Dec 31, 2015

The GOP's "Growth & Opportunity Project": Inclusion? or Exclusion?

By RF Schatten

Dear Republicans, do you know anything about the “Growth and Opportunity Project”? It's your 'Project', my friends!...since winning Presidential Elections are becoming increasingly harder after the GOP accepted the taste of Lipton in their after-hours Conservative cocktail parties...a 'Project' to diversify yourself and gain more voters! Diversify? about because your voter base is just not big enough to win anytime soon, stupid?

“If our Party is not Welcoming and Inclusive, Young People and increasingly other Voters will continue to tune us out” ~~~ Ari Fleischer

The “Growth and Opportunity Project” is the postmortem report by Ari Fleischer on why the GOP lost 2012, and on how to regain the edge by connecting with the minorities...especially the Hispanics, the Asians, and the Youth.
With a Party make-up of Conservative Lily White Old Men and ignorantly Batshit Insane Younger Men and Women...they just don't give a shit! For this crowd, it's Hate!'s become fairly common knowledge why the Grand Old Party is so often called these days; "The Party of Hate".  

The last "Silent Majority" went with Nixon...and you remember all those wonderful hot lazy hazy days of summer riots, protests, sit-ins, war, social issues, and Watergate scandals! At least Nixon knew enough about politics and Foreign Affairs to keep this Nation intact during all his personal problems...this new Silent Majority is as clueless of how Societies and Governments function, and about Foreign their 'Le Grande Orange' Führer!

The bean-counter's numbers are are you going to win by alienating the Youth Vote, the Latino Vote, all Asian and Muslim Voters, and all minorities in general?...the Black Vote already goes 80%+ Democratic, and probably higher this, how about the Women and LGBT Voters? Don't expect an overwhelming majority of Women or Gays to vote for an arrogant Chauvinist, egotistical Gynephobe and Homophobe who's just a business con artist...with absolutely no experience in domestic and world affairs...and an openly flagrant liar!

With the Iowa Caucus spectacle on Feb. 1st, Trump is looking to restore his lead in the Hawkeye State which is now going for Ted Cruz, with the strong financial support of the Lipton Christians...Economic Populism he calls it...ask Atlantic City, NJ about Donald Trump, the guy who knows everything because he says so, and his Economic plans?!?!

Ted Cruz? He's the intelligent political version of the Trumpster...same ideas and Teutonic mentality...but, a much more dangerous and evil Demagogue.
"Political Correctness is killing people" Cruz' own words. He doesn't think we should be "Politically Correct" when it comes to War...or Law Enforcement...when trying to catch the bad guys. In other words, if President, he would not observe the Rules of Law, whether in Foreign Countries or in the United States, itself. Why not? he 'is' a big favorite of Law Enforcement bullies around the country...especially in Texas...the KKK, second only to Trump by the American Neo-Nazis, and of course...the NRA!

February 1st, 2016; the fun begins! Can Trump overtake Cruz in Iowa? Will Cruz become the front runner, even if Trump leads nationwide? Then, the cold winter of New Hampshire...will Trump take the Live Free or Die State? or will it be a Cruz push after Iowa? How about Marco? How about Jeb! who can now only say Jeb...I guess he can't use the exclamation anymore...ahhyup! Jeb couldn't "fix" that!

Unless something happens drastically between now and the Primaries, it will be a show with either Trump, Cruz, Rubio, or Bush...everyone else could very well be declared, in Trump's language; "Fired!". The writing is on the wall for 3/4 of them, anyhow!
As for Rubio and Cruz attracting the Latin Vote? Lets put it this have 2 wannabee Cubans whose "Cubanismo" comes out shining only during election time...with the exception of the 80-90 Generation of Cuban Voters, the Latin Vote is going Leftward!.

Son dos descarados que quieren ser mas Cubanos que los Cubanos, quando en realidada, no valen nada! Translation:They are a disgrace and embarrassment to the Cuban Community...and if you're a Republican? Don't expect the Hispanic Vote, even if a Latino...but especially if it's one of these 2 on the Ballot!

Yup! Happy Days appear to be here again for the Donkeys...if they don't find another way to screw themselves up first once again!

