Mar 17, 2015

Progressive Winds blowing in the Great Northwest...while Republicans claim "It's a Plot"!

By RF Schatten

"The Vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison men because they are different from other men" ~~ Lyndon B. Johnson

Every American Citizen has the Constitutional Right to Vote regardless of Race, Color, Creed, Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, Nationality, or Economic Status. As more Republican-led States keep finding ways to suppress the Rights of Minorities, Women, Legal Immigrants, the Elderly, and Young Voters...Oregon keeps rising to the forefront of Progress!!

Progressive Oregon again has led the nation in another First. The First State in the Nation to go exclusively all Mail-in Voting in 1998. Now, the First State to implement Automatic Voter Registration! Unlike Republican suppression of Voting Rights Laws across the country, Oregon has taken the burden away from the Registration Process and openly encourages all its citizenry to Vote!!

Governor Brown, on her first key legislation in Office, said; “I Challenge every other State in this Nation to examine their policies and to find ways to ensure there are as few barriers as possible for Citizens’ Right to Vote"

The process is quite simple; every Resident of the State of Oregon has the fundamental right to Vote. Felons lose their rights during incarceration but are immediately restored upon their release. Anyone who has had direct contact through the DVM database...whether obtaining a State Driver's License or State ID Card...will have that data send to the Election Board, for eligibility! Those who are  eligible but not registered will be sent a postcard that says that they have been Registered and have 3 weeks to fill out their Party affiliation and mail it out. If not received, they will automatically be listed as "Unaffiliated"...Also, in those three weeks, a person can "opt out" of the entire program.

Oregon has one of the highest rates of Registered Voters in the United States, 73% of all Residents...70% Voted in 2014...also, among the highest in the nation! And adding 300,000 to the Rolls will significantly increase those rates, to probably the highest in the country.

The Republican horseshit has begun!  Voter Fraud!! DMV Databases are not secured!! Well, apparently they're secured enough for Law Enforcement to have access, and catch the perpetrators! The requirement for Oregon Residency includes changing your current state's Driver's License within 1 month of permanently living in the state or be prepared for a whole lot of fines!!

Oregon DMV requirements for all State Driver's License and/or State ID Card: 1) Picture ID/ previous state's DL. 2) Social Security Card. 3) Birth Certificate Documentation. 4) An "Original" US Citizenship and Naturalization Document. 5) Proof of Legal Presence. 6) Proof of Legal Name and  7) Proof of Residency Address!!

Now, how hard is that? Who requires more proof than that to Vote? It's just a way to simplify things, avoid redundant paperwork and costs. But mostly allow the state's residents to mentally relax, and know they can exercise their right to vote anytime, without the pressures, the hassles and frustrations others have in this country.

Now, the real horseshit comes from those Republican souls in Oregon who says it's all a "secret plot" to enroll more Democrats. That's a naturally stupid thing to say, but they 'are' Republicans...although, maybe it's their sub-conscience denial just saying; "If we don't legislate and don't do shit, all those new voters 'will' go Blue"? Apparently the only Republican Strategy is to suppress the Vote...the only way, anyone can't vote against them!!

Addicting Info – Oregon Becomes The First State To Implement Sweeping Automatic Voter Registration