Mar 29, 2016

Yearning for a Gunfight inside the GOP's National Convention

 By RF Schatten

Gunfight at the OK Corral? about Gunfight at the Quicken Loans Arena?!?!

Sorry folks! but the Secret Service just spoiled all the fun for the Democrats and everyone else, by not permitting this spectacle to occur...the ultimate scripted reality show, where everyone knows the ending right from the very beginning. Yes! who wouldn't have loved to see Cruz and Trump, just go at each other in a good old fashioned Gunfight at the Republican's National Convention Clown Show?...winner takes all!

It's all show for Trump who responded with; "I think you'd have riots, if I'm not the nominee". Now he's baiting riots...and threatening Lawsuits with everyone at the RNC, if he doesn't get what he wants? Incredible! you have the Trump factions...all the KKK, Neo-Nazi, and Benito Mussolini supporters enjoying their new found love for Ohio and their Open-Carry Laws.
Then from the great state of Texas!...comes the Cruz Crew of raving batshit lunatics and their open-carry, all in full gear ready to march into Cleveland with their Guns, Crosses, and Bibles...if those Trump jerks try anything, the Cruz jerks are going to be ready and on the lookout for snipers.

Oh! it would've been so much fun, watching politically lobotomized brainless Zombies  going up against a bunch of 'Black Hat' Cowboys right out of Blazing Saddles...the people of the land, the common clay of the American West, the "Bundy" generation of Buckaroos. As Willie Nelson says; :"Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys"

And they really expect the GOP to make a case for carrying firearms in a place where hundreds of Republican Congressional Legislators, both at State Level and the US Congress, congregates?? Like the Law that allows people in Atlanta to carry Guns into Bars!!

The GOP is dangerously playing with Murphy's Law! something is going to happen, sooner or later when a bunch of screwball lunatics decide to settle their disagreements in Cleveland...while, all being fully armed. Put the Guns down and settle the differences respectively? In you dreams!

The damage to the Republican Party has been a work in progress...this, is just the icing on the cake. Debates about Penis Sizes, Tits and Ass, and now my wife is hotter than your wife! Sinister persuasions to people to beat up others at Campaign events!  And now, trying to force the Grand Old Party into accepting baiting more hate, and even Riots in the streets!

Maybe, it would've been better just to allow all the delegates to pack a gun...a Great Cleveland Shootout would've wiped out and cleaned up all that batshit waste on both camps, and would allow the Republicans to rise up from the ashes of all the chaos and begin to rebuild. Sorry Cleveland! you do deserve better!

Secret Service: No guns inside GOP convention -

Mar 24, 2016

Broads, Bimbos, and Trump's Objects of Infatuation

By RF Schatten

Broads, Bimbos, and Trump's Objects of Emma Gray, so masterly phrased how Trump's mind operates; 'When it comes to the position of First Lady, all that matters is a woman’s Hotness'.

Congrats! to the Grand Old Party! They have evolved from Intelligent Political Discourse, to the Size of the Candidates' Penis, and who has the Hottest Wife!

A degenerate man has no shame. Donald Trump is as shameless as a human being can ever become...a professional con artist, compulsive liar, and demagogue who has trashed decorum and the respect of the office of the President, in favor of total all out vulgarity, fear and hate bating, insults and disrespect to all opponents in both parties...and his publicly open disrespect and insults to Blacks, to Latinos, to Muslims, to Gays, to the Disabled, and specially to Women!

The only way a degenerate can ever take power is with the mass support of fanatical Right Wing extremism and a shitload of Ignorance. His Trump Wall is not to keep people from coming in...but, to keep you from getting out, while encircling the Country with even more ignorance.
The entire world is watching fascinatingly and saying; How could people react and follow a character like this? no scruples, with absolutely no experience or understanding on how Government functions, not a clue on Foreign Affairs, and yet trying to run an entire Federal Government?
Hey! just stand there with your toupee combed and sprayed...act important and say something stupid to the public, while 'others' in the background run the everyday affairs of the President...a la Ronald Reagan! It's who's going to be those "Others", that may worry the world a bit.

