Mar 31, 2015

Carly Fiorina wants to be Prez!...wants to do for America, what she did for HP!

By RF Schatten

Workers are watching Porn all day? Oh, my!...must be the 18,000 Workers laid off by Carly Fiorina, when she Outsourced their jobs to India and all points East and West. Everywhere!...but not in America!

The size of the profit, after all, takes precedence over the size of the worker's always has! But, Carly put a whole new meaning to the Employer/Employee Relationship.

To Carly Fiorina, it's for the best interest of America, that a Corporation can make a larger profit margin by outsourcing its own labor to other countries. The Horseshit Theory; Labor abroad is cheaper than in the US, so a larger profit margin would mean larger company revenues, which are passed on to the consumers and the Economy. Translation: Exploitation in other countries gets you cheaper labor and a larger profit!...with a tiny Trickle of that, passed to the population after publicly pissing on them...if, they can't get away without giving them shit!
To Carly Fiorina, it's all about the 'how much you can make without needing to pay someone mentality'...her ideal world? a Ruling Class Society. Forced Labor, Child Labor, Sweatshops!...and no Unions that can stir up trouble. How nice of a woman that doesn't care about the losses of jobs in her own country, as long as she makes her greedy profit from someone, somewhere! Screw the shit out of the American Worker, and go exploit those in other countries who are pretty much forced to work for whatever they can get!

Because, there's just not enough Presidential Candidates to join the 2016 GOP 1,000 Clowns Review. After losing the California Senate race, using the same platform; 'Fixing the Economy', Carly Fiorina now wants to do for the Country, what she did for Hewlett-Packard!!

Carly Fiorina's claim to infamy came after she became CEO of Hewlett-Packard.  She states that she's a 'formidable' candidate because; "I understand technology: a transformational tool, because I understand bureaucracies, how they work and how you need to change them. And our government is a huge bureaucracy.” Translation? Let's just outsource the country out, to the highest bidder! Screw 'We, the People' and distribute the the profits among the Wealth!

Her professional business resume as a bullshit artist takes you far in the business world...but, Politics is a different game. Wheeling and Dealing behind the scenes is one thing, but dealing with an open political public scrutiny, is another...Fiorina is a dud!!

A dud??
Affectionately known as the Worst or most Horrible Boss in the US! Known to her employees as "The Witch", and whom upon her firing, all sang; "The Witch is Dead". Carly was the First CEO in Hewlett-Packard history to get Fired! During her tenure: 30,000 firings and a 50% Hewlett-Packard Stock decline! Her hallmark purchase? The $19 Billion purchase of a giant doomed White Elephant, Compaq Computer in 2002. How good a deal? the profits out  of the Compaq acquisition merger? Absolutely zero! zilch! the Red! The previous seven years under CEO Lewis Platt, HP flourished and revenues skyrocketed 187% to $47.1 Billion...then, good old Carly took over, HP nose-dived, got fired, and now wants to be America's CEO!

"Capital markets work best when there is transparency and accountability, and we need more of both".  These words from the same person who to avoid taxation, Hewlett-Packard funded U.S. operations with a stream of intra-company loans, using an exception in the law for short-term loans, to avoid Billions of US Dollars in Taxes. HP routinely brought money into the U.S. without paying U.S. tax.

"Hewlett-Packard Held $14 Billion In Profit Overseas To Avoid Paying Taxes". The Washington Post reported, "By the end of its 2003 fiscal year, Hewlett-Packard Co. had 'indefinitely' deferred taxation on $14.4 billion of foreign earnings, according to SEC filings, a move that helped lower its effective tax rate from the statutory corporate income tax rate of 35 percent to 12 percent". Tax shelters and offshore banking for the fortunate...screw those less fortunate, just let them watch porn, I guess!

Her character?
She 'is' a very transparent person! Her incredible arrogance is wide know 'who' and what she cares about, and you know 'who' and what she doesn't give a shit about!
What honor does she have? She talked the employees at HP to take voluntary pay cuts, and after 86% of them agreed, she still outsourced their jobs overseas and implemented huge layoffs! And then, had the fricken gull to force them to train all their replacements!! Nice compassionate Bitch!!

Money and Connections buy you Power in Washington. It's how skillfully you use that power, or you might as well pack it up before your kids end up without an inheritance! She's made it up the latter to the Republican National Committee's head of Fundraising, and she should stick to that! But run for Office? Workers watching Porn all day just revealed her true social Batshit Mind! Stick to Fundraising! a Politico, Carly Fiorina is a Dud!!!

Mar 30, 2015

Welcome to Indiana!...please reset your Time, back 200 Years!

By RF Schatten

#BoycottIndiana of the most politically influential "Trends" ever on Twitter, apparently has turned out to be quite a positive effect, at this country! A much bigger backlash than Mike Pence ever ignorantly believed would occur!

"It is often easier to become outraged by injustice half a world away than by oppression and discrimination half a block from home" ~~~ Carl T. Rowan

Outrage in the United States for Injustice? the same outrage of the 50s, the same of the 60s...the same outrage throughout the years for Social Injustice! Ever since those wonderful roots of our past that Evangelicals so passionately want to revert back to...'discrimination' has been part of Americana! Whatever Native Americans remained after their genocide, the Blacks, the Chinese...and remember, no one wanted the Irish!!

We'll never get rid of Discrimination, Social Intolerance, and Religious Intolerance in America till a civil society says; enough is enough!

And it now appears a more observant and conscientious American public, is beginning to run to their windows and shout out; "I'm mad as hell!... and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Mad as Hell? Observe!
Angie's List put on hold their planned expansion of their $40 Million "Ford Building Project" in Indianapolis...and the 1,000 Jobs that comes with it!  Seattle's Mayor signed an Executive Order this week, banning all publicly funded travel for city employees to the state of Indiana! So did the Mayor of San Francisco, and Governor Dan Malloy signed similar orders for Connecticut State employees! The Disciples of Christ are reconsidering their decision to hold their 2017 gathering in Indianapolis. No 5 Stars from Yelp! Eli Lilly, who has over 11,000 employees in Indiana, is furious because as they said; "We are searching for top talent all over the world. We need people who will help find cures for such devastating diseases as Cancer and Alzheimer’s. Many of those individuals won’t want to come to a State with Laws that discriminate.”

Criticism from everywhere...coming from the entire NBA and the Indiana Pacers, the NCAA with an enormous pressure to move the Final Four of March Madness out of Indianapolis...and less than a week away! Charles Barkley is calling for a Boycott of the Final 4! The NFL and MLB are pressuring the city officials, who are already scrambling with the Angie's List fallout. Salesforce is canceling all programs that require their customers/employees to travel to Indiana to face discrimination! GenCon wants to move their annual Convention out of the State! And celebrities galore are on a Twitter attack, starting with George Takai and Apple's Tim Cook!

Whether it's the discrimination of Gays, discriminating other Religions, the discrimination of Blacks or Hispanics, of Women, Children, the Elderly...or the poor! 'Discrimination', any way you put, any way you interpret's still forbidding someone else' personal human rights! The hatred towards so many sectors of our society, the continuing alienation from the real world and into a regressive culture desperately seeking back their Cave Roots...where they can hide and fear for the Black man! or a Bitchy woman who's fed up with the conservative crap bestowed upon her, that 'are' against her own personal rights and believes? Hide from all those Foreigners and Illegal Aliens! And in fear of all other Religions that are going to systematically destroy America!

But most of all, hide from Gay people!...whom if they even touch, may turn them Gay!! If that happens, though, they can always seek help and turn to Michele and Marcus...they can have their clinic just "Exorcise the Gayness Away"!

The Backlash Against Indiana's New LGBT Discrimination Law | ThinkProgress

Mar 28, 2015

Plagiarizing another man's Plagiarism. The Cruz & Trump Show

By RF Schatten

"The Donald" is claiming "plagiarism" on Ted Cruz for plagiarizing 'his' term; "'Make America Great Again"...which he plagiarized from the 1980 Reagan-Bush Campaign Slogan!!

First, Ted Cruz tells the world that God doesn't want anyone to have Healthcare Insurance, and the following day...surprise! surprise! surprise! Now, the Trumpster has the two-faced gall to attack Ted Cruz for using an old GOP slogan in a metaphor and blaming Cruz for stealing it? while publicly lying with his other face...saying he created it!

For a man as intelligent and business savvy as Donald Trump, to get caught with his hands inside the bullshit jar...without the understanding of the reality of today's whole new world! Surf the Net for the truth...or just Google it!

