, with the wonders of Modern Medicine...because of lack of money...or because of ideology!
On the positive side...I'm just happy to be in the majority with that part of the human race, that still believes in Medicine, Research, Moving Forward, and Caring for your fellow man! I for one, don't have the desire to live in the land of the stupids...this 'is' a free country!


Feb 24, 2015

Lies and Deceits: America's continuous affair with Bibi Netanyahu

By RF Schatten

"I have proof! that the 'other' side has Weapons of Mass Destruction"...no! no! no! it's not George W Bush...'that', was our non-Islamic Allies in the Middle East.

Now, there's evidence that those 'weapons' appeared to be a hoax. And no! Dick Cheney didn't rat him out...he only does that to undercover nuclear CIA Spies! It's not good when you're outed, and an embarrassment when US Secrets are revealed...even worse, when your own "Mossad" contradicted you; Uranium production, wasn't even close to those levels he showed during his little UN 'artistic' performance!

How those with power can try to manipulate world opinion for their own agenda...regardless who dies on either side...regardless the opinion of their own country or anyone else!

Prime Minister Benjamin "Bibi" Netanyahu has one goal in his political life...the full open invasion of Iran. They say that history repeats itself?...sometimes it repeats because of ignorance...sometimes it repeats by design. Iraq and Iran have been the main topic of conversation in certain circles since the world saw Dubya, stand on top of the rubbles of the World Trade Center...the perfect schmuck, and/or his successor to help in Israel's cause. Unfortunately, his successor turned out to be someone who wasn't about to be a puppet led by anyone...especially, a leader of another sovereign nation!

Ben Netanyahu said publicly that he will do anything it takes to break up any Agreement between the US and Iran. And he conspired behind the back of the US Government with John Boehner, without the knowledge of the President of the United States. Speak to the US Congress to lobby the GOP, and the American Conservative Jewish base...and bullshit the nation with fear, into voting and passing the Republican "Kirk-Menendez Bill"!!

Why??? read Section 2 (b) (5)!! It pretty much coerces the United States into a War with Iran!...just the right orgasm for John McCain to go apeshit with!...oh! those winds of war always feel great for Big $$. In this case...Big $$ Here...and Big $$ in Israel. Everyone wins...but the wounded and the dead!!

Leaked cables show Netanyahu’s Iran bomb claim contradicted by Mossad | World news | The Guardian

Feb 23, 2015

Criticizing a Lie while Justifying Another...the Hypocrisy of Roger and Fox News

By RF Schatten

If you lie on NBC...you're suspended for 6 months. If you lie on FOX...you get the "Full Support" of your boss! And probably a raise!...Roger Aisles believes there's no shame in lying! He's admitted that FoxNews is a political arm of the GOP!...Roger dodger 'is' the Chief of Propaganda for the Republican Party!...so, why would anyone expect anything different?

#1 Propaganda Technique? NAME CALLING or STEREOTYPING:  "Giving a person or an idea a bad label by using an easy to remember pejorative name.  This is used to make us reject and condemn a person or idea without examining what the label really means".  Sounds familiar?
#6 Propaganda Technique? PLAIN FOLKS:  This is a way that a speaker convinces an audience that an idea is good because they are the same ideas of the vast majority of people like yourself.  Examples: "This is the will of the People", "Most Americans...". etc, etc, etc! Sounds familiar?
#8 Propaganda Technique? ARTIFICIAL DICHOTOMY:  "This is when someone tries to claim there are only two sides to an issue and that both sides must have equal presentation in order to be evaluated.  This technique is used to dupe people into believing there is only one way to look at an issue, when, in fact, there may be many alternative viewpoints or "sides". It simplifies reality, therefore, distorts it often to the advantage of the speaker. Sounds familiar?

I can go on with at least 45 more Techniques...but everyone knows what's going on!...and it's being done in the open! with the public acknowledging it. Apparently, it works...look at Red America at the local community level, and in the US Congress...when apathy is rampant, those short of a cookie...run the Cookie Factory
The difference between NBC and FOX is...on NBC, it was one individual...on FOX is not only O'Reilly, but you're encouraged by the Boss, himself! And naturally, if you want to keep your job...you read your q-card and lie! There's a reason why almost all Females that work for FOX are blonde and look like the Stepford Wives...just staring at the cameras, all saying the same thing.

It's all about perception...what ideas you want to exploit people to believe and follow, how to lie your way throughout...and at the end, come out on top! The grand illusion that the Republican Party is the all-wise, all-knowledgeable, all decency and honesty, love of Family, love of God, love of America, God Bless America! and the good old Red, White, and Blue!...it's Bibles and Flags! They elevated themselves above the public, so they can look down at you, like snobbish bigots.

Roger must have fallen in love with Cleveland's "Fox 8 News In The Morning", and Kristi Capel's extraordinary racist "Jigaboo" comment. It's right up Ailes alley. The fact that she apologized for the remark on Twitter, by saying; "I had no idea it was a word or what it meant"...makes you think a little. A woman with a Bachelor's Degree in Communication and Public Relations...a professional News Host or Co-Host...and her answer is: "I had no idea it was a word or what it meant"?? Or is it that her true feelings blurted out of her mouth...and she had to backtrack herself?

In Psychology, they say people have inherent biases in the way they perceive the world and these biases can be used to manipulate them! Other than Goebbels, no one has ever used more propaganda and subliminal techniques on their own people, than Ailes and the GOP...and all for one purpose...

Fox News: Chief Roger Ailes Is In 'Full Support Of Bill O'Reilly'

Feb 22, 2015

Please Inform Republicans: Love of America is not a Pissing Contest!

By RF Schatten

Republicans Love America: Their love overflows with all their acts of kindness and all their charity towards those less fortunate. No one cares for their fellow man more than a Republican!...and no one in the History of the United States cares more about this Nation...than a Republican does today! How they care so much about the Physical Health of our population!...they know, for a healthy and secure future...you need a Healthy population. How they care so much for our country to remain powerful other than brawns and clout...Education is what will keep us as a nation, on a forward march towards the future. How they care for our Earth, for the land that we live in...and how they understand so clearly, that if something ever happens...there's not a way of taking the 7.125 Billion inhabitants from this planet (as of this writing)...and shoving up them into space!!  They're smart, they care that everyone is created equally!...'as' the constitution says. They have the utmost respect for Women, Blacks, Gays, Hispanics, our Youths, and our Seniors!...and the utmost respect for Religions other than Christianity! We know all this because they said so! Republicans never lie, right?

