Mar 2, 2015

$3,760 For a Family of 3? Texas' Answer: "More than enough, screw their Health!

By RF Schatten

The People of Texas must either hold an extremely emotional hate towards their neighbors...their fellow “Texanos”...or they really are 'that' stupid? Stupidity may play a role... since “Thinking” is a misdemeanor don't expect too many constructive things coming out the Lone Star State, anytime soon!
If you earn more than $3,760 dollars for a Family of're too “Rich” for Texas to help you!

Is there any shame or public outcry from those not affected? They rank at the bottom of the toilet in about every social and cultural issue out there! And do they care? Not really!! they keep electing the same assholes who cater to Big Business...and especially Big Oil...and who can care less about the crisis' of the State or the people who live there!

Putting $$$ ahead of a human being's life, for your personal pleasure is the Nirvana of today's NeoRepublicanism.

19% of the Federal Poverty Level is simply a disgusting, indecent, and arrogant behavior from the Texas Legislators! At least they can breathe a sigh of relief...the Heart of Dixie, ranks dead last in the Nation at 18%...Go! Bama!!

How much proof does it take to show Texas is just plain a Racist and Bigoted State? Whether it's Immigration, Economics, and especially the Women...they hate all, that can further the Cultural and Social Growth of Texas...the greatness of the Lone Star State!!

Their grand view of what Texas, Cowboys, Oil, and the Old West means to them? What 'they' want for their future generations? It's in their loyalty to “Blazing Saddles”...they really hate “Sheriff Bart”...ooh! he might just whippit out!!

Parents earning more than $3,760 are ‘too rich’ to qualify for Medicaid in Texas - The Washington Post