What this shows is the incompetence of a man who wants to be President of the United States. Not because he's not a smart man, he is! A good business man who wants to be a major player in the GOP, a wannabee Politico, with an ego and a love for the spotlight. 'That' makes him his own worsts enemy...his true inner character as a man shines right through, even more than his Le Grande Orange do.
His marriages, his affairs, his personal life are not important, he can be a great father and a lousy husband! It has nothing to do with personal family's all about a man with an oversized ego and ambition, who's an expert in the line of the business bullshit, but who just can't carry it over as a Politician!!

The makeup of the GOP's cast of characters for the 2016 Clown Primaries never changes; someone is in, someone is out, some haven't decided...but they all have one common trait...Batshit Disease!

You have Jeb Bush, who keeps insisting that he's not a Bush...and never even heard of Dubya! Ridiculously, distancing himself politically from his own family!...or, aren't people going to Google him, too? You have Ted Cruz, who's now the official spokesman for and intimate consultant with "God". Then you have Ben Carson who made a living and became who he is today, because of Medical Science...and now denies science! Mike Huckabee said recently he's jumping into the Clown Car...this religious man prefers people to stop using profanity!...while jamming Cat Scratch Fever with his buddy, The Whackmaster! And let's not forget Marco Rubio...if he doesn't run out of Aquafina, first!

More candidates will come, and some will go before the Cast is set for 2016. How many of them truly have what it takes to administrate an entire Nation? At least one has failed his audition...Donald Trump, You're Fired!!

Donald Trump Claims Authorship of Legendary Reagan Slogan | Rolling Stone

Mar 26, 2015

Bi-partisanship in DC:Time for the GOP to sign on board the good ship USS Obamacare!

By RF Schatten

"If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Then quit. There's no point in being a damn fool about it" ~~~ WC Fields

The Republican Party appears to be quitting their everlasting battle with the Affordable Care Act! They're beginning to get embarrassed with Ted Cruz' exploits and all their own foolishness...and, with their constant Southward plunge in the Polls since gaining Majority in November, 2014.

392-37 That's bipartisan to me!! The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015. $214 Billion over 10 years, with $73 Billion of that cost offset, with spending cuts or new revenue; according to the Congressional Budget Office. Of the 37 No Votes, 33 were GOP and 4 Democrats. And, before we all hear from all those Conservative wannabee economic experts on the Net, remind them that 392 US Representatives of which the good size majority are Republicans...are the ones responsible for Voting "Yes" and passing the Bill! The very same Republicans they support. Are they all wrong? Did Obama put a gun to their heads and force them to do it? just don't be surprised to hear someone in the GOP, blame Obama!!

The facts are; everyone gets a little piece of the pie, what they all want...but not everything for everybody. That's Bi-partisanship! A $214 Billion 'fix' to the massive funding gap in Medicare and the reauthorization for extending the Children's Health Insurance Program for two more years! as well as other Community Health Services. It also sets long-term spending cuts. Everyone's happy!! so what's the problem going to be now?? This 'is' a dysfunctional Congress.

So what can ruin this whole show?
The Bill arrives in the Senate at a time when another Legislative agenda is booked for debate before recess. To pass this Bill before the March 31st  deadline, the Senate will have to have a Unanimous Agreement to pass the bill at the end of the night, before taking off for another vacation... or wait till their mid-April return to formally debate it and then pass it.  No problem, are the votes there to pass it when they return? Yes!!

But when you're dealing with dysfunction, you don't have to expect the unexpected. There 'are' assholes around, ready to screw the entire process...and they're not all Republicans. Asshole power exists in the Democratic Party and is just as strong as in the GOP, they're just not as visible.  Most are not satisfied with what they're getting. Republican Jeff Sessions is not satisfied with the deal, and Ted Cruz, who just hates anything that involves Healthcare, as long as it's not his own Health, and craves for late night limelight of all those last minute 'before the deadline decisions, are both going to be there...just because! Expect Cruz to upstage everyone. Harry Reid and a few other Dems, also objects to parts of the Bill. The need to agree to pass it before leaving for their 2 weeks hiatus, primarily concerns the avoidance of cuts on Physician payments, which take effect after March 31st!

The other Bi-partisan effort going on right now, is the rest of both Parties' outrage for not having this Bill passed before collecting more frequent flyer miles. For the first time in many many moons, we have seen a spirit of bi-partisan effort with such good comradery! everyone's happy on both sides for doing what's right, after so many years of obstruction and non-cooperation. Things do seem to be working in Washington, whether it's the realism of Obamacare hitting the voters or whether it was just the right time, using the vote as a goodwill gesture of penance to the American public for their foreign policy debacle and embarrassing America!

It all comes down to 2 Party Leaders lost in their own little world. Whether Harry Reed stops his foolishness of preventing a unanimous vote because some technicality he doesn't like, when it's the best deal on the table for every party concerned and approved by both Barack Obama, the Democratic House Leadership, and the Republican House Leadership. Whether Reed can control and keep his Senators in line?...and whether Mitch McConnell even calls for the vote? or can he control Jeff Sessions? But most of all, can he harness in the Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas on the subject of Medical Care during another long night deadline decision?

House Stuns Itself By Passing Bipartisan $214 Billion Medicare Package

Mar 25, 2015

Applying for Obamacare like a common's the Ted Cruz Show!

By RF Schatten

 "God wants for Tens of millions of Americans to lose their access to Healthcare" Well! I guess God wants at least 4 of those Americans, the Cruz Family, to have Obamacare!!

The man who said at Liberty University;  "Imagine in 2017 a new President signing legislation repealing every word of Obamacare" The man who filibustered for 21 hours to stop funding Obamacare, the man widely recognized as the major force behind the US Government Shutdown in a cost to the taxpayers of $24 Billion!  Ted Cruz is pretty much the lead  political mouthpiece for the Far Right, the Tea sipping Brothers Koch and Christian Fundamentalism on the subject of Obamacare!

It's an understanding that Congressmen and Senators, are placed in the ACA's database and are already eligible, with their original Federal Insurance Plan...and the opportunity to find a better insurance. It's also understandable for his wife Heidi, to lose her Medical Insurance for taking an unpaid leave of absence. And it's understandable to file for ACA, nothing wrong with what he did, as he said; he's just following the Law.

But this entire Scenario appears more of his making, in his attempt to connect with the "common man". The sound bytes and images, with the storytelling: The Poor housewife who lost her Medical Insurance because she took an unpaid leave of absence to help and support her loving husband, and the husband who now scramble to find insurance for his family, especially his 2 poor daughters who may end up without any Healthcare! Just like the problems everyday ordinary folks have. Now, would you buy that crock of shit from this man?

He tries to make his appeal in front of young college Christians, telling them that God doesn't want anyone to have Healthcare, and the following day...he pops the News! At least, he should've been honest and decent enough to explain those little details before his horseshit speech, to the very same students in Lynchburg whom he's courting. This wasn't something that just popped up the following day...they've been in the planning to switch to Obamacare.

But is Ted Cruz your "Common Man"? With a base salary from We, The People of $174,000/year with an additional Tax deduction of $3,000/year for living expenses...all for just standing around, being an asshole "Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas" in the US Senate. With a Member's Representational Allowance (MRA) of $944,671 per Member...which is used for official expenses such as Staff, Mail, District Office Rentals, and primarily Traveling Expenses and the fringe benefits that go along with the title.  They also have the Senators’ Official Personnel and Office Expense Account (SOPOEA) at  $2,984,433 to $4,722,299 with an average allowance of $3,235,422/ Senator!!

With all that, plus retirement...will Ted and Heidi Cruz really ever have to worry about Healthcare?? Will their Kids ever have to worry about their Health?? A man whose "Net Worth" is $3.5 Million Dollars! with a Wife that's Head of the Southwest Region in the Investment Management Division of Goldman, Sachs & Co....and who refuses to release her Salary and Net Worth to the public! What they're hiding in Heidi's closet, it's another story for another time.

CNN reported that the couple will lose the employer-sponsored plan through the company. What must be said,  and reminded to all; it's 'her' Medical Plan that Teddy needs to scramble and buy. He still has his Federal Employees Health Benefits Program which benefits all the Congressmen and Senators. There's no Health cost worries in the Cruz household!!...and absolutely nothing in common with the common man!

After Pledging To 'Repeal Every Word Of Obamacare,' Ted Cruz Admits He's Signing Up For Obamacare | ThinkProgress

Mar 24, 2015

The GOP's Self-denial of an Embarrassing Reality...Obamacare is working!!

