Feb 5, 2016

Snyder is Poisoning Flint...and GOP Blames Obama!

By RF Schatten

Wasn't the "Big Government Takeover" of Benton Harbor enough of a clue about Rick Snyder's mind and personal character? The Flint problem didn't start during this Election cycle and doesn't need to be an election issue...if things were handled right from the beginning! What Republicans in their right mind would want to have such a scandal during National Elections? Oops! sorry, we 'are' speaking about today's Grand Old Party!

In the case of one, Richard Dale Snyder...a paid in full, Koch sponsored stooge and crook portraying the role of Governor William J Lepetomane, along with his very own Hedley Lamar, portrayed by Joseph Harris, aka "The Czar of Benton Harbor" tried to takeover the town, get rid of the heavily low income population, build Golf Courses, and a giant shoreline development for the wealthy....and still come out with a nice handsome commission for all his efforts in the deal.
Frankly, Rick Snyder doesn't give a damn! so why would he be scared of poisoning that City's population...his benefactors have been poisoning the waters of communities throughout the country for years! and all those facts and much more, are just a click away!...for those 2 scoundrels, it's routine for the Bros to settle out of court and pay the judges' fines...they have Billions to blow!

"The Michigan Republican party would like you to know that Gov. Rick Snyder (R) has been busy trying to heal the city of Flint while the malevolent Obama administration has only stood in the way". The statement by the local Michigan GOP...and the condemnation by the RNC? Where is that long line of concerned and upset Republican citizens? Oops! sorry, not in this version of the Grand Old Party!

The water switch was motivated by saving money for Flint? which, was under the control of a State Emergency Manager aka Hedley Lamar, naturally! Lies, more Lies, and yet another Scandal...the fact he knew what all experts were telling him, and still allowed it to happen?...just to save a buck? Knowing you're poisoning people is not healthy for children and other living things...now, you don't need a war for our youth to die...just poison them or have the cops shoot them!

This is the immorality that America is facing...you don't make "America Great Again" by knowingly poisoning people, as if they were casualties of War...and in this case, a dirty and filthy political war by dirty and filthy maniacal politicos with no purpose in life other than continue the fear and hate of a Society they refuse to understand.

With the Koch Brothers' fingerprints up and down and all over the place...the state government continues as corrupt in Michigan as in its Koch sister-state Wisconsin with Snyder's Twin-mirror, Scotty "Too Hottie" Walker! Playing with people's lives is Criminal!...no matter how you slice it!...and Criminal Charges should be filed. Will the federal government respond to the cries of social injustice and political chicanery in Michigan?
In an election year? You bet!...Rick Snyder screwed up royally! it's his bad...but Republicans are still going to hurt. Already being the Party known as the protectors of the 1%, their total lack of remorse and lack of understanding of social issues...such as the human right to obtain free clean water...is going to bite them in their arse this November!   

This degenerate of a politician who swore in his oath to uphold the highest standards of his office for which the voters entrusted him, will continue in his merry ways...until someone decides to put a stop and brings him up on criminal charges. And in an election year? It's just going to be another wild circus act for the Dumbos in 2016!

Bernie Sanders Calls For Federal Criminal Investigation Into Rick Snyder For Poisoning Flint | Politicus USA