Jun 28, 2015

"Judicial Tyranny" by a Republican owned SCOTUS? Only when voting against GOP Interest!

 By RF Schatten

Reject Judicial Tyranny?? My, oh my! Who rejected Judicial Tyranny when Koch Industries Corp. became one Citizen, united? Who rejected Judicial Tyranny when George W bought his own Presidency? How dare the Republican owned Supreme Court rule against their benefactors??...not only once, but 3 times in a row!!

In the words of Mike Huckabee; "The Supreme Court can't overrule God"!! When you've lost every argument and issue on your political repertoire...turn even farther to the Right and Evangelical America...cater to the 1% while exploiting the Religiously exploitable.
My question to Huckabee is; The Supreme Court can't overrule what God? Your God? my God? whose God? In a multi-denominational society, one must respect others' Religious beliefs to co-exist in this world or be cast aside as for whom they are...a radical lunatic fringe of Christianity...in love with their own Interpretations of the Bible, in love with their own social characteristics, just madly in Love with themselves!
Only they are right and the other 9 Billion Inhabitants of this planet don't know shit!...spoiled little crybabies who don't enjoy losing. Fix the rules to favor you...and if they don't? change them and get a Court that that's more to your liking!

Now your ever-present Cast of Clowns, all couldn't wait to voice their disapproval of their own Justices and the Judicial System. Let the horseshit begin to fly!..it 'is' an election cycle.
You have so much Christian Values, so much Family Values perceived among this group of degenerates...Jeb Bush preaching Family Values? at least he helped rig the elections for his brother, hey! that's Family! Then you have preacher Huckabee who's own values can be easily questioned...he's a degenerate pervert who wishes to be a transgender so he can enter the girls shower room and experience how it feels to be a women. He's also supporter of a has been One Hit Wonder pedophile, whom he loves to rock and play the same Filthy songs he tells his flock to reject as sinful music.
Rick Santorum? what can you say about the Gay Community's favorite "Santorum"? Scott Walker? he's as Religious as an Atheist...the man doesn't give a shit who he offends as long as he can get your votes...he's probably the lowest form of human life a Politico could ever be, and he's shamefully an American!

And finally the Lord, himself...the chosen savior of the masses, the Messiah!! Ted Cruz! the biggest Dumbo of the Dumbo Party...what else can be said about Canada's gift to America, about this repulsive piece of human excrement? He wants to get rid of the Supreme Court as it exists today, and have them get elected! On paper? sounds good, with the exception of politicizing the Court even more than it already is. Realistically for the GOP? In today's continuous progression towards the Left by the American populace, it would be a 9-0 Liberal Court with a woman as Chief Justice!! Please! proceed Mr. Cruz!!

Living in political self-denial in a fool's paradise! Gay Marriage is the Law of the Land, from Sea to Shining Sea!...and like Obamacare...which is also the Law of the Land...it's not going anywhere! It's not going to be struck down any time soon, and like Rowe v Wade, nothing is going to change the ruling! Social Security and then Medicare met the same resistance by the same morons with exactly the same results.
Wake Up and smell the Coffee! Conservatism as interpreted in today's world is on the losing end of American Society and 21st Century Culture...and with the quality of leaders demonstrated by the Cast of A 1,000 Clowns, all making fools of themselves for that nomination? Please! proceed my dear GOP!!

Cruz Proposes Supreme Court Elections to Counter ‘Judicial Tyranny’ | Mediaite

Jun 25, 2015

Obamacare, SCOTUS, & GOP Mass Political Suicide

 By RF Schatten

"Congress passed the Affordable Care Act to Improve Health Insurance Markets, not Destroy them...if at all possible, we must interpret the Act in a way that is consistent with the Former, and avoids the Latter" ~ 6/25/2016

With those words John Roberts just destroyed the last vestige of the Republican myth on the evils of Obamacare...also, it 'is' a Human Right for everyone to have Healthcare! Sometimes, some things are better left alone...the continuous annoyance in the justice system with technicalities, sooner or later, the argument will naturally wonder beyond the substance of laws written by imperfect human beings, and into the Morality and the Virtue of the Argument.

The argument itself was self-defeating brief by a Political Party bent on committing Mass Political Suicide. Winning their case would've left over 8 million people in their own States without Health Insurance or medical care whatsoever!! 8 million more pissed off people, who along with the over 50 million pissed off Hispanics, 45 million pissed off Blacks, 143 million very pissed off Women, and millions of Gays pissed by Republican persecution...and yes, they all will show their displeasure in the ballot box!!
Adalia Woodbury brilliantly stated in her PoliticusUSA 'Headline' on the very same subject, what some of us been privately thinking: "Supreme Court Saves Republicans From Themselves by Upholding the Affordable Care Act". My question; Can the Republicans save themselves 'without' their friends in the High Court guiding them out of the mess they got themselves into?? Great talking point, Adalia!   

Wake up and smell the Coffee! Mr. Boehner!...your blind ambition of keeping the Speaker's Chair over any circumstance, and going to bed with who ever it takes!...just shows what an asshole you really are, and how you are going to be perceived in History long after you're gone! Nice legacy for your family to be proud of!
A foolish political statement from a man consumed in the hatred of being a complete loser in every battle, while in his leadership position...versus the President of the United States:  "Obamacare is fundamentally broken ...today's ruling doesn't change that fact...Republicans will continue to listen to American Families and work to Protect them from the consequences of Obamacare."
Dear John! Do you realize no one is listening to you?? you don't even have to call anyone to find out...you're the only person who doesn't know! Sorry Pal! We, the People really 'do' like Obamacare!

The fact: The lawsuit was just a ploy by big money to exhaust every avenue of Legal Technicality to destroy the Affordable Care Act. The people who would've suffered the most are all in Red States...and they have no saying in the matter! At the end, any concern for the residents of these states who could've lost everything? Not from the GOP! The Federal Govt has always been there to help...those 8 million wouldn't have had to worry if their "Elected" officials would've decided not to opt out, just because of their hatred for Obama!
It's all Bigotry and Conservative Religious Social Ignorance...even if you hate Obama for who he is and the color of his skin...when you're down and out and sick, you're going to love anything or anyone that helps you!...that's the fact, Jack!