Republicans come up short in search for diverse voters in 2016 election | Reuters

Dec 21, 2015

The Republican Party's Entrancement for Fascism & Totalitarian Societies

 By R$F Schatten

The Republican Party's entrancement for Fascism and a Totalitarian Society, is going along well! Trump's entrancement for Vladimir Putin's Bad Ass Persona is an aberration in US Political History!

Here's a man who, as leading contender...represents the Republican Party! If this is the man that the majority of Republican Voters believe can become, what America commonly calls the Presidency of the United States; "The Most Powerful Man on Earth" have a raving rich lunatic, that truly believes that metaphor!...and truly believes he's "The Man"!
A spoiled rich, arrogant, and egotistical 'Prince Pretty', with a lot of $$$ and without a single clue in the understandings of the inner works of the US Government...and absolutely one bad foolish amateur on Foreign Policy!?!?...apparently, 'this' is what Republicans want and can't live without!
If this is what the majority of Republican rank and file Voters want? Then the Republican Party must officially and openly embrace the Trumpter's Philosophy of Hate, Fear, and Fascism...and endorse him! They already have the official endorsement of the American Neo-Nazis!...they 'love' the Trumpster!

“Leave the Faith alone, go after the Radicals that kill us all.” ~~~ George W Bush, as he defended Islam after 9/11.

Some in the GOP, like ex-contender Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC)...who had the cojones to break off from all those GOP cowards who call themselves Contenders...said; “Donald Trump has done the one single thing you cannot do...Declare War on Islam itself,”
But Trump's fanatic following loves the verbal vulgarity and disrespect this dishonorable imitation of a man dishes out to others...whether Democrats or Republicans, Liberal or Conservative, whether Man or Woman, Young or Old, from any Country in the World...and whatever Race or Religion on earth...except Lilly White Fundamental Christianity, naturally!

Now, we have a man who would Follow Donald Trump to "the end of the world"...Sieg Heil! Mein Führer!...cause killing Muslims for Trump is his calling!
Just like the 2 Brothers in Boston...brutally beating up and then 'urinating' on a Hispanic homeless man because; "Donald Trump is Right...need to get them aliens out of this country"!! 2 more ignorant human beings inspired by all the lies of Donald Trump! And still no condemnation by the Donald?...again! how can you condemn something you believe in?
Le Grande Orange is one true crazy maniacal Gynophobe, Xenophobe, and a narcissistic braggart who's only reason for running for the Presidency is that 1%'s delirium for Power...cause he can own anything he wants! he's Donald Trump!

When the GOP refuses to officially condemn Donald Trump as a whole, for his actions and incitements for others to commit brutality and murder in his name...then, they must be seen as Endorsing Hate, Fear, and Totalitarian Fascism, and thus, endorsing Trump's plank at Convention time. How are they going to admit that the GOP does not believe in Fascism when their eminent Standard Bearer is a Nazi sympathizer? as is Cruz and Rubio...two others who haven't criticized Trump on the issue of Fascism, either?

Fascism in a rapidly growing Progressive & Socially Liberal Society and Culture? Now, you got a foolishly ignorant Republican spewing the greatness of Fascism, while extolling the greatness and admiration for Vladimir ex/Communist-Socialist...both of these characters each with Totalitarian dreams of their own . You have one savvy Russian who knows every political trick in the books, Politicos around the world, and a sad amateur excuse in Trump, the guy who knows everything within his own little world...with an American Policy of 'Exclusivity' within its own Border, and another failed attempt in International Diplomacy, with a true seriously Ugly American Policy abroad!

You add the rest of the world's leaders...all playing with the Mind of a Total Amateur, for their own personal and political gains? It's going to be an Interesting 2016 Dumbo Primary Season!! Will common sense come back to life in Republican America?...or will it be the Sieg Heil?!?!

Trump supporter charged in plot to bomb Muslims: ‘I’ll follow this MAN to the end of the world’

Dec 16, 2015

The GOP Debates: Governing by Fear!

