Sep 27, 2015

The Insolence of Moral Virtue...Criminalizing the Homeless

 By RF Schatten

For a so-called "Christian Nation" some very proudly call America...there's something sinfully wrong to that notion, when you live in a Country without pity!

When laws are being made that criminalizes a Human Being for having the misfortune in life of being poor and homeless...where are those proud holier than thou Christians who spend their eternal life "talking to Jesus"? where are all their cries against social injustice??

The only social injustice for this crowd of Christian wannabees, is in their inability to make a society understand their need to "treat others as you want" rather than "treat others as you would like to be treated, yourself"!! If you can't beat them? Enter, Stage Right!...Christian Influence and big $$$, into this picture of our 'not so perfect' Democracy. And what's the Republicans' anger about Injustice in America?..."Religious Freedom". The freedom to discriminate against all human civilization if it pleases them! and the freedom for their insolent behavior towards human laws, civil laws, or the moral constraints of a society.

The influence in the notion of "One Nation, Under God"...and screw the rest of humanity who are not Christians like them? and the Influence of smart sinister $$$, as they openly exploit each other to achieve their goals, is not what God intended!! And yes! sorry to inform those ignorantly uninformed, but! "Just Talked to God and I'm Born Again, Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! Hallelujah!" not going to cut it!! Their hypocritical devout Christian persona and their refusal to obey God!...while always saying, you must obey God's laws to be a good Christian? No!! To their sorrow...whether it was the Pope, or people just tired of accepting their horseshit...America is beginning to see beyond the Evangelical Christian Veil.

Talked to God lately?? When are the Republicans, Conservative America, and specially Evangelical Christians going to Heal the Sick? or Feed the Hungry? or how about Shelter the Homeless? The Pope mentioned that little tid-bit, oh!?!?!...just about a couple of dozen times!! And as far as "talking to God" is concerned?...Francis happens to be the only person on this earth, as God's representative, who truly is authorized to speak to him! All the despicable immorality and insolence towards your fellow man, all your actions, and all the times you're not going to make you a good boy or a good girl, and get you into heaven! 'know' where you're going!
The Pope told you, how many times?...but, will you ever listen?!?! Faith, Hope, and Charity are extinct words in an ever present world of arrogance, greed, and fundamental religious intolerance.

Homelessness is not a new's been part of our society forever...and many throughout the years have come from wars and returning veterans. But, the homeless situation has never been so grave as it is today! Why does the United States, the "Greatest Country on Earth"!! have more homelessness than any other major industrialized nation in the world? Homelessness is a by-product of income disparity. With the margin separating the the Social Classes, today?...what else do expect?

An atmosphere of hate systematically created by opportunists to produce chaos among the masses, and the passing of laws criminalizing the homeless. Many cities around the country are passing these laws and making it a crime to be homeless! There are 500 anti-homeless laws in 58 California cities, alone! Laws forbidding sharing food with the homeless in Birmingham, Alabama, where Pastor Rick Wood was ordered by police to stop serving hot dogs and bottled water to homeless people in a city park...or get arrested!
 “‘This makes me so mad,’ Wood told a local news station. ‘These people are hungry, they’re starving. They need help from people. They can’t afford to buy something from a food truck.’”

Bans on food-sharing exists in at least 17 cities around the country!! And where are all the voices of concern from the Religiously Righteous Right? where are the voices decrying this shameful American spectacle that's suppose to be coming from the Right Side of the Aisle?

“I’m just simply baffled by the idea that people can be without shelter in a country, and then be treated as criminals for being without shelter. The idea of criminalizing people who don’t have shelter is something that my colleagues find as difficult as I do to even begin to comprehend.” ~~ Sir Nigel Rodley, Chairman, Human Rights Commission

The embarrassingly shameful Homeless situation in the United States will never change, as long as men of no conscience are elected and allowed to make their own laws that benefit only the Rich and Famous...and their pocketbooks...while leaving those much more less fortunate, to hang dry in their own misery. It took the compassion and morals of the President to stop this issue of criminalizing anyone who's homeless.

Being cited last year by the UN Human Rights Commission after condemning America’s inhumane treatment of its Homeless, you might think...just for moral reasons...they would try to improve the condition in America? Not! when one side deeply hates everyone and everything socially connected with this country, and its total rejection of altruism...while hypocritically, calling it a morally correct stance. All for the delight of their ignorant trolling minions!

Want things to change? only if the priorities of this country move from those who don't need those who do! Want to follow God? follow the Pontiff's advice and give some homeless man a shelter!
Now! a homeless man gets arrested ironically for sleeping under a symbol of Freedom...a blanket in the design of an American Flag...I guess the prize for freedom is not allowing the freedom to sleep without freezing your ass off!

And if you're one of those who calls themselves a good Christian, and do shelter someone?...the rest of us will have the good taste and don't tell your fellow bigots that you did the right thing!

President Obama Acts To Stop the Unconstitutional Criminalizing of Homelessness

Sep 25, 2015

The GOP Asylum: Living in the Land of Make-believe

 By RF Schatten

Living in their very own little Land of that John Boehner is exiting stage right, though some tend to believe, it's stage "left"...the Inmates have finally taken over the GOP Asylum!!
Take down the US House logo from the podium, and put up a big giant cross! No one to hold hostage anymore! spineless and as kiss-ass John Boehner may be? with that cast of absurd batshit loonies roaming the aisles the last 8 or so years? He's still the sanest among this class of clowns in the U.S. House of Insanity!!

The latest surprise announcement? Repealing Obamacare!!!!...for the 55th time, just in case the other 54 times didn't's the fools' cry of one more time! one more time! And just to show their care, compassion, and humility towards their fellow man...slap on Planned Parenthood!! Their believe in 'parenthood' with all their Christian values, tends to be more towards their ignorant side...unplanned!! the good family Duggar!

54 times! the Republican Party has tried to repeal one part or another of the Affordable Care Act!...only 3 times! have they tried to repeal it in its entirety...and miserably failed!! Now, they're going to use the Fast Track Reconciliation maneuver, another tactic that needs only a 51 vote margin to make it to the President's Desk, without the need of 60 votes to fight off a Democratic filibuster!! Fantastic!! pull out the's going to make it to the President! Great maneuver, Republicans!'re so, so smart! Now, what will you accomplish when Obama says; 'the buck stops here'...and vetoes it?!?!

