May 13, 2014

The quest for perpetual self-denial

 By RF Schatten

It's curious to see Science Deniers use the Internet and TV, both brainchild of push their agenda, and convince people that Science doesn't exist.

When over 99% of all scientists on this planet, agree on Climate change...let the Deniers just give their argument, have it noted...and move on from there!! It's time to get serious, and stop fooling around with all these goofballs!! We made it through all these millions of years...because the human spirit has always believed, in the improvement
of their way of evolve and progress forward. Always looking ahead, so we can make things better.

If those who truly still believe, that the Bible will predict the future of our Climate on this
Earth, along with every action taken by the good people...then it's time they go out, and move into that cave, they've been longing for...but, let the rest "Save the Planet"...for us, and for you!!

We have Science, because God gave us a mind, and the ability to seek knowledge, so we can take a better care of this world, which he has bestowed upon us. But God also has a sense of humor...he created this curiosity of the human species...just to prove, that no one's perfect!!

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