Jul 31, 2016

2016 Elections: America's 1st Battle of the Sexes

By RF Schatten

October 5th, 1789...they were only 7,000 women, then...but no one was about to stop them! "The Women's March on Versailles" just shows what a group of frustrated, angry, and hostile women can accomplish when push comes to shove. At that time, it was the chronic shortage of Bread, the high price, and the hunger that ran throughout a Nation where income inequality heavily favored the French Aristocracy.

Let them eat Cake! Like Louis and Marie, Donald Trump doesn't give a rat's ass about a populace that's not financially as fortunate as he 'claims' himself to be. His 4 days of Trump Informercials was not about what his Policies are going to be, or what he's going to accomplish as President for the "good" of the People...there are no viable Policies for the GOP to run with, besides, he's already stated that he doesn't need Policies to run a Country!...it was a Coronation of a Rich Fascist thin-skinned narcissistic Demagogue, a man whose only constant in life is to walk, talk, brag, and show off how wealthy he is!

There's an astonishing situation that involves this 2016 General Elections. You have a man...actually 2 men. In Donald Trump, you have a wife abuser who gets away with murder every time because when $$$ speaks...good rich expensive lawyers answer the call! Well, at least The Donald can now rape all his wives, cause "there's no such thing as Marital Rape".  He's a Sociopath, a Misogynist, and a Gynephobe. A sexist extraordinaire, who openly treats women with foul language and complete utter disrespect...a good old fashioned Male Chauvinist Pig!

On the bottom end of the ticket, you have Mike "Boycott Indiana" Pence, a big anti-abortion champ...the very first words out of his mouth? “I long for the day that Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history".
Yes! Yes! Yes! the perfect partner in crime for Le Grande Orange...this Platinum Blonde gentleman blends in well with the Trumpster's YellowOrange combover...he wants the 'state' to have the right to control a woman's body...I guess it'll be a "crime" for a woman to make her own human rights decision, and in Texas, you cannot even 'legally' have a "Critical Thought" on the subject at hand. I guess it's back to those old coat hangers, again!!

And it's not just Women in Mike Pence's creepy mind...he's a fervent Religious zealot on the issue of the LBGTQ Community...as for Mike Pence, a raging homophobe, they should not even exist in his little close-minded world. Why is Gov. Mike Pence really running for VP? getting your butt kicked in the Polls for re-election in Indiana makes running for VP, an excellent choice.

Crossing paths in this year's elections is the 1st Woman ever nominated for the Presidency by a major Political Party in US History. Someone, who in the midst of these elections, ends up facing a rabid Sociopath and bully who prefers to turn this election into a truly Male-Female confrontational spectacle. The 1st true Political Battle of the Sexes. The fact? the core of his support comes from Socially Conservative White Males and White Supremacists who believe a woman's 'place' is in the home, to cook and serve her Master.
The Trump/Pence Ticket is running under the most Anti-Feminist, Anti-Human Rights, and Extremist campaign platform in American Political History, just remember that!

Are women taking Trump's Follies, lightly? You're right, they're not...the GOP's War on Women continues...and Women are coming together, both Republican and Democrats, standing together side by side in a very Bi-Partisan effort, all for Women's Equality!
Never have we seen women from every Race, Color, Creed, and Political affiliation, unite under one single cause. This is an election where the GOP's favorite topic, the Economy, has been pretty much pushed aside in favor of an all-out slugfest of assorted hateful political rhetoric.

And women? Polls show Trump has been losing the women Vote from the very start...listening to his "Believe Me" horseshit, viewing the lack of Civility, Manners, and his total lack of Respect for women that comes out of this foul-mouthed degenerate character, and seeing the visions of both Trump & Pence...Conservative and Moderate Women are running away from the Grand Old Party as quick as you can say "Plagiarism"!