But, above all, they just keep loving their country!!...God Bless America!!...it's the words that keep on giving...you know that! it's all they ever say whenever camera lenses are anywhere within a 10 ft radius from them! This is their Gospel According to Ronald Reagan, FOX...and Friends

So! If they love this country so much, as they keep suggesting...why do they do everything possible to annoy or suppress every sector in the country, except the affluent 1%?

If they love this country so much, why do they support and negotiate with a Foreign Country? behind the backs of the State Dept. and the White House, itself.. .help brake negotiations in the US/Iraq meetings, and coerce the US into a war with Iran...a little gift from the GOP and Bibi Netanyahu to Barack Obama and the American people...it's called Kirk-Menendez Bill, section 2(b)(5)!!

If they love this country so much...why do they want to eliminate the Dept of Education and change all the curriculum to fit their model of rewrite, inserting theology, and outlawing all types of thinking?

If they love this country so much...why do they prefer keeping the entire country insecure and frightened, all for a 'political' issue ...just to coerce the President into backing out of Immigration?

If they love this country so much...why don't they want to preserve the land that God gave us?

If they love this country so much...why oppose 20 million people from being Healthy?

If they love this country so much...why do they oppose all Black issues, all Gay Issues, all Hispanic Issues, all Women Issues, all Youth Issues, and all Elderly Issues?

If they love this country so much...why haven't they done anything on Income Disparity? about elevating the way of life for the Poor?...Trickle Down Economics after 35 yrs?...it's been very slow trickle!!

What the Republican Party loves is $$$$$$$...preferably 7 figures or above!

America is safer because of Rudy??  Obama doesn't love America...a little hateful and insightful remark from a man with a historically questionable criminal past, who's the wealthiest congressman in America, and has among the worst records ever in Congress on pro-social issues and among the best ever on pro-corporate issues. Darrell Issa supporting Rudy Giuliani...indecent hypocrites tend to stick to each other like a fungus. Rudy Giuliani, the 3x married, occasional cross-dressing former Mayor of NY, and an active carrier of Trump Foot In Mouth Disease   ...the man who never met a camera he didn't like! Whereas Mayor...black murders and police brutality occurred at a record level, during his watch. A man who's breakout claim to fame was as a Federal Prosecutor, the big loser in United States v. Anthony Accetturo...10 years Investigation, 65-page indictment, 240 volumes, 850 exhibits, and 76 RICO counts!...and all 20 Mobsters walked!! A loser who won and became Mayor, and now still a loser...a personality in the same form as Donald Trump!...a little character trying to stay in the limelight!

The love and the trust of a Politico: Darrell Issa and Little Rudy question other people's love for America...I'm not the only one who questions Issa's and Giuliani's love for America...or 'their' Allegiance, for that matter!

Darrell Issa: ‘We should thank’ Giuliani for making us safer by saying Obama doesn’t love America

Feb 21, 2015

Dumbing Down America: A Republican Strategy?...or Nightmare?

By RF Schatten

A little common sense about Common Core can go a long way in resolving our common problems...civil discourse goes a long way...but you're not dealing with civility, you're dealing with the eternal darkness of the imbecile mind.

They say, "Knowledge is Power" In today's America...there are those with the knowledge 'and' the power...who feel they're entitled to it all! It's their destiny, their heritage, their lifelong mission...carried on from father to sons. In the words of their idol, Ayn Rand: "If any civilization is to survive, it is the morality of Altruism that men have to reject" and "The ladder of success is best climbed by stepping on the rungs of opportunity". Translation? Fuck they neighbor!...if not nailed down, steal it! think of yourself first and screw the rest of the world! Sounds a little Republican to me, Mr.Ryan!

Why the hell would someone want their child, less educated in this world?. Common Core is designed to set a "Minimum" standard of education in Math and English Comp/Reading, across the country for K-12...a national standard on what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade. For those on a Tea overdose...it means that if applied properly, your kid will actually turn out smarter than you! A standard so if your family moves from one State to another...your kid would not be left behind because he wasn't legally allowed to 'think', and figure out what 2+2 is??

Yes! Yes! Yes! Of course, there 'are' problems with the system...everyone wants perfection, whether it's 'Common Core' or 'Obamacare'!...but where are the solutions, all these perfectionists have in mind? It's not a failure...43 States, District of Columbia, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands, and the American Samoa Islands have all adopted the Standards.

Those who haven't? Texas, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, Alaska, Indiana, and Nebraska. Not surprising!...it's the dumbing down of America.  Test scores have shown that States using Common Core, have higher scores than the anti-education "7".

Kentucky!...yes folks, Kentucky! The first to implement the Common Core State Standards...local school districts began the new Math and English standards in August 2010. In 2013, a Time article reported that the high school 'Graduation Rate' had increased from 80% in 2010 to 86% in 2013, those scores went up 2% points in the 2nd year of the Common Core Test...and the percentage of students considered to be ready for college or a career? based on a battery of assessments, went up from 34 percent in 2010 to 54 percent in 2013! Yeah, it has its quirks! but it works!...but what's wrong with tweaking the system a little? It can only improve it!

Jake Miller of CBS News says that the fear Iowans have is that "college admissions and standardized test development on a national level will synchronize with the standards, effectively subjecting Iowa students to them"...is it the fear of effectively subjecting students to national standards? Or is it the fear of embarrassment for poor quality of education in the state? It's all ignorance and jealousy...and the small mind of a sector in our society, that believes in turning back the clocks. Education? who needs an education?...they may turn out to be smart, and see the phoniness of their idols!

The 10 Commandments have absolutely nothing to do with American History...but it's the blatant ignorance, between what "Academic Education" is...and what Family Education suppose to be. The 10 Commandments is not going to teach you, what 2+2 is!! And the entire earth is watching this fiasco live!! Embarrassing? aa ayup!