Making up a Legislative Bill over and over...and passing it!...knowing that is guaranteed to be delivered dead on arrival? The cost so far, for all those circus shows of inept legislation is over $75 million, for which they pass the buck to their sock it to me audience of taxpayers. More bullshit at the Taxpayers expense! Do they care about the expenses? why would they give a damn?'s not their money!
And the saddest thing about this Political Show...which the taxpayers are forking that the entire exercise is for rhetoric and show only!!  A companion 'clean' funding bill is guaranteed to receive the President's John Hancock.

At the end, the only reason why the GOP has done absolutely nothing for 7 years, is to block Barack Obama from passing any legislation during his tenure...or acknowledge that a Black man can be just as superior legislating than a good old white boy! In the Republican Cocktail Party where exclusivity is a norm, and if Blacks are present...they're only there as tokens. Having to take orders from a Black man, is not their cup of Tea. And having to respect them as they walk through the front door, instead from the back? It's blasphemy for the arrogance of the rich and politically famous to associate in a personal way with any flavor other than Vanilla !!

It is amazing what you can accomplish if you do not care who gets the credit. ~~ Harry Truman

With no plans or policies on not one single issue for the last 8-10 years! complaining about everyone and everything on the face of this earth! and annoying the crap not just of America, but the entire World! Instead of legislating, they spend their lives keeping Benghazi, Hillary's Emails, and their hate for Planned Parenthood alive! Righteously fighting to find the truth?? It's either just political theater or these people are truly fricken dumb!!

The success of Obamacare has reached an all-time high...and the overwhelming vast majority has no problems with it! And you are betting your political career by saying Obamacare is Bad? On top of that Planned Parenthood cannot be kept out of any controversy, especially in an election year! Their hate must be loud!...cause nothing's going to happen! When the electorate supports the opposition, and all other polls on all other issues has you taking a political vacation...'way down' South!?!?

And with the chaos among the RNC, the GOP House Caucuses, the Tea Party, and Senate Republicans?. The filthy between war between each other, with the survivor getting the empty title of Republican Party Presidential Nominee. And always blaming everyone for their mistakes and failures, while, with all their cynicism, taking the credit for someone else's success! And they can't understand why they're not the most liked or the most respected citizens of this country?!?! 

Charles P Pierce brilliantly described today's Republican fiasco with the reluctant passing of the torch from John Boehner to complete total lunacy: "The GOP's entire Congressional Party is now a third-rate evening drive-time talk show". Ahhyup! they 'do' live in the Land of Make-believe!

The Insanity Begins As GOP Announces Bill To Repeal ObamaCare and Defund Planned Parenthood

Sep 24, 2015

Pope Francis: Scolding Congress with Compassion & Humility

 By RF Schatten

How Intelligence, Humility, and Compassion...and a little American History...called out, scolded, and destroyed the Republican veil of Political, Social, and Religious Self-righteousness. Even John Boehner needed a box of Kleenex!...again!

In a truly historical moment of American History, and historical address to a Joint Meeting Of Congress, the "People's Pope" spoke in behalf of "We, the people"...We, the people of this planet!...because, who really 'is' representing us? In a world where 'Money Talks'...the one person on this Earth, that cannot be stopped from saying anything, anywhere...the former Jorge Mario Bergoglio, 'will' not be stopped. And his words, just says it all!!

Land of Immigrants ~~
"We, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners, because most of us were once foreigners. I say this to you as the son of immigrants, knowing that so many of you are also descended from immigrants...Nonetheless, when the stranger in our midst appeals to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past"
Guns, Violence, and $$$ ~~
"Why are deadly weapons being sold to those who plan to inflict untold suffering on individuals and society? Sadly, the answer, as we all know, is simply for money: money that is drenched in blood, often innocent blood"
Poverty and Social Injustice ~~
 "I would encourage you to keep in mind all those people around us who are trapped in a cycle of poverty. They too need to be given hope. The fight against poverty and hunger must be fought constantly and on many fronts, especially in its causes"
"We must resolve now to live as nobly and as justly as possible, as we educated new generations not to turn their back on our 'neighbors' and everything around us."

This is the story of how Pope Francis I, or as Hispanics fondly call him; ¡¡Papa Francisco!!...and with all his humbleness...knocked one after another over the fence in this political ballpark, also known as the 2 Chambers of Congress. With all his humility, he totally humiliated and embarrassed the living hell out of all the GOP's talking points...often using our own history and references to the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, to put his point across!...not just a political embarrassment heard around the world, but a moral condemnation of their social intelligence in life.    

And last, but certainly not least!...or maybe, just because it deserves to be the Headline attraction for it's controversial nature; Evangelical Christian America! their hypocritical self-righteousness, and their delusions of the Bible. The same sub-species of humanity that believes the Pope is really a Muslim trained early in his life in Catholicism to infiltrate Christianity, so 50 or 60 years later, they'll make him Pope and he'll come to America and destroy Christianity!!! No coincidence from the batshit brainless, that, it's the same horseshit heard about Barack Obama!  

"We know that no religion is immune from forms of individual delusion or ideological extremism. This means that we must be especially attentive to every type of fundamentalism, whether religious or of any other kind. A delicate balance is required to combat violence perpetrated in the name of a religion, an ideology or an economic system, while also safeguarding religious freedom, intellectual freedom and individual freedoms. But there is another temptation which we must especially guard against: the simplistic reductionism which sees only Good or Evil; or, if you will, the Righteous and Sinners." ~~ Pope Francis I

Oh! Fundamentals and the Righteous Religious Right! But, truthfully...Righteousness??? there's nothing good, virtues, decent, upright, or upstanding with any of them!!
After interpreting and worshiping their own version of the Bible to America and the World for years...the man who's the leader of 1.8 Billion Roman Catholics around the world, pretty well respected, widely accepted as a voice of God, and officially God's "representative" on this earth, taught them a lesson or two about the real Bible and how to behave as good Christians with the rest of the world.