By RF Schatten

Living a Life of Self-denial in their own Little Make-believe World. Republicans just can't conceivably understand why the Affordable Care Act...aka Obamacare...keeps turning into a bigger success, as each day passes?

All the heavy daily barrage by their Propaganda Machine, their 50something "Repeals" in the US House, their perpetual Trash Talking Points, and even "God" telling the population that no one should have Healthcare!!  All the GOP horseshit Lies can't trump common sense.

Question: Why do they oppose everyone from having the opportunity of receiving Medical Care, when someone might not have had that opportunity in the past?
Answer: It all lead to the same thing; The Private Sector can do a better job than the Public Sector...and 'that' was publicly verified by Ted Cruz when he said during his wannabee "Imagine" speech; "Health Care Reform that keeps government out of the way between you and your doctor, and that makes Health Insurance 'personal' and portable and 'affordable'"!
Translation: The Doctors can continue to charge you whatever they want! and be selective which clients they want! The Insurance Companies can continue to rip you off!...and without a Government to regulate it? Screw the Seniors, the Poor, the Young, Mothers and Babies...fuck'em all! To them, only the Powerful should have the right to medical care, the right to be at the head of the line, the right to live...over those less fortunate...because, they control the capital of our Economy, they're the job creators!

For Republicans? is all about the MONEY!! always has and always will...and who doesn't have it? Want Healthcare? pay for it!! Fuck'em!! Compassion is a dirty taboo for Republicans!

Embracing the Embarrassing Reality?
70 Million Americans now have access to Preventive Support Obama's Health Care Reform!
16 Million formerly Uninsured Americans now have gained Health Insurance!
  9 Million Seniors and People with Disabilities have saved an Avg of $1,600 per person in Prescription Medicine!...over $15 billion in all since the Affordable Care Act
12 Million 'new' Jobs created since the ACA passed!
50,000 fewer Preventable Patient Deaths in Hospitals in the last 3 years!
$7.4 BILLION Dollars of savings in Hospital Costs for 2014 alone!!...after original savings expectations of as much as $1.9 billion from 2012 to 2015!

How much bigger a dose of reality do you want?...there's a lot more! But, Reality is; most people prefer affordable Medical Care...whether they pay or not...over what their options were 'before' Obamacare!

A Stupid question for the Stupids; Why would you want to pay more for the cost of the same Health Insurance, you're getting for less from the ACA? The fact that even someone has to think about it!...

The sad part of all this? An entire Fully Insured Population is not enough...and there will never be enough reality for Republicans to accept...their central issue goes far more than Obamacare. Is about who has it, and who doesn't...about their believes that only the privileged has the exclusivity of America, over all others...whether in Medicine or all other Social Issues in our American Society! All their actions, prove it!!

Obama Tells Republicans To Embrace Reality As He Debunks Their Obamacare Lies

Mar 23, 2015

Ted Cruz and his Intimate Talk with God: Screw the Sick!

By RF Schatten

16-20 Million Americans without Healthcare...because "God" doesn't want you to have any! And if you know God intimately, he'll tell you that Teddy is his exclusive Voice on this Earth. Doesn't everybody know that?? The Pope?! it's Teddy!!

What a beautiful dramatic entrance for the start of a Presidential Campaign...with the symbolism of Liberty University as a backdrop. The Messiah has arrived!! Glory, Hallelujah!!...and he's throwing in his Stetson into the ring, walk through water, and become the next President of the United States. Raphael Eduardo Cruz would run the country the way God wants. This is a Prophesy! straight out of the Bible!...or at least, it is...if you believe  "Pastor" Raphael Bienvenido Cruz. The loyal minions are in love Senior's acute sense for the horseshit!

The Grand Old Tea Party's favorite Mouthpiece, the Official Charlatan for the Republican Party, and America's favorite political Clown!...has entered the Republican's quadrennial Freakshow Primaries!! And what a better way to start the 2016 Political Season than with the GOP's #1 Freak!!  And what's the opening salvos for his First controversial Bullshit in the 2016 Quest for Stupid Supremacy? "God" doesn't want you to have Healthcare!

In front of 10,000 Students, who rather have been elsewhere. As Jason Easley wrote in a separate article: "They weren’t all here by choice. Attendance at convocation at Liberty is mandatory, and a group of students clad in “Stand With Rand” shirts sat center stage—directly in view of the cameras—to log their displeasure with having to be here." “They make you come. If you don’t come, you get punished,” said Ana Delgado, a sophomore, who said students face a $10 fine for not showing up at convocation. Delgado wasn’t among those wearing Paul gear. She is undecided about who she’ll support in 2016, but she didn’t like being forced to be part of Cruz’s announcement'.
Not all Christians, care for the taste of Tea...or, to step on batshit!

Ted Cruz must be a closet case of sorts! This man lives in constant anger, his hate for the Affordable Care Act.  "I believe God isn’t done with America yet.” It seems he keeps referring to God as if he's the "Messenger"...well? his old man 'did' say, that he's the Messiah! He continued  to talk about Repealing Obamacare and Abolishing the IRS...a little flat tax for everyone! Easley commented; God also wants a regressive flat tax that will benefit the wealthy while increase the tax burden on everyone else. It's Teddy's version of The Trickle. Whatever he and his benefactors have, they'll trickle down some on the rest of the population...and make sure they zipper their pants up, when they're done!

Let's talk a little about this character. He's the Republican Party's personal Clown...the "Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas" as John McCain calls him. The reincarnation of the Tail-Gunner...his obsession with looking under every bed in America for Communists, Socialists, Terrorists, Subversives...anyone! as long as those cameras keep rolling!

But inside that Clown facade, you got a more serious and devious SOB! There's nothing stupid about Ted Cruz, that Ted Cruz doesn't want you to think! With schooling in Princeton...and Harvard Law School...there really is, nothing stupid about Teddy. There's nothing stupid about Daddy Cruz either! This very holy pastor happens to be an Oil Industry expert....which brings us to an unholy alliance that really enters the Big Picture.

Alberta, Canada...lot of Oil out there! Cruz was born in Alberta, where his Mom and Dad worked in the Oil Industry ...and not as labor...they owned  a Seismic-Data Processing Firm for Oil Drillers! Is it coincidence that Koch Industry owns in gross acres, over 10 Million Acres in Alberta?...with 1.5 Million Acres assigned to Koch Oil Sands? It's no coincidence that Daddy Cruz's wild ideas of the Bible coincides with the sordid minds of what a Koch Kingdom might look like...and there's no coincidence that although neither of them, really have nothing in common, they both have the same filthy thoughts, which makes them good business partners-in-crime. The Keystone Pipeline? it flows down from Alberta! Ted's Home the way...what was Ted Cruz' Vote on the Pipeline? I bet that God wants that Pipeline to cross and destroy the environment. And without an environment to grow food, I bet that God wants us to eat GMO's...just, don't invite him to Supper!

Why does this Messiah want to save America from all the Evil in the World?...even if it means destroying most of it? A man with an Education, never brought up in need, who knows right from wrong.  A family man, with a wife and 2 daughters!...why does he oppose Education? it primarily affects children, like his own. Why does he oppose all Women Issues? or is he blind to his wife needs?  Does he really give a shit? He will never have to worry about his Healthcare...he has it guaranteed as a Senator. They have plenty of money...his wife or his kids will never worry about Insurance! He's perfectly aware of what's happening...but his future is invested in the opposite.

Ambitious, Arrogant, with absolutely no honor, no compassion, and no respect... as corruptable a politician as they come, a dangerous creature who's a victim of his own making. He'll never get elected President if only for one reason...he's just too Obnoxious of a human being and an insult to the mind of the American public, for anyone other than batshit, to vote for him.

Ted Cruz Launches His 2016 Campaign By Proclaiming God Wants You To Have No Healthcare

Mar 22, 2015

Monsanto's Wide Variety of Products: Weed Killers, GMOs, and Cancer!

By RF Schatten

If Monsanto stands by their product as much as they say they do...why do they absolutely refuse to label GMOs? Why is there so much money given out to fight GMO Labeling by Monsanto and by DuPont? The World wants to know!!

The Official Monsanto Horseshit Response: The cost for 'paper' Labels is just too expensive and having everything labeled, Monsanto would have to pass on the cost to the consumer! They refuse to Label their shit! because they care so very much about their fellow man's pocketbook? The Official People's Response? WHAT A BOLD FACE BULLSHIT LIE!! $20 billion dollars in assets and they're worried about the cost of sticky Paper Labels??