A Group of 50 Republican Women Activists, are joining Democratic Women Activists in a coalition to stop Donald Trump...forming a network to recruit more women...both Dems and Republicans, and mobilize their Communities to go out and get the votes...and Vote against Donald Trump.
A bi-partisan Women's Movement, not just to elect the 1st Woman President in US History...but to stop someone with a relatively poor education, a little man who attended the best schools daddy can pay for, but the schooling never ever got to him...a totally unqualified human being, and a certifiable business loser with a long public list of failures, from becoming our next American President. In Trump's case, cause his love for Fascism...our 1st American Führer.

If there's one single demographic in today's American Society that will show who wins this November, is the Women Vote...will the GOP's most draconian platform in History, sustain after 2016? Will a little civility take place during and/or after the elections are over? In the "October March", women picked up Pitchforks and Canons, and it can pretty well be said; it was the Women of France who 1st came forth to fight for their own rights and liberties...yup! no more cake after that Revolution!

The Trumpster should know better, after cheating on wife #1 with future wife #2, and then, doing it again! with wife #3!...he should know better! How macho is Donald Trump when facing thousands angry women face to face? 227 years ago in France, Women stood up for their rights and won! Today? at least they're coming out without the Pitchforks!

Trump Is So Afraid Of Hillary Clinton That He Is Making Up Reasons Not To Debate Her

Jul 27, 2016

Trump: The Inherent Soul of a Con-Artist

 By RF Schatten

“The idea that business exists simply to maximize profit and not use its power to be helpful in society is really destructive” ~~~ Jerry Greenfield

Will the United States be willing to elect a person who's a certifiable fraud? A man who openly lies...a born liar...and a man blackballed by every major American Bank in the United States, cause his long-standing history of never ever paying back his loans! His need to deal with Foreign Banks? simply cause no one in the United States is willing to lend him another red cent!

And this character wants to do the same with this Country as he has done for himself? I guess he means, destroying this Nation's economy first, and 'then' make it great again! Or more likely; make Donald Trump Great Again!...pay off all his debts with Taxpayers' Cash, and funnel all the money in Government contracts through Trump companies, like he funneled the GOP's coffers having all his expenses paid by the GOP directly to his different Trump Companies. Years ago, Trump said; he could become the 1st person to make a profit while running for Office!...again, it's not about the "Office" or about the "People"...for The Donald, it's all about the "Money"!

Donald Trump talks tough enough...but he's truly just a little pussy! a delicate flower, as Mark Sumner said. A coward of a human being who never owns up to his reckless prose. The man with the lowest IQ of any former President or Candidate on either Party, in American History!...this clown wants America's trust in making him President, yet doesn't trust Americans enough to see his Tax Portfolio!

People with great business acumen and a great deal of "real money" don't need to brag about their accomplishments!...when a man continuously boasts how much Money he has, and how great a businessman he is....you know he's a total, complete phony! A faker! as Ruth Bader Ginsberg astutely called Donald Trump. A true habitual liar and a fraudulent human being, who only cares how much he can make off other people...there is a reason why he said; "I love poorly educated or uneducated People"!!

How great is Donald Trump as a businessman? Let us forget all the Bankruptcies, 4,000+ Lawsuits, all his Business Failures throughout his life, and all the Fraud and Scam cases currently in Court. Donald Trump is running for President on his acumen for "Business", reminding everyone how much he's made...and his illusions of grandeur...showing off his riches. You too, can be like Donald Trump! Part of his demagoguery? "I can make this country rich and prosperous just like I did for myself". 

How much does the Trumpster really have? On "Paper" he's the richest man in the Universe...but his tangible assets says otherwise. A History of bad investments and never paying back his loans has made Donald Trump look elsewhere for Money. He owes Millions to the Russian "Oligarchy" -aka- "Russian Mob", and it appears that he's made a deal with Putin regarding his bad debt.
And how about Germany if he becomes President? and Deutch Bank?...he owes them a serious $350+ Million Dollars in loans...like the Trumpster in America, get the Money and run, and don't pay anybody back!

