Dec 30, 2014

Obama on the use of the Veto Pen: Make my day!!

By RF Schatten

While the GOP really believes they got one over on President Obama, because they've got control of Congress...they keep forgetting they've lost just about every single confrontation in Capital Hill with Obama!!.    

Ever since Mitch and the Grand Old Party made it clear, they had no intentions whatsoever of ever working or cooperating with Barack Obama...oh! just about 3 minutes after Karl Rove went bunkers live on FOX, I would say!...a brazen disrespect has been systematically carried out, the questioning of his personal and moral character, the questioning of every judgement as Chief Executive, even the questioning his own constitutional authority!! A professional propaganda machine, set in place to distort the facts with lies and innuendos...even Roger Ailes, admitted 'that'! Their job is to promote the Republican Party, period!! But, most important...the availability of benefactors and all 'their' $$$, to buy the best Politicians $$$ can buy...and change all the laws to benefit them.

The advantage the Republicans have had with Obama, weights heavily on the fact that Barack Obama is a good and decent man...a nice guy who really believes in the Advice and Consent...and prefers to work with a bi-partisan Congress. That said, you have a Republican Party that believes in the wisdom and virtues of Leo the Lip! "Nice guys finish last!" They really don't give a shit what the American Public cares about! Yea! they won!...because the American Public, really didn't give a shit who the hell won!l

But don't ever underestimate the nice guy. He's smart and has accomplished way more in Legislations than anyone thought...given the relentless obstructionism by the Tea loving Republicans. He's a lame duck President with no one to answer to...and if it means his legacy? He'll do whatever it takes...if it's the Veto Pen, so be it!! Abusive power of the Pen?? Barack Obama has less Vetoes than any President since James Garfield...and since he technically shouldn't count, because his presidency was cut would have to go back even further to the mid-19th Century. So, what's the big deal with a few Vetoes? He's overdue for more than just a few!

"Nothing gives one person so much advantage over another as to remain always cool and unruffled under all circumstances" ~~.Thomas Jefferson

The one constant that Barack Hussein Obama has had throughout his Presidency, and throughout his life...the one constant that has frustrated the hell out of all Obama haters...he remains always cool and unruffled under all circumstances!!

Obama Warns GOP He Plans To Use Veto Pen In 2015

A Crying Towel for the GOP: Barack & Hillary are "Most admired Man & Woman in the World"

By RF Schatten

Ain't life a motherf*cker?!?! Just as everyone finished burying Barack Obama, after Nov. 3rd...his ratings started to climb, people are looking at the economy in a different light, the troops are coming home...and a new vacation spot is coming soon, 90 miles away! Forbes Magazine named Barack Obama, "Greatest Economic President of Modern Times" And now? "The most admired man in the world" !...for the 7th year in a row!!

The GOP can take over Congress, Gerrymander their asses off, suppress voters, cut off health and/or welfare assistance to the poor...and then, blame every ill in the world on the "Black Guy". It's part their continuous Party standards of lifelong personal smear campaigns...a la Kennedy and Clinton Families....they'll call him whatever they want, depict him in the most derogatory manners, disrespect him publicly and privately. And organized the most massive Political Propaganda campaign of lies, hate, and distortions in American history! Low Poll Ratings? Hey, they get orgasms! watching this shit!. They're currently in a political 7th Heaven...but just can't understand why no one really likes them?

The one thing they'll never understand...just like they've never understood the popularity of a Kennedy or a Clinton...why does Barack Obama remain so damn frickin' popular?!?!

For 70 years, the Gallup organization has been putting out this Poll. 2014 was a 123 sweep for Liberals and Progressives...Pope Francis placed 2nd, and Bill Clinton showed up at 3rd. On the Women's side, Hillary Clinton took top honors for the 17th time in the last 18 years, she was followed by Oprah, and rounded out by Malala. For those looking forward to another round of circus elections...Hillary has been admired by more people and for more years than any other female in history...19 times!... 6 more than Eleanor Roosevelt!

Republicans, naturally will find every excuse in the world, why the Gallup Poll came out with those results...and you'll hear and see all these right-wing nutjobs looking for scandals or conspiracies under every rock.  They'll continue their insults till he retires, and then some. Hate and ignorance go hand in hand...and they'll never understand why people like a Kennedy, a Clinton, and an Obama will always remain close to the hearts of so many Americans...while there's not a single Republican president ever revered by the general populace..."Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton...the most admired Man and Woman in the World"?  Republicans hate that!  Life, sure 'is' a motherf*cker!!

President Obama Named The Most Admired Man In The World For The 7th Straight Year

Dec 28, 2014

New Republican Manual: "How to attract someone you really despise".

By RF Schatten

The the crossroad of their existence...are trying to cross uncharted waters. How to attract Hispanics and other minorities into their Old White Men's Club.

Have no fear! the Dumbo's have a plan! They have their secret weapon!...minority members who naturally, know all about their communities and are set to infiltrate and recruit more minorities into the Grand Old Party. And who better to know about the Cubans than Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio??