Enter the ever growing cast of Clowns into this Judicial scenario!...Batshit has to show up, sooner or later!!
Baby Bush: "This decision is not the end of the fight against Obamacare".  Marco Rubio: “Despite the Court’s decision, Obamacare is still a bad law that is having a negative impact on our country and on millions of Americans". Scott Walker: To Republicans; "Redouble the efforts to Repeal the Law!". And last!...but not least! the ever present Ted Cruz: "For the second time in just a few years, a "handful" of 'Unelected Judges' has rewritten the Text of Obamacare in order to 'Impose' this Failed Law on Millions of Americans". Yes! even batshit floats to the top!

The Mass Political Suicide of the Grand Old Party...no Cool-Aid needed. Why use Cool-Aid when you have such an overabundance of 'Tea'??
What John Roberts and Company did was pretty much, put an end to the rulings on Obamacare. The only way left would be by an Act of Congress...and then, find a President that will sign it!! Landmark Congressional Acts throughout our country's history tend to be what today's cliche parlance calls; "Too Big to Fail or Break"...you can fix the problems, but the people and/or the courts, will not let you break it up or take it away! Like John Boehner, the Republican Party just doesn't get it!!

And after their Great Clown Exhibition of 2016...they'll still be the only ones that won't get it, why they lost?!?! , The Affordable Care Act is here to stay, so to those who don't like it? Suck it up, and live with it!...it's not going to change and it's not going anywhere!

Obamacare lives on after Supreme Court ruling - CNNPolitics.com

Jun 23, 2015

The Confederacy & its Flag: The Legacy of a Symbol

By RF Schatten

To everyone who believes the Confederate Flag is not a Symbol of Racism...please!! proceed to blabber all the horseshit your heart desires! Self-denial by the uneducated will exist forever...the ignorance, the hate, the bigotry; it's in their DNA! Generation after generation, and their perpetual inability to Socially progress and evolve as a human being past the "N" word.

"As a People we are fighting to maintain the Heaven-Ordained Supremacy of the White Man over the Inferior or Colored Race" ~~~ William T. Thompson (April 23rd, 1863)

William T. Thompson designed the Confederate Flag!...and as much as all the excuses for the Civil War, whether it was States Rights or Slavery or whatever other issue anyone wants to bring out...that Flag represented the Purity of White Supremacy. When the man who designed the Confederate Flag says it  represents "Heaven-Ordained Supremacy of the White Man over the Inferior or Colored Race" ...any way you cut it, my friend!...it's unadulterated Racism!!

What's the Big Deal? First and foremost, the Flag was really just a "Battle Flag"...the battle flag for Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia, which the Confederacy later adopted as their own. A Museum Piece till Strom Thurmond almost 100 years later, bolted the Democratic Party with his Dixiecrats and instituted the Flag of the Confederacy for his State Rights Party, as a Symbol of Defiance against the Federal Government! You see! the Democrats during those FDR years became just too progressive and too liberal for those Good Ol' Boys' racist and hateful ways....Strom Thurmond became the symbol of Southern Republican Politics, which, with Nixon's Southern Strategy years later, has flourished ever since.

The Flag as a symbol of Ancestry and Southern Heritage?? Sure! if you live inside an empty mind...it 'does' sound good! But, to the unfortunate truth: It really was taken out of the museum mothballs in 1956 to protest Brown vs Board of Education in Georgia, and South Carolina in 1962 as a celebrating symbol of the 100th Anniversary of the sounds of Ft. Sumter and secession! The fact they celebrated Ft. Sumter's "Centennial" 101 years later, wasn't important...it wasn't even about history...just a symbolism! as a defiance to Federal School Segregation, and defiance to the then proposed Civil Rights Act! The Flag flourished throughout the South during the 50s and 60s...over 150 years of Lynchings and Cross-Burnings...cold blooded murder! It has become a Symbol for the KKK and for what they stand for, and for American Neo-Nazi Skinheads. A Symbol of Fear, of Hate, of Defiance, but above all...in the words of the man who designed the Confederate Flag to his own likings, thoughts, and philosophy...a Symbol of Racism!!

Dylann Roof's tragic escapade opened up a huge can of worms that America has been hesitant to talk about...add the violence perpetrated by sick minds around the country, and by those 'paid' "To Protect and To Serve"...no one till now, has been willing to talk about the open racism, violence, and the religious intolerance perpetrated by the Right Wing! It appears a civil and intelligent National Discourse is beginning!
One Political Party has publicly supported Racism, Gun Violence, and the Religiously Intolerant Evangelical...one Party has received $$$ from Racist Organizations, are heavy supporters of the Gun Lobby, and of the Evangelical Christians' agenda.
Dylann Roof and his "Manifesto" blew the strategical roof off the GOP's game plan on the Black Community! 

Meanwhile, the GOP is running as far they could've ever imagined from this can of worms! First supporting the Right Wing's talking points by acting in their incredibly stupid self...but in this sinking ship of fools, at least the Presidential Cast of Characters...are avoiding any and all critical negativity on the issue like the plague. Republicans are running scared because they realize Dylann Roof broke their long time cover!! More losing issues and more batshit to clean up if they even have a chance in 2016. The GOP Spin Doctors are working 24/7 to make Republicans look like concerned citizens...but with these clowns? They 'are' determined to embarrass themselves sooner or later...it's their proud tradition of major blunders.

You still have its Batshit crazies like "The League of the South" with its chairman Pat Hines; "It's Cultural Genocide against Whites to Remove the Confederate Flag" Hines said he “never understood” why the American Flag flies over the State Capitol? Stupid is as Stupid does!...ignorance is truly bliss!! And now! you have FoxNews!...and what can you say about batshit journalism? In their infinite wisdom, while the GOP is admitting the Flag may just be a little too controversial, Governor Nikki Haley and other GOP officials are asking for the Removal of the Confederate Flag from the Capital...and companies like Walmart, Sears, and Ebay have removed the Flags and other merchandise depicting the Flag, off the shelves...Fox News just keeps spreading their horseshit all over TV. Now, the Fox Host thinks the Confederate Flag is the Flag of the Democratic Party!! AhhYup! O!K!

