Nov 7, 2015

The Delusional Disorder of the Brilliant Mind: A Perplexed Life of Ben Carson

 By RF Schatten

"The media will go through all lengths trying to discredit me.”
Benny! the media doesn't need to do anything...every time you open your mouth, you continue to discredit yourself!
All his awe-inspiring stories are just more of Dr. Ben's continuous horseshit tales. For a man of so much scholarship...he sure really 'is' dumb!...I mean, really! really! fricken dumb!

Continuing to write books filled with lies... why?...why with all the talent this schmuck has? it's extremely sad to see such a brilliant gifted human being sell his soul for the
excitement of the political theater....especially in today's Circus atmosphere. How smart is the good Doctor?...apparently not smart enough. Or did he really thinks no one uses the Internet's huge database and resources in 2015? This character proves you can be a pretty intelligent guy and still be an ignorant SOB.

First the Lie on his obsession with being given a "Full Scholarship" to the US Military Academy at West Point! And people looking to discredit him? There's no need to Google it...there are no such things as scholarships at West Point, Annapolis, or in the Air Force Academy, Benny! You must get an appointment! and if accepted, Uncle Sam pays your
tuition, stupid! You then pay your Uncle back with Military Service.
Full Scholarship? my ass!

And this comes from a tough guy with a knife wielding troubled youth!...except, it appears his knife wielding days in the streets of Detroit with Benny and the Jets vs the Sharks is over. Exposed again, Ben!
What a naughty boy! you were a book reading nerd as a kid and never got the spotlight...and now, you're outed to CNN by your old neighborhood! 

A nerd? considering what he made out of himself... yea! Nerds don't go out stabbing people...and real cowards will tell someone with a gun to his side while standing in a fast food line: Hey man! you don't want's the guy over the counter who has the money!

As a Medical Practitioner I respect Dr. Benjamin Solomon Carson, the Neurosurgeon, Professor, and Medical Scientist...and I respect his written works.
But Ben Carson, the a tragic figure of what happens to someone who wants to live out and play with his childhood dreams, his illusions of West Point, and the horseshit of his tough childhood...yet lacks all understanding of how Government functions. The shell of a hollow man whose batshit rhetoric is an insult to the intelligence of the common man!

An admitted liar and fabricator of his own stories, yet, has the gull to come back and say;
"This is a bunch of lies attempting to say I'm lying about my history."?!?!
No Benny! no one is going to discredit do that pretty much on your own!

The depth of Republican Dysfunction? with all the publicly admitted cheating and lying...this character, and "The Donald"...are the best they got!

Ben Carson Admits He Made Up a Key Part of His Biography | Mother Jones