Sep 19, 2015

The Bankruptcy of Conservative Intelligentsia

 By RF Schatten

The Bankruptcy of Conservative Intelligentsia...telling a lie over and over is an intelligent propaganda technique for exploiting the masses...but when you get absorbed into your own lies, you begin to believe them. Believing in your own lies and acting like those who
you're trying to brainwash, only downgrades you to their own level. As they say; "It is wiser to remain silent, and be thought as a fool...then to speak up and remove all doubts"!

The Conservative Intelligentsia in America since the turn of the 20th Century...whether you've agreed or disagreed with them...has always been more proper and disciplined; sometimes very fiscally foolish, though generally they're fairly conservative about the almighty Dollar...but! pragmatic. They preferred the Status Quo, but their pragmatism always allowed for a little leeway on social issues. Screwing the population can only go so far, till
someone says enough is enough...a little liberal leeway is always good to keep people happy enough without royally bitching!
But then you have the dark side of the Status Quo...the ones who know that this nation, by its very nature of being a multi-cultural, multi-denominational, and multi-ethnic a powder-keg inside a trainwreck waiting to happen! Enter Barack Obama!...with the perfect person to parade in front of their little world of Dixiecrat wannabees in the Land of the Stupids...the indecent greed of Conservative
Aristocracy and their wet & wild dreams of a Plutocratic Ruling Class Society, have been very actively flicking their Bics at that powder-keg...the mass exploitation of the use of Ad Hominem, and now the absurdity of Ad Feminem on a Female population that stands at 50.5% of this country!

America! what a country! Money talks and rules today in America...if you want to stop it?...take the money out of the equation! After all, Government Service is a Civil Job...not a career advancement opportunity, for either your current or future interests outside the political world!

"Conservatism is rooted in preservation; progressivism advances alteration. These are different love languages. These languages turn on your view of change itself: When you think of America, do you see a country struggling to be maintained or one striving to be made better?" ~~ Charles Blow

Fiscal responsibility was a hallmark for Republicans till the irresponsibility of their lord Ronald Reagan, and his Magic Mystery Smoke & Mirrors Show, redefined the meaning of Greed to all of those ignorant enough to believe that horseshit! ...the only trickle that has come down has been from the politicos relieving themselves...a big "Va Fangul"! to all his
adoring the Va Fangul to his sweet Nancy's "Say no to drugs" aficionados! Guns for Drugs? hey! it's the $$$$!!

Enter the Religious Right and their Tea loving sociophobes into the Republican picture...the spotlight on the social regression of the Grant Old Party, their incompetence, and the low Intelligence Quotient of its batshit members has been a shining embarrassment over the Party ever entire planet watching them make absolute fools of themselves and that of the United States! These loonies did get elected!...blame their policies? No! blame those idiots who elected them!

With the extreme mediocrity of this year's quality in the current GOP crop, it would make sense in a party that's on the losing end of every opinion poll...on every single solitary issue...for someone in that very congested Low Road to walk the High Road! Unfortunately, they don't have anyone with enough Honor, Character, and Respect like a Jon Huntsman...after all those years. Huntsman? he has too much character and respect to put up with today's GOP.

Three hours of the same lies and horseshit heard around the world the last 7 years, all right out of the GOP's "Lies for Dummies" book!... lies, distortions, misrepresentation by 16 Clowns. And as bad as the policies and ideas are from these professional politicos...the Top 3 Clowns are; 1) A conceded, arrogant...and narcissistic!...hateful, foul-mouthed, spoiled cry baby, billionaire brat businessman. 2) A horribly failed businesswoman whose personal charm is so great, that she's known as the Wicked Witch. And 3) A brilliant and successful Brain Surgeon, who was Professor of Neurosurgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery, and Pediatrics at John Hopkins Medical School...and Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery at
Johns Hopkins Hospital. A man of letters in Medical Science who taught his Science to Doctors! and became a successful millionaire because of it is a Science Denier!! Oh! God taught him everything, personally! it wasn't science! A hypocrite of a man who will say whatever it takes to pander and garner votes from his ignorant flock!

And 'this' is the best they have?!?! The regression of intelligence in the Republican species...teach the stupid enough horseshit, sooner or later you too can become one! With their National Campaign and poll ratings in dire straights, maybe it's wiser to keep their trap shut?...but every time they speak, and show their actions? it truly
removes all doubt about a Republican!!

There were at least 11 distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies in this week’s GOP debate