Could Common Core cause a Republican civil war in 2016? - CBS News

Feb 19, 2015

US History: As told by The 10 Commandments, Ronald Reagan, and George W

BY RF Schatten

In an Apathetic society...Ignorance always trumps Intelligence, my friends! Oklahoma has joined the State of Texas to keep our future generations stupid, ignorant, and close-minded! Teach them only what 'You' want them to know, what 'You' want them to hear, or what 'You' want them to see...keep them ignorant of the rest of the world...indoctrinate!! And they talk about how bad it is in North Korea? They're kept as ignorant and as much in the dark, as Texas and Oklahoma!! They're not allowed to think!...'Critical Thinking' is against the Laws in Texas!! Indoctrinate, till they only respond to a quick...Heil! Heil! Heil!

Is Oklahoma, OK?...aa ayup! they're OK!...just as stupid as Texas is! Rep. Dan Fisher is 'the man'!! The Fisher Bill...which was approved by the Education Committee, overwhelmingly on an 11-4 vote...bans Advanced Placement U.S. History and changes all history books, to reflect 'their' personal interpretation of US History. Those changes? A total of 58 Documents that; “Shall form the base level of Academic Content for all United States History Courses offered in the Schools in the State of Oklahoma.” 58 Documents that will make up the entire "History of the United States of America" in the Sooner State. Those included are; The 10 Commandments, 3 hand picked speeches by Ronald Reagan, a hand-picked speech by George W Bush, and nothing whatsoever from Lyndon Johnson or any other Democratic President, since. Sounds fair...if you live in the Land of the Stupids!

Legal Right Wing Educational Indoctrination...students studying not history, but what the state commands them to believe (no thinking allowed)...and these people have the gall to talk about Socialism?!?! Ignorance is truly bliss!!

The question is; Is Dan Fisher a fundamentally ignorant human being? or a fundamentally shrewd piece of shit that's out to advance the cause of the "American Right Wing Dream"? Funny that all his "Personal Information" section of the Oklahoma State Legislature website, is missing!...no mention whatsoever! or hardly anything else about him through internet searches...he covered his ass! but didn't cover his character. He personifies what Fundamental Christianity and Big Money America stands for; a white Christian ignorant society to be ruled by a more sinister Oligarchy...a Ruling Class society, where all other classes would be at their disposition, and in some cases...even their mercy.

They know!...do it now! or they'll miss the boat when "White America" becomes the minority in the not too distant future! A lot of dangerous laws and precedents are being set and manipulated by Right Wing America, Social Conservative Christianity, the Tea Party, the GOP, the Koch Industries, and their fully paid Supreme Court  ...including coercion with Foreign Governments against the best interest of the United States.

If apathetic America doesn't wake up from their trance...We, the People will be facing these maniacs, as they wrap themselves up with that Flag, pick up their King James or whatever Bible of their choice...and start Marching down the streets of America!! ...and yes! if you don't study history...it 'does' tend to repeat itself!! Why do you think Oklahoma and Texas don't want you to think, or read history??...God Bless America!!

Oklahoma Bill Banning AP US History Would Make Students Study Ten Commandments, 3 Speeches By Reagan | ThinkProgress

Feb 18, 2015

Conspiracy, Treason, and the ease of "Diplomatic Immunity"

By RF Schatten

Why would the GOP use a political Issue,such as Immigration, to hold hostage Homeland Security?...for people who keep talking and bitching about securing our borders...they sure don't give a rat's ass about securing our country from foreign government spy networks, terrorist cells, or foreign leaders who reveal US negotiation secrets to the press, to hurt the country's effort in negotiations.

"Diplomatic Immunity"?...nice to be a leader of a country! When an American Political Party takes allegiance to a Foreign Leader and its government, over their own...that's "Treason"!!!  Defying and humiliating the President of the United States by violating the Logan Act....to undermine US/Iran nuclear negotiations. A conspiracy between the Speaker of the US House of the Representative and the Prime Minister of Israel...sordidly negotiating a secret plan without the knowledge of the President of the United States, in order to hurt US/Iranian diplomatic relations...while Netanyahu lobbies Congress for legislation eliminating the Executive Branch's power and authority to negotiate in any way, whatsoever with Iran...and hand Bibi authority to declare war on our behalf.

Read the "Kirk-Menendez Bill, section 2(b)(5)"...a stipulation that "whenever Israel feels to take military action against Iran, the United States is compelled to provide “military support” to Israel."

Yes, folks! once again, we're being manipulated back into a War by a war-hungry selfish old white Republican Party, eager to make more of the Big Money at the expense of our young men and women...and now by someone who has absolutely no concern for the people of America...his only agenda is the Israeli Elections, and push for an all out Israeli invasion of Iran!

In the end...when is all over...nothing will ever change. In a country where the only love for Americans is the American Dollar...it's the United States, once again left holding the Body Bags and naturally, paying for all the post-war reconstruction...all to satisfy a madman's crave for his vision of Israel.

Can Boehner be brought up on treason charges? This is the Republican Party!...where treason is part of life...committing Treason by leaking to the press the identity of the CIA's lead spy on Nuclear Weapons, or how Scooter Libby took the fall for then VP Dick Cheney. Leaking secrets to the press!! Bibi and Boehner...two degenerate characters in the grand tradition of Ronald Reagan...negotiating with a foreign government behind the back of Jimmie Carter, to manipulate an Election. Oh! Republicans have always been so righteous! Cowards love to start wars...but not lead from the front lines!

Boehner's Conspiracy To Empower Netanyahu To Start America's War With Iran

Feb 16, 2015

Bibi Netanyahu: With Friends and Allies like this...who needs Enemies?

By RF Schatten

The White House widely believes Benjamin Netanyahu may have leaked US Secrets, in order to undermine US-Iran Negotiations. Washington Post's David Ignatius wrote from Tel Aviv; "US officials believe that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has authorized his government to release 'Secret Details' of US/Iran Nuclear Negotiations to the Israeli press".