Will they learn anything out of all this and become a little more compassionate with their fellow human being? If they had any moral values and a conscience? but again, when you just can't accept the truth?...   

Pope's Message to Congress: Have Compassion For The Most Vulnerable Among Us

Sep 21, 2015

The Downside of Capitalism

 By RF Schatten

The downside of Capitalism...when the excessive indulgence of greed at the expense of those less fortunate is heralded by a portion of our population as "their Right under the Constitution"...there's something very very immoral about all that!?!? John Maynard Keynes once said; "Capitalism is the astounding belief that the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things for the greatest good of everyone". Whether to his chagrin or to his expectation of human nature...yes! the most wickedest of men will do the most wickedest of things...but not necessarily for the greatest of good for everyone!

Enter a piece of human excrement by the name of Martin Shkreli, a former "Hedge Fund" manager turned Pharmaceutical Entrepreneur...a shining example of what so many people for so many years have concluded about the failure of Capitalism!...screw the living hell out of those less fortunate, even if it means their death! Money may be the root of all evil for those with a moral conscience, but 'greed' doesn't have a conscience.

What did this schmuck do? what's his business model? A former Hedge Fund scam artists with absolutely no understanding of Medicine, taking a start-up Pharmaceutical business by buying out old Rx patents and turning them into very expensive and exclusive "Specialty" drugs! You have cash? you're saved!!  You can't afford it? fuck you! there's no Generic, so you're dead!! Next!!
The Drug in question? A 62 year old Antibiotic named Daraprim. It's the standard care for treating "Toxoplasmosis", a very dangerous and life-threatening Parasitic Infection, it's also for those with compromised immune systems, like AIDS patients and certain Cancer Patients.
Has anyone seen a patient with Toxoplasmosis? Has anyone seen the suffering a person goes through? or the Birth defects if the mother contracted it during pregnancy? The author calls it "Terrible Defects" my experience in Medicine...he was too kind in his description!

Raising the cost of per (1) Tablet from $13.50 to $750, resulting in an increase in the annual cost of treatments for patients to the Hundreds of Thousands of $$$$$. Similar to what other companies have done: Rodelis Therapeutics, according to Scott Spencer, general manager of Rodelis...Cycloserine, a drug used to treat dangerous multidrug-resistant Tuberculosis...was acquired because "the company needed to invest to make sure the 'supply' of the drug remained reliable". Translation: Controlling the supply of Cycloserine from the rest of the market, and make it an exclusive "Specialty" drug. Their increase? $500 x30 Pills to $10,800. Another company, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, bought 2 Cardiopulmonary Meds from Marathon Pharm...Isuprel and Nitropress...and promptly raised their prices by 525% and 212% respectively. Also, Doxycycline, an antibiotic, went from $20 a Bottle in October 2013 to $1,849 by April 2014.

"Under capitalism, man exploits man. Under communism, it's just the opposite" ~~~ John Kenneth Galbraith

In every economic system, whether its Capitalism, Democratic Socialism, Marxist Socialism, Communism, or whatever! will always exploit their inhumanity towards another's the degree of morality or immorality of the exploitation that keeps us from killing each other. But the exploitation of the Sick and the Poor, is the sickest immorality of an immoral! speaking of immorality...what are the Politicos doing about it? I repeat, what are the Politicos doing about this problem??
What 'are' the Politicos doing about it?? How about trying to kill Obamacare!! Screw the Elderly and screw the Poor...they couldn't afford the Medications, anyhow!!

Oh! the Constitutional Rights for this! or the Constitutional Rights for that! what's Legal or how to make it Legal! Democracy and Free Enterprise! long as it's free for them. The rest of Society? Pay or die if can't afford it!
Another aspect of the Income Disparity in our country, today. It's not about the right to make money, but the immorality of how you make it...hording the Medicine as a privilege, like Nestle hording water because they consider safe drinking water a "Privilege" not going to prevent the Privileged from contracting Toxoplasmosis, just because you have the bucks to afford the Medicine...we're all made out of the same type of body parts, and we all eventually are going to die!!

Trying to extend your life and those who can afford it, over all others so you can all become human wrinkled prunes, is a pretty sad testament for your existence on this earth. 

How morally wrong is what they're doing?? If you agree with them, nothing!...until it's your turn to get really sick, and you're flat broke! And if you have the money? you have no conscience to do anything constructive about it, anyhow! Does anybody care?...until someone says enough is enough and a national discourse to truly regulate the Pharmaceutical Industry, takes place. Until then, sit and wait!

Republicans? They want to abolish Obamacare, anyhow! them, if you can't even afford Medical Assistance, how are you going to get those pricey drugs?? It's not their less person in the 99% of this country that has to be fed and kept's how they look at life! Whether they succeed or not, it's in how much this Nation is willing to do about Medicine, Ethics, and the riches of Capitalism an apathetic nation? Absolutely Nothing! Of course, that's what the GOP is counting on...and this nation hasn't let them down! Nothing will ever happen till Politics is removed from Medicine...and that's not going to happen till common sense and morality resurfaces in our American Dialogue!

Greedy Pharmaceutical CEO Raises Drug Price From $13.50 To $750, Just Because | Crooks and Liars

Sep 19, 2015

The Bankruptcy of Conservative Intelligentsia

 By RF Schatten

The Bankruptcy of Conservative Intelligentsia...telling a lie over and over is an intelligent propaganda technique for exploiting the masses...but when you get absorbed into your own lies, you begin to believe them. Believing in your own lies and acting like those who
you're trying to brainwash, only downgrades you to their own level. As they say; "It is wiser to remain silent, and be thought as a fool...then to speak up and remove all doubts"!

