Nov 28, 2015

Trump & the GOP...Descending into Fascism

By RF Schatten

The GOP's expected, and not too surprising descent to the pits of hell and their embrace of Fascism...cause? When they oppose every single solitary issue in which all of them are supported by the vast majority of the American Population...and you're Bread & Butter issue, Business and the Economy appears dead on arrival at Convention time; thanks to Forbes' "Best Economic President in Modern Times" Barack Obama!

And with absolutely no policies, no substance in any of their arguments, and a continually embarrassing Clown Show...the only audience left are the easily exploitable Bigots and Racists, the Evils of Fear, and all the Hatemongers in American Society!

Enter Fascism!...the GOP and FoxNews been busy at work, using all of Joe Goebbels' Propaganda ever since Obama became a thorn in Dumbo's ass!

When The Donald called for IDs on all Islamic and Islamic Americans and when suggestions on "Internment Camps" began to surface...where was the outcry from the Republican Party and Christian America?
When The Donald proposed a border to keep out Latinos from
entering, or when he declared that as President he would round them up
and kick millions of Hispanics out of the Land of the Free...where was
the outcry from Republicans and Christian America?
When Chris Christie and Trump suggested a National Database of all Muslim
Americans...where was the outcry from the Republican Party and Christian
When a 1000+ people have been shot, and close to 200 of
those incidents, being unarmed... where para-military Police Violence is
becoming a daily norm...Where is the outcry by the Republican Party and
Christan America?

When this case, anyone!...begins to spew outright Lies, Hatred, Fear, and Racism to an already exploited ignorant audience...and where they can obtain enough Fanatics that would form their own Paramilitary in support of "the cause"...where is that
outcry from the Republicans and their devout Christian base?

Just think: "When Fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in a Flag
and carrying a Cross"...Sinclair Lewis wasn't wrong! all!
And with a so called "Patriotic Red, White, and Blue" Political Party that for all sense and purpose has totally embraced the Extreme Right and National Socialist Fascism, along with their base of Sociophobic Evangelical Christians living in the caves of their minds...and the backing of the Plutocratic Industrialists.

Aahyup! all they need is a narcissistic politically incompetent amateur with a sordid imagination and visions of life, whose only gift is his ability to communicate to a
fanatical crowd, and make them go forth and appease this Fuhrer's soul.

In Boston, 2 men assaulted and literally beat the crap out of a Hispanic Homeless man with a metal pipe, then urinated on top of him. Why? As they told the Police after getting arrested: "It was OK to assault the man because he was Hispanic and homeless!...Donald Trump was right, all these illegals need to be deported.” Does it matter that this homeless man was an American Citizen down on his luck? No! he's Hispanic! hate and sheer ignorance doesn't teach you that! The sick hateful mentality of ignorance finding their true leader!...Sieg Heil, Mr. Trump!

It wasn't much of a coincidence that a fully armed civilian militia stood around during the Planned Parenthood crisis...just itching to play, and waiting only for a reason to use their weapons and shoot someone! Oh! that love for Violence and Guns in America!'s simply, irresistible!

Bernie Sanders calls the latest Planned Parenthood shootings a consequence of Republican
Political Rhetoric...if you hate Blacks, if you hate Hispanics, if you hate Women, especially if you hate Gays! the Grand Old Party is the Party for you! And don't stop there!...if you hate all Religions that don't agree with your own interpretations, hate them with a's the Republican way! And, if you are just simply an Xenophobe? You're not alone, the Republicans are the Party of Hate and Fear...all Racists are proudly welcomed! Vulgar and Disgusting Rhetoric is their recruitment for Hatemongers!

Living in perpetual self-denial that America overwhelmingly supports all their
policies...even if they don't exist...promoting lies, hate and fear. It's all they got left...they don't have a single intelligent answer to any of the ills in this country. And even less, the ills of the world...when at times like this, a little competence running a Nation should be he only criteria for electing...the "Leader of the Free World"!