Republicans may try to clean up their act and sweep all the batshit left behind by their lunatic fringe...they 'have' gone from brooms to street sweepers!
But, as much as they try, they need to rid themselves from their Tea addiction, or be prepared to lose every Presidential race for the next 20 or so years. You see! "Batshit" is a worthless commodity with absolutely no value of its own on this planet...except, as a pretty good plant Fertilizer!!

The surprisingly uncomplicated racist history of the Confederate flag

Jun 22, 2015

Tolerance vs Intolerance...and the Control for the Hearts & Minds of today's Society

BY RF Schatten

It 'is' a Long and Winding Road...how long is it going to take America to understand
that unless We, The People really get off our asses, perform our civic duty, and truly express our anger and discontent...absolutely nothing is going to change??
Evil exists, whether in the form of those good people who idly stand-by, watch and do
nothing, White Racial Supremacists, your everyday Racist & Bigot, whether it's those Voices in the Media (primarily Fox) baiting them all on...your paid in full Politico, who makes his fair share from his benefactors by instituting friendly beneficial laws in their
behalf...or arms profiteers, who really don't give a shit either way who shoots who!!

“Take a moment to Pray for Peace and Harmony among the People of Different Colors”
said Paul McCartney at the Firefly Music Festival after singing "The Long and Winding Road" followed by "Blackbird"...'take these broken wings and learn to fly'!... dedicated in a tribute to the nine Charleston victims.

How many more dead people is it going to take? how many more children have to die for
someone to say enough is enough? We live in statistically, the most violent country in the world!...and we have the cojones to condemn other Countries for their policies, their treatment and their violence?!?!

The hate for Blacks and the extermination of a race by someone who proudly wears a
Confederate Flag Patch, along with patches of Apartheid South Africa and Rhodesia is...in any other term...pure unadulterated Racism...and his Manifesto? Dylann Roof is just one of many characters just following their family legacy of Racism, Bigotry, Hate, and sheer
ignorance. How to deal with the uneducated mind of Racists and Bigots, is the national question that must be taken up, before more die!

Republicans in general agree on the Charleston crime: Blatantly open racist, seriously intending to start a Racist Civil War with the precise intention of the extermination of the Black Race from the face of this earth...but a political year brings out the degenerate hypocrisy in the intelligent politician, playing up to their only Base left on
their dance card...the Far Right and Evangelical Christianity. "Oh! it was an accident" "What could’ve caused someone to do that?" Remarks by GOP leaders in South Carolina...as if the Confederate Flag proudly flying in top of the South Carolina Capitol had no meaning whatsoever?? Is it ignorance? or self-defiance in behalf of the Old
South?...taking down the Flag is just a political symbolic gesture, in this case, a good move to cool things off...but it doesn't change who they are, and how they think and feel.

America's culture and love for violence...since the time you're growing up, playing Cowboys and Indians... hoping to be the Cowboy because he was always the good guy who wins at the end! The mindset of Bigotry towards others is a nourishment for the soul, early in life...Girls play with Dolls, Boys play Soldier...instill that competitive machismo. John Wayne and Rambo...the eternal promotion of War and Violence through films and TV...it's Americana, part of American Exceptionalism; an all powerful and invincible America. To the rest of the world, we're just the Ugly American...trying to push diplomatically or forcefully the promotion of Peace and Democracy to every country on Earth, while ignoring those same values and promises...and the very needs of its
own population!

We're living in a Gunmania Culture...it's not about Hunting or the Lawful licensed use for Protection...it's a culture of violence, about Fear instilled by Fear-mongers, about the interpretation of an Amendment written for 'their times' over 200 years ago. The promotion of the Fear of Violence...setting Laws that promote crime, promotes more fear and the hate that comes with it. “Stand Your Ground” is just a Legal Excuse to shoot someone you don't like”. The Open sale of assault weapons and the laws allowing uneducated assholes to carry them into supermarkets, restaurants, churches, all strapped to their back!! The Open-Carry Gun Laws passed by Republicans and cheered by the
NRA...just to show how tough these morons can look and exhibit themselves in public. Not just a little gun...fricken assault weapons! 

My question is what the fuck are they trying to prove, besides looking like a bunch of assholes playing John Wayne and Rambo? For their information; John Wayne was an alcoholic, a philanderer, married multiple times, and everything opposite his
American Red, White, and Blue Macho “Duke” persona...whose real name was Marion and wasn't even a real cowboy! And Rambo? he's a little 5' 8” guy with the most famous “Elevator Shoes” since another tough guy...Alan Ladd!

Violent video games rank on top of the Game Charts. Magazines promoting Guns and War
To the dismay of self-deniers...times does move forward and evolves, and what some
things were meant to be 200something years ago, were never feasible for generations 200 years later. Thomas Jefferson visioning what was coming ahead believed the Constitution should be Changed or Revised every 20 years or so. “A little Revolution now and then”, doesn't mean arm rebellion!!...it's about the Revolution of the mind, of thoughts and progression as we evolve as a Nation!

Why doesn't any legislature or anyone try to do something about it? More school shootings, more little boys and little girls having their lives ended because no one gives a shit. The NRA? Give the teachers guns! Guns! Guns! Guns! Guns for everybody...cause you never know who's going to stand his ground! Open-Carry into Churches, into Grocery Stores,
Dept. Stores, Restaurants, and Bars!!...cause no one ever ever causes trouble in a Bar?!?!

Does the NRA give a damn about how many people die? Does the Gun Industry care how many people die? They're in the business of making $$$...without remorse, they'll sell guns to all sides...and if they don't give a shit about how much they destroy in this country?...why would they really give a damn what country destroys what other country, as long as those Guns and Bullets say “Made in the USA”! $$$ No matter who wins or
loses...they always come out ahead!!

Denying Racism by spinning it as if they were the victims. It's quickly becoming another losing issue for Conservatives. They are the poor victims of a war by the entire world on their Christianity...no matter whether is race, ethnicity, other religions, or other social ideology...they just want their fricken Armageddon already, at any cost!! And the Gun
Industry is there to grant their wishes...for a price!