The question remains: What is Monsanto hiding from the Consumer? Why can the American People have the right to know, what they're ingesting into their bodies? What does the GMO in your food, contains?

The fact that Monsanto, along with Koch Industries are regular Parties in the US Court System, both engaged in a pissing contest to see who gets more Fines and Judgement calls against them, and who has to pay the most. A $20 Billion Dollar Corporation, with enough $$$ and influence to buy any Politico or any financially stricken Country...or they did, in the most Green State in the Nation, when Oregon's measure for GMO Labeling went down in defeat for the low sweet price of only $25 million dollars!

In a study by the Union of Concerned Scientists, back in 2004, 50% of the Corn and Soybean samples and more than 80% of the Canola samples were contaminated with Monsanto’s Genes detected in all 3 Crops. Across the country, Monsanto has been fighting farmers...and illegally contaminating their crops. That sounds like the Koch's contamination of our country's Rivers and Streams? They 'are' partners!

The costs to Farmers from recalls and export restrictions to Non-GMO contaminated products were estimated at between $26 and $288 million. Contaminated Rice in 2006 cost Monsanto a $750 million settlement for injured Rice Farmers. 700 out of court "undisclosed" lawsuit settlements.  With 150 lawsuits against America’s Family Farmers, there's no doubt about their retribution to destroy the Organic Farm Industry...with aggressive lawsuits, with the power of a $20 billion dollar corporation, an atmosphere of Fear in Rural America 'is' out every farm they can across the country, and control the entire nation's crops, have complete control of what you eat!! 'That' sounds too "Soylent Green" for my taste buds!

The hypocrisy of those who support GMOs...making $$$ off scientific research, and dealing with the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industries...then telling everyone they're Science Deniers. Their control of Nature, as it was said in "Harvest of Fear" control not just seeds...but live human-made microorganisms. All approved by their own bought Supreme Court. The Microorganism? "Pseudomonas" bacterium! Has anyone ever seen what Pseudomonas does to the human body?...especially not taken care of?

"Roundup Ready" Monsanto's greatest product since green plastic rugs, got slammed by the World Health Organization for causing Cancer...something that has been talked about for years by research scientists...but covered up in the United States with a whole lot of money!! It's not about your Health, it's not about's about how much money they make! that's all!

Monsanto kills...and not just bugs! So remember! next time you go out, buy some food and stick it in your mouth...when eating GMOs, think of what you're eating. Monsanto's other famous Great Product..."AstroTurf", it's a little chewy!

Addicting Info – Monsanto Freaking Out Over WHO Report Linking Roundup To Cancer In Humans

Mar 21, 2015

An Educated and Informed Public: The Enemy of Religious Fundamentalism

By RF Schatten

An informed mind can be a very dangerous tool...there 'is' a reason why there's those who want to control what a child learns; what they see, what they read,  what they hear and observe...and what they think!  Re-write History, re-write the Bible, keep the flock ignorant, take over the school boards, and pass laws forbidding someone the right to think!

This is not rhetoric, it's happening today! right in this country!! And it's happening around the world...a giant pissing contest between the Fundamentalists...and the Christians and Muslims are no longer the only dance cards in town!

Enter the Hindi population, with "unexplained Religious and/or Cultural reasons", and Jewish Fundamentalism...Zionism, and particularly the Sephardic Jews whose origins are Middle Eastern...they too, embellish pure raw ignorance.

Batshit Disease is spreading across the World, faster than Ebola!! Contaminating all the ignorance around, while sweeping through from community to community! Smart is bad!! Stupid's worth is in gold!

It's inconceivable that there are people in the world whose main function in life, is to prohibit the natural god-given human right to obtain Knowledge. To keep their future generations in a constant mindless state, allowing them to culturally and socially rot! The minds of Christian Fundamentalists...and all other Fundamentalists, for that matter...are the first in mankind, that deliberately want the world to Socially and Culturally regress and stop evolving, rather than evolve and naturally progress as a nation into the future. It's not unusual that these people's character is no different than those throughout history that believed in book burnings...the same people who believe in banning books throughout the years! Henry Miller's works comes to mind...conservatism is degenerately prudish with a 'closet case' mindset. Look at what's banned today in this country? You would be genuinely surprised!

For the first time in my life, Education is considered a dirty word in some sectors of Society! 'Science' is considered taboo among Fundamentalist Christians. Don't allow someone to ask a question...why does it get  dark? why does it get light every day in the morning? why is that big bright yellow ball in the sky so hot? why does it rain? All questions that can be answered by my grandson! But Batshit crazy America, like the Batshit  crazy Hindi Community in England, doesn't  understand  Science because they are told, it doesn't exist...they 'are' matter what language they speak!!

Morons who fanatically follow masters of horseshit.  Rick Scott is a Grand Master in the art of horseshit...the man who calls himself a Science Denier, while making a fortune as President and CEO of Columbia/HCA, at the time the largest for-profit Hospital Corp. in the world! This bullshit artist, as the Orlando Weekly said;  "He's just a simple businessman with the largest Medicare fraud case on record".  Rick Scott and Ben Carson have a mutual common interest...both profited and became millionaires out of Medical Science...and both have the gull to say, Science doesn't really exists!

Scott just suspended a Florida Government employee for not denying climate change, which is now Scott's personal law in must deny climate change or risk getting fired! Scott ordered him to have a Psychiatric Evaluation, and could not return back till cleared by the Cookie Factory to return to work! Openly deny Climate Change, while openly lie to the Public...or 72hrs in a Psychiatric Evaluation!

The greatest threat to Humanity today is Religious Fundamentalism...all deny their own history, all interpret their history the way it's more beneficial to them, they all hate Women Rights, and they all want to restrict Education in return for Religious and 'their' Social indoctrination! None of them cares about the welfare of their own countries, all, have just one central annihilate each other!  An informed society 'is' the greatest threat for Fundamentalism!!

Students banned from watching solar eclipse due to ‘religious and cultural reasons’

Mar 19, 2015

2016 & the GOP Dilemma: Mainstreaming Hatred, and another Bush as the only sane choice?

By RF Schatten

The incredible indecency of an American Political Party...their fondness for hatred and the joy watching their fellow man's misery.  Their hate for the Poor and all the legislations passed or not passed...all with the same intentions against that Class' best interests, cannot ever be denied and 'will' be recorded for posterity in history! Their violently despicable hate for the Black Community, their paranoia over Gays, their hateful dislike of Immigrants, their obsessive pleasure of trying to lawfully control a Woman's body, their dislike of the Youth...and their obsession to destroy the education of the masses!  History! and a technological New World, are recording all this shit!!

Seniors? fuck 'em!! Every effort has been made over and over again through the years, to remove Social Security and Medicare from the Public to the Private Sector.  It's like having a family member, who you despise and purposely left out of your Will...take over your legal Trust Fund and Will! 'know' how responsible they're gonna be with you and your money? I'll trust Uncle Sam, before ever trusting Uncle Mitch!!

What does the future hold for the Grand Old Party?
The Ying-Yang between the Tea Drinkers and the traditional Cocktail Crowd may win ya Local and gerrymandered US Districts...but it doesn't fly Nationwide, by a wide margin! They have no clue what their long-term goals are going to be!...they've had no clue on forming not even a single piece of Policy, since the 1st Tuesday Night of November, 2008! Except!!...making Obama a one term Prez! and 'that' failed too! They captured the Senate? it goes back and forth...and with 24 of them running for re-election in 2016? and most of them part of the 47 Traitors? The US Senate is anything but safe for the GOP in 2016! The US House? long as Gerrymandering is Legal, batshit will hang from the rafters of the Lower Chamber!

Nothing still will ever get accomplished, till the pissing contest between the Tea and the Tanqueray drinkers stop. For the sake of whatever sanity is left in the Republican Party...kick the Tea out of the GOP and have them start their own officially sanctioned and chartered Political Party!!

Till then, concentrate and worry about the seats they're going to lose, thanks to Tom Cotton's embarrassment...than Hillary!!

Bringing hate to the mainstream of America is quite easy...glorify your actions to your own base, and keep FoxNews in silence of any criticism. Allow divisive hatred to flourish by justifying their hate...lie! lie! lie! Do it often, do it enough, and even non-political Greek Frat Boys' will demonstrate their own dormant built-in racial if it was no big deal! And why should it be, when leaders...officials elected to represent the people...verbally and openly disrespect the President of the Unites States?? No one has ever done that! Politicos and their actions set the tone for America. They see their elected leaders act like scum, they figure it's OK to act like them too!...they 'did' elected them!

