Mar 23, 2015

Ted Cruz and his Intimate Talk with God: Screw the Sick!

By RF Schatten

16-20 Million Americans without Healthcare...because "God" doesn't want you to have any! And if you know God intimately, he'll tell you that Teddy is his exclusive Voice on this Earth. Doesn't everybody know that?? The Pope?! it's Teddy!!

What a beautiful dramatic entrance for the start of a Presidential Campaign...with the symbolism of Liberty University as a backdrop. The Messiah has arrived!! Glory, Hallelujah!!...and he's throwing in his Stetson into the ring, walk through water, and become the next President of the United States. Raphael Eduardo Cruz would run the country the way God wants. This is a Prophesy! straight out of the Bible!...or at least, it is...if you believe  "Pastor" Raphael Bienvenido Cruz. The loyal minions are in love Senior's acute sense for the horseshit!

The Grand Old Tea Party's favorite Mouthpiece, the Official Charlatan for the Republican Party, and America's favorite political Clown!...has entered the Republican's quadrennial Freakshow Primaries!! And what a better way to start the 2016 Political Season than with the GOP's #1 Freak!!  And what's the opening salvos for his First controversial Bullshit in the 2016 Quest for Stupid Supremacy? "God" doesn't want you to have Healthcare!

In front of 10,000 Students, who rather have been elsewhere. As Jason Easley wrote in a separate article: "They weren’t all here by choice. Attendance at convocation at Liberty is mandatory, and a group of students clad in “Stand With Rand” shirts sat center stage—directly in view of the cameras—to log their displeasure with having to be here." “They make you come. If you don’t come, you get punished,” said Ana Delgado, a sophomore, who said students face a $10 fine for not showing up at convocation. Delgado wasn’t among those wearing Paul gear. She is undecided about who she’ll support in 2016, but she didn’t like being forced to be part of Cruz’s announcement'.
Not all Christians, care for the taste of Tea...or, to step on batshit!

Ted Cruz must be a closet case of sorts! This man lives in constant anger, his hate for the Affordable Care Act.  "I believe God isn’t done with America yet.” It seems he keeps referring to God as if he's the "Messenger"...well? his old man 'did' say, that he's the Messiah! He continued  to talk about Repealing Obamacare and Abolishing the IRS...a little flat tax for everyone! Easley commented; God also wants a regressive flat tax that will benefit the wealthy while increase the tax burden on everyone else. It's Teddy's version of The Trickle. Whatever he and his benefactors have, they'll trickle down some on the rest of the population...and make sure they zipper their pants up, when they're done!

Let's talk a little about this character. He's the Republican Party's personal Clown...the "Distinguished Wacko Bird from Texas" as John McCain calls him. The reincarnation of the Tail-Gunner...his obsession with looking under every bed in America for Communists, Socialists, Terrorists, Subversives...anyone! as long as those cameras keep rolling!

But inside that Clown facade, you got a more serious and devious SOB! There's nothing stupid about Ted Cruz, that Ted Cruz doesn't want you to think! With schooling in Princeton...and Harvard Law School...there really is, nothing stupid about Teddy. There's nothing stupid about Daddy Cruz either! This very holy pastor happens to be an Oil Industry expert....which brings us to an unholy alliance that really enters the Big Picture.

Alberta, Canada...lot of Oil out there! Cruz was born in Alberta, where his Mom and Dad worked in the Oil Industry ...and not as labor...they owned  a Seismic-Data Processing Firm for Oil Drillers! Is it coincidence that Koch Industry owns in gross acres, over 10 Million Acres in Alberta?...with 1.5 Million Acres assigned to Koch Oil Sands? It's no coincidence that Daddy Cruz's wild ideas of the Bible coincides with the sordid minds of what a Koch Kingdom might look like...and there's no coincidence that although neither of them, really have nothing in common, they both have the same filthy thoughts, which makes them good business partners-in-crime. The Keystone Pipeline? it flows down from Alberta! Ted's Home the way...what was Ted Cruz' Vote on the Pipeline? I bet that God wants that Pipeline to cross and destroy the environment. And without an environment to grow food, I bet that God wants us to eat GMO's...just, don't invite him to Supper!

Why does this Messiah want to save America from all the Evil in the World?...even if it means destroying most of it? A man with an Education, never brought up in need, who knows right from wrong.  A family man, with a wife and 2 daughters!...why does he oppose Education? it primarily affects children, like his own. Why does he oppose all Women Issues? or is he blind to his wife needs?  Does he really give a shit? He will never have to worry about his Healthcare...he has it guaranteed as a Senator. They have plenty of money...his wife or his kids will never worry about Insurance! He's perfectly aware of what's happening...but his future is invested in the opposite.

Ambitious, Arrogant, with absolutely no honor, no compassion, and no respect... as corruptable a politician as they come, a dangerous creature who's a victim of his own making. He'll never get elected President if only for one reason...he's just too Obnoxious of a human being and an insult to the mind of the American public, for anyone other than batshit, to vote for him.

Ted Cruz Launches His 2016 Campaign By Proclaiming God Wants You To Have No Healthcare