May 31, 2014

The Perverse Pleasure of carrying Firearms

 By RF Schatten

This is why America is today, the greatest reality show on Worldwide TV...we have an ongoing Class War, Race War, and a Culture War...simultaneously, all conflicting with each other, while having our
greatest War of all...Blatant Ignorance versus Common Sense, Logic, and Critical Thinking.

There's so much Horseshit being spewed in Politics, today...that it just flows out into their endearing fan base. Gun Perversion?? There are those who sleep with an gun under their pillow, not of fear...but, because it's 'their' gun...a perverse pleasure?? it's how deeply you feel about your gun, I presume.

You got those, who want nothing more in life than to become a Cop, and catch the "Bad Boys"...and use their authority, for their own self-gratification where Laws...swing towards that Grayish area. And then you got those...who want nothing more in life, than to live out their perverted fantasies of violence. Now days, mass shootings 'are' what gets their imagination, rolling. Cynically I can say; let these two fight it out, and let them neutralize each other...neither, have the right moral reasons to carry firearms. But seriously, is there any real solutions to get all this lunacy today, with guns...stopped??

Now, you have those who seriously want to stop, and end all this violence...but, political perversion has played its hand, on how some states reflect on Gun Violence. Jeb Bush signed the "Stand Your Ground" Law in Florida...and you can see how wonderful that works!! In Georgia, you can take a gun inside Schools, Stores, Churches, Restaurants...and if your thirsty? Bars!! What's a better mix, than Bourbon and Bullets on a thirsty dog day afternoon?? And in Texas?? well?? Texas is Texas...and with all due respect, to the good fine people of's the home of insane Batshit Political Buckaroos, need I say more?? All, Red the way.

Nothing is ever going to stop, until some common sense prevails, and a serious national discourse is
started. Yeah!! we're talking about it now...but, how many more kids have to die?? how many more people have to die??...before any action is taken?? Not while this Political Circus Atmosphere, is still around!!

Gun perverts: Open Carry Texas member admits he gets a “perverse pleasure” over carrying a firearm | FreakOutNation

May 30, 2014

Clippers Sold To Steve Ballmer...sorry, you can't Sail the Clippers to Seattle!!

By RF Schatten

Congratulations, all long suffering LA Clippers Fans!! It's been a very long time coming...and specially to some of you, who have never known another Clipper team, since you've been born!!
Steve Ballmer will not be allowed to Sail the Clippers to Seattle, if the sale is approved...but
maybe, he'll get that Randy Newman feeling, and Love L.A!!....and then just maybe, he would consider an NFL Franchise for the largest City in America, without an NFL Team. It would make a good interesting rivalry with the Seahawks...a rivalry with his old Microsoft buddy, and Seattle
neighbor...Paul Allen!!

$2 Billion Dollars is a quite steep price...even, for a team in a major media market. But with the Dodgers, who were acquired for $2.1 Billion, two years makes Los Angeles the most important TV Market in the Nation. Hopefully Ballmer will keep the right business perspective...and not try to get rid of the great talent, this team currently has. How many great players, passed through
LA, in the past 32 or 33 years...before getting traded, and frustrating all their loyal fans in Southern California??

The entire sale, has taken a, after giving the wife the power to sell the team...he says he doesn't want to!! Donald Sterling is 80 years old, has cancer, still likes young girls...and wants to go out, with a bang, and if he can screw the world...for taking his precious team away from him...he's going to do it with all the spotlights and glitter, in Tinseltown!!

Now, for the Star of the Show: Shelly Sterling finagled a $2 Billion Dollar sale for a team, worth way much less!! How will it be divided between the not so happy their own "The War of the Roses" continuing saga?? Shelly Sterling may have found a new career...if any sports owners want to sell their team...Shelly is the Gal to see!!

 NBA: Clippers Will Be Sold To Steve Ballmer, Donald Sterling Hearing Canceled

May 29, 2014

Mitch's Ventriloquism...fool the people, as the "Dummy" doing the talking. But like Edgar can see his mouth moving!!

By RF Schatten

Oh!! don't worry!! "Kynect" is not Obamacare!!...after I repeal Obamacare, you'll still have Kynect...believe me!! Of course you will, Kentucky!! your dreams!!

Confuse the Electorate??'s not beyond a politico to do such a deceiving thing...much less, today's Tea infected Republicans. When you're an old White Racist Male Chauvinist, and your biggest political sound byte of your career is "Repeal Obamacare" a state that's crazy about the plan, but don't care much for the person, that they should be thankful, too...what do you do??