Rep. Steve King: Unrestricted access to guns is a ‘higher calling’ than stopping ‘one event of violence’

Jun 17, 2015

Entering the Race: The man Donald Trump can't live without...Donald Trump!

By RF Schatten

Yes! Yes! Yes! To the delight of every Comedian, every Democrat, every Republican candidate who needs desperately reporters off their backs for a while, and every TV News Producer looking for more and more insanity to come out from the Republican Party's quadrennial festive. The 3 Ring Circus...with the greatest Cast of Clowns ever assembled!...aka...your GOP Presidential Debates and Primaries!!

Enter the Clown Prince of arrogant absurdity, the man Donald Trump can't live without...Donald Trump!!
Mr."Family Values", himself!  He made his grande entrance from his Thrown at Trump Towers, and everything so far appears to be building up to a wild and crazy ride for The Donald. The man basks on the art of embarrassment...new Trump jokes, old Trump jokes...hey! whatever it takes to get him in the Top 10%. He loves those TV Cameras and the limelight. If the first time was bad enough, wait to you see him know!...baby! you haven't seen nothing yet!

On Donald Trump; Jon Stewart said, there is one way to keep him going on The Daily Show. The only way to keep him from retiring is to pick Donald Trump as President. “They’re all very colorful characters, but for me...for me...there can be only one Fuckface von Clownstick…”

All the Money, the Power, and good business skills doesn't make you anymore intelligent a politician, than a Religious freak that gets elected in a 'gerrymandered' district with a solitary agenda of converting the US Government into a Theocracy. Donald Trump couldn't get elected Dog Catcher in New York City...when money can't buy the love or respect of the community, arrogance helps him dedicate buildings to himself!  He's anything but a Politician or a Lawmaker...but America and the World gotta put up with his antics and his horseshit...apparently every four years, now.

What's crossing his hair, now...besides his bright orange shine? America is not tough enough anymore!...we're all pussy! ISIS? they can't operate without $$$, so we take their oil away...send in the Oil Companies and take it away from them! Right!! Right!! And if that doesn't work? “I would hit them so hard. I would find you a proper general, I would find the Patton or MacArthur. I would hit them so hard your head would spin.” With all due respect to Patton and MacArthur...they both were fired by 'their' bosses, for thinking exactly the same way as President Trump!
Diplomacy? A word not familiar to the arrogance of the Trumpster. They are going to deal with Trump on his terms and settle on his terms...because? he's a shrewd businessman and is going to make America great again! Why? because he said so! Mexico? China? they all going to melt like putty in the presence of the great Yellow Hair. Why? because he said so! How to run a government? Install Corporate CEOs to run different parts of the Government and negotiate all our Foreign Policy! How Democratic!?!?

At the end...all his absurdities, his ignorant train of thoughts, his gaffes, his up stuck vicious arrogance and demeanor, and his constant aura of superiority...all that, just makes him look like the asshole he's always been. That trait, and his constant personal criticism of the GOP, its policies, its leadership, and his rivals...don't sit too well with the upper crust of the GOP leadership. Like the asshole that he really is, the file and rank will only view him as Bozo the Clown...with hair and all! Donald Trump for President?...in his mind, he would be King!     

With the quality of candidates, their policies, the party's future agendas, and the current chaos among themselves...Dumbos may not perform with Ringling Bros. anymore but you have your share of them with the GOP! The Elephant remains the glorious symbol of the Grand Old Party...ironically, they're truly becoming in every shape, way, and form...a White Elephant!

Donald Trump Is Actually Running For President. God Help Us All.

Jun 15, 2015

Evangelical America and the GOP: Their Perfect World in an Imperfect Society

 By RF Schatten

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere" ~~ Voltaire

Self-denial sucks!...when you're all alone, in a world all of your own! Fighting a never-ending battle with the human race for the control of their hearts and minds...and forcefully impose their will, either through laws or by fear, intimidation, or criminal violence, their personal interpretations of the Bible. Sinclair Lewis' God-fearing March through "Main Street, USA" by the lowest denomination of Christianity...proudly 'holding the bible and wrapped in the flag'...has begun!

The self-proclaimed righteous march to the tune of their own drummer, while the PuppetMasters are carefully watching over and pulling their strings...using religious intolerance and social naiveté to create confusion, social disorder and political chaos. Exploiting religion to the religiously naive is quite simple.

The case of Evangelical Christian America; the open hostility of full blown Sociophobes...their Gynephobia and Homophobia has reached its zenith. Their entire life revolves around themselves, their beliefs, and their 'personal' interpretations of the Bible...their demands on society for everyone, every race, every ethnicity, every other Religion...to live life as they want you to, whether by changing laws to suit their fancy, political pressure on the corruptible, or simply annoying the living shit out of the rest of America. They're determined to make America their very own Theocratic State at any cost...with a little help from their friends, the PuppetMasters...and 'their' own agenda!

A funny thing happened on the way to that Plutocratic Theocracy...the overwhelming majority of America does not agree with Evangelicals. Not everyone wants to be born again, not everyone wants to interpret the Bible any other way than their own. No religion or no atheist is greater than any other, but convincing human stupidity of that, is a futile effort. They can't win America?!?!...so go a cry at the United Nations and ally yourself with Batshit Evangelicals from around the world. A New World Religious Order to save humanity from themselves and convert 9 Billion people to their brand of Christianity!
Using the UN to exploit their agenda by promoting a legal definition from 67 years ago that the family is “the natural and fundamental group unit of society" Their solution they believe, will reverse Marriage Equality and the Women Equality Rights throughout the world for all Evangelicals.

We do live in a new world, a multicultural society, where Mix Race Relationships and Mix Race Marriages have become a Norm...Barack Obama, himself is a product of a mix-race marriage. Mix-Race, Mix-Ethnic relationships, Same-Sex Relationships..We're a truly Multicultural Society that has been rapidly growing up and flourishing, becoming a society of acceptance, where women, gays, and the blacks have become an acceptable and fundamental part of today's world ...time machines on the other hand are fictional...as much as Evangelical America wants to regress back in time, life just keeps progressing forward and continues to eternally evolve. We're also a more educated society and not even the "Natural Family" BS controversy is going keep Same-sex marriage from being reality. It's the wheels of progress..you're not going to stop people from loving and caring fort each other! no matter what the mix! Let's just say Mix Marriages and Women's Rights are too big fail!!

