Sep 16, 2015

Don't tell your Plans till after Elected! Fiorina's Winning Strategy??

 By RF Schatten

Like the "secret plans" of 'fixing the economy', by the comedy team of Romney & Ryan during the 2012; "We'll tell you what our plans are...after we get elected"!! Carly Fiorina's total lack of understanding of a human being's mind...whether it's her Class Arrogance, or her infamous use of business-now-politics stupidity!...I'll tell you my views after you elect me, is an insult to people's intelligence, and even a bigger insult to the ignorance of their minions!

Politicians can bullshit their hearts out!...there's enough stupids out there to honestly believe their horseshit...exploiting ignorance is a foundation of Politics, whether in a Parliamentary or Presidential Democracy! Exploit the masses towards your Political Party. But, as much BS as people are willing to absorb from politicos...when you say; "Elect Me President, and after I get elected I'll tell you my views on Social Security and what my plans are"?? don't expect too many people voting coming your way! It didn't work for Mittens and Pauly in 2012, and they were seasoned politicians!!

This woman wants to grow jobs in this country...the same woman who first send Thousands of jobs overseas, because it was best for business...oh! her success! is all she talks about. Yes, the financial success of Hewlett Packard's Board of Directors, Stock Holders, and her own very large pocketbook!. The 30,000+ layoffs? screw them! they don't live in Carly's's cheaper in India, right Carly?

Her success? how to make money at the cost of others, blindly looking away from the American Worker in favor of cheaper labor, overseas. Wow! how Patriotic!!
Her failures? a history of poor lousy business decisions... culminating with?...infamously holding the HP Board hostage in her $25 Billion acquisition of Compaq, and turning it into a disastrous White Elephant. Hey! besides her highway robbery, they gave her $21 Million as severance!...anything to get rid of the "Witch"! 

"I think I'm the best person for the job because I understand how the economy actually works" ~~ Carly Fiorina

"It's the cost! why companies a forced to move offshore to another's too expensive to be built in the United States! This way we can keep the cost down for 'You', the consumer"
The bullshit of all bullshits!!! It's not about 'you' the's about how much more profits they can make without paying Americans a fair living wage! And then you ask why all the $$$ in this country is concentrated in a few people like Carly, The Donald, the Koch's, the Bushes, and the Adelson's?...while the income disparity for the other 99% of the country is rapidly widening! Does Carly care? you still have a job in this country? If Carly gets her Presidency, get a copy of Rosetta Stone and be ready to move, if you want to keep your job! Yep! Her and Trump want to make America Great Again! People are not stupid...even the stupids that follow, sooner or later are going to say; "Hey! man, where the fuck is that "Trickle"??

A woman who stinks in Money and Failure wants to run for President because 'she' understands how the economy works. She wants to run this country, the way she ran Hewlett Packard...and privatize Social Security, and Medicare! Have the Government privatize Social Security, and like banks, have the account's $$$ know how good Carly is in wheeling and dealing with other people's money?!?!

Her personal character flaws? It's not about a pretty face or Trump's vulgarity of an ugly's about what the internal memos and company emails were trending throughout all of HP's world headquarters, the day she was canned by the Board: "The Witch Is Dead"! ...enough said about another loser? 

Carly Fiorina Keeping Social Security Views Secret Until She's President