2016. One hundred years ago, the US invaded Cuba for the 3rd Time. To remove the "corrupt" Menocal Government...and install their own corrupt puppet. Internal Involvement in Cuban politics, inside and outside the Government by the US, $$$, and Corruption went hand in hand, some Cuban Presidents more than others till 1959. One hundred years later; nothing changes! there're those who want to invade another country, now!  Scum is a magnet for money...destroy a country for personal gains, even if it's your own. The GOP is proving it everyday!!

Where is the crop of Dumbo prospects to challenge the Donkeys?...when the very best they have, is another Bush with more dirty laundry in his closet!

With a Party spewing divisive hatred 24/7, widespread violence, and police brutality perpetrated towards the black community, and a Country who on every single National Issue, opposes them! A Country where Barack Obama has been praised by Forbes Magazine as the greatest "Economic" President in modern times! a Country where the Stock Market has set record highs! The unemployment is hitting record lows, and for record continuing periods. People are spending $$, getting affordable Healthcare...for many...the first time in years! Where people are happy just being who they are, and where so many bans and taboos in our Society, have been torn down. There's no going back to Pleasantville!

With all the crazy insane batshit running around, where even the Pope compares these Fundamentalists to ISIS....where 47 idiots committed treason by secretly negotiating with a Foreign Government, to undermine the policies of their own administration, and at the same time undermine the talks between US, Great Britain, France, Russia, China, plus Germany...and Iran. 47 people sabotaging all these other countries, too!  Embarrassing?  To the American People, to the United States Senate, even to Republicans...and a shameful embarrassment to all those Countries and the rest of the world! Are they embarrassed? They very well may be in 2016!

The worst they try to make Obama look...the better Barack looks! And all the filth in their character is just going to carry over in 2016 with Hillary!! or does anyone really expect  a clean and courteous Election? Whether it's Hillary or Elizabeth, doesn't really matter!'s going to be a Woman! and the GOP can't deal with that! Taking orders from a Black Guy for 8 years?...and now a Woman?

Mar 17, 2015

Progressive Winds blowing in the Great Northwest...while Republicans claim "It's a Plot"!

By RF Schatten

"The Vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men" ~~ Lyndon B. Johnson

Every American Citizen has the Constitutional Right to Vote regardless of Race, Color, Creed, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Nationality, or Economic Status. As more Republican-led States keep finding ways to suppress the Rights of Minorities, Women, Legal Immigrants, the Elderly, and Young Voters...Oregon keeps rising to the forefront of Progress!!

Progressive Oregon again has led the nation in another First. The First State in the Nation to go exclusively all Mail-in Voting in 1998. Now, the First State to implement Automatic Voter Registration! Unlike Republican suppression of Voting Rights Laws across the country, Oregon has taken the burden away from the Registration Process and openly encourages all its citizenry to Vote!!

Governor Brown, on her first key legislation in Office, said; “I Challenge every other State in this Nation to examine their policies and to find ways to ensure there are as few barriers as possible for Citizens’ Right to Vote"

The process is quite simple; every Resident of the State of Oregon has the fundamental right to Vote. Felons lose their rights during incarceration but are immediately restored upon their release. Anyone who has had direct contact through the DVM database...whether obtaining a State Driver's License or State ID Card...will have that data send to the Election Board, for eligibility! Those who are  eligible but not registered will be sent a postcard that says that they have been Registered and have 3 weeks to fill out their Party affiliation and mail it out. If not received, they will automatically be listed as "Unaffiliated"...Also, in those three weeks, a person can "opt out" of the entire program.

Oregon has one of the highest rates of Registered Voters in the United States, 73% of all Residents...70% Voted in 2014...also, among the highest in the nation! And adding 300,000 to the Rolls will significantly increase those rates, to probably the highest in the country.

The Republican horseshit has begun!  Voter Fraud!! DMV Databases are not secured!! Well, apparently they're secured enough for Law Enforcement to have access, and catch the perpetrators! The requirement for Oregon Residency includes changing your current state's Driver's License within 1 month of permanently living in the state or be prepared for a whole lot of fines!!

Oregon DMV requirements for all State Driver's License and/or State ID Card: 1) Picture ID/ previous state's DL. 2) Social Security Card. 3) Birth Certificate Documentation. 4) An "Original" US Citizenship and Naturalization Document. 5) Proof of Legal Presence. 6) Proof of Legal Name and  7) Proof of Residency Address!!

Now, how hard is that? Who requires more proof than that to Vote? It's just a way to simplify things, avoid redundant paperwork and costs. But mostly allow the state's residents to mentally relax, and know they can exercise their right to vote anytime, without the pressures, the hassles and frustrations others have in this country.

Now, the real horseshit comes from those Republican souls in Oregon who says it's all a "secret plot" to enroll more Democrats. That's a naturally stupid thing to say, but they 'are' Republicans...although, maybe it's their sub-conscience denial just saying; "If we don't legislate and don't do shit, all those new voters 'will' go Blue"? Apparently the only Republican Strategy is to suppress the Vote...the only way, anyone can't vote against them!!

Addicting Info – Oregon Becomes The First State To Implement Sweeping Automatic Voter Registration

Mar 13, 2015

America Is Disintegrating in Madness? Sometimes you need a Foreigner's View!

By RF Schatten

 “The President alone has the power to speak or listen as a representative of the nation. He makes treaties with the advice and consent of the Senate, but he alone negotiates. Into the field of negotiation, the Senate cannot intrude, and Congress itself is powerless to invade it.” “The President is the constitutional representative of the United States with regard to foreign nations. He manages our concerns with foreign nations, and must necessarily determine when, how, and upon what subjects negotiation may be urged with the greatest prospect of success. For his conduct, he is responsible to the Constitution" ~~~ George Sutherland, Justice of the US Supreme Court

United States v. Curtiss-Wright Corp. (1936). How incredibly interesting!! That a Sovereign this case, Iran...knows the US Laws and Constitution better than 47 Americans, of which the majority of them...are Lawyers!!

Pretty embarrassing when the US Senate is outed for their extreme stupidity by Foreign Powers. The Ayatollah responded; "un-American warmongers do not speak for America; they have sworn allegiance and are beholden to a foreign government intent on a war with Iran". Even more embarrassing in front of the world, the fact that they did it to undermine the President of the United States, who just happens to be a Constitutional Law Professor!! Maybe, they can go back to school? Prof. Obama can give them a little refresher course!

America, disintegrating in madness? Absolutely! Not saying that is totally one-sided...but  the general consensus and conventional wisdom in America says; it's been a Partisan Right-Wing effort since January 20, 2009. To undermine the efforts of your own Government in negotiating an agreement that can avoid a this case, a Nuclear War!...while at the same time, negotiate with an enemy of Iran, Israel!  again behind the back of their Government!! and invite Netanyahu to lobby Congress for the Kirk-Menedez Act!! which would force the US into war with Iran, if Israel wishes to invade Iran!! Is this Madness? Not if you're a Republican!
War? Without a war, what would their Defense Contractors do? No war, no money, no kickbacks!! Republicans love war! Big $$ loves war!...but not for their Millionaire's son...never the fortunate ones, naturally.

Madness? like in when you lose your mind? maybe it's just their natural lunacy and obsessive need for constant failure? After being bitch-slapped by every common sense Republican, the Press, the Polls, and even Dick Cheney!...the plethora of Republican Tea-laced horseshit responses to their reasons on signing the Letter, overwhelms even their own stupidity. Tom Cotton said it was Obama's Fault!!...the new Clown on the Block, got his Gold Star...everything is always Obama's fault!

But nothing can beat John McCain's crock of doo-doo on who he blamed for signing the letter. He embarrassed the Country, the US Senate, his home State, his Constituency, and whatever little credibility he had left throughout his life...all, because of a "Snowstorm"!!

Every one of the 47 Traitors are now, back peddling...but whatever excuse they give, the matter of the fact remains, they're grown men and women...they signed it!!  Stalling threats on budget talks to try reversing all the spending cuts to the Military? Lindsey Graham, his buddy John McCain and the Military Industrial Complex wants War, Koch Industry wants War, GOP lawmakers wants War...because there's not enough profit being made without a War!...and the Senate's Kirk-Menedez Act, rewards them with exactly the War!!