Election 2016 isn't going to be about the Economy, it's far better than all those Republican Lies, it's not going to be about Foreign Affairs since that's a dysfunctional topic for the GOP...with no policies and no agenda...all the GOP has is their standard policy of continued accusations on any subject in the world by blaming Obama for all of it, and criticizing the rest of the world for basically the same things.

2016 is going to be about Morality, Character, the Filthy Rich, the very Poor, income disparity...and all the Negativity proudly offered by the GOP ...about Anti-Immigration, Anti-Education, Anti-Gay, Anti-Black, Anti-Women, Anti-Children, Anti-Welfare, Anti-Healthcare, Anti-Environment, and Anti-Science.

The GOP? or the Religious Right? Who will blame who after they lose in 2016? The Republican Party and their association with the Christian Far Right has become a victim of their own making!

The ‘Natural Family’: The Latest Weapon in the Christian Right’s New Global War on Gays - The Daily Beast

Jun 12, 2015

The John Birch Society...and why the GOP sold out. It's called $$$

By RF Schatten

You don't a need drugs to become a  Koch Addict...it's that inscrutable scent of $$$ that hooks that corruptible side of you!

For the John Birch Society, pushing that addiction to the easily corruptible is certainly not that hard of a task...a peek and a thought at all that $$$ it's simply immoral. But, never immoral enough for the natural immorality of the Grand Old Party as they sell themselves out...lock, stock, and barrel for that Koch Addiction!! The Republican Party is now bought and paid in full by the John Birch Society...call them the American Legislative Exchange Council, Citizens United, or Americans for Prosperity, because it all sounds so much more politically correct!...they're still the Koch Family's legacy and the continuation of the John Birch Society, any which way you look at it!!

Nullify the Clean Water Act! because, who the needs Clean Water??...at Koch Industries, 3 words are taboo..."Clean", "Water", and "Lawsuits"! Those words must bug the living hell out of the undisputed America's Kings of Pollution. Record Fines, record individual Lawsuits, record Class-Action Lawsuits, Wrongful Death Lawsuits...and record $ettlements, $ettlements, and more $ettlements!! And you ask why? why is the Brothers Koch's first and foremost agenda and order of business, the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency?!?!

Do Republicans care about Clean Water?...as much as they care about Clean Air!...and as much as they care about their embarrassing public threat in behalf of their 'benefactors' to every single nation in the world participating in World Climate Change Initiatives; their attempt to sabotage all the world's plans! The one thing they do care? $Koch$ $$$!! The GOP vs the Earth's 9 Billion Inhabitants...ready for battle!

Push toxic waste and water to every community in America, because it's only poison!!...like Rosemount, Minnesota where "Koch Petroleum Group" dumped 1 fricken Million gallons of high-ammonia waste-water onto the ground and into the Mississippi River. How about "Koch Pipeline" and their 300 Oil Spills in Texas and 5 other States resulting in 3 Million gallons of Crude Oil leaking into Ponds, Lakes, Streams and Coastal Waters? How about the Fines, the settlement, and the horrors in Corpus Christi, Texas? Enid, Oklahoma? "The Koch Nitrogen Plant" in Enid and the release of highly toxic Anhydrous Ammonia into the community! How about the Koch Sterling butane pipeline in Lively, Texas?...the wrongful death of 2 teenagers due to an unseen Butane Cloud that exploded and burned. Concerned? Only how much $$$ they had to pay!

You can go on and on with more cases...but it all keeps leading to the same conclusion...Dave and Charlie don't give a shit whatsoever! about this Country's future! whether you breath fresh air or need a mask! whether you drink toxic water and poison yourself! Setting emission standards are contrary to Koch Industries' business model for America...and standards around the globe?? Threatening every Nation in the World of sabotaging climate control initiatives? just because they get a super rush watching people suffer! while hoarding $$$ and exploiting everyone in their path to a total Plutocracy...pushing Koch Addiction can buy them a Political Party!...but can it buy them the Presidency and the US Government?

The biggest Moral Issue of our time...the survival of the human race! And an immoral Republican Congress trying to keep the rest of humanity from reaching their goals...all for the greed of that Koch $$$  and the Chemical Industry stalwarts like Monsanto and DuPont. That's your beautiful Republican Party of Values and Religious Morality, for ya!...sold to the highest bidder, manipulated, exploited, and now fully controlled by the John Birch Society.
Seasoned pros like the GOP leadership doing their bidding...while the Tea loving horde stirs the horseshit and more trouble. The Tea serve the same purpose as the Sturmabteilung did before the Third Reich...and the Birchers will dispose of them if they take 2016, just as fast as the Third Reich abandoned their fanatic minions, after their takeover! 

Can the Republicans ever take back their Party from the grip of Charles and David Koch and the John Birch Society's agenda and values? and how about the future of the Grand Old Party? No! not as long as that 'Koch Addiction' remains their fix!

Koch-Republicans In Senate Vote To Nullify the Clean Water Act

Jun 10, 2015

GOP on Climate Change: Pronounced Koch! like in the GOP's Koch Addiction!

 By RF Schatten

What's a few Degrees or a few Feet more?!?!?

If you care about your planet, if you care about your environment...the ability to breath clean air at 21% oxygen, without the need of an oxygen tank...yeah! the environment does mean a lot! The fact that some enjoy warm weather and others enjoy the cold...one more, than the other...doesn't necessarily mean either one wants to literally; through self-combustion, burn to death!...or become a frozen archeological finding in a couple of thousand years!
More important, our legacy on this earth. When it comes right down to it...it's the future of civilization and how we have survived all these thousands of years...putting up with the oddities of Nature and the oddities of Civilization, and surviving by simply using our minds.