By RF Schatten

"Governing by Fear"'s the GOP Way! When you have nothing...absolutely nothing! offer the American Public, you turn to the old reliable "Fear Factor", scare them to death!

The Republican's 'Chicken Little' tactic...say it over and over, and all the foolish ignorance in today's masses that consists of the common clay of the American spirit will follow you straight to their death. When a politico enjoys living in the land of the stupids, they cannot help themselves avoid getting addicted to stepping on batshit....and the more they walk through that path, the more they want to step on it!

The latest exercise in Debate 101 apparently was a success if you're a Republican, and a totally divine Clown Show comedy if you were everybody else on this earth!

It was the zenith of batshit substance whatsoever of any kind, but a lot of 'Pants On Fire' lies to bolster their ratings on PolitiFact. It was a Debate of Fear and Hate by 8 Demagogues...Kasich just wanted some peace on earth among the challengers, and pretty much got ignored most of the night...and no one whatsoever, without even a clue on Foreign Policy.

National Security and Foreign Affairs was the topic...the Republican response? FEAR, HATE, and GUNS!! Time for War, and more hunt until they eliminate all Muslims from this Earth...and they made it explicitly clear that Civilian Casualties were unimportant! all in the name of stopping Terrorism? Latest estimates say it will take 80+ years of a full 100% Military occupation in the Middle East, to possibly stop 'almost' all the terrorists...but still, not all!

Time to arm against Muslims!! time to spy on your neighbors! time to kick out all or illegal that are not Evangelical Christians! Time to built that wall around the United States of America! Muricans Only!

All the shootings and mass killings? More Guns!...pass them out to all the crazies so they can play Gunfight at the OK Corral...yippee-ki-yay! Every Tom, Dick, and Harry that can sign an "X" under their name...has the Constitutional Right to own a Gun! It's time to show the world who's boss!

Armored Police and violence in the streets...a cop shooting an innocent defenseless man or woman? The sick sordid way of showing the world not to mess with Americans, and that "America Is Great, Again"! the eyes and tune of Fascist Ideology. Let them all kill each other with all those guns available, and then...they'll just march in with their Cross and Flag, without firing a shot!

And shutting the Internet as much as possible to fight ISIS? The Horseshit is truly flying high and long! More like shut down the Net so Republicans don't look the pile of garbage and human waste they are, in front of the entire  World...they've already lost Social Media Vote! Cutting off the Internet is like Burning Books...always the crazies of society!

Ana Marie Cox, in a related story in The Daily Beast, brilliantly described this Debate: "A Debate about Foreign Policy in which no actual Treaties were discussed. A Debate about the most dangerous Threats to America and no discussion of Home-Grown Terrorists. A debate about National Security that didn’t delve into the Costs of War".

The Republican Party has absolutely no one who can run a serious Professional Political Campaign with any real knowledge, real issues, with at least some sort of intelligence...and with a sense decorum and civility, by which this Country can get behind and support! They just don't have anyone! Zilch!...'Batshitmania' has become the greatest 'Reality Show' in the World...the zanier and more outrageous Trump gets, the more they like him! the more Hatred and Lies Trump's Intelligent alternative, Teddy Cruz spews out...the more people go gaga over the Anointed Savior of the Masses and his little Rasputinish Daddy!

The true Fear of your rank & file mainstream Republican? Another 4 years without a GOP President, and the time is running out for 2020 with this Republican Class of incompetence and buffoonery...and becoming the anti-establishment in a rapidly Progressive and Liberal World! Oh! and the Fear of the Numbers Game that shows the Nationwide Voter Split as 39% Independents, 32% Democrats, and 23% Republicans! Of Independents, only 16% of them Lean Republican...and with these choices of Candidates and policy stands? some of those 16% will certainly walk, and not vote, along with mainstream Republicans who appear more and more to sit it out, and hunker down this coming November!

Ahhyup! their 'is' Hope for this Country and the World...if, you're smart and go to vote!...but this is America, what do you think?

The Internet, scare tactics and big fat juicy lies: Here are the top 10 bullsh*t moments of the GOP debate

Dec 12, 2015

The GOP's Brokered Convention Plans: Carson threatens to leave? Bingo!