The Conservative Intelligentsia in America since the turn of the 20th Century...whether you've agreed or disagreed with them...has always been more proper and disciplined; sometimes very fiscally foolish, though generally they're fairly conservative about the almighty Dollar...but! pragmatic. They preferred the Status Quo, but their pragmatism always allowed for a little leeway on social issues. Screwing the population can only go so far, till
someone says enough is enough...a little liberal leeway is always good to keep people happy enough without royally bitching!
But then you have the dark side of the Status Quo...the ones who know that this nation, by its very nature of being a multi-cultural, multi-denominational, and multi-ethnic a powder-keg inside a trainwreck waiting to happen! Enter Barack Obama!...with the perfect person to parade in front of their little world of Dixiecrat wannabees in the Land of the Stupids...the indecent greed of Conservative
Aristocracy and their wet & wild dreams of a Plutocratic Ruling Class Society, have been very actively flicking their Bics at that powder-keg...the mass exploitation of the use of Ad Hominem, and now the absurdity of Ad Feminem on a Female population that stands at 50.5% of this country!

America! what a country! Money talks and rules today in America...if you want to stop it?...take the money out of the equation! After all, Government Service is a Civil Job...not a career advancement opportunity, for either your current or future interests outside the political world!

"Conservatism is rooted in preservation; progressivism advances alteration. These are different love languages. These languages turn on your view of change itself: When you think of America, do you see a country struggling to be maintained or one striving to be made better?" ~~ Charles Blow

Fiscal responsibility was a hallmark for Republicans till the irresponsibility of their lord Ronald Reagan, and his Magic Mystery Smoke & Mirrors Show, redefined the meaning of Greed to all of those ignorant enough to believe that horseshit! ...the only trickle that has come down has been from the politicos relieving themselves...a big "Va Fangul"! to all his
adoring the Va Fangul to his sweet Nancy's "Say no to drugs" aficionados! Guns for Drugs? hey! it's the $$$$!!

Enter the Religious Right and their Tea loving sociophobes into the Republican picture...the spotlight on the social regression of the Grant Old Party, their incompetence, and the low Intelligence Quotient of its batshit members has been a shining embarrassment over the Party ever entire planet watching them make absolute fools of themselves and that of the United States! These loonies did get elected!...blame their policies? No! blame those idiots who elected them!

With the extreme mediocrity of this year's quality in the current GOP crop, it would make sense in a party that's on the losing end of every opinion poll...on every single solitary issue...for someone in that very congested Low Road to walk the High Road! Unfortunately, they don't have anyone with enough Honor, Character, and Respect like a Jon Huntsman...after all those years. Huntsman? he has too much character and respect to put up with today's GOP.

Three hours of the same lies and horseshit heard around the world the last 7 years, all right out of the GOP's "Lies for Dummies" book!... lies, distortions, misrepresentation by 16 Clowns. And as bad as the policies and ideas are from these professional politicos...the Top 3 Clowns are; 1) A conceded, arrogant...and narcissistic!...hateful, foul-mouthed, spoiled cry baby, billionaire brat businessman. 2) A horribly failed businesswoman whose personal charm is so great, that she's known as the Wicked Witch. And 3) A brilliant and successful Brain Surgeon, who was Professor of Neurosurgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery, and Pediatrics at John Hopkins Medical School...and Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at
Johns Hopkins Hospital. A man of letters in Medical Science who taught his Science to Doctors! and became a successful millionaire because of it is a Science Denier!! Oh! God taught him everything, personally! it wasn't science! A hypocrite of a man who will say whatever it takes to pander and garner votes from his ignorant flock!

And 'this' is the best they have?!?! The regression of intelligence in the Republican species...teach the stupid enough horseshit, sooner or later you too can become one! With their National Campaign and poll ratings in dire straights, maybe it's wiser to keep their trap shut?...but every time they speak, and show their actions? it truly
removes all doubt about a Republican!!

There were at least 11 distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies in this week’s GOP debate

Sep 16, 2015

Don't tell your Plans till after Elected! Fiorina's Winning Strategy??

 By RF Schatten

Like the "secret plans" of 'fixing the economy', by the comedy team of Romney & Ryan during the 2012; "We'll tell you what our plans are...after we get elected"!! Carly Fiorina's total lack of understanding of a human being's mind...whether it's her Class Arrogance, or her infamous use of business-now-politics stupidity!...I'll tell you my views after you elect me, is an insult to people's intelligence, and even a bigger insult to the ignorance of their minions!

Politicians can bullshit their hearts out!...there's enough stupids out there to honestly believe their horseshit...exploiting ignorance is a foundation of Politics, whether in a Parliamentary or Presidential Democracy! Exploit the masses towards your Political Party. But, as much BS as people are willing to absorb from politicos...when you say; "Elect Me President, and after I get elected I'll tell you my views on Social Security and what my plans are"?? don't expect too many people voting coming your way! It didn't work for Mittens and Pauly in 2012, and they were seasoned politicians!!

This woman wants to grow jobs in this country...the same woman who first send Thousands of jobs overseas, because it was best for business...oh! her success! is all she talks about. Yes, the financial success of Hewlett Packard's Board of Directors, Stock Holders, and her own very large pocketbook!. The 30,000+ layoffs? screw them! they don't live in Carly's's cheaper in India, right Carly?

Her success? how to make money at the cost of others, blindly looking away from the American Worker in favor of cheaper labor, overseas. Wow! how Patriotic!!
Her failures? a history of poor lousy business decisions... culminating with?...infamously holding the HP Board hostage in her $25 Billion acquisition of Compaq, and turning it into a disastrous White Elephant. Hey! besides her highway robbery, they gave her $21 Million as severance!...anything to get rid of the "Witch"! 

"I think I'm the best person for the job because I understand how the economy actually works" ~~ Carly Fiorina

"It's the cost! why companies a forced to move offshore to another's too expensive to be built in the United States! This way we can keep the cost down for 'You', the consumer"
The bullshit of all bullshits!!! It's not about 'you' the's about how much more profits they can make without paying Americans a fair living wage! And then you ask why all the $$$ in this country is concentrated in a few people like Carly, The Donald, the Koch's, the Bushes, and the Adelson's?...while the income disparity for the other 99% of the country is rapidly widening! Does Carly care? you still have a job in this country? If Carly gets her Presidency, get a copy of Rosetta Stone and be ready to move, if you want to keep your job! Yep! Her and Trump want to make America Great Again! People are not stupid...even the stupids that follow, sooner or later are going to say; "Hey! man, where the fuck is that "Trickle"??

