May 26, 2014

Christian Right's dilemma: Swimming against the tide...with a 20ft wave, coming at you!!

 By RF Schatten

“We are a better people than what these Laws represent, and it is time to discard them into the Ash Heap of History” ~~ U.S. District Judge John E. Jones III

It's over!! The War over "Same-Sex Marriage" is over!! When 26 of the 50 States have it Legal in their's time to raise the White Flag, and take it like an adult!!

The arithmetic numbers don't lie...26 States means over 50% of the  country!! And it continues to of May 2014, 55% of all Americans nationwide, favor gay marriage. The writing is on the wall!!...when Judges, picked by both Democratic and Republican
Presidents, feel like Judge Jones...and every single case goes in favor of the LGBT movement, as it's going...admit defeat!! cut your loses!! and go home!! Supreme Court?? You'll never convince Republican Anthony Kennedy!! "Conventional Wisdom", is today's Conservative Agenda's biggest enemy and worst nightmare.

Gay Marriage, like Civil here to stay. We have grown as a Society...we 'are' a better people, with a general respect for others' beliefs, and understandings...but, you will still have your self-deniers...who would rather go backwards and crawl under a rock...than to move forward, with the rest of the world!!

Recent court victories bolster same-sex marriage to a legal tipping point – LGBTQ Nation