Jun 23, 2017

As the Russian Probe builds up, the Incompetents Lawyer-Up

 By RF Schatten

"Lawyers are the first Refuge of the Incompetent" ~~~ Aaron Allston

You don't need to Lawyer-up if you're not Guilty. When the President, Vice President, Attorney General, and the President's top Advisor...his Son-In-Law...all are in urgent need of Lawyers? You know the jurisdictive sh*t has hit the White House's proverbial fan.
How bad is it, when Trump's own Lawyer, needs a Lawyer?!?!...oh! the Smell of Political Incompetence has hit Washington DC like never before. The latest catchword around our Capitol? Lawyering-up!! 

With a President by the name of Donald Trump, the best Attorneys money can buy throughout the Country and in the District of Columbia, are all passing on the opportunity to be highly embarrassed by their client...and because, as one Lawyer said;  "He never pays his bills"!
All of Trump's Attorneys, are his personal Lawyers, guys who handle his business affairs...generally speaking, they're Trump's settlement Lawyers...the only job in their life is to settle all 4,000+ Lawsuits filed against Trump and/or Trump Corp. Settling as many Cases as possible, without having the need to go to court!

And since they 'are' his "Business Attorneys"; turning their attention to the Russia/Trump 2016 Campaign, Russian Collusions & Hackings, and all those ever expanding money trails?...they're totally out of their comfort zone!!
Commenting on the seriousness of the events? How do they comment on Criminal Acts when they're not Criminal Attorneys? How do they comment on Impeachment Acts when they're not Political Congressional Lawyers?...and with no clue whatsoever on Legal Congressional Procedures!
They're like a Fish out of Water!...and with a boss who's life consists of contradicting his subordinates...it's hard to answer questions, which in turn, makes the press ask even more questions until eventually, political humor brings out its funny face.
And like Spicer and Conway...2 people who suppose, to know how to deal with the press...Michael Cohen, Marc Kasowitz, and Jay Sekulow of FoxNews & CBN fame are currently Lost somewhere between Yonkers and Comedy Central!
What the President needs, is what all the others got...a respected Washington or DC familiar Criminal Attorney, who's also familiar with High Treason, Impeachment, Parliamentary, and Congressional Procedures!  

The list of people 'mutually' associated with both Trump, the Trump Family, Russian Bankers/Industrialists, Russian Government Agents, and Russian Mobsters...and now, Pro-Russian big money Ukrainians...continues to grow by the day!
Let's start with Retired 3 Star General and former Head of Trump's National Security, Mike Flynn...he committed Perjury when not disclosing his Russian Ties, as he was simultaneously working for the Trump Campaign and a registered Foreign Lobbyist with direct ties to Vladimir Putin! Heard he's talking to Mueller without Immunity!
Then we have Jefferson Beauregard Session, Attorney General of the United States and Keebler Elf...the top Prosecutor in the Dept. of Justice...like Flynn, just happened to forget to list down his meetings, all with Russians before and after the Elections, including a Dinner Meeting at the Mayflower Hotel with the ever-popular Ambassador Sergey Kislyak and other Russians. He was even Photographed by the FBI, and still can't recall!?!
Prosecutor Sessions also has Trump's anti-truth disease, who becomes scared and a nervous little twit, when Women Prosecutors won't buy his Lies and Horseshit tales of non-existing rules...instead of being honest and just pleading the 5th Amendment. Another Congressional Perjurer from the very beginning.
And how can we forget Mr. Everything, Jared Kushner!...this guy conveniently forgot to list a couple of dozen meetings with almost every Russian known Agent and Banker in Russia!...before getting his Top Security Clearance! More Perjury and very questionable business interests.
Michael Cohen was going to become Trump's chief counsel in the White House's "Russia/Trump War Room"...but he too got a notice that he's being investigated! Ahhyup! Trump's Attorney also hired himself an Attorney to defend him!
Mike Pence, Vice President of the United States...yes! Mr. Christian America...also, got himself a Lawyer. Not cause Flynn lied to him, apparently, he too has Russian Ties!
The list of usual suspects has grown so much, you tend to forget people like Paul Manafort, also still under investigation, and  Carter Page who allegedly, held audio tapes from Trump to be given to Putin, among all the things and meetings he had with other Russian Agents and Bankers in Moscow.

The Mueller Investigation with the full support of the FBI will pretty much reveal what everyone already knows...Russia hacked the Election in at least 39 States, and directly hacked into Voter Precincts in 21 States. And are still hacking today in at least 20 or more States at the highest levels, working down from there to the local community...and into the Local, State, and National Political Parties' Voter Rolls...both the Dems' and the GOP's!
But for every Hack, every disruption has a cost...that cost, always leads to the ever-present Money Trail.
And there's where Robert Mueller is leaning towards the way this investigation is going...he must certainly have very strong cases, for hiring more than a dozen of the best most experienced Criminal Prosecutors in America, a "Dream Team" in their specialties of Criminal Obstruction of Justice, Treason, Perjury, Impeachment, Corruption, Extortion, Bribery, Theft, and Money Laundering!