To all Tea Drinking and Anti-Tea Drinking Conservative aficionados: You can re-write Bibles, History Books, whatever events in your own minds...but it won't sell! Want to take an issue and reverse the accusations? It only works with have to be really
stupid to watch live on TV what's happening, and say that didn't happen, when millions in this country and millions around the world say you're full of shit!
When turning the tragedy of kids being shot to the tragedy of Cops being ask, why are they getting shot? Maybe, probably because people will only take so much violence and injustice!...but, that's there job...and the hazards that go with it. They suppose to be there to Protect & Serve"! It's tragic, but that's their's even more tragic when a kid gets shot!'s definitely not their job!

We need Guns and we need to defend ourselves from Terrorists!?!?
Fact: In the last 10 years, 280,024 People were killed by Guns!...and 24 by Terrorists! You got a better chance surviving Terrorism than Gun and Police Violence in the United States! But how about surviving President Trump, his Minions, and his true love for Fascism?

Donald Trump's alarming skid toward outright fascism

Nov 25, 2015

Rubio & Rare Misconduct by Police: Like 1,031 Deaths by Rare Misconduct

 By RF Schatten

The US must not demonize Cops for a "Rare Misconduct"? Really, Mr. Rubio!! 1000+ Deaths in the last 2 years...over 700 in 2015! not "Rare Misconduct", and it's not a rare isolated instance!

A 1,000+ acts of Rare Misconducts doesn't change the fact, there 'is' systematic police violence acted upon the public by a sector of cops...both Police Officers and Sheriffs...who really don't give a shit what they do, using their Law Enforcement powers get away with literally, Murder! How many have gotten cleared after shooting unarmed people?...and even after being embarrassingly caught on camera?

They don't care cause their superiors are just turning their backs...and very conveniently ignoring the problems they're causing in this Society... while taking the subject at hand and reversing its take to the recent cries of Cops being killed...themselves, demonizing those 1,000+ and playing the sympathy spiel while justifying their shootings!

As of Sept. 1st, 776 people have been shot by Cops...161 of them were unarmed...must be 161 "Rare Misconducts"! And there's no discrimination...more men than women, but an equal opportunity of being shot...including teen age kids! 1,031 people killed by Police in 2014. 
Of course! there is a mistrust between local communities and those...paid by the taxpayers, by the way! "Protect and Serve"! So! who's going to be accountable for all those deaths? In the cynical world of politics, you play the Blame Game...start with Obama, naturally...and continue blaming everyone for all the ills in the world, while remaining indifferent in their own self-denial!

"Violence and Nonviolence are, after all, two different Forms of Theater. They both depend and thrive on the response of an Audience" ~~ Julia Bacha

This tale is not about Good one is denying that there's a lot of good and honorable members of law enforcement who walk tall!
But there's a lot of rotten bigoted piece of garbage cops, who take advantage of their position to do whatever it pleases them...and 'that' must be stopped!!...if not by internal means, then by whatever external means short of violence, it takes We, The People! It's the responsibility of every American Citizen to fight for their Rights, Liberties, and Pursuits of their own  Happiness...and if you don't, you lose them!

When people of good conscience remain silent, and don't speak up against Social many more "Rare Misconducts" will we continue to see?

Marco Rubio: US must not demonize police officers amid ‘rare’ misconduct

Nov 21, 2015

How Low will Trump Stoop?...Embracing Facism for Political Gains!

By RF Schatten

Registering Registering Jews? How about registering batshit assholes and keep them away from normal civilized society! Le Grande Orange has become a public joke whose Political and Social Rhetoric is greatly the chagrin of the Democrats...the demise of what was once a proud Grand Old Party! How many Republican Presidents and Statesmen...and old Republican you think are rolling in their graves, today?

