May 20, 2014

Welcome to get your shit, and get out!!

 By RF Schatten

There's something philosophical about the argument made, by a Wooden Dummy. Walmart has become a Store where people go, just because they have no other choice...rather, than what it once was...a friendly place, where you could find whatever retail product you wanted, at a good price (except the Grocery Dept, which didn't exist then)...and "Everything Made In America", the way to lure you in as a loyal customer...hook, line, and sinker!!

Sam Walton was a smart man...and he was a good man, who cared about investing in America..."Made In America"...did mean something to him. In the case of "Wal * Mart"...we have witnessed the slow transformation to what "Walmart", is today...they're not the most Employee Friendly store on Main St.  But they're are very Legal Friendly, with an average of 5,000 employee lawsuits a year, and drop 2-3 Class Actions/yr. to that total.

No!! Alice Walton and Jim C. Walton are not nice people. They are a shining example of how Corporate America and the 1% really feels, about  the American Community. How many examples do you need??...all the stories are out there!! all Public Knowledge, with Court Records!!  It's time that America wakes up, and says; "enough is enough"!!...and is great to see the City of Portland, Oregon had the moral courage to tell Walmart..."Welcome to Portland's  'Socially Responsible Investment Principles'...the Community's Investment Bonds??...we'll pass on it!!"

The City of Portland Just Took a Powerful Stand Against Walmart - PolicyMic