Women and Donald Trump, the philanderer doesn't matter what an asshole a person is, as long as becoming Mrs. Asshole brings you a world of dangling Diamonds, endless Dom Pérignon, and more Money than you know what to do with. Yes! there are those who will marry for money...and to put up with a crazy 'tits and ass', narcissistic misogynist as a husband!
Melania apparently doesn't care that if one night she says; "Not tonight, I've got a headache"...she gets raped!...cause Trump's legal team will just keep insisting that "There's no such thing a Marital Rape"! Maybe she's talked with Ivana about those clauses in 'their' Prenuptial Agreement?

Comments and Insults, whether on Megyn Kelly or Rosie O'Donnell, "Carly Fiorina can't win with that face"!?!?...a true Male Chauvinist 'Pig' who loves humiliating women, an Aristocratic bad boy who's never seen dirt under his manicured finger nails, and no idea of anyone else's culture or of the problems and the plight of the poor...or even that of the middle class! His plight is more like the 1%'s plight...poor babies, they suffer so much in this society!
Donald Trump is a White, rich kid whose Immigrant Mother from Scotland didn't even become a US Citizen until after Little Donald was born...and he was the 4th of 5 kids! And he has the guts to call other people "Anchor Babies"?!?!
Then marries Ivana, who also had a Green Card at the time they wed...and didn't become a Citizen till after his daughter was born. Yes! the "beautiful" Ivanka is also an Anchor Baby!...and then he's concerned about immigrants who arrive in America? Apparently, only the ones he marries can come in. He's an asshole who thinks he's a Lady's Man...he may not be, but his Money certainly lures whatever interests his imagination

The magnitude of his hypocrisy with Immigrants and Birther Issues is simply astonishing! The misogynist ways with women and "Marital Rape", his history of Insulting women and making fun of them as well as making fun of others, and not just women...even insulting the Pope!...and worse, mocking and making fun of the physically handicapped. Now, hate baiting and having people beat up!

With truly disgusting people like Donald Trump...yes, there are truly disgusting people in America who supports his obscene campaign. As of now, he's getting the majority voting in the primaries...for that, the Democrats are thankful. Cause it's all in the numbers game...not all Republicans are crazy and plan on voting Blue. And without a totally unified Republican Party? without the entire rank and file of voters? plus the need of some Dems to switch and vote Red?...they can't ever win!  

In Trump's World, Women Have Always Been Objects

Mar 13, 2016

Cruz & Trump: Moralizing Violence...the Death of the GOP

 By RF Schatten

It's official! The Grand Old Party is dead!...long live the GOP! It's the advent of the Republican Fascist Party of America...and with the blessings of RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, who said that the GOP will 'fully' back and support whomever their Candidate might be...even Trump!

Racism and Hate is the core values of all these fine men loved so much by Republicans throughout the country. Now the immorality of Ted "The Messiah" Cruz blaming Obama for "Moralizing" violence at Trump Rallies?!?!
When Donald "Mein Führer" Trump tells his fanatic flock of fools in Cedar Rapids, Iowa; "There may be somebody with tomatoes in the audience. So if you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato (a trouble maker), knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously. OK? Just knock the hell out of them...I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees...I promise! I promise! It won’t be so much 'cause the courts agree with us, too." And that is not inciting violence?!?!

Referring to Barack Obama, a Black Man, moralizing violence against White America is as much a crock of Dumbo do-do as the Religious Morals of this totally immoral Canadian "Cuban American" wannabee hypocrite! A disrespectful SOB who has the cojones to disrespect and insult our nation's President and its citizenry!...what happened after this Canadian Pledged his Allegiance to the United States, and its Commander-in-Chief? Oh! that's right...he 'is' one of those #47 traitors ! That explains a lot!

"Heil Donald Trump...the Ultimate Savior!" "Make America White Again!" ~~ Andrew Anglin, Publisher of Neo-Nazi website "The Daily Stormer"

You have Ted Cruz and his Tea aficionados going full Racist against Obama and naturally...Black America! And you have Donald Trump going full racist against everyone else and their uncle, with all the Public support of David Duke and White Supremacist America...the American Neo-Nazis and Ku Klux Klan openly working Robocalls and going house to house for the Trumpster, and now people being abused at Trump Rallies with the support and complete understanding by Trump, himself! Yes! the Grand Old Party as it once was, is no longer...the GOP is Dead!