Now if elected President, besides building the largest man made Wall in history...and naturally, named "The Trump Wall"...around the perimeter of this Nation to keep out every existing human being who's considered an undesirable by the Christian Right, and/or not approved by Das Führer, himself!...with Latino bashing becoming old and stale very quickly, find a new and fresh target to continue demonizing; Muslims Americans!...American Citizens of Islamic Heritage, 'Born in the USA'! must require an ID in public like the Jews in Germany with those Star of David Armbands. Longing for the days of the Numbered Tattoo...huh, Donald?!?!
How about Tattooing everyone's personal IQ on their arm...and everyone in the US whose IQ is that of a Moron, is rounded up and separated from Society?
The rest of the world doesn't want or need to catch that chronic batshit disease affecting Republicans..."Spontaneous Irreversible Stupidity"...example: After being exposed by Conservative Pundits and the GOP's upper echelon itself, as inexperienced, unqualified, mediocre amateurs, who 'will'...without a doubt...bring more tension and danger to the United States, and to an already dangerous world!
And for being used by both, our enemy and our allies due to their absolute ignorance in Foreign Policy...not to mention the final destruction of an already fractured Republican Party!...after all of that? Carson and Trump jumped even higher in the polls! Cause? in their astute sick mind...The Führer and Dr.Mengele 'are' the epitome of knowledge, class, and statesmanship! Never said these trolling minions are smart!

Ahhyup! Round them all, lock them all up, screw trials, and throw away the key! No one likes the NDAA, and in many ways it's against the Bill of Rights!...but rounding up American Citizens because they are of a particular Ethnicity or Religious Belief? The repulsing and shamefully disgraceful memories of Manzanar, Tule Lake, Minidoka, Heart Mountain, Rohwer, and all those Japanese American Internment Camps. Why not just put away the Morons in those camps reserved for Syrians?...but then again, with that scenario...the Republicans' and Trump's Voter Base wouldn't be able to get out and vote for him, Dr Ben, or any Dumbo who gets the nomination!

Aligning (ahh...sucking up!) with the radical Far Right Wing in America and embracing Fascism?!?! How low could an indecent degenerate get down to, for a vote? How low could two dishonorable human beings spew hatred and fear to an already exploited, fearfully ignorant fan base?  The Trumpster's comments, along with Carson and his remark on equating Syrian Refugees with Rabid Dogs...and now, Steve King comparing Syrian Refugees to "Poisonous Grapes"  How dignified!...the GOP should be very proud of themselves for achieving to reach the ultimate in Political Gutter!
And where are all the Republicans' denouncements of Trump and Carson? Not too many...if any!

Is the GOP embracing Trump's sick and sordid Fascism? In the words of Bill Maher; “I Don’t Know It For a Fact...I Just Know It’s True.”!!

How dangerous are these characters and the Republican Party, today? As dangerous as We, The People allow them to be.
How dangerous is a Party that's Xenophobic with a total disdain and hatred towards every Ethnic and Religious group in the world that does not agree with them? and all Social Classes below the 1%? How Dangerous is a Party that demonize and ostracize those less fortunate? How dangerous is a Party that hypocritically fights for Freedom and Rights, while removing the Civil Liberties of others endowed by the Constitution and the Bill of Rights! How dangerous is a Party that believes in Government staying out of your life...yet wants to control what goes on in your bedroom, and the control of the Woman's body? How dangerous is a Party that spews hatred and fear, and continually opposes and fights against...instead of favoring...every single issue supported by the vast majority of the Nation? How dangerous is a Party that negotiates secretly behind the back of the Administration and State Dept. with another Foreign Government to undermine the Foreign Policies of their own Government?

Yes! they can be dangerous...especially, when they're dangerous with no mind whatsoever! ...but, only if we permit them. Socially Civilized America outnumbers Batshit Loonie America, by a wide there's no excuse to put up with this Freak Show in our Society, that call themselves Republicans.  We live in a Society that Tolerates the Intolerant...and it's the responsibility of the American Public to correct its wrongs or be prepared to lose it all. Intolerance is a powerful weapon to exploit the close-minded ignorance in a Society...people, who are considered "expendable" by the Puppet Masters behind the scenes.

There must be some Sanity remaining in this Country...and I still believe Common Sense will win out at the end. But a Donald Trump Presidency? I could see "The Donald"...the 1st President to be escorted out of the White House and taken directly to his room at the Funny Farm! a Unanimous Consent, Act of Congress! 