A woman who stinks in Money and Failure wants to run for President because 'she' understands how the economy works. She wants to run this country, the way she ran Hewlett Packard...and privatize Social Security, and Medicare! Have the Government privatize Social Security, and like banks, have the account's $$$ know how good Carly is in wheeling and dealing with other people's money?!?!

Her personal character flaws? It's not about a pretty face or Trump's vulgarity of an ugly's about what the internal memos and company emails were trending throughout all of HP's world headquarters, the day she was canned by the Board: "The Witch Is Dead"! ...enough said about another loser? 

Carly Fiorina Keeping Social Security Views Secret Until She's President

Sep 14, 2015

Religious Freedom or Sharia Law...Same Message, Different Messenger

 By RF Schatten

The Hypocrisy of the Religiously Intolerant...welcome to the Kim Davis Show!! A nobody whose batshit sick views of Life became an exploitable commodity by Republicans, as their next "Grassroots of America" hero!...Kim Davis has been elevated to the GOP stature of Joe the Plummer...Version 2016!

Like if Joe the Plummer was such a success story?? Where in the hell do they find these sub-humanoids they keep schlepping from obscurity, and putting them on the political
stage?...and then call them representatives of what America wants, and what they stand for? The grandeur of Political horseshit...putting up in a pedestal, a law breaker and a phony Christian!...and even the obscenity comparing her to Abe Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr, and Rosa Parks. An obscene gesture from the Religiously and Politically obscene!
Ms Davis?...she's definitely not a "Miss", and as for "Mrs"?'ll have to ask any of her 3 ex-husbands, what can of 'Lady' she is?
“I don’t want to be in the spotlight...I’m just a person who’s been transformed by the grace of God, who wants to work and be with my family.”...But, this good Christian will take the spotlight and the money that comes along, because God spoke to her personally and told her to do it! can you say "no" to God??

Yes! this saintly so-called Christian...whenever she speaks, all that Christian "Family Values" just gushes out in a pretty nasty way. Ignorance is the greatest tool of Religious Intolerance, in Kim Davis? it's a Gigantic tool!...her Ignorance and total lack of understanding of a civil society made up of rules and laws, and proper civil behavior, has served her well in the land of the stupids. It's Religious Intolerance and Martyrdom in a Fool's Paradise.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere" ~~ Voltaire

Every Court has ruled against this woman...she has been in jail in Contempt of Court for disobeying the law...and she continues filing Lawsuits! and at whose cost??? A petition asking the the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to "stop" the District Judge's order demanding that Davis and her office to issue Marriage Licenses to same-sex
Meanwhile, the continuous rhetoric at the Clerk's Office just keeps, it's not a legal document because her signature is not on it?? The game is over!! and you lost Kim! one is going to overturn the ruling, cause the United States Supreme Court
has made your issue, a non-issue. Same Sex Marriage is as Legal and Constitutional as any other, suck it up and go crawl into your cave, don't call us, we'll call you. We'll let you know when Armageddon arrives!...but don't wait too long over the phone!!

Enter Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz...the 2 perfect clowns to exploit the Intolerance
of morons...both doing their best impression of concerned politicos while trying to upstage each other during the spectacle of Kim's triumphant release from the slammer. Reverend Huckabee even announced that "If Allowed, I would take Kim Davis' place in Jail"...well, Mike! if you go to Jail, it'll be in Contempt of Court, which is a just
misdemeanor...sorry! Pedophiles are kept separated from the rest of the population, and you won't able to get to see them!

At the end of the day It comes down to the Intolerance and Bigotry of a person who refuses to obey the law that she swore to uphold...and as much as she believes in her heart she's right...the law, remains the law. The reason for our separation of Church and State is precisely for people like Kim Davis. Forcing people to adhere to someone else's Religious views over Civil Laws, while hypocritically criticizing Sharia Law? there's no
difference between these Christians and Muslims who believe in Sharia Law...only the names are changed to protect the innocent!

Religious Intolerance in America couldn't be better represented than by all these characters from the far side of the bizarre. All the lunacy of the Religious Right and their sheer ignorance about true Christianity, could never be better addressed and exposed than the Billboard Message in her hometown of Morehead, KY...courtesy of the non-profit
organization Planting Peace:
"Dear Kim Davis, The fact that you can't sell your daughter for 3 goats and a cow, means we've already Redefined Marriage"

Kim Davis' Lawyers To File New Lawsuit Against Kentucky Governor

Sep 12, 2015

Immigration? White America's reluctance to lose its power!

By RF Schatten

"Some Republicans gave up on winning the African-American Vote, looking the other way or trying to benefit politically from Racial Polarization. I am here today as the Republican Chairman to tell you...we were wrong"! ~~~ Ken Mehlman"

Being truthful is a major Republican Cardinal Sin...being truthful, coming out of the closet, and favoring same-sex marriage? in political peace, Ken!
Honesty, pretty much became Ken Mehlman's demise! His replacement? Enter Mel Martinez, a man who once said about fellow Republican and Conservative, former U.S. Rep. Bill McCollum; "The New Darling of Homosexual Extremists"...a career "Token" Republican politician...a Cuban-born American who served the Party as its first Hispanic RNC Chairman, primarily to attract the Latino vote besides his alliance with the Religious Right. He was the perfect chairman to appease the the GOP's holy rolling society. When it came to Immigration?...he played their game, and became an Anti-Immigration star for the GOP!! This spineless worm showed his allegiance, and it wasn't towards the Latino Community.

A worm!...Cubans call someone who talks tough on Cuba, yet never stayed back home to talk tough right to their face...un "Guzano"!
This 'worm', because of the grace of others, arrived homeless and unable to speak English, through a Roman Catholic Humanitarian effort and lived in a couple of Foster Homes till they located his family in Orlando, FL. If anyone would have understood what mercy and compassion meant in immigration, would've been this scumbag...but it took a an electoral nosedive with his constituency, for this 'worm' to become a champion for Immigration Rights and Reform!  Pro Immigration?!?! never in today's GOP!...exit Señor Martinez!...enter the next Joker!