And the worst part of it all, is that his opponent happens to be a very smart and charismatic Woman, much younger than him...who supports a strong Healthcare plan for Kentucky. The entire campaign fight strategy for Mitch McConnell is attacking Obamacare, and relating his opponent to the President...that's his solitary issue with this woman. McConnell's famous dirty sleazy completely destroy every opponent he ever's not working out the same way, anymore. He knows his own character limitations...and he knows, this 'is' his Swan Song.

This, is a Democracy...if the majority of the people of Kentucky, believe all the Blue Grass horseshit that comes out of Mitch McConnell's mouth, the lies, the deceits...then they deserve what they get!! The fact remains, that those who will lose the most, are the children!!...and 'that' is totally shameless, if most of these fine themselves, Christians.

McConnell's Obamacare Spin Exploits Kentuckian Confusion Over KyNect | New Republic

May 27, 2014

Wealth of Hillary Clinton complicates her image as Populist Champion??...not!!

By RF Schatten

The greatest "Populist Champion" in my lifetime, was Bobby Kennedy...and he was filthy rich!!...yet, it never complicated his image!! The notion that a wealthy person cannot relate towards the common man, is simply aristocratic arrogance. And the problem with rich Conservatives is; their bitter jealousy with the Kennedy's, the Clinton's, and all other
rich people...who have been embraced by the population. They cannot understand, in their sheer ignorance...why others with $$$...are willing to help those less fortunate??

"The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively" ~~ Bob Marley

There's a gynophobic urgency for the GOP to rid themselves of Hillary...when you lose the Benghazi argument, you move on to Monica...when you lose the Monica sound byte, you move to her Age...and when nobody gives a shit...attack her for conspiring to become a Grandmother before the elections. When nothing works?? try the old 1-2 punch of desperation...first Health, and now Wealth.

Why all of this BS about her Wealth, now?? When FOX fails in their mission...get the Washington Times to throw some shit around...a last act of desperation, when everything
else ends up in the crapper. So, why can't their promos "go over" with the general populace?? You can't attack someone on any specific campaign issues, while having absolutely no viable alternative plan, to counter any of your opponents' plank.

When all is said and done, Hillary will still be leading all her Republican wannabees...and the Dumbo's will still be asking her about Benghazi!!

One-percenter: Wealth of Hillary Clinton complicates her image as populist champion - Washington Times

May 26, 2014

Christian Right's dilemma: Swimming against the tide...with a 20ft wave, coming at you!!

 By RF Schatten

“We are a better people than what these Laws represent, and it is time to discard them into the Ash Heap of History” ~~ U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III

It's over!! The War over "Same-Sex Marriage" is over!! When 26 of the 50 States have it Legal in their's time to raise the White Flag, and take it like an adult!!

The arithmetic numbers don't lie...26 States means over 50% of the  country!! And it continues to of May 2014, 55% of all Americans nationwide, favor gay marriage. The writing is on the wall!!...when Judges, picked by both Democratic and Republican
Presidents, feel like Judge Jones...and every single case goes in favor of the LGBT movement, as it's going...admit defeat!! cut your loses!! and go home!! Supreme Court?? You'll never convince Republican Anthony Kennedy!! "Conventional Wisdom", is today's Conservative Agenda's biggest enemy and worst nightmare.

Gay Marriage, like Civil here to stay. We have grown as a Society...we 'are' a better people, with a general respect for others' beliefs, and understandings...but, you will still have your self-deniers...who would rather go backwards and crawl under a rock...than to move forward, with the rest of the world!!

Recent court victories bolster same-sex marriage to a legal tipping point – LGBTQ Nation

May 25, 2014

When Lies become embarrassing...maybe it's time to retire

By RF Schatten

If Mitch McConnell really cares about his Country, why would he oppose an Act that has been embraced by 413,000 Kentuckians...which by any his Constituency?? Isn't the 1st duty of an elected civil servant, to work for needs and wishes his Constituents??

McConnell's Kentucky, has one of the most successful ACA exchanges in the country, signing up through their State Exchange, “Kynect”. Over 5% of all the signed ups, throughout the country...are from Kentucky. That's a huge amount of people, who really wanted Healthcare...and they're happy!!

But the GOP Senate Minority Leader...wants to be Senate Majority Leader!! It's not about the people of's about Mitch McConnell, the quest that has eluded him forever, his last big the September of his years, is upon him. So, what about the people?? His “people” are $$$, Power, and Influence...everyone else?? He does care for his election time!! Does he really care about repealing the ACA??
If Romney would've won, he would now be embracing Romneycare!! But, to Old's about those old deep feelings of a Black Guy being his Boss...and the knowledge that he's not alone, others with even more power, agree with him. Your quintessential American Political Hypocrite...who publicly loves his Red, White, and Blue American community...while slowly screwing them privately. If he doesn't care about his own State, why would he care about the rest of the country?? 

