Jun 25, 2014

How to continually Kiss Ass, and accomplish absolutly nothing...the Political Life of John Boehner

 By RF Schatten

Allowing the Inmates to run the Asylum. Deregulating Wall Street??…because all those Bankers and Stock Brokers, are so honest and trustworthy…and only care about the welfare of our nation, and what’s good for the people…remember!! they’re the “Job Creators”!!
Well!! with that said…Shit does floats to the top…and with all the filth, that is constantly exchanged between Politicos and their Benefactors…they might as well, just do it openly!! Be honest!! The GOP represents the top 1% of this nation, and they will do anything, even if it means the destruction of our society, in this country…to protect the elite, and particularly the Koch Bros, who stand to gain the most…and who represents every Immoral, Indecent, and Religious Value, the GOP stands for today.

Deregulate!! so that all the people who have been ripped off, and scammed by Bankers and Stock Brokers…can now be ripped off and scammed…legally!! Allow the Banking Industry to charge whatever exorbitant rates they desire, and how they can spend your hard earned $$$…and if their investments hit rock bottom??…you lose it all!! If there’s no “Regulation”…Banks needn’t be Federally Insured!! As for Brokers?? Martha Stewart can now get all the inside trade tips she wants!! Leverage Buyout brokers will have a field day…not having to worry, how Kosher their operations are, or how far the regulators are!!…a “Gift” for Mitt and Bain Capital. And a redemption of sort, for Bernie Madoff!!…how many more people are going to get ripped off by Ponzi style scams??…knowing there’s no regulations, and they can legally pull it off?? the Madoff’s of this world, and everyone else in Wall Street are thanking their ‘partners’ in crime, in Washington, DC.

This is mid-term election season, all this is just Political Grandstanding…the bill will be die in Senate Committee, and all this time and taxpayers $$$, will be wasted again by this congress.
But in all their infinite wisdom…they managed to present a Bill, to the US Senate…where it will be scrutinized, ripped apart, and destroyed…by non other, than Bankers’ and Wall Street’s worst nightmare…Elizabeth Warren!! While simultaneously…because of the spotlight, caused by the introduction of the Bill…they’re unknowingly helping her built some good, strong, future bragging credentials!! No one said, they’re smart!!

House Passes Bill To Aid Koch Brothers, Deregulate Wall Street