A Nation founded by Immigrants looking for a better life, free from religious, economic, and social suppression and persecution...the first modern day multicultural, multi-social society...where all races, colors, or creeds are supposed to be accepted! "Supposed to be"...'is' the $64,000 question!
We have an asshole who wants to build the Great Wall of China across the United States' Southern Border, another asshole who wants to build one across the Northern Border...and yet a third one, wants to electronically track them after they arrive! So much for their complain about big government, and government's intrusion in people's private lives!

Does the US have a moral responsibility to lead in this humanitarian act? What does it mean to be the so-called "Greatest Country in the World"?
The GOP reaction to Syrian Refugees?
Lindsey Graham: "Take our fair share or take down the Statue of Liberty"...expected! precisely why Lindsey won't win.
Marco Rubio: "Open to taking in refugees, but cautiously" about taking in the Latinos? but that, doesn't really count as positive sound-bytes on the GOP's Humanitarian Efforts among their minions!
Ted Cruz: "Doesn't make sense to move refugees to the US"...well, Ted! it doesn't make much sense moving a dumb sociophobic Canadian-Cuban wannabee to Texas just to become a wannabee Buckaroo!...but we're still stuck with you!
Donald Trump: "Europe is handling it"...Europe is handling the problem, so screw helping anyone! Very, very, very diplomatic!...being obscenely Diplomatic under President Trump?

The GOP Candidates are fairly split about Syrian's just how they manipulate the issues to ultimately take Credit in public if it's a success or blame Obama if it's a failure. Do they care about Latino Refugees? when have they ever?? Do they care about the Syrian Refugees? No! not's just a political ruse to pick up a "Gold Star" and some brownie points from public opinion polls...they don't care about anyone, and they know ultimately it's going to be their political downfall! A little amount of refugees? no problem!...not enough of them to dent the good old White Majority!
But! Hispanics?!?!'s not a threat! 'is' reality and it's going to happen! The Latino will become the Majority in America in this Century...much sooner than later! And an ignorant sector of American Society not willing to accept it, will only end up crawling under a rock...along with those not willing to accept Blacks, Gays, Muslims and Jews...or any other Religion!

Xenophobia reigns supreme in the Land of the Stupids. I personally heard someone tell a French Canadian over 20 years a McDonald's! "Speak Amercan!" Not even "A-m-e-r-i-c-a-n"...but, ahhyup! Amercan! Watching the Bill Maher Show, he talked about Sarah Palin and her "Speak American" gaffe...when he said: “Why are the people who demand that everyone speak English always the ones who can’t speak English?” That made me think of why the systematic hate of the's not just the Freedom to remain a White America!...but the Freedom to speak Amercan!!       

America Once Accepted 800,000 War Refugees. Is it Time to Do That Again? | Mother Jones

Sep 9, 2015

The GOP Dumbo: Religious Freedom? or an Old White Elephant?

 By RF Schatten

"Love thy Neighbor as Thyself"?...just look at the GOP Poster Boy!!...send thy Neighbor back where he came from! cause nobody! absolutely nobody! loves "Thyself" more than Le Grande Orange!

When a clueless Republican Party continues to live and play in a world of political conundrum...people get it, after a while!...a bullshit, is a bullshit, is a bullshit!! Add that ever-present Religious card in a rapidly Progressive and much more Liberal Society, and in today's Culture? It's a recipe for disaster!! Imposing a past lifestyle to people who are surgically glued to their Smart Phone?...and telling them how 'Good', old fashioned values are?...instead of how "Old" those ideas are! Living a life of lies, not one political policy with any substance, whatsoever...and all their hate filled trash talk! And now, a major push on Religion as a Major Plank?!?!

People in general, are tired and fed up of 16 boring clowns, spewing the same sound-bytes over and over...only one Clown has gotten the public's exclusive attention! Donald Trump is #1 not because of his self-declared genius, or because of his $$$. It's his arrogance and total lack of Couth, Decorum, Taste, Intelligence, and especially...Oratory Skills! 
Like Howard's Stern's first ratings in NY...the majority of viewers did not like him, but, the majority of viewers kept listening!...why? Just to hear what the next wild and crazy thing he's going to say!!

Trump? he's just a clown who's willing to blow a Billion dollars to give his Ego, a boost! He's the best reality show on TV...watching how 'real' the Republican Party implodes!!

"Martyrdom: The only way a man can become famous without ability" ~~ George Bernard Shaw

Martin Luther King Jr. did not choose 'dying' as part of his cause, even if he knew he might never see that promised land...a sack of shit, James Earl Ray...made that choice for him!!
Comparing Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis to Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks, shows the GOP's total contempt, lack of class, and lack of respect for the Black Race...even if this scenario is not about the Black/White issue. Kim Davis is certainly not a Martyr, as the GOP tries to build her into...she's just a law breaker having her 15 minutes, and exploited by an Election Year Republican Party. She's this year's Batshit Party's version 2.0 of Joe The Plummer!

If is not the Black Issue, is the Hispanic!...if not the Hispanics, it's Women's Rights! And now? since all those issues favor their opponents, and having nothing left to bitch about?...what does living in the land of the stupids do to the human brain??...let's go Gay Bashing! and screw same sex marriage, too! Sell the unadulterated horseshit as "Religious Freedom"...while Pope Francis and the rest of the "real" Christian World, watches the truth everyday right in front of their eyes! It's a whole new world out there!...but don't tell their Ignorant's all they have left!

Will Evangelical Christianity kill the Grand Old Party? With a quality of leadership in which a bombastic egotistical non-politico, with absolutely '0' knowledge on every single Issue, leads all of his opponents?...the Republicans are in serious deep doo-doo as a respected and seriously legitimate political entity!
If someone is a City or County Clerk, and their Religious believes forbids a white person from marrying another white person...just for the hell of it, because they want to interpret 'their' own version of the Bible, refuses to issue a license!...would that be considered "Religious Freedom"??  Or does Religious Freedom only applies to Conservative Evangelical Christians?

Impose 'their' will on others? If they can un-glue a Smart Phone from the body of today's Future of America, and take away their PCs so no one can find out the truth...they'll do it! Religious fanatics are dangerously crazy!
Appeasing 12% of all Religions in America, and building a foundation to establish their Theocratic power to impose their will over everyone else?? Like their Great Tea Experiment? will fail!
Imposing religious believes on others who profess their own believes, whether they're Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or an not going to make you friends, and most definitely...influence anyone! Believing your own  fictitious morality...those fictional family values...and those non-fictional ones that are kept in the family closet!