To the People of Kentucky...413,000 of you can now see whatever Doctor you desire, be taken care of, and not have to worry so much, about the cost!! Apparently, it's been a success in the Blue Grass State. So why Vote for someone who promised you; “I would repeal Obamacare if I'm elected Majority Leader”?? So, you don't like the Black Guy?? so what?? 413,000 of you just got Insurance, because of that Black Guy. Don't like him?? no problem!! But don't just Vote for a Guy, that's going to cut it off...because you prefer the name “Kynect” over the name “Obamacare”!! It's called ACA, the Affordable Care Act...the Republicans renamed it “Obamacare”...if you think that sucks?? Blame the GOP, and Bitch at Mitch!!

Desperate Liar Mitch McConnell Gets Caught In His Own Obamacare Trap

May 24, 2014

Newt's "Boy" says; #UniteBlue are ‘Freaks’ and ‘Hate Mongers’

By RF Schatten

Say it aint so, Joe!! On May 23rd, Joe Scarborough came out of his Right of Center, amicable, easy going TV Persona...and became his true self...Newt Gingrich's favorite "boy" in the US House, during the heydays of his "Contract with America". So what is so unusual??...nothing, except for the removal of his "boy next door" facade.

It's a condemnation, primarily of the Progressive and Liberal movement. How does Joe really feel?? Well??...he Voted against raising the minimum wage to $5.15/hr, Voted to cut the growth of Medicare by $270 billion dollars, Voted to cut all Federal funding for
Public Broadcasting...and was elected Political Director for Newt's "New Federalists"...their primary agenda? The privatization, consolidation, or complete elimination of the Dept. of Energy, Dept. of Commerce, Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, and first and foremost...the Dept. of Education!!

Nice to call people "Hate Mongers"...because they hate what the GOP is doing to them?? When you're guilty as sin, turn around and call everyone else, what people think of they can forget what kind of Shit, you really are!! It worked pretty successfully for Germany, in 1930-31. Freaks?? What would a Conservative Baby Boomer call his or her Liberal counterpart?? We've always been their "Freaks", "Hippies", or "Pinko Commies"!! And finally..."Fringe"!!

Let's talk about this "Fringe". The word Fringe, is Scarborough's biggest freak-out!! Why?? maybe, because as UniteBlue very informatively explained: ‪#‎UniteBlue‬
has been generating over 400 thousand Tweets/month...more than the GOP and Tea Party Hashtags. The fact that there's over 2 million members?? Oh!! they're "fringe"!!...keep those sound-bytes going..."they're a very small fringe group". Thank you, Joe!! you have given an organization with a membership of over 2 Million...the publicity to grow even
larger!!, your hate, has always been our cause, and you're going to see #UniteBlue in your dreams and in your nightmares, for a long time to come.

Apologize!! I have a feeling that the "say it ain't so" Hashtag will remain in place, till you publicly apologize to #UniteBlue as they demanded. Till then...‪#‎SayItAintSoJoe‬ !!

Watch: Joe Scarborough says you’re ‘freaks’ and ‘hate mongers’ if you’re with #UniteBlue | FreakOutNation

May 23, 2014

When you run out of Bullshit...start some more!!

 By RF Schatten

He’s an Enigma within his own imagination…understood only by the postulating ignorance of his admirers.

Raphael Eduardo Cruz, must’ve been a rotten little kid…the schemer who gets all the kids motivated…then throws the first rock, and runs. He’s your quintessential political Charlatan…a quack, spewing his horseshit to the gullible ignorance, who thinks he’s the next Messiah!!…hey!! it must be true, because his pastor Dad said so!! God spoke to him the minute Teddy was born; God chose Ted and destined him for greatness!!…and his destiny is to save freedom in America!!…and the world!!

Ted Cruz has reached his limit, he’ll never be anything else, than what he is today…a “Sound Byte” dropper to inspire the masses…”Commies under every bed!!” (in honor of his hero, Joe McCarthy), Obamacare!! Benghazi!! Debt Ceiling!! Benghazi!! Jobs!! Benghazi!!…keeps his loonies motivated, and keeps the attention away enough…from the fact that; neither He or any other member of the GOP, have a clue of a plan, on
what their real official public opposing arguments, and their respective plans…are ever going to be…on anything!! Not now, not since before 2008…and the world is still waiting!!

