May 31, 2014

The Perverse Pleasure of carrying Firearms

 By RF Schatten

This is why America is today, the greatest reality show on Worldwide TV...we have an ongoing Class War, Race War, and a Culture War...simultaneously, all conflicting with each other, while having our
greatest War of all...Blatant Ignorance versus Common Sense, Logic, and Critical Thinking.

There's so much Horseshit being spewed in Politics, today...that it just flows out into their endearing fan base. Gun Perversion?? There are those who sleep with an gun under their pillow, not of fear...but, because it's 'their' gun...a perverse pleasure?? it's how deeply you feel about your gun, I presume.

You got those, who want nothing more in life than to become a Cop, and catch the "Bad Boys"...and use their authority, for their own self-gratification where Laws...swing towards that Grayish area. And then you got those...who want nothing more in life, than to live out their perverted fantasies of violence. Now days, mass shootings 'are' what gets their imagination, rolling. Cynically I can say; let these two fight it out, and let them neutralize each other...neither, have the right moral reasons to carry firearms. But seriously, is there any real solutions to get all this lunacy today, with guns...stopped??

Now, you have those who seriously want to stop, and end all this violence...but, political perversion has played its hand, on how some states reflect on Gun Violence. Jeb Bush signed the "Stand Your Ground" Law in Florida...and you can see how wonderful that works!! In Georgia, you can take a gun inside Schools, Stores, Churches, Restaurants...and if your thirsty? Bars!! What's a better mix, than Bourbon and Bullets on a thirsty dog day afternoon?? And in Texas?? well?? Texas is Texas...and with all due respect, to the good fine people of's the home of insane Batshit Political Buckaroos, need I say more?? All, Red the way.

Nothing is ever going to stop, until some common sense prevails, and a serious national discourse is
started. Yeah!! we're talking about it now...but, how many more kids have to die?? how many more people have to die??...before any action is taken?? Not while this Political Circus Atmosphere, is still around!!

Gun perverts: Open Carry Texas member admits he gets a “perverse pleasure” over carrying a firearm | FreakOutNation