Jun 18, 2014

"The Year of the Woman"...a Conservative's Nightmare

 By RF Schatten

It's the "Year of the Woman", in the American Political Theater. You have Alison Lundergan Grimes in Kentucky, Michelle Nunn in Georgia...both Democrats, and currently either leading or in a dead tie...and then you have Republican Shelley Moore Capito and Democrat Natalie Tennant, competing for West Virginia's open US Senate seat, recently vacated by Jay Rockefeller. Capito is expected to win, which will help in the GOP's quest in overtaking the Senate...but, if she doesn't?? It'll still go to a Woman!!

Currently, the US Senate is comprised of 20 women and 80 men...that's not the greatest percentage in representation...not, when you look at women comprising over 50% of the population. There's not much difference in the House, either...only 82 Women serve as US Reps...out of 438!! The Governors?? 5 out of 50!!...but there's a slew of women running, out there. There's going to be some house redecorating at State Mansions, after November...you have women running for Governor, everywhere. Martha Coakley in Massachusetts, Gina Raimondo in Rhodes Island, and Allyson Schwartz Pennsylvania are all strong contenders, and they have other females contesting them!!...women are not sitting at home, this year!! Add to that group Mary Burke, whose running against Scott "Koch" Walker in Wisconsin, and Wendy Davis in Texas...altogether, 27 Women have filed so far, to run for Governor this year.

Women Rights in general...and particularly, the vast inequality in today's gender gap...has not shaken the women movement this hard, since the days of Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, and Gloria Steinem.
Win or Lose in November...things are not going to change that radically, overnight...but the wheels have been placed in motion, and that fire, lit under these women in 2014...it's going to be burning strong by 2016. This is only the beginning, white male America!!...meet your match!!...you just can't ignore the American Woman, any longer!!

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