Jun 8, 2014

The one common bond, beween all Religions...God!!

 "Peacemaking calls for courage, much more so than warfare...It calls for the courage to say yes to encounter, and no to conflict." ~~~ Pope Francis

All sides are taking the stance, that this unification of the minds...is not Political...but more of a Spiritual retreat (with political undertones). The fact, that Francis was able to arrange this little get-together, in just 2 weeks, is a testament to the growing respect, this man has accumulated...not because he's the Pope, but because of the Man he is. It's pretty powerful, to bring diplomatic civility and common sense, to 2 religiously ardent political leaders. Bringing in the Leader of the Christian Orthodox Church into the mix, signifies Francis' intentions to unify the world, in a quest for Peace. At the end, Jews, Christians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists...all are God's Children!!

How will all this, pan out with Social Christian America?? They'll make it more Political, than it already is!! The Pope is not their friend...he's a Socialist...haven't you heard?? FOX will drag out some anti-Francis slurs; somewhere, somehow...they always do. And as much as our Social Christian Ministers, Pastors, and true Born Again believers might say??...no!! Francis is not taking one side over another!!...his only argument with American Conservative Christianity, is...his battle against Theological Ignorance!!
Nothing big "Politically", may come out of all this...but a respectful dialogue, is a good start!! We have our 1st "modern" Pope...unlike most others, who are there for symbolic representation and widow dressing...actually believes in getting his hands dirty, and directing people's anger, at those responsible. He believes in spreading his message, and is not hesitant to use his Power...if it helps the cause.

Religious Leaders are Men of Peace...Francis I, believes in fighting injustice at every level of society, because without justice??...there will never be true inner Peace!!

Pope Francis Offers Prayerful Peace Summit With Israeli And Palestinian Presidents At Vatican