Jun 14, 2014

The Lamest Political Excuse...Ever!!

By RF Schatten

When you have nothing left to say; blame the other guy for your failures...in the case of John Boehner, like the rest of the GOP...his Obama accusations got too old, too quick, for too long.
But you got to love his audacity!!...blaming a sitting President, from an opposite Political Party...for a primary election defeat of a candidate by others within his party...who wanted to take his seat!!

For a man who holds the most powerful seat, in the US House of Representatives; 'Speaker of the House'...John Boehner, if ever he had any sense of decorum and dignity...just flushed it down the crapper. In one clean swoop, he addressed the defeat of his distinguished colleague from the State of Virginia...with one of the lamest political excuses ever recorded, for posterity. While simultaneously, by not acknowledging the real reasons for Cantor's loss...he appeased the Tea aficionados. The reason?? REASONS!!

"Cantor's defeat was the fault of Obama's failure to engage with Republicans"...Lame!! very very lame!!

Boehner Blames Obama for Cantor's Defeat Because REASONS