Maybe, he just wants to find another cause, to bring up more Committee Hearings??…God knows, they have nothing else to do…since they’re doing shit now, anyhow!! But!! it’s all about Ted Cruz…first and foremost. About those Sound Bytes, and most of all…the Spotlight!!…and an opportunity for yet another Photo-Op, so he can have yet another
pic…with another stupid looking expression, added to the other 500+ goofy stupid pics of his puss, in Google Search Images. He’s like “Sid 6.7” not all there!!…but loves the Spotlights, the Cameras, and specially the Attention!!

Ted Cruz drops bombshell: Senate Democrats to ‘repeal the First Amendment’ this year

May 22, 2014

GOP: Feed Only 'Rural' Kids...all others?? let them eat cake!!

 By RF Schatten

The act of kindness that the GOP has for Children, is simply overwhelming!!...for those in Rural Areas, that is. It's curious to see, why 'these' poor kids...and not those in more
"Urban" surroundings...were the lucky ones picked, not to go hungry??

There's a big election coming up, for the US Senate seat of West Virginia...a seat that could contribute into the make or break, of the US Senate Majority. The GOP sure likes the poor Kids of Appalachia!!, just too bad, they really don't care much for them. And they'll remind you!! who got you all that Food...just before Elections. Innocent Children, used as pawns...for Political Greed, Power and $$$.

Do 'they' really care, about any of our Kids?? The upper echelon of the GOP has made it bright and clear...that they will do whatever it takes, even bringing down the Government, blocking Millions of people from getting Medicaid, and cutting Food Stamps benefits...unless their agenda is carried out. We know how 'much' the Republican Party cares about American Society!!...about the Education of our Children, about Women, Gays, Immigrants, the Latino and the Black, about Equal pay, and primarily...about our Sick!!

You don't pick and choose who gets Food!!'s a Human Right!!...specially with Children!! It's basic Moral Human Compassion...Words, too foreign for today's version of the GOP.

House GOP Wants School Lunch Program To Feed Only 'Rural' Kids

May 20, 2014

Welcome to get your shit, and get out!!

 By RF Schatten

There's something philosophical about the argument made, by a Wooden Dummy. Walmart has become a Store where people go, just because they have no other choice...rather, than what it once was...a friendly place, where you could find whatever retail product you wanted, at a good price (except the Grocery Dept, which didn't exist then)...and "Everything Made In America", the way to lure you in as a loyal customer...hook, line, and sinker!!

Sam Walton was a smart man...and he was a good man, who cared about investing in America..."Made In America"...did mean something to him. In the case of "Wal * Mart"...we have witnessed the slow transformation to what "Walmart", is today...they're not the most Employee Friendly store on Main St.  But they're are very Legal Friendly, with an average of 5,000 employee lawsuits a year, and drop 2-3 Class Actions/yr. to that total.

No!! Alice Walton and Jim C. Walton are not nice people. They are a shining example of how Corporate America and the 1% really feels, about  the American Community. How many examples do you need??...all the stories are out there!! all Public Knowledge, with Court Records!!  It's time that America wakes up, and says; "enough is enough"!!...and is great to see the City of Portland, Oregon had the moral courage to tell Walmart..."Welcome to Portland's  'Socially Responsible Investment Principles'...the Community's Investment Bonds??...we'll pass on it!!"

The City of Portland Just Took a Powerful Stand Against Walmart - PolicyMic

May 18, 2014

Why Republicans keep getting embarrassed

By RF Schatten

Ole Miss, besides being one of the most Conservative States in the Country...and, with a pretty good long History of Racism and Poverty...also happens to have, its share of wacko Political History.

Since the birth of the Tea Party movement, we have seen how they have evolved
in our Society...there 'is' some strangeness in their perceptions ofright and wrong...and where to draw the line!! You have that cast of Characters, that you have enjoyed to watch...some Ignorant, some Offensive, some Funny, and some extremely Stupid. We're also watching the serious side of the Tea win at any cost, no matter who
you hurt, even if it's someone from your own Party...if elected, refuse to compromise on any deal, and let your country sink into oblivion...until you get what you want.

Any movement, fueled through Ignorance and Hate...breeds fervent fanaticism. How far will the Tea Party go, to get elected??'s pretty obvious!! They'll protect Immorality...but don't get caught!! or worse...don't get caught on YouTube!! In the case of Thad Cochran's wife...there's no excuse for those actions, it's the lowest form of a human being, but...That's the Tea Party, Folks!!