Donald Trump Wants to Register Muslims Like the Nazis Registered Jews

Nov 18, 2015

Syrian Refugees: Exposing the Dark Side of Welcome to America

 By RF Schatten

It started with that extraordinary brilliance of stupidity named George, who just couldn't resist pushing a word that to a more educated person, would be considered a Red Cape...just urging the Bulls to charge! And those bulls have been charging ever since in that hot desert...and it doesn't matter to them, who they go after!
"Crusades" is now, has always been, and will always be a Taboo to the Fundamentalist Islamic only takes a little history lesson to make an uneducated man...but with street understand what it means just to stay away from someone who doesn't like you, doesn't like your Religion, your ways of life, and most importantly...your aggression towards forcing your ways, whether by military force or political. And it pisses them off even more when it happens to be in their own land!...the ultimate disrespect towards another Culture and another form of Society!

Now, reverse the scenario: What crazy fricken country and who the hell is going to tell Americans what to do, how to run our government, what Religion to worship, and what to like in our own good ol' US of A?!?!
I do tend to have some faith in the American Public in general...but, there's a problem; America's lack of education, thanks to those who've been doing their best to change or eradicate the educational system in America, and with special kudos to Texas!

So if you're from Texas? please! don't try to read or comprehend anything!'s against the law to use your mind and do a little Critical Thinking for yourself in the Lone Star State. If you do? Well! we'll have the good taste and manners not to tell anyone you had an original thought!
To those who are free to think, here's a secret...Islam has never wanted to coexist with the rest of world...and it's why Christianity and the Crusades are synonymous in today's present Islamic Jihad...their Holy War with the entire Planet Earth until all Foreigners are gone from all Islamic Lands. 

People fleeing oppression in a social era when you not only can hear or read about are watching it live! along with the rest of the world...and having access for as much information from around the world, than you will ever need. Yeah! there are a lot of good reasons why all these Refugees are forced to relocate their entire the strange notion in their insistence on keeping their heads from being chopped and dismembered from the rest of their body.

That's as good of a reason as any to meet Rosetta Stone and get to know her pretty well! The Refugee crisis are real...and every so called Freedom Loving country has a responsibility to help their fellow man in crisis.

Are we an ignorant xenophobic society? Close the Borders and keep Hispanics out...and send those here back to the other side! The hate for Latinos, like Asians, Germans, Norwegians, and naturally the Irish before them!!...It's been the same from the start of our beloved American Freedom. Land of the sort of Free...but, there's nothing Brave whatsoever about 'selective immigration'. Now, "No Syrian Refugees"!...unless they're Christian! No discrimination, huh?!?!

The United States' Refugee situation? The Federal Government said yes to the approval of 2,098 Muslims and 53 Christian Syrian Refugees...not the thousands or hundreds of thousands claimed by the Conservative Side of Social Media's Global Village...and now, 31 States refuse to allow them free travel or relocation...31 Moron Governors, all Republicans, who have absolutely no human or legal understanding and no legal authority under International Laws to forbid a Refugee from settling in their State! How Christian of them!

“Muslims in the West will soon find themselves between one of Two Choices.”  ~~ The Islamic State

Interpret it as you wish...but, any way you look at it...the translation is the same: Either stay in the West, and you're no longer a Muslim...or return to your origin! A Theocratic form of existence that until the 20th Century ruled over its people, while Western Thinking spread through parts of the Muslim World....the sweet smell of Money, natural Greed, and the power of Oil and Influence. Islamic Fundamentalism remained alive but not until the Fall of the Shah of Iran and the ascension of the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini as Leader of the 1979 Iranian Revolution, Fundamentalists...both Persians and Arabs...took center stage in the continuous battle between themselves, whether they're Shiites or Sunnis, or any other Islamic Sect. The battle has always been about themselves...tribes against tribes...just instead of Camels and Arabian Horses there's Anti-Aircraft Guns and old Toyota pick-ups.

The rise of militant Islamic Fundamentalism like AL-Qaeda (who's now our ally) and ISIS has truly formed as it exists today, because of our insistence in continually getting involved in the Middle East and their affairs. Acts of Terrorism are statements of attention for the world to take their demands seriously, and with whatever prose they wish to always translates; Get out of our land and leave us alone!