Donald Trump is running for President on his "proven" business record. So why would someone vote for a businessman who has failed in every venture he's ever undertaken, and owes enough Money in the United States and to the rest of the world, to pay off a sizable chunk of our National Debt! so why vote Donald, President?
Why? As long as he can instill that Fear, Hate, Bigotry, and Racism on the American populace, and never take responsibility for any of his actions....his flock of followers will follow him anywhere, even towards Armageddon!...he does love the Uneducated!

Donald Trump Will Not Release His Taxes | Alternet

Jul 22, 2016

2016 GOP Convention: 4 Days of Trump Infomercials

By RF Schatten

Expected this year's RNC gathering of clowns to be beyond expectation?...well, it sure was!...way beyond my own, and everyone else expectations. How far could a once proud & dignified Conservative Political Party, lower the standards of that 'political bar'?

Today's GOP version outdid themselves, right into the pits of hell, into the depths of Rudeness, Impoliteness, and Indecorum. Historically Rude, Historically Impolite, and the most Indecorous organized political event ever, in a civilized American Society!...decorum? This is a group of Sociopaths, Racists, Bigots of all Kinds...and Extremely Lily White!...all up for a good old fashioned Lynching! A convention, run by the foolish, for the inane!...BTW, has anyone seen the Trumpster's "very own" African American at the Quicken Loans Arena?

This year's...the 2016 Clown Show -aka- RNC National Convention...turned into an all out, Freak Show! A little bit for everybody! from a Rock Star's entrance to the Coronation of Heir Führer, Donald Drumpf! All Trump needed was the Tiara and the Sash!...it would've gone great with his spray tan and comb-over! It was a Convention, not so much about the Republican Party, but a 4 day Infomercial on the greatness, the goodness, the all-knowing, all-seeing...the greatest mind ever to exist on this earth, custom made by God himself!...and you know that, cause The Donald said so! Doesn't matter how many times this pathological liar is caught red handed...who cares? ha! ha!...it's just The Donald!

Lie over and over, till people forget where and how the Lie originated...and people will tend to believe it, as the Truth!...it's one of the principle techniques of Propaganda, "The Big Lie". The IQ's of his true loyal following are mesmerized by this Sociopath's horseshit. Who cares what he does? it's Donald, he knows more than we do!!
Enter, stage Right: Overheard 2 ladies at Walmart; "I'm voting for Trump cause he's a tremendously gifted and successful businessman. Hey! he said so, honey! it got to be true"?!?!..."and he'll know how to build our terrible economy back up"! Are we seriously at the dawn of "Idiocracy"??

There were enough Fireworks for the excitement of the crowd...but not necessarily Kate Smith's God Bless America and the Red, White, & Blue type!...it started with "Never Trump" opposition delegates in a Rules Committee rebellion demanding a Roll Call. When turned down by the RNC, amidst the boos and Bronx cheers the Iowa and Colorado Delegations walked off the Floor...with the Colorado Delegation walking out at exactly 4:20pm!...I kid you not!
Then you had Ted Cruz on Stage and on Prime Time, presumably to give an open Endorsement of Le Grande Orange...instead, he sort of created his own rendition of "Et Tu Brute"! His message to Republicans? Vote your conscience! Why? “I am not in the habit of supporting someone who attacks my wife and attacks my father.”...like him or hate him, at least Ted Cruz has the 'cojones' to stand up to Trump!...something that Chris Christie lost long ago. It's hard for the 410lbs Christie to keep bending down for The Donald...but, for a good position in his Administration he'll continue to bend down as much and as low, as Donald wants.

The Speakers? From Melania Trump, with her tough understanding the English Language, giving an extremely eloquent oratory...very eloquently plagiarized from Michelle Obama's 2008 Convention Speech...to Donald Jr. plagiarizing a sentence or two the following Night. Oh! got permission to use it from the original author?  Never crediting the man, and allowing people to believe this young man wrote them, is still plagiarizing and defrauding the public!

