Mar 23, 2017

The Embarrassments of Amateur Statesmanship

 RF Schatten

"For Diplomacy to be effective, words must be credible…and no one can doubt the word of America" ~~~ George W. Bush

You're right, George! No one would've doubted the Word of America!...but, in the age of Trumpism? Our International Credibility is at an all-time Low…like, as in…Zero?!?!

Donald Trump has been a pathological Liar all his life…. It's not new! The entire world knows the true character of this scumbag, Snake Oil Salesman…from Banks around the World, where he cumulatively owes them, literally, in the $Billions$…to the host of creditors (3,500+ and counting) suing the Trumpster for lack of payment, among other things.
The incredible horseshit that flows out of this man's mouth is not even credible with the majority of his own aficionados!...only his hardcore of rabid fanatics, afflicted by a very serious case of terminal stupidity…eats up all his shit!

At a time of crisis, when the words of the President of the United States…in front of the entire world…means more than just a Twitter Rant. When our President has to address our Country or even the World on serious and grave matters…he must be believed!! 
But, how can someone believe a man, who's known to continuously lie between every other breath he ever takes? A man whose White House Policies actively promotes the use of Rumors, Misinformation, Fabricated Stories, "Alternative Facts", Assumptions, and plain blatant Lies…malicious Lies!

And considering his association with the likes of Roger Stone, Kelly Anne Conway, Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, and Master Vlad?...who can believe what Donald Trump ever says??
Not truly able to believe our own President during a World Crisis makes for an extremely dangerous time for this Nation...It makes our Country as vulnerable as it has ever been!

"Emotion is always the enemy of wise Statesmanship" ~~~ Stephen Kinzer

A President with a terrible neurotic behavior, as unprofessional, as psychologically volatile and educationally unfit, as the Orange Führer, is…an Amateur, playing in his own little world of Alternative Reality, but, with a dangerous terrifying agenda!…now is dealing in the real world of Statesmanship and Diplomacy, dealing with Real Players, the Real Pros on the World's Political Stage! 
Now, knowing the shallow transparent character of our President?… how much could you really trust Donald Trump? A sad commentary, but true.

You can forget about the well-being of good Public Relations in this Trump Administration. Their Foreign Policy is not about winning the Hearts and Minds of anyone!…the incredible disrespect for another Sovereign Nation, continues. Now, another ally, Germany! The Rudeness and Disrespectful manners by Trump towards Chancellor Angela Merkel, just shows how Amateurish this US Presidency is under Trump! Hey! what do you really expect? He's a man with absolutely no character whatsoever, and definitely no class!

He's an insult to America, and everything it stands for! And such an embarrassment in front of the World, whenever this Clown opens his mouth and pretends to speak!

Diplomacy and Statesmanship are quickly vanishing in the era of Trumpism!…besides, with the cutbacks on State Dept. Personnel, which will place the Embassies at half-staff?…our diplomatic efforts and communication within the Embassies around the world, will be so incapacitated that it can easily become the makings for another extremely dangerous International situation!...yes! They're the same gang of terminally stupid humanoids that complained about Benghazi and its "Lack of Security"! 

There's a good reason why British Parliament wants to "Ban" Trump from entering the country. It’s pretty bad when the President of the United States is banned from entering England…"Official Business" or Not...and Scotland is not too fond of Trump, either. Whether a Legitimate or Illegitimate President, we're all stuck with this douchebag, together!…together till We, the People decides when enough is enough and get rid of the Orange Glow that's making people dumb and dumber, as the days go by!

If the first 60 days, is an example of the next 4 years?!?! Donald J Trump has not shown any sort of Leadership skills, whatsoever in Foreign Policy! His Rudeness and Disrespect towards Leaders of other Nations…and the indifference by which he treats them all. All the traits of your quintessential Psychopath?...yes! There's no such thing as Statesmanship from this lowly Amateur!

Will he Apologize to Barack Obama? To the British Government? To Germany? To Sweden? How about Australia? And you know, he could care less about Mexico! 
The "Macho Bully" inside this creature never, ever Apologizes to anyone in his life! Yet the "Spineless Coward" inside whatever soul remains, is an Apologist extraordinaire for Russia, Russian Intelligence, and Vladimir Putin!...while attacking the integrity of our own American Intelligence Community! Umm!...there's certainly something wrong with that picture.

It really all comes down to; If there's an impending World Crisis…first, how can you believe whatever this Puppet says? Second, and much more important…how much can you really Trust Donald Trump with your life?

Trump Is Waging War on Diplomacy Itself | Alternet

Mar 6, 2017

Deconstructing America: USA's Future & Trumpism

By RF Schatten

We, the People of the United States Of America are truly living in a state Intellectual Dysfunction. William Gaddis once said: "Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of Ignorance".

Cultivating the uneducated, poorly educated and undereducated is not new in Authoritarian regimes…it's called "Indoctrination" of the masses!...and the younger the better!
Nothing would please Trumpism more than watching a bunch of rotten little Nazis bastards, running around in kindergarten, shouting the Sieg Heil salute to everyone they pass on the streets!

When someone says his goals are to "deconstruct the administrative state"…if you're one of those "uneducated" or "undereducated" folks beloved so much by this administration, you might say, yeah! it's time to change the way Washington operates!

Listen up, America! "The Deconstruction of the Administrative State"…no matter how you look at it…it's the Deconstruction of our Democratic System of Government! our values! our way of life! Plain and simple…the destruction of our Sovereign Democracy!
As the world continues to say, more and more every day; Is the America, who everyone once admired and envied, really that stupid?!?!
Well? yes, we are! Americans want to change Washington with an "outsider", by electing a man with absolutely no experience whatsoever in the world on Domestic & Foreign Affairs, a renowned Liar, Bigot, and Con Artist…and a well known Fascist, among other things…to run our Country. A man who got compromised hook, line, and sinker by a Foreign Power and now has become their puppet, probably just to stay alive…everyone knows Putin and what he's capable of doing.
Well, America! you wanted an Outsider? You certainly got what you wished for!

The many critics about our Political System…on both sides of the aisles…will find out soon; With all its problems, our Fragile Democracy is really not all that bad, after all!
At least! you can bitch how bad the System is!!...bitching about it during Heir Drumpf, Heir Bannon, and Comrade Putin's hostile takeover? If we really believe the Press is our enemy, and the President is the all-wise, all-knowing, enlightened Savior of the Masses?…we deserve what we get! When will 'they' come…. knock, knock, knocking at 'your' door?

They first came for the Hispanics, those "Bad Hombres" crossing over and bringing in Drugs, Robbing, Raping, and Murdering everyone in America!…then they came for the Muslims because they're all terrorists committing acts around the country every day! Just look at all those terrible "Terrorist Attacks" in Atlanta, Bowling Green…and even in Sweden?!?! You gotta be careful not to get shot by a fake terrorist!
With all that Fascist horseshit? ignorance will always prevail and follow blindly!...I kid you not!

Now, in Trump's Fascist America with his Ideology of hate and fear, the American Jewish Community is being targeted and hit hard…Rabbis throughout the Nation are receiving Death threats! Bomb threats at Jewish Community Centers! Jewish Cemeteries are being defaced, Synagogues vandalized with Graffiti drawings of the "Star of David" and the "Nazi Swastika"…will they be the next people "Trumpism" goes after?...or will they come for the African-Americans, or the LGBT Community, first?

Does all of this sound too familiar?? How about Germany, circa 1931-33? Accusing the Jews, for causing all the problems, themselves? It's called "Scapegoating", one of Joe Goebbels' 50something techniques of "Propaganda".
And now, another act of the Fascist mind; The Idea of separating the Mothers from their Children…deporting the parents out of this country, but keep the children, as an act to deter anyone from trying to come into this Country.
The kids? Place them in an orphanage and indoctrinate them to the Glory of Trumpism!

Where is America's Voice?...and what Voice? If Americans really believe our Free Press is the Enemy, we will truly be living in a darkness of ignorance, never seen before by this Nation. 

Saying you're the "least" Anti-Semitic Human Being on the face of this Earth, and condemning Anti-Semitism on National TV, just doesn't cut it!...not! when the real President behind the orange glow Throne, and the Man making our Nation's decisions, Steve Bannon…by unanimous consent…is the "most" Anti-Semitic and dangerous person in America!!

"Fascism should more properly be called Corporativism, since it is the merger of State and Corporate Power" ~~~ Benito Mussolini

White Nationalist America…under the guidance of Steve Bannon…is ready to built a new Political System, an Oligarch form of Government with One supreme ruler holding absolute power. And the creation of a new "Nationalist World Order", Sieg Heil!

But to create it, you're going to have to destroy it first. And in the words of Steve Bannon; “The best Cabinet in the history of Cabinets, they were selected for a reason, and that is 'Deconstruction'.”
Yes!! The destruction of our American Government and its Constitution, our Democracy, and our Democratic processes, and our cultural and social way of life.
Bannon very openly tells America; We're gonna destroy the American System, One Cabinet Department at a time, and One Amendment at a Time…but, not before Donald Trump and his Billionaire Cabinet makes a killing out of their respective Depts…and Ft. Knox. First Cabinet Member privately raking big $$$ in big deals with Russia? Good old Rex Tillerson for his old Exxon/Mobil…much like Dick Cheney did for Halliburton…but way much bigger!

All Authoritarians do love to touch, fondle, and remove all the Gold they can swindle the Country's Treasury out of before they all get run out of town on their golden derrieres.

The battle for the Hearts and Minds of America has begun amid constant chaos, daily scandals, allegations and false claims, lies, fake stories, and more Trump embarrassments throughout the Country and the World.
The Enemy? The Press, the Intelligence Community, half of Washington DC…and the 65,844,610 Americans that believe Heir Führer an Illegitimate President, and just a proxy for Putin.

The Future of America? It's up to We, the People! Whether you want to face facts or not…the truth? Our Choice is simple; A) Become a Fascist Nation with its suppression and its Draconian Policies…or B) Try to make our Democracy Work. Those are the only real choices we truly have!…Sieg Heil! "Fascism" is winning!

The age of Trump and 21st century fascism | The Independent