Jun 5, 2015

72% Of America is Pro Immigration...and the GOP's Illusion of massive Hispanic Support!

 By RF Schatten

72% of America!...even an idiot knows those odds when it comes to Immigration/Anti-Immigration questions.

When even the majority of Republicans favor Undocumented Immigrants staying in the United States...you know the Dumbos just lost another big issue. Pew Research's latest poll on the Immigration shows the current mood in the country is surely not turning on a rightward path. 80% of Democrats and 76% Independents favor allowing Immigrants to legally reside in the US...and 56% of Republicans agree!

Is the Republican Party just misunderstood? or is it their entire facade on the scare of the Illegal and their Great Berlin Wall across the Rio Grande...is just getting too old?

Their arrogance and immoral character, combined with their argument...which doesn't hold water...are fully responsible for Public Opinion to run away in droves from the GOP. When you demean, disrespect, and generally put down an entire ethnic group, you're gonna get some backlash!...with this? Big Backlash!
In the case of the Latino Vote, you need to understand the Hispanic and their Culture. Hispanics notoriously disagree between each of their own native cultures, Latinos are always at odds with each other from country to country...it's in their blood!  But, when the going gets tough and a Latino is politically degraded...expect all the Latin communities to unite in a common cause, because at the end..."somos todos Hermanos Latinos"! 

A dysfunctional political party where 2 US Senators running for President of the United States, happened to be of Cuban heritage...yet both, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz oppose the very same immigration, that allowed their parents to enter the United States. Being a Cuban-American and a Cuban-Canadian, and opposing the means many Cubans used to run away from persecution! Cubans are ashamed and embarrassed of who represents their Community, in this case Marco Rubio, who represents the Cuban Americans in the Sunshine State. Ted Cruz? The SW 8th Street crowd despises Raphael Sr's personal next coming of God!

Almost 3/4 of the Nation opposes the Republican view...so, what makes them believe they know more than the overwhelming majority of the country? And if the overwhelming majority in the United States is Pro-Immigration, who the hell are they to deny what America wants? Who the hell are they? They are your Republican Party!!...remember, they don't give a shit!!

72 Percent Of Americans Support Allowing Undocumented Immigrants To Stay in US