From the President of the US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, who spoke on-stage and for the 1st time in its history are Endorsing a Candidate...Hillary Rodham Clinton, of all people! From Scott "Chachi" Baio and Antonio Sabato Jr....Trump's A list of Hollywood Superstars, who spoke about the need for a Megalomaniac Sociopath to become Leader of the Free World, to Christie becoming a one man Judge, Jury, and Executioner...prosecuting Hillary! And Rudy Giuliani is not far behind...appearing to have an out of body experience, and spewing vengeful hatred in every sentence of his speech directed at the Clintons, and anybody else who opposed his "Drag Smooching" buddy...Dems or GOP. Or is it all, just the deliberate baiting of an audience to the chants reserved for lynch mobs?!?!

A lot of Hillary Clinton baiting! over and over, just enough for the Public to hear and keep the attention away from 4 Days of absolutely no constructive and realistic Platform or Policies, while going into this Fall's Elections. It's going to be Attack Hillary! Attack Hillary!...and stonewall your way out of any questions dealing with specific Policies or Party Platforms. He doesn't need Policies to run a Country...at least that's what he says!
But make no mistake, this was not your conventional Republican Convention, but a spotlight for a Self-adulating and narcissistic 69-year-old fart, and a dysfunctional rich Stepford family who speak about the 'rough times' having to grow up with money...oh! poor babies!...while becoming the carbon copy of their old man! Plagiarizing or Lie their way through life...like The Donald! Ivanka even used this 4 Day Infomercial and her speech...to plug her clothing line!...how Trump!

The Trump/Pence ticket became the most Right Wing White Supremacist ticket in modern American History...in any Political Party!...with the Public backing of the KKK and the American Neo-Nazis. And it's become the biggest migraine the Republican Party has ever had to face since Booth shot Lincoln! Especially now, with Trump's talks on dumping NATO in favor of Russia and Vlad...along with his record-breaking 1 hour and 15-minute rambling diatribe of Fear and Hate. Almost unanimously criticized as the Worst Acceptance Speech ever given by anyone in US History!
The Bush Family and scores of Republican elected officials and dignitaries skipped the fiasco...Ohio Governor John Kasich skipped the farce of Cleveland and went (politically) "fishing". It's not been the Best of Times for Republicans or FoxNews this week...oh! PS: So long Roger!

You know it's gotten pretty bad and sad for the Grand Old Party, when you start missing the Words and Wisdom of George Dubya!...and of Eastwood's Empty Chair!

3 Reasons Why Donald Trump Just Gave The Worst Acceptance Speech In History

Jul 17, 2016

Trump & Pence: Escalating Fear, Hate, and Sexism

 By RF Schatten

“I long for the day that Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history when we move past the broken hearts and the broken lives of the past 38 years.” ~~ Mike Pence

If you have a choice of picking the most batshit obsessed RightWing Candidate in modern Political History...Mike Pence is your man!
His credentials? RightWing Nut Jobs will love him! Christian Fundamentalists will adore him!
1) Strict Anti-Abortion (even if the Mother's Life is at risk}
2) Anti-LGBT
3) Anti-Birthright Citizenship
4) Pro-Tobacco, Anti-Regulations via Lobby & Industry
5) Opposes Auto Industry Bail-Outs
6) Supports an all out Military return to Baghdad
7) Against Patient Protection Act
8) Anti-Medicare Part D (Medicare Prescription Drugs)
9) Anti-Obamacare
10) Anti-Immigration / Anti-Dream Act
11) Anti-Medicare, Welfare, and Social Security entitlements
12) TAX Cuts for the 1% and trickle the rest of the cost to the American Worker
13) Anti-Public Education favoring the Koch Brothers' own Education plan
14) Anti-Labor Unions
15) Climate Denier & Anti-EPA . Anti-Clean Air & Pro-Pollution

