Jun 28, 2014

Intellectual Dishonesty to the Intellectually Challenged

By RF Schatten

If John Boehner can file lawsuits against the President, for doing his job...can the American Public, take Boehner and Congress to court...for absolutely doing nothing, in 'their' job??

Let's speak about "Executive Orders". Does the President have the right? or doesn't have the right? I don't believe that John Boehner can be that stupid, but he repeatedly finds a way to prove me wrong. Intellectual Dishonesty to the Intellectually Challenged...because only those, will believe his intellectual horseshit. The rest of the world, just needs to use a little common sense, read some History, and look up all the facts and info they dare to read, in the Internet. It's a different world out there, today...and a very frustrating one, for Political Bullshit Artists!!

For the record, speaking of Executive Orders; The 1st Executive Order was made by George Washington...since then, every President, with the exception of William Henry Harrison, contributed to the records. As for Obama? he has 182 since taking office. George W. Bush had 173 in his 1st Term, alone, with a total of 291. The record holders: FDR with 3,522, followed by Wilson at 1,803, Coolidge 1,203, and Teddy 1,081. If Barack Obama's Executive Order ratio, remains the same at 33.58 orders/year...he would average less Executive Orders "per year", in total terms in office...than any other President since William McKinley.

Why did the Republicans and Boehner come up with such a ridiculous idea?? There's no reasoning for it...except as an elaborate political grandstanding stunt...in which case, they'll still come out of it looking like village idiots. But, I guess...when you're speaking to the Intellectually Challenged Base of the GOP...some things, just generally rub off on ya!    

Boehner's Frivilous Law Suit Is A Shiny Object For His Intellectually Challenged Base