If you don't give a damn about Planet Earth, and life is just there to entertain your pleasures...you're either a complete lazy moron or an easily corruptible human being, who's only interest is to accumulate wealth at the cost of others, even if it means controlling the entire world, and destroying it...and then, take it all with them when they die!
The future? How about the future our children and grandchildren? Greedy Old Bastards don't give a damn, they know after they die...it's not their problem anymore! The inhumanity? How do you pronounce Koch?...like in the Koch Addiction of the Republican Party...$$$$ is an extremely addictive lure for those whose total character's worth is a continuous psychological study in arrogance and immorality.

If you're a Religious person who vows to interpret life by following the words and works of Jesus Christ...you're Pope Francis. But, you're certainly not Francis!...you follow your own interpretations of whatever Bible fits your character the most in your life. To others? You're a sinner because the Bible says this and the Bible says that...but to them? when they sin, it's all in their own interpretation!
Climate Change Deniers, and Science Deniers in general...if you want your Armageddon? When the heat rises and the water level reaches beyond the roof of your house...jump in that hot tub and be prepared to meet your maker!
And if you knowingly did absolutely nothing to take the responsibility to save yourself and more important than anything else, your family?...you sinned my friend! If you like it hot?...you'll love it where you're going! All the acts of contrition and born-again miracles, is not going to save you from a direct visit to Achmed and his 72 Virgins...just don't flirt!...Achmed will Killlll YOU!!

When you talk about water in inches and foot levels or heat in the atmosphere in small percentages, it may not mean much to the average Joe...but to 99.99% of all Scientists, Climatologists, and Academic Scholars on the face of this earth...it's a very real and present danger for the future of our civilization, if someone doesn't at least try to do something  to save the planet as soon as possible! Read this article in CNN by John D. Sutter...and really think about it! because it's truly a frightening thought...especially with all the great advancement in technology and in the minds of those who can achieve so much.
With a united world anything can be achieved, but!!! when you talk America now days, you're talking about the land of the incredibly stupid and home of the opportunist & exploiters...enter Mitch McConnell, John Boehner, and the Grand Old Party.

Sense and sensibility does exist in this world...all the Nations have come to the same conclusion; to put Politics aside and work together to save the Earth! Every Country in the World has signed a United Nations' brokered agreement on a Climate Change Initiative. Why? because it's good for everyone concerned...the rest of the planet's 7+ Billion Inhabitants who wants to survive...but 300 assholes in Washington believe they are wiser and know more about the survival of our Civilization than the other 7 Billion.
Mitch McConnell, in all the splendor of another embarrassing Republican treasonous agenda...publicly undermining the Administration's and State Dept's Policies, again send out warnings to the world about their intention to sabotage the Climate Initiative...essentially telling 7 Billion people, they will do anything possible to stop their chances of surviving on this Earth!...oh! that Koch Addiction!...screw the world, screw their record fines, their record class actions, record wrongful death lawsuits...and record settlements!

Who needs the EPA? Pollute your heart away and destroy the world...but die with all the money on this earth stuffed up your ass! It's all mine!! ha! ha!...it's all mine!! Ahhyup!...Koch Addiction! Money! Money! Money! Monnney!

Now, to set things straight...planet earth is not about to implode and turn into little bitty dust particles in space, and it's not going to explode, either! It's been here before man, and will remain here after the extinction of man...regardless of weather conditions, or human batshit stupidity. If the weather doesn't kill you, nuclear war will...an Armageddon for the religiously insane, the end of times for Mr. Moneybags with all the money shoved up his ass, and the final chapter for a civilization...here, personally...the final chapter of an American Society that sat back, watched, and allowed a tiny miniscule faction from over the 7+ Billion inhabitants to dictate policies that only benefits their pocketbooks. Their crime? allowing and watching the destruction of man, without speaking up!

So, what do you get for Koch Addiction? when we're all gone, only those radiation-proof cockroaches will inhabit this planet! Is watching our own destruction and permitting it to happen, worth it?

Climate: 15 scary facts about rising seas (Opinion) - CNN.com

Jun 8, 2015

Eugenics & Demographic Engineering: Ann Coulter's love of Josef Mengele

 By RF Schatten

Those Tea Loving, raging Religious Morons who believe in the Oxymoron that Liberals are Fascists, just lost their case. Ann Coulter destroyed 'that' argument!...her belief and fondness for Eugenics is straight out of Fascist Nazi Germany's notebook, and the creepiness of their agenda in the quest of German Exceptionalism...The Master Race!

Eugenics is the movement to improve the Genetic features of Human populations through "Selective Breeding" and "Sterilization". Josef Mengele must be a personal superhero of "The Throat"...keeping overweight women, the physically disabled, and the visually impaired from entering this Country?...barred from America because of your appearance? And how about her embrace of the Eugenic Principle of killing the most vulnerable for intimidation purposes? That's creepy frickin Fascist!...not to mention, immoral! for a Christian woman...which she professes to be.

It's pure Conservative American Exceptionalism, cut and dried...with all its Arrogance! Eugenics have always played part of American Exceptionalism...the Superiority of a Class and its desire of Exclusivity and Perfection within their Race, and to Rule over all other Classes...a Ruling Class Society, while promoting America as the greatest Country, the greatest Freedom, and greatest Power on the face of this earth. The patriotic perception of that "Shining City on the Hill". That Exceptionalism which America covets, is known around the world as American Imperialism and its Ugly American buddy!

Demographic Engineering...the exclusion of people, first by appearance like weight control, disability, blindness...then Color, Gender, Age, Ideology, and Religious Preference.

Ann Coulter's vision of an America where Exclusivity reigns supreme, where White Anglo-Saxon blue eyes is the only perfection, and where all other lower classes bow for the gratitude of working for their Masters!

It's a whole new world out there! A much more liberal world that rejects Exceptionalism! and a Country where income disparity is at all-time high...where the Exclusive and the Exceptional controls more net income than 90% of the country combined! The only way a Ruling Class could ever take power in today's world, by an Arms takeover! and it's no secret of their Master Plan lead by the Brothers Koch.

But, like "Sparta"...as Hrafnkell Haraldsson writes in this article...a Nation where the theory of Demographic Engineering was first instituted in its search for a Perfect Society, ended in its extinction...so will today's American Exceptionalism that it's anything but Perfect.