Do we need to go through each and every one of these? Or let's just hit the highlight reel! Pence calls himself 'Rush Limbaugh on Decaf' for being not as outspoken as Rush...but naturally, believes in Rush's most careful thoughts and ideas....'that', tells you something about this latest GOPClown. A clown who would look you straight into your eyes and say; "Smoking Doesn't Kill"!! Naturally, the Tobacco Industry and their lobby, agree wholeheartedly with Mike.
He's in favor of abolishing the Public School System and in favor of replacing it with the Koch's master plan on educating Americans. He's Anti-Immigration, Against the Dream Act like a good Republican, he's anti-labor unions and pro-management.
And Health Care? He wants to repeal Obamacare, privatize Medicare and privatize Social Security, just like that so-called the GOP-inspired fabulous Private Prison System...and for those less fortunate? eliminate the Welfare System and let them it cake! Just like his thoughts about the LGBT Community! or has everyone forgot why Boycott Indiana matters and his Religious Freedom horseshit is just that!?!?
And, as a Sexist? He's The Trumpster's perfect partner in crime! Defunding Planned Parenthood and believing the "State" has a moral obligation to legally have control of a Woman's own  body!...the perfect horrific schmuck to help Trump with his fear, hatred, and dominance over Women.

Then comes Foreign Policies...and the differences between Trump and Pence. Why does Trump want to declare war, yet doesn't want to go into the Middle East?...notably back to Iraq, while Pence wanted to jump back into Baghdad yesterday? Sometimes, you Vote for something that you might regret later on...not just Hillary, but so many have...even before the Middle East, during Vietnam, during certain actions in Korea, so many more times. It's natural to regret and know you made a mistake...but, Mike Pence never had a regret going back into Iraq...and it's his greatest Wet Dream, to return!

Trump’s “America First” rhetoric...Translated to the lower 1% of the Intelligence Quotient scale, his supporters, as old fashioned "Red, White, and Blue Patriotism", We're #1! USA! USA! America has to be #1 no matter what!...#1 in the US of A, and #1 away all around the world! Ahhyup! back to the days of using your imperialistic power to move around the world! that Ugly American Syndrome and Gunboat Diplomacy, are revisited!
Translated to the upper 1% of our Society, as "American Exceptionalism". If we're not hated around the world, what can the Republicans say or do?!?! Trump is your perfect Stooge to have around with his tiny little thumb just a silly millimeter away from the Red Button!

Trump & Pence...the real Politico of this comedy act...want a full "Congressional Declaration of War" against ISIS! Brain-fart #1...attack ISIS where? Since ISIS is an organization, not a Country, are we going to seek permission, go in, and proceed to destroy a Nation in search of ISIS? or if they say no...like the Mexicans not paying for a wall, built on the opposite side of their border...are we just going to intervene anyhow? American Exceptionalism and Gunboat Diplomacy in today's modern world is not only, just not acceptable, not one country is going to put up with that American crock of caca anymore!...the world, even with all its problems, are more advanced and sophisticated in their own civilizations since those last vestiges of the American Fruit Company, and will not allow such an American Excursion to occur, period. 

Now, we have a Republican Party in Chaos...defending the most Far Right Conservative Platform ever, from building a physical wall around the country and isolating ourselves from the world, to keeping 1.9 Billion people from entering America...to unconstitutional and indecent Gay Conversions, and to a Total Thermonuclear War, just to find an organization?...regardless how many die in the process, in that country. Remember, to Trump & Pence...it's about making America Great, Again....but after they first destroy it!
Want to Vote for Trump/Pence? Remember, a brain fart away, they're just a silly millimeter from that Red Button!

Top GOP Operative: Mike Pence Once Thought Trump Was 'Unacceptable.' Now He's The VP Pick.