This Is a Hot One

May 17, 2014

The Sophisticated Social Bigotry of Charter Schools

By RF Schatten

"Segregation now, Segregation tomorrow, and Segregation forever!!" George Wallace was wrong…but it took a courageous man to admit that. George Wallace apologized years later, and was truly remorseful…and in 1982, he received over 90% of the Black Vote in
Alabama. In today’s Social Conservatism, George Corley Wallace would’ve been heavily ostracized, for admitting he was wrong.

60 years since Brown vs. the Board of Education…today, “Segregation” is Politically incorrect, and at the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to “Conventional Wisdom”…but you can’t keep a good Bigot or Racist down!! New ways, new schemes, and more sophisticated approaches. It’s called “when White Conservative Christianity meets the joys of Capitalism”…oh Lord!! if you can’t change the laws…change the ways, around the laws…we’ll repent later!!

The latest innovation in the collective minds of these fine people…comes the Charter Schools. We know the “pros” and “cons” of Charter Schools…but it goes beyond all the artificial motives, beyond all Racial agenda…it’s sophisticated Social Bigotry!! Selective Class Segregation!!…Anyone can go to a Charter School…if you can afford it…if you can’t?? get a “Voucher”!! But how many Charter Schools do you find in the Inner Cities?? It’s a way to systematically segregating our Society…not by “Race”, but by the “Class” distinction. A less educated Society, is far more vulnerable to exploitations by Charlatans and Demagogues…Education and the Internet, are the biggest evils the Right Wing fears, today!!. Anti-Public Education, and Anti-Net Neutrality!! who’s taking those sides??

The vast majority of the vocal public political support for Charter Schools, comes from the far right…from which, the vast majority of them are Middle Class, Lower Middle Class, and some…Lower Class. The exact target of children, that would lose out in Education…if there was no American Public School System. Who wants to eliminate Public Education??

It may seem odd…but oddity today is mainstream…the very same people who complain about Government giveaways to the poor…support an organization that’s sucking the Government in school “Vouchers”…making Charter, an official welfare dependent!!

Racial segregation returns to schools 60 years after the Supreme Court banned it

May 16, 2014

International Solidarity for a Progressive agenda

By RF Schatten

Why does the world see injustice, and are willing to fight to correct them...while in the US, even with thousands of workers's only sporadic, in the percentages of workers involved?? Maybe is just we've never had to endure what most of the world has??...with all the bitching, and with all the griping about the "Evils of Government"...we've had it pretty good!!

What's amazing about this particular protest...which is more of Solidarity than anything else... is that they truly see something, that even many here don't see...we 'are' their inspiration for a higher living standard, and equality for all. They see the true progress that has been made...and they support the fight. The Progressive Movement is spreading its wings...and the strength of their agenda, and their not only changing the face American Society, but how others around the world, would like themselves, to be seen and perceived. We 'are' their heroes.

Massive protests around the world are nothing new, they have it at a drop of a dime...we had a serious era back in the 60s...and that, led to many of the changes we have today...but, they all die down. Maybe it's our apathetic nature of too much TV, Bowling
Nights, and "I don't give a shit what happens, with the rest of the world" rhetoric!?!? Maybe no one has the time, while trying to keep up with all their bills!?!?
We get caught up in our own lives, worry about our own problems...and tend to forget, that it's "We, the People...who run this Government, which is operated "by the People" whom we elect, to fulfiil their Civic Duty "for the People" of the United States. Anything less, should be unacceptable and not tolerated...and it's our Moral responsibility to get out, and bitch!!, bitch!!, bitch!...until our voices are heard!!

The strikes and the protests that all these people, around the world are going through, are much more dangerous to their lives...than anything that can happen to us, here. Our fight, is their fight...and it's our moral obligation to see it through.

Massive fast food strike goes global

May 14, 2014

Republican Magic...Repeal Obamacare?? Who?? We??

By RF Schatten

 For all the Smoke and Mirrors…and all the grand Illusions perpetrated by the GOP…the disappearing act of “The Daily Dumbo Obamacare Report”, must rank with other embarrassing moments in recent Party Annals. Obamacare is becoming the reality, they feared…successful at the point, that Red States are getting the wrath of their own community, for not opting in. So!! when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, our
Illusionists…just fade to black.