Yeah! these two characters know their community...their communities know them too well, only much better! As a Cuban, I can say; "Rafael Eduardo Cruz y Marco Antonio Rubio son dos pendejitos comemierditas que se pasan por ser importante". They are nothing!! just an embarrassment to Cubans... a good majority of Cubans will agree!

Oh! the GOP won't stop just with the Ted and Marco Show!...also, recruiting Women! You know how much the GOP cares for Women and all their 'Rights'? So, in comes the name of Carly Fiorina...that great business woman! (ask Compaq how great it turned out for them).The businesswoman responsible for outsourcing and offshoring thousands of HP jobs to India and every other country that she could benefit from cheap labor. She later ran for the US Senate in California on a platform of creating jobs for Californians...presumably for those thousands of HP employees that she laid off!
Gov. Bobby Jindal is their voice for the American Hindu Indian Louisiana. You know how many Cajan Hindu voters he can bring to the Republican Party? And their point men to attract the Blacks to the GOP? Fine, respectful, outstanding members of their community..Blacks like Allan West, Ben Carson, and Herman "Pizza Man" Cain.

The Republicans are in the predicament of their to attract minorities to their party as a matter of survival, while keeping their conservative principals and trying to sustain their Status Quo,..or take lessons on how to survive working with Tea loving morons. But regardless, the chance of a Minority impact on the GOP remains around zero, nada!...and will remain at that level for some cannot attract Minorities, when you oppose every single issue from every single minority in the world!

And those ambitious minority members that are going to revolutionize the Dumbo Party? Let's be honest folks! Cain, Carson, West, and people like Clarence Thomas...are not the most popular and most revered names of their community...maybe a Colin Powell, but the Party has pretty much driven him off the political stage. Fiorina, a cutthroat businesswoman? How is her life connected with those women who do not have equal rights, and who are denied certain health services. For the GOP is not about Women's's about how much Fiorina can make for them, financially.

Marco and Ted? their ambition is them...their flock is ultra right wing politics and social conservative religion. Won't find too many in Little Havana cheering them on...most are too busy making plans to visit an Island, 90 miles south...Gracias Obama!

GOP Puts up a Bigger Tent for Minority Challenge - ABC News

Dec 27, 2014

The Hypocrisy of Political Corruption: Who's Corrupt?

By RF Schatten

A Political Party accusing another Political Party of Corruption? is like 2 Street Walkers accusing each other of moral and unprofessional ethics!

When a Republican-appointed majority in the highest court of the land, decided that a Republican who accumulated a less substantial amount of votes than his opponent, should be President of the United States...where was all the outcry by the GOP? Of course, not!! would you, if it was reversed?

Apparently to conservatives...only Democrats are corrupt and appoint corrupt Judges...anyone appointed by the GOP are held to that same higher pure conservative judicial standards of Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito, and others. Corrupt Judges? Whether you're a Liberal or Conservative, a Nazi or Commie, Religious or Atheist, Donkey or Dumbo, even a Tea drinking Moron!...everyone, absolutely every organized political  corrupt!! But, to attack a judge because she was appointed by Obama? just more Right Wing Propaganda. Throwing out lawsuits intended against a President, happens on both sides of the aisles, all the time...suing a President is not that easy. He has the executive power of "Pardon" and "Amnesty". Just because he knows how to use it when Congress ignores Congressional matters...doesn't make it only makes them look like foolish idiots who got out-smarted by their arch nemesis...again!

But 'this' is the Obama era! The hate for this man is beyond's their sordid love of carrying their hate way beyond the political theater, and into mainstream society.

Oh! Republicans love a good cry and sympathy when lawsuits are thrown out of court against them...they're getting very experienced at it...whether it's Obamacare, Gay Rights, Immigration, whatever! They're on the wrong side of every single social issue in this country! But, do you give a damn? Not really...why should they? The American public keeps electing them to do horseshit like this, and pay them even more money to do absolutely nothing in Congress for them!
The loser of the lawsuit? Raising Arizona Sheriff Joe "Toughest Sheriff in the Nation" Arpaio. Disappointed, Joe?...tough shit!

Corruption: Obama Appointee Throws Out Lawsuit Against...Obama

Dec 25, 2014

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!!

By RF Schatten

To all my friends: Have a beautiful, joyous, and blessed day...having you all as my friends, is the greatest gift anyone could have. Thank you so much! :-)
To my Catholic side of the family; Merry Christmas!!
To my Jewish side; Happy Hanukkah!!
To my Atheist Friends; Happy Holidays!!
A todos mis hermanos Cubanos, y a mis amigos Latinos; Hemos terminado el año en una buena nota. Les deseo a todos unas Felices Navidades y un Próspero Año Nuevo!!

Dec 20, 2014

America's Love of Guns, Violence, and...Torture!

By RF Schatten

Is anyone truly surprised that America overwhelmingly approves the use of Torture by the CIA? Well! in the words of Gomer Pyle; surprise! surprise! surprise!