Jul 10, 2016

Roger Ailes: The Worst of Times for the GOP & Fox

 By RF Schatten

"The First and only Principle of Sexual Ethics: the Accuser is always in the wrong" ~~ Theodor Adorno

Anita Hill learned 'that' principle very well with her accusations of a not so honorable Justice Clarence Thomas...how could you accuse such an "Honorable" person?
Unless you're a bonafide "Saint" or a truly saintly human being...no one is that 'Honorable' in their own personal lives!...sometimes you have to work that gray area of the Law, just to survive in today's Capitalist "System". You do what you have to do to feed your family, but you're still considered sort of an honorable person! But, when you use the power, the influence, and particularly the advantages of your "Position" in today's System, for your personal gains?...there's absolutely nothing Honorable for you to claim.

Speaking of the Honorable and Dishonorable; Roger Eugene Ailes, Chairman, and CEO of Fox News, recently got slapped with a stinging Sexual Harassment Lawsuit by former Fox & Friends Co-host Gretchen Carlson! Lawsuit charge? "Severe and Pervasive” Sexual Harassment at Work.
Ahhyup! Roger the Dodger is a full blown sexist!...and why does Donald Trump and Roger Aisles don't see eye to eye? They're too much the same, too much alike...two creepy degenerate hypocrites and egocentric sexists! They could never trust each other!

Is Roger an honorable person? At least, he doesn't lie about his Politics!...nobody questions Roger Ailes' Republican Conservatism and FOXNews being the GOP's Mouthpiece, and especially a very well polished Propaganda Machine for the Republican Party...'that', along with NewsCorp's continued history of being among the more notable Money Donors to the GOP!!

Ahh! those Republican "Family Values"!...for years, along with the Economy has been the Cornerstone of the Grand Old Party! Now, whatever is left, is being flushed right down the Republicans' Port-A-Potty. More than just a few people, believe Roger Aisles 'owns' today's GOP and controls their agenda...and now? Forget the GOP's Sinking Ship...as everyone says; it's become a Dumpster Fire! And it appears, that Ailes...like Trump...is dousing more fuel into that Dumpster!

Sexual Harassment at the workplace is about Power, and the power over subordinates ...exploiting those most vulnerable...those who financially cannot afford to resign!
Roger believes as "The Boss", he has all the right to "ogle" Gretchen's derriere whenever it suits his fancy. Gretchen declined, not just because she's got much higher morals and values than Roger...but probably figured out getting in the sack with that 76-year-old repulsive fat bastard is just not worth it!?!?

Legs, Legs, and more Legs...that's what an Ailes production is all about!...Stepford-like Females, preferably blonde, all with that same white shiny smile...and Legs! Legs! Legs! And if he can get a good sneak peek at their derrieres? the more the better for this salivating, horny old Codger!
Is he Guilty or Innocent? Past history and indications about females suggest a lecherous old man who, if he doesn't get what he wants, specifically hopping into the sack with whoever the Boss chooses, you either get demoted, you get a decrease in Pay, receive less Airtime, or you find a reason to leave...in Carlson's case she resigned when her contract was not renewed...after 11 years of continued sexist remarks and innuendos, both "On the Air" and backstage by her two colleagues, Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade (who seriously, is very open about it and proudly calls himself a Sexist)! The last time was the final straw for this lady.

The future of FoxNews? the 2nd Generation of Murdochs, Lackland & James, are taking an active participation with the company and are having their own internal investigation on the whole issue. Rumors about Aisle's future? and the changing Mores at FoxNews? they are all real!...their values? becoming a little more Politically Correct...and try to appeal to a broader spectrum of audiences! just like the Republicans are going to have to do after these elections are over...if, a Republican Party still even exists after this November!

It's Bad News for Fox! and more Bad News for the GOP! FoxNews is in the most precarious position ever!!...simultaneously defending both, the GOP and Trump's sexist talking points plus his less talked about rape history, while the man who represents Conservative America's Holy News Bible ...the CEO of FoxNews, himself! their Boss! is publicly facing a Sexual Harassment Lawsuit, in a year where the fateful GOP nominee is an egomaniacal gynephobe and sexist supreme, and the challenger happens to be the strongest Pro-Women Rights candidate...from either Party!...ever in US History!!

