Jun 8, 2015

Eugenics & Demographic Engineering: Ann Coulter's love of Josef Mengele

 By RF Schatten

Those Tea Loving, raging Religious Morons who believe in the Oxymoron that Liberals are Fascists, just lost their case. Ann Coulter destroyed 'that' argument!...her belief and fondness for Eugenics is straight out of Fascist Nazi Germany's notebook, and the creepiness of their agenda in the quest of German Exceptionalism...The Master Race!

Eugenics is the movement to improve the Genetic features of Human populations through "Selective Breeding" and "Sterilization". Josef Mengele must be a personal superhero of "The Throat"...keeping overweight women, the physically disabled, and the visually impaired from entering this Country?...barred from America because of your appearance? And how about her embrace of the Eugenic Principle of killing the most vulnerable for intimidation purposes? That's creepy frickin Fascist!...not to mention, immoral! for a Christian woman...which she professes to be.

It's pure Conservative American Exceptionalism, cut and dried...with all its Arrogance! Eugenics have always played part of American Exceptionalism...the Superiority of a Class and its desire of Exclusivity and Perfection within their Race, and to Rule over all other Classes...a Ruling Class Society, while promoting America as the greatest Country, the greatest Freedom, and greatest Power on the face of this earth. The patriotic perception of that "Shining City on the Hill". That Exceptionalism which America covets, is known around the world as American Imperialism and its Ugly American buddy!

Demographic Engineering...the exclusion of people, first by appearance like weight control, disability, blindness...then Color, Gender, Age, Ideology, and Religious Preference.

Ann Coulter's vision of an America where Exclusivity reigns supreme, where White Anglo-Saxon blue eyes is the only perfection, and where all other lower classes bow for the gratitude of working for their Masters!

It's a whole new world out there! A much more liberal world that rejects Exceptionalism! and a Country where income disparity is at all-time high...where the Exclusive and the Exceptional controls more net income than 90% of the country combined! The only way a Ruling Class could ever take power in today's world, by an Arms takeover! and it's no secret of their Master Plan lead by the Brothers Koch.

But, like "Sparta"...as Hrafnkell Haraldsson writes in this article...a Nation where the theory of Demographic Engineering was first instituted in its search for a Perfect Society, ended in its extinction...so will today's American Exceptionalism that it's anything but Perfect.

And Ann Coulter, in all her self-proclaimed perfection of a Goddess for the Master Race...should be included in her list of imperfect undesirables: Anorexic looking women with protruding Adam's Apples!

Ann Coulter's Appalling Demographic Engineering