That story has been corroborated by Barak Ravid at Haaretz: As told by Israeli Senior Officials to Haaretz..."As a result of the recent tension between the United States and Israel, the White House has begun to limit the scope, quality and depth of the information it shares with Jerusalem about the progress of the talks with Iran about its nuclear program"

In his report, Ravid added; "While U.S. President Barack Obama wants to make every effort to reach a nuclear agreement with Iran, Netanyahu is doing everything he can to block one".

Bibi Netanyahu undermining another sovereign country's political policies, diplomatic efforts, and secrets?? Why not!! he's on a roll!!...his only concern, is his consummate obsession for the Invasion of Iran, authorize more settlements to antagonize the Palestinians, and perpetually find ways of delaying any peace talks. This sack of shit doesn't want peace with any Arab or Persian, at any cost.

The destruction of Israel? ...if Israel doesn't destroy them first!! A war between Israel and the entire Islamic World is not going to decide who's right and who's wrong...just who can piss farther!...and who comes out ahead in the arms show! And naturally, we have to take sides and send...once again...our youngest and finest, this time to die for Bibi's inability to coincide with International Diplomacy!!

Wonder what John "scapegoat" Boehner must be thinking?...still coming?? At this rate, about the only person that the invitee will be speaking in front of, is the inviter...but, oh hell!...the Republicans will be there, they can't resist talks when it comes to the subject of Arms, War, and Money!! One country advocating the destruction of another. The Islamic world promised the destruction of Israel...and Netanyahu is very public about nuking Iran, at any cost, whether or not it hurts anyone else in the world...does this make him any better of a human being than those who want to destroy him? Peace in the Middle East? invading another country, whether for Religious, Financial or Political reasons...is not going to bring Peace...just a lot more money made by the Newsmedia!

After 67 years...the Israelis are big boys now! They don't need anymore, so much 'financial assistance' from the US...'we' need more financial assistance, than they need from us!! How much have we borrowed from them?...and how much have they borrowed from us?...bet our tab is smidgen larger with China? How long are we going to fight someone else's battles?...as long as the smell of money, is in the air! Like him? give all your 'own' money to his cause!...don't care for him? just #BoycottBibi  during his speech!

Report: Netanyahu may have leaked US secrets to hurt Iran negotiations - Vox

Feb 15, 2015

Mississippi: A contradiction in Cognitive Development

By RF Schatten

Hatred, Bigotry, Racism...and why Ignorance and poor Cognitive Development has kept Ole Miss at the bottom of the cracker barrel on virtually all economic and social indicators. And that's totally shameless...the Magnolia State is such a beautiful place!

Mississippi and the #50...it's normal to see those 2 together when talking economics, and other subjects.

Unemployment: Highest in the Nation. GDP per capita: Lowest of all 50 states...and Last in personal consumption. Wages: Lowest in the country.
Education in Mississippi: The State has the notable distinction of ranking 51st out of the 50 States...with the District of Columbia, ranking higher. Education Week’s Quality Counts gave both DC and Ole Miss, a grade of "F"...the only 2 Fs in the country! Mississippi is also among the lowest 10 states in providing young people a chance, financing for schools (46th), and improving the quality of teaching.
Mississippi and the #50 again!! Obamacare? they probably rather die!...and they will...a lot quicker than any other State in the Union! Advice; Mississippi and Healthcare...if seriously ill, move out or buy a lot of life insurance!
Healthcare: We're #50! Were #50! Health for Seniors: We're #50! Were #50! Children in Poverty: We're #49!...but seriously trying our hardest to reach 50!!

Social Issues are just considered dirty words to old southern white boys...they want to prove to the world that intelligence doesn't necessarily improve from one generation to another. They're a living, breathing contradiction of hereditary progression and traits...they 'are', stupider than their parents!

“All the blacks are getting food stamps and what I call ‘welfare crazy checks.’ They don’t work.” So, since they don't work, GOP State Rep. Gene Alday figures why waste money educating their kids! Is that bigotry or racism?...or just plain sheer human ignorance? They 'are' #50...and proud of it! If they didn't like it, the state would've elected someone else!...but it appears they just love the batshit and the bizarre! Living in a perpetual time machine with no forward gears...and their favorite Bible, on hand.

Growing up, human beings develop by learning how to explore objects with your fingers and toes, how to touch things...you begin to recognize things, hear things, you start to learn, to read, and to think...understand, rationalize, theorize, and start coming up with your own personal conclusions about life. That's called Cognitive Development...Cognitive Development in Mississippi? We're #50!!

Lawmaker Opposes Education Funding Because It Would Go To 'Blacks' Who Get 'Welfare Crazy Checks' | ThinkProgress

Feb 14, 2015

Being a Powerless Majority?...payback is a bitch!

By RF Schatten

After 6 years of Obstruction and Stonewalling, the GOP has hit the proverbial Stone Wall. 6 years of planning!...all for "where do we go from here"? Good job!!

How a group of clowns who haven't accomplished jack shit since January, 2009... continue their losing ways...as they transition themselves from Minority losers to Majority losers. They'll continue to gerrymander for their majority seats...but will never win a national election and will never be on the north end of Public Opinion. Not, until Republican moderates come out of those toilet stalls they've been hiding in, return from exile, take the taste of Tea out of their mouths...boot all these batshit crazy Right Wing extremists, out of the Republican Party!...and make up some viable policies, that the general public would willing to join you in! Let the Teas charter their own Political Party or join the Libertarian Party...make 'their' lives miserable for a while!

If these crybabies can't win, no one can play with them after school!! Now the GOP House...with of the pressure of their lunatic fringe...is pressuring the GOP Senate into committing Political Hara-Kiri. Changing rules to fit their needs...assuming it well help them? Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups, remember? What are they willing to lose, just to make Obama miserable?...without taking into account, the rest of the country!

Immigration and Executive Amnesty, anyone?
Eisenhower: 1956 - Deferred quotas to allow 900 orphans to join American Families. 1956-58 - Allowed 31,000 Hungarians. 1959 - Allowed 600,000 Cubans

Ford: 1975 - Allowed 360,000 Indochinese. 1976 - Allowed 14,000 Lebanese.