By RF Schatten

Benny! Benny! Benny! Threatening to leave the GOP, because a potential brokered convention? I believe that if the GOP is preparing for a brokered convention...your threat in removing yourself from the Republican Party, should at least give you a clue on what they really think about you and the Donald!

Threatening to leave the GOP? The writing is on the wall, Doc! At this stage of the game, their answer to both of you is:"Don't let the door hit ya in the ass on your way out!!
Welcome to the game of Political Smoke Filled Rooms...and how real politics are brokered and decided! You! my friend, are an amateur...and no one really likes you or your weird sense of Life, anyway! Trying to show how smart you are, just shows how truly dumb you really are. Stick to Medicine, you can only hurt one patient at a time...not 350 Million!

When did Carson and Trump think they truly know more as politicians than those who've been schlepping the political rhetoric of Patriotism and Greatness in America for years? If Ben Carson and Donald Trump were not in the race? the Republicans wouldn't need to rig a brokered convention, in the first place!!

Ahhyup! the Grand Old Party has had enough of the Doctor and the Trumpster...their domination of the top spots in the reality ratings of the 2016 Clown Show, has detracted from the rest of the Mediocrity that calls themselves 2016 Republican Presidential Candidates. True Politicos Pros!...and 3 incredibly stupid amateurs!...count Carly as long as we're at it...and no one, absolutely no one! is even qualified to be a dog catcher!!
And it's not just my personal feelings about the 'other side of the Aisles'...way too many Republicans feel the same way I do!

My question to the RNC is; Why don't you have better qualified candidates? Why do you allow to portray yourself as a Clown Party?...with every batshit crazy newbie politico wannabee swerving over the act of Decorum into an act of Indecency...and the Republicans condone that!
The strongest component of the GOP has always been the Mainstream of the Party...they've failed once before going extreme right with Goldwater, and they will again. The GOP was crafted and molded in the image of your typical everyday Mainstream Fiscal Conservative, not the radical Right Wing. But eventually...they accepted Racists and Bigots of the likes of Strom Thurmond and Jesse Helms. The complexion of the party has gone from relatively White to Lilly White...if not in actual membership?...then in its rhetoric and philosophy, morphing into 21st Century Fascism. Miss the good old days of was just dirty politics among political thieves.

When the Washington Post reported; "Republican officials and leading figures in the Party’s establishment are now preparing for the possibility of a Brokered Convention as Donald Trump continues sit atop the Polls and the Presidential Race." Bingo! The Shit finally hit the Fan! The RNC is getting a little perturbed with Dr. Ben and the matter what they do, they still have nobody worth a dime ready to lead the GOP to victory in 2016! Their only hopes is to pick up one of the remaining Clowns, don't look too embarrassing, pray a lot, and cut your loses and hope for 2020.

It wasn't the Democrats who decided to become vulgar and unprofessional...elected politicians, talking trash while berating everyone and their grandmother. The hateful rage and racist connotations don't come from the Left or the Christian's all coming from one direction, period! The Party that believes in Values, have no Values of their own...when a Political Campaign gets down to vulgarity, lies, and innuendos...they have nothing left.

Trump and Carson have been playing their games upon the Republican Party and the general that the RNC started playing 'their' game? they call Foul! Well, Is the RNC going to put some cojones and make them play their way or cave in again? Does it really matter? One Republican said; "This is the worst time ever in the history of the Grand Old Party".

Here's hoping for the good old days of Mittens Romney...not much of a candidate, but a lot more civil decorum out of him. But, ahhnope! it's going to be one of these jokers...or the Pick of the Clowns...we all know the ending!

2016 election: Ben Carson blasts RNC, threatens to leave Republican Party - POLITICO

Dec 9, 2015

Fascism in Our Political Discourse? Needing America to Wake Up!

By RF Schatten

"If you want to 'Make America Great Again'? Tell Trump to go to Hell"  ~~~ Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC)

On the other side of the Great Republican Revolution of 2016? "Heil Donald Trump...The Ultimate Savior"!!
That, was the response by Andrew Anglin, publisher of the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer, on GOP candidate Donald Trump's call for the "Total and Complete Shutdown of Muslims entering the United States. Congratulations! The Republican Party now has the official endorsement of the American neo-Nazis!...and the next one should naturally come from the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan?!?! 