And here they are, now!! Obamacare, becoming a Taboo Sound Byte, Social Issues such as LGBT, Immigration, Religious Faiths, and different Ethnic Groups, generally being accepted in American Society, Women Rights coming to the forefront of our national discourse, after years being ignored….and they’ve annoyed the Black Community, more than enough!! And for a little flair of their batshit insane mind?? …they’re trying to attract all these sectors, into their party!!. So!! soon they’re going to have to fade to black, again!!…and figure out their next superb strategy. The Economy?? Wall Street?? doing great!! not good issues, anymore!! Unemployment?? lowest in a load of years…ditto!! Hey!! you get the picture!!

It’s really time they sit down, and come up with viable solutions to all their gripes…and then, sell it to the Country…if nobody likes it, then shut-up!! and start doing the job, they were elected to!! The GOP, is on the wrong side of History on all those issues…and will remain like that, till they start acting like the Civil Servants…”We, the People”…pay them to be. All I implore, is that whatever strategic plan they use…please!! please!! please!!…no more Benghazi!!

The GOP's Incredible Disappearing Quest To Repeal Obamacare

Hillary, Christianity, and Socialism...but no Benghazi!!

By RF Schatten

When your arguments run out of substance…bring in questions of controversy, specially on Christianity…to filter your ignorance, on your original argument.

In Hillary Clinton, you have someone who has never been adored on the Right Side of the Ailes. 1) She’s married to an extremely successful and popular President, 2) She stood by her man, 3) She truly is a scholar, on her own right…and just as much, as her husband 4) She’s a brilliantly smart Politico, and most of all, 5)…she’s extremely popular, universally!!! and ‘that’, is the most important thing of all!!

It’s that awful, vengeful hate!! they got for her…is not Political, it’s Personal!!…it’s the tremendous jealousy, and blow to the ego of the White Conservative male!!…for she represents everything they privately abhor…specially about the opposite sex, in their Conservative mindset.
So, if you can’t win on your merits…pass the subject to American Christianity…and start looking stupid on a different topic. How more obvious can it be, folk?!?!…the whole world is watching!!…and so are the Polls!!

These so called Christians…do they really hate God??…since they oppose his most basic principles of Christianity!! Or is it just plain ignorance?? Why would God want to “Feed the Poor”, “Heal the Sick”, or Shelter the Homeless??…they refuse to learn to understand, why they are in the minority, versus all the other Christians in the world.

They just want to “own” God for themselves, even if they have to rewrite their own version of the Bible…to fit all their personal and fictitious believes.

Hillary Claims Jesus Was A Socialist Whose Lessons Were Meant To Teach Liberal Politics | American Overlook

May 13, 2014

The quest for perpetual self-denial

 By RF Schatten

It's curious to see Science Deniers use the Internet and TV, both brainchild of push their agenda, and convince people that Science doesn't exist.

When over 99% of all scientists on this planet, agree on Climate change...let the Deniers just give their argument, have it noted...and move on from there!! It's time to get serious, and stop fooling around with all these goofballs!! We made it through all these millions of years...because the human spirit has always believed, in the improvement
of their way of evolve and progress forward. Always looking ahead, so we can make things better.

If those who truly still believe, that the Bible will predict the future of our Climate on this
Earth, along with every action taken by the good people...then it's time they go out, and move into that cave, they've been longing for...but, let the rest "Save the Planet"...for us, and for you!!

We have Science, because God gave us a mind, and the ability to seek knowledge, so we can take a better care of this world, which he has bestowed upon us. But God also has a sense of humor...he created this curiosity of the human species...just to prove, that no one's perfect!!

(Saving...) (Saving...) Marco Rubio Goes Full-On Climate Denier | ThinkProgress

May 10, 2014

The bitter pill of defeat...and the GOP's self-denial

 By RF Schatten

When someone becomes a Professional Politico, it's expected that common whatever philosophic mindset, they acknowledge...will play a key role, in shaping their Profile and career.
Paul Ryan is just a cry baby...a little boy, who likes to show off his "Dumbbells" pics, and his Mom at rallies...portray himself to White Collar middle class America, as your everyday next door neighbor...except he's kind of picky, of who his neighbors really are.    

Give it up, already!! You lost!! it's time to move on!! Absolutely, no one...except a bunch of non-professional Tea loving politicians, who need to keep any talking point alive, for election cycle one, no one at all!!...cares any more. But Paul Ryan has been baptized, as the Mouthpiece and Boy Toy of "Big Bubba Koch"...he will spew that no one wants Obamacare, and that no one cares about Equal Rights for Blacks, or Women, or Gays...but, that everyone in this country...everyone!! and their mothers, want the Benghazi episode to stay alive!! 