 For Fox News' Ailes, a huge challenge

Jul 4, 2016

The GOP's Inconvenient Truth on Fascism

 By RF Schatten

"The United States is 'a kindler and gentler
 nation' because of former President George H.W. Bush" ~~ President Barack Obama

3 Years ago this month at a White House luncheon, President Barack Obama honored former President George HW Bush and his non-profit "Points of Light Foundation", founded in 1990 to promote Volunteerism, and his contributions to the field of Community Service...and also award the 5,000th "Daily Point of Light Award".

We're not a kindler and gentler Nation anymore! And today's GOP certainly is not HW's Republican Party anymore either!...let's just say; it's just not his cup of 'Tea'.

A Republican Party that supports Fascism more and more as the days go by. A Political Party that supports Anti-Semitism, the exportation of millions of Latinos, the exclusion of an entire Religion...1.9 Billion inhabitants...and the constant neighborhood spy watch for those Muslim residing in this Country.  That was even suggested by Heir Drumpf himself! "Citizen's will be obligated to report all the activities of their neighbors...and it will be considered a serious crime if they don't follow the law"! For those who think we're already in Gestapo type Nation? Watch what the true Gestapo, truly is!!

All a mistake about the Star of David? or just an inconvenient truth when Heir Drumpf royally screwed up?? Was it meant to be a "Sheriff Badge"? Maybe it was Sheriff Joe's Badge?...Arpaio is both a Sheriff and Fascist pig, so it could've been just a big misunderstanding?

Remember, The Donald 'Loves' Jews! Just like he Loves Mexicans! and how he Loves Blacks! how he Loves Muslims! how he Loves Labor Unions! and especially!...an egocentric abusive 3x married philanderer, a spray-tanned "Prince Pretty" who believes he's God's gift to the female species. You know his line...I'm a woman's man! I Love Women!!

Donald Trump will never admit his failures, always passing the buck on others...blame the other guy! cause it can't be his fault?...he's perfect! His horseshit perception of a Jewish Religious Symbol being confused for a yee pee kai yay Sheriff Badge is exactly that...horseshit! Yet, when taking credit for something, he'll increase the figures and the value of importance of whatever it is, so he can brag...or more likely, bullshit...about his successes! I'm the smartest businessman in the world!...and with the greatest memory in the universe!

So, Donald!...with all your explanations about the characteristics of a Sheriff's Badge and a Star of David, the facts you described were just a coincidence, and your sudden admiration and respect of the Jewish faith...you're so smart! so, how come no one believes you?!?!?
The fact that Trump has picked up over 75 memes that he's used on his opponents...including some really awful stuff on Jeb Bush...over 75 memes! from the "Daily Stormer", an American Neo-Nazi and White Supremacist News and Opinions website. Their Publisher, Andrew Anglin...who used to own "Total Fascism" before it was shut down...was the 1st well known White Supremacist to publicly Endorse Donald Trump with the headline:  "Heil Donald Trump...The Ultimate Savior"!

75 memes exchanged from one piece of human excrement to another...just 75 memes? With a new found ally...mutually thoughtful correspondence would naturally, also follow. And Drumpf was totally clueless on the so-called perception and mistaken identity of a Star? Sure, Don!
When the American Neo-Nazis are openly and publicly making Trump Robocalls, and organized doing door to door politicking...and the Ku Klux Klan joining in, too? Drumpf has his cheap hardcore free labor covered, and why he says he doesn't need the GOP's money! Wrong perceptions and mistaken identity, my ass!

This 2016 Election can't be any more Black and White! America is in the midst of turbulent Cultural Racism...not just Races against Races, but Religions against Religions, and Ideologies against Ideologies. And people are truly taking ultra-radical directions...whether towards the Right or towards the Left.