We 'are' the most violent nation in the world, look at our love for guns!...and the biggest prison population in the planet! Look at the poor kids getting shot right and left in the schools...and, in the streets. Yea! people care, and many are outraged...but does anything ever get accomplished? Nope! not yet, it all comes down for lawmakers to pass laws protecting its citizens...and politicos today, are beholden to their personal bank account more than those who voted them there. Apparently, people don't give a damn who they vote in...they'll just give them bad ratings, afterward...the dysfunction of the American Voter.

Violence is part of our wonderful history and culture...the early witch hunts and the burnings. When the wretched refuse civilized as a nation and organized the spirit of opening up new frontiers for a new country...the annihilation of the Native American began. Later the use of slavery thrived in the South...and when it ended, came the hate and racism of the KKK with their cross burnings and hangings. In the wild west, you had the lawlessness, the lynch mobs, and the hangings...Americans must have had a fascination with Hangings. It's the fascination with sadistic violence...the most hideous the better...and "Torture" ranks right way up that alley!

Almost every war throughout history began because of religious fundamentalist fervor...whether is Christianity or Islam, or any other faith. You ask most Americans, about what the word "Crusades" means to a Muslim? and most wouldn't have a clue...yet, we'll criticize their culture for acting in many ways, the same as Fundamentalist Christians and Catholics...and you know how Catholics and Inquisitions go hand in hand! All Religious Fundamentalism, whether it's Christianity, Islam, or Judaism...all believe in 'an eye for an eye' theory in their, it's easy to put up with torture by our country since every other country, probably does it too.

Carl Jong once said; "generally, it is the tortured who turn into torturers". Generally...but the United States is not a country that ever went through any torturous or suppressive government regimes...only one internal civil war, and the only time we've been invaded by a foreign power was on December 7th, and never has the US mainland 'ever' experience a military invasion. 9/11? A totally different situation, and should be understood. as that. Terrorist attacks? sign of the times...all 9/11 did was to make the US the latest the join the club of major cities around the world, hit by terrorists.  Every country around the one way or another...uses torture, even though under the Geneva Convention, torture 'is' a war crime.

Whether it's the horseshit about Religious moral teachings or the psychobabble about 2nd Amendment and Gun Rights by right wing nuts...Torture is still a crime, and as much as they believe that anything is OK as long it's in the best interest of our nation...doesn't change the fact it still wrong and immoral. We can't criticize others, when we're just as bad or worse...someone has to take that high moral ground...America is not the babyface hero this time around. Only We, the People, can change things...but, to what length are people willing go?

This Week in God, 12.20.14 | MSNBC

Dec 19, 2014

The Superior Logic of a Fool

By RF Schatten

The Superior Logic of the "GOP Legend". When a right-wing news website names you a legend of the Grand Old Party....and the legend boast how superior her logic might think this whole story came out from The Onion. But, the story is real!...the fool now claims how superior she is. How logical is it to run for president and be more uninformed than Sarah "I see Russia from my backyard" Palin?

How can she destroy the Liberal (and Progressive) argument that she is a moron? In New Hampshire, she described Concord as the cradle of the American Revolution. When corrected by the audience (in typical upper New England accent); "that's Concord, Massss!'re in Concord, New Hampsha!"...her response was a smile and continued about all the exploits in the Revolution by the state of New Hampshire. Her logic was to look like an she did again, in the Hawkeye State. In a Waterloo, Iowa campaign rally, she described how great it felt to be in the birthplace of a truly great American hero...John Wayne! Beautiful speech, just marvelous! she didn't miss a line!...except a little known fact, only to the good people of Waterloo, Iowa...this truly, not so great American Hero from Waterloo was also named John Wayne...John Wayne Gacy! How one clown, can bring back the bad memories of another clown to a small town. She didn't get too many "straws" from Waterloo in the "Straw Poll" ...sounds logical enough!

Superior Logic? more like superior shrewdness...there's nothing scholastically superior about the All American Welfare Queen, except her shrewd ways to make a buck, including Federal Farm Subsidies and multi-Foster Kids...and let us not forget her and Marcus' Anti-Gay Exorcism Clinic. Shrewd? yes! great GOP Legend? you must be kidding! Superior Logic and Intellect? say that, if she would've been re-elected, but she decided to retire...on the advice that she would've lost in a landslide. The worst record for accuracy by far of any 2012 Presidential Candidate, according to Politifact.
Michele Bachmann is an ultimate media clown...the Midwest version of the Alaska version. Superior Logic? let's say New Hampshire was just some Brain Fog, unless she flunked US History in grade school and high school...she should've known. Iowa? can't really blame her...her staff should've told her. But 'that's' the telltale of who she really is. Logic comes from within...nobody can tell you what you want to say, or what to do, or how to do it. Don't just follow, only what your staff tells some research yourself, it's just logical. If she would've won...then boast her "Superior Logic" after winning.
They say; it's wiser to remain silent and be thought, as a fool...than to speak up and remove all doubts. Apparently her superior logic hasn't grasped that yet!!