Reagan: 1981 - Allowed 7,000 Poles. 1982 - 15,000 Ethiopians. 1987 - Rescinded Deportation of 200,000 Nicaraguans. 1987 - Deferred  Deportation of 100,000 Children of amnestied parents.

Buch, HW: 1989 - Deferred Deportation of Chinese students. 1989 - Reversed Visa Denials of Soviets and Indochinese. 1990- Deferred Deportation of 1 Million Amnestied citizens' Children and Spouses. 1991 - Deferred Deportation of Gulf War evacuees. 1992 - Deferred Deportation of 190,000 El Salvadorans

Bush, W: 2002 - Expidited Naturalization for Green Card holders joining the Military. 2005 - Deferred Deportation for students affected by Hurricane Katrina. 2006 - Enabled Cuban Doctors to seek asylum in US Embassies. 2007 - Deferred Deportation of Liberians.

Do Republicans want to scare Obama with impeachment if he tries to carry the Immigration issue into Executive Orders? Why don't we ceremoniously impeach Ike, Jerry, Ronnie, George, and Junior? Kind of hypocritical...when Republican Presidents issue those Executive Orders, it's OK!...but if Obama does it...fuck you??

As the GOP tries to find themselves...governing by demands and hostage taking, as PoliticusUSA's Jason Easley puts it so well...it's not going to work! Obama has put Congress on notice, that he plans to run through them the last 2 years. Being a lame duck president 'does' have its advantages!

Now that Big Dumbo has taken majority, they have to prove they can legislate and govern...while facing a hostile opposition. Payback, is a bitch!!

GOP at Impasse Over Bill Aimed at Blocking Obama Immigration Move - WSJ

Feb 13, 2015

A Powerless Majority...and its desire to remove the Power of the Minority

By RF Schatten

Republican hypocrisy at all its glory! After 6 years of obstruction with over 500 Filibusters...now, House Republicans are demanding the outlaw of all Democratic Filibusters?? It does suck at times, when you're not the minority anymore...so, suck it up!...and expect some more. The GOP can now feel the bullshit the Democrats had to put up with, the last 6 years.

"There’s a way to change the rules to allow us to move forward and take away the ability to filibuster", says Rep. Mick Mulvaney (R-SC)...but, the Buck still stops with that Veto Pen, asshole!!...and the Right Side of the Aisles, is not Veto-proof!! Do they want a Veto war?...they'll never win...how many pieces of Legislature since 2009, has the GOP passed so far? Pissing their opposition any more than they already have, is not going to make life any easier for the Grand Old White Cocktail Party and their Tea Loving protégés around the District of Columbia. Do they really want to use the "Nuclear Option"?...a very dangerous game to play...and payback, 'will' be an equally dangerous bitch!

The definition of "Slime": 112 Republican filibusters in 2007 and 2008 ...a new record, at the time...and during George Dubya's watch!!

Since then, the all-time record for Filibusters has been crushed to pieces with over 500!!...375 of those, were bills that passed the Democratic-majority House and were blocked by Republicans in the Senate. They finagled a 60 vote Supermajority when they didn't have a majority...and now, that they have the 51 majority threshold?...Nah!! let's go back to a more democratic way; a simple majority!

While the Republicans tell you a horseshit tale on why they need to use the filibuster, and on why the Democrats should be prohibited from ever using it...let's look back at these Bills, all blocked by Republicans. To mention all of them, would take a week...but the records are there...they're public knowledge!

What have they blocked? They 'do' believe in equal opportunity; they've blocked a little here, a little there...they just don't want anyone left out...except the 1%!

A Few examples of the more than 500 legislative bills blocked ...want more proof? look it up in the library:
H.R. 448 ~ Elder Abuse Victims Act,
H.R. 1168 ~ Veterans Retraining Act
H.R. 1469 ~ Child Protection Improvements Act
H.R. 1727 ~ Managing Arson Through Criminal History (MATCH) Act
H.R. 1834 –- Native American Business Development Enhancement Act
H.R. 1796 ~ Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Prevention Act
H.R. 1875 ~ End the Trade Deficit Act
H.R. 2749 -- Food Safety Enhancement Act

They've blocked legislation multiple times, to annoy every sector of American Society! The Elderly, Women, Children, Native Americans, Veterans, the Poor, the Environment, Small Business...you name it...and they have blocked it! Why? because they're slime! They have only one agenda...and it doesn't include 99% of this country...period!

Do they care about the state of this country? Look at the more than 500 reasons why they don't give a shit! But especially...the reasons why they 'do' give a shit and need to block them at any cost:
H.R. 2142 ~ Government Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Performance Improvement Act
H.R. 2221 – Data Accountability and Trust Act
H.R. 985 -- Free Flow of Information Act

'Free Flow of Information', just like red Texas and Critical Thinking...don't Inform the public...just keep them ignorant, never be accountable for anything. And don't allow the American Public to Think...that's the Republican way!

Hypocrite Republicans Are Trying To Take Away Senate Democrats' Power To Filibuster

Feb 10, 2015

"Manly Firmness"! Republican machismo?...or fear of emasculation?

By RF Schatten

"Manly Firmness"...if there were any other way, this man could've defined what he meant..."Manly Firmness" is just too 'hard' to swallow as an answer!

We know what he meant, besides a sexist remark...but, he could've used a little more tact, a little more finesse and decorum. Oh, decorum? I forgot!...this is the home of Todd "Legitimate Rape" Akin!

“You want a soldier to fight like a man...If a woman is in the trenches, you want them to fight like a 'man', too". Where are your soldier credentials, macho man? Trying to explain to a woman that a man is superior, that in its very sense, is a very stupid and imbecile thing to do!...'Manly Firmness'?...you're looking for trouble with the no-nonsense Bobbit crowd, bubba!!

"Women are systematically degraded by receiving the trivial attentions which men think it's manly to pay to the sex, when, in fact, men are insultingly supporting their own superiority" ~~~ Mary Wollstonecraft

What this fool tried to mean, was that a man is stronger than a woman?...or has the ability to outperform women? No way out of this entanglement. It's the GOP's old white male chauvinist mentality, those illusions of 'King of the Castle' while June Cleaver waits on you, hand and foot...but primarily their perception of women as the weaker sex...superbly supported by batshit blind America.