The Republican hysteria over Trump has begun! stake? The 2016 Big Show, Congressional Seats, the Balance of the Senate, but most of all...the disintegration of the Grand Old Party...even the Tea Party is turning on the Donald!
But his flock keeps growing! and made up of America's finest of the Extreme Right Wing...even too the extreme of Tea aficionados who are uneasy with the Trumpster's Constitutionals thoughts. A pull-out run as an Independent? 68% of his supporters would jump the Good Ship Dumbo, and follow their "Heir"! The tension between the Tea Party, the Mainstream GOP, and the hierarchy of the NRC, is just going to get worse. And with the very distinct possibility that a good share Republican Voters would prefer to just cut their losses and sit this one out!...the Grand Old Party is quickly becoming an old White Elephant!

Fascism! Who many times does someone need to be reminded about Sinclair Lewis' words of wisdom?
Donald Trump's cannonball splash into Fascism is just fascinating! Whether he truly agrees with his own rhetoric, or he's just a good business con man doing whatever it takes...and as low any living organism can dig down into...all, just to get what he wants!  

"Without looking at the various polling data, it is obvious to anybody the hatred is beyond comprehension. Where this hatred comes from and why, we will have to determine." Where does this hatred comes from? It comes from your arrogance and indifference, Donny Boy!! It comes from your Hatred of Hispanics! and your true hatred for Women, it comes right out of your big fat mouth! If you're an Xenophobe or a Sociophobe as you portray to be? or is all of this, just a big con on the American Public? either one, you still 'are' the lowest form of a human being to ever run for President of the United States! If anyone fits the bill of inciting a riot and exploiting fear and hatred of others?'s Donald Trump!! 

There is a reason why two countries...Great Britain and Israel...are discussing the passage of Legislation in each of their respective country, to ban and not permit Donald Trump to enter their country. With the international embarrassment of it all! why would you? well? I repeat!...why would someone need to be reminded about Fascism? In Europe and one ever needs to be reminded!

Fascism should certainly be discussed as part of our political discourse, it needs to be discussed! and with the advent of cheap political theatrics...there's just too much Ignorance and too many uneducated people in the United States, to allow someone to wrap himself in the patriotism of a Flag, pretend he's Religious and Moral, and start parading through Main Street, USA as "Heir Savior"! 

Is America ready to use the term “fascist” in our political discourse? Rachel Maddow explores how Donald Trump has mainstreamed extremism -

Dec 5, 2015

America's Great Divide: Gun Control...or more Violence!

 By RF Schatten

When the BBC reported the mass shootings in San Bernadino as; "Just another day in America"! Did that sound like a cynical British sarcastic knock on "The Yanks"?...or a dreadful truth of what America has become?

Where's the moral outrage in these country? After every mass shootings...whether the victims or perpetrators were black or white, male or female, young or have the cries, the condemnations, the outrage of our community demanding changes and gun reform, and supported by the overwhelming majority of this Nation!
But Nothing! Nada! Zilch! Zero compassion! by another sector of our Multi-Cultural, Multi-Racial, and Multi-Ethnic American Society...The Republican Cocktail Party and their kissing cousins, the Evangelical Tea Toddlers!
The response by the GOP to all these Mass Shootings? Well?!?! lets just say that Praying for the Dead Victims is not going to bring them back!...their actions? Second verse...same as the first; We need more, more, and more Guns and all sorts of weapons to protect ourselves from our Government, who's out to get us and take away our guns! and to protect ourselves from all and illegal...and naturally, from Terrorists! 

No one in the Conservative side of the aisles has ever given a shit when it came to our young kids, or a black person getting shot by some crazy mass's easy to blame anyone else or everyone for all the tragedies, and not ever accept any of the blame or responsibilities for any of the actions taken! 