The GOP got what they wanted!...Old Time Religion and the Tea Party! Now, they'll have to live with it!...they created the monster, and the monster is about to swallow them up whole! When you're on the wrong side of history, the wrong side of conventional wisdom, and on the wrong side of the polls, day in and day out...either you head in a different direction, or expect to self-implode!...and very appropriately, become just another White Elephant!

Mike Huckabee and GOP 2016 Religious Freedom Rhetoric Could Undermine the Party - POLITICO Magazine

Sep 7, 2015

Politics of Intolerance: Its Failure in a Pluralistic Society

 By RF Schatten

Intolerance is the by-product of Ignorance. A pluralistic society, by its very nature, is more an open minded brotherhood that's tolerant of their fellow man...where Social and Political intolerance is looked down upon as disrespectful acts of behavior...and a more tolerant society that rejects extremism.
For the socially retarded, it's all about their inability to associate with the rest of society, and remain a conversation piece on the "Status Quo" and "Neanderthal Caves".

"Intolerance is the most socially acceptable form of Egotism, for it permits us to assume Superiority without personal boasting" ~~~ Sydney J. Harris

Why is it that the overwhelming majority in every nation in the world view the United States of America's influence as Negative? while only one country views the United States as a Positive Influence in the world with a 57% Positive rating?...the United States!!  Is it the return of the Ugly American back as a headliner in the International Political Stage? or thoughts of arrogant Exceptionalism?...Political Intolerance in America is resonating an awfully large amount of Negative Influence. Watching that Ignorance at work, it's understandable why the rest of the Planet thinks that current US International influence...just plainly sucks! 

It's a whole new world out there! Today, positive and negative influence is dictated throughout the world by Social Media...with all do respect to the Grand Old Party of Greed...Influence isn't necessarily always measured by $$$ and Power, but, by respect and a person's character. In a civil and conventional society...unless under due force...Intolerance has never been accepted. With a world watching thru CNN, Fox, the Internet, and every other media...does anyone truly expect American Influence to be at an all-time high??

How positive can American Influence be in the International Theater these days, with the continuous systematic intolerance perpetrated throughout this country, every day?
The batshit lunacy of an Intolerant Right, hell bent into driving this Country, and the rest of the World...into a serious heavy drinking binge! Now, the I7 Egotistical clowns controlling the airways...all in a pissing contest, trying to out do each other, from the absurd to the bizarre.
First a Berlin Wall across the entire Southern Border of the United States to keep out everyone not acceptable by the Far Right, then, complete the isolation of America by building another wall...across the Northern Border!! keep those dastardly Canadian Terrorists from sneaking over the border! As John Candy said; "Gotta worry about those Canadians"!!
And then, if all this lunacy is not enough?? enter a man who closed a bridge to keep people from crossing to the other side...different story, same arrogant intolerance. After isolating the Country with the Great Wall of America, why not make sure no one jumps the wall?...just "Tag" anyone coming in legally and Track them like a FedEx package, all over the country!

So, if you're profiled by the Cops as a Latino and don't have a FedEx Tag?'re toast! A flair for a police state?? no! it's more like a flair for arrogant egotistical ignorance...they call it Patriotism!

The Violence, the shootings of at least 60 or more unarmed people by Law Authorities...and how many have been tried or convicted? How about exonerated? We're averaging 1 mass shooting per day, and the Right is having multiple orgasms watching and participating where Open Carry Laws exists! Sometimes, it's embarrassing to be an American...and when traveling in other countries? Wonder why our influence suck so much around the world?
The lifelong intolerance for the Black Community, intolerant with the Gay Community, the Women...the Hispanics? How do you say FedEx in Spanish?...all the fear and hate instigated by Political Intolerance. A Class war for filthy rich egotistical opportunists to turn America into a Plutocratic Ruling Class Society. And then you got Evangelical Christianity and their quest to become the only Religion in the world!

We're not a Christian Nation, we live in a multi-denominational society, and the US Constitution clearly separates Church and State...the separation of the Church from the State is precisely the damn reasons why our founding fathers and the rest of the original wretched refuse came to America!!...and wrecked the Indians' neighborhood forever!  Christianity may be the majority...but it's not a question of a democratic majority...  Who's right and who's wrong? Religion is a matter of belief...your believes may not necessarily be the believes of someone else's Religion. A multi-denominational society of Jews, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, Atheists, Agnostics, and every other belief. Christianity?  Evangelical America makes up a quarter of all Christians...that's only 12% of all the Religions in the United States!

12% in this country, wants control of the other 88% of Religions in the US. Our world Influence? are you kidding?? positive are all these signs? By forcing their own believes on others in the guise of Religious Freedom, shows the true nature of their Intolerance...whether it's Xenophobic, Homophobic, or Gynephobic's the arrogant, misguided believes of the insanely ignorant.
And speaking of the insanely stupid!...57% of the United States believes we're a positive influence in a world that's quickly and openly signaling their strong displeasure with the United States?1?!...and then you ask about American Influence??

The Politics of Intolerance | Alan Briskin

Sep 4, 2015

Jeb's Bad Karma: From "Brightest Bush" to a Milquetoast!

 By RF Schatten

Jeb's Bad Karma: From "Brightest Bush" to a Milquetoast! When a Republican aficionado in Iowa approached and asked Jeb Bush what he thought of Trump, he questioned Jeb and said; "Donald Trump just called you a Milquetoast, how do you respond to that?".

Jeb's response? "Yeah, well, I go campaign...I'm going to do it hard, campaign all over, and I'll turn people towards us". Great dignified professional political answer!...but, the wrong answer for this Election Cycle!!
This year? It's all about Dirt!...good old drag out, dirty and filthy campaigns are the name of the game for Republicans these days!...playing the 'High Road Card' makes you the loneliest man on the road to nowhere, in circa 2015's Grand Old Party.