What is it about the Tea Party, Batshit Clowns, and their obsession in presenting themselves in front of an audience...make a fool out of themselves in front of the entire world...and still keep that camera rolling, wherever they are? The crazier you are, the bigger screwball you are ...and, the more outrageous things you say...makes you the next rising star of the Republican Party! Welcome aboard the GOP ship of fools, Mr. Moon! wherever those political winds carry you, from now on...you will always be remembered...for your 'Manly Firmness'!!

Missouri Republican urges ‘every man and lady’ in Congress to repeal Obamacare with ‘manly firmness’

Feb 9, 2015

Marriage Equality: Coming to terms with Traditional Values

By RF Schatten

Sometimes it doesn't take Legal Arguments, Past Cases, or Court Decisions for a dose of reality to slap you right in the kisser!

The Right Wing's War on Marriage Equality is 'over'...Clarence Thomas is essentially putting up the White Flag...but don't tell Christian Conservative America! it shakes their traditional beliefs right down to their long bigoted roots! Get out of that cave, man!! the world, does keep evolving!...even, if you remain hiding from that darkness inside your mind! Marriage Equality is here stay!...it's on the right side of conventional wisdom! besides, we live in a multi-culturally Pluralistic Society...so, grow up and live with it!!

"Free yourself from the rigid conduct of tradition and open yourself to the new forms of probability".~~~ Hans Bender

We're in the 21st Century!...aside from basic Conservative values, why are they so frightened from moving away from the Status Quo?...Tradition?
"Traditional Family Values"...traditional this, traditional that...it's all a matter of trying to keep up with the past, instead of advancing as a Nation, into the future. The past is Dead! We live in the present to build the future for our next generation. Tradition? or is it the fear of the unknown? When there's no planning or policies to carry on, into the future...there's going to be a certain amount of reluctance on moving forward...they're scared to death!! Equal Rights for Gays, Interracial dating, and marriage...Clarence should've known better, considering his own Marriage...we're not in Kansas anymore, Toto!

It's a whole new world out there, and if certain sectors of our populace don't conform...Society is just going to leave them behind, living their lives as if it was a distant memory. Don't hang on to tradition, it's quickly fading away!...just look at the Washington Redskins...and how the sons and daughters of so many purist "Redskins" fans, are turning their backs on the 'glorious' tradition of the name.

Conservatives might feel like Tevye: ". . . without our traditions, our lives would be as shaky as . . .as a fiddler on the roof . . ." And, like Tevye, who looked at 'tradition' as a way to keep his family together...but his future had other thoughts in their minds...Conservatism fears the same fate!

Clarence Thomas Admits Defeat in the Right Wing’s War on Marriage Equality

Feb 8, 2015

Ted Cruz and the GOP: Born-again...fabricating a new Reality.

By RF Schatten

In the spirit of Republican promos, on their born-again love for the poor...when your words and deeds have no merits to stand on...embrace the public and fabricate a reality.

Reality? Raphael Cruz Jr. 'is' the official "legislative" mouthpiece for Republican right wing propaganda...spreading the bull is his forte...the Party's resident Charlatan and Demagogue. Spread the cow manure thick and heavy, arouse the emotions, the passions...and the prejudices of his loyal fanatic minions...which make up the lunatic Tea loving fringe of the GOP.
Reality, 'is'...a man who looks at ya, straight into your eyes and tells you something that he knows perfectly well, he's full of shit...and he knows everyone will out him, but still does it! Controversy at the height of American ignorance helps to keep the truth hidden. He's your quintessential Political Troll... want to stir up controversy? call Ted...he's a thorn on everyone's ass, especially his own Republican Party!

What legislation has Ted Cruz voted for that helps the "hurting people"? What is Ted's record on helping the poor and the middle-class? If the Democrats are the party of the 1%, why has he voted 100% in favor of all legislation that favors the 1%?...and why are the Democrats, the Party of the 1%...if they keep voting against their interest?. Legislative voting records and voting patterns...are a matter of public record, Ted!

Want some Reality? Between 2001 and 2009..the glorious years of George W...Poverty rates for women nearly double that of men. In 2009, the poverty rates were 7% and 13%, respectively, for men and women. The chance of suffering a Health condition (acute or otherwise) rose 45-55%. Poverty trends for Senior Citizens...for the same period...rose at a similar rate.

Meanwhile, the GOP has been helping all those "hurting people" through offshore tax "havens", at an estimate of $50 Billion to $200 Billion of revenue losses per year. The Tax Justice Network estimates that in offshore tax havens alone, by 2010, some $21 to $32 Trillion Dollars have been hidden away by the super elite. Reality: Is the GOP going to demand that tax shelters be outlawed, so 'hurting people' they're helping could get their fair share?...oh! hell no!!...this is a story about "Reality"! Fiction and Illusions are for Tea Lovers only!

"If you live a life of make-believe, your life isn't worth anything until you do something that does challenge your reality" ~~~ Morgan Freeman

Reality Check: Opportunist, Professional Bullshit Artist, McCarthy fanatic, wannabe Cuban, troublemaker extraordinaire, and a pain in the rear of his own party...but especially a fool, who can't understand and challenge the reality of his own life... a 15 minute aberration in American political history, and the greatest media hound since Sid 6.7!!

Ted Cruz: ‘Reality’ is that GOP helps ‘hurting’ people and Democrats are party of ‘the top 1 percent’

Feb 6, 2015

Bibi and the Stooge: Who really mislead, who?

By RF Schatten

Karma is a Bitch! When you lead a life where you abandon all your principles in exchange for power and influence...where misleading, lying, and deceiving, is an everyday routine...sooner or later all your actions are going to come back, and kick you right up your ass!

