Jun 1, 2015

Lindsey Graham in 2016...and his Lust for a War with Islam

By RF Schatten

If the Clown Car wasn't small enough?...another Bozo has entered the Great Clown Race! The Palmetto State's favorite son...and John McCain's ever-present little buddy...Lindsey Graham, is the '9th and Counting' to climb aboard the GOP's Good Ship of Fools and allow himself to be exposed, along with all the others, for who they really are.
The Case of Lindsey Olin Graham: His Pro-GOP agenda is entirely Pro-Military Industry and a full scale Middle East Intervention!...other than that; with huge issues like his Pro-Immigration stance and his 'Pro' position on Climate Change...the question is not on his chances of winning the Presidency, it's whether he can even get one of the GOP's Top 10 Golden Debate Tickets?

A GOP Foreign Policy expert, after a Military Career as a Colonel in the US Air Force's Judge Advocate General's Corp...and a true friend of the Military Industry, and the Pentagon. Like his pal, John...good old Lindsey has never seen a War he didn't like. As ex-military, it's in his blood...as a politico and a businessman, it's what is better for business, his friends, his connections, and especially his pocketbook. And as a Southern Christian, it's a way to exploit the minds of the ignorantly proud Right.

The United States needs to step up the fight against Islamist extremism abroad to prevent another 9/11? He wants an all out, full-scale ground and air war throughout the Middle East until Islam is no longer a threat in the minds of every Christian on this earth..a continuous war chasing terrorism around the world till ISIS disappears! As if 10+ years, at a cost in the $Trillions$, and Thousands of GIs dead or wounded, isn't enough? the disappearance of one set of 'Terrorists'...and the arrival of another is not enough?
Send in 'fresh' new troops! fresh young men to die for the Military Industrial Complex...young men, who 100 years from now will only be a statistic in a sad dark tale of American History. They're just statistical "Casualties of War" numbers in this Military Lawyer's conscience?

Imagine President Graham with his 'personal' Military and Foreign Policy adviser..."The Maverick", himself!...a War directed by an ex-flight jock infamous for his crash and burn flying style, till he was captured and saved the US Government a few Million $$$ in another Jet Fighter!

"Lindsey & The Maverick"...an interesting added attraction to the parade of Elephants, with absolutely no winning plan and no winning odds!

Lindsey Graham enters Republican race for the White House