Now Ivanka and Donald Jr. appear to be under investigation for partnering up with Russian Mobsters...also, related to the Trumpster and Putin. Who's going to defend these two??
The only Trump not yet connected to this Reality Show is Eric!...and he's way over his head with his own troubles...ripping off Terminally Ill Kids and St. Jude Hospital with the phony Eric Trump Foundation, while funneling all the $millions$ into Trump Businesses.
Expect this piece of garbage to end up connected with Russia, too. Is his need keep up with Dad, for the respect his Father never gave him (The only living being Trump has ever truly respected is his shameful himself)...it's the same lack of respect Donald got from his Mom & Dad. His entire life has been a desperate cry for recognition..."Ha! Ha! Look Ma! I'm on top of the World"!!

The need for Defense Attorneys arrive when you finally meet the realization, that you're in deep sh*t trouble!...while, your feeling of guilt has taken over your life and whatever confidence you had, is gone! 
All the Midnight and 3 am Troll Rants on Twitter will never, ever help his cause...the true Trump character of the Liar, Con-Artist, Insanely Vicious Demagogue, Self-Centered, Egocentric, and Narcissistic Clown have been exposed, and those remembrances will never go away! No matter how much he tries to change his life around...those remembrances will remain with him till he takes his Final Breadths.  

Too many 'unusual' suspects and a whole lot of people you know are guilty as sin! The next step for this Reality Show will involve all the Legal Suits...all the Clients represented by Professional Attorneys!  And Team Trump, represented by the Amateur Douchebag Firm of Cohen, Kasowitz, and Sekulow! 

The defense argument for Donald Trump appears to be more and more every day, the "Idiot Card"; "He's new at the job, he's inexperienced, he's a little incompetent, and not too very bright. So give this Idiot a chance"!
If push comes to shove, would Trump agree to play that Card? He will refuse till hell freezes over, but, he will...he always does! without realizing he's doing it!...he truly is a basket case Idiot! My condolences to his Team of Lawyers!

McCabe: FBI has 'great number of folks' working for Trump-Russia special prosecutor - POLITICO

Jun 10, 2017

In Absence of Leadership...the Ugly American Returns

By RF Schatten

In the wake of the U.S. Administration's "Awesome" Policies of Diplomacy...by all standards, Donald J Trump would have to rank as the biggest Political Whore in the United States' 241 years of Existence!...yes, a true whore who sold out his own Country and the World, for the right Price!

The man who says; "Put America First", has just managed to put America dead last!! The United States has become the only Country in this World...aside from Nicaragua and Syria...to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accords! where for the 1st time in the History of mankind! every Nation on the face of this Earth 'all' agreed to work together and bond for one Common Cause...the survival of this Earth, and in particularly the survival of Humankind!!!

In Nicaragua's case, they're not really against the accord...they just think it doesn't go far enough! Syria? At this moment, their concern isn't what happens environmentally down the road...they just want to be able to get there, alive! Those two have sort of a half-ass excuse not to participate at this particular time.
So! America becomes the only Nation that truly wants to leave the Climate Accords...and the reason for withdrawing is by far, the most criminal act, any Country could ever do to their people!!! Hitler's Germany may have exterminated a portion of its population. Trump's America, will Pollute our entire Nation right into extinction!!

While the rest of the world...including Putin and Kim Jung Un!...signed-on, start to resolve their disputes and work together for one common goal...the United States, is institutionally regressing into a very dangerous Isolationist mentality! It didn't work in the 30s, and certainly with Trump's chaotic Amateur White House... is not going to work at all, especially in today's electronic age of communications.

"The very Essence of Leadership is that you have to have Vision. You can't blow an uncertain trumpet" ~~~ Fr. Theodore Hesburgh, CSC

A President without a vision is doomed to catastrophically fail. The problem is, our President's only Vision in his 70 years of life is how much Money he and his Family can take before they gotta run!!...whether he Resigns, gets Impeached, or gets Arrested. And then, you wonder why the Trump presidency has been such a miserable failure from the get-go?!?!

Alfred E Newman is more a Visionary than Trump could ever be!...and he doesn't even worry!
"American Leadership" once meant something around the world...Honor, Respect, and Trust. The Freedom, where anyone could come and achieve their dreams!...our leadership is what made the American Dream. "America! what a Country!" meant something very positive at one time.  Our Leadership as a Nation was America's greatest strength!
In Trump's Vision of pacifying and endearing our natural enemy, while selling out our Allies the same way he's selling out our Democracy...for Trump, it's always about the almighty Dollar!