Using a little common sense, and seeing we're passing the point of no return to where Donald Trump's Republican Party is now headed...is not a hard choice at all who to vote for. You can see those gentler and quieter Republican Days of Reagan and HW are all but a distant memory of what was once the Grand Old Party. And why the Bush Family, other notable Dignitaries, and a slew of Republican Women are all staying far away from Cleveland, OH! and Voting Democratic...even John Kasich, the Governor of Ohio left a good political message: "Gone Fishing"!

Ahhyup! When Fascism comes to America it will be wrapped in a Flag and carrying a Cross, but also Heir Drumpf's Bible...in this case, a Trump University Bible, from Trump Catalogs cause "I Love Everyone!...and now, for only $19.95!

Trump Claims Star Of David Picture Isn't Anti-Semitic

Jul 2, 2016

Anti-Semitism: Trump's or GOP's Values?

 By RF Schatten

"I think all Nazis didn't see themselves as bad people. I've never met a Racist yet who thought he was a Racist....or an anti-Semite who thought they were anti-Semitic" ~~~ Norman Jewison

An apology to the Jewish community from The Donald? don't expect one unless he is forced...like forced to pick a side on the Abortion Issue! The one thing Donald Trump hates to do the most in his life is taking Public Stances on things that might fire right back on his spray-tanned puss!

Will a degenerate hypocrite have any compassion, empathy, and/or understanding with what the meaning of the "Star of David" on the left side of a suit, symbolizes to a Jewish man or women? Being the degenerate that he obviously is, he 'will' apologize to the Jewish Community...if he's seriously confronted and challenged by the Party...and in a personal, very risky position if he doesn't!

A degenerate is a degenerate...and this degenerate is not really ever going to change his stripes. With the Jews? he may appear "politically" remorseful, but his only remorse is being there and appearing remorseful! Apologizing for being truly anti-Semitic? Nope! Apologizing that he didn't know the meaning of his Photoshopped meme? Nope!...or apologizing because he's the "Most Honorable Person" in the world, which he claims to be to everyone just before he screws them, while sadly telling them with tears running down his sprayed on make-up, how sorry he "really" is? Nope! How about just becoming a man!...that "Honorable Person" he BS's the world he is, and just says; "Sorry, I made a bad mistake"? that's all.

Donald Trump is not an apologetic human being and will never be. Using his pathological lies over and over is not going to convince too many new people, he's your next Fuhrer!...only his batshit following cares about him. To them, if he's more Fascist and Racist? the more the better! White Supremacy for America!...only Neo-Nazi Skinheads, KKK, and anyone who viciously hates anyone else need apply.

As the Trump Train keeps merrily rolling along, chalk up another demographics now solidly against Le Grande Orange...he lost long ago, the Latino and the Muslim Vote, he's never won or will ever win the Women Vote, the Black Vote is non-existent, he lost the Senior Citizens, the Youth, and the Asians, and half of the Republican Party, and now the Jewish Vote?!?!
But, you don't have to worry about this poor man...Trump still has all the public support and assistance of the Racists and Hatemongers of America!...and with Ted Nugent's fine endorsement? Trump got all the Pedophile Vote locked up, too!!

The Trumpster may be a foolish idiot...but he's not completely, totally stupid...he knew exactly what he did! He knew exactly what it meant...and he knew exactly what he wanted it to mean by it. Yes! there's no doubt Trump is engaged in an anti-Semitic behavior, and his exercise in graphic art is a giant anti-Semitic Statement!

Bibi Netanyahu must be wondering how and why is he supporting an anti-Semite?...Beware of the Company You Keep, Bibi! And America? We created this greedy little piece of shit...and on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, America can give him a proper Au Revoir!..."You're Fired"!!

Trump Attaches A Star Of David To Hillary Clinton In Repulsive Anti-Semitic Tweet