And Ann Coulter, in all her self-proclaimed perfection of a Goddess for the Master Race...should be included in her list of imperfect undesirables: Anorexic looking women with protruding Adam's Apples!

Ann Coulter's Appalling Demographic Engineering

Jun 7, 2015

Rick Santorum On Climate Change: The Wisdom of a Shyster

 RF Schatten

"A Wise Man can learn more from a Foolish Question than a Fool can learn from a Wise Answer" ~~~ Bruce Lee

Rick Santorum is neither wise...or a fool! He's just an opportunist!...a Professional Attorney...whose ability to put out an argument in court has served him well, inside and outside of political office.
Listed in the Top Ten among the most corrupt politicians in the United States! This man will never! never! never! admit to Climate Change, because he sold out to $$$$$...the National Weather Service Duties Act of 2005, which he Introduced in the Senate but failed, would prohibit the National Weather Service from 'releasing weather data to the public without charge' where private-sector entities perform the same function commercially.
It's all about $$$ for Dan Savage's favorite 'Santorum'. When online services like AccuWeather "Donates" cash to Rick Santorum, personally...and his PAC...they're not doing it for his love of public concern, if you know what it all means?
The immoral character of a man who gushes out Christian Values while he looks out for #1. His National Weather Service Duties Act, essentially would say to the American Public; You want to know about the Weather? Pay for It! you want any warnings about a Tornado, Hurricanes, Snowstorms and Blizzards? Want flood warnings? Pay for It, Sucker!!!

How Immoral can a Human Being be? Rick does associate in circles where the barriers of Immorality are placed lower and lower...it's an everlasting Political Limbo Dance for Republicans, and Richard John Santorum can always be counted in finding ways of lowering 'that' bar even further. 

An example of the type of Lawyer, Santorum is...he could've been a very good attorney and bondsman for organized crime! This Religiously devout Shyster, early in his career, successfully lobbied in behalf of the "World Wrestling Entertainment" for the 'Deregulation of Professional Wrestling', using the argument that the WWE is not a "Sport", but "Entertainment"!
For those who do not understand and think it's only a show...Professional Wrestling may be considered officially 'Entertainment', but it's among, if not the most physically and emotionally damaging and draining professions, in all of Sports! The fact! he lobbied and defended a Company from "regulations". A Company who's had an unusual and ridiculously high attrition of Wrestler Deaths, before the age of 50...all due directly or indirectly from the use of Anabolic Steroids!

A hypocrite who's Christian Values publicly says No to Drugs!...but whose Professional Values fights to deregulate an Industry, so Promoters can turn their backs on the Drug use and be less legally liable for those deaths! It's always about the Corporation & the $$$$$. Drugs in Wrestling today? It's still around, but promotions are setting their own regulations and standards, drug testing, fines, suspensions, and rehab care. Because of political pressure?...nah! more like, 'Fan Pressure'!...those who know the names and seen their heroes die before they even rich 50! That concern came from We, The People...not from We, The Corporation! Sufficient reason, I would suppose?

Now, the Shyster's words of wisdom are to be understood over that of a 'Man' who can stand toe to toe with any religious human being on the face of this earth, and say to them; "You, your Religion and your Values...are all full of shit!

Trust Scientists over Pope Francis, who happens to be a Chemist...with a Degree!...but trust Rick Santorum over any Scientist? Climate Change, Hurricanes, and Floods? Rick Santorum will never have to worry about drowning...shit always floats to the top!

Rick Santorum Tries To Explain Why He Can Weigh In On Climate Change But Pope Shouldn't

Jun 5, 2015

72% Of America is Pro Immigration...and the GOP's Illusion of massive Hispanic Support!

 By RF Schatten

72% of America!...even an idiot knows those odds when it comes to Immigration/Anti-Immigration questions.

When even the majority of Republicans favor Undocumented Immigrants staying in the United States...you know the Dumbos just lost another big issue. Pew Research's latest poll on the Immigration shows the current mood in the country is surely not turning on a rightward path. 80% of Democrats and 76% Independents favor allowing Immigrants to legally reside in the US...and 56% of Republicans agree!

Is the Republican Party just misunderstood? or is it their entire facade on the scare of the Illegal and their Great Berlin Wall across the Rio Grande...is just getting too old?

Their arrogance and immoral character, combined with their argument...which doesn't hold water...are fully responsible for Public Opinion to run away in droves from the GOP. When you demean, disrespect, and generally put down an entire ethnic group, you're gonna get some backlash!...with this? Big Backlash!
In the case of the Latino Vote, you need to understand the Hispanic and their Culture. Hispanics notoriously disagree between each of their own native cultures, Latinos are always at odds with each other from country to country...it's in their blood!  But, when the going gets tough and a Latino is politically degraded...expect all the Latin communities to unite in a common cause, because at the end..."somos todos Hermanos Latinos"! 

A dysfunctional political party where 2 US Senators running for President of the United States, happened to be of Cuban heritage...yet both, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz oppose the very same immigration, that allowed their parents to enter the United States. Being a Cuban-American and a Cuban-Canadian, and opposing the means many Cubans used to run away from persecution! Cubans are ashamed and embarrassed of who represents their Community, in this case Marco Rubio, who represents the Cuban Americans in the Sunshine State. Ted Cruz? The SW 8th Street crowd despises Raphael Sr's personal next coming of God!

Almost 3/4 of the Nation opposes the Republican view...so, what makes them believe they know more than the overwhelming majority of the country? And if the overwhelming majority in the United States is Pro-Immigration, who the hell are they to deny what America wants? Who the hell are they? They are your Republican Party!!...remember, they don't give a shit!!

72 Percent Of Americans Support Allowing Undocumented Immigrants To Stay in US

Jun 4, 2015

No Vet Rights for Married Gay Couples & Their Kids. With all our Love, The GOP!

By RF Schatten

You fight and die for good and bad causes...that 'is' what you do for your country when you sign up to defend it. But we're in America 2015, where the lowest form of indecency and degenerate politics transcends every day life, including our Veterans...all our Veterans!