"Expectation is the Mother of all Frustrations" ~~ Antonio Banderas.
Don't cry Paul...just because your expectations of how the American Public feels about all your issues, have not panned out...and why you're on the losing end of "Conventional Wisdom" and every National Discourse. Keep talking about Benghazi...the GOP doesn't have one single issue to run on, of which they have any solid proposals, for an alternative...except to give the standard Romney/Ryan spiel: "We'll tell you about all our plans...after we get elected" ;-)

Paul Ryan still bitter over Candy Crowley torpedoing Mitt's own Benghazi! talking point

May 8, 2014

The Vision of "Mr. Conservative"...he was right!!

By RF Schatten

If anyone truly deserves the title of "Conservative", is Barry Goldwater...a true Conservative Libertarian. When Goldwater said; "Frankly, these people frighten me!!" should have been a warning of things to come...but Republicans never paid heed to Goldwater, or his them, he was just the guy who lost by a landslide.
The fact that he championed "Women Rights", "Gay Rights", and the Legalization of Marijuana...makes him an "extremist" among today's Tea loving GOP!!

"When you say 'radical right' today, I think of these moneymaking ventures by fellows like Pat Robertson and others who are trying to take the Republican Party away from the Republican Party, and make a religious organization out of it. If that ever happens, kiss politics goodbye." ~~~ Barry Goldwater

Tina Vigilante - Google+ - He was right. 

May 7, 2014

Republican Obsessions: If its not the WMDs...we must be in Benghazi!!

 By RF Schatten

America loves Witch's so “Old Fashioned”...and if the Political Party system would've been around in Salem, Mass. The GOP would've taken all the credit, for that too.

First, it was Joe McCarthy and his Hearings...because “Communists” were lurking in everybody's homes, under their beds, infiltrating every aspect of American Life, and destroying the “American Dream”!!

Then, came Vietnam...and one generation decided, questions should be asked. Questioning the Authorities, got you in J. Edgar's little list...because “Radical Subversives” don't agree with our way of life, they back and give comfort to our enemies!! All they want to do, is to destroy our “American Dream”!!

Now we're fighting a War against “Ghosts” don't see them...individuals with no national allegiance to any country...just their own cause. And's perfect for the exploitation of the masses!! The new American enemy... “The Terrorist”!!...and
the Dumbo Witch Hunt perpetuation rolls on. Now we must guard our Borders, our Airports, our Docks...for all the “Terrorists” infiltrating our Country, to change our way of life, convert America from a Christian (in their minds) Nation, into a Muslim State, run by
Communists...which are Atheists!!. And Yes!!!...they also, want to destroy our “American Dream”!!

Which brings us, to the latest Witch Hunt...Benghazi!! It sounds, so similar to WMD!! And no weapons of mass destruction, were ever found!!...just like this obsession!! Yet the sordid reasons for the public denunciations, is why History will show the Degenerate Immoral Character of our present day GOP: 1) We lied to get into and started a War, just for certain people's own private “Oil Interests” and Halliburton's. 2) Keeping the Benghazi sound bytes alive, in order to destroy someone's character...for “Political Purpose”...and
because the continued hatred of one's family. No “Smoking Gun” will ever be found!!...and they know it. But it's a way of keeping the story alive, and waste more millions of $$$ from the taxpayers.

As for the American Dream?? Conservative American Aristocracy...they!! are the ones who 'are' the “America Dream”...the only ones who've profited from those Dreams, like the Kochs, the Banking Industry, the Military Industrial Complex, Corporate America. For the
dwindling Middle Class and Lower Classes?? They are the ones eradicated!!...their “Dreams” have become their “American Nightmare”...and GOP still reminds you, how great “you” have it!!

The Latest Benghazi Freak-Out in 10 Sentences | Mother Jones

May 4, 2014

No Vacancy in the Land of Opportunity

By RF Schatten

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breath free”. Nice, beautiful words...when you believe them, and truly mean it!!

But the Ancestors of that “Wretched Refuse”, never had it as bad...and never, have they ever appreciated those words as much. America is like a kid who's been given toys to play, and when others want to play with him, he sticks out his tongue, then says; “they're my toys!!! can't play with them!!

We're a shamefully greedy society!!...always have been!!...we've been trying to shut our doors for years. But we enjoy their $$$. Entice them with the “Land of Opportunity” and “Freedom for All” cheap promo...let them come over and spend $$$...and when they finish, remind them their Visa is about to expire. We have become the Walmart of capitalist nations... “Welcome to America, shop around and go home!! When it comes to Immigration??...well?? that's a different story. ”

Lady Liberty, Mother of Exiles!!...that beacon glow, it's not glowing that bright now days!! It's just another cycle of Hatred and Ignorance in the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. You've had the Blacks, the Chinese, the Irish, the Jews, and now the Hispanics...from the beginning, the United States has had its share of bigotry...towards other Nations, other Beliefs, and other People. But, you learn to live with it!!...just like the Native Americans, have had to live with all of us...all these years!!