“If I were the President I wouldn’t let Congress leave town until we fix this. I would literally use the Military to keep them in Session.” “the U.S. Political Ethics and Internal System is disintegrating into what is arguably tyrannical Neo-con Fascism" ~~~ Ayatollah Khamenei

The Ayatollah is right keeping Congress in town till they 'fix' it. The Ayatollah just doesn't can't fix stupid!!

Lindsey Graham Proves Ayatollah Right - America Is Disintegrating in Madness

Mar 11, 2015

Tom Cotton for President? Because, the world is not crazy enough!

By RF Schatten

Yes! Yes! Yes! Republicans want Tom Cotton to run for President. Yes!! Yes!! Yes!! Democrats would 'love' Tom Cotton to run for President, oh yeas!!

The new darling of the Batshit Party!...just, because there's not enough lunacy going around! Hey! Michele's gone...someone needs to take up the intellectual mantel for the GOP? Raw Story called him "A Neocon Monstrosity out of Central Casting". The Republican Party needs new blood...a White Boy whose hair is still infuse into their Quadrennial Primaries' Clown Shows. And they do really take him seriously! which makes this character, one dangerous crazy wingnut!...he did talk and convinced 46 other US Senators into signing his letter, and making them all look like fools. A young kid who had to be corrected with a lesson on the US Constitution, US Treason Laws, including the Logan Act, and US Senate Rules of the very country they tried to undermine, and both Barack Obama and US/Iran Nuclear Negotiations!

Tom Cotton will forever have the distinction of being the direct cause of the 'most' embarrassing Act of Diplomacy in our Nation's history. The dishonor he brought America and the US Senate, throughout the world!...and all the laughter and jokes on the United States, watching how all this could have happened, and not just Cotton...but the American mentality or lack of, since 2008.

From the Republican Tea Party's "Central Casting" call, Tom Cotton blends in like a would've never known he's a rookie! An Obamacare comment? He told an uninsured voter not to use Obamacare because "Russian Mobsters" could steal her Identity. A true pure Republican...fresh horseshit!'s vital, for their continued existence. More Dumboism? Look at his stance on women and gays! a true Gynophobe and Homophobe. His record on all GOP issues? 100% pure Tea!

A new demagogue and grandstander to keep the critics busy, and away from the other crazies...he's a batshit apprentice for the Great Clown Show of 2020. If he doesn't end up in jail first, he may be a top contender in 2020! It's his natural ability for the art of gab! Remember, this character got elected by telling the good people of Arkansas; “ISIS and Mexican Drug Cartels are joining forces to attack Arkansas.” ISIS to attack Arkansas??...fresh GOP horseshit!!

The Chinese say; "May you live in interesting times"....well? it's a curse!. We 'do' live in interesting times! Look inside the mindset of those elected...and, those who elect them?...interesting how the human mind thinks!  If you don't like what's happening, vote for 'your' interests!...don't bitch! The American Voter is solely responsible for voting against their self-interest, and for the interest of those who have no interest in the American Voter!

GOP already trying to change the rules so Tom Cotton can run for president — in 2020 -

Mar 10, 2015

The GOP's never ending battle for Political Dysfunctional Supremacy

By RF Schatten

No words can ever express such a dysfunction in someone's mind, no less, an entire Political Party. Why in the name of God, would someone...with enough political knowledge and understanding of basic common sense...would commit such a blatantly stupid act? sending a partisan Letter, in behalf of Republican Party and signed by 47 US Senators and the Leadership of the Party?

Then to spice up the story, the Iranian Embassy returned their answer...pretty much embarrassing the Dumbos, by giving the GOP a lesson on their own US Constitution, Civics, International Diplomacy, Respect, and Decorum...and yes! US and International Laws on the question of Treason! It's simply fricken outrageous that a Foreign Country knows the US Constitution and US Laws on Treason...better than the Republicans!!

In the past couple of months, the GOP has managed to undermine International Diplomatic negotiations, conspired to invite behind the back of the State Dept, Ambassadors, and the White House, the leader of  a Foreign Government  to speak and lobby Congress for the Kirk-Menendez Act...a guaranteed golden ticket for the US to enter War whenever Israel asks...anywhere in the world! Now, conspiring against your own Government!! by aiding and giving comfort to the enemy!! WTF??

Joe Biden said, that in his 30+ years and former Chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, he could recall no other instance in which Senators had written to the Leaders of Another Country, “much less a Foreign Adversary,” to say the President had no Authority to strike a deal with them!!

Stupid is as stupid...Republicans? WRONG!!! Read up on the US Constitution, and US Diplomatic Protocols!...or ask the Iranian Ambassador!...he can look it up quicker, and offer a few more lessons!

You would believe that a Megablunder of this magnitude, the GOP would round up their wagons and regroup united as One. Nope!! not with this much dysfunction!... the Clown Show!! Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, Rick Perry,  Rick Santorum, and Bobby Jindal, all support the letter!! Sign of Dysfunction? or sign of Indecent Hypocrites? You see! it was Obama's fault for the Republicans to sign that letter and send it out...he forced them!...they just couldn't say no!

It's a pretty dysfunctional state within the Grand Old Party, when Dick Cheney is steaming about it and scolds the GOP for such a stupid, asinine  blunder! "Congress must not interfere with the President's Iran Policy"! Even weirder when you agree with both, Cheney and the Iran Ambassador!!

Treason is a dangerous act to mess around with! Bill Press wrote: “This is the Second Act for Republicans who would rather go to war against Iran than try to reach an agreement with Iran to drop its pursuit of nuclear weapons...first, they invite Bibi Netanyahu to attack negotiations with Iran. Now, they try to sabotage any deal with this letter.” "Using Netanyahu to undermine President Obama’s attempts at Diplomacy. Now, they’re using the Ayatollah,” Press lamented. “In my book, by any definition, 'that' my friends is Treason.”

The Logan Act  forbids "unauthorized citizens", elected or not elected from negotiating with Foreign Governments. Unauthorized Citizens like Ronald Reagan, who should have been tried for Treason for negotiating with a Foreign Government behind the back of Jimmy Carter, Dick Cheney should have been tried for Treason for deliberately exposing publicly in the NY Times, an American Spy...the CIA's top Nuclear Expert...just for a personal vendetta! And John Boehner should be tried for Treason, for negotiating behind the back of his President with a Foreign Government, and undermining his Commander-in-Chief , and now the GOP, by authorizing the writing of personal letters to Foreign Governments criticizing Barack Obama!

Treason? in my book? Yea!! Treason by Mitch McConnell and 47 treacherous Americans, who call themselves "Senators" but are actually nobodies who finagled their lies and sold their souls to the highest bidder to gain the title of Senator.

Life in Prison, Death by's the way of life for a Traitor. Press says; "Death by Hanging"...personally I prefer something more Aristocratic to their liken...the Guillotine!

In wake of GOP letter to Iran, battle erupts over blame for dysfunction - The Washington Post

The Mutual Biblical Desire for Self-destruction over Continued Life...without the use of Reason!

By RF Schatten

Wars between the religiously devoted has existed since the beginning of time...most wars throughout history started 'because' of Religion! But, to have what many on one side of the issue wants today, a war to cleanse the earth of all evil? remember!...the other side feels the same way!

A Religious war between ridiculously demented Evangelical Christians and ridiculously demented Islamic Fundamentalists, in today's Nuclear sheer insanity! Add Israel and Netanyahu to the equation...a triple threat match!...and you might ask yourself; “is it all worth it?”

When it's a guaranteed no-brainer, that a nuclear war of that magnitude will include the total annihilation of both insane sides...and every innocent bystander along the way?...who really wins??

Does it matter who wins, if no one is going to be around for the Zombie Apocalypse? Evangelical Christianity and the Islamic State, have more in common than meets the eye! Shit flows to the matter what Religion or no matter what Country...ISIS and Evangelical America? A huge accumulation of human ignorance and wasted productive life.

To hate and kill each other throughout time until the end of the Earth's existence...with the Apocalypse as the main event, for all the marbles!...yet, no one to be around to see the outcome? What would the accomplishment be, if no one survives? To see God when your dead? My question to both sides; Who died that can corroborate they saw and spoke to God or Allah??

They do have more in common than meets the eye...they both live a dysfunctional religious life in a world made up in their own imagination and delusions.
Apocalyptic beliefs? yes! there's no immunization for Batshit Disease...there 'are' people all over the world just as crazy, ignorant, and insane, as those in the good 'ol USA!