Old Cowards creating wars and sending the young to do their fighting...and dying...while profiting off of them, and pretty much giving those who made that profit possible, the ultimate slap of disrespect; a Bronx Cheer followed by a  Fuck You!
Ever heard that before? it's the history of VA Funding. But today's Tea loving GOP...in all its indecency, in all its degenerate arrogance, its unapologetic indifference towards American Society...showed how truly low in the compassion scale can someone go regarding their respect for US War Veterans. Go die for our country! if you make it back, we'll see what we can do for you...but if you're gay? Vaffanculo!!

The vote was not that unexpected...it's a presidential election cycle and the GOP is stepping all over bat doo-doo on its way to political suicide with the Vet Vote. It just disgusting to me, the indifference they have towards the Arms Services...yet, this group of War Hawks are as crazy as their hopeful opponents are! When war arrives, it's time for the bandwagons to play a little freedom and patriotism...the tune of "we're all one nation" will resonate throughout the GOP! We're all one!...so? go fight!...you're not as 'Fortunate' as my Son!

It amazes me!...is it just plain simple stupidity inherited from their Tea relatives? Then, don't drink the Tea! Or is it true that the Grand Old Party is going through an extreme case of "Social Phobia"?

Their misogynous ways when speaking about women, their hate and fear of the Blacks, the poor, the disenfranchised...their fear of being touched and transforming themselves into one of them! Their fear of an Educated man! Latinos? speak Amercun!! It's their fear of losing their White control, when Hispanics become the national majority within 30something years! And Gays and same-sex Marriage? There's no need to wear garlic or shove a cross in their face when passing a Gay Person. Muslims and Jews? They're just not "Christian" enough for them! Enough said?

The indifference of not caring for someone who defended your right to live in this world, and by receiving wounds, or even by dying for you...indifferent about them, their families, their Children. All because their basic beliefs in life are different than yours!  What they should really be fearing, is their own demise...for acting exactly, the way they're acting right now. A little Education might help...but being anti-education? You just can't fix Stupid!

Senate Rejects Extending Veterans Benefits To Married Gay Couples And Their Kids

Jun 2, 2015

Mike Huckabee's Porky's Dream? or High School Perversion?

By RF Schatten

Wanting to take a peek or even a shower in the girls locker room is your everyday High School male's, Porky's dream...showering with the girls while in High School to examine "your feminine side", is just flat out Perversion!

Old Pastor Mike sure enjoys the 'dark side' of those Evangelical closets!...maybe he never got to see through the 'Peep-Hole'? Using the political fine art of Fear-mongering...this time, condescending towards Transgenders...it appears Mike Huckabee's role in the 2016 Freak Show is going to be as the official Social "Basher" among the clowns...because, he's so good at it!

Huckabee will never get elected to public office, again. His position is solely to mobilize the Christian Right...keep that fear and hate everlasting! A homophobic, a misogynist, and an all around sociopathic head case...bashing anything or anyone that's not Christian enough to his liking, and 'his' own set of Christian Moral Values...and I emphasize...his 'own' set!

The moral values of a man who wants to be 'your' President.
Child Molestation, Child Abuse, Sexual Abuse, Incest, and Pedophilia...that's alright with the Pastor!...but the Gays? Women? Immigrants? and Blacks? Condemn them all to hell!...but defend the rights of fine Christians like Josh Duggar, along with the 'honorable' Jim Bob and Michelle. It's just not Political hypocrisy...it's the immorality of a pervert!

The arrogance, the immorality, and the lack of decency of a man who will condemn the behavior of those whose crime is just being themselves. The immorality of a man whose personal friend and biggest supporter is a washed up one hit wonder and self-admitted pedophile! And the comportment of a man, in which "Religion" plays his major role in life... performing a sexually charged song, with his Pedophile pal!
Mike Huckabee...why does he hate everyone except Child Molesters and Pedophiles? Good question!

Mike Huckabee Fearmongers About Transgendered People, But Defends Child Molester Josh Duggar

Jun 1, 2015

Lindsey Graham in 2016...and his Lust for a War with Islam

By RF Schatten

If the Clown Car wasn't small enough?...another Bozo has entered the Great Clown Race! The Palmetto State's favorite son...and John McCain's ever-present little buddy...Lindsey Graham, is the '9th and Counting' to climb aboard the GOP's Good Ship of Fools and allow himself to be exposed, along with all the others, for who they really are.
The Case of Lindsey Olin Graham: His Pro-GOP agenda is entirely Pro-Military Industry and a full scale Middle East Intervention!...other than that; with huge issues like his Pro-Immigration stance and his 'Pro' position on Climate Change...the question is not on his chances of winning the Presidency, it's whether he can even get one of the GOP's Top 10 Golden Debate Tickets?

A GOP Foreign Policy expert, after a Military Career as a Colonel in the US Air Force's Judge Advocate General's Corp...and a true friend of the Military Industry, and the Pentagon. Like his pal, John...good old Lindsey has never seen a War he didn't like. As ex-military, it's in his blood...as a politico and a businessman, it's what is better for business, his friends, his connections, and especially his pocketbook. And as a Southern Christian, it's a way to exploit the minds of the ignorantly proud Right.

The United States needs to step up the fight against Islamist extremism abroad to prevent another 9/11? He wants an all out, full-scale ground and air war throughout the Middle East until Islam is no longer a threat in the minds of every Christian on this earth..a continuous war chasing terrorism around the world till ISIS disappears! As if 10+ years, at a cost in the $Trillions$, and Thousands of GIs dead or wounded, isn't enough? the disappearance of one set of 'Terrorists'...and the arrival of another is not enough?
Send in 'fresh' new troops! fresh young men to die for the Military Industrial Complex...young men, who 100 years from now will only be a statistic in a sad dark tale of American History. They're just statistical "Casualties of War" numbers in this Military Lawyer's conscience?

Imagine President Graham with his 'personal' Military and Foreign Policy adviser..."The Maverick", himself!...a War directed by an ex-flight jock infamous for his crash and burn flying style, till he was captured and saved the US Government a few Million $$$ in another Jet Fighter!

"Lindsey & The Maverick"...an interesting added attraction to the parade of Elephants, with absolutely no winning plan and no winning odds!

Lindsey Graham enters Republican race for the White House