Mar 30, 2015

Welcome to Indiana!...please reset your Time, back 200 Years!

By RF Schatten

#BoycottIndiana of the most politically influential "Trends" ever on Twitter, apparently has turned out to be quite a positive effect, at this country! A much bigger backlash than Mike Pence ever ignorantly believed would occur!

"It is often easier to become outraged by injustice half a world away than by oppression and discrimination half a block from home" ~~~ Carl T. Rowan

Outrage in the United States for Injustice? the same outrage of the 50s, the same of the 60s...the same outrage throughout the years for Social Injustice! Ever since those wonderful roots of our past that Evangelicals so passionately want to revert back to...'discrimination' has been part of Americana! Whatever Native Americans remained after their genocide, the Blacks, the Chinese...and remember, no one wanted the Irish!!

We'll never get rid of Discrimination, Social Intolerance, and Religious Intolerance in America till a civil society says; enough is enough!

And it now appears a more observant and conscientious American public, is beginning to run to their windows and shout out; "I'm mad as hell!... and I'm not going to take it anymore!"

Mad as Hell? Observe!
Angie's List put on hold their planned expansion of their $40 Million "Ford Building Project" in Indianapolis...and the 1,000 Jobs that comes with it!  Seattle's Mayor signed an Executive Order this week, banning all publicly funded travel for city employees to the state of Indiana! So did the Mayor of San Francisco, and Governor Dan Malloy signed similar orders for Connecticut State employees! The Disciples of Christ are reconsidering their decision to hold their 2017 gathering in Indianapolis. No 5 Stars from Yelp! Eli Lilly, who has over 11,000 employees in Indiana, is furious because as they said; "We are searching for top talent all over the world. We need people who will help find cures for such devastating diseases as Cancer and Alzheimer’s. Many of those individuals won’t want to come to a State with Laws that discriminate.”

Criticism from everywhere...coming from the entire NBA and the Indiana Pacers, the NCAA with an enormous pressure to move the Final Four of March Madness out of Indianapolis...and less than a week away! Charles Barkley is calling for a Boycott of the Final 4! The NFL and MLB are pressuring the city officials, who are already scrambling with the Angie's List fallout. Salesforce is canceling all programs that require their customers/employees to travel to Indiana to face discrimination! GenCon wants to move their annual Convention out of the State! And celebrities galore are on a Twitter attack, starting with George Takai and Apple's Tim Cook!

Whether it's the discrimination of Gays, discriminating other Religions, the discrimination of Blacks or Hispanics, of Women, Children, the Elderly...or the poor! 'Discrimination', any way you put, any way you interpret's still forbidding someone else' personal human rights! The hatred towards so many sectors of our society, the continuing alienation from the real world and into a regressive culture desperately seeking back their Cave Roots...where they can hide and fear for the Black man! or a Bitchy woman who's fed up with the conservative crap bestowed upon her, that 'are' against her own personal rights and believes? Hide from all those Foreigners and Illegal Aliens! And in fear of all other Religions that are going to systematically destroy America!

But most of all, hide from Gay people!...whom if they even touch, may turn them Gay!! If that happens, though, they can always seek help and turn to Michele and Marcus...they can have their clinic just "Exorcise the Gayness Away"!

The Backlash Against Indiana's New LGBT Discrimination Law | ThinkProgress