Jul 17, 2016

Trump & Pence: Escalating Fear, Hate, and Sexism

 By RF Schatten

“I long for the day that Roe v. Wade is sent to the ash heap of history when we move past the broken hearts and the broken lives of the past 38 years.” ~~ Mike Pence

If you have a choice of picking the most batshit obsessed RightWing Candidate in modern Political History...Mike Pence is your man!
His credentials? RightWing Nut Jobs will love him! Christian Fundamentalists will adore him!
1) Strict Anti-Abortion (even if the Mother's Life is at risk}
2) Anti-LGBT
3) Anti-Birthright Citizenship
4) Pro-Tobacco, Anti-Regulations via Lobby & Industry
5) Opposes Auto Industry Bail-Outs
6) Supports an all out Military return to Baghdad
7) Against Patient Protection Act
8) Anti-Medicare Part D (Medicare Prescription Drugs)
9) Anti-Obamacare
10) Anti-Immigration / Anti-Dream Act
11) Anti-Medicare, Welfare, and Social Security entitlements
12) TAX Cuts for the 1% and trickle the rest of the cost to the American Worker
13) Anti-Public Education favoring the Koch Brothers' own Education plan
14) Anti-Labor Unions
15) Climate Denier & Anti-EPA . Anti-Clean Air & Pro-Pollution

Do we need to go through each and every one of these? Or let's just hit the highlight reel! Pence calls himself 'Rush Limbaugh on Decaf' for being not as outspoken as Rush...but naturally, believes in Rush's most careful thoughts and ideas....'that', tells you something about this latest GOPClown. A clown who would look you straight into your eyes and say; "Smoking Doesn't Kill"!! Naturally, the Tobacco Industry and their lobby, agree wholeheartedly with Mike.
He's in favor of abolishing the Public School System and in favor of replacing it with the Koch's master plan on educating Americans. He's Anti-Immigration, Against the Dream Act like a good Republican, he's anti-labor unions and pro-management.
And Health Care? He wants to repeal Obamacare, privatize Medicare and privatize Social Security, just like that so-called the GOP-inspired fabulous Private Prison System...and for those less fortunate? eliminate the Welfare System and let them it cake! Just like his thoughts about the LGBT Community! or has everyone forgot why Boycott Indiana matters and his Religious Freedom horseshit is just that!?!?
And, as a Sexist? He's The Trumpster's perfect partner in crime! Defunding Planned Parenthood and believing the "State" has a moral obligation to legally have control of a Woman's own  body!...the perfect horrific schmuck to help Trump with his fear, hatred, and dominance over Women.

Then comes Foreign Policies...and the differences between Trump and Pence. Why does Trump want to declare war, yet doesn't want to go into the Middle East?...notably back to Iraq, while Pence wanted to jump back into Baghdad yesterday? Sometimes, you Vote for something that you might regret later on...not just Hillary, but so many have...even before the Middle East, during Vietnam, during certain actions in Korea, so many more times. It's natural to regret and know you made a mistake...but, Mike Pence never had a regret going back into Iraq...and it's his greatest Wet Dream, to return!

Trump’s “America First” rhetoric...Translated to the lower 1% of the Intelligence Quotient scale, his supporters, as old fashioned "Red, White, and Blue Patriotism", We're #1! USA! USA! America has to be #1 no matter what!...#1 in the US of A, and #1 away all around the world! Ahhyup! back to the days of using your imperialistic power to move around the world! that Ugly American Syndrome and Gunboat Diplomacy, are revisited!
Translated to the upper 1% of our Society, as "American Exceptionalism". If we're not hated around the world, what can the Republicans say or do?!?! Trump is your perfect Stooge to have around with his tiny little thumb just a silly millimeter away from the Red Button!

Trump & Pence...the real Politico of this comedy act...want a full "Congressional Declaration of War" against ISIS! Brain-fart #1...attack ISIS where? Since ISIS is an organization, not a Country, are we going to seek permission, go in, and proceed to destroy a Nation in search of ISIS? or if they say no...like the Mexicans not paying for a wall, built on the opposite side of their border...are we just going to intervene anyhow? American Exceptionalism and Gunboat Diplomacy in today's modern world is not only, just not acceptable, not one country is going to put up with that American crock of caca anymore!...the world, even with all its problems, are more advanced and sophisticated in their own civilizations since those last vestiges of the American Fruit Company, and will not allow such an American Excursion to occur, period. 

Now, we have a Republican Party in Chaos...defending the most Far Right Conservative Platform ever, from building a physical wall around the country and isolating ourselves from the world, to keeping 1.9 Billion people from entering America...to unconstitutional and indecent Gay Conversions, and to a Total Thermonuclear War, just to find an organization?...regardless how many die in the process, in that country. Remember, to Trump & Pence...it's about making America Great, Again....but after they first destroy it!
Want to Vote for Trump/Pence? Remember, a brain fart away, they're just a silly millimeter from that Red Button!

Top GOP Operative: Mike Pence Once Thought Trump Was 'Unacceptable.' Now He's The VP Pick.