May 24, 2014

Newt's "Boy" says; #UniteBlue are ‘Freaks’ and ‘Hate Mongers’

By RF Schatten

Say it aint so, Joe!! On May 23rd, Joe Scarborough came out of his Right of Center, amicable, easy going TV Persona...and became his true self...Newt Gingrich's favorite "boy" in the US House, during the heydays of his "Contract with America". So what is so unusual??...nothing, except for the removal of his "boy next door" facade.

It's a condemnation, primarily of the Progressive and Liberal movement. How does Joe really feel?? Well??...he Voted against raising the minimum wage to $5.15/hr, Voted to cut the growth of Medicare by $270 billion dollars, Voted to cut all Federal funding for
Public Broadcasting...and was elected Political Director for Newt's "New Federalists"...their primary agenda? The privatization, consolidation, or complete elimination of the Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, and first and foremost...the Dept. of Education!!

Nice to call people "Hate Mongers"...because they hate what the GOP is doing to them?? When you're guilty as sin, turn around and call everyone else, what people think of they can forget what kind of Shit, you really are!! It worked pretty successfully for Germany, in 1930-31. Freaks?? What would a Conservative Baby Boomer call his or her Liberal counterpart?? We've always been their "Freaks", "Hippies", or "Pinko Commies"!! And finally..."Fringe"!!

Let's talk about this "Fringe". The word Fringe, is Scarborough's biggest freak-out!! Why?? maybe, because as UniteBlue very informatively explained: ‪#‎UniteBlue‬
has been generating over 400 thousand Tweets/month...more than the GOP and Tea Party Hashtags. The fact that there's over 2 million members?? Oh!! they're "fringe"!!...keep those sound-bytes going..."they're a very small fringe group". Thank you, Joe!! you have given an organization with a membership of over 2 Million...the publicity to grow even
larger!!, your hate, has always been our cause, and you're going to see #UniteBlue in your dreams and in your nightmares, for a long time to come.

Apologize!! I have a feeling that the "say it ain't so" Hashtag will remain in place, till you publicly apologize to #UniteBlue as they demanded. Till then...‪#‎SayItAintSoJoe‬ !!

Watch: Joe Scarborough says you’re ‘freaks’ and ‘hate mongers’ if you’re with #UniteBlue | FreakOutNation