Jun 5, 2014

The Constitutionality of Section 1035...and the National Defense Authorization Act

 By RF Schatten

We have become a Country without Pity. Acts of shameless indecency, perpetrated by the American Right Wing and it's Mouthpiece, FOXNews...all just for Political Gains, Demagoguery, and

Michael Tomasky wrote; "Let’s face it: There is no question that if President George W. Bush or a President McCain or President Romney had secured Bergdahl’s release, in exchange for five Taliban prisoners at Gitmo, Republicans would be defending the move...all the way!!".

Ignored the Law?? Obama acted, as any other conscientious President would have...others, have done it in the past. Sometimes an opportunity rises, to get an American out of harm's way...you take it...and by-pass the 30 days notice!! Usually intelligent people would understand...but, today's not too Loyal Opposition, is not that intelligent...and frankly, they don't give a damn!!

You don't negotiate with Terrorists?? Between 2007 and 2009, George W. Bush negotiated for the release of 520 Detainees [compared to a little over 80], since Obama took the White House...one of them, Abu Sufian bin Qumu, is one the principle suspects in the Benghazi fiasco!! But, it's different this time...it was Obama!!

5 Detainees held without charges, or any evidence for incarceration...by a Country who wants to shut down the facility they reside in, and a population that doesn't want them...physically, inside the United States. What do you do, when no other country wants them?? Without charges...International Law says; you gotta let them go!!
Section 1035 of the National Defense Authorization Act, gives the President the flexibility to transfer
detainees abroad. Are they going to come after Americans?? It can happen...like it happened to Dubya. You got to take those chances in life, unless you wanna live in a constant state of Fear and Self-Denial, till the day you die!!

The fact that the GOP disrespects over and over, those who stand on that Line defending our freedom... by using them as pawns, in their little filthy degenerate games of life...clearly shows their contempt and disrespect to the American Community. It's time, the American Community shows them the door!!

Constitution Check: Did the President act illegally in exchanging Taliban detainees for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl? - Yahoo News