In every Religion throughout the history of the world, there's been references to the Apocalypse. But in every Religion, the vast majority interprets their own Good Book in their own individual way. Sometimes you do really have to use your own mind, rationale, and common sense! Santayana's own words on his reference towards Religions in general; “The Bible is Literature, not Dogma”!!

The overwhelming majority in every Religion are decent faithful worshipers, who read their version of the Bible, the Koran, or Torah...and battle every day of their lives to lead a right life, and do the right thing! But in every Religion, ignorant fanatical crazies loom the halls!...they couldn't give a damn who they hate, because hatred is what fuels their passion!

It's bad enough for all the lunacy throughout the world!!...but now the Republican Party and their titular leader, Ben Netanyahu, wants to up the ante and speed up Zombie Day! Will it happen? This Country allows the shit the GOP and Bibi are doing to undermine the American Government's Foreign Policies...with Friends like that? Let's not worry about ISIS, the danger? worry about the American traitors who negotiate secretly with Foreign Powers, behind the back of their Commander-in-Chief!

Evangelicals & ISIS Feel Fine About the End of the World - The Daily Beast

Mar 7, 2015

Trying to Stuff 200 Yrs. of our Country's past in a Closet that doesn't close!

By RF Schatten

Why would Republicans support Right Wing Social Conservatism and their fanatical worship of the past...while trying to cover up what they stand for?

Someone with real character might say: “yea! I'm a Racist, and damn proud!” “I hate Blacks, I hate Hispanics, I hate Jews...and I sure don't want the Irish in my neighborhood!” “I'm a Bigot!...I don't like Gay People, and don't think Women deserve a Man's job!”
When was the last time the Republican Party publicly said that?...never! they never will! So why do they condone, support, and applaud those actions?? They're a Party without character...or backbone to publicly stand up and declare who they are, and what they truly believe in!

No one is more vocal about Constitutional Rights now days, than Republicans. Equal Rights for All! For Republicans, that means: The Right to Suppress the Vote, the Right to Discriminate, the Right to Refuse Medical care to those less fortunate and unable to pay, and the Right to pay Cash or Plastic for those services. The Right to intrude in a Woman's body, the Right to refuse anyone from entering the United States, and the Right to decide who can enter, and who cannot! The Right to keep your child unvaccinated and uneducated, and the Right to spread the disease of an unvaccinated child throughout the Community! They believe they have the Right to Break the Law...they even encourage you, to disobey...right, Mitch? And they have the Right to secretly negotiate with Foreign Governments behind the back of their own Government...a la The Gipper & Iran...and Bibi & Boner!

But their biggest Right, is the Right to buy and own their personal Supreme Court. It probably cost the GOP millions!! for the services of Scalia, Thomas, Alito, and Roberts...but, they 'do' get their $,$$$,$$$'s worth!

The Republican Party is walking a dangerously fine line...a tightrope between endorsing and supporting the policies of Division, Fear, Hate, Racism, and Bigotry...while appearing at the same time, as the Savior of the Masses! who are going to save the Country from grasp of Socialism! by restoring “Family and Traditional Values”, the inclusion of the “Laws of GOD” in all the Local, State, and Federal levels of the Government...back to the Pleasantville 50s, where people could turn their backs at the abuses by one race over another, where so called good people would rather remain silent than make any type of noise. And all that Red, White, and Blue, Apple Pie, and 4th of July Patriotism! The days of innocence!

It's funny how the entire GOP decided to skip the 50th Anniversary of the Selma Marching? Shades of conservative exclusivity? It's even funnier when the GOP Leadership was called out by their own Republicans; “Get your Ass to Selma!!”

They portray themselves as the Innocence in our national political debate, wrapped in Old Glory...but whatever they do?...they just can't keep their real self's from falling out of the crowded Closet!!

Meet the Politicians Trying to Bury America’s Past | The Nation

Mar 5, 2015

Advocating Breaking the Law: A Thoughtful Argument by the GOP? or Directives by Koch?

RF Schatten

Let's all ignore Carbon Emission Rules! WTF? You only live once!...and if you live in LA or the Big Apple? you die a little sooner! what's the big deal?

There's something seriously wrong, when an Elected Official tells the public to ignore rules and break the law! Defy the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposed rules limiting Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Power Plants. Advocating to break the law! and no outrage from the GOP? They love it! long as they don't have to go to court!

But Republicans are above the law, they elevate themselves to a pedestal above the rest of society, above the Logan Act...they can illegally conspire with Foreign Governments, against the interests of their own Government  because their love affair with Bibi and Israel (just as long as those same Jews don't move into 'their' neighborhood, naturally!).

Only the John Birch Society is above them...which is why they bow like loyal servants, to any of their wishes. Mitch McConnell is one of their point political whores who'll sleep with absolutely anyone, as long as he can keep his Senate Title. A degenerate politician who will allow his own constituents to be thrown under the bus, as long as he can make a profit for himself and his Bircher friends.

Mitch doesn't care about Environment in the Blue Grass State...and if doesn't care about his own people, why should he care about the rest of the country? It's the sick mind of Right Wing Conservative America! the personal pleasure of watching the poor get poorer, and watching the sick's one less moocher in their eyes! The joy of watching people suffer emotionally and physically...Bankers, Loan companies, and Mortgage companies, love it! Capitalizing from other people's sufferings! does make them 'all' feel so much more relax and confident, when they go to bed. Sweet Dreams!

Let's not beat around the bush! all of McConnell's arguments have been refuted. Jobs? we evolve and move on towards a safer and cleaner future! Jobs lost? job retraining! More jobs predicted to open than jobs closing...up to 14,300 Job Losses from 2017 to 2020 because of the Rule. But the Job Gains in the renewable energy capacity construction is 15,800 to 19,100 new Jobs over the same time period. Ultimately, it's predicted that 112,000 jobs will be created solely by the energy efficiency sector in 2025. The real, real reason why old Mitch doesn't care adding a few years to that decrepit body of his? $,$$$,$$$! How about a record number of Pollution Fines?, a record number a In-court and Out of Court settlements? Wrongful Death settlements? and Class Action lawsuits? Why pay Fines? when you can buy the Country, run it into the crapper, and increase your financial rewards, all at the same time?

Koch Industries has a heavy Mortgage invested in the Republican Party, and their personal 'paid in full' Boy Toys from cheesehead country...Paul Ryan and Scott Walker. McConnell’s argument: "the rule will have a negligible effect on global climate"?  Is he a Scientist? is he an expert on Meteorology? No! he's just a schmuck from Kentucky, who along with the rest of the GOP has no clue about Weather Patterns, Climate Changes, or Science.

For David and Charles, it's the absolute power in a Ruling Class Society...for Mitch McConnell? it's all about his sorry legacy and how history will judge him.

McConnell Is Now Telling States To Ignore Obama's Carbon Emission Rules | ThinkProgress

Mar 4, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson: A Medical Science "Professor"...who rejects Science!

By RF Schatten

An impressive resume doesn't necessarily land you that dream job. Your character can sink you quicker than the Titanic.

The Case for Doctor Benjamin Carson, Sr:
Bachelor of Science in Psychology – Yale University
MD – University of Michigan Medical School
Professor of Neurosurgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery, and Pediatric – Johns Hopkins
Director of Pediatric Neurosurgery – Johns Hopkins (youngest Division Director in University history).
Co-Director of the Johns Hopkins Craniofacial Center
A Member of the National Academy of Science Institute of Medicine
The 1st Surgeon to successfully separate Conjoined Twins joined at the Head.

The Case against Doctor Benjamin Carson, Sr:
After a highly successful and financially rewarding, brilliant career in Medicine...where one cannot ever succeed without the pure knowledge and understanding of Medical Science...Ben Carson is an Anti-Science Skeptic and Creationist. He doesn't believe in the Science that made him a Millionaire.

How in the name of God, can someone teach Neurosurgery, Oncology, Plastic Surgery, and Pediatric? to Medical Students, Interns, Residents, and Fellows!...if that person knowingly does not believe in what he's teaching??

“As our general population continues to age and our Technical abilities continue to improve, we will find ourselves in a position of being able to keep most people alive...well beyond their 100th Birthday”. Sounds great! I agree, Science and Technology 'can' accomplish so much! But why does he praise Science when he's a skeptic?...was he serious? Maybe it's all Propaganda?