But in today's world where Muslims can be just as Westernized as anyone in the West...we do have a problem. Winning the hearts and minds in the Middle East and Afghanistan, is as simple as winning them in Southeast Asia. Correct? sure!! What happen there?...and the one thing all Muslim Fundamentals do have in common and are very bipartisan, is their hate of Americans! It's their problem!...we can't fix thousands of years of spitting contests forever!

Fighting ISIS with American Ground Troops? when their total Army Consists of 25,000...while Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Russia, now France, and every other country in the region consists of approximately 9 million troops!...why the hell does the United States need to be there?...except the Money and Oil, which sounds terribly indecent, but at least it's not the horseshit of Democracy in the Middle East!

How safe are we? as safe as you can be...scared with fear of an Islamic Takeover and Armageddon? As a Democrat once said; "The only thing We have to Fear itself"! That, and a little common you really believe that Muslims want a world dominated with Islamic Fundamental rules, when they can't even decide or abide by their rules, and who's even right among them?...even after thousands of years...they're still fighting each other?!?! And do you truly believe an Islamic Takeover of the United States?...a country of 300 million plus people that it's hard enough to find just 2 of them at any given time, to ever agree on anything?

It's not Fear! it's just the degeneracy of thieves...and how the Military Industrial Complex and every other Corporate Contractor, can exploit the easily exploitable during War Time. And the Losers? The American Taxpayers, the GI and his Family, and primarily the Families broken up by death and despair, and forced to leave and never see their Homes, their Country, and their own family members, ever again!

Welcome to America!...Land of the Free? you bet! Learn English, go to work, and achieve you own Dreams. Become an American Citizen, Vote, get involved, and remember to avoid stepping in batshit on the road in the Lands of the Stupids...where Idiocracy is the New Democracy!! Avoid it at all need to regress and become a stupid! Enjoy America!

Islamic State’s Goal: “Eliminating the Grayzone” of Coexistence Between Muslims and the West

Nov 15, 2015

Carson & Trump: When Political Incompetence becomes a GOP Freakout

By RF Schatten

In the most enjoyable and fascinating Republican Primary in history, two Clowns...yes! even the GOP's upper echelon is now confessing that these two characters, truly 'are' Clowns!...Ben "The Doc" Carson vs. Donald "The Prince of Ego" Trump has made all those Republicans who tend to get off on the Party's Batshit Genre, believe there's hope for true total lunacy in the Party! Yes, Stupid is as Stupid Does in today's GOP... while in the meantime, having them all forget about the bad memories of the existence of Michele The Welfare Queen and Mr. 999, the Pizza Man!
Yes! it's a whole new world out there, and with it comes a whole New Republican Party...a Party that could only be described as an aberration of an entity, on the Far Far Side of the Bizarre!

A batshit reality show fit to Keep Up with the Kardashians...Keeping Up with the GOP's A Thousand Clowns, is truly the best reality on TV!
Example: The Donald is now after Dr. Ben for his knife wielding wild youth...trying to prove that he's a phony that didn't stab anyone, while mocking Carson’s claim on the attempted stabbing of a friend or a relative...that Carson's knife broke before he could succeed...breaking the blade on the belt buckle! 
A Human Idiot trying to convince his audience and the rest of the world watching, that another Human Idiot is dumber than he is!...while the world already knew all along Dr. Ben's story about his "rough childhood" just being the figment of a young Nerdy Boy's imagination...a little Nerd who could only watch the drama of life on the streets of Detroit from his window, while taking a break from his studies. There's nothing tough about Ben Carson, and even less about the Trumpster...who talks tough but who's nothing other than a little man...not necessarily physically...just little!

The Republican Clown Show is about to get canceled on Nov. 8th, 2016...and the Republicans are quite aware of that! Panic is beginning to set in the RNC and all mainstream Dumbo circles around the country.  With the only Candidates consistently polling on top being two totally politically incompetent human beings, and natural targets with a big "I'm a Sucker, just Ask Me" sign written on their foreheads for every leader in the world...friend or take advantage of. The upper echelon is seriously looking at viable alternatives, while attempting to change the directions of their own long journey on their highway to hell.

