Feb 26, 2016

Trump & Christie: Mr. Outsider meets Mr. Insider

 By RF Schatten

Mr. Outsider meets Mr. Insider...an "Outsider" with absolutely no understanding of how Government functions and the "Insider" who will direct him on how to be Presidential by sitting down, shutting up, and staying out of people's way,..though, he could at least learn how to shutdown bridges.

Why would a man who attempted to run for President, settle for a "Cabinet Position" after becoming the biggest endorsement by a professional Politico, thus far for Trump? Unless someone more reputable emerges, the Trumpster's only choice under the category of the "Political Insider" is the Pillsbury Dough Boy, the Hockey Mom, or who else? What self-respecting Republican would even dare team up with this piece of vulgarity and totally classless man?

1st, the elimination of Palin from any real contention...Trump wants a 'real' pro, not Crazy Sarah! Which leaves him at this time, only with Chris Christie. So let's suppose Christie does get the VP?!?!
Regional Demographics mean nothing in this Election Year! Christie can become his very own version of a Dick Chaney...though Dubya at least had some knowledge of the National and International Political Theater. It's running the big show without taking the responsibility...while the Donald stays away combing his hair and looking at himself in the mirror.

As they say; "Politics makes strange bedfellows"...but these two characters have a lot in common...a con artist billionaire from New York and an old fashioned crooked political boss from New Jersey, who understands the use of political "machines" and racketeering . You tell so and so, if they don't support me, we'll screw their careers!...hope they don't need to go home via the George Washington?
Everyone got screwed, from top to bottom...but Chris! Like Atlantic City!...who got screwed? and who left town with all the money? the Trumpster! Sure! they'll 'Make America Great, Again'...at least, their own little piece of America!

"The fact of the matter is, no one's gonna get inside this guy's head... there is no better fighter than Donald Trump," ~~ Chris Christie

No one is gonna get inside this guy's head?...except Chris Christie, if he can become his Vice President!! Not getting into this guy's head? Come on! both Christie and Trump love 'the poorly educated' that believe this horseshit...they 'do' have a lot in common.

A brokered Convention? The final act and the desperation of the Great Clown Circus...and what an act!! If Trump gets to the magic number before arriving at the convention, you may have to call those men in their little white coats, have Reince Priebus removed' and sent to Happy Acres...while moderate zombie Dumbos wonder around in a circle, doing nothing!
Chairman of the National Republican Committee? He lost control the day he took over for Michael Steele. He's just another Wisconsin failure for the Koch Brothers who counts him along with Scott Walker and Paul Ryan among their Political Biotchs!

Donald Trump's endorsements represents the who's who of the batshit world!....la crème de la crème!...Chris Christie, who even with his new found love for Le Grande Orange, sold his personal Donors List to Rubio. Then comes Palin...probably Trump's Secretary of State cause she can see Russia from her Porch!...and followed by Ted Nugent, Gary Busey, Duck Dynasty, the American Neo-Nazis, along with the KKK and David Duke's own personal endorsement!

The Insanely Stupid, the Pedophile, and the White Supremacist Vote. Good endorsements, Donald!...ahhyup! a lot of family values out there with this group of characters! There 'is' more room at Happy Acres...and a discount rate for Republicans! 

Chris Christie Endorses Donald Trump, Probably Because He Wants a Cabinet Position