Now you have a raving demagogue and opportunist in Ted Cruz, accusing Barack Obama of demagoguery while moralizing violence towards Whitey Tideys, and a Fascist loving Xenophobic, Gynephobic, Islamophobic, and all-around philanderer, liar, and egotistical asshole degenerate, who promises to pay other people's attorney fees, if they beat-up someone for Trump!...while neither of them take responsibility for any of their actions! No different than in 30s Germany...they blamed everything on the Jews, the Gypsies, and anyone not being White Arian. Today all the blame goes to Muslims, Hispanics, Blacks...oh! and of course...Obama!

Who deplores a man who is willing to pay attorney fees to someone who committed a crime at his suggestions? “Yes, he deserved it. The next time we see him, we might have to kill him" was what John McGraw said after his arrest...shoot someone for Trump, John!...then see how Trump gets you out of that one!!
And who deplores a man who Lies in the name of God, showing off his phony Christian Values with a phony Religious Minister, Religious Demagogue and Charlatan of a Father? Beware! Cruz is the Intelligent and Serious version of Trump!

Where is Reince Priebus' condemnation of the violence at Trump Rallies? Where is the direct condemnation of Trump by the RNC? about the condemnation of Trump for directly inciting the violence, by rival Ted Cruz? The silence of the Republican Leadership scares. Or how about the direct condemnation of all the disgusting filth this Republican Party has become, by the Mainstream Media?'s their sounds of silence that really does scare!! 

Ted Cruz Goes Full Racist and Blames Obama "Moralizing" For Trump Rally Violence

Mar 6, 2016

Springtime for American Führer

 By RF Schatten

It's "Springtime for Hitler...and Germany" all over again!! Oh yea! "We're marching to a faster pace...Look out, here comes the Master Race"!!

Can Mel Brooks sue Heir Trumpf for "Creative Rights"? A story about con-artists entertaining a gullible audience, with the worst totally tasteless subject possible...then, take the money and run. In the case of "Springtime for Hitler"...people loved it, and it became a hilarious hit!
Springtime for Trumpf...and America! has become another hit...but this one? not as hilarious! Pandering to stupids for a fast buck!?!? about this Show?...the pandering for a hell of a lot more than a fast buck, in this musical's dramatic real life version!

Louis CK brilliantly stated; "We are being Germany in the 30s. Do you think they saw the shit coming? Hitler was just some hilarious and refreshing dude with a weird comb over who would say anything at all" Like Adolf Schicklgruber, this so called "refreshing face in Politics" a 'hilarious guy' with his own weird comb over, and will say anything at all...also has his own Master Race agenda.

The man who loves tweeting Benito Mussolini quotes! and openly showing and speaking about his true love for Fascism, is now asking his fanatic flock of flunkies to pledge allegiance to Le Grande Orange...Sieg Heil, Trumpf!!

And it better be a total allegiance, cause it will be a crime to speak out against this Trumpster! His condemnation of the 1st Amendment's Freedom of the Press, will turn to the condemning of any Free Speech that criticizes the American Führer! Oh yea! White Racist America finally got their candidate...a man who will spew all the violence, hate, racism, and fear Right Wing America truly loves! Adolf, anyone who attends a rally who is not welcomed is publicly mocked and beaten up. And in many cases, with their lives regular reporter covering Trump, believes that it's just time before a news reporter or someone else gets assassinated in the crowd at a Trump Rally! Reflections of the 1930s?

Ahhyup! the latest and greatest of this incredibly indecent human being! Threatening people with lines such as; "He will Pay" as he spoke about Paul Ryan's remarks on Trump, telling John McCain to "Look Out" when the Maverick recently spoke about him. "He's going to be sorry", or "He'll regret it"...Or like his reply to Louis CK's letter to Republicans and Conservatives;  “Oh, he did? Well, that’s not nice...he has to be very careful.” When asked what he meant by that? “He’ll find out.”!

"We're marching to a faster pace!...Look out, here comes the Master Race!". Donald Trumpf prefers torturing way beyond just "Waterboarding"...without using any legal official personnel!
In other words, quietly and illegal, cause as he has said times before..."screw heroes, I prefer the guys who don’t get caught.”...and he loves to tell that shtick to his favorite loving group, the 'Uneducated'! Sieg Heil, mein Führer!