In a Republican Party, where every viable Pro Politico running for President is polling southward!...deep, deep south! And their best 3 Candidates are; 1) An Egocentric, Narcissistic Misogynist turned vile & hateful Sociophobe. 2) A formerly brilliant Surgeon and Medical Science Professor, now living a life in the childhood he missed in his own mind. 3) A former CEO and the Corporation's official "Witch" who's biggest claim to fame was her firing by the Board of Directors for her incompetence in running Hewlett-Packard!

And now, the talk of bringing back Mitt Romney that it's echoing throughout the GOP World. Bringing back someone who is guaranteed to lose...again! And set him up this time with Marco Rubio...cause he's the least offensive of the trash remaining. Someone who's going to attract the Hispanic Vote? Are you fricken kidding? If Rubio ever wins the Senate Seat again, it's going to be from other parts of the Sunshine State cause Little Havana and Cubans throughout Florida are not about to give this little kid their vote!
In a Tweet that's gone viral by Hispanic Activists, the following message is in may translate it if you wish: "Esta Comunidad no se prestara para esto. Exigimos Respeto y Dignidad para todos los Inmigrantes en este País!"
My Translation: You're not getting the Cuban or any of the Hispanic vote, Marquito!! Tu eres un descarado, mi hermano!!

Whether it's the last Act of Desperate Party or first Act of Henry V...the GOP appears to be looking for some sort of a graceful way out, instead of the total annihilation of a landslide worse than Goldwater's, that all their strategists reluctantly agree is going to happen!
Mittens and the Aquafina Boy! Can anyone buy that? A man who's already hated for his character and visions, running with his same old shtick...and a wonder boy wannabee whose true character on finance resembles Romney, but Socially swings far more to the Far Right than what Romney's sense of Aristocracy would like to put up with. But! at least they could win a few states and not embarrass the Grand Old Party.

When they say that; "most 'High-Level Republicans' privately believe that [Carson or Trump] are just not fit to be President and Commander In Chief"...traditional Republicans are fearing their demise. Forget winning 2016! they are in the fight of their lives and for the control of Party's Ideology.

The demise?...the Fall of the Grand Old Party started when Batshit Prose was permitted to take center stage at a political theater that once believed in the courtesy and respect of Political Decorum...and now, abide by political gutter language, trash talk, and disrespectful remarks and insinuations. The Ghosts of their Honored Past must be rolling and rolling in their spot, as they watch the Gutter that calls itself The Republican Party, today!

How does a Trump/Carson Ticket sound? Exactly how the GOP's top brass feels!! How about Romney/Rubio? Does it really matter?...a bigger or smaller loss doesn't matter...they're losing either way. It's what happens afterwards with the GOP...and whether they can keep control or lose it to the Far Right Wing of the Party.

Do I care? It was the establishment of the Republican Party who accepted the taste of Tea...they created their own mess by welcoming and accepting "Idiocracy". If they succeed and get rid of their taste for Tea? Congratulations! now you know what freedom really is! If they lose and Idiocracy becomes the law of the land? There's the Door, don't let it hit ya on your way out!!   

Top Republicans Admit That Ben Carson and Donald Trump Aren't Fit To Be Commander In Chief

Nov 10, 2015

In Smart Non-Violent Action achieved its goal

By RF Schatten

When people of good conscience refuse to remain silent anymore, the right action will always make a powerful statement...and there's no better way on this earth than civil Nonviolent Action to eventually reach the right results! If it can topple schmuck racist school president?...if done properly, wasn't going too be hard. In a very smart way, the Missouri Tigers made a statement on College Racism in America; "Enough is Enough"!

