Feb 22, 2015

Please Inform Republicans: Love of America is not a Pissing Contest!

By RF Schatten

Republicans Love America: Their love overflows with all their acts of kindness and all their charity towards those less fortunate. No one cares for their fellow man more than a Republican!...and no one in the History of the United States cares more about this Nation...than a Republican does today! How they care so much about the Physical Health of our population!...they know, for a healthy and secure future...you need a Healthy population. How they care so much for our country to remain powerful other than brawns and clout...Education is what will keep us as a nation, on a forward march towards the future. How they care for our Earth, for the land that we live in...and how they understand so clearly, that if something ever happens...there's not a way of taking the 7.125 Billion inhabitants from this planet (as of this writing)...and shoving up them into space!!  They're smart, they care that everyone is created equally!...'as' the constitution says. They have the utmost respect for Women, Blacks, Gays, Hispanics, our Youths, and our Seniors!...and the utmost respect for Religions other than Christianity! We know all this because they said so! Republicans never lie, right?

But, above all, they just keep loving their country!!...God Bless America!!...it's the words that keep on giving...you know that! it's all they ever say whenever camera lenses are anywhere within a 10 ft radius from them! This is their Gospel According to Ronald Reagan, FOX...and Friends

So! If they love this country so much, as they keep suggesting...why do they do everything possible to annoy or suppress every sector in the country, except the affluent 1%?

If they love this country so much, why do they support and negotiate with a Foreign Country? behind the backs of the State Dept. and the White House, itself.. .help brake negotiations in the US/Iraq meetings, and coerce the US into a war with Iran...a little gift from the GOP and Bibi Netanyahu to Barack Obama and the American people...it's called Kirk-Menendez Bill, section 2(b)(5)!!

If they love this country so much...why do they want to eliminate the Dept of Education and change all the curriculum to fit their model of rewrite, inserting theology, and outlawing all types of thinking?

If they love this country so much...why do they prefer keeping the entire country insecure and frightened, all for a 'political' issue ...just to coerce the President into backing out of Immigration?

If they love this country so much...why don't they want to preserve the land that God gave us?

If they love this country so much...why oppose 20 million people from being Healthy?

If they love this country so much...why do they oppose all Black issues, all Gay Issues, all Hispanic Issues, all Women Issues, all Youth Issues, and all Elderly Issues?

If they love this country so much...why haven't they done anything on Income Disparity? about elevating the way of life for the Poor?...Trickle Down Economics after 35 yrs?...it's been very slow trickle!!

What the Republican Party loves is $$$$$$$...preferably 7 figures or above!

America is safer because of Rudy??  Obama doesn't love America...a little hateful and insightful remark from a man with a historically questionable criminal past, who's the wealthiest congressman in America, and has among the worst records ever in Congress on pro-social issues and among the best ever on pro-corporate issues. Darrell Issa supporting Rudy Giuliani...indecent hypocrites tend to stick to each other like a fungus. Rudy Giuliani, the 3x married, occasional cross-dressing former Mayor of NY, and an active carrier of Trump Foot In Mouth Disease   ...the man who never met a camera he didn't like! Whereas Mayor...black murders and police brutality occurred at a record level, during his watch. A man who's breakout claim to fame was as a Federal Prosecutor, the big loser in United States v. Anthony Accetturo...10 years Investigation, 65-page indictment, 240 volumes, 850 exhibits, and 76 RICO counts!...and all 20 Mobsters walked!! A loser who won and became Mayor, and now still a loser...a personality in the same form as Donald Trump!...a little character trying to stay in the limelight!

The love and the trust of a Politico: Darrell Issa and Little Rudy question other people's love for America...I'm not the only one who questions Issa's and Giuliani's love for America...or 'their' Allegiance, for that matter!

Darrell Issa: ‘We should thank’ Giuliani for making us safer by saying Obama doesn’t love America