Now, that it appears as an embarrassment to Israel...spin masters in Jerusalem are throwing the blame, back to John Boehner!! Poor Bibi was misled by Boner??...how could something like that happen?? The genius behind the private invitation of a Head of State, together preparing the perfect speech, while going behind the backs and without the knowledge of the State Dept, US Ambassadors, the Administration, and the President...has become the stooge scapegoat of his own scheme...and a very embarrassing and complicated international Diplomatic situation.

Does anyone believe that Benjamin Netanyahu, by far, among the world's most extremely shrewd veteran political leaders...really believes that John Boehner mislead him? The scheme was to humiliate and embarrass Barack Obama, and undermine US-Iran nuclear talks...essentially dividing Democrats into abandoning talks with Iran over their Nuclear Program.

Benjamin Netanyahu has his own agenda...the ultimate invasion of Iran...which the Republicans most certainly would enjoy. I can just see John McCain...envious of watching King Abdullah II in his flight suit. Abdullah was General of the Jordanian Special Forces and a certified Cobra Helicopter Pilot, before becoming King. Unlike, John McCain...he hasn't crashed any planes or choppers, yet!

Who's responsible for the ultimate motivation to put on this spectacle? Who made the first move?...BiBi or Boner?? They both knew exactly what they were doing!! Appeal to the far Right Wing mentality, advocating fear and hate towards Islam...appeal to their religious ignorance and fervor...Tea lovers eat up all that horseshit, big time!

"Hypocrisy and Distortion are passing currents under the name of Religion" ~~~ Gandhi

Except for the financial rewards, Ben Netanyahu could care less about the concerns of this Country...his first, last, and only concern is Israel...don't fault him for that, even if I don't agree with his visions of Iran. But, in this case, it's not so much about a Prime Minister's policies, ideas, and thoughts...but about a man's personal character. How much can you trust a leader that is willing to undermine and influence an election in another country, or work with the opposition party of another country to undermine the present government's policies? How would Israel react if Barack Obama addresses the Knesset to undermine Bibi and the Likud Party? Who would be outraged?...besides the GOP...who would be outraged in Israel?

In a civilized world, diplomacy is a life of protocols...observing the rules of politeness and mutual respect...a certain Integrity between adversaries. Diplomacy is the only civilized way of ever avoiding wars or stopping them! In the case of Benjamin Netanyahu, he's broken every rule of diplomacy...blatantly interfering and trying to undermine another country's politics and administration policies! The fact that it backfired, and the blame game has begun...does not dismiss Bibi's BS that he didn't know that Obama wasn't aware. Wasn't aware that he was coming to speak to congress, about the evils of Iran...while Obama and the State Dept are negotiating with Iran on Nuclear talks. Wasn't aware that the invite was kinda Partisan? maybe his Red Phone was out of service?...or he missed it on CNN or Fox?

61% of all Americans support the President's negotiations with Iran. When a foreign leader comes to undermine these negotiations, defies custom and tradition, and embarrasses the President...that's disrespect for the Office! and to the American people!!

A dishonorable and disrespectful man doesn't deserve the respect of the American people...or its Representatives in Congress. A boycott would send a message loud and clear to Boehner, the GOP, and especially to Netanyahu...go screw yourself, and don't interfere with 'our' politics!! Yes! it's time to ‪#‎BoycottBibi‬

Israeli official suggests Boehner misled Netanyahu on Congress speech | Reuters

Feb 5, 2015

Republicans love Science...when it comes to $$$ and the Pipeline!

By RF Schatten

"Climate Alarmists" are denying science by opposing the Keystone Pipeline? Alarmists are denying science what??? Mrs. Gump is right...there's no cure for Stupidity! Maybe Joe is auditioning for FoxNews?...as his ratings continue to sink south.

For your personal information, Joe! Climate alarmists 'do' understand science! Why? because they 'are' Pro Science...they listen, they read, they gather all the information and come up with their own conclusion. That's is called "Critical Thinking"...and even if it's illegal to think in Texas...you cannot deny the fact that 97% of all Climate Scientists in the world, believe in alarming the population ...that's why alarming the the citizenry of the environmental dangers of this pipeline, is important!!

But, for Joe?...it's really not about climates and environment...he's an educated man like him or hate him, he knows what he's saying and why he's saying it! The new standard of the Republican Party...accuse your opposition of the same thing they accuse you of! Haven't you heard how much the Democrats are Racists? or how they really are Anti-Gay, Anti-Women, Anti-Christians, Anti-Jews, and Anti-everything that the GOP goes on record for being?...it's their politically subliminal way of...passing the buck!!

Now, for the real reason why he's so adamant about that pipeline. It's called "Koch Industries". The Brothers Koch (aka John Birch Society) and their lust to buy the 2016 American Elections for the mere pittance of $900 Million to

$1 Billion Dollars. That's public knowledge...and they boast about it, too! Why do they want this pipeline to go through so badly, and at any cost?

How about $100 Billion Dollars!!!!!! Yes! that's what they stand to profit from the Pipeline...you see, they own 2 million acres in Alberta, Canada...and where does the Keystone Pipeline XL commence from?? Alberta, Canada!!!

The International Forum on Globalization's report on their findings concluded:
1) The Kochs could earn 1 million times more than the average worker of the pipeline.
2) Evidence suggests The Kochs alone are responsible for over 19 billion metric tons of carbon emissions in their tar sands holdings.
3) Think tanks funded by the Kochs have released nearly 1000 pro-KXL reports or statements.
4) Kochs have already made billions from insider trading and stand to do that again with tar sands.
5) Koch Industries has a history of violence against people and the environment.
6) The Koch Brothers seek to alter the public debate and control the policy debates in Washington.

Who really owns the Pipeline? Trans-Canada Corp? or Koch Industries?...or does it really matter? Who much revenue from, and how many jobs will this project energize? Not! what everyone thinks it's' going to be! Thousands of Jobs!! Oh, boy!!...Politifact: 35!!!! yep! 35 permanent jobs. It's always about the $$$, folks!...why the Koch boys hate to keep paying record pollution fines and having the distinction of being known as the largest carbon polluters the nation...they can only break their own record.

