Mar 3, 2016

Republicans' dilemma with Moral Authority & Character

By RF Schatten

"Because Power Corrupts, society's demands for Moral Authority and Character increase as the Importance of the Position increases" ~~~ John Adams

The Republican Party's Civil War continues to get uglier and uglier. For all practical purposes, the Donald has endorsed his open endorsements by the KKK, the American Neo-Nazis, and White Supremacist America! And now, Trumpster Jr. has joined ranks with White Supremacist Radio Host James Edwards...the man who says; “For Blacks in the Americas, Slavery is the greatest thing that ever happened to them. Unfortunately, it’s the worst thing that ever happened to White Americans."

James Edwards' accolade of Donald Trump:
“Trump has risen to the top of the polls by simply stating he will enforce our Immigration Laws and by showing he is a 'Real Man' who won’t cower to Political Correctness. By throwing out some Red Meat to the starving base of the Republican Party, he has firmly positioned himself to execute a 'Hostile Takeover of the GOP'. Thank God!”

So a "Real Man" is a vulgar son of a bitch!?!?...a man who could care less about respecting those who are Socially Disadvantaged or Discriminated upon?!?! Honor and Respect is something this spoiled piece of human excrement has never understood in his entire life, while being too busy self-idolizing and kissing himself in the mirror...if he could kiss his own arse, he would!
Political Correctness has gone down the crapper in today's Republican Party! that Toxic Tea. Or as I would say; The "Kool-Aid" the Grand Old Party's been drinking the past eight years...just cause a Black Man is occupying a once Lilly White House.

On the war's other front, House Speaker Paul Ryan is doing a lot of speaking lately...mostly about Trump...and his total dislike of Le Grande Orange. A good portion of this Red Congress are standing pretty much against him. Lindsey Graham, among the loudest anti-Trump voices said; "Somebody's going to have to think about combining forces here."...ahhyup! a brokered convention! The final Act of the Republican Circus...a good old fashion smoked filled backroom brokered Convention in Cleveland, Ohio!

Then there's those Politicos who are just waiting around to see what they have to do in trying to unify the Party...even if they have to stand behind Trump. Others are saying they'll vote for Hillary, before they ever vote for Trump, period! While the majority opinion remains to sit out 2016, cut their loses, concentrate on keeping their majorities, and start rebuilding the Party back...without drinking any more of that Tea flavored Kool-Aid!

Now, the reality? There's not much of a choice among the GOP, if not the Trumpster, who? Cruz? Rubio has been officially dumped by Roger more support for that little guy! So, all is left is Kasich!...this year's Mittens Romney...he can't embarrass the GOP like all the others...but with his record in Ohio, he's a walking disaster as a #1 Contender.

If Trump doesn't get the nomination at this point of the elections, his fanatic following will make him run Independent, which will split the GOP's chances either way!

The question; will the majority of Republicans back away from their suddenly moral attitude about associating with the ultra Right Wing White Supremacy? Or will they be tempted to back Trump if they think, they have a chance on winning?

We're speaking about the realistic opportunity of a national Fascist takeover by the least qualified man in US History!...with absolutely no experience in the running of any sort of Government! Is America truly ready to accept a man who publicly quotes his affections for Benito Mussolini, and an admiration for Fascism and strong arm Dictators?

Does today's society demand a high Moral Authority and Character for someone positioned to be Leader of the Free World? We'll see this November!!

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