May 3, 2014

The Ukraine...brewing for Civil War

by RF Schatten

There is a time in life, when is better to observe things from afar...than to go in, and
meddle in someone else'll never win. It'll be just another part of the world for that Ugly American mentality to blossom, with “Yankee go Home” bumper stickers...displayed, sooner or later.

But that's not us!! We're the superheroes, who will defend freedom against all enemies of
freedom loving people, all around the world...whether they want our help or not.
At first, it was Putin and the invasion/not an invasion, whatever. Now it's a region
in Moldova breaking off...regions after regions, breaking off from each other...some siding with Russia, some not.

I find it curious; what would've happened, if those who wanted intervention, would've
had their way?? was going to happen, whether Vladimir pushed it sooner than was going to happen. Breaking up is not that hard to do...if already done, with the Soviet Union. What would've happened if Americans intervened, in behalf of the freedom loving people of the Ukraine??
Old Picture: Beirut, Lebanon. American Soldiers stuck in the middle of a fight between
Israel, Druze Muslim factions, Sunni and Shiite Militias, Christian Militias, Hamas, and Hezbollah...all fighting each other...and at the end, who did we grieve for?? 241 young American boys and girls, in the wrong place and the wrong time.

And what was accomplished from all that?? Beirut, Vietnam, Iraq,
much freedom has resulted from our presence there?? Vietnam is still Communist, the Middle East hasn't changed...Iraq is still fighting one another...and Afghanistan, well?? it ain't Paris!!
In times of major world crisis...when someone out there, threatens the existence of
civilization...yes!! we all must unite, and fight a Good War. Studs
Terkel was right...WWII was the last “Good War”...ever since, it's been a matter of Political compromises, Political Commitments...and Big Business.

I believe in a strong defend our Country from our Enemies. But, if
we're not physically attacked, and I don't mean Terrorism...why would anyone our Enemy?? We got to be more educated in other Cultures and Societies...and stop trying to save the world. Sometimes, as hard as it is...we have to let others fight their own battles, and stay away from places and problems, that we have no Cultural or Social
understanding of.

OSCE Observers Released By Pro-Russia Separatists In Ukraine's Slaviansk

May 1, 2014

Anti-Racism wins one for Sanity and Common Sense

By RF Schatten

The banishment of Donald Sterling from the NBA, is a big statement to Social Conservatism, of how American Society genuinely feels about the culture of Racism and Bigotry, today. There's no tolerance for behavior like this anymore in our country...whether it's personalities like Charley Sheen or Floyd Mayweather Jr., Radical Activists like David Duke, Ignorant Fools like Cliven Bundy...or even Affluent Billionaire
Businessmen/Industrialists, like Donald Sterling...the country is getting to old for all that shit!!

We brand the USA as #1...“land of opportunity”, “equal rights for all”, “America, the
greatest country on earth”...yet our acts appear contradictory to the values and credence, in all those beautiful words.

As for the Clippers; It's hard to play the game under so much unwanted publicity,
naturally. Their character has exemplified their extraordinary professionalism, in such adverse time. You take into consideration, that the now the playoffs. Also take into consideration, that the Clippers have the best Team ever assembled, in the history of the Franchise.

And finally, take into consideration, that Los Angeles fans have been dying for 29 years without a real winner...they have made the playoff, only 5 times in 29 years...only 3 winning seasons before 2010!! Give them credit...they have gained a tremendous amount of respect, in more ways than one!!

At the end, the big winners; A National Discourse on Racism has been opened, the League is minus one Racist, the Players don't have to work for the worst Sports Owner in
major league sports, anymore...and concentrate in winning an NBA Title...but most of all, the long suffering LA Clippers Fans, who have had to endure so many bad seasons, from an owner who from day #1 preferred to put more $$$ into his pockets, rather than to build a
winning franchise.

The loser?? Donald Sterling, apologetic??...only in satirist Andy Borowitz's column: “Once I saw that Donald Trump was defending me, I knew I had done something horribly
wrong...have I become some kind of monster??” Ignorance, is sure bliss for the Sterlings of the world!!

Donald Sterling fallout: NBA owners to hold first meeting on ousting Clippers owner - CBS News