Maybe it's just Ben Carson and his ability to sway his audience...Bullshit is a magnet for Tea...and a good artist with future aspirations goes where he's most appreciated!
There's nothing stupid about Ben Carson...he didn't get to where he is today, without a little greasing of the palms and a little kissing of the ass. But, achieving professional greatness in Medical Science, and being an anti-science skeptic...just doesn't equate!

Ambition allows your soul to disassociate itself from what you know and who you are...and preach the gospel your followers prefer! Ben's attraction with the ignorantly stupid is superb, and also his ultimate downfall, he'll never be 'Vanilla' enough...but at the end of the day all he'll be remembered as, will be 2016's better-packaged version of 2012's Pizza Man!  

“Maybe it’s just propaganda”: Ben Carson defends his ridiculous anti-science philosophy -

Mar 3, 2015

Obamacare, Moochers, and Beggars: Richard Mack's odyssey into the Realities of Healthcare

By RF Schatten

"The States do not have to Take or Support or Pay for Obamacare or anything else from Washington DC. The States are not subject to Federal direction". ~~~ Former Sheriff Richard Mack

Richard Mack became the latest iconic clown for the Tea Party, not just because the Clive Bundy fiasco...but his staunchly fierce public opposition to "Obamacare"!
Mack's the founder of "Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association", as he described it; "The Army to set our Nation Free". Of course, the CSPOA's strategy is to use women as he and his army, cowardly go on in freeing the Nation!
This man, along with his minions have attacked those who lose their Jobs and Healthcare Benefits...and those who stand at the corner with a cardboard sign to help their family; "Please help! any type of assistance is appreciated. God Bless"!! He's the type of guy that passes by, looks at you,  and tries to run the Red light...afraid that you might attack him!...the 'poor' are such bad people! touching them or talking to them might make you a Liberal!  And he attacks the Welfare System for helping those less fortunate...the "moochers" and beggars of our society!

Now, this hypocrite of a man is experiencing what a normal American has to go through when they're sick and without Health Insurance...or, without a job.

if you don't believe in Obamacare and you don't want government interference?...turn to Faith Healing! Fundamentalist Christians are big healed Oral Roberts! when he announced that God would "take him home by March" if he didn't raise $4.5 Million for his University's Med School!  Or if he's a Science Denier? Wash, Rinse, and Flush the disease away with Saline and Baking Soda!!  And when 'that' doesn't work? become a horrible "Moocher" and Beg like a dog! Come down to where the rest of the world lives...and see how it feels to live in a world, where all those laws the GOP created and wholeheartedly approved by Mr. Mack to screw the population...are now screwing Mr. and Mrs. Mack!

The lowest form of a political hypocrite and degenerate...beg the very people you oppose giving Healthcare, into giving you $$ to pay your Medical Bills!  Richard "The Moocher" the great tradition of our everloving Social Fundamentalist Community!

Should anyone feel sorry for this bastard?...unless you have an affinity to bitter Tea...doubt that anyone will! He's raised over $18,000 dollars for His and Hers Medical Bills of $30k. But the best donation came from a Lady who donated $5 dollars to his cause, because Liberals understand no one should go without health care...regardless of your monetary status, or whether you're an asshole or not!

Her note read: “Sheriff Mack, I hope you and your wife and family do get healthy, but turning around and BEGGING FOR MONEY to pay for your health recovery, AFTER YOU staunchly tried to OBSTRUCT the ACA, is APPALLING, REPREHENSIBLE, AND OBSCENE!!!” Those 5 bucks are worth more than the other $18K didn't come from his loyal came from someone who cared more about a  person's physical health, regardless his blind ideology!

Richard Mack, Sheriff Who Refused Obamacare, Now Begs Strangers For Cash To Pay Medical Bills

Mar 2, 2015

$3,760 For a Family of 3? Texas' Answer: "More than enough, screw their Health!

By RF Schatten

The People of Texas must either hold an extremely emotional hate towards their neighbors...their fellow “Texanos”...or they really are 'that' stupid? Stupidity may play a role... since “Thinking” is a misdemeanor don't expect too many constructive things coming out the Lone Star State, anytime soon!
If you earn more than $3,760 dollars for a Family of're too “Rich” for Texas to help you!

Is there any shame or public outcry from those not affected? They rank at the bottom of the toilet in about every social and cultural issue out there! And do they care? Not really!! they keep electing the same assholes who cater to Big Business...and especially Big Oil...and who can care less about the crisis' of the State or the people who live there!

Putting $$$ ahead of a human being's life, for your personal pleasure is the Nirvana of today's NeoRepublicanism.

19% of the Federal Poverty Level is simply a disgusting, indecent, and arrogant behavior from the Texas Legislators! At least they can breathe a sigh of relief...the Heart of Dixie, ranks dead last in the Nation at 18%...Go! Bama!!

How much proof does it take to show Texas is just plain a Racist and Bigoted State? Whether it's Immigration, Economics, and especially the Women...they hate all, that can further the Cultural and Social Growth of Texas...the greatness of the Lone Star State!!

Their grand view of what Texas, Cowboys, Oil, and the Old West means to them? What 'they' want for their future generations? It's in their loyalty to “Blazing Saddles”...they really hate “Sheriff Bart”...ooh! he might just whippit out!!

Parents earning more than $3,760 are ‘too rich’ to qualify for Medicaid in Texas - The Washington Post

Mar 1, 2015

In Denial of Our Future: A Republican Dilemma

By RF Schatten

Retribution's a bitch!...when you treat people like shit, don't expect them to come running with open fact, don't expect them to be coming at all!!

No better words can express Luis Gutierrez' truer words! "This is a very perilous place for my friends in the Majority. Because you have 5 million American Citizen Children who are never going to forget for a generation, how it was, you treated their mom and their dad. How it was you who treated their mom and their dad; and if you treated them in a cruel manner". Coercing America with the security of the Nation, in order to stop a political executive order from being order that the Majority of the country supports!! OH! Latinos won't forget!...they won't forget the stink of Elephant dump and the smell of Tea!

And they won't forget, when in 2039 Racial and Ethnic Minorities...become the Majority!...and in 2043, when US Hispanics turns the majority ethnic group. By 2060, the Pew Research Center states; the Hispanic population in the United States is going to reach 129 Million!! Go on! treat them like shit!...while this generation sees the arrogance and disrespect, their parents are getting!..the next 2 generations are going to grow up, with the same disdain and scorn Blacks have towards Christian Social Conservatives, Neo-KKKonservative Tea, and the Industrialists' perpetual dream of others bowing to the Ruling Class ...there's a reason why historically, the Black Man has rejected the Grand Old Part!

Hispanics won't forget, and no one has to remind the Blacks!!...but, how about everyone else? How about everyone who the Republican Party has been treating like shit?? Are they going to forget?? Are Gays going to forget how the GOP set the tone for Anti-Gay America, and how they oppose their rights!  Women remember Rowe vs Wade, and all the attempts to strike it down, and the continuous suppression of Women Rights...they just don't want anyone to tell them what to do with their own body!! How about the Elderly? how our kids are seeing how their Government treats us...and how, there're those who want to cut our Social Security, Medicare, and any social entitlements one is eligible for, so those taxes can be re-allocated to other areas of the Government, from which they might profit most! Screw the people, right?... oh yea! the People 'do' remember! and how they will be treated by those so good inside GOP!

The Republican Party has placed themselves in a position, where there's no way out! Leaders that can't control their own Caucasus, cannot pass any laws because they have no policies to offer the American public! Their sole purpose of existence is to make life miserable for Barack Obama. The public sees that...and they remember! They are a Congressional Majority with no power! Luis Gutierrez said; "This is a very perilous place for my friends in the Majority" They can gerrymander their way into Congress, and the Senate can flip now and then as they probably might again in 2016. But their ideology remains the Minority opinion in this Country...and until they realize they can't win National Elections, and they finally decide they can't continue looking like the Party of Batshit...they will continue having a hard time finding any true qualified Politico to improve the image of the Party.

30 years may seem a long time, but in the Game of's a very short time for so many things to evolve, too many years of hate and bigotry!  When you stick it to someone, they don't forget the pain...will they remember 30 years from now? You bet!! It's the GOP failure...the Party of No, has no vision towards the future, living in the past, hating all Ethnic groups, hating all Races...without looking out for what they were put on this earth to do; our legacy to take care this planet for our future generations, and to help your fellow man. Will millions of Americans forget what the Republicans have done to them??

A Message to Republicans: Millions of Americans Won't Forget How You Treated Their Mom and Dad | Alternet