Buy a Country and own its resources, destroy the environment, and make more, more, more, and more $$$$...while their ignorant followers will cheer as they look up at these two so-called human beings...looking down at their masses, and thinking how they can cut off the cake too! Anyone for an Oligarchy and a Ruling Class Society?...allow them to win! Morning Joe loves them!

Joe Scarborough Says Liberals Are Anti-Science Because They Oppose Keystone Pipeline

Feb 4, 2015

Net Neutrality vs Content Control: Internet1 Big Money 0...SCOTUS next?

By RF Schatten

Let the Sunshine in!! A big win for every loving net citizen...a free Internet! From someone who's been involved on both the professional level and just another net citizen; from the days of the NSF, ARPANET, Bulletin Board Services, and NCSA Mosaic...and a proud supporter of the Electronic Frontier Foundation's "Blue Ribbon" Campaign for Internet Free Speech, since day #1...it's been a very long time coming!! Thank you!
The proposal by FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler is for the FCC to use its authority under Title II of the Communications Act to protect Consumer Broadband Internet. It's a victory for every single citizen who believes corporations don't have the right to impose their will over the Internet...it's a vicious loss for corporations, greed, and big $$$...who believes they are citizens, too.

Politically speaking: Huge victory for Barack Obama, who called for the FCC to use their authority under Title II. Big win for the Progressive movement and everyone who cares about the internet...and not be dictated by corporations such as Comcast, on what we see and what we hear. Big losers? Corporations, Industrialists, $$$, and the GOP...they can't stop free speech or internet scandal videos.

Worse than Gay Issues, worse than Immigration, even worse than Healthcare...they can deal with all those issues as they flip-flop their positions around...but what Republicans fear the most, is their inability to exploit and influence the masses through cyberspace with their official propaganda. Their strongest machine is FOX and News Corp...TV and Print...the Internet? they don't have a clue. They can gerrymander their way into Congress...but they can't gerrymander their way across the nation, into the White House! Is no big surprise that the Internet was a major factor in both Obama wins.

Why do Republican politicos privately dislike the Internet? it's hard to lie and persuade people to buy your horseshit, in front of the entire planet. Someone sooner or later...or even YouTube...is going to call you out. It's not too conducive for the Grand Old Party to be exposed for what and who they really are. Corporations and Politicos are part of the same mutual admiration society, with a GOP, that wants to control whatever you see and whatever you hear...and tweak the Internet to fit their Religious, Political, and Business Philosophies...anyone else? pay big time if you want Net Service, or sell your PC!

You see, again it's all about privatization! Why one small sector of this country continues to want the entire pie, all for themselves...for $$$ and much darker reasons...and why the rest of this country believes, 'they' deserve the greatest portion of that American Pie.

The corporate world lost this round, but $$$ can buy anything in this country...including 5 guys in the Supreme Court. Next round? SCOTUS. A lot of "Corporation are People" bullshit will be flying around, so, duck!...but it'll be interesting to see what happens...the ramifications will be disastrous if they think they can control the Internet!...they're not just going to have to deal with irate computer savvy people, who can cause more than enough trouble here in America...but, go up and deal with the rest of the world, too!

Net Neutrality is inevitable, as much as some want it stopped...unless you got a repressive regime, that prevents their citizens from trying to access the Net...there's absolutely no way of stopping anyone from entering the Net, whether by hook or by crook!...the Internet and the 5th Estate has literally become, too big to fail!

Abe Lincoln was right; "you can't fool all the people, all of the time".

FCC Chief Announces Big Win For Net Neutrality Advocates

Feb 3, 2015

Medicine, Skeptics, and the Conservative passion for Medical Ignorance

By RF Schatten

Now, a US Senator...that, when people say he's full of shit...he may really be full of shit!! Watch out if Thom Tillis approaches you and tries to shake your hand.

Health and Hygiene? freedom of choice is the belief of this goofball!...and this coming from a man assigned to the Committee on Agriculture and 'Nutrition'. Because, it's so 'nutritious' to eat food prepared by someone who just previously went potty and didn't wash his or her hands!!

How the stature of the GOP keeps elevating itself to a level of incompetence, a political "Peter Principle" mentality. You got this character fresh out of NC, the latest and greatest Tea loving clown to arrive in DC. And you got Chris' Big Boy running around appeasing the lower IQ sector of the Republican Party, stressing that parents should have "some measure of choice" whether to vaccinate their kids or not....naturally, Christie reversed himself when he realized how much of an idiot he revealed himself to be...again!... saying such political nonsense. Within minutes...the Governor's Office response: "The Governor believes vaccines are an important public health protection and with a disease like measles there is no question kids should be vaccinated".

First came Ebola...now, everyone's in an uproar because of a Measles outbreak!...again, all this panic because of one single solitary factor; the great Republican Ignorance Outbreak! Strange that Obama hasn't been accused of the Measles Show like he was with the Ebola Show? And like Ebola, for which Vaccines are now being actively produced, the outrage against the administration...demanding action...even while trying to cut funds! Now you have "science deniers" urging action by medical science to stop a virus and find a cure. It's called Vaccination, stupid!!...and it's not surprising that the overwhelming amount of patients that got the Measles are kids!! Why? because these fabulous parents who believe in "choice" or...whether to vaccinate or to not vaccinate their child...are all basically vaccinated!!

Why hasn't there been a major outbreak of Measles in the country for so many years? Since the 50s, everyone in this country, if their 1st day of school is here ..in the United States...they've been immunized!! What the hell is the big deal?? In 2014, 600+ cases of Measles...the highest since 1994...were reported in the US. According to the National Center for Disease Control's Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, the overwhelming majority of the people who got Measles were unvaccinated. And now, Rand Paul goes on record for scaring the living hell out of his flock of flunkies and fanatics, by saying that Vaccinations can cause 'Autism'...even if there's not one shred  of verified medical evidence on record worldwide, to that claim.

Conservatism in America has blossomed out a whole new meaning for Stupid. Vaccinations, Public Health, and Hygiene at the Workplace...'are' the concerns of the whole community!...even the intellectually deficient, whether they're saying something outrageously stupid and absurd...or just shaking your hand.

GOP Senator: Don't Force Employees To Wash Their Hands After Using Toilet