Though, they normally ride that "Low Road Card", anyway!...this year, probably because of a Low-Life that's unbelievably! even a lower piece of life than them!...they will scratch and claw their way as low as it takes, all competing for the highest rated "Low Blows" sound-bytes possible!
There 'is' a reason why he's losing "PAC's", and his support has nose-dived...screwing up on all issues, not fighting back, allowing your opponent to publicly insult and make a fool out of you...and you don't fight back? Wake up, Jeb! this is 2015, it's not those quieter, gentler, lazy days your Dad loves...political respect and decorum is a thing of the past...if you want to succeed in today's "New GOP", you're going to have to get down and dirty with the rest. If not? you-'will'-be-history!...bye! bye!

Karma sucks!...and the ghosts of Election Night 2000 are haunting his likable "hunker down" Bush persona. Long considered by many, including his big daddy...the brightest of the Bushes, who's going to redeem its Family's legacy. The least offensive Bush Brother...after Neil's deportation and self-exile into the Family Closet, and after the 8 year folly by Dubya...Jeb Bush appeared as the most likely successor to the Bush Dynasty. He's never been the most honest politico, 2000 Florida Election was his baby...and like Tom Brady...the air of guilt is all around him for the world to see, but no one will ever really know. Yet, he still appeared as the most "Professional" to step out of the Clown Train.

His positions have been pretty well known long ago, all his supporters know where he stood on most's this particular Election and the unusual circumstance surrounding this years Cast of Clowns, with the addition of Le Grande Orange, that's causing his political meltdown. Flip-Flops, Blunders on supporting big brother's Iraq initiatives, blunders in the Immigration issue...even if he does "speak" Spanish, with a Latino wife. One political blunder after least he told Trump he'll speak Spanish whenever he feels like it!...just, a little too late and not "forceful" enough an argument, to combat a loud mouth bullshitting blowhard! 

Now, using a "promo slot" on the new Stephen Colbert Show as a tool to raise money??...can't get anymore lame!...the lamest political move; literally begging for donations by raffling off VIP Tickets to see him on the Show "in person", for those who contribute to his campaign. PS: The Show is Free, tickets are on first come-first serve basis, like for all other studio show audiences!

And all without the knowledge or consent of Stephen Colbert or the Production Staff...who embarrassed him when informed of the plans! Donald Trump nailed it, head on!...Jeb Bush, is a Milquetoast!!

Addicting Info – Jeb Bush Uses Colbert Appearance To Beg For Cash From Donors–Colbert’s Response Is Epic (VIDEO)

Sep 2, 2015

The Iran Deal: A No Brainer...except for those with no brains!

By RF Schatten

What is it that with the exception of One Country, every Nation in the World believes that the Nuclear Deal agreed upon by the United States, Great Britain, France, China, Russia, and Germany, is a good deal? What is it that Bibi Netunyahu, Tom Cotton, and that same group of about 300 Clowns in Congress...who are also trying to subvert climate change laws to screw the rest of the world...really know? What does these fools know, that the rest of this planet's 9 Billion other inhabitants don't?

The European Union has given its full blessing of approval to the Iran Nuclear Deal. And with a UN Security Council's formal's a message, a lead, a hint of sorts to a mindless American Congress that it 'is' a good deal! and if it goes down in flames? not only will the United States go at it alone...all alone without any of their Allies in this world, in this obsessive war against Iran!...Europe and Asia will suffer economically and socially far more than the US!
Tom Cotton and 46 others said they're still prepared to stand alongside Bibi and subvert the policies of the United States Government and that of all the other countries to stop or break any deal!...really really fucking Patriotic! 47 asshole politicos who wear their Patriotism as a costume in disguise...hide from the public who and what they really are, and what they really stand for. As much as they try to pretend how much they care for America, their religious intolerance, their hate for Islam, and their natural hawkish anxiety to bomb a religion, a culture, and a way of life right out of this earth...only helps their opposition around the world!

Mindless people, political opportunists, and $$$ hungry political takes only a little observation, an IQ larger than 1, and just plain common sense...and it'll show why the Iran Deal is going to be a big win? Why the overwhelming court of political scholars, military officers, and public opinion...all, from both in the United States and Europe...and also from Asia!...think its a good deal!! 

A win-win situation? Ret. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson who served as Colin Powell's Assistant and Chief of Staff, both at the Pentagon with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and later with the Secretary of State, recently said; "In the military, and working in diplomacy, its inconceivable not to make this deal! With Iran, there's only 4 Options to the Alternative...'Do nothing', 'Make The Deal', 'Bomb', or 'Invade'...if the deal doesn't work out, you still have the alternative options to Bomb or Invade!" 
A National Security Expert, a visiting Professor at William and Mary, and a Lecturer at George Washington...Republicans won't all be agreeing with him too soon, some will even try to discredit him if possible,,,but how trustworthy is he? How about being the 2009 Recipient of the Sam Adams Award for " Integrity in Intelligence"!!

In a Letter to the Editor, Philip Hornik of Portland, OR said: "The United Nations and the European Union have already expressed their intention to end their own sanctions against Iran regardless of what the U.S. decides to do. Rejecting the deal will leave the U.S. with no peaceful leverage against Iran's nuclear ambitions. This will leave the world, including the U.S. and Israel, a more dangerous place. Accepting the deal is a risk, but it is a risk that is well worth taking".

Once again, Republicans...whether in the minority or majority...lose again! The Iran Treaty is going to be reality, and only a criminal act from treasonous people, who've already publicly stated their allegiance to a foreign government, for the sole purpose of subverting American and International Foreign Policies and Interests.

It's an election year, and with turmoil comes the horseshit of political rhetoric...the natural setting for anxious blowhard War Hawks to blow those Winds of War tunes...good sound-bytes to keep their trolling minions happy. But! by the time the 58th Quadrennial US Presidential Election arrives on November 8th and rolls away on the 9th, you won't hear a thing from the GOP...going up against the whole world, and the whole world literally hating Americans' guts because of these treasonous clowns, is not going to win elections...even living in perpetual stupidity, they know their stop Iran Deal is a lost cause!

Obama's Iran Deal Will Survive As 34th Senator Announces Support