But suddenly the attackers are "Muslims"!  Now suddenly, the Dumbos care!...Glory Hallelujah! The sound bytes of we must defend ourselves from the evil of all of Islam. The perfect facade in an Election season...and with nothing else to run on, the latest mass shooting is their perfect reason to build up and elevate themselves into a greater level of indecency...the Politics of Lies, Fear and Hate!...the Russians are Coming! the Russians are Coming! Syndrome.

Could some unprepared schmuck cowboy who owns a gun...and happens to be in possession of it...defend himself and whomever he needs to defend, against 2 fully and heavily armed people in full body armor, carrying Grenades, Pipe-bombs, Gas Masks, and a fully prepared plan of action? Of course!...if you're the same idiot who believes in arming teachers and arming young kids, while training to defend themselves in school...naturally, until the first school fistfight becomes the first school shootout between 2 little kids. And don't try to interfere and stop them!... or these 2 sweet little bastards, will 'both' shoot you...right in the ass!
As Ben Carson said; just rush and overwhelm the attacker!...not everyone will make it, but someone will stop the perpetrator! How about you, Dr. Carson? would you lead a rush against attackers that were wearing Full Body Armor, Lethal with Assault Weapons, Grenades, and Bombs? Even the Trumpster...Mr. Macho, the tough guy himself!...would have found a way of exiting very quickly, stage right!

As of last week, America's toll stood at 355 Mass Shootings in 336 Days...that's more than one Mass Shooting a day, folks!! There's something seriously fricken wrong when some in our Society considers those...without remorse or acceptable number, and nothing else!  Is there a need to show the massive numbers of deaths or shootings? Is there a need to show all the police violence Americans have had to put up with?  Of course! The annual number of people killed by cops averaged 928 per year over the past Eight the past 2 years, over 1,000+ have died in the hands of the Police...with over 161 of them being unarmed. It doesn't matter where it comes from, violence is violence!...and America just can't have enough of it!!

We live in a violent society...U.S. represents less than 5% of the 7.3 billion global population but accounted for 31% of all Global Mass Shooters from 1966 to 2012, more than any other country!...whether a 1st World, 2nd World, or 3rd World!...we are 'technically', the most Savage Country on Earth! And that was just up to 2012...and it has gotten worse! But look at where all the violence comes from...the continuous spewing of Fear, the continuous spewing of Hate!
Who are all these perpetrators? In which direction is their minds moving? Why do they do what they do? You have crazy psychotics who shouldn't even be allowed to purchase a gun. You got people who are just hateful racists, who are ignorant enough to believe all the spewing and it's time to become a Superhero for the Far Right!  And then you have those who favor politically another cause, whether it's targeting Muslims, Jews, Women, the Disabled, whoever!  Terrorism is Terrorism, whether its Foreign or Domestic it's still a mass shooting or bombing perpetrated by anyone...American, European, Middle Eastern, Asian, or Hispanic!

The only way to stop this madness? It's either more Guns and more Killings, or less Guns and less Killings...and yes, the black market 'can' be suppressed enough to lower the Crime Rate. The only true choice to stop all the killings is strict Gun Control, period! By why stop the madness? when you're making Billions of others' Tragedy. And how the NRA, in partnership with the Gun Industry, makes-up the largest Political Lobby in the United States Congress constantly fighting Gun Control...and getting everything they want from their Political Whores in Congress, in which the majority of them belong to the GOP...including their Candidates! All this will continue till the GOP self-destructs or until We, the People decide to do something about it...besides Voting!

America's fascination with Guns and Violence began with our fascination for the Old Wild West..the real and not so real. Its Stories, the Folk Tales, the Gunslingers, Posses, Lynch Mobs, the Cowboys and Indians, John Wayne and Roy Rogers, the Folk Tales about the Outlaws! Yup! this is what Fascinates the Right Wing in America, and why so many in the GOP want to regress back to those "Good" Old Days where Racism flourished!

Ahhyup! this group of Republicans want to relive the life of their ancestors, even if their ancestors weren't there till a hundred years later. But you have to give them credit!...they do fit right in with the Simple Farmers, those People of the Land, the Common Clay of the New know who! 

America Is Fine With Mass Shootings—as Long as They’re Not Perpetrated by Muslims | The Nation