Jun 10, 2014

KKK plans to 'retake' US in coming Race War...again!!

By RF Schatten

The continuing saga of the degeneration, of the human mind...and the ever growing conservative ignorance. Retaking the US and making it, into their own image...lovely!! What's the big surprise?? with all the hate in America, openly instigated by the Right Wing propaganda machine of FOXNews, Tea Party Activists, and GOP Politicos...since Barack Obama became President...it's a natural for this turn of events; scripted perfectly by those permitting all this, to occur. Right Wing NutJobs, in all their splendor and glory.

Add to the list...Skin Heads, Aryan Nations, American Nazis, Open Carry Texans, and every wacko fringe group...all, ready to reclaim the Constitution...spewing the Republican line of horseshit. When you Rally, and openly "Prepare to overthrow the US Government"...that's an act of Terrorism!!...domestic terrorism, plain and simple!! If push comes to shove, will the Government "openly" invoke the Patriot Act?? Nobody wants that Law...but, nobody wants to get rid of it, either!! Terrorism is terrorism...but, is it any different when it's domestic?? Not, really.

This tale, can finally lay to rest the Republican Party's claim, of reverse Racism by Progressives and Liberals. Also the claim that it's the Democrats, who are the "Haters". All this, is an outcome
of the political tone, the GOP have set since 2008. It's not racist, to call out a Racist...the Haters?? The 90% of the United States...who's really tired and fed up, of the gun violence and all this shit!!

Returning troops help KKK build paramilitary force to ‘retake’ US in coming race war