Don the Con's "awesome" gift to the United States of America for electing him President?...a tiny middle finger, flipping off an entire Nation and the World while saluting everyone with a big "Bronx Cheer"! 

America still doesn't get it!! It's not about making America Great or putting America First. It's about a big "F*ck You, America"! Selling out a Nation to Russia's influence! All, for a ton of laundered-up dirty Russian Money!  
Now, we've lost the trust of our allies...actually, the trust of an entire world! American Diplomacy under Donald Trump has reverted back to its Imperialistic bully ways, with the reemergence of the world's most despised human being...the Ugly American is back!!  

A host of world leaders...actually, every Ally and all our Enemies around the World, all working together to save this planet...Criticized and Shamed our President for such an enormously ignorant and stupid Decision. Interesting!

Now, you have your educationally deficient morons who believe Trump is the second coming of Christ. And then you have the filth and immorality of rich & educated political slickers who just don't have the slightest care, and really don't give a sh*t what our legacy holds to our future generations!
And finally, you have the vast majority of this Country and certainly, the vast majority of the World who see Donald Trump's departure from Modern Civilization as a huge profit making sellout to the most polluting, heartless and immoral Industrialists in the United States...Koch Industries among others...the very same ones who have paid out close to $Billions$ in Court Settlements, Wrongful Deaths Verdicts, Record Fines by the EPA!
What do you see? The ever increasing Pollution of our skies, the deadly chemical infestation of our waters, from our Rivers and Streams to our Aqueducts! It's the destruction of our Forests, our Wildlife, the end of what "natural" Food supposed to be...and the beginning of America's craze for Gourmet Soylent Green! Sold to you by Monsanto...maker of Herbicides, luscious GMOs, and AstroTurf!

Our Country, if not the world...is under attack by Super Rich Industrialists who don't give a sh*t if the Earth disintegrates or not!...as long they can take it all with them before they die! Yes!! The degenerate sick mind of Trump and his Billionaire Club! And they'll continue doing it more and more, cause We, the People are allowing it to continue!!!
The Family Trump are true examples of human waste...true life degenerates who would even steal all the charitable $$$ going for Kids with Cancer through all their numerous Fake Trump Charities, just like Donald did with the Vets!! Yes! the total indecency and shameless immorality of our 1st Family will never seize...that's what the live for!!  

 "Leadership is an opportunity to Serve. It is not a call to self-importance" ~~~ J. Donald Walters

Making yourself look important, and posing as President, just makes you look even more the asshole everyone already knows you are, Donny Boy! What's your luck? The GOP are all true Spineless Cowards with no Cojones to tell you to take a hike! Their greed and your stupidity will be the Fall of Republicans in 2018, and of your Kingdom...even sooner!!

Planet Earth is currently inhabited by 7.5 Billion People!!...Yes! 7.5 Billion People who would all love to know that their Children and their Children's Children are going to simply be able to live and breathe fresh 21% Oxygen, rather than use a Mask &Tank until that's   not enough and die! Is all about the ability to survive on this Earth!!
And out of all those Billions...you have around 300 people...yes, that's right, 300+ totally immoral human beings in this World who calls themselves Republicans, 300 sick minds who don't care or give a damn what happens to anyone ...as long as they can obtain all the material wealth humanly possible. 
Greedy Low Life Billionaires prefer to stuff their mattresses with every single dollar and every penny they can scrounge...they probably think when they die, they can pay off God to stick around...rather than go directly to Hell.

American Leadership around the world is currently taking a 'forced' sabbatical. The Art of Trump Diplomacy has alienated all our Allies. And for the first time...at least in my lifetime...our Allies are publicly declaring; the United States cannot be trusted!!
In Foreign Affairs, Leaders around the World are learning how to respond to this pompous ass...including Mocking, like the Leaders of Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland, mocking Trump's Orb. picture. His use of bully Politics to get things his way, Chastising our Allies and Appeasing our natural Enemy is getting nowhere!....except receiving the mistrust of both sides! And his Batshit spectacles at every stop, is an embarrassment and an insult to the very fabric of American Leadership! 

Our Leaderless American Diplomacy is on a very narrow dangerous road. While our greatness as a nation hits the rock bottom of the political gutter...Trumpism has brought back our Nation's Worst Political Diplomat from the dead...the Ugly American!

Umm? really makes sense!! Donald Trump, more than anyone alive is truly in every way, shape, and form...your quintessential, Ugly American!

Trump’s Climate-Change Sociopathy by Jeffrey D. Sachs - Project Syndicate