Jun 12, 2015

The John Birch Society...and why the GOP sold out. It's called $$$

By RF Schatten

You don't a need drugs to become a  Koch Addict...it's that inscrutable scent of $$$ that hooks that corruptible side of you!

For the John Birch Society, pushing that addiction to the easily corruptible is certainly not that hard of a task...a peek and a thought at all that $$$ it's simply immoral. But, never immoral enough for the natural immorality of the Grand Old Party as they sell themselves out...lock, stock, and barrel for that Koch Addiction!! The Republican Party is now bought and paid in full by the John Birch Society...call them the American Legislative Exchange Council, Citizens United, or Americans for Prosperity, because it all sounds so much more politically correct!...they're still the Koch Family's legacy and the continuation of the John Birch Society, any which way you look at it!!

Nullify the Clean Water Act! because, who the needs Clean Water??...at Koch Industries, 3 words are taboo..."Clean", "Water", and "Lawsuits"! Those words must bug the living hell out of the undisputed America's Kings of Pollution. Record Fines, record individual Lawsuits, record Class-Action Lawsuits, Wrongful Death Lawsuits...and record $ettlements, $ettlements, and more $ettlements!! And you ask why? why is the Brothers Koch's first and foremost agenda and order of business, the elimination of the Environmental Protection Agency?!?!

Do Republicans care about Clean Water?...as much as they care about Clean Air!...and as much as they care about their embarrassing public threat in behalf of their 'benefactors' to every single nation in the world participating in World Climate Change Initiatives; their attempt to sabotage all the world's plans! The one thing they do care? $Koch$ $$$!! The GOP vs the Earth's 9 Billion Inhabitants...ready for battle!

Push toxic waste and water to every community in America, because it's only poison!!...like Rosemount, Minnesota where "Koch Petroleum Group" dumped 1 fricken Million gallons of high-ammonia waste-water onto the ground and into the Mississippi River. How about "Koch Pipeline" and their 300 Oil Spills in Texas and 5 other States resulting in 3 Million gallons of Crude Oil leaking into Ponds, Lakes, Streams and Coastal Waters? How about the Fines, the settlement, and the horrors in Corpus Christi, Texas? Enid, Oklahoma? "The Koch Nitrogen Plant" in Enid and the release of highly toxic Anhydrous Ammonia into the community! How about the Koch Sterling butane pipeline in Lively, Texas?...the wrongful death of 2 teenagers due to an unseen Butane Cloud that exploded and burned. Concerned? Only how much $$$ they had to pay!

You can go on and on with more cases...but it all keeps leading to the same conclusion...Dave and Charlie don't give a shit whatsoever! about this Country's future! whether you breath fresh air or need a mask! whether you drink toxic water and poison yourself! Setting emission standards are contrary to Koch Industries' business model for America...and standards around the globe?? Threatening every Nation in the World of sabotaging climate control initiatives? just because they get a super rush watching people suffer! while hoarding $$$ and exploiting everyone in their path to a total Plutocracy...pushing Koch Addiction can buy them a Political Party!...but can it buy them the Presidency and the US Government?

The biggest Moral Issue of our time...the survival of the human race! And an immoral Republican Congress trying to keep the rest of humanity from reaching their goals...all for the greed of that Koch $$$  and the Chemical Industry stalwarts like Monsanto and DuPont. That's your beautiful Republican Party of Values and Religious Morality, for ya!...sold to the highest bidder, manipulated, exploited, and now fully controlled by the John Birch Society.
Seasoned pros like the GOP leadership doing their bidding...while the Tea loving horde stirs the horseshit and more trouble. The Tea serve the same purpose as the Sturmabteilung did before the Third Reich...and the Birchers will dispose of them if they take 2016, just as fast as the Third Reich abandoned their fanatic minions, after their takeover! 

Can the Republicans ever take back their Party from the grip of Charles and David Koch and the John Birch Society's agenda and values? and how about the future of the Grand Old Party? No! not as long as that 'Koch Addiction' remains their fix!

Koch-Republicans In Senate Vote To Nullify the Clean Water Act