May 1, 2014

Anti-Racism wins one for Sanity and Common Sense

By RF Schatten

The banishment of Donald Sterling from the NBA, is a big statement to Social Conservatism, of how American Society genuinely feels about the culture of Racism and Bigotry, today. There's no tolerance for behavior like this anymore in our country...whether it's personalities like Charley Sheen or Floyd Mayweather Jr., Radical Activists like David Duke, Ignorant Fools like Cliven Bundy...or even Affluent Billionaire
Businessmen/Industrialists, like Donald Sterling...the country is getting to old for all that shit!!

We brand the USA as #1...“land of opportunity”, “equal rights for all”, “America, the
greatest country on earth”...yet our acts appear contradictory to the values and credence, in all those beautiful words.

As for the Clippers; It's hard to play the game under so much unwanted publicity,
naturally. Their character has exemplified their extraordinary professionalism, in such adverse time. You take into consideration, that the now the playoffs. Also take into consideration, that the Clippers have the best Team ever assembled, in the history of the Franchise.

And finally, take into consideration, that Los Angeles fans have been dying for 29 years without a real winner...they have made the playoff, only 5 times in 29 years...only 3 winning seasons before 2010!! Give them credit...they have gained a tremendous amount of respect, in more ways than one!!

At the end, the big winners; A National Discourse on Racism has been opened, the League is minus one Racist, the Players don't have to work for the worst Sports Owner in
major league sports, anymore...and concentrate in winning an NBA Title...but most of all, the long suffering LA Clippers Fans, who have had to endure so many bad seasons, from an owner who from day #1 preferred to put more $$$ into his pockets, rather than to build a
winning franchise.

The loser?? Donald Sterling, apologetic??...only in satirist Andy Borowitz's column: “Once I saw that Donald Trump was defending me, I knew I had done something horribly
wrong...have I become some kind of monster??” Ignorance, is sure bliss for the Sterlings of the world!!

Donald Sterling fallout: NBA owners to hold first meeting on ousting Clippers owner - CBS News