"Nonviolent action involves opposing the opponent's power, including his police & military capacity, not with the weapons chosen by him but by quite different means...Repression by the opponent is used against his own power position in a kind of political " ju-jitsu " and the very sources of his power thus reduced or removed, with the result that his political and military position is seriously weakened or destroyed". ~~~ Gene Sharp

Exactly, what did happened in Mizzou? Well, it's not that hard to observe that Racism, Violence, and Police Brutality are a way of life now days in the Show Me State.
And the University of Missouri is no's had its share for months, along with a University President who has sort of addressed, yet really ignored, dismissed, or simply just never really cared about the serious attacks and complains brought up by both Students, Student Organizations, and Faculty members alike. A Swastika made out of Human Excrement found in the bathroom in a campus dorm. School prank? Not likely. Even the Student Body President Payton Head, was called a "Nigger"...very popular word now days on Campuses around the country. No! Head wasn't elected because of a "giant" block of Black a campus where 77% of the Students are White...compared to 7% that's Black. Payton Head was elected by a White Majority that doesn't care for Racism or Racists, whether on campus or anywhere else.

The question of Hate & Racism on the University Campus is the most common talking point among the 35,441 Students...and how to stop it!
Yes! our future generation is more enlightened than people give them credit for! Fighting for their beliefs on what's right and what's wrong...Racism in the Academic World is frowned upon by those whose purpose of attending college is to gain knowledge and progress in life. Racism is plain sheer ignorance, and there's no place for Ignorance in Academia!

It all started with one undergraduate student, Jonathan Butler...enough is enough!...he went on a Hunger Strike as a protest until President Tim Wolfe resigned from the University. Anthony Sherril, a member of the Football Team, visited in his 6th day on strike...and by the end of the day 32 Black Players went on strike in solidarity with Butler. No more Football till Jonathan Butler breaks his fast and Tim Wolfe is out!
Sherril then tweeted; “The athletes of color on the University of Missouri football team truly believe ‘Injustice Anywhere is a threat to Justice Everywhere,’” And the dominoes just fell into place...the following day the entire Mizzou Tigers Football squad joined the strikers...and that followed by the culmination...Head Coach Gary Pinkel and Athletics Director Mack Rhoades joined the strike. Pinkel even tweeting "The Mizzou Family stands as one. We are united. We are behind our players".
The writing appeared on the wall...bye, bye Tim Wolfe! Then amid the entire University Faculty threatening to walk out, the Board of Curators met in an emergency meeting Monday to discuss what to do, after the Student Government issued a statement calling for Tim Wolfe's resignation. After a close door meeting, Wolfe walked out and announced his resignation 'for the good of the School'...translation: "Get your compensation and leave nicely, or get fired and get shit for comp".

What's so terribly sad about this great Non-Violent Action victory, is what truly motivated the Board to take some action to remove Wolfe...Revenue! By NCAA Rule, a forfeiture by a school must compensate the other school by paying them $1 Million for lost TV revenue, not to mention their own lost revenue. You truly believe this was going to last that long? Money talks in today's world of College Football.

Gene Sharp's influence in Non-Violent Political Action has finally hit the American Campus after years of Non-Violent Revolutions throughout Eastern Europe followed by Egypt...yes! not all are successful...but nothing's perfect in this still have to try your best, fight for what you believe, and never give up! 

How Mizzou Football Sacked President Over Racism on Campus - The Daily Beast

Nov 7, 2015

The Delusional Disorder of the Brilliant Mind: A Perplexed Life of Ben Carson

 By RF Schatten

"The media will go through all lengths trying to discredit me.”
Benny! the media doesn't need to do anything...every time you open your mouth, you continue to discredit yourself!
All his awe-inspiring stories are just more of Dr. Ben's continuous horseshit tales. For a man of so much scholarship...he sure really 'is' dumb!...I mean, really! really! fricken dumb!

Continuing to write books filled with lies... why?...why with all the talent this schmuck has? it's extremely sad to see such a brilliant gifted human being sell his soul for the
excitement of the political theater....especially in today's Circus atmosphere. How smart is the good Doctor?...apparently not smart enough. Or did he really thinks no one uses the Internet's huge database and resources in 2015? This character proves you can be a pretty intelligent guy and still be an ignorant SOB.

First the Lie on his obsession with being given a "Full Scholarship" to the US Military Academy at West Point! And people looking to discredit him? There's no need to Google it...there are no such things as scholarships at West Point, Annapolis, or in the Air Force Academy, Benny! You must get an appointment! and if accepted, Uncle Sam pays your
tuition, stupid! You then pay your Uncle back with Military Service.
Full Scholarship? my ass!

And this comes from a tough guy with a knife wielding troubled youth!...except, it appears his knife wielding days in the streets of Detroit with Benny and the Jets vs the Sharks is over. Exposed again, Ben!
What a naughty boy! you were a book reading nerd as a kid and never got the spotlight...and now, you're outed to CNN by your old neighborhood! 

A nerd? considering what he made out of himself... yea! Nerds don't go out stabbing people...and real cowards will tell someone with a gun to his side while standing in a fast food line: Hey man! you don't want's the guy over the counter who has the money!

As a Medical Practitioner I respect Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson, the Neurosurgeon, Professor, and Medical Scientist...and I respect his written works.
But Ben Carson, the a tragic figure of what happens to someone who wants to live out and play with his childhood dreams, his illusions of West Point, and the horseshit of his tough childhood...yet lacks all understanding of how Government functions. The shell of a hollow man whose batshit rhetoric is an insult to the intelligence of the common man!

An admitted liar and fabricator of his own stories, yet, has the gull to come back and say;
"This is a bunch of lies attempting to say I'm lying about my history."?!?!
No Benny! no one is going to discredit do that pretty much on your own!

The depth of Republican Dysfunction? with all the publicly admitted cheating and lying...this character, and "The Donald"...are the best they got!

Ben Carson Admits He Made Up a Key Part of His Biography | Mother Jones

Nov 3, 2015

The Aberration of Republican Debates

By RF Schatten

When you're simply too stupid to answer serious political questions. and/or too much of a coward without a political backbone to be honest with any of your answers...fix the debate! so you're not asked any embarrassing questions that would reveal your true natural character...a slimy greedy political scumbag, habitual liar, an indifferent exploiter of ignorance, and a totally dishonorable human being. Whom of the 14 candidates fit that description? Take your pick!...they're all the same, you just can't distinguish rotten garbage. And the GOP is accumulating it in huge piles into a giant political waste dump!

"The Debates are too important to be guided by a daffy document drafted by hotheads, demanding media outlets "pledge" that the temperature in the debate hall "be kept below 67 degrees" ~~~ New York Times 11/3/15 Editorial

A dysfunctional Republican Party out of control!...Reince Priebus is running around with his head up his tushy, about to be chopped off by angry toxic Tea lovers demanding 'change' in the RNC. Translation? The attempt for a hostile takeover of the internal leadership of RNC by the batshit Tea loving sector of the Grand Old Party.
Now, you got 14 Republican Candidates doing their very best imitation of; "Who's on First?" meets "Stupid Is as Stupid Does".
14 Candidates without any sense of decorum, without any sense of direction, and without any type of viable substantial Policy on any single issue. 11 professional politicos and 3 amateurs...yet, extremely difficult to tell them apart, both by their actions and in their wickedly dumb minds!...the entire 2016 GOP Presidential Debates and all its glorious Candidates, ranks as the biggest amateur joke in American Political History.

We're officially in an Election cycle...and one Political Party still just can't get it! Trying to publicly hide their failures, and their inability to conduct themselves in a professional making outrageous demands from the News media! And what's worse...the Public doesn't buy that horseshit! It's all about the dysfunctional ineptness of bunch of Amateurs who call themselves Republican Presidential Candidates...and who can't even comport themselves in any sort of civil decorum. Now, the Class Clown is going to grandstand by negotiating directly with the Network? For this rich asshole, first and foremost is the headline and the sound-bytes...substance? Not in the Republican world...and certainly never for The Donald!

"The GOP can't handle a bunch of CNBC moderators?...let me tell you, if you can't handle those guys...then I don't think the Chinese and Russians are going to be too worried" ~~~ Barack Obama 

To the embarrassment of America, the world is watching our Amateur Show featuring this cast of clowns...and again watching Americans go gaga with these incompetent idiots that call themselves Politicians, trying to become President. But mostly, the stupidity of the Republican Party's effort into picking the least qualified candidate possible!  Sad, what this Nation would become with an incompetent schmuck becoming the leader of the free world?!?!
GOP Candidates Reportedly Finalize Demands For Future Debates