Now the American Neo-Nazis, the KKK, and the wonderfully repugnant David Duke can go out and stand by another vulgar White Supremacist openly in public...and hate Obama, Clinton, and Sanders solely because Conservative Lilly White America's total hate of Blacks, Women, and Jews.

Now that Winter is coming to an end, and Spring time is just around the corner...will 'Springtime for Trumpf' bring out the best of the Grand Old Party during the long hot summer ahead on their road to Cleveland? And 'this' is what America and Republicans want for Commander-in-Chief and Leader of the Free world? Veerrry Intereshting!...but Schtupid!!

Donald Trump asks backers to swear their support, vows to broaden torture laws -

Mar 3, 2016

Republicans' dilemma with Moral Authority & Character

By RF Schatten

"Because Power Corrupts, society's demands for Moral Authority and Character increase as the Importance of the Position increases" ~~~ John Adams

The Republican Party's Civil War continues to get uglier and uglier. For all practical purposes, the Donald has endorsed his open endorsements by the KKK, the American Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacist America! And now, Trumpster Jr. has joined ranks with White Supremacist Radio Host James Edwards...the man who says; “For Blacks in the Americas, Slavery is the greatest thing that ever happened to them. Unfortunately, it’s the worst thing that ever happened to White Americans."

James Edwards' accolade of Donald Trump:
“Trump has risen to the top of the polls by simply stating he will enforce our Immigration Laws and by showing he is a 'Real Man' who won’t cower to Political Correctness. By throwing out some Red Meat to the starving base of the Republican Party, he has firmly positioned himself to execute a 'Hostile Takeover of the GOP'. Thank God!”

So a "Real Man" is a vulgar son of a bitch!?!?...a man who could care less about respecting those who are Socially Disadvantaged or Discriminated upon?!?! Honor and Respect is something this spoiled piece of human excrement has never understood in his entire life, while being too busy self-idolizing and kissing himself in the mirror...if he could kiss his own arse, he would!
Political Correctness has gone down the crapper in today's Republican Party! that Toxic Tea. Or as I would say; The "Kool-Aid" the Grand Old Party's been drinking the past eight years...just cause a Black Man is occupying a once Lilly White House.

On the war's other front, House Speaker Paul Ryan is doing a lot of speaking lately...mostly about Trump...and his total dislike of Le Grande Orange. A good portion of this Red Congress are standing pretty much against him. Lindsey Graham, among the loudest anti-Trump voices said; "Somebody's going to have to think about combining forces here."...ahhyup! a brokered convention! The final Act of the Republican Circus...a good old fashion smoked filled backroom brokered Convention in Cleveland, Ohio!

Then there's those Politicos who are just waiting around to see what they have to do in trying to unify the Party...even if they have to stand behind Trump. Others are saying they'll vote for Hillary, before they ever vote for Trump, period! While the majority opinion remains to sit out 2016, cut their loses, concentrate on keeping their majorities, and start rebuilding the Party back...without drinking any more of that Tea flavored Kool-Aid!

Now, the reality? There's not much of a choice among the GOP, if not the Trumpster, who? Cruz? Rubio has been officially dumped by Roger more support for that little guy! So, all is left is Kasich!...this year's Mittens Romney...he can't embarrass the GOP like all the others...but with his record in Ohio, he's a walking disaster as a #1 Contender.

If Trump doesn't get the nomination at this point of the elections, his fanatic following will make him run Independent, which will split the GOP's chances either way!

The question; will the majority of Republicans back away from their suddenly moral attitude about associating with the ultra Right Wing White Supremacy? Or will they be tempted to back Trump if they think, they have a chance on winning?

We're speaking about the realistic opportunity of a national Fascist takeover by the least qualified man in US History!...with absolutely no experience in the running of any sort of Government! Is America truly ready to accept a man who publicly quotes his affections for Benito Mussolini, and an admiration for Fascism and strong arm Dictators?

Does today's society demand a high Moral Authority and Character for someone positioned to be Leader of the Free World? We'll